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(Thief River Falls) TRIBUNE 

23:42 - 24:42 


Dates: Jan 2 

Dec 31 



"Thief River Falls Tribune" 


Originals held by: MHS x Other 

Prepared by: 
Lora Sinna 


Dec 15, 1989 

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commercial advantage in order to preserve 
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The material reproduced may be protected 
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People Feel Entitled to Ben- 
efits of Proposed Diversi- ; 
fication Loans. 

Municipal Judge Tarrant 
. Ends 1923 in] Civil Case 
Over Potato Planter Use 

Special 'Meeting of Commer- 
cial Qub Considers Veiy i 
Important Subject 

A special meeting of the Commer-, 
dal club -was held last Thursday 
evening to confer with P. E. Balmer of 
St. Paul, who explained the farm di- 
veiyfication bill now before congress. 
Pennington county, had not ijreviously 
been in the territory to receive some 
of this $5p,-iJQO,000 appropriation, but 
due to the strong arguments given by 
the business glen and farmers pres- 
ent, the representative! stated that he 
■would recommend Pennington as one 
of the counties to be "included under 
"the proposed law. 

The federal census for 1920 showed 
that Pennington county had 7 per cent 
of farms ^vithout cattle, 34 per cent 
without swine and 9 per cent without 
poultry. The average farm of Penn- 
ington county consisted of 233 acres, 
with only 14 head of cattle, 5 sheep, 
3 hogs and' 53 chickens. The club 
drew up resolutions stating these fig- 
ures and the need for more livestock 
in the county. This resolution was 
endorsed by the bankers. Commercial 
dub. Farm Bureau and- farmers' clubs 
which have been reached; 

Security %vill be taken on the live- 
stock and the amount loaned to each 
^farmer cannot be used for buildings, 
feed or an^ other purpose. The bene- 
fits to be derived from such loans 

The last case of the year came be- 
fore Judge N. W. Tarrant at 2 p. m., 
December 8^ when! Halvor Viken 
brought civil suit against Owen Weck- 
werth for the use of |a potato plantec- 

Mr. Viken owned ft potato planter, 
which he said Mr. jWeckwerth had 
used last spring without permission. 
About 12 or 16 acres of potatoes were 
supposed to have" beeai planted and ac- 
cordingly ?26 charges were brought 
against Mr. Weckwerth. Thia was 
not paid. -' ■. 

Mr. Weckwerth diimed he had got 
the planter through Mr. McCrura, that 
he had planted orily| about one and a 
half acres and had paid the usual^sura 
per acre for the usejof the planter to 
Mr. MdCrum as (le Ihad received the 
machine from him. j 

It was finally discovered' that Mr. 
Viken had let Mr; McCrum use the 
planter last spring, and Mr. McCram 
had let Mr. Weckwerth use it for a 
time, and the aifairjwas straighteiied 


Co-Opw:ation jin Securing 

Seed Assures! Success of 

All Beginners^ 


■ ' _ ■■.'■'■■ " i 

Goods |to ValBj» (^fiSmtiitl 
Hundred DoUsors Ti^en 
Night Burglary. : 


Stolen Arties Loaded in 

.vCari and Triansported^ 

Out of town. 

Jaiiuary 29 Chosen as Date 

For Presentation of Fine - 

Musical Comedy. 

Produced : By Local TAtent 

and Nearly Oiie Hundred 

Players Tike Part 

Survey Indicates at Least 

5,000 New Acres Will Be 

Started This Year. 

According to figures in. the Farm 

Last Thursday- night or Friday 
morning a daring Irarglary was com- 
mitted a(;"tbBi'SaTe-U-Moneysto.iie; on 
LaBree ajireone. The robbers entered 
by way of a rear window and smashed, 
the door' connecting: the rear - room 
with the' sales department "of the 
store. They made away with goods 
valued at between $400 and fSOO.. A 
definite knowledge of- the amotmt of 
goods ' stolen .'Will not. be known .until 
an inventory is taken, However, the 
thieves are thought, to be persons 
who make a spedalty of just such 
work as they '^d not break open the 
safe which stood in the same room, 
and though some things were scatt^-" 
ed around it was not the wholesale 
mixup that naturally would follow a 
robbery by persons" who had ho defin- 
ite object in view. . Many suits. were 
taken, besides" underwear, shoes and 
sweaters, and miscellaneous .- arti.cles 
which have not yet been checked, iip. 

A car is known .to. hs^ye been-nwd' 
in the getaway sai it was. traced^to 
Red Lake Palls, through which, city it 
had passed^ at. about . 3:40 Friday 
morning,' but went after that 
is not known. The local police depart- 
ment is jon" thcjjob, however, ;■ and is 
doing' everything possible to £iid trace 
of the robbers. 

, should prove of immen"sS'varue to"the B'"^''" °^'^- '^''^"i f"" . question- 
: country as it will increase the afnount naircs received from farmers durmg 
j of cream marketed through the co-od- the month of December, there are at 
' erative creamery and increase the the present time approximately 4,000 
i number of farms in the dairy busi- acres of alfalfa in Penmngton county, 
'ness. Figurjs at the creamery show Most of this was started smce H20 
'that dairy farmers are the successful : as the- result of various campaigns 
I farmers of the county. By making and literature boostmg the county as 

this law operative it is giving the the real, home of alfalfa; According 
"'■farmer machinery with which to make i to' the same survey 5,000 additional 

an income rather than sinking him I acres will be sown in 1924. Most of 

farther into debt. 


Nearly 100 Enjoy Entertain- 
ment In Spite of Icy 
. Weather. 

this mil be planted from Lyman's 
jPure Grimm alfalfa seed, and a cer- 
I tificate will accompany each purchase. 
jThis is hardy northern grown alfalfa 
jand is guaranteed .by A. B. Lyriian, 
originator of Grimm alfalfa seed. ■ 

Statistics show that so'il fitted for 
I the groTOjig of alfalfa should never 
sell for less than $100 per acre' re- 
gardless of locationJ This means that 
Penmngton county will have a vast 
area of valuable land in 1924. The 
value of the hay and pasture is known 
by most readers of farm papers. A 
single ton of alfalfa hay is equal to 
a ton of bran in protein content. As 
a soil builder the spreading roots and 
nitrogen carrying ^ower gre'atly im- 
Last Friday night at -the Sons of j prove the .condition and enrich the 
Norwal hall, the alumni pulled off one 'quality of the soU.; 

of the best dances ever staged for the MfV ''='™ ''?={l^*fi*° '^^l,Sw 
'benefit of Lincoln High's "Sid timers" alfalfa as they bejieve the: market 
and "eldest sons and daughters." The ^ ™\sht become flooded with s|ed Ttas 
range of years represented by the .hoj'Js t™e ''f.P'''^t''«= J""' °°' =° ^ft 
100 who came was very wide, stretch- ! a^alfa growing a, the seed ^p^ 
ing from the 1924 graduates through ""f °/ *« smallest items of income, 
some years as. '18, '17, '15, 'il, to the Afalfa hay can be: sold at $20 » ton 
one of 1910. A letter was received ^ ^""^ '".""e. <'ai^ o^f ■" ?",T£ 
irom Mrs. Gaston Ward, who gradu- t°"/™,'''y'„^''H° ''%^^1™ ^°?W ^ 
ated with the 1904 class so that bar- ,"' ^^^f .fO a ton In short it will 
ring a few jumps, 20 years of high'"^" better dairy feed for the com - 
sdiool lifo in Thief River Falls werei'y. a™"* improved soil for crop di- 
awakened for a few hours at the I ™''=''''=^t'™'. ^n"" *" additional rev- 

^ The memb^irs of the Girls Commun- 
ity club are very busily «ngag«d at 
ireseiit getting theirj various commit- 
.ees organized in preparation- for the 
long looked for "Katiueen," a Tomah- 
'ic musical comedy iwhich is to be 
itaged- under their auspices for the 
leneflt of the'dub.i 

The cast «£ "Kathleen" will be com- 
josed"pf local, talent and should prove 
bne of -the big events of the year in 
amateur- thea^cals,-. owing to the fact 
ithat the production .will . be staged 
under the dikrection of the 'John Jit' 
llogers Producing company of Fos- 
ioria, Ohio,' who have produced - tBs 
play throughont the United States and 
Canada, and it comes very highly ifi- 
bommended to Thief River Falls. The 
play staged. at the auditeriiim 
oh January 29, and the GommnniJ? 
Girls expect io make'this one of Uie 
biggest affairs that the club has ever 
attempted. It is expected that .the: 
east will contain more than 85 people. 
; '*Kathleen''.i8^said te contain some 
ear pretty ihufflc, which was written 
y Clayton rHotchidss, Who is now at 
he. head of. the music department of 
Harvard University, while, the book 
and lyrics were written by Luther H.> 
Yantia,- 'now : under the direction of 
Oliver Morosco. The story of the play 
is said to be' very interesting. 

New' Year's Eve Sance is 
Declared Success by All 
Attending Legion Doings 

On New 'year's Eve the iegion 
came across with the first dance 61H 
their extensive wintei:"" program, and 
all those who attended wefe-highly 
pleased with the efforts of the Legion 
boys In decorating the hall, .and see^ 
ing that everything went off with a 
bang at midnight. The auditorium 
was decorated in bunting and at the 
"zeTO-hour" was redecorated with 
serpentShe by the : thousand yards, 
horns of tin, paper ones wiUt no 
decorations save that they blew bard 
and loud, and horns 'with' not only 
teh blow, but with ticklers besides. ' 

After the noise' accompanying 1924 
had . somewhat quieted down, it was 
discovered that sippet, was to be 
served at .Tliompson's cafe. A short 
time. later, Snyder's orchestra resnih- 
ed the whiptsaw jazz .that had been 
tickling the dancers' feet all evening 
and the fun was kept up for some 
time. The dancers left dedaring it 
one of the most successful New Years' 
entertainments ever put on. 

Local Man Sells Garage; 
Willow City Man Expects ■ 
To Put Manager in Place 


Commercial Club Session 

Thursday Destined to Aid 

Co^p. Institntipn, 

Sevei 'al Hundf-edr^Elrm^ 


Interested C^ty Folks 

Ej^ected to Att^d. 

first meeting of therTliie£KyeT 
Commerdal dub for th.a .new 


Society Holds Mating to 

Get '^ings Started for 

New Year. 

G. Halvorson's Daughter 
Marries ; Rail Dispatcher 
' Mid Loyely Surroundings 

-._ At the home of ;Mr. and Mra.Gay 

the marriage of their daughter Doris, 
and Lanford. C. Pope, 'Was solemnized 

7:30 p.m. Bev. Qharles Geflinger 
read tiie service before an improvised 
altar of evergreens, baskets of cama- 

The Evenson garage "on ; second . __. ^ 

street, just to the rear of the. aufi-- ^jshrorson, 515 LaBree avenue liorth, 
tonum, was recently 1 sold by, uie - - ■ 

proprietor, "W^. G: Nichols, to.'Williara 
Kitzman of "Willow City, N. I>. " ' 

Mr. Kitzman is. a very able and 
experienced business man, inning a 
big hardware business in Willow. City 
besides operating a farhi, and a couple 
of threshing rigs during the harvest 
seasons. He does not expect to run 
the garage himself because of the 
pressure of his other duties, but will 
put a manager in charge in the near 

Mr. Nichols is as yet undecided as; 
to his next venture," but he may de- 
cide to move to lancoln, .Nebraska, 
where a son | is located. 


At nine o'clock, or 
<lancing began. This 
major part of the evening's fun and 

enue from the sale of pure Grimm 

thereabouts '^^ed. The foundation stock, coming ^^^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^ „.„.«„„ „„ 

formed the *''"??«^^°''™/°"mJ accompanied by jgct of the game was to aid the old 

City Teanji and All Stars 
Tlay Twice to Replenish 
lincoln Sports Treasury 

Twice during the holiday season, 
the well kno%vn city team and a neWly 
bom basket ball quint composed in a 
msh from the returned cojlege boys 
and called the. "All Stars," played at 
the auditorium in. order that there 
might be uniforips-and equipment dEor 
the spring football games. The first 
game was played, on December .29, 
ending in favor of the All Stars. A 
revenge game was immediately s ar- 
ranged- for New Year's night, but 
again luck wias on the side of the-All 
Stars. However, as the principal bb- 

certificates and affidavits for 
purchase, wiir easily be proof 

kept up until about 11:30 when « , , . , ^^ . ■: . ^ , ■, 
brief progi-am was given, the kernel , "o^hing bu j/fhe, beat is rai sed here, 
of which was an address by Mr. Sim- |_. ,* ' -w •,• i» 

ley, present superintendent of the ! Encampment's, Initiation 

Lincoln high school. Two songs were 
slmg by Elra Porter, accompanied by 
Mrs. Williard Stone, and Elnor Over- 
land played a syncopated potpourri 
manner that made the audience 
I they were not simply "audie 
A short business meeting was held 
and the follo>ving officials elected for 
the coming year; 


Nigfit Draws! Large !Grpwd 
Despite the! Icy Weather 

^r?,,!, fi,«„ ™«* «»■ ■ 1 ((" J*™ M ' ^he Hiverside liicampment had a 
rV„''^.\T,t L^ ' T'^C''±'"^tC ■ L-g^ t."™°H.t on their initiation, night, 

December 28. In the class initiatibn 

-c,__ . , „ seven new candidates took ^11 three 

r.^.;A^„^. - 5f. 1,0 ™'='= -N Burns. ■ degrees. About a score of candidates 

IZit^^ ^f^- ^f™"°^' .^(from Warren andlRed Lake Falls 

president; T>s!s R.chter, secretaryr failed to arrive on account of 

a«,i r-n^-^ ■nr.i^^t..^ + '_-_" "a" j" ,-^*"'*^" '•" arrive on account oi the 

and George Mo-Jtue. treasurer. A de-l severe cold and the sudden fall of 
IZ^f^'^ wS^T;^"^ immediately ,„„^ ^y^,^ render^ the roSs Zsafe 
alter the business of the evenmg had ; „f fv- t.:„. rrntSlwa*. ««'« «* *■!,« 

l^d ^ttS^ -^-:s^^^^^^<^l^^%^ 


"Home. Sweet Home" on the music, „>,„„ „ «,MT,5™tf ;i,,„«i ™„r^L™j 
flr-v.: ^T^A rpfnco,! fn f=^^ u «ff Where a midmght lunch _wa3 served. 

racks and refused to take it off. 

Members are notified that instaJla- 

:I?ltlS„^^„;^^d^S «» »'^- ^^ ""^»^^ 

year e 

■success should give the absentees a'mi,;_i? !>:„«« TWSIK c<*...*.i„ 
in^oi^ jolt and a New Year's reso- ilUet KlVer jyillK OUpply 

Is Now Under Inspection 

. lution to be sure about attendance 
next year. 

Woman's Qub Wffl Meet 
Next Monday, January 7 

The nert regular meeting of the 
'Woman's club -will be held in the 
Commercial club rooms on Monday, 
Jannary 7, at 3 p.m. Social hour. 
Hostess Mrs. Stebhins. Miisic, mem- 
ory contest, in charge of Mrs. G. Hal 
.Tor^on. Roll call 

According to figures submitted by 
the local dairy inspector, over 1,200 
quarts of milk and 800 quarts <3 
cream are being sold In Thief River 
Falls daily at thii time.- iThe new 
milk ordinance is now in operation and 
the above figures 'represent the quan- 
tity checked throiigh the city milk 
laboratory to the jprovisloiis of the 
ordinance. Dr. Trete, inspector, is 
busy issuing licenses to dealers ' 

o„.„f= „f 109Q IT, remarkable dairy products and ^vill have every- 

events of 1923. Every club member thing within his inriadictiori running 
IS requested to answer the r((%caU. a fewldavn 

/cfZ. CI - 1(]IS a fewjdaya. 

Jligh to hold. up her head in spring 
sports, no fights were reported 'fol- 
lomng eitijieij of the games, and a lo^ 
of fun wis enjoyed by both the par- 
ticipants and onlookers. ' 

Dinner Party. 

Last Friday evening, Mr. and Mrs. 
C. O: Erickson were delighfcEul h^st 
and hostess | at 'a six-jthirty^ dinner 
party in clomplinfient t^ their guest 
Stanley Powley, of Dickenson, N.D. 
and Mr. andjMrs. W. Bl Stone. ' 



Lars Erickson, who iresides near 
Gatzke, had a funnj^ experience 
last week j which ^monstrates" 
that therel is "honebty among 
thieves." He went tqihis garage 
one morning to take; the family 
flivver from its customary roost- 
ing place land was surprised to 
find a 50 'cent piece and. the oil 
gauge onj the running '^board 
of the car.) | , 

Livestigation disclosed the fact 
that the crank case ( had been 
drained: of oil during the. night', 
but contrary to. ^e usual custom 
in such'iiistances'the man who 
had helped himself had left the 
gauge in plain view ahd had also: 
thoughtfully left money to pay 
for ''the oil; tajcen.. Tifackg in the 
highway diowed wheife the. night 
traveler had been stranded. Lars 
went to .a| neighbor'aj place Uie 
next morning and procured a^-sup-- 
ply of oil pnd his opinion of hu^ 
manity in general has risen severe- 
al degrees [ &ince the hbove mra- 
tjoned occiirrence. '! .r 

-^CC. JUNS 81926 

The County Agricultural society 
met in the Farm Bureau office last 
Friday. Plans for the program of 
1924 were outlined, supezintendents 
for each of the departments were se-. 
lected, and each one was . given a 
premium list to revise according to 
the most up-to-date revision list. 

S. E. Hunt was elected superin- 
tendent of agriculture and boys' and 
girls' club department; Fred Beer- 
bower, livestock; Emfl Griebstein, 
poultry; Dr. H. W. Froehlich, sfihools; 
John Cronkhite, concessions; V. C. 
Noper, grounds and Mrs. H. W. Froeh- 
lich; women's department. 
. A number of subjects'" were taken 
up, including the carnival, and hav- 
ing- them tun: under a .uniform state 
contract. ..The siecretary was instruct- 
ed to take this up at the meeting of 
the county fair delegates held in St. 

Saturday evening, December 29, at Paul, January 7 to 9. Other matters 

pertaining to the securing of free 
acts and amusements were also left 
in the hands of the secretary to be 

tions and ferns arid tall cathedral \ brought up at the state meeting in 
candles, in the presence of 35 rela- ! St. Paul. 


year, which will be held at the rq<«ri8 
jof ; the dub tomorrow (Tiiursday) is 
scheduled to be- one of the,*^most im- 
poirtant sessions of the or^nization. 
for some time. * ■ .., 

Invitations have been, issued to a 
larg^' number of farmers and others 
interested in the creamery question, 
ahd the meeting will be held under the 
aiispides of officials of the Thief River 
Co-operative Creamery assodation. 
Indications are that several hundred 
peopld '^1 be present at ^e meeting. 

A movement "is under -way in the 
state 10 secure the signature^ i of as 
mkny. cream producers as' possible to 
contracts binding them the delivery 
of all products to co-operatiyecream- 
eriea jmly for a period of five years, 
lliid IS done to counteract the gro- 
nounoM effort now b^g made by 
lurge kentralizers to establish tiiem- 
s^lves in fields where co-6peratiTe 
creameries are Ini operation, by of- 
fering; ' excessivdy higl^ prices - and 
otiler junfair methods. -With suffident 
volume ■ assured co-operative institu- 
tions JthrougK marketing contracts, 
the efforts of the centraHzers to ruin 
farmers' creameries will prove fruit- 

■ 33. ! ■ 

The meeting tomorrow is arranged 
for -the purpose of bringing home to 
Pennington county farmers the truth 
concerning the situation and an effort 
^vill tie made to secure the signature 
of every farmer present to a market- 
ing contract. Strong members of the 
local [creamery corporation,, such;as 
ETahsTAnton, Peter, Engelstad, and 
others, are- expected to take a lead- 
ing p^ in the speaking program to- 

Every dtizen of Thief River Falls 
and Piennington county who is inter- 
ested jin the welfare of the local 
creamery should make an earnest ef- 
fort to be present at the meeting. 

tives and intimate friends. Before 
the ceremony Mrs. W. B. Stone played 
a program of nuptial music, followed 
by the Lohengrin Wedding March. 
Miss Nina iRushfeldt, of Hawley, 
Minn., the maid -of honor, was the 
bride's only I attendant. . She wore a 
gown of peach colored taffeta and car- 
ried an arm;bouquet of Ophelia, rd^s 
and narcissus. Lynn Halvorson was 
his sister's best man. 

The bride,' who yas given in mar- 
riage by her father, "Tvore' a draped 
and trained! gown 'of -oyster white 
faille . crepe I trimmed with bands of 
silver lace, j Her tiille veil was held 
in place by i a corpnet of beads and 
she carried ; a shower 'bouquet ~of 
brides* roses, lilies^j of the valley and 
bouvardia. :Her only ornament was 
a string of I pearls, the gift of the 
groom. I 

Mrs. Halvorson, the mother of the 
bride, woreja draped gown of helio-. 
trope canton crepe, elaborated with 
rare old lace. .The decorations~in the 
library were of evergreens and holly. 

Following; the ceremonyj a buffet 
lunch was served in the dining room. 
A beautifully decorated , wedding cake 
centered the table, at dther end of 
which were j lighted pink tapei^ and 
bowls of pink and white carnations. 
Mrs. Ila Reynolds, and Miss. Motuca 
Ba,mbrick assiaiedin serving. Mr. 
an& Mrs. Pope left the same evening^ 
for a two weeks' wedding trip to pe; 
spent in Minneapolis, Chicago ajicc 
with Mr. Pope's parents at Williams- 
poiir,- Indiana^ For travel, Mrs. Pope 
wore a navy blue 'Foiret coat-dress 
trimmed in I beaver, with a" navy and 
gray taffetaj bat and yeil. ■_ 

The. oiit-of-town I guests were Miss 
-Nina Rushfeldt, of Hawley, Minn., 
Mrs^ 0. J. 'Lpken-and Miss Evelyn 
Loken of Grookston, Mr. and Mrs. 
W. B. Stonejof New Concord, Ohio. 

Mrs. Pope is very wdl- known in 
this dty, hkving fecdved ber grade 
and high school training here. Two 
years ago she graduated from the 
Oberlin Conservatory, securing her 
Mus. B. there. She is very talented 
aa a pianist^ and has been very suc- 
cessful as ajteacher ip this city. She 
will resume] teaching at her studio 
at 515 LaBree avenue north, on Jan- 
uary 14. !..;.- -^ 

J._ J. McCann, county ^gent, was 
again dected secretary of the sodety 
for the year 1924. 

Farmers End Argument In 
Court; Torgen Skomedahl 
Tries Handling Own Case 

On December 27, an altercation 
was settled in the munidpal court by 
Judge N. W. Tarrant which promis- 
ed to have been interesting had all 
the witnesses appeared at the trial. ' 

On Wednesday of last, Ole T. Ose, 
had a warrant sworn out calling Tor- 
gen Skomedahl to account because of 
bad language used against Mr., Ose 
when the two met on the street in this 
dty on th6 IBth. It seems that Mr. 
Ose and Mr. Skomedahl were settling 
an argument with jvords and in the 
heat of the moment, Mr. Skomedahl 
is alleged to have declared that Mr. 
Ose was "a drunkard, a thiefj an' 

Beth men are fatmers northeast of 
this dty, '' 

Upon bdng called before the judge 
on Thursday, Mr. Skomedahl immeS- 
ately entered a plea of guilty, chang- 
ing it to not guflty when he discover- 
ed he wzjukihe giveA.$.d){incg to prpve 
Mr. 0^ h; dWrfWrd. '.ThTs '^i tned 
to do by'Bec6n&ife:ias,^wji' laij^y&r, 
Hojpev^rj .bpyoa^ tellmg ,the. CQurt, 
•jipv {le ^biself had'.bfecome' drun4c *cri 
^ome* Suppose j> ddAddlion'. .-wine/ . * o£ 
which he said the plaintiff^ had also 
tasted, he told nothing except that 
the breath of Mr. Ose had once been 
investigated and had been labded 
"moonshiney." -The court proved un- 
moved with his recaal and the trial 
ended with Mr. Skerfedahl being fined 
five dollars and costs. 

Mrs. Bk>wel:B* Mother Dies.: 

W^rd has; been recdved ; that Mrs. 
A. M: Roseiiquist, the mothier of .Mr^. 
P. J. Bowersf^Mied on Christmaa morn- 
ing ixttm a Sti-oke 6f apopl^ at htir 
home- in Theodore, . Alabama. , Mrs. 
Rosenouist was qmte'well known in 
this aty as ' she vidted.hfl,^^' during 
tl» l:i;. 4'm6>' vith'her daq^ter 
^t UL' Bowers ' hpnie ' 'oh . LsBree 
avenue.-"' ..;■■■ --'■ '\ -. ■ •''• .'-■■ ':' 

: ';Why.wort7" about youri coal 1)111? 
Think of what" you stive on your icfe" 

Boy Goes to College. 

■ Lawrence Letnes, son of Jena Let- 
nes, a prominent farmer near Silver- 
ton, passed through here on Monday 
oh his way to Grookston where he will 

enter . the 

agricultural college as ii 


, Justvto jp^ove that he is still 
possessed of his bid-time energy 
and strength, even, though he was 
very' seriously delayed in mak- 
ing .his appearance, King Winter 
arrived miat week; And he came 
with a v&igeance. The tempera- 
ture dropped -Q^^polnts between 
26 and 40 bdow-^epending upon 
whose the^ometer was consult- 
ed— and coal dealers - report a 
rushing bridne'sSi >1^day is sev- 
eral degrees warmer^ however, 
and ii^ -looks as^f Northern M^- 
nesbta is. in line for another mild 
sndl of weather. T 
-- - ■ ■ ■ — -J 4 


Norjma Talmadge -Plays 

IWithin the Law" at 

Princess Theatre. 

New-Iibdge at OUee. 

.>A. Sons of Norway lodge has le- 
cently beeni organb?d at OUee, with 
22 enrolled meznoen. The new 
branch VlUbe known as the /tVester- 
land!' loog* and John Mellby. is; iti 
flirst presideni. Bemhard Eiiudsen, 
president o£ Snorre lodge, Thief Myer 
f^Is, was present and installed ;th9 
new officers of Oklee. ' ; 


■ Norma Talmadge's screen version 
of Bayard - Veliler's. "Within the 
Law,** the most successful pl^y in 
stage! history, is the First National 
feature production'^ luxe that be- 
gins a two-day engagement ■■ at the ■ 
Princess theatre Sunday. - ' 

: Th4 picture, which- was made un- 
der tile derection of-Frank Lloyd, ia 
described as bdng by far the most 
dramatic thing of its kind Miss Tal- 
madge' has yet done _for -the screen. 
Surrounded by a cast of unusual idis- 
tinction, she portrays the stellar role 
of Mary Turner, made famous onrthe 
stage' by Jane Cowl. " '. 

The part; gives Miss Talmadge' att 
extraordinary chance to demonstrate 
her ^ceptional ability as an emo- 
tional actress. >; 
' 'Th^ Jieroine is a shop girl who i^ 
seijt jtp prison for- a theft she (did 
Aot qtfmmit. Iii demanding that -she 
get the limit, Edward Gilder, depart- 
ment! ^^^ owner, explains , tiiat he 
wants to make an example of^ary. 
On her release, ; vowing vengeiuice,. 
she joins a- gang of blacknrailers on 
condition that, she operate only 'Vith- 
in the law." Her spedalty is breadi 
of promise £uits. ■ How she takes ad- 
vantage of Ian opportunity that pre- 
sents itsdf when she meets Dick 
Gilder, son! of her arch enemy, ; be- 
comes involved in an extraordinary 
romance and a police frame-up 
squares herself with the vorld and 
finally finds true happiness, is un- 
folded vividly on the screen. . 

i Jack Mulluill plays opposite Miss 
Talmadge as Dick Gilder, while Lew 
Cody is to'- be seen aS Joe Garson, 
Uie forger; Other important parts 
aire taken by.:: Eileen Percy, DeWitt 
Jennings, Lincoln, Flummer, Jose^H" 
Kllgour,^ Hden Ferguson, Wanie 
Orane,'; Lionel Belmorie, Catherine 
Murphy and Thomas Ridcetts. . 


'/ --^"f 






Paul Anderson of Wylie was a bust 
nes3 caller in thisjci^ last week,' 

A boy was bom to Hr -and Urs 
Oscar Hoffman atlfheir Bridge street 
home last ~ 

Miss Mable Wilson, of Trail, u 
guest this week at the heme of Miss 
Amanda Hanson, here 

Miss Mabel Sizer of Park Btver, is 
a guest this week at the home of Mr. 
ifcfid Mrs. Joe Zavoral. - '' 

Theodore MelcherTif Fargo, arrived 
here last Thursday morning to be a 
guest at the H. M. Bvenstad home. 

Miss .Lily Gran, student at the local 
high school, returned here last Fri- 
day evening from Erskine, where she 
spent a week with her fathei^ 

Miss Ellen Johnson of Warren, ar- 
rived here last week to b^ a guest at 
the home of her sister and family, 
Mrs." Swenson. 

Mrs. Nels Flom returned Friday to 
her home at Mahnomen, after a few 
days' visit at the home of her sister, 
Mrs. Selmer Urdahl. 

Miss Irene Lanager of. Hummer, re- 
■ turned to that place last Friday even- 
ing after' a brief stay in this city re- 
ceiving dental work. 

L. J. Denhait of Minneapolis, ar- 
rived here last Friday evening to visit 
at the .home of relatives until after 
the New Year holidays. 

Miss Theresa Kellberg of this city, 
left for Geneso, N. D. on Thursday 
for an- indefinite stay at the home of 
her sister, ^rs. H. A. Haugen. 

Mr. and Mrsi, Joe Zavoral retui ned 
Thursday evening from(^Engster,V N. 
D. where they visited for a few dJ^ys 
at the home of Mrs. Zazoral's cousm. 

Miss Lulu Anderson retume3'Thurs- 
day evening to her home at Erskine, 
after a brief visit during the holidays 
at the home of friends and relatives. 

Mrs. Nettie Hemley of Mansville, 

^. D., was expected to arrive ; last 

week and visit for a few dayp at Uie 

home of her daughter, Mrs. J. D. Bis- 


Mrs. Henry Knutson and little 
daughter of Kelvington, Sask., Cana- 
da., were expected to arrive last week 
and be a guest at the home of her 
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ole Knutson. - 

Miss Dorothy Holm, who is employ- 
ed at the Thief Eiver Music company 
store, returned last Friday afternoon 
from Roseau where she visited for a 
few days 'at the home of her parents. 

Miss Olga Svensgaard, who is em- 
ployed at Fargo, but is at present at 
the home of her mother, who resides 
at Mavie, left last Thursday morning 
for Warren where she will spend a 
few days. 

Martin Trolen', who for the past 
several months has been employed at 
Varren, arrived ihere last Thureday 
evening to \'isit at the home of his 
parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Trolen for 
a month or more. 

Mrs. S. Salveson and little son Jer- 
ome, left Friday evening for St. Paul 
where they 'mil spend a ,couple of 
weeks at the home of Mr. and Mrs. 
Clyde Nason. Mrs. Nason is a sister 
.pf Mrs. Salveson. 

Hiss Hab«l Wilson of Wanke, ar- 
rived here IMt Week and expects to 
be employed here for a month 

Angust Thune of Hazel motored 
here last Saturday and spent a bnef 
time attending to business matters 

Francis Ohm left for Minot last 
week to visit at the horns of his bro- 
ther, Elmer Ohm, dunng the hobday 

Grant Ohsr'motoredito this dty 
from Minot !the day before Christmas 
to visit his iparenU. I He- returned to 
Minot on the 26tb. 

Miss Hilda Peterson left Saturday 
morning for Holt, where she visited 
over Sunday at the home of Mr. and 
Mrs. A. .Mdvek. ' 
■ V ■ i 

Miss Clarice Thompson, who has 
been visiting Mrs. & G. Matsoh for 
a few days, left On, Friday for her 
home in Crookston. ; 

Miss Myrtle Anderson, who has 
been iii this- city for a few days con- 
sulting a physician, left on Thursday 
for her home in Greenbush. 

I : 

Mrs. Obert Boldeniand Mrs. Bois- 
land went to Holt on Thursday to 
visit with Miss Houfek. They expect 
to return on' the afternoon train. - 
f ■ : '■ ^ 

Miss Gylla Fossam left Saturday 
morning for Holt wVere she spent a 
few days ' visiting at the home of 
friedns and|reiatives.| 

Craig.. HEdvorsDo. returns this eve- 
ning to Minneapolis,', after a ^week's 
stay at theihome of his parents, Mr. 
and Mrs. G.j Halvorsoh. 

E, 0. Stovick, who; was a guest at 
the home of J. J. Weeks for a week, 
returned Sunday evening to his home 
at Albert Uea. 

Eev. M. G. Weeks returned last Sun- 
day evening Jo Webster, Wis., after 
a few days, visit at the home of his 
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Weeks 

Miss Mamie Anderson of Green- 
bush, who accompanied her sister Miss 
Myrtle to this city some time ago, 
departed for her home on Thursday. 

Miss LueDa Flagwell of the Dal- 
quist Millinery store, .returned the lat- 
ter part of last week to this city from 
Fargo, where she spent a few'; days. 

Mrs. A. B. Isaakson returned Sat- 

V F Sandstrem returned last Sun- 
day evening to Minneapolis where he 
is employed after <& week's visit here 
with Us family. 

Mrs Fred Soderberg returned Mon- 
day afternoon to'her Gome at St. Hil- 
aire, after a brief 'stay here attending 
to flopping matters. ■ - ~ 

Misses Mae Klimey;and Anna Har- 
der of St. Hilairej spent last Monday 
in this -city shopping; They return- 
ed to. their home the sanie evening. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hunt and son "Buddy" 
left Monday afternoon loi Red Lake 
Falls, where they will be guests at 
the home of Mr.- Hunt's mother for 
a few days. 

Martin Sandstrom, who is employ- 
ed at Scanlon, this state, returned to 
that place the flr^t of the week after 
a week's jisit here at the home of his 
parents, ^r. and Mrs. 'V. F. Sand- 
strom. : j -• / . 

-'Miss Anna Willand returned last 
Monday aftemoOn to Williams -where 
she is attending school, after a two 
weeks' vacation with her parents, Mr. 
and Mrs. S. Willard, who reside near 
Grygla. ! 

Miss Mildred Haroldson left Satur- 
day for Gatzke, where she will be 
a guest at ttie home of her parents, 
Mr. and Mrs. Christ Haroldson until 
after the New Year holidays. Miss 
Haroldson is employed in this city. 

Mrs! Olaf Samnelson and children, 
accompanied by her little neice, Thel-. 
ma Anders, left Saturday morning for 
Fox, Minn., where they will ™it for 
a week at the home of Mrs. Samuel- 
son's inotter, Mrs. E.i G. Lien. 

Miss Gilnia Ostvolden expects t* re- 
turn tomorrow to; Figo, where she 
is em^oyed at a chriidren's home, 
after visiting f y a few days at the 
home !of her parents, Mr, and Mrs. 
Nels Ostvolden. She! came here last 
Saturday iidon. i | 

Mrs. Anne Aldehnui, who for: the 
past two weeks had. been-a. guest .at 
the home of Mrs; C. ' G. Mataph, re- 
turned Saturday afternoon to her 

Bom to Mr, and Uis. Xi A. Hemum- 
aon New 'Years night, a baby girl. 

G. Ft Srlckson returned last even- 
ing to Chisholm where he is employed 
after a three weeks' visit here with 
his family. 

Oscar Erickson will return tomor- 
rew to his home at Bronson, after a 
few d^s' visit at the home of 'Hr 
and Urs. C ^. Erickson, 

wegian language. 
10 a.m 

. be- 
death of his 

Sunday school at 

urday morning to her, home at Middle .tome at Crookston. She was accom- 
Eiver, after a few days stay in this -panjeij by Miss Clarice'Thompson,; who 
city at the home; of Mr. and Mrs. 0. j^reg }^re for a few days at the same 
L. Bakken. ! . ihome.; ' ' i ■ ! 

Mr. and Mrs. E. 0. Eupprecht re- jjiss Martha. Aames of LeEoy. 
turned" last) Sunday evening to Min- Minn..; left Monday afternoon, i for 
neapolis after a week's stay in this ''crookston where she will visit at the 
city at the home of her parents, Hr. "hanie of an annt.'Mrs. Martha Aimes 
and Mrs. E. J. Werner. " Ifor an indefinite time. Miss Martha 

of^^fe^&'SI|'^"» h^L^^.I^'^'^ ^^ 
ttey*'are'nW^tsS7^°sh?'wh^« jAame^.passed away ashort time ago. 
they expect' to make their future I Hrs; C. Loken and^ daughter Miss 
home. They left here; by car last fall. Evelyn Loken of -Crofeton, arrived 

Mi^Am;.Kile.. ^ho is -^^'^'g.ieif^^lt! '^.'g^^- 
at Mmneapohs returned '^^..^atur- . «^^, ,j,^ also attended the wed- 
day afternoon to that,place, after «s- ^^ ^^/ ^^ ^^ ^„^i„ ;j,iss 

itmg at the;home of her parents, who j,^g^ Halvorson in the evening. Mrs. 
reside at Kratka. -, . I Loken |is a.sister of Mr. Halvorson. 

Misses Amy and Blanche Morgan ! 

'Harnr^ Baljken of; UinneapoUsi 
inthisjcity for an indefinite time, 
ing called here by the dea ' 
mother, Mrs. 0. L. Bakken. 

:Mrs.jChas.|Fiterman and littie sdni 
Myles,! are expected to retiim this 
Week from 'Winnipeg where they left 
last "Thursday evening' and were 
guests of relatives.' - 

Lata Heckne, a brother of Mrs. C. 
F. Erickson,! visited here for 'three 
days andileff, last evening, accompan- 
ied by his brither-ih-Iaw, C.^l^Jhricfc- 
son, for Chisholm where they will be 
emplqyied. | 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schumacher left 
Saturday for Avon, Minn., to visit 
Mrs. Schumacher's parents and other 
relativiS for a week. From there they 
expect to continue on to Chicago where! 
they will spend the winter. 

Mrs:j C. 0.; Erickson left last even- 
ing fon Minneapolis, where she -will be. 
H guest of heir sister, Mrs. Leslie Pro- 
vcncher, for a couple of weeks. She 
will also visit' at ttie homes of other- 
relatives and many friends. - 

Hans Heckne of Spokane, Wash., 
arrived here and is a guest at the 
home of C. F. Erickson until spring. 
Mr. H^kfle will then leave-for Emer- 
ald, Idiho, where he will be employed. 
He is a timber inspector. 

Arthur Lund motored here New 
Year's |Day from his home at Wanke, 
and visited, for the day at the home of 
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Lund. 
He returned' the sarhe evening and 
was accompanied by. his brother and 
sister, i Harry and Miss .Clara, who 
will return here this week. 

Mr. and Hrs. Oscar Cemey return- 
ed Monday afternoon to their home at 
St. Pajil, after a weeKs,.visit a\ the 
honie of Mr. Carney's parents, Mr. 
and Mrs. Louis Cemey. Mrs. Cemey 
was formerly Miss Gertrade Nelson, 
of thislcity, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
N. K. Nelson, also formerly here but 
now a^ Chaaely, N. D. Mrs. Cemey 
was employed aS bookkeeper at. the 
telephone office here some years ago. 

returned Saturday noon to their home 

Misses Grace and Corine Skham- 

at Warro-ad; aftei a brief stay in the ^'»' *° f°^*i'^J?^Z^^\fbhW 
-=.ty .attending to shopping and visit- h«s|^enemply|d atjfortha^^^ 

ing with friends. 

Mrs. Alcid Morrissette and daughter 
Xaveme of Plummer, were 'visitors 
in this city last Thursday evening. 
Little Laveme took part in the B 
Sharp Music club recital of the Jumor 
section that was held that evening. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hans Peterson, ac- 
companied by their two sons, and Mrs. 
Sam Skramstad, motored Sunday of 
last week to SUverton where they vis- 
ited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. 
Evenson. Hr. Evenson is a brother 
of Mis. Skramstad. 

Miss Melvina Kezar, who is era- 
nloyed at "Warren, visited at the home 
of her sister, Mrs. Walter Thonipson 
here, for a few days and left Thurs- 
: day noon for Middle River, where she 
:■ .will spend a few days with her pSr- 
- ents, Mr. and Mrs. William Kezar. 

Mrs. W. H. Funnell and little daugh- 
,ter Joyce, returned "Thursday evening 

Zion Lntheran Chnrch. I 
George Larson, Pastor. I 
Services, 11 ajn Services 7 46 p in. 
Prayer meetmg Fnday evening at 
Eev. Aug Bredeson's 7.46 Zion 
Ladles' Aid Thursday the 10 th. Zion 
Young Peoples meeting Thursday 
evening the 10th by Misses Clara An- 
derson and Clara Lund Sunday school 
Sunday the 6th. Eeli^ous instrac- 
tioh^Friday at 2:46 p.m. I 

-'■;'■- *»•.- ■-■■ -i 

■ The Salvation Army. i 

317 Main Aveniie North, City. I 
Captain E. Youngberg and Lieut H. 
Bollinger, Officers in charge. 1 

. Services conducted in the hall ac 
follows: Wedhesdaysj 8 p. m.; Thurs. 
days, 8 p.m.; Saturdays, 8 p." m.; 
Sunday school, 2:30 p. m.j Young Peo- 
ples Meeting, 6:30 p. m.; Salvation 
meeting, 8 p. m. You are cordially 
invited to attend. all the services. Ev- 
erybody welcome. j- 

: »•• ■ ■■ i 

Goodridge Lntheran Church. 
V. 0. Aaker, Pastor. I 

Sunday, January 6, Norwegian sery- 
ices at Erie at 11 a.m. and Engli^ 
at Torgerson at 2:30 Annual 
business meeting at Erie Friday, Jan. 
4 at, 1 p.m. Annual'business meeting 
at Bethania churdi, Monday, Jan.* 17 
at 1 p.m. ! 

_.. -. **♦ i 

St. John's. Lutheran. | 

Eev. E. H. Knedt, Pastor.' 
Sunday school at 9:30, German 
services at 10:30. Annual meeting 
and Ladies' aid next Wednesday after- 
noon in, the church basement. I 

Trinity Lntheran Chnrch. 
T. E Sweger, Pastor. 

The annual busuess meeting of the 
Ladies' Aid is to be held this Thprs- 
day afternoon, beginning at 2.89. 
Lunch will he serv^ from 4 to 6 p.m. 
Everybody cordially Velcome. Ues- 
dames Oluf Tessum, Andrew Buring- 
md Oscar Williams and E B. Bakke 
entertam Confirmation class Sat> 
urday at 10 o'clock Divme services 
Sunday in Norwegian 11 a.m In 
English at 7:46 Ti.m. Sunday-school 
resumes wofS this Sunday af:9;46. 
All teachers and_pupils requested to 
be present. ' ; "* 

— ;■ •" '., 1 ■ 
Swedish Baptist Chnrch. - 

: Service will be held at the Swedish 
Baptist, chnrch this coming Sunday, 
Jan. 6, at 2:30 p.m. Rev. A. O. Lun- 
deen from Karlstad will preach. The 
public is cordially invited. ^ 

i ■-.»»» I 

I Urdahl llianks Friends. 

;i desire throsgh The Tribune to ex- 
press my heartfelt thanks and deep" 
appreciation to, my friends and neigh-^ 
bOrs who stoo3 by me, so loyally in 
the Better Sires > campaign receiitiy 
closed. "These friends made it' possible 
for me to iinish first among the cam- 
■paignera for the entire county, a dis- 
tinction of whi^ I naturally feel very 
proud;— Noble prdahl, Goodridge, 

Thi Question of predeterminiBp 
sex U stDI a matter for debate by b> 
ologiats, but long ago an old phllosA- 
phor said: "Boys will bo boys.*— 



iScandinavian Ev. -Church. _ 
i I J. Jacobson, Pastor. 
Services at 11 a-m. in the Norweg- 
ian-language. Young Peoples meet- 
ing at 4 p.mJ in the English language 
and services again at 7:30 in the Nor- 

Coal aiid Wood 

We have large stocks of both oh Hand and can 
fill your wants promptly at reasonable prices. The 
chilly nights are arriving and it is time to give 
the fuel question serious thought. Let us figure 
with you on your winter's supply.: '^ 

Rambeck |&| Stone Co. 

. ;"A Good Place to Buy Your Coal and Wood" 
Phone 245 

returned- Tiere laJt Saturday morning 
for an' indefinite stay at the home of 
Mrs. H. Halstrom bf Wylie left their parents, Mr. and Mrs. gsjn 
Sunday evening for Winger where she ^ Skramstad. Miss Grace Skramsatd 
will be a guest at the home of her sis- was employed as saleslady at ; the 
ter, Mrs. O; Berge'arid also with her Sach'sj department store at that place, 
parents, Mri and Mrs.; John Nansen. I ^^^ ^^^ j^^ -^j^^^j^ ^^ {^^^ 

Mrs. Carl- Steen returned Saturday this Saturday for St. Paul, where she 
noon to her home at' Warroad, after will visit for a brief tune at the home 
a visit of a few days' here with her of her sister, Mrs. F- J. Seltz.and with 
sister, Mrs.lL. WUUams. She arrived her brother Walter, who is also there, 
here last Monday afternoon. i From there they^will continue on to 

i ; , ^ Madison, Wis., where; she is employ- 

Miss Ada Olson, who is employed ^ aj. q^^. Loken- Bros, department 
„. this city, left Saturday momuig jtoje. ; - 

for Greenbush, wherfe she visited for. ; ; , i^ 

a few days at the home of her parents, I .Herberi; and "Bud"' Keene of Mm- 
Mr: and Mrs. Alfred- Olson. . neapohs, arrived; here 1^ Wednesday 

• morning to visit with fnends during 

Miss Harriet Morgan left Saturday t),g holidays. They are present guests 
afternoon for a week's stay at the of- Qtrin Storhoim. Both attend .the 
home of Miss Rose Costello at- Sauk Edigon high school in Minneapolisand 
Center. Miss Costello is a graduate gjg taking part in athletics. They 
of the local; '23 high .school class. •- l-were residents of this city, up jUntil 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Miathison returned « ^^V. ^S"- .I 

._. „.^-, -- , i .. . Saturday evening to; their home at Myron and Francis Robinson of 

to their home at GJenwood .after a . j ^^^ ^jj ^ j^y's staym this' HiehlanduiK; motored here last 
week's visit at the home of Mr. and , .^ witlT friends and attending to "fJJ ^ . ■ j Lt„,n'„, »ij,rirf 
^drs George Liemers. Mrs. Funnell '"5j"°"jf , Friday evening wid visited.for a,bntf 
is a dauEhter of Mr. and Mrs. Lie- .""smess mptters.. ly^^ ^^^ .friends. Wiey also j me* 
mers -- Misses Ellen Bloomquist and Gladys Miss Margaret Soyjand of "Twin Val- 
, , 1 Johnson ofl Middle River, visited with ley, who will be their guest_ .for i 
, Willis Blom is spending a few days | jj.^^ imaida Hanson and did some few days. They returned to theirjhome 
in this city on business connected with | .i,._„i„„ ^ this city during the week the same evening. Myron and Fran- 
the-Save-U-Money strire. He 0^^'='? Ifccvin.^.Wtiwi* lloJnS bb-Thursday's ds are sons of Mr. and Mrg-Frank 
to leave the latter part of the v/eek-^..* ..^.p ..,._;.. -i-. ;;.; ; Hobinson, formeriy of this city.l 
for Stillwater where he is connected •'^.'.■^. -.y .;•-•••-•;•-' ' '„ , ' ~ „. - ' j,/-a,t _1 «- 
with the Save-U-Mnney store located,] . ^^ .>!ina-RHsWoldt- of.'jHawlSy.t Mrs. T. Clausen of Chicagp,, re- 
in that city. • ;" ; .: ,'™nn.i-'artivea;nere lflst,'Jrrid?y.^y^-Vtunie4Thursday evening to that; place 
„■ A » «.„.-„„„„Mi,,*ihy;™K*'«'»'*'8««^''**'*^*i'",^"*'Tj after 'a five weeks' stay at theihome 
Miss Agnes Aaseng is spending the l » jj q Halvorson and also acted ofhe'r parents, Mr. .and Mrs. P. E. 
hohjlays with home f"™ds 'n Mcln- ^ ^^^ „j^„„„ ^j t^^ Halvorson- «*„herl.a«nts^Mran^^^^^ ^^ 
tosh. Shewasacconipajdh^byp^ ^^^„^ jiw thereby the serious ilhiess of 
^.r^Mi s itehf Shes ^^'tlie Mr. an^^ Mrs. A. !l. Auringer.leftiher^ther.butLarecov^^^^^ 
"■• "' ondaymV^efo' Cass Lake, where |ly so aj_toj« able to 1^^^^^^ 

What Will 
Hold for You? 

city schools of Thief River Falls. Mr. Monday morning jor vasa jjanc «uo.= | ... -- .rr,'^»'i,ii"-,;„oiin han- hotween I 
Nystul is superintondent of the Mid- they ,^1 .>.e guests; at the home of JLS.f ?i.ff jt.'i,S?°f'?n!:,!". ' k" I 
die River schools.— Mcintosh Times. iMr. Aiinnger's parents. They also. ' 
.TV La ..-.j^h ! expect to make a trip tb Mmneapohs 

Mrs. Fred Johnson ahd children, ^ J^^^ retnming here. 
Harold and Doris of Minneapolis,, ar- ^ , i - j i. 

rived hero last week and are guests Mrs. I. M. Iverson, accompamed Dy'_^ _ 

of friends in this city. At present her daughter. Miss ;Eva Iverson, i^-lMrs. Rossman's mother and, sister, 
thev are at the home of Mr. and Mrs. turned Mdhday monung to her home jjj^_ ^Mary Robertson. ahd Lena Eob- 
C. M. Carlson. Mrs.. Johnson is a at Badger after visiting over tne. gftjoh.-They returned the latter part 

..,-,..=...1...™™ ,,...,.. V. '"--■"'*"«- of this week. Mrs. Robertson and 1 

Leha;are former 'residents of this. city. 

trains, Miss Christine Clausen. 

Mrs. Carl Rossman and daughter || 
Coylti, left Friday evening for Minne- 
Spolis; where they will be guests of 

foi-mer resident of this city having 
moved here last summer. 

Mayverette Hilson returned a few 

(la--- -;?o from Minneapolis where she 

', euest over the week end with 

nd, Malvlna Rupprecht. Miss 

.;ht returned to this city with 

Hilson and is visiting at , the 

Allison home on ICnight avenue over 

' the holiday season. 

Mrs. Esther Myrland, who has been 
making her home with her mother, 
Mrs. Anna Kretzschmar, left Friday 
evening for Detroit, Minn, she 
will visit over the holidays at the 
home of her sister, Mrs. . C. 'W. 
Stewart, formerly of this city. Mrs. 
Kiezschmar is also there, having left 
a few days previous. . 

week end At the home of Mr. and Mrs,- 
Clarence Pope. . ■ " 

John Lihde left recently for an in- 
definite visit in Seattle, Washington; 

Miss-Lena was formerly' emplo:?ed in ; 
the ready-to-wear department, at | 

Los Angeles Calif, and before return- 
ing here expects to visit Chicago and 
the home ^ his son,;Coleman Lmde. 

■ Mr. ani Mrs. Albin Knanf, accom- 
panied by their daughter Ruth, left 
Monday morning for Holt where they 
will visit ^t the home of Mr and Mrs 
H. Peterson for a few days Mrs. 
Peterson is a sister of Mrs Knauf 
Miss Mable McGilvory returned 

at the J. C. Penney store here. 

Mrs. Andrew Johnson, of Eyerett, I 
Wjashington, who has been visiting at | 
the home of her sister„Miss; Ada' Olson | 
near this aty, left on Thursday for | 
Greenbush Accompamed by her three ] 
small children Mrs iTohnson has been 
visiting in the east dunng the winter, 
having recently arrived from Alexand- 
ria where she visited at the{ Ellof | 

We all. hope that 1924 will bi-ing constantly in- 
creasing prosperity to Thief River Falls and to our 
section of Minnesota. j .| 

It is the privilege of the First and Peoples State 
Bank to help you realize your share of the Year's 
prosperity. Plan ahead for what you'd like to ac- 
complish. Then come in, talk over your plans with 
us, and see how we'can'help. you caniy them out. ; 

You'll find at this bank a genuine,; cordial inter- 
est in your problems. I 

First and Peo 
State Bank 

Monday mormng to Randen, where she -Olson home After an indefinite stay 
is engaged in teaching after spendmp- in the east Mrs Johnson expects to 
the mid winter recess at the home of leave for Seattle and Tacoma as Mr 

her parents, Mr and Mrs J W Mc 
Gilvory Her school will begin today 

Johnson is at present working on the | 

— .L- 




^%S:23Xiri i^-^li^ 






State Association Begins 

New Year With Neariy 

Perfect Support 

f> . 

Co-operative "creameries are solidly 
behind the maiketing plan now being 
perfected by the Sales Department of 
the Minnesota Co-operative CreMner- 
ies' association, according to H. F. 
Meyer, manager. Up to Dec. 24. Z84 
chreameries had had signed the stand- 
ard agreement, under the terms ol 
which batter selling operations of 
members creameries will be conelat- 
^d for the benefit of all. These 
aercemcnts represent an annual ont- 
put of more than 70,000,000 pounds. 
i The state association will begin its 
tbird vear of operation as one of the 
jnost "successful farmer-owned bua- 
ie'=5 associations in the country. It 
started two years ago under a two- 
year contract. During/ this period 
470 creameries in the state jomed 
tlie movement. The number has m^ 
ireased slowlv and steadily, as non 
member creameries come to apprea- 
ate its importance. , . 

i It enters its tUrd year with- all but 
■four or five of the original agreements 
in force. Directors of a few cream- 
eries have cancelled their agreements 
■bending presentation of renewal to 
the patrons at annual mcetmgs to be 
iield eariv in January. Renewals m 
everv case are expected. 
1 "The finest thing about our new 
marketing department, ■■ said A. J. 
McGuire, general manager,_ "is that 
the agreements already signed in- 
(ilude creameries that are making the 
best butter in the state. The assooa- 
tion'= greatest accomphshmcnt is- the 
fact that it ahs provided an avraue 
through which the members have 
learned to co-operate for mutual good. 
The task before us in 1924 will be to 
"make good' in, marketing to as great 
or greater degree as we have in the 
service field thus far." 

interesting Radio Talks 
Next Month Over WLAG ; 
Well Known Railroad Men 

ggJPPftCii^lwP''' '"'"'"' 


. AinI'-Jo1iiuon|i^ent several' days 
lastl'itedc;; trap^adJiK, ^bosiiuBs in 
Croekstbn. He ietainedLhaiqe Friday. 
Hr. and Hn. jjoe Kins pleasantly 
enjettained a suinber of that itnends 
at tjwiT home Sajtardayeveninir. The 
evening was. spenC .in playing cards 
and 8t:tlie eandiisian|of 1]ie card aes- 
aionj a dainty Itiidi.wasBiny^. 

Duncan IfeAlItster and daiagii- 

the home of 
son {{asf wedc. 
home'FHdar ' 

lbs, J. 

FoAs visited af 
. .Uis..Han8 Wilr 
ley.^etaraed td their 

James Homme arrivjBd. at the home 
of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John 
Homme one day last jweek to spend 
the holidays. Mr. Honime is attending 
the state normal at BemidjL i 

Mr. and Mrs. Olaus gand and fami- 
ly were guests at the John Marldnson 
home last Sunday. : 

Oliver Howard is a guest at the 
home of his parents,! Mr. and Mj;s. 
Die Howard, during j the holidays. 
Oliver is attending the A. C. college 
at- Crookston. \ 

Mrs. E. Sanders called at the Henry 
Eliason home Sunday.! ; ' 

Maggie Johns'bn was a guest at the 
J. T. Nelson home aj few days last 

Mrs. Teigan of Grand Forks is vis- 
iting at the home of lier parents, Mr. 
and Mrs. Amt Giving through the 
holidays. 1 . ! ^ 

Don Beaudiy transacted bnsmess at 
Goodridge Friday. | _ JJ 


Ur. and Mrs. A. J. Hed entertained 
number of their friends and rda- 
tives at a sumptuous six o'clock din- 
ner at their home Saturday evening. 
After dinner the guests were.deli^t- 
fully entertained by' a radio program, 
heard 'Over Mr. Bed's radio receiving 
set A very enjoyable) evening was 
spent. Those ptiesent were the Misses 
Ew4 and Lilly Johnson, Selma , and 
Blanche Hoff, Edith Dahl, Frances 
Hovet, Huldah, IMyrUe and Gladys 
Gigstad, Oscar Gi^tad, Ed. Dahl, Mr. 
and Mrs. K. 0. Gigstad and children 
Alice, Clarence ind Evelyn. 

Famil^ Gathering. 
Mr. and Mrs] Gus Fellman and 
daughter Mildred entertained their 
relatives'at a ^listmas Day party at 
their home on Water street A pretty 
Christmas tree was decorated and 
laden with many pretty pfts for those 
present. Thtf* guests were* Mr. and 

Mr. Tharaldson, oui local hlack- jjj^ Frank Satterberg, Mr. and Mrs. 

smith, has been on the sick list for 
a few days due to a l)ad cold- ! 

John Danielson ha^ been busy the 
past few days hauling wood for Don 
Beaudry. ! ; 

Gust Ivetson-and George Neaison 
were shoppers at Highlandingi Fri- 
day. !>,.:, 

Leo Ellingson and |Halvor Sigurn- 
son have been busy this past jweek 
sawing wood for a few families in this 
locality. ; 



I Two talks will be broadcast from 
station WIAG in Minneapolis in Jan- 
uary which should prove of much in- 
terest to all who share the general 
cnriositv as to the railroad question. 
j On January 2, F. F. Flynn. director 
of the public relations bureau, will 
talk via the radio on the subject, 
fThere's Nothing the Matter With the 1 
Eailroads." This talk will be at 7:30 
p. m. On January 31, also at 7:30 
p. m., M. L. Countryman, vice presi- 
dent and general council will broad- 
cast an address on "What Will Con- 
gress Do to the Railroads ?" 
I Both talks should prove < 
to railroad neople and others who are 
in anv wav affected by the railroai! . 

service, for both Mr. Fivnn and Mr. 1 '"^„ ^, . ; ,1 ^ 1.1. t 

Co^t^an are in positions that give | „ T. M. Klem was a j ca ler at the L 
them SJSIually deir views of insido Foster home Wednesday afternoon, 
conditions and the results of the pe- 

Dieasydale School Dist. 194. 

A Happy New Year! 

B. N. Thorstad and L. Foster were 
callers at the F. M. Klein home Sat- 
urday eveni n g. : | 

E. Jablinski and family, accompan- 
ied by Fred and-Heniy Meyeis; were 
visitors at the S. C. Hesby home. Mon- 
day evening. 

N. B. Swanson andlsons Ernest and 

Clarence, were visitors at the F. M. 

folh"?alL-ho-,d*pro;e of interest, Kl^f^.ome^Sm.ay^^g^^^^^^^ 

afternoon visiting -with Mrs. F. M. 




Herman Binstad and Mr. and Mrs. 
Henry Bnrstad and daughter. 

Card Party. 

A number of young folks motored 
out to the Ame Vik home last Satur- 
day evening and spent a very pleasant 
evening playing cards. At the close 
a delicious lunch was served. Those 
attending were the Misses Huldah, 
Myrtle and_Gladys Gigstad, Nellie 
Follstad, Lilly Johnson, Alma Engfa, 
and Messrs. Sam Walbeck, tt Eotder, 
Adolph Nyhagen, Dwight Thurston, 
and- O. Hovde. _ 

cuiiar position the railroads have been 

, •<- 


The Crnlcal r.achelor observea tliat 

a man shoald never try to beep anj;- 

thjng from his wife unless he keeps 

it In a safe-<]eposIt vault 


Misses Alice Ellingson and Vivmn 
Johnson were guests at the Sig Si^- 
ardson home at Hazel last week. 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ellingson 
were host and hostess at supper last 
Saturday night. The following were 
present: Mr. and Mrs. Sig Sigurd- 
son of Hazel; Mr. a»«r Mrsv Anton 
Johnson and family, Mrs. Bob -Hud- 
son and son Leonard, Mrs. L. Sigord- 
son-and son Halvor. 

T. Saltvedt of Hibbing returned to 
his home at Highlanding last Friday. 

Pearl Sterling and son, Q.F. Doug- 
las of Bemidji, and Edith Shosten of 
Thief River Falls, were dinner guests 
at the J. T. Nelson home Christmas 

Mr. and Mrs. Anton Johnson enter- 
tained the ^following at supper Xmas 
night: Mr. and Mrs. Don Beaudry 
and family, Mr. and Mrs. A. Elling- 
son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Sig Sig- 
urdson of Hazel, Mrs. L. Sigurdson, 
Mrs. Bob Hudson and son Leonard 
and Messrs Halvor Sigurdson and 
Edwin Nelson. 

T, Myrom had a narrow escape Sat- 
urday when his horses nearly .ran 
away. ; 

F. Mj Klein and family were visit- 
ors at the T. OTSlinger home Sunday. 

Xmas was enjoyably spent in our 
community. . i "/ 

S. C. Hesby" was a[ caller at the F. 
M. Klein home Monday morning. . 

L. Foster, J. M. Thiirstad and; fami- 
lies were calTers at B. N. Thorstad?' 

F. M. Klein was a caller at; Thief 
River Fqlls Friday, 

Loms N. Dncharme Dies. '• 
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore ' Ouchanne 
received the sad news Friday morn- 
ing that their father, Louis Ducharme, 
of Red Lake Falls, had passed^ away 
very suddenly and quietly Thursday 
night Mr. Duchatme is quiW_weIl 
known here as he has spent -a great 
deal of his time here the past year 
visiting at th^home of his 9on, Theo- 
dore. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Duch- 
arme left for Red Lake Falls Friday 
morning where they attended the fu- 
neral services. Their many friends 
in this vicinity extend their sympathy 
to the members of the bereaved, f ami- 


A. S. Wilson to Warren. 
A. S. Wilson, who has been, quite 
seriously ill at his home here in St. 
Hilaire, left for Warren Saturday, 
morning where{ he -will receive medic- 
al aid at the city hospital. He "ivas 
accompanied by his wife -^ud son-iii- 
law, Jake Sieff of Bed- Lake : Fallt 
His many friends hope to Rear of his 
speedy recovery. 

Yule-Tide Party. 
A large number: of young" people 
were pleasantly eiitertained ; last 
Thursday evening by the Misses 
Frances and Esther; Hovet at thdr 
home in this villagei The entertain- 
ment for the eveningi consisted of card 
playing, and dancing. | Si^grud Engh re- 
ceived high honors at cards, and Mel- 
vin Sherva was awarded the consola- 
tion prize. After i^e 'card game a 
very fine lunch was served and the re- 
mainder of tile evening was sptot at 
dancing. Those present were :Uisse3 
King; Laura, Selina and Feail Simon- 
son; Mabel Loberg, Gladys and Myr- 
tle Gigstad, Alma Engh, Rose Gun- 
stad, Martha Swenson, Vivian Novak, 
Mrs. Leonard Holmes, and Messrs Ed. 
and Andy Dahl, Clarence Swenson, 
Sigrud Engh, Enut^ Odegaard, Mel- 
vin Shervh, Harold Holmes,- Sam Wal- 
beck and Oscar Gigstad. ' ! 

The membeis of the Sunday schoc^ 
of the Swedish Lutherah: diuriJi, and 
their pastor Rev. A. F. Nelson, ron-; 
deied a very' fine Christmas program 
in their church Thursday evening. All 
the children received Christmas bags 
of -nuts and candy. - 

Wm. Emse Leaves. • 
William Erase, who has been a very 
efficient employee in the Farmers 
Co-operattive creainery at St. Hilaire 
for tiie past two years, tendered liis 
resi^ation at the last creamery board 
meeting, Dec. 21, and left for- Minne- 
apolis last week where he -wi9_«iter 
the university and take a shorT'conrse 
in butter m^ing. His' many friends 
in St. Hilaire regret his deiwrlure "and 
wish his success in securing a fine 
position when he leaves school. 

Mrs. T. K. Hovet left Thursday 
afternoon for Buxton, N. D. where 
she expects tdspend a week ^ or ten 
days nsiting ! friends and relatives. 
Wbile Uiere she will be a gnest of 
Mr. and Mrs. John Hovet. 

>f ' 3amesvine, 

ft guest at the 

hoine of her datighteij Htsl Theodore 
Dnchaime the p^ week, left for her 
homh-Friday evening.^ Her dant^ter. 
Hiss Gietchen Clasgaw.^i^ stay bere 
vritlj her sister for tiie re^iainder' of 
tiiefhoUdays. ■ ! 
■ Harvey AuhO tuOl ffll the vacancy 
at the eieamery {saosea b^ the lesign- 
atio& of Kll ^use. Ur. Anhol start" 
ed wo A Monday morning, Dec 28.- 
Lpnls Ca&eUnean, ;wha has been 
woridng for the State Highway Com- 
misUoin near Utchfleld, Mbn. for the 
pas^ three years, is: spending his 
Christmas, vacation at the home of 
his I parents, Mrl' and, Mrs. Louis de- 
Cathelinean.. | 

~ Mr. «id Mrs.; Oliver Johnson went 
to ERed Lake Falls Wednesday and 
were-guests at -the home of Mr. and 
Mrs. Stienart 

:■• E. F. Wheeler oif Eed Lake Falls, 
was in St HQaire last Monday on 
buaness. : ' 

Mr. and Mrs. Cari Ingstad of Jesse 
Lake, who were; -visiting at Mrs. Ing- 
stad's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pete 
Simonson, left for their home last 
Wcjdnesday. ; 

Miss Alice Hall, who has spoit the 
past week visiting a^ the home of her 
brother, A. F. Hall, ;left Monday for 
Minneapolis where, "she" holds a posi- 
tion in tile University hospitid. 

Miss Sdma Hoff. was a Thief Eiyer 
Fajls -visitor Thursday. 

Owing to the 'fact: that the freight 
train -v&a derailed ; on the - Great 
Northern railway ne^ Middle RivCT, 
Wednesday, ourj local passenger train 
was eight hours; late that afternoon. 
- Perry Johnson, who represents the 
Minneapolis Loan and Trust companj 
of jMinneapolis, was in St. Slaire Fn- 
day insp^ting I their farm loans in 
this vicinity. 

Norman Patterson went" to Middle 
River Fridayi where; he played for a 
dance given there Friday evening. He 
retumSi home Saturday. 

Mrs. Joe LaPlante and little daugh- 
ter Barbara of 'Crookston, came here 
-Tuesday morning and spent a few 
days at the hoine of Mrs. LaPlante's 
parents, Mr. and Mis. Hans Wilson. 
They returned t» theirbome llursday 
evening.- ^ . — "-^ 
. JMr. and Ur^ Paul Ray autoed to 
Thief River Falls Wednesday morning 
and Mrs. Roy went on to "Warren hy 
way of the Sqo. "While at Warren, 
Mis. Hoy will take treatments at the 
Warren City hospitaL _ ; 

The Misses jHoldah, Myrtle, and 
Gladys Gigstad! spent Wednesday and 
Thursday last jweek at the home of 
their brother, Oscar Gigstad. 

iThe Misses Frances and Esther 
Hovet shopped] at Thief River Falls 
between trainsiWednesday. . 

iSam Pope of Thief River Falls was 
a I St. Hilaire visitor j last Saturday. 

i A nuinber of| young people -from St. 
Hilaire drove out to the Black River 
church Monday evening and attended 
the New "dear's wake held there. 

Hev. S. F. Sherboh of Thief River 
-Falls conducteji seryices in the local 
M_ E. church- last Sunday. ' " 

i The Misses j Sdma Hoff, Gertrude 
and Lucille Blaska and Messrs' Harold 
Holmes. Andy arid'Eddie Dahli motor- 
eii to Thief River Falls Friday even- 
ing and attended the aimual Alumni 
banquet ot theiThief River Falls high 

schooL 1 

! Mr. and Mrs. W.) P. Wflson enter- 
tained a number of young people at 
their borne Christmas night. 
' I Mr. and Mrs.; HenrjL Olson enter- 
tained Mr. and; Mrs J E. O. Buikee and 
little daughteria.t their home here on 
Christmas dayi ! ! . 
I Dwight Thurspn^ visiting at the 
home of his sister, Mrs.; C. A. Halvor- 
sen. ■ I 

Wendell Corbett- has been a- guest 
"it theR. A.'Allen!home the past 

j Oscar Gigstad entertained a number 
of St. Hilaire's young people at his 
home west of ;town[ Sunday .evening. 
TTie evening was spent in. music and 
games and a fine llinch, was served. 
AS. present enjoyed themselves im- 
mensely. ' : - . : " V - 
i A radio receiving'^ was preseiited 
to Miss Eva-.Jolms^n, by her_many 
friends in St. Hilaire Christmas day. 
i Hiss Nellie Folistad delightfully en- 
tertained, a nnmber'of her friends at 
her home Sunday ! evening." Those 
present Were' the Misses Helga and 
Amanda Ealland, Uabel and Ragna 

lobetg," SopBIa: aiid Arna Gonderson 
and Joseph&rBtansm, 

.Hr. iud lbs. K; EL Bedxi and fimii' 
ly.and Dr.and lln. Danii were en- 
tertained at the home jifUr. and-Uis. 
Biietspreckhef, Oirlstmas day. 

Howard Belden, -aSoh^ been yisit- 
ing Us raraitsin Si HDalie for iOie 
past mmiXa, left Friday afternoon for 
"Waokon, Icrns,- HHeti be has accepted 
a fine poaiUon as dmgderic in the 
city drug store.. 

- His. Danh, Hiss Ellmi Hitl Ur. and 
Iba. ~or Gunstad, Ur. "and Urs."A. F. 
Han and Usses Alice and GraceHaS 
were entertained at the N. E. Beebe 
home Friday.; 

Udvin ^erva, who :has recently 
competed, a course of jonmaUsm at 
the DnnwOody Institote at Ufameapo- 
Us, and has since then been -visiting 
his mother left Tuesday for Prince- 
ton, Ulnh. where he has accepted a 
portion as assistant editor on the 
Princeton Tliiion newspaper. 

Hr. and Urs. J. S. Boy entertabed. 
their children -and families "at their 

Tlie Lather League of the Swedish 
Lutheran cbnrch met at the home of 
Rev. and.Uis. A. F. Nelson Tuesday 

Miss Hazel Fricker visited her sis- 
ter, Mrs. "Vemer Nelson at Thief 
River Falls Tuesday. 

Leo -King, who has spent the Christ- 
mas holidays with his parents, Mr. 
and Mrs. John King, left for Mankato 
Tuesday, where he -win assume his 
regular work at the Mankato Bud- 
ness college. 

Jake Sieff returned from Warren 
Saturday night. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Fellman, Mr. 
and Mrs. Adolph Satterberg, arid 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Satterberg and 
Miss Mildred Fellman , 'autoed ont "to 
River Falls New "Years day and were 
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry -Bur- 
stad. I - 

Mr. and 'Mrs. Geo. Wilson came 
Monday; to visit at the homes of their 
parents. They spent Sunday in War- 
ren where they- visited with Mr. and 
Mrs. A- S. "Wilson. 

Mica Gretehen Glasgow, who has 
been visiting -wifb her sifter Mrs. 

Theodore' boehaime,' and La"V"aIIierei 
Doehiinn^r-Ieft for fled Lelke Falls. 
Honitiiy .mere they spent New Tears: 
day ai the ^omeofXiOiiis Ducharme. < 

Pani Roy spent New in'r 
-Warren, Minn.- visitihg his vi&^^'O;. 
is a ptitiei^ at.tb« Warren hoQntaL' i 
.lUasHattie Johnson was a Tliief J 
River 'IFaU^ business caller Uondar. ' 

Unj, 0, .Chmstad entertain^ a fewi 
friends at her home -TEuisday even-i 
ing.' i . , - .- . .-. ; 

Ur.; and [Urs. 7. S. Boy and family j 
were gnests at the Haugen Jiome Sun- i 
day., j - .]:-;- ■ '. 

IDss AUce Fdlman, Hiss Violet.; 
FeDman, Lte Champean and Joe Pmsei 
aotoed op Ifnm Red Lake Falls Son-i 
day and viated at the home of Ur.< 
and Urs. 6. J.Telbnan. 

A nnmb^ of young people from St. : 
Hilaire att^'ded the New Tears ball; 
at Thief Biver Falls Tuesday evsi-j 

"* ; . I 

h^ Soo Line 
One Cent 

nioif for each dollar or 

fr-iclion of your railroad 

faro you get a 



Cootl for the Trip - 
5ee the Ticket Agent 

_ i 

Here's a~Emt that Will please yotir hus- 
band and fainily — a b ;tter cup of coffee 
tomorrow morning for break&st. 


at your Grocers 

We Sell the 
Best In the Northwest 

The Prichaifd Go. 

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i. a. ABNESON 

• • Editor 
Associate E&*r 

Pnbliahed Br^'WednMdsj at 
Thief BiTa- Faju, . lUim. 

' Bnteied u second 'elaaa mst^r-4t the posteffief «t 
SUeit Hirer Falls, Miii£.,"tinder 4a Att at thrch 8,'18Tt. 

OSioial Newspaper of Citf of 
Pennington Coi 

Birer FaUa (and 



The need'Of getting a convenient division of time into 

days and years which correspond, with the movements 

oi the earth and sun, is jiot suffident explanation of! the 

New Year's festival. ' 

We seek contsantly a realization of completeness; of 

^ s beginning,- a middle and the end. Life which' 

formless; must have form given it. It must have its 

stopping places, where it relaxes by a fire and is genial. 

The New Year's festival is an inn whicli folks reach 

at the end of a long journey. They sit a while ahd-are 

merry. They take up their journey again. 

As a matter of convenience we call January 1st New 

Year, whereas a matter of fact every day is a New 

Year, whereas of existence about which we need to be 

' concerned,- for our lives do not ebb and flow like ocean 

tides nor change with the seasons. 

Life is a whole, and will be as perfect as we choose 
to make _it. i 

■ The more careful our preparation for taking up (the 
duty of living the more readily can \ye adapt ourselves 
to the ways of the world, and greater will be our use- 
fulness as well as our share of comfort and peace. ; 

Custom has designated New Years Day as a time;for 
starting owr again — as a day for beginning a new effort 
— a determination to rise above past weaknesses and fail- 
ures.. A long time ago Oliver Goldsmith said: "Our 
greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every 
time we fall." We are going to stumble and fall — 
as citizens,- as- states, and as nations mistakes will: be 
made. / 

The need of the hour is good citteenship— and diat 
does not mean following blindly ambitions and designing 
men with little sympathy in the perpetuation of repub- 
lican institutions men who have no particular interest 
in the general welfare of the people or the advancement 
of civilization and Christianity, except as it contributes 
to their personal-fpolitical. power or wealth. : 

If every man and woman could be made to feel and 
realize in every fibre of their tjeing that they are -in- 
dividual stockholders is this great co-operative govern- 
ment — that no man on earth has more right to his say- 
. so than ybu have, then, and not till then, will g6od 
dtizenship be fully recognized and ppre democracy riile. 
This is a fitting season to discard ^e mental attitude 
of self-depreciation asd demand the best there is in ^If 
and in the world. . i 

. May it be a Happy and Prosperous New Year to jail 
leaders and to all peoples, is the sincere wish of The 

with their grotesque cbstuines, ^d:dine mtkrtsifunding 
hilaiity, so';thf;pje^re Mdtfe-fljf -t^^ 
joynjents that;tna^;be,h'nWtes'sin'd^^ 
go to extremes "thatlmali a ■wrettihed start for a new 
twelvemonth. ■ ■ ' '. ■ :■!'■•• 

The philosophical -persbii-m^ well '^coinbine bbtfi 
points of view. His life is ooiersideil if,, tfie^e ii . jioV 
merry nfaking in it. New Vear's is an' appropriate- time 
for it. But also, he needs, like th6 'old' Eomansagaini 
to seek for some moments of seclusidta, when be ,t(>cr 
plucks from the sources of power" th(»e nwtives o( Wor- 
ship jand purpose that shall' hdp another year to bring 
him substantial results in die harvest of life, 


A: bulletin issued some years ago by the University 
of Wiscofsin's agricultural experiment station, giy^, the 
storj" o;f results secured by farmers' dubs. , A typical (jne 
was the Interstate Park Farmers' Club, of Polk county^ 
1 he achievements of this dub were thus.suiiHnarized; '■ 

"III like manner there has been improvement in ihe 
quality of the live stodc and the management of farm 
business. , Several live stock shipping assodations and 
othef organizations wholly or in part for the pu.-pose 
co-operation, have grows out of the dub agit^tion. 

All over the country organizations of farmers can 
found that have secured similar gains. 

Some folks^nay think, wheir farmers and other coun- 
try people meet in such a sodety, that's about all they 
get is a good time. But the notable raults reported 
by this organization, which could be matched in many 
others, suggrat that other positive benefits come. 

The old time farmer led a somewhat Solitary life 
whidi tempted him to get into mental asd industrial 
ruts.: But when they began to form these dubs, alid 
different men. told their various experiences, the eflfect' 
was tp stimulate others. The man who heard what some 
ueigl)bor had done, was encouraged to try and see 
he could do the same thing. 

The man working alone feels powcrle,«, but when 
associates himself with a group, he finds that that group 
is powerful if it will strive for certain ends for the ges- 
eral benefit. 


r it:^«btHfIKBttUiUNE^ I 

No Red flag for Wbite'Aiqse. 
Gmng George the Gate. ' '. 

Inside the CoOi^ - ■-'- '' 

)««*« andiWlUmrrWiighfe ; . '- 

- '' i i '' . -:> - . 7 ■■'' •■ c - 

The pobllc, jthanks td: Senator 
Borah, vSJI learn all about' that dread- 
fgl EosaiaJi eott^)li»cy to plant the 
red flag OB the 'White Honae. ' 

Already part of the horriblei ruth 
has leaked out. ;A secret service mail 
says that Bussian' Coinninnists, dis- a literary society; met In a 
haU to New York, 

Yon don't need to be told that, from 
such a' meeting, it is only -one step 
to ,'selzlng ^a nation oi one hundred 
and ten million and planting the 
bloody red flag on the White House. 
■.The people can never'be grateful 
enough td Secretary Hughes for pre- 
venting that. Paul Revere, in Ms 
ride; the igsntleman that carried the 
news from Ghent to Alx, or the Greek 
soldier who set the first Marathon rec- 
ord, iiiust make way for Charles 
Evans Hughes, who kept the red flag 
off, the roof of the 'White'HouBe. 

j WEDNBaPAT; jlMPAHY j, iWi; 

King George, of Greece, was noti- 
fied that Greece could do without him 
and was sent from the country, tak-, 
ing Ms Queen with hiin. .King George 
will not, . like Henry the Second - of 
England, exciaim, ".?hanie on a beaten 
King," turn his face to the wall and 
die. He will turn his face' toward 
Paris or Monte Carlo, excellent cook- 
ing and plenty of snoohs in both places 
and play King in safeftr. That's bet- 
ter thanbeingia real JKing anywhere 
outside of England now. '' 

The demapd fof &e reducbon of taxes is very «._ 
phatic,yet progressive 'dtiis miist keep adding improve- 
ments. If a dty is just satisfied lyith- the equipment 
that it has, its defects are likely -to lead people to avdid 
it. New concerns and residents hate^to mOve .into a 
place' that seems to have a habit of stagnation. 

But if a town, tries to improve its plant from year to 
year, with better streets, more parts asd playgrinincfe, 
etc., then that dty wins friends and people are likely ito 
move into it and start business there. I 

The.effect.of that is'to make more employment for 
the young people, so that not so many will have to move 
dsewhere. The folb who vvant to keep their sons and 
daughters at home, will accomplish sometHing to thlati 
end by payinrth'e taxes needful for a steady program kf 
betterment. , 

While that central sphere, 4,000 
miles in diameter, is probably made 
of iron, a great magnet, perhaps some 
beh'eve it -may Ije made largely of 
gold, platinum, or both. "tTiose heavi 
est' metals would work downward to- 
ward the -center. | 'WJiat desperate ef- 
forts would m^e to dig down to that 
ientralicore, if they could be sure that 

UNNECESSARY. PUNISHMENT ': ' . &1S? <^g"t ^fti^nS.%'^^ 
Une of the most cruel things possible is to put a metat ■^9"'^ ^^y- using! the sun's power to 
bit in a horse's mouth when it is so cold that the horse's U^' ''"J by -that time gold will no 
mouth frewi^! to tb. bi-i- •«*,„.> ^ u-i:.uui.-.c» Jingcr be money, and money will no 

moutn rreezes to thebit. Many patrons are almost linger, be , so important 
as cruel-to their mail earners during the winter n,nntti= k\ " '- 

They do ont mean to be cruel- 

' months,' 
-it has simply not oc^' 


Minnesota can go ahead with its extensive road- 
building program with - good assurance that its. oym 
mosey will be supplemented with funds from' the 'iia- 
Hional treasury'. President Coolidge is a good-advoca'te, 
and he believes the Federal government pi»perly ha^ a 
part in the development of them. ' ' , 

The President does not deenj that he is inconsistent 
in making governmental economy and tax reduction hii 
most important single plea, and at the same time pro^ 
posing government aid in road building. It is his con- 
viction — and the conviction is shared by all straight- 
thinking citizens — ^^that the money spent wisely for ;dad 
construction comes quickly back to the public in general 

Partnership betiveen the Federal government and the 
several state governments is an excellent thing for several 
reasons. In the first place, it helps to crystallize in the, 
public mind the thought that good roads are a ,matter 
of national concern. Secondly, the partnership brings 
about an articulation of improved highways in an inter- 
state way that' would not be accomplished in the saine 
degree in any other vfay. Thirdly, the partnership gives 
the best possible assurance that the money will be wisely, 
spent, that a maximum of good will result from each 
dollar used, and that temptation to local favorism -will 
he reduced to a minimum. 

Good roads are indispensable in a motor car age and 
country like ours. Sdf-propelling vehicles have very 
greatly jrfBadened the radius of highway travel. Peo^e 
from state tb. state now as they used td go from town- 
ship to tftwjishlp, or from county to county. ' 

Congress is not likely to interfere seriously with what 

President Coolidge iias proposed in the budget for rqad 

purposes. That policy would not be popular out over 

the country, certainly not popular in Minnesota and thi 

; Northwest. — Minneaiiolis -Tribune. ' 

curred to them^at waj^. No carrier can remove loose ■•"»? he worth' $700 a pound. TJat 
pennies from the mail box without removing his gloves- SJI''\°''-l'1?- "''"'' """'"'' "' -"— 

vo"urtifirie?.b-"' '■ f' 'f *" T/^^^ J"y ""^ ?^*l^d^trt :a monopoly V the 
your mail carrier this winter and stamp all letters before' ^precious substahce here for a while, 
leaving them m the mail box. The carrier has plenty 
of stamps to sell, and if he does not have as many ^ yoii 
call for he will- bring you the required amount the fol' 
l«ving day. ,- ■ , 

Things are better than they were, 
even for kings.: In Cromwell's and 
Danton's day thdr heads were cut off. 
The Greek King goes away, -with a 
pension of $28,000 a year for life, 
$18,000 cash being paid on his leaving. 
The Greeks will Jiave to pick and dry 
many currants to pay for that 

The earth has; a hard core, like a 
baseball, or a golf ball. ,It is a gi- 
gantic sphere; bearing a pressure of 
2^M0 pounds to: the square inch, ac- 
cording to reports made to the Wash- 
^gtoh Academy {of Sdences. '"-'■ 

y1»ieJ)onus..biJ}4s baick In.congress. 
-QaW.^feanpgLto.bB taxe-J, tellB.yau 
i^'hi«??Bito.. its eyes, .'.'It wiU cost 
saven^ .million dollars"iie]fi:.year' if 
yon' give the soldiers -their: bonus.'? . 
'AnoUier' year, of ..war would have 
"?f tUs^eoTOtry ]?IiTY THOUSAND. 
:MILLION DOLLAEa The.meh that 
>vent across,- lost their Jobs /and 
wawied the prosperous people profit^ 
eering preventei.that ..,.,, , 

The- goveriuaeafraiiroail in Alaska 
ends at Nevada. jFrSh that point 
malls to' Fairbanks are.drawn by dogs 
taking- twenty d^ys. Now the dogs 
wHI get a Tested the^letters will go 
flying. In four hours. Thaf a progress. 

Hoses -with his friends wandered 
aronnd the desert forty years, Start- 
mg after * comfortable breakfast 
flying - machines would have taken 
them to the Land of Promise to time 
for luncheon. 

Soses surely is interested to 'Wil- 
bur Wright who helped his brother 
tovent the fiytog machtoe and is now 
to heaven. 


Platinum, indre valuable than gold; 

It is generally believed diat we are too much governed 
at the present time. That we are inspected too much; 
supervised'.too offten, meddled with in everything wfr 

iin,l»rtol,» !,„ . 1, • L -.wj.^.....6 „o-=.n IS now Deiievea tnat radium in 

undertake by some shrimp who comes.around under thepthe sun accounts for the endurinc 

auspices of the government Is it necessary to have all- 

this nosing around? Are people less to be trusted than 

they were a decade ago? Has the vast increase in tile- 

burden of taxation on account of this 'army of govern-. 

ment and state employses been compensated for in the 

way of better public srvice? We doubt it most 

phatically. / 

Here is some free advice to the patriots who 
worrying over tlie prospective success of the Farmer-, 
Labor party in Minnesota: Get busy on a tax reducing 
program; eliminating all unnecessary public expenditures 
m township, county and State. I 

p'ower of that star,, sending out ligfit 
and heat through! hundreds of millions 
of yearsj -with a'^cevtainty of lasting 
hundreds of millions of years more. 
!We had plenty of radium here, once, 
if it be true that lead is radium that 
has lost its power. If the stars are 
fountains !of radio-active power, do 
they grow quiet like our earth and be- 
.come planets of: some bigger sun 
when their radio active energy dies? 

It is said that fifteen millioiipeople have died in 
Europe as a result of starvationir war since 1914. 
Thank God that yqu live in' die greatest country on 
earth. , . : 

Whatever be the merits of the debate,oh the bomis 
question, it is to be hoped that.war profiteers -will keep 
quiet as a matter of good taste. j , 

Knowing that it won't have aiiy effect onythe general 
public anyhow, The Tribune hereby advises its readers 
to do their Christmas shopping early. 

A Minneapolis rnan bit off his wife's ear tlje othe 
day. And yet we send missionaries to reform the can- 
nibals of Africa. 

The men have no doubt of the value of women's so^ 
cieties when they serve one of their glorious suppers. 

a lot of fools have passed 


Peoples whose bones dissolved into dust centuries 
ago, used to celebrate New Year's day with the same- 
enthusiasm that is seen in crowded city streets akd 
places of entertainment to-day. - ! ' I 

Back 747 years before Christ, the old Remaps uied 
to out into the woods-consecrated to Strenia, the god- 
dess of strength; and cut off branches and give themjto 
their King Tatius, thus expressing a wish that the poWer 
of the gods might descend on him. New 'Year's presents 
are said to have originated from this custom. _^ | 

During these early days, the idea started of mab'iig 
New Year's a day of festivity, and the hew period 'of 
tune was introduced by exchanging visits, masquerading 
and feasting. ""V q J 

Thus two streams oftendency are seen to maric this 
popular holiday. One type of people look on it seriously. 
As the old Romans went into the woodland haunts of 
the goddess to pick the branches supposed to bring 
strength, so thoughtful people today, gather in watch 
night services, or they make resolutions for the coming 

'"''• . , „ i I """^ bave to wait a long rime for their pay, but thisi 

And as the old Romans used to parade the streetsj would seem tq-be a-record.—Anota Herald. 

Since moonshine came i 

Sometimes it is most discouraging tbj. think of the 
number^of folks who have no ambition beyond their 
own selfish^ds. 'When they, throw 'a oust on the 
waters they expect a whole bakery to return, — Lakefield 
Standard. ■- ^ . . - \ 

AjSt Paul man aged 70 years collected $2,112 due' 
him in wages since 1876. Country newspapers some- 
i__ r *!.—•_ I. 1 . .!--• 

But ereat deposits ' of radium-yield- 
tog pitch blende. found in the Belgian 
,Congo have iupset the market and the 
price ' dropped to about thirty-fiv? 
WUion dollars a pound. A short time 
ago it was thought i^rerejyas not 
-more than half 'an -ounce in all, the 
.World. i 

'It is now believed that radium in 

The golden lid of Tutankhamen's 
magnificent coffin has been raised, 
shoiymg glorious: decorations in blue 
and gold,' -tWth plenty, of . space:.-for 
an- extra corpse or two. There are 
still, one or; two : doors of the coffin 
to be opened.. Then will be found the 
^remains of the creature who once 
ruled all Egypt, now a dried mass of 
skto and bone, ' preserved to prove 
three thousand years -later, that no- 
^hmg matters except ■ what you do 
while you are still edive. 

^ Parbst Describes West 

The Tribune: ^ 

As I have plenty of tim_e I will 
write and tell you about our trip "out 
here, as we now 1 have reached^ tos 
Angeles. Svenke Dahl, Henry Hoard 
and my family were together until 
we reached Seattle, Wash., when they 
left us and contmued soutii, while we 
stopped and visited friends around 
there for a while. \' \ 

We did not drive very fast as we 
wanted to see the country; and as we 
were pretty well fixed up for eamptag 
we were in a position to! enjoy our- 
selves thoroughly as we Icould stop 
whenever we wanted to.- !In the west- 
ern part of North Dakota faid eastern 
Montana the country was rou^ and 
hilly. At Beach, N. D.; we paid Z% 
cents per gallon for gasoUne; which 
was the highest price of anywhere 
during the -trip. -We spent a few days 
at Miles City, which is mostly a cattle 
country. Around Billmgs, Mont a lot 
of sugax beets, are raised, and thev 
surely have a convenient, way of ban- 
dlmg them. Regular' beet racks and 
unloadtog platforms are used, which 
you should also have to Thief River 
FaUs. At Whitehall, Mont, we hit 
the real mountains.. All of us thought 
the journey through this part was' the 
most enjoyable of the whole trip. 

From Spokane we went to Walla 
Walla and then up through the Yoki- 
ma valley, to Seattle. Apples' were 
justbemg harvested at the time and 
the farmers . had signs up, "Fancy 
Jonathans, 26c Per Box." There was 
no sale for them at all. The farmers 
certainly have their troubles out here, 
as they cannot get a square deal; - - 

We stayed around Seattle .and En- 
umclaw for a week visittog old- 
friends, then continued south: We 
called on S. Rogers on the. way to 
Portland. He' surely was glad to sec 
us. We also saw the Bordens, who 
all have ftoe places and seem satisfied 
with,the .West At Portland we'drqi* 
east on the Columiba'riveir.liighway;'^ 
t^le. DaIles..-.;That siirely is; a beautiful 
driveway, arid ''anyone eomtog.' out 
here should not fail to plan theirHrip 
to :,cover this part of the country. It 
is said that this is some of the very 
best, scenery in the United . States. 
There «re tunnels, waterfalls; etc., all 
along the way, Multnomah falls betog 
the highestr-«20 feet 

Frotii. Seattle to Los Angeles the 
roads are paved nearly all the way 
which made a fine drive. • Oregon was 
a pretty state to travel through^ — fine 
road^ and many pretty placesr- Salem, 
Ore., was the prettiest town we passed 
through on the whole trip. 

Northern California iscovered with 

,and^«veei; to.Btait.back-to the raitj^T 
:as so<^*aa. the 'roads open 'up. ' l^ika^ 
ISleased ld';iiiake!U[e tiip,'ha;#ev|<vtSB:f, 
[We found, good roada and g(ia<£»»atfi'-'l - 
er, aiid ioimd-Jiiach'ehjo'ynieht aiLtfae • 
[•ways-'-' "n; ' ■■'■;■ ' Jvi' V^i^- 

:- WeHJauwioBtoldfrteiaa:"! ^s^ 
-. Yoiir friend, .. ;-- i.-. 

122^ E 69th Placft .!': 
,.: . . :-Los Ang elw, Cat , . 

Cotiniry Croihg ta^Oaii^ii.-'^r, 
Will the glooniy ones who have coSt 
demned this country to ;the .demniti&ii ' 
bow-wows please east tiidir 'opti» ' 
over the Holt creamery statement JCor 
October? Not such a wonderful staS4- 
ment tobe true; 'hot it demonstrates '' 
iwhat cow^ arid stiektog to the~fimn-' 
ers co-operative i:reamery can do'fof ' 
a community. Here is a list of latm- 
era who grabbed o^ more than-jaOft 
ior ereain during the month and what 
these cow milkers! have accomplisKeil 
others can do: . 

C. A. Davis ^^ \..:^ $324.8? 

H. O. Halvorson 
T. O..Dovre.......... 

John Hoist '. 

Wm. Mehrkens 
Peter Appel ._... 

F. D. Vttth ;.. 

M. J. Lunke... 
C. B. Smith... 

. 187.68 
, 171.21 
. 168.60 
, 162.27 ; 
, 149.8S 
, 138.84 

And. Amevik 130.74 , 

Mrs. C. Elefson....: .; 127.68 

J. M. Swan...... 123.6* 

119.B8 ■ 

Henry Wegge ..... i.^ 109.87 

John Engstrorii _._i_ .t 102.67 

Swan Carlson . 
Aug. Hoffman . 

Theo. Sorum „ _. 

A. L. Sagstuen.! 

Carl Olson . 

!C. J. Sorenson.... ,.u 

C. F.-Lmdholm.. 

■, iiM t H t MMM t MMM »» fM 

mountains and' is very" rough. The 
,- roads follow the rivers most of the 
way through the mountains. Through 
central California, a more level coun- 
try, considerable .'rice and fruit is 
raised. From Oakland we followed 
the co'ast route to Los Angeles, passed 
through California Redwood Reserve, 
and saw some large trees.. Southern 
California is nothtog but a desert and 
when the wind blows hard, the sand 
drifts just like snow. Nothing grows 
here without irrigation, but it is won- 
derful what can "he grown here to this 
way. The main . crops are garden 
truck and fruits such as lemons, olives, 
oranges, grapes and citrons. 

Los 'Angeles surely is a busy place. 
It seems as -though everyone who goes 
West comes here. .There are. quite a 
few from Thief River Falls here now 
and most of them are going back to 
Htonesota, I hear that yon have had 
some real weather back there, so we 
fellows who came out here did not 
get. very much the best of you. 
We are settled now for the wfater 

We Sell Ice 

' ' ■ i , 

: ■ . , I ' . - ■ . .- 

j Li Carload Lots 

' Write for lowest prices. , 

iM M U M M U U U H H H H H ♦ MM t H M M ♦ ♦ M M M ' 


• Thief River Falls, Minn. 


For Sale 

$1.00 per Load 

Red Lake Ice Co. 



Albert Anderson 





City Dray & Transfer. 
T)ie office of this company, 
formerly tiie City Dray & Fuel 
(ioni^any; has b'6eri ' irioved !^ 
to the Harlow buildtog, 106 La- 
Bree Ave-.N. Phone 176. Call 
us for prompt service. We aim " 
to please -the public. 





G. A. Fallness 

Foot Correction Specialist 

Slaker of Featherweight Arch 
Supports to Individual 
(Process Patented;)' . 
Tired, achtog feet relieved in- 
stantly. Ingrowing nails; and 
bunions -treated. Corns !, and 
warts removed, .::..-;-; .. 

Patoless Treatment 
Phone 628-W.- Citizens Bk. B}dg. 


■All kinds of used tires 
for sale at a real bar- 
g^. :M. sizes from 
30x3 to 37x5. 

Andrew Ness 

j ♦ ♦ ■ > M 1 1 » n ♦ U U » ) > M-H-f^ 

I Double the Life;: 
of Your Shoes | 

I manufacture and 'have for sale 
a preparationlmown as 

Stokke's' Waterproof 


This preparation is guaranteed 
to double the life of ordtoary 
-leather if applied . acc'ordtog to 
directions. Made to different 
shades to match different lea- 
thers. Try a package and be 

Ed.Stokke I 

-Thief Elver 

'a, Minn. 

t U t HM i n i M I MMMUM 



■ L.--". I ' 'C. - 


1 ■ 




i ■ 



For Mr. P4wlBfr.'?'^j .^. . 
George Uo^e w(^'Iio8|Hii|f a''n<: 

■Why woriy". aBont the new year 
md forget the old one. 
■ «•♦, 
■ For "ViTiiii ■ Kobarge. 
Miss Evangeline Roharge, I'.aughter 
ot Mr. and Mis. Victor Kobaige, 7ia 
Horace avenue north, entertamed a 
group of frieiida last Friday eyemng 
fc compliment to her cousin, Miss 
Vivian Eobarge, of Buffalo, Minn, 
who is her guest Flinch and musie 
were enjoyed and at nine o'clock a 
■'dainty lunch was served. Those pres- 
et were: Vivian Bobarge, guest of 
honor; Lucille Larson, Kattenne 
Mellby, Harriet Mattison, Peggy 
Shaw, Grace and Bobby Eobarge. 
For Dinner. 
Mr. andMrs. C. E. Carlson enters 
taincd a group of friends and rela- 
tives at a sumptuous dinner Sunday 
December 23rd, served at six o'clock. 
The evening hours were" spent at 
music and games. Those present were 
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Kobarge and 
children, Evangeline, Grace, Dorothy 
and Robert, Mr. ancl Mrs. M. E. Carl- 
son and son Glen, Mr. and Mrs. John 
Carlson and son Herman, Mr. and Mis. 
Carl Sermo, Mrs. Elea Carlson and 
Selma Carlson of Holt, 0/ W. Carl- 
son and Miss Lauft. 

Dinner Party. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Weeks enter- 
tained last Thursday evening at a sev- 
en o'clock dinner party at their home. 
Places were arranged for eight 
Those present were Miss Doris Hal- 
vorson, Miss Dorothy Bottelson, Miss 
Marv Prichard, L. C. Pope, R. Sten- 
hoff," Roy Brown, Rev. M. G. Weeks, 
of Webster, Wis-; and R. 0. Stovick 
of Albert Lea. 

For Christmas Dinner. 

Mr. and Mjs. Nels Berggren, 
State avenue, delightfully .entertained 
at a one o'clock dinner Christmas Day. 
Those present were: Mr^ and Mrs. 
Morris LaSalle and children, Mr. and 
Mrs, John Bugge of Numedal and 
Mrs. Earl Develing and daughters. 
Fern and Mary. ! 


Warners Entertain. 
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Warner, 516 
Riverside avenue, were delightful 
hosts at a three o'clock dinner Christ- 
mas Day. The list included Mr. and 
Mrs. Charles Warner, Mrs. Lucy tires 
of Grand Forks and her daughter. 
Miss Kathlyn Utes of Grand Forks 
and Leo Lasha of Red Lake Falls. 

For Mrs. Fi^ Johnson. 
Mrs. C. Ifl Carison, 1009 LaBree 
avenue north, entertained^ few lady 
friends last Saturday afternoon in 
compliment to her guest, Mrs. FfCd 
Johnson of Minneapolis, formerly of 
this city. Smas appointments were 
carried thrughout the rooms. The 
afternoon "was spent socially and at 
the close of the hours a delicious two 
course lunch was served. Covers were 
laid for ten ladies. 

"Why worry" about your new reso- 
lutions. You won't keep them , any- 


Surprise Party. 
Mr.>and, Mrs. Peter Thune, resid- 
ing irear Hazel, were guests .of -honor 
at their home ." last , Sunday when a 
number of their friends gathered at 
their home in the form of a surprise, 
party. The afternoon was spent so- 
cially and at the close of the hours 
a delicious lunch was served. As a 
token of love and esteem and in re- 
membrance of the occasion, Mr. and 
Mrs. Peter Thune were presented with 
■ a rocker and a neat purse from those 
present. Therguests were: Mr. and 
Mrs. Ole Thune and children, Mr. 
and Mrs. Henry Snetting and child- 
ren, Mr. and Mrs. John Kval, Mr. and 
Mrs. T. B: Stene, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. 
Ho!?enson, Mr; and Mrs. Carl Alberg, 
Mesdames Emil Thune, Martin Loken, 
Kvenlog, John Nelson, Ole Odegaard, 
Halvor Viken. Ole Torkelson, Olaf 
Snetting, Misses Helen Viken, Ruth 
Torkelson and August Thune,v.Anton 
Torkelson, MeUin .Torkelson, Martin 
Viken, Clarance Ameson, Johnnie 
Nelson, Hjalmer Valsvick and' Ivor 


Miss Dudley Entertains. 
Miss Merrita Dudley is this evening 
a delightful 'hostess to a group of 
her friends at her home. The eveu- 
. ing will be spent at games and music 
and lunch will be served by the Tiost- 
ess at ten o'clock. The invited guests 
are: Misses Gladys Larson, Bemice 
Hoppa, Helen Mousley, Audrey Kline 
and Bernard Liemers, Elmer Helgo- 
land, Morris Ralston, Dennis' Rolland 
and Leon Joimson. 

Sleighride Party.* 
Miss Harriet Mattison, daughter of 
■M. A. Mattison is this evening hostess 
at a sleighride. "party to fifteen of her 
friends in compliment to Miss Vivian 
Robarge of Buffalo, Miim., who is a 
guest at the V. F. Boba'rge home. 
-After an hour's ride arotmd the dty, 
the party will be entertained at the 
home of the hostess in the Dobner- 
Meehan block. Lunch will be served 
by Miss Harriet assisted by her 
mother, Mrs. M. A. MattisoiL The in- 
vited guests are: Vivian Robarge, 
guest of honor; Evangeline and Grace 
Eobarge, Peggy Shaw, Lucy Nason, 
Lucille Larson, Katherine Melby, 
Marguerite Johnson, Margaret Barzen, 
■ Margaret Bjorkman, Mildred and 
Francis Knutson. They will be chap- 
eroned by Miss Clara Anderson. 

-Ed. Fiterman Entertains. 
Last evening, Edward Fiterman en- 
tertained a group, of fnends at his 

; home in the form of a dancing party. 
At midnight an elaborate lunch was 
»erved by the host to the following 
^ests: Misses Dorothy Holm, Alma 
ThUne, Carolme Melby, Doris Richter, 
Louise Ericl&on,' Ethel Erickson and 
Preng Bjomaraa, Harold -Nelson, 
Clarence Knutson, Edward Fiterman 

-mxi B. H. Dickey. 

U. Siasa'ot Uinp^ipoUs; {Those 
prettnt were Stanl^ W. Fimlefi Royi 
Bernard, Ernest, ana"Uttth 
and Norbert Holdciiedit. 

. ■ ■-■ < ■ - -■ *t»'.f'' ' ■■ 
i Andeiaon-Ei^dboB. 

The marriage of Wis Ella -Anderson 
of 'ViUiig,' daughter! of Ur. and ICrs. 
Frank Anderson and Albert Erickson, 
son of Ur. and Un. Ed. Erickson, at 
503 St Paul avenue south, took place 
at Warren Wednesday evenipg, Dec. 
26, at the Swedish Mission paisonage, 
with Rev. Clemens oiffidatms iin .the 
presence of a sister.i and hiotber of 
the bride. Hiss Vivian Anderson and 
Cail Anderson. ( . 

Both contracting parties are well 
and favorably knowii, the bri^e. hav- 
ing been employed in this dty for a 
number; of years. The groom has 
made this city his home practically 
ail his life and is a'graduateiof the 
ileal high school. Mr. Erickcon is 
at present employed as bookkeeper at 
the Northwestern Telephonbj com- 
pan's' office. i ' 

Mr. and Mrs. Enckson will make 
their home at 212 Atlantic avenue. 
A host of friends extend congratula- 
tions and best wishes for a long and 
happy wedded life. ■ 1 

; •••[ : 

New Year's Party, i 
A New Year's party was pven by 
Miss_Martha Laft and O. WJCarlson, 
at his home New Year's Eve. -The 
rooms were beautifully decorated iii 

lBi#|fg^-]Mri:t6, .Hts.:&.; 
l^g^dsD ifiJm-i SUeWi, 
J ffdJuiyniM Ida Jdhssoa : - 
ivarAa^cHaei'-iiii Utni'6. 

^Ini BadndeUi W TSxxifs.rvaia-] 
die* iiu%' of Khoda, wa»>' bnsiiiess 
Mimit in this ' ndgUniJibod Tunday 

Beveiw for 1923 SldWS ^: JVafe de eomty itatltoT^e^^ 

Good Progire^ 


Good roads doUan stntehed wia 
pat. promptly on the ioads'to' g|v«i-)tbe.. 
users e^Uer benefits, iiiip.rovenients- 
on Hiimesdta iriink highways dining 
the piast year just ended indnded-'SO. 
bridges, 325 miles of hew grading^ 42' 
of paving, 170 miles of new and 200 
miles .of le-graveling.' Iliese earned 
lasting benefits in addition to' tbo9e 
fromNnaintenance operations on the. 
entire 7,000-mile system. 

The paragraph sums up 4923 w>- 
gress as shown in advance sheets miin 
the annual report by Charles M. Bi 
cock, state .hi^way .commission 
"Too little "money being invested in 
permanent " work — too mudi ■ _ 
spent for mending and patching,** ^was 
the coinmisstoner's comment in brief. 

The statement shows that $3j000,000 
was used for upkeep in 19M; that 
$2,500,000 went into the sinking fond 
for county reimbursement bond pay- 
ments; that $100,000 of admihlstra- 
tioh expenses, also right-of-way pgr-^ 
chases, equipment and ;other-:items 
took $625,000, and that a round total 

Christmas decorations. At 6 o'clock) of $5,000,000 was. put mto'new eta- 
a four course dinner; was setyed. The sfruction— last wo^ Receipts for 
evening was spent in cards and music the year were $7,275,000 of motor 

At midnight the Christmas tree was 
lit and a dainty liinch was : served. 
The guests were: .Mr. and Mrs. V. F. 
Robarge and family; Mr. arid Mrs. 
A. A. Haugen and family. Mis; Claude 
Cassady and son Melford' Claude of 
Minneapolis, Mr. and Mrsj C. E. Carl- 
son and family, Mr, and Mr^. Johh 
Carlson, Kathrine Melby audi 'Vivian 
Robarge of Buffalo,! Minn. : 

Entertain For Gnest: \ 
Last -Monday evening. Miss Ro- 
barge of Buffalo, who is a guest this 
week a(t the V. F. Robarge home, was 
guest of honor at ailittle party given 
in her honor. Various games wertf en- 
joyed and at ten o'dock lunch was 
served! by Evangeliiie who was assist- 
ed by Katherin Mellby. Those pres- 
ent were: 'Vivian Robarge, -guest of 
honor;- Lucille Larson, Lucy \ Nason, 
Mildred Knutson, Francis Knutson, 
Katherine Mellby, Peggy Shaw, Mar- 
garet BJ9rkman, Ruby Me, Grace and 
EvangeUne Rohargeiand Harriet Mat- 
tison. ■ ! ■ I 

vehide taxes, $1850,000 of federal aid 
and $2i500,000 from county reimburse- 
ment .bonds. Although- the. trunk 
routes serve 80 per cent of highway 
users, the $11,625,000 total was only 
a little more than haU the amount 
raised for local load and bridge pur- 
{ioses by counties and townships. .- . 
' The report sheets contain a map on 
which are located all improvements 
made thus &r' under. the Babcock 
plan. This disdoses that, needs and 
traffic conditions considered, work has" 
ben vridely spread to sH parts of Min. 


South East Star 

L. H. McMillan was a-busiiiess vis- 
itor here Wednesday accompmiied by 
his daughter, Rowena. . / j 

Revl. Day&port |left for Stephen 
ThursSay.,, , ! . 

. Misses. Glad^ Johnson anil Ellen 
Scramstad went .to Thief. Eivei.Ealls 
Thursdayand returned Fridayi 

Mrs. -A. B. Isaacson went io- Thief 
River Falls Thursday and returned 
Saturday. ,- ' I ' 

Joseph Salnice returned to his home 
at Superior after .visiting here a few 
days. ! ' I - ■ - 

Eunice Hjertos returned to Stephen 
with McMillans foif a short msit. . 

Auni and Aadla Lanlay went to 
Thief River Falls Thursday jand re- 
turned Friday. .1 j 

E. S. McMann went to Graiid Forks 
Thursday for a few days' visit. 

Sigrud Sgangerud ot Badger, and 
Ruth Spangerud ot Strathcona, came 
here Thursday to visit Mrs. A; Albert- 

Mrs. Geo. Covart left for Minne- 
apolis Friday where she will visit 
Mrs. Geo. Covart, Sr. 'Frota there 
she will go to St Paul on bnsinesa. 

Mrs. Gena Anderson left Friday 
for Bamesville where she wiUbe em- 
ployed. 3 i - , 
Jack Greines returned 'to Moorheaa 
Friday after a few days.' jisit with 
the tialls. 1 I ■ 

Elmer Sollom weht to Thief River 
Falls Friday on business and|retumed 
Saturday. t : , 

A. Ellingson went to Granu Forks 
Friday on a business trip, i 

Knuf Haugen vras a Thief River, 
Falls business visitor Friday. 

Misses Mdvina and Lydia Kesue re- 
turned to Warren Saturday after vis- 
iting here during the holidays. 

J&s. Furlong left for here home in 
Havre, Mont Saturday after spend- 
ing a few days with her parents, Mr, 
and Mrs. B. O. Sather. . : ; 

Mr. and Mrs. Yngve have just in- 
stalled a radio in their home.! 

Qn December 27i occurred the death 
oT Hilda Wallen at the Warren hos- 
pital. She was a daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. P. Wallen aiid a sister of Mrs. 
H. Young. Her funeral was hdd in 
the Lutheran church Eev. A; E. Han- 
son offidating. She was hurried in 
the Luflieian cemetery^ 

.;. (Too late for last.week.) ,. 

Adalph Jerde arid Peter JacobsoA 
of Thief River Falls, accompanied by 
Mr. Joide of -Mekinodc,~N. D., were 
visitors at the home of Mr. and'lbs* 
Ludvig Johnson Tuesday. - 

O.le Johnsrud .was a caller at tEe 
T. Hovet home Stmday afternoon. ' ' 

. -AlWt and Glennie Iversori called 
on their unde Hilmer, Saturday. 

There wiTJ be a-dehata-at the Hal-, 
vorson ' school hoiise near Neptune 
Friday evening, the 28th. The topics 
for discussion this time are: "Resolvr- 
ed, that agerits have done more <^irii- 
age to t«e farmers than grasshopr; 
pcrs." ... 

Mr. and Mrs. Olof 0. Omlid were 
pleasant, callers at the H. A. Dahlen 
home Saturday ■morning., -..;-. ; ^ ' 

Ludvig -9ohnson and' John Baner 
were gi^tts at H. C. Iversons" Suitr 
day evening.'. " q .;-^' . -*. 

Sheriff nile:Was a caller ip: this vi- 
cini^ last. Monday on official busi- 
ness. ■ - -. ' ■- ' " .. ; ' ,. , 

_ to' diverse btolnesst matten. 
A ttw of aie eldeir S-'B-JStar set- 
tlo^gMiered at the S. Jwo^on home 
Sbnd£^ evenings Tlis object uf the 
UtOe mett was to artange-m a series 
pi IprayeT- meetings' to, be| held at 
veeuy Intervals : dtning winter 
raMOa. - ' I 

9]iaiald- Tharaldsbn wasj a pleas- 
ant caller at Sub TTtban's one evening; 
last'-wedc. -The boys :in^dlged the 
whSein a "canned nMsie conceit." - 

TTie- «Star nay press* Isl scheduled 
.to istatt operations south as thf Clfar- 
■vaei river li^it after New Years. 
From there it isplarined| to work 
northwards through Hickory, Star and 
R&ier townships. / 

Mrs. Meranda Eoisland/iecently had 
thjD misfortune; of dropiling a b{g 
block of wood! on her/ right . hand 
bruising three firigers^qulte badly. 

Sub Urban has nidmamed his 4nE>^ 
vnSter "Mogul,", and his phonograph, 
"The Bdr-^ctor." 

Mr, and Mis. Gilmbre Tharaldson 
weieiihe guests of. Mr. and Mrs. Gust 
ijTverson Wednesday evening. . y \ 
The Christinas tree cdebration in 
Dlst. No. -14 was given Friday after- 
tolon of last week. Our teacher. Miss 
Marie Poston, is to be. congratulated 
ori -tiie fine, program rendered, by the 
pupils under her direction. . - ^ 

[Andrew Nelson of Highlanding was. 
c^ling in thisj vicinity and attending 
to| business-nisittersi Wednesday. 

jTharald Tharaldson traded off his 
wrecked Ford I to Ojiver Tommerdahl. 
foir two dioiceieows., 

Hiss Uaiie Fost«i left for her home 
iri Thief River Falls Friday ta spend 
the holiday vacation, _-Hiss. Gladys 
Johnson accompanied Hiss Posten, en- 
routci and will visit with her grand- 
parents} Ur. and Urs. Bemt Johnson, 
pendirig resmriptiori .of school- duties 
again.' .- . ■ . j \ ■ 

j G. A. iverson was a Goodridge busi- 
ness visitor Wednesday. 

n--.. "Bah for Badger. -- 
M number of Badger high school 
b{>ys intensdy interested in basket 
^^U were ■determined to see the game 
■Wanoad Friday night, so when the 
ight came along they took passage 
an emp^ Icoal j car. They accnmr 
.ted a lot {of grime and dirt and 
ten they appeared at tiie 'gymnasium 
id gave one of j their school yells, 
.Te are 'wildj we are wooly, the worst 
[ou ever s*v. Badger ffigh School! 
! Eahl Eahl",' they created quite 

Not peing oreriy 
1y,eash uwy sopi. 
,iqld Blept on the depot 
mpkarid-defertfid eat-., 
ini; -birJittfiat^^^Sl ';thv: got- back 
hotae. But- they" J»w*Jiappy^or.tJi^ 
team, hid i.iiron.-HwdgeT.^ !^n>ia. 
Bustler. -■.,-.' ',-. -;;-' ,- 

. A eoIoM'pin^^diacin Al a mam, bad 
atHtiia time served & duMi^sentenee 
and 'wa» ieaifiil 1^ h^ eoagftfatian 
dlscovaied tiie tt^as in Us later 

fa».iikd be^a iBddid'itMbde. . 

OSr^ii^f, lisfag &ri>egbi bis lee- 
monrbiaiheait 8<Mk; to see a fanner; 
cdlinate-sftting-in ^e front .row^ 
Quick thiiddng was- aeeeassty. Stc-; 
ing.bis £ye gii the ^welcome goe^ 
the .'pnadter.anriairaced Isolemnly: 
"Ab'-Ltake: nab text dis'-mo'nin from, 
da iibdy-foib Cbiptah' and fo* bon- 
Stfi: vdi«rof;de Bo<* of Job, i^ii* 
sayst^Demassees.aitd.Mws.m^ and 
say potWn' dem iffll Ab.aeejater,*^ 

"Ex.'p' --' ""■ : .. ■~'.,". ■-" : '. 

The Neptune Ladie^ ^.jS<jg#i 

meetrat the N. P. Laison honie-lDBiC^ 

Biiths of very recent -date:. IMrs. 



;.}{}'iii'.iiii{r.ini]ii i {i.imuiuvuwmuu 

OiriBtiali Sdence.; 
Services are held each Suiiday fore- 
noon at 11 o'clock at the church on 
First street and LaBree avenue. Sub- 
ject Sunday, Jan. 6, 1924, "God." Sun- 
day school at 10 o'clock. Wednesday 
evening at 7:45. The public is cordiaL 
ly invited to these meetings.! 

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Hli * i M t ♦ 1 1 ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ M ♦ H M H > ♦ _ ! 






Local Agent for 



Mave-Vigori and 

Uterine ToiAe 

I I 

One block jwest of j J. C. 
Penney Stores 



— because the earth has ab7 
soibed a supply of heat from, 
the -sun. 'nie farther "one' 
g6ea away from this heat, the 
colder, the air becomes. How- 
balmy the feeling of 

. Glycerin and Rose 

when icy winds bite into the 
akin;and leave it diapped and . 
sorel . - . 

' Puretest tflycerin and Bose 
.Water is not only -wondeifal- . 
ly soothing, on chapped hands' 

- and face, but a delightful 
lotion after shaving. Deli- 
catdy fragrant with rose 
bouquet ^ 

. One of 200 Puretest prep- 
arations. Every item the 
best that skill and consdence 

- can produce. 

J. P. Curtis 


Start the New Year 


cheeking account means 

;::;: V' 


recognition of your financial possi- 
bilities. No delays, no fear, and the 
knowledge that you always coI||ro^ 
your finances on your finger tips. 
Di)n't take a chance— make sure 
witb a checking account. 

Farmers and 
i /State 





■ .. - ■ — — r . 

Thief Biver Fans; Snd. 8rd, Orton Olsoiv 
Thief Blver Falls: Mth; Waldl^ Gfarlrten- 
sen, Thief River Falls; Stb, Jo«l BboHHts, 
Rosewood* .;; J , ,i ', 

IPhltfl fvplnitOiiB - ■ "'■ 

Cock— l8^ J. ' £}. jThomiiBon. - Rosewood. 

Pullet— IsC 4thi X B. ^J^OmpsoD*' Roser 
wood. i ' . . \.. :■ 

Cockerel— lat, J.m Thompeon." Rose- 
wood. ■■■ -'r - - ~' i " " ■ 
- O.-Bho^ Xslua B«ds 

Bron.e' Torkers 

Cock— 1st, "W. J. Janda, Thief River 
Falls; 2nd. Mrs. L. A. Etesen. St. HUalrer 
8rd. Mrs. Hi Woolson, Thief River Falls; 
4tfa, Jens Letness, Thief River Falls; Sth, 
Waldle Christensea, Thief River Falls.. 
Ben— 1st, Henry Hanson. 

Cockerel— Iflt. Mrs. Ij. A. Engon. St 
HUalre; 2nd. Edwin Roose, Thief River 
Falls;: 3rd, W. J. Janda, Thief River 
FaUs; 4th,- H. O. Wlken. Thief River 
Falls; 5th, L. A. Westphal.^St HUalre. 

Pullet— 1st, 4th and 5th, W. J. Janda. 
Thief River Falls; 2nd and 8rdr Syvert 
Hanson, Thief River Falls. 

Bourbon Bed Torkers 

PuWet-lst. 2nd, 3i^. F. : B. Conklln, 
Thief River Falls; 4th. A. T. Nelson. 

Cockerel— 1st, P. B. Conklln. 

Hen— 1st, Albert Johnson Thief River 
Falls; 2nd. F. B. Conklln. Thief River 

Cock— 1st, Albert Johnson, Thief River 
Falls; 2nd, P. B. Conklln. Thief River 

IVhlte Holland TurkeyB 

Hen-rlst, 3rd, 4th, P. G. Dols, Jlose- 
Tirood; 2ndj-<}th, K. T. Dalager, Hazel. 

Cock— 1st.- L. A. "Weslpnal, SL Hllsire; 
2nd. 3rd 4th, K. T. Dalager, Hazel; 5th 
F. G. Dole, Rosewood. 

Pullet- 1st; Vernon Copp. Thief River 

Cockerel— 1st, Vernon Copp, Thief River 
Falls: 2nd, L. A. Westphal, St Hilalre- 
Srd, P. G. Bolls, Rosewood. 
ToulodsB Geese 

Cock— Ist 4th. U A. Westphal, St Hl- 
lalre; 2na, P. M, Peterson, Thief Klver 
Falls: 3rd, Mrs. H. Woolaon. 

Hen- 1st 2nd, 3rd, 4th, L. A. Westphal, 
St Hllalre; 5th, P. M. Peterson, Thief 
River Falls. 

Pullet— 1st 2nd, 3rd, U A. Westphal, 
St Hilalre. 

Cockerel— 1st, 2nd, li. A Westphal, St 

Barred Bocks— (Prof esalonal OIbsb) 

Hens— 1st Nonnann Poultry Yards, 
Crookston; 2nr, 3rd. 4th. 5th, C. D. Gus- 
tafson, ThleC River Falls. 

Cockerel— Ist 2nd. 3rd. Mth.i 6th. C. D, 
Gustafson, Thief River Fills. . 

Cock— 1st 3rd, C. D. Gustafson, Thief 
River Falls; 2nd, W. J. Jahda, Thief Riv- 
er Falls. I 
. Uffht Jllatlnr 

Cock— 1st P. C. Dols, Rosewood. 

Pullets— 1st 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, C. D. 
Gustafson, -Thief River Falls. 

. Barred Bocks— (Farmers* C^u)' 

Hens— 1st 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Mrs. Harry 
WOolson. Thief River E^lls; 15th, W. J. 
Janda, Thief River Falls.! 

Cockerel— Ist E. A. Tonke, St Hllalre; 
Cnd, W. J. Janda, Thief River Falls; 4th, 
Mrs. H. Woolson, Thief BJver Falls. 
I Ught Mating— 1st 2nd, «rd, F. G. Dol^ 
RosewobdJ I 

Cock— 1st E. A. Yonke. St HUalre: Slid. 
4thl 5Ui,. W. J. Jarida, Thief River Falls. 

PuiletfrT-lst 4th, fW. J. . Janda, Thief 
Kivei- 'Falls; 2ndj 3rd, EJA, Yonke, St 
HUalre; ' ' ■ 1 ' ' . ,. 

' B. C. BUcL ' MlnorcaB— I Professional) 
■ Cockerel— 1st 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, F. G. 
Dols, Rosewood. 
8. C. Black Minorca 9— f Farmers Olass) 

Cockerd— 1st 2nd, 3rd, George Wilson, 
St Hilalre. 


Cocks— 1st 2nd, F. G. Dols, Rosewood. 

PuUets-lst 2nd, 3rd, 4th. 5th, F. G. 
Dols, Rosewood. „ ^ 

Hens-^t 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Bth. F; G, 
Dols, Rosewood. 

White Bocks 

Cock— l6t Krueger & Brooker, Plum- 

jner: 2nd, X-awrence Klrsch, Crookston. 

Hen— 1st 3rd,. 4th, 5th, Lawrence Klrsch, 

Crookston ; 2nd, Krueger & Brooker, 

Plummer. „ , 

Cockerel— 1st Krueger & Brooker, 
Plummer; 2nd, 3nl, Dr. O. F. Mellby, 
Thief River Falls. _ ,, „^ 

Pullets— 1st 3rd, 4th, Dr. O. F. ilellby. 
Thief River Falls; 2nd, oth, Krueger & 
Brooker, Plunmor. 

R. C. Rhode Islniul Whites 

Cockerel— 1st, 2nd, Lawrence Klrsch, 

- ■■ - ■ 2nd, Lawrence Kirsch, 

2nd,. LaxvTence KirscH, 

, loi-lst-Cth, Olaf Neaet, Tb^et Blver 
Fftllw. , -l I ■ 

Cock— 1st 2nd. Srd. Olaf Keset, Vhlef 
River Falls. f 

CockereI-lst-lth.i01af Keset, Thlet Riv- 
er Falls. i ' ' I 

B. .0. Br«wn X«I^ZM :'■-- 

Cock— lst-4th.. C.t U. Hovernad. lUef 
River FUls. T - , 

Hen— Ist-Sth. C i H. >Hover8ta4, Thief 
River Falls. .1 

Uglit-BrmBins' Baatiuods 

Cock— 1st, Nontaim Poultry Yai^ 
Crobkston. ! : 1 

Hen— 1st Snd, Konnan Fooltiy YaidA 
Crookston, ;, '- . j 

Cockerel— 1st 2na. Srd* Koimaim Poul- 
try Yards, Crookston. 

PuUet— Ist 2nd; Nonnazm Poultry 
yards, Crookstpn. [ j 

Oolnmblan Flyni<rath Beeks 

Hen— lst-5th. Nohnann Poultry Yards, 
Crookston. J i 

Cock— Ist Nonnann Poultry . Yards. 
Crookston. \ • 1 

Pullet— Ist-^th, Normann Poultry Yards 
Crookston, - -' i ' 

Black' Xieshomi I 

Cock— 1st Geo. Newland, Thief River 
Falls. .. — — i 

Ben— lst-4th, Geo. Newland. IThlef Riv- 
er FaUs. '-.1 j 
White Wyandottes ; 

PuUet— lst-3rd, U A. Westphal. St Hl- 
lalre. I 

Cockerel— l8t-3rd,' 1*. A. Westphal, St 
HUaire. i i 

Hen-lst-4th, L. A. Westphal, St Hl- 
laire. !' 

Cock— lst-4th. Ia a. Westphal, St Hi- 
lalre. 1 I 

surer- Spasgled HamLnrc 

Hen^lat-Srd. I*. I A. Westphal, St Hl- 
lalre. i i . 
Speckled SuBSe' | 

PuUet— lst-2nd. iters. Anton Kotlan. 
Thief River Falls.' j 

Cockerel— lst-2nd: Mrs. . Anton Kotlan, 
Thief River FaUsr} ] 

Anoonas ' i 

Hens— 1st 2nd. G. J. Conklln, Thief 
River Falls. [. - | 

B. 0. BhoQO Island Beds 

Cock— 1st Albert Johnson, Thief River 
Falls; 2nd, Arthur Steenerson, Clear- 
brook. 1 1 ■ 

Hen— 1st 3rd, 4th, 5th, Arthur Sleencr- 

BQD, GtearbrbbIf^: vsqo;; -''^jutiiart ' ( jdhn&ra: 
Thief River FaUs;' --■ ' -- ^=■^■^-■>.■;J::""^^*■" 
■ Cookeftliilat; -^^aifi^ . J<*iiKm; r T61e« 
Riyer FaUa; £ad. . Arthur .: SteraerHn. 
Clearbrook. -- • - -'.';■.• 

...Pullet— aat.v2ndi Altwt Johnson, 53»lef 
River yaUs; Snfl; .: Arthuivt Steenarton, 
Clearbrook.- . :_- . . ,'. -. , 

.■^ pr<P«D4iii,-^Lu ^ .wirtphai. et hi- 

'. Coc^eiil— Xst, 


.Oiplajtans ': 
Urs. B. A. 


' 2bB, EL, A.- JSHcksoii; 

kerel— (ProfesdoBai), 6th, ^A^ur 


Steenerson. Clearbrook. 

Cockerel— (Farmers Class), Is^ UnC B. 
Nonjulst Thief. RlVer Fails. , , :_ .;. 

Cock- (ProfeBdonal).vlat, Arthur -StDen- 
arson. Clearbrdok; aod^ 0.' U.' Booen. 
TMcf Rlvef:f»*B8. .-■-, v: • "7^ 

Cock-7-(Farmer8, Class), lst-2nd,. Bern- 
hard Ranum, Ro8ewo6d.' 

Hen— (Professional), 1st, Srd. 4th,' C. 21. 
Bttoen. Thief River ^S^alls; 2nd,'^ DUi. Arth- 
ur' Steienenjon, Clearbrpok.' 

Hen— (Farmera Classjl lat 'Urs. BmU 
Norqolst Thief Blver Falls. 
Blue Be^ Game 

Cock— ilst^O. J. Conklln, THl^ River 
VaXia, . - ■» 

Henr-lBt 2Dd. G. J. Conklln; rzUef' Riv- 
er FaUs. . . 

Cockerel— 1st G. 3^' Conklln. Thief HIv^ 
er FaUs. ' ■ > . ■' 

Pullet— 1st 2nd, G. J. (»nklln. Thief 
River FaUs; ' - ~ ^ " 

Barred Plynionih' Boeka 

Youns Pena-lst 2nd, Srd. CD. Gus- 
tafson, Thief River Falls. : ''^ -. 

Old Pea— ,1st O. D. Gust&fson. ^nilef 
River Falls. 

S. 0. Black UlnoToas 

Young Pea-ls't 2nd, T. G. Dols, Rose- 

Old Pen— Ist F. G. Dols, Rosewood. 
■ White Books _. , 

Yotmg Pen— 1st Dr. O* . F. UeUby. 
Thief I^ver Falls; 2nd, Knieger- and 
Brooker. Plummer; 

Old Pen— 1st Kreuger & Brooker, 
Plummer. - 

Oolumliian. Wyandpita 

Old Pa>— 1st Chaa.- Maidment Thief 
River Falls. 

S. O. Z^eahoms' 
-Young Pens— 1st 2nd,'4th, Wm; Yonke, 
St HUalre; Srd, E. .A. Yonke, St Hl- 
lalre. ■ r- 
. Colombian Plymouth Books 

Young Pen— lat Normann ' Poultry 
Yards, Crookston. 

Old Pen— 1st Normaim Poultit? Yards, 

Barred Plymoi^ Books , 

Young Pen— (Fanners Class), 1st :H)u>, 
ry Woolson, ; Thief River Falls. 
JVhiti Wyandotte* 

Young Pen^lsfi I* A.'Weetphal, St Hl- 
lalre. ' ■ - ' ■ 

TotJnft Pei^lsc,: 
,TfaIef RhwnJ'aUA' 

. Waldletv Ghj^st^iBte, 

pld E^gst^ W^dfe OHt^^ 


Younr-pi^lat,. 8ra,;^BSnk .LaBluer, 

Thief mveR VaUs;.2nd;'Hector:Berssfarom 

Thief BivMi FsUa. .■/;.: .I" .• 

. ""B^ O. 'W]ifte''3^egfaenu 

' Tonng EenrrCPro^essloiuq) 1st; Bexry 
Schuster, Thief . River Falls. 

Old Fenflst, Harry Sotaoster. tUtXet 
River FaUs^ 1 ,*:' . . < • 

..■^ T]0.! 'Bli^dd'e Mtlud - Beds ' 
_Toung I^ettT-lst, Sad, Srd, Olaf Neaet, 
Thief River SUls. . 
^.Oia Fenf-Ut. Olai Neaet, Thief River 
EUla. ... ,':;?:.,■: i ■-.■,'■, 

jBnff- I«c|ieRis' - 
-, Young Pen— 1st ' lAngevIn - Bros., Thief 
River Falls. : 


Wlntec Wheat . . 

- 1st O. S. Brelland, Haxel:-2nd. WIU 
Smith, Thief > River Falls: Srd. Christ 
Wad,. Brie. .' .: ^'■ 

. Biudcwheat 
1st Wm. Tonke, St HUalre: 2nd. C 
Sohnabel. Thief JUver Falls; Srd., Paul 
Schenke, Rosewood. 

SpriBg' Wheat 

Flattum, Thief River FaUs; 

1st Alfred Fl -. 

Srd, M. H. : 'Ballangrud, Thief River 
Falls; 2nd, 0. M. Hoverstad, Thief Rlvef 

; Oata- 

:1st W. J. Janda. Thief River BWIe; 
2nd, Fred G.'Dob^- Rosewood; 8rd,-B. ' 
Yonke, St' HUalre. 

W/Corp61L- Thief River JPaUs; 5th, Alb 

^ist, Orton Olson, Tiilef-lSfver^Stils: 2nd 

S^S^S^rMU3'M.-l!k,Tidet River 
l^sj^.cth,^^: rpisoii. ■ Thief : Rtrer 

'■■ _.:.i^; -■ ■ -%Mte- Dftit'-. ■.■■■■■■". ■;■■■■^"■■■ 
_ tet,^ HuA;B|Mt,.Thref River FaUs; 
SSf-?^^^^"^ Westphal, IThlef :, Rivet 
Fgis^jpth.: Henry Pope, .Thief River 

o^^aP^^St*^''!*^;???^ Thief River FaUs; 
2nd, Olaf Neaet, ThltfRtver suis. 

■( ■■ 


IbT; Hifei Best Thief River FaUs; 2nd. 

Alfred Flattum, Thief River Falls; Srd, 

O. li. Heinze, Thief River Falls. 


1st Orton Olson, Thief River Falls; 2nd 
W. J.' Janda, Thief River Falls; Srd, 
Hiigh Best Thief River Falls. 
1st WUUe: 'Anderson, . Thief River 
Falls; 2nd, Orton Olson, Thief • River 
FaUs; Srd, Henry Pope, - Thief River 
■ Tailor Flint Com. 
1st C. M. Lee, Thief JUver Falls; 2nd, 
H. Halvor8<»i; Thief River Falls; Srd, 
Sam Lorentson, WyUe; 4th. Paul Schen-^ 
ke. Rosewood. 

Pop Com 

Jst.Eldred Ayers, Thief River FaUs; 

2nd, John Het^, Newfolden;- 3rd, Hans 

Jorstad, Thief River Falls, 

Swe^ Com 

.1st L. A. Westphal, St Hilalre; 2nd. 

N. W. Tarrant Thief River Falls; Srd. 

Ghas. CorreU, Thief River FaUs. 

Yellow Bent 

: 1st Orton Olson. Thief River Falls: 2nd 

I4. A. Westphal. St Hilalre; Srd. M. H. 

B^angrud, Thief River Falls; 4tb. Chas. 

iJ?^i^ ^:'?*y^ .Thief Rlvef-Fans; 
2nA, ^Hans : Anton, Thief -;BlTer FUts. 

■■'"■. --■■■.":!; Whlio-B«*B» '■■" 
^letJUf. J.jBhumwMi awef BlverBWIs; 
2nd, Chas.;. Bchwarta, . Thief River E^Us: 
Srd, John Helder; NewfoldpnT^ '^ ^ 

lat. U A. JEpBBn; ^et :HUalre; -2nd, Or- 
ton Olson, Thief Blver FWls; Sm. Fred 
HohUmecht Thief River BWls. 

' Vtmatby 
wKtL:9* §t Sre"*nfl.'Ha»el; 2nd, Alfred 
FUtttm,, Thief Rivet PaUa; SrdT Hmt» 
pen, Thief River Falls. - ^^ 

' Gsw -BaUoft - 
^3at-_R. Ij^Mussy.. Thief River Falls 
2x0, H. 0. Woolson, Thief River FaUs. 

1st Waldle-Cnurlstensen, Thief River 
Falls; 2nd. U. T.^McFarland, Thief lUv- 
er Falls; Srd, F. B» Conklln, Thief Riv- 
er Falls. 


Bu]*ank, (*at. type)-lst Anton Jen- 
sen. Thief River Falls; 2nd, Henry Kaus- 
bagen. Thief River Falla; 8rd, C. M:-Hov- 
eratad. Thief River Falls; 4th, S. M. We- 
berg; Hasel. . ^, 

Early Ohlos— 1st Anton Jensen, Thief 
River Falls; 2nd, H&ir Kaushagen, 
Thief River Palls; 8rd.i J. S. Brown, 
Thief River FaUs; 4th, Chas. Bchnabel. 
Thief River PaUs. ' 

Irish Cobblers— 1st Chas. Correl, Thief 
River Falls: 2nd. E. O. Heleren, Thief 
^ver Falls; Srd. Christ Wad, Erie; 4tbt 
W. J. Janda, Thief River Palls. 

Bliss Triumph— 1st I*. A, Westphal, 
St HUalre; 2nd; Jens Ijetnes, Thief River 
FaUs; 3rd, Ame Ylk. St HUalre: 4th. 
Christ Wad, Erie. ■ *^'^^.. »"*. 

Green Mountalns-r-lst Alvina Hovland, 
Thief-River Falls; 2nd, Mrs. Aug. Laut- 
enbach. Thief River Falls; 3rd, P. M. 
Pedersoh, Thief River FaUs; 4th. Chas. 
Schwartz. Thief River F^Is. 

' ' : AUaUa and Sweet Clover 

Sweet Clover Seed— Ist Hugh Beat 
Thief River Falls; , 2nd, Gus Iverson, 
Erie; Srd, Orton Olson, .Thief River 
Falls. - 

Alfalfa Seed— 1st : Alfred Flattum, 
Thief River Falls; 2nd, T. K. Rynestad. 

Thief ^Hiver^Faltor "Srdti brtoh. 

raief |«Iyei•^5^lB; ; 4tti.-?WTme^Anaer3on;^^ 
^^iSX^'iWI** -*'"»' -^ HoveiBtad;' 
ThleSStyer. ■Falls, r. -:-...• .. r^v;, 
■^Mtodlum^Bea Clover 8ee^-lst 0,£ b;"« 
a^fiimcL Thief ,Riv6r BWIa; 2h3, >vi S- ■/= 
Noper, Thief :Blver Falls! Srt, A. HoteJ- <' 
ataa.-Th(ef River FWlB, ; .^ "^ ?"| -./ 
/ Sw^dBt Closer Hto^lstLW; J. ' Jandfti?f 
^ef IRlver [Falls; Sod, Wm. Yonke. fStii.'-- 
I^Ir^Snt OrtoiiiOlsofl; . Thlef^^Ri^-? 

• Uedlinn-Itod (Tlover^^y— 1st Orton f Ol- 
son, Thief River ■ Falls. . t ; 
' Alfalfa Hay-^lst, Jens Letnes, Tblef 
RIyer. Falls; 2nd. Carl Ertekson, St BI- 
lalra; Wt. Waldle Ch]..4tenaai, Thief 
River, iFalts; 4th. H. O. Wllken. a%lef 
RlyerFalls; 6th, B.O.' Heleren. Thief 
Rlvef' iBUIs. I 

'Alfalfa Roots— 1st R. A, Oansoi, Thief 
Rlver.iirUls; 2nd. Gail J. Erickaon; Srd. < 
BertThbratad. Thief River P^Ols; 4th, Al- 
bert Elunguess, .Thief River Falla; 6th. 
HeniylWIllIams, Thief River FaUs. 

AlsUce Clover 'Hay— 1st, Gilbert Hove, 
Thief River Falls. 

AlsUce Clover Seed-^lst Albert Nrtta- 
land ' Thief River Falls. - j 

Mammoth Red Clover Seed— 1st Albert 
Netteland, Thief River Foils; 2nd, U. a. 
Thbraoo, (Soodrldge, , 



Bids Wanted. 
Bid^ will be retxived op' to 2:00 
p.m., Saturday, January G, 
1924, for filling tbeice bpnse of Good- 
ridge- Co-operative Creamery Associa- 
tion, jlce to be properly packed and 
covered with saw dust. Saw dttsfc is 
on the ground; , 

i 1 OTIS B. RONKEN, Secy 

Jan. 2 

r "Dofl Watch/' "I 

The term "dog watch" la a corrup- 
tion of "dodge" watch, the "dpag." be- 
ing an arrangement to prevent men 
from {being on doty every day at th» 
sahie hours. 

'!Why worry" about your coal bill? 
Think! of what you save on your ice 
bill, i ' • 

'fWhy worry?" Any way, do yoit 
think ^t helps? 

*lWhy worry" about the new year 
and f(|rget the old one. - 

'IWy worry" "about your new reso- 
lutations. Yon won't keep them any- 


Conklln, , Thief 


Hens— IM, 
Crookston. . , „ , . 

Cock— 1st Lawrence Klrsch, CrooKston. 
■ - ■ Columbian Wyandotte 

Cock— 1st Chas. Maidment Thief River 

Hen— Ist 2n»l, 3rd, 4th, Chas. Maidment, 
Thief River Falls. 

PutT Orolncton 
Pullet— (Prof essiona! Class). 1st/ Arthur 
.Steenerson, Clearbrook; 2nd. Bernard 
" Raniim, Rosewood; 3rd, 4th, yth, Frant 
I«^FIue^, Thief River Falls. 

Pullet— (Farmers Class), 3st 2nd. Ber- 
nanl Ranuni. Rosewood; 3rd. 4th, 5th, 
Mrs. Emil Xorqulst Thief River Falls. 

Cockerel~(Profcssional), 1st Bernard 
Banum, Rosewood; 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 
Arthur Steenerson, Clearbrook. 

Cockerel— (Farmers Class). 1st Mrs. 
Emil Norqulst Thief River Falls. 

Cock— (Professional), 1st Arthur Steen- 
■ erson. Clearbrook; 2na, CM. Buoon, 
Thief River Falls. 

Cock— (Farmers Class), Ist 2nd, Bern- 
ard Ranum. Rose^-ooa. 

Hen— (Professional), 1st 3rd, 4th, C. M. 
Buoen. Thief River Falls; 2nd, 5th, Ar- 
thur Steenerson, Clearbrook. 

Hen— (Fanners Class), 1st Mrs. Emil 

Blao Itrd Game 
Cock— 1st, G. J. Conklln, Thlet River 

Hen— 1st 2nd, G. J. Conklln, Thief Riv- 
er Falls. 

Cockerel— Ist G. J. Conklln, Thief Riv- 
er Falls. 

Pullet— Ist 2na, G. 
River Falls. 

Hens-lst 2nd, G. J. Conklln, Thief 
River FaUs. 

B. C. Bfaode Island Reds , 
Cock— 1st Albert Johnson. Thief IRver 
Falls ; 2nd, Arthur Steenerson, Clear- 

Hen— 1st Srd. 4th., 5th, Arthur Steen- 
erson, Clearbrook; 2nd, Albert Johnson, 
Thief River Falls. _ . 

Cockerel— 1st Albert Johnson, Thief 
River Falla; 2nd, Arthur Steenerson,' 

Pullet— 1st 2nd, Albert Johnson, Thief 
River Falls. : ' i ' 

I Buff Wrandottes , 

Cockerel— 1st, Mrs. E. .lA. Erickson, 
Holt I 

Pullet— 1st 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Mrs. E. A. 
Erickson, Holt I 

' 8. ,0. White I/ethoms 
PuUets— (Professional), 1st 2nd, 5th, 
Harry Schuster, Thief River Falls; Srd, 
4th., Vernon Copp, Thief River Falls. 

Pullets— (Farmers), 1st 2nd, 4th, 6th, 

Wm. Yonke. St Hllalre; 3rd, E. A- 

Yonke, St HUaire. 

Cock— (Professional Class), 1st 2nd, 

I Harry Schuster, Thief River Falls; 3rd, 

K. T. Dalager, Hazel. 

Hen— Ist 2nd, 3rd, 4th. 5th, Harry 
Schuster, Thief Rlycr FaUe. 

Cockerel — (Professional Class), 1st 
Harry Schuster, hTief River FaUs: 2nd, 
4th, Henry Hanson, Thief River Falls; 
Srd, K. T. Dalager. H azel. 

Cockerel— (Fanners Class), 1st 2nd, 
Srd, 4th— "Wm. Yonke, St Hilalre; 5th, B. 
A. Yonke, St HUalre, 

i Blach /ersey Qlants 
Cockerel— 1st 2nd, Langevln Eros., 
Thief River FaUs. ' i^, . 

Pullet- 1st 2nd, Langevin Bn*., Thief 
River FaUs. 

' S. 0. Bn<T I^eghoms 

Pullet— 1st 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Iiangevln 

Bros., Thief River FaUs. _ ■ . . 

Cockerel— 1st Langevin Bros., Thief 

River FaUs. -_ ^ 

Cock— 1st Waldle Chrlstensen, Thief 
River FaUs; 2nd, 3rd, Orton Olson. Thief 
River Falls. 

. Hen— 1st, 2nd,. 3rd, 4th-TWaldIe Chrls- 
tensen. Thief River FaUs; 5th, Gordon Ol- 
son. Thief River FaUs. _^ ,, Jr _, ^ 
Pullet— 1st 2iid, Srd, 4th, Waldle Chiist- 

■ ansen. Thief River Falls; 5th, Mrs. Os- 

■ oar Anderson. ,., . , 

Cockerel- 1st Mrs, ■ Oscar N. Anderson, 

SUPPOSE that you earned your living by doing housqworK and ha3 
saved Up a few hundred dollars; then a slick salesman of awildlcatpro-' 
motion came along and persuaded you to put your little nest tgg in his 
wotthless proposition. What would you think about "investments" ?, 

How are hard working^ 
_ inexperienced p:eople to 
be assisted- in 4istin-'y 
guishing good invest- 
ments from *'fakds".? 

This is one of the prob- 
lems discussed in our 
npijff booklet "The\ 
,Wpman in the Case"*. , 

lYou will be interested in 
this plain, little fact sto- 
ry by a married woman, 
who learned how to 
help herself and to safe- 
guard the sayings of 
others; Common sense 
is better than scheming. 

One of the simplest 
rules is to invest only in 
organizations close to 
home, which have an 
actual record of success 
over a long period of 

Success and prosperity are cheering things. They are much closer to the grasp of 
the average man or woman than many suppose. When hard working people in all .^ 
occupations can put one of the largest btisin^s organizations to work for them the % 
door of financial independence is trtily open to aJl. | 

: ' ".■".■■-■' ■ " -■ 1. ■ . '■ ' . ■" '■ . - ■ • ■ ; 

Send the coupon and obtain your copy of ^^The Woman in the Case. " Do it now. " " ^ 



Northern States Power Co, 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

i Please send me your new booklet "The Woman m the Case." 
Uamt , , ^_ 

....-■ . < 

' •" Investment D^mtment - - 

Northern States Power 

Minneapolis, Minnesota 

..^i^Jm ^ .MS:!-, 

r^j I ^Tit. ttts 


i f ^ Ai ^ ^^ Bd<>ri^^i^;M^fj-J;J:h^^^ Tps 





Boeewood Fanners Gtab Meedng. 

The Rosewood Fanners' Cmo held 
a regular meeting last Saturday even- 
ing and was attended by about one 
hundred pejwBis. . 

The m^Bnfe was opened by Presi- 
dent B. Ranum at 8:30, the roU wjs 
caUed, the song, "Ameiica," song by 
the audience and the minutes from tte 
last meetJEg read anlaPP"'~-_* 
program arranged by D. N. Petterson 
was rendered as follows: 

Violin solo with piano aMompani- 
ment by Chester and Delma Dole. 

Vocal solo by John Nakken. 

Jokes by Joel E. Shobers. 

•Community singing. Old BlacK 
Joe," and "Swanee Eiver." 

Vocal solo by Gladys Sagmoen. 

Piano solo by Delma Dols. 

ing of January 


Hi. and His. Setmer Hangan, lbs. 
Adolph Haugsi Mid diildnn and 
Percy Hanwm, mofond to Angiis on 
Christmaa day wlieie Uie; were guests 
at tils home of Ue. and lbs. A. F. 
StioUe. j I. 

Hrs. Loyd Ciowii and diildzen from 
Thief Biver FaUs| are. visiting flus 
week at the home of lbs.' Crown's 
parents, Ur. and Hrs. Jonh Bloom. 

Bev. and His. Aug. Bredeson from 
Thief Biver Fallsj spent Wednesday 
here visiting among friends and re- 
turning home in llie evening. . 


Misses TnUe and Anna Bihdahl vis- 
ited at the Ole Bindahl home Satur- 
day evening. I . ! 

Miss Gladys jChristianson very 

pleasantly entertained a number of 

:7;;|;^"coni^tae for the meet- young fote Tl^y evening. 

n-f Tamiarv 'eth was appointed "port a good time. - ; , , 

ChesSr D^l^d'S lunch co^iLittee Misses Anna Bmd^ ^t,?^ 

S- tte mating of January 12, L. L. Christianson were! badness cdlers at 

Hissea Gladys Cbibtiaasoiiand ris- 
ter AHee, -spent Sunday eradnsvitli 
Anna and Floience BindaW - 

Hr. and lbs. Bei BindaU caOed 
at the Ole BindaU home Sunday even- 

' stray Bit of Wisdom. 
Debt is like any other trap, eaaj to 
get Into but hard enough to. get ont 
oL— Josh Bmijigs. 

Legal Publications 

NOUCBl . ~ 
Settlaiintaf'iiailtfdLakB Eastern 
>r«wA«ii Fapneia j- Telffph"Mi comr 
V^axfa aeeonn^ nmst be mrndb. AB. 
aeeounts ux^sid br- Jazinuy- lOUit 
1924,' vin be. giroi to attorney for 

Boazd of Direetois, Dee. 
Very trul y, 


■for the meeting -,- -— - v' ,« qa 
Furan. Meeting adjourned at 10:30 
after which lunch was sold for ap- 
proximately $22.00. Owing to the ex- 
tremely cold weather on Saturday 
tho«e present were mostly local peo- 
ple, -with a few autos coming from 
Thief River Falls and Viking. a report f«>i?- ?»' 
north. Miss Tena Alby was on Chn^ 
mas evening united m marnage to 
Tinns Nybo of Holt, the marnage oc- 
curring at the latter place, Bct. Op- 
dahl offidating. The newlyweds wiU 
make their home on the groom s farm 
west of Holt . _^| 

iliss Mable Uland, nurse from ithe 
Wafien hospital. fPe^l ^/f^'^^ 
last week visiting at the Jolm Blom 
home and with her parents, Mr. jand 
ilr^ E Uland northwest of town; 

Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Petterson ipot- 
ored to Viking last Sunday where |Mr. 
Petterson took part in the promm 
of the Norwegian church Christmas 
festival. While at Viking, they ^jere 
.guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. 
John Halvorson. j 

John Melechek, who recently ^ 
posed" of all his belongings ■ on j his 
farm north of town, expects tojeave 
•sometime nest week for New Prague 
with his family, where he voQ cam- 
mence farming togetiier with, ,.^ 
father, who has been m ill health! the 
last =;ummer and desires his son to 
come home and operate the home 

^' M?. and Mrs. E. P. Johnson had as 
their guests for Christmas dinner, 
Mr. and Mrs. T. Mellem^ ,.._,. 

Mr and Mrs, Albert Hellquist and 
f amilv from Newfolden, were Sunday 
quests at the home of Mr. HeUqmsf s 
father, J. E. Hellquist. ^ , , 

Mr:. Morris Halvorson -and daugh- 
ter Oliveen, from Viking, spent Xmas 
€ve at the J- E. Hellquist home. 

Mi==: Gladvs Sagmoen shopped- and 
visitetl with* Miss Elsie Vorseth at 
Thief River Falls last Fnday. 

Miss Carrie Nelson returned last 
^'ednesdav to Yvinnipeg, Canada, 
where she is employed after spending 
Christmas with her mother, Mrs. Thea 
Nelson north of to^Ti. Miss Myrtle 
Nelson, who has also been employed 
at Winnipeg this summer, accompan- 
ied her sister home and will spend a 
•tririter vacation at her bome. 

Mr=. Eudolnh Sagmoen left last 
Wednesdav for St Hilaire where she 
-will visit at her parental home over 
Sunday. . , 

Miss Clara Sorensoh arrived ^ on 
Saturdav morning from Thief River 
Falls and will spend Sunday visitaig 
at the Haugen brothers' home north 

Neptune last Tues^y. 

Messrs. Ole Kinn and Martin Mar- 
tinson were visitojs at the .C Joims- 
rud home Thursdi^. ! 

Misses Tillie sad Anna! EindaH 
were business callers at Erie Sunday. 

Messrs Teloy and Enoch i Johnsrud 
were callers at the C JcAosmd home 
Sunday. • j ' i . 

Mrs. Ben Bindahl and jdan^iters 
TUUe, Anna and iRorence i and Mrs. 
Ole Bindahl were IrisitoTB at tte Cor- 
nelias Johnsrud bome Snnday. 

Misses Gladys 4=^ Alice Christian. 
son were visitors at the Rrnrtabl home 
last Sunday evenfeig. 

The Shadow sooal held at the Erie 
haE was very w^ atttoded and aH 

The Ben and Xlle Kndahl fandUes 
and Ole K ipn an^ Martin iMartinson 
took Christmas supper with Mr. and 
Mrs. Tom Florence. 

Ben pi" f^ alii and dau^ter Anna 
and Ole Kndahl i called at the Tom 
Florence home Saturday. 

Mis. Alma Netisdike left ,for "Wis- 
consin to spend the Christmas holi- 
days, i ■■ I 

. Messrs; Martin Martenson and Ole 
Kinn called at the Nitischte home 
Sunday afternoonL i ' ^ 

A bunch of young folks gathered 
at the Nitzschke;home Sunday even- 
ing. The eveiing was spent in danc- 
ing and playing i games. jAIl report 
iplendid time, i 


O^nlt liaTiiic been made In tbe jiar- 
mept of Oe warn of Eicbteen Hundred 
Fifty One DoIIara which is claimed to. be 
dne and ia Jne at the ' date of thli notice 
npon a certain Morteace, dnly executed 
and delivered by- Ole N. Olson and Andrea 
Olson, hia wife, Mortsasora. to The Firit 
National Bank of Thief Biver Falls, Mort- 
cBsee. bearing-date the 20th day of Sep- 
tember. 181G, and With' a power of «ale 
therein contained, dnly recorded in the 
oiriqe of the BegiBter o,f Oeedi in and for 
the Connty of Pennlnston and State of 
Minnesota, on tbe 21st day of September. 
IfilS. at 8 o'dodt A. IL, in Book U of 
Mortsagea. on page 247, and no action or 
proceeding haTlng been InstUntaSKSt law 
or othenrise. to recover the dent ■teemed 
by aald Uortgage or any part tbdeo^ 

HEBEBT GIVEN. That by vtxtoe of the 
power of Bale contained in aald Mortgage, 
and pozanant to the statate in snch case 
made and proTlded. the said Mortgage will 
be fareehwed by a sale of the pruHlsei 
deaetibed in and eonreyed by aald Mor^ 
gage,- vis: ' 

Ijots nnmbered Serra (7), Eight (8) and 
Nine (9) of Blo^ Thirty (30) In the 
Original Townalte of Thief Btver Falls, 
according to the ofOelal plat thereof, on 
file and of record m the Once of tbe 
Besister of I>eedB inland for Pennington 
Coonty. In ^nnlngton Connty and State 
of Minnesota ' with the beredUamenta and 
appnrtenaneea; which sale will be made by 
the.Sherlfl of said Pennington connty at 
the front door of the Court Bonse, in the 
City of Thief Blrer Falls, In said Connty 
and State, on the 17th day of February, 
laSL at 10. o'clock A. M., of tiiat day. at 
pn1^ <r Tendoe, to the highest bidder for 
cash, to pay said debt of Eighteen Hnn- 
di«d Fifty One Dollars and interest, and 
tbe taxes. If any, on said premises, and 
Seventy Fire -DollarB. Attorney's fees, and 
stipulated in and by said Mortgage in 
case of foredosnre. and the diAprsements 
allowed by law; snbjeet to redemption at 
any time wuhin one year from the day of 
sale, as prorided by law^ 
Dated DecembK 28. A. D. 1S23. 


Attorney far Mortgagee, 
St. Pa^ Minnesota. . 



At Thirfi Birer Falls 
Hanson' & Barxen 

Wheat, No. 1 dafk northe rn .$ 

Wheat, No. 1 northern — I 

Wheat, No. 2 north e rn — I 

Dumm wheat. No. 1 ; 

Durum wheat. No, 2 ; 

Rye, per ba. 1- — 

Flax, No. 1, per bu.. 
Flax, No. 2, per bn^ 
Oats, per bu. 




Thief KSrcr Cooperative I Creamery 

Milk, per qt. „i \ J)9 

Cream, per qL ' :-J -40 


Thief Biver Produce Co. 

Heavy spring chickens, per Ib^ — .. 

HensJ light, per lb. — L — — 

Hens, heavy, per lb. i . 

Leghorn stags, j>er lb_J 

Ducks, per lb. -i. J ■ 

Geese, per lb. 

Old roosters, per lb. „ 
No. 1 turkeys, per lb. 

Eggs, per doz. 

Cow hides, per lb. 

■01 nere. - *,■,,. i. 

The Rosewood Farmers' dub has 
purchased a Schiller piano for use at 
their meetings. t. j *i,„ 

iliss Mathilda Schankey had the 
misfortune of slipping on the porch 
at the Steiner school, which she is 
attending recently, and braised her 
knee necessitating her removal to the 
Thief River Falls hospital where she 
is at present receiving medical atten- 

Misses Viola and Julia Aelson, who 
spent a few days at their home here 
this week following the fire at the 
Cosgrove establishment at Thief River 
Falb where they are both employed, 
returned to resume their duties on 

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ranura returned 
on Wednesday from Thief River Falls 
where they have spent a few days 
visiti^ with Mrs. Ranmn's parents, 
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. O'Hara. They vis- 
ited at the John Ranum home the 
same day. 

Elry Carlson and Miss Lappegaard 
-came out from Thief River Falls on 
Saturday morning where Miss Lappe- 
gaard has been visiting and young 
Carlson will visit at the Lapjpegaard 
home here over Snnday. 

Peter Stromberg, former section 
foreman at this division and new lo- 
cated at Thief River Falls, spait Sat- 
urday visiting among friends and rela- 
tives at this place. 

According to a report the monthly 

. meeting of the Rindal Ladies* Aid for 

January will be held at the home of 

Mrs. Bertha Saugen on Wednesday 

afternoon, Jan. 2. 

The Augsburg Gospel Trio, from the 
Augsburg Seminary of liGnneapolis, 
together with Rev. Geo. Larson from 
lliief River Falls, will conduct one 
day's series of speaking and singing 
at the Riridal church north of town 
on Tuesday, Jan. 8 with two meetings 
at 11:00 a.m. and at 2:00 pjn. These 
visiting men are well talented, both as 
speakers and singers, and the com- 
munity is fortunate in securing them 
for one day. 

A carload of rye was shipped from 
the Hanson & Barzen elevator this 
week. 'W^ 

Mr. and Mrs. James Thompson re- 
turned on Thursday from Gtilly where 
they have been since Sunday as goests 
with Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Aos. 

Alec Hellquist spent Christmas day 
visiting with friends at Thief Biver 
Falls and returning home on Wednes- 
day .morning. 

Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Stroblfi- arid 
children from Angus, and Mrs. Dave 
Mosbeck from Croofeon, arrived here 
on W^inesday to viat for a few days 
■with the .Haugen brothers*, home. 

Whipping creani, per qt '. 




FT*-tf of Tii'n'pa F. I>eifgSaa,-I>eeedeiit. 
Connty of Pennington. 

In the matter of the Estate of LotOsa 
F. Donglaa, "Deeedent 

Letters of Admlnistzation this day har- 
Ing l>een granted tn Balph C Donglaa, of 
Moorhesd, Minnesota, 

IT IS- GBDBEMJ, That the time within 
which an creditors of the above earned 
decedent may present claims asAinst her 
estate in this court, be, and the Bsmehere- 
by is, Umited to six months from aiid 
after the date hereof: wid ttat Tnesday, 
the 17th day of June, lfl21, at 10:00 o'clock 
A. M., in the Probate Comt Booms at the 
Court House at Thief Birer Falls, In said 
Connty, be, and the same hereby is fixed 
and appointed as the time and place for 
hearing npon and the examlnsfion, adjnst- 
ment and allowance of snch claims as shall 
be presented -irithln tbe time aforesaid.- 

Let notice hereof be givKi by the pnb- 
iication of this order in the Thief Elver 
FaUs Tribune, as provided by laif. 
Dated December 14th, 1923. 


Judge of Probate. 
Attorney for KepresentetiTe 
Thief Biver FaBs. Minnesota! ■ 

KotiM «f Hsrtgaga FaredMU* Balk 
Kotice Is herAy giren. that dtfajM has 
been made in the conditions of a certain 
mortgage exeect«d by Thomas G. Bome 
and Thorbjor O. Bome, his wife, of thd 
county of Pe«Dlngton, Minnesota, mort- 
gagota, to Merchanta State Bank of Bod 
Lake Falls, Minnesota, Mortgagee, dated 
the 15th day of October. laSO, and record- 
ed In the office of the Begitter of Deeds 
of Penningten Connty, W'""^*"'*. on the 
Uth day of December. 1920, at 8 o'clock 
A. M. of said day. In Book "flZ" of Mort- 
gages, page S75 thereof, of the records 
of nid office.' 

That aaid mortgage, together with the 
debt secured thereby, wks duly assigned 
by ■ said MercBanta Stete Bank of Bed 
Lain FaQs, *""" , to ^Fred Gehl, by writ- 
ten sss ig"""*^* dated Apta Z7, 18Z1, and 
recorded In tbe ofOee .at the said Begister 
of Deeds, on the SSth -day of April. 1921, 
at 8 o'clock A. M. in Book <S of Mortgages, 
on pageXU; i j 

S^d default eonaists In tbe Callnre of 
said mortga^n to pay the i&terest in* 
gt aT^^wT^t of flS) whleh by Qie terms of 
tbe said mortgage^ rweama dna and payable 
on tbe 15th day of October, 1922. That by 
reason of said debult aald mortgagee 
has elected to :decla»e the entire amount 
nxaainlng vnpald upon said 4nortg>gq to 
be Immedlatdy; doe and payabk,' 

That tfiiere ta'elaimed to be doe and pay- 
able and then Is now due and payabk 
at the date of this notice upon said mort- 
age and upon the |Id>t_there3iy secured, 
the sum of Two Thousand One Hundred 
Tveity and iio-100j.......(|Z120ilO) Dol- 
lars, with Intetest thereon at the rate of 
six per cent^ptt •""jprn from the 15th day 
of October, US, Ud bo action or pro- 
ceedings at law 01 otherwise has been 
bad or Institnted to recover said- debt or 
any part thereolL I 

Kotice ia her^y further given that by 
virtue of the power I of aale in said mort- 
gage contained and recorded,- therewith 
-which by reason -ot the facte aforesaid 
has l>ecome ' operative and . pursuant to 
the stetote in such! ease jnade and pro- 
vided, the said mortgage will l>e fore- 
dosed and the land and prunlses des 
cribed la and covered by uid mo rtga ge^ 
to-wtt: • i _^ 

East h*tf of thf) SonUiwest onarter 
(EU SW) Lots Vtn snd Six (5 and 6) 
Section Six :(6) Tdwnahlp_pne Hundred 
Slfty-two (UZy Horih Bange Forty (40) 
West (^ theiFifOi Piindpal MpridUn for 
Minnesota, contalhlbg IBD acres, . m ore or 
ifOTj according to -line .Government Surrey 
thereol^ - ! • ,. » - 

■mSH be stdd at ;pnblie anctifm to the 
highest biddtt theteZoz for cash by the 
sterllf of Penningten County, . Minnesota^ 
to satisfy and p«y t£e debt -wbicb wfB 
thai be due I and payable on the note se- 
enred^by said mortgage, together with the 
sum of tlOOJOO as attorneys fees^ and the 
eoste and expenses of these foredoanre 
proceedings !as aBoved by law» 

The said sale will be made at the front 
door of t^ Court I House io the City of 
Thief Biver Falls. Connty of Pennington, 
SUte of MInnesoti, at the hour of txai 
o'clock A. M. on Satnrday tbe 23rd day 
of February, 1B24. i 
Dated December |17. 1923 . 

Assignee ot Mortgage,* 
■ Los Angeles, CaL' 
Attorney for AsBignee. 
IntematiDnal' FaBa. Minn. 
: J2-M6-23-30-F-5 

Dafanlt having be^ jaade-bi tha pay- 
ment dCUm mm of Slx.Snndfca FUty«n« 
and- tto-ia»^ IKdlBia (tKLOO), whl^ Ss 
ffa l«w*a to be doe and Is dne at the 4ato 
ttf tUs notke opes a certain Moxtgage, 
duly exeaitad and deUrend by Othilla 
WUaun and Gust Wl^nUtn, ha hnsha^. 
Ifortgason, to CUbens Otete Baak of 
TftTfff BlTCZ FaQs, a-- corporation, Mort- 
gagee, beating date the 4th day of August. 
1919, and with a power oTaale th erei n con- 
tained, didy recorded in thia office of tbe 
Beglstei of .Deeds In and for. the county 
of FennlsgtoB and &ate-eC Mfamescte on 
tha Uth'dS^ of Asgust 1919. at 3 o'doek 
P. IL, in^ook M ot Motagagea, on page 
SO, and n»^ action' or proceeding having 
been- insHtntod, at law or otherwise, to 
recovex-the debt secured by said Mortgage 
or any part thereof^ ^ ~ . 

K6W._THEBBFbHB, Notice is hereby 
GIVEN,- miat by virtue of the powerlof 
sale contained in ;aaid Mortgage, in^ ~ 
aiiant to the .statute In such csjie 
and provided, tl^ aaid Mortgage wm be 
foreclosed by a- sale of'jthe premises de- 
scribed in and'conT e ye d b y said Mortgage, 

The west fifty (50) feet of^Lot forty- 
aeven (tl) of Fairfield Addition to t&e 
Oty of Thl«f Btirer FaBa, according to 
tlie plat thereof on file and of record in 
tbe ofQce of 'the BeglBter of Deeds in and 
for aald PamJsgtan Connty. State of Min- 
nesota, in Pennington connty and state of 
Minnesota, with tbe heredltamente and ai»- 
pnrtenancei: whiek sale wiU be madt by 
the sheriff of e^d Pomlngton conntj at 
tbe main front door ot tbe court house in. the 
dty of TkleC Uver FaBa, In said e«mty 
and atete. oa tte Sad day of Fcbraary. 
19M. at U o'deek A. M.. of that day. at 
pnblte rndne, to the hlghevt iMdar for 
cash, to pay aald debt of Six Hundred 
Fifty-one and no-lOO iloBara (985L00), and 
interest, and the taxes. If any. on said 
premises, and Twenty-five dollars at- 
torney's, fees, as stipnlaxed In and by said 
Bwctgage, In case of foreclosure, and the 
disburaemente aBbwed by law; subject to 
redemptftir at anr time within one year 
ftom the day of nSe. as provided by law. 
Dated D ecember 11th. 1923. 




Attorney for Itortgagee, 
Thief Klver FaBs. Minn. 



NoiUieni Lodge No. 236 

Stated OnnBmiicatioiu 
Vint and lUid UniEsdays : 

Tonng Fme Lodge No. 221 

Ilwta arair Tnesday njg^t at 9M. 

Beotlieihobd of Looomotire 

BraBcn SB^ En^inemen 

20th CentmrNa 103 

h MHBd nd foatOi Snndaya ■» 
M0A.iULO.O. F. H«n. 


I an Ooorts amd 
ftne U. B. Land Offloa 

FOR a4LE. ! 

LAND FOE SALE— Or! " trade for 
dty dwelling or land in this vicinity 
for 80 acres of l^d in Hubbard conn- 
ty. (^od soQ, '^0 thistles nor ditch 
lien. School house on land. C. H. 
Evenson. 611 I>ulHai Avie. N., C5ty 
I 42tf 


WANTED— Clean cotton rags free 
; from buttons. 5c per pound. The 
Tribune. — 

WOOD SAWING— S. P. Sherbon, td- 
ephone 463-J. 524 Biverside Ave. 

FOR gAT.F. pE EENT7-270 acres 
four miles from Thief Eiver Falls. 
(Jood buildings, i AH under cultivation. 
35 acres alfaT^ Inqairej at Tribune 
office. i ■ 1 .42tf 

FOE SALE-^Pair 'of bob slei^is. 
Inquire Emil C^iiebst^n. | 42p 

ing machine.: Cheap. iHas West- 
inghouse motor,j Apply C. Storholm, 
724 LaBree avenue north! - 40tf 

Washing Machine die^t. Has 
Westinghonse motor. Apply C Stor- 
holm, TO4 li^ree avenue north. 40tf 

WANTED— A man. Woman Vr Hus- 
tling high school student, wishing to 
earn more, money. Be independenvand 
establish a buai^ss of .your own, sell- 
ing Watkins Products, bluest quialify 
in the City of Thief Eiver Fi^B..ex- 
dnsively. Also opoiings in oth^ 
nearby cities. Either full or part 
time. Many selling aids. Write to- 
day. J. R. WatkiiiB Co., Dept 95, Wi-. 
nona, Minn. " . 38-42 

FOE SALE— GOOD &-B001C hoose. 
- fall basement; 4 lots; on ^st gfde; 
for sale on.ea£9^ terms. Ihqmre of H. 
S.DaHen. | lOtf 

We have some cHenta who -wiU trade 
Oregon land in the WHliamette Val- 
ley, for improved farms here. H yon 
are mterested in Ore^on.'coine and 
see us. Empire Farms Co. 42tf 

FOE ^*T.F. CHIEAP— Womans good 
doth coat with! for. collar. Inquire at 
Tribune office.} • 88tf 

Suits made from old gazments. Com^ 
municate with lbs. Adolph B(dstad, 
IH mile sooth, of Alves school hooae, 
or leave ordec at Strand's Kzbceiy 
store. tf 


BOOMS FOB BENT — Fimdsbed 
and modem. 811 LaBree |Ay«. N. 85tf 

We are recdving some inqidiy for 
inqiroved &nnB dcrae to town. Jl yon 
want to sdl your farm, caQ at oor 
office. ISmpire Faimtf Company. . 

for rent at 606 LaBm avome N. 

Rxnn \(ith twojlieds. Inqnha at TifiK 
■ne <^See. ^ ) ; | '2Gtf 

for smaB'&zms, five to for^ acres, 
located vzlhih a half ndle'lo IN* 
nnles from town. Thooelianng' aoA 
mupeity to sdl, wxifce us or eall at 
onr office. Entpire Farms Co.- 82tf 

house for rent. Ai^y to W.; A. 

Bishop. i I ^ JOU 

a flat, or a doplez, call 68. IL- V. 

W. A. Bishop. Wtf 


Farm one ahd one-half nnles south 
?f Viking. Viery best slpil for pota* 
aos- or sugar b^ts. Tour own ferma. 
Squire of E. |B. Basumson at Shaw's 
office. ,. I 

■ 1 



BaHdn^- -vacated by .The 
Tribune on LaBiee avenue. 
Good basement^ fiiie hea&ig 
plant ReasohaUe rent Ap- 
ply at office of The tribone 
on Main avenue or Empire 
Farms Ca - tf 

Notice st MorfcAse Fozeclomre Sale.. 
X>e&iilt hATing been made ia the eon- 
ditlons of that cer^in moitsase cpntainice 
a. Power of Sale, by reason of wlilch de- 
fault 'said Pfiwer of Sale^has become op- 
erative, and /the Assignee of the Uortgagee 
hertinafter named is aotluiiaaed to dedare 
the vhole snia diie, sxd he hereby does 
declare said ; smn| due "which mortgage 
was dxeatedf by Bmest EL P^erson and 
Bertha Peterson, liis wife. Mortgagors to 
Merchants State £>ank of Bed lAke Falls, 
a corpotatibn created nnder the laws of 
the State of luzmesota, Ifortgagee, dated 
April A A. il>T 1S20, and recorded in the 
office of the Begister of I>eeds, of Penning- 
ton 'Connty I Minnesota, on the 15th day of 
April A^ d; :i820rat 8 o'doci A. M, in 
Boole 82 of snortgages, on page 4f7. 

Which said! mortgage, together with the 
delit- secured itiieisby. was duly assigned 
by said •Mftv.^iin^n State- BanJc of Bed 
TfS fcB FaUs,! Ulnnesata, Mortgagee to De- 
posit Bank ot WliJona, 'Wlnfina. IQnnesota . 
by -writteu assigninent dated May 10, A. D., 
lASO, and recorded In the office of the 
Bister of i Deeds of Pennlngtpn County, 
Minnsota, on M«y 15, 1A20, at 8 o'clock 
A. M., in Book 63 of Mortgages on page 
212, and wbich iaid mortgage,' tog^er 
with tbe debt secured thereby, was dnly 
assigned by> said Deposit Bank of Winona, 
Winona, lUlnhesoia, to Bobert B. Henry 
by written assignment dated May IS, lfl20. 
and recorded. In the otHce of the 'Begister 
of Deeds of i^amiiigton County, Minnesota 
on the 23rd ; day] ot Korember. U23, at 
1 o'dock P. M., in Book 63 ot Mortgages, on 
page 506. ' ' - 

And whereas, the said Bolwrt B. Henry, 
the assignee and bolder of said mortgage, 
on December 14t <', 1923 paid ddinan^t 
taxes npon^the niorfgaged property Itefe- 
1p«*ter described in the sum ot One Hun- 
dred Ninety-eight and 97-100 (¥198.97) 
Donars; andwhexeas, the said Bobert B. 
Henry, tbe. asrignee and hojder of said 
mortgage, has duly elected and does here- 
by elect to jded^re tlie whole prludpal 
snm of s^d' mortgage dne ■ and payable 
at tbe date of this notice, under the terms 
and condittons «{ saii mortage and the 
Power of Sale therein contained; ana 
whereas, there Is iactaally dne and d^med 
to be due at tlu^ date of this notice tl» 
sum of T«^ Thoutaod (|2DOOjOO) DoQam. 
with interest Uineon from the 9ax day of 
Aprils lS2i; ist t|ie rate ot six per cent 
per aaiium; and whereas, the said Power 
ot Sale has become operatiTe and no action 
or proceedings hjlrlug been Institnted at 
law or othenrlaei to recovsr the ddit ae- 
cnred by aald mortgage, or any part that- 
ot. -. . ; : 1 ■■ 

KOtr, THBBEFOBB, Notiee Is bereiiy 
gtrim. that iby Tittne ot the Power ot Sale 
contained in said mortgage and pnrraant 
to the statute In jsoch case made and pro- 
Tided, the said mortgage wHl be foreclosed 
by m sale I of tlie pronlses desc rib ed In 
and eoreredr by said mort gage. tIb: 

rChe Korthweit! Qurter (KWU) of Sec- 
tion Thlrtyrtovr! (Si), In ToinishU> One 
Hnndxed nfty-One OSS) NorOi. of Bange 
Thirty-nine 'OS) iWest of the Fifth prlnd-i 
pal Meridian, ateording to ' tbe . UBtted^ 
States gorenuBent surrey thereof and. eon< 
tabling IQQ «creii of land more or. less, tn 
Pennington Conntr and. Ste^ot Mlnsesota. 
WUch sale wta be. made by the Sheriff 
of said Pennington County, at .the Front 
Door ot the Coibity Court House at Thkf 
Birer FaBs, In bald County and State on 
the Tth day of Elebmary, ISH. at 10 o'dock 
A. M. ot Oat day at pnhUe Tendoa^ to 
the highest bidder for cash, to pay the 
amount then doe on said . mortgage *>^ 
intuest and thd snm of $19BJ7<fiDV~ taxes 
paid on aald jdCKribed . preailses, with 
interest from, dste oC^.paynMaUt; together 
with the coste and disburaementa ot snd 
sale and SeTenty-thre Dollan attorsey* 
fees' stlpulsted in said mortgage In ca 
of foreclosure. ' -_ 

Dated Decani a; 19, 1923.; -:' -"■.- ""■" /■ 
t - : -i _ ~ Asslgsee <* Jfortgagee. 
W. J. SMITH ■ .. . 
Attorney for Assignee of Morigagee, 
Morfsn >BJpd^ ": 

Winona,! Minnesota. ' ■ - < 

i D-aft^-2-B-U-2M0. V : 

Mertsi«o F«raelM«re Sate KdIIm. 
'Whereas deCanlt has been made in the l 
conditions ot; a certain Mortgage execnted 
and delirered by Serert O. Prestegoard 
ami Bllen B. Frest^oard, his wife, Mort- 
gsgozs, -to Catisens State Bank of a^hief 
Blrer FaQs, a corporation. Mortgagee, 
dated NoTemt>er Ifi. 3S18. and .with a power 
of sale ; therein contained, didy rewrded 
in the bfOee of the Bfgistipr of Deeds In 
and tot the county of Pennington and 
state of Minnesota, on Jnne 5, 1919, at 11 
o'clock' A. M.. in Bciok 61 ot Mortgages, on 
page SSI; and. Whereas, snch desalt con- 
sistS'ln'^the taUare of-sald Mott^«ors to 
pay the principal .sum of said Mortgage 
to^it. $800jOQ and interest ztomKoTonber 
20, 1920, and, fhzlher. In tlie failure of 
said Mortgagors to psjr the sum iaf 9T2jOO 
interest upon a i^^rior mortgage, in the 
principal sum sf 'jaSOOOO spon and eorer- 
ing the premises hereihatter dPBrrit>fd, 
vhkh Interest becsme doe and payable 
^pon snch ' prior ' ooztgage on Nonanber. 
'JO, 1922; an^ whereas, said Mortga^ did 
on KoTember 20, 19S2, pay sttch interest dnsj 
aa aforesaid on aoch prior Mortgage^ and,! 
Wheieas. there is'iaiqw rlslfof-d to be dne, 
and is dne on said Mortgage at the date 
of this Kotice, inilnaire ot such lutemt 
on said prior MIrtgage paid by the mort- 
gagee, with interest thereon aa proTided 
In said Mortgage, the total sum of fSUjOO, 
and. no action .or proceeding baring been 
Instituted at law. or otherwise, to recoTcr 
the debt secured by said Mortgage or any 
part there of. ■ » 

HBBEBY GIVEN, That by Tirtne ot the 
power of sale contained in ssid Mortgage, 
aiid pursuant to the statntc in such < ^"^ 
made and provided, the said Mortgage win 
be for eclo s ed by a sale of tlie premises 
described in and conveyed by said Mort- 
gage, via: 

The South half of the Northeast quarts 
(S« KE\0 of Section Seren (7) in ttwn- 
shi^ one hundred fifty-three (153), North 
of Bange Thirty-nine (39), "west of the 
fiftli printipal Meridian, contelnlng 80 
acres, more or less, according to the Gor- 
ermnent surrey thereof, In Pennington 
connty, and stete of Minsesute, which sale 
win be made by the sheriff of said cauzity 
of Pennington at the main front door of 
the Conrt House. In -the city ot Thief 
Birer FaBs, tn said county and state, on 
the 2nd day of February, 1824, at 10 o'clock 
A, M., of that day,'- at pnbUc vendue, to 
the bluest J)Idder for r;i8h. to pay said 
debt of 9841.00, and interest thereon from 
the date hereof to ijie date of sale, at the 
rate of nine per- cent per annum, and the 
taxes. It any, on said premises, and Twen- 
ty-firs doBars attorney's fees, as^pulated 
In and by said Mortgage in case of fore- 
closure, and the disDumemente allowed by 
law. subject to redemption at any time 
witUn one year from the day ot sale, as 
provided by law. 
Dated December 11, 19S3. 


Attorney for Mortgagee. . 
Thief Birer Falls. Minn. 



OOee ia atbon Stala BHk a<| 

Ihanwi <»Ite «a BaaUmn 111 

Waf Bbn lUb, Wim. 

Pr. J. T. Bowers 

Special AttcntiaB to SorEtqr aW 
ike Diaaaaea cf Wogun mi 

Offices: Vixsk Kstianal Bank Bids. 

^ Fhones: 


■■ -}~ ■ '■'-■ 

401 to 405* Enifi^t Ave. K. 
Thief Sver TbSIs, Mrnti, 


Hospital & Office, 350. Bes., 4S8-J 

A. W. Swedsibors. Fh. 6» BL D. 

PiiTadaii and Surgeon 
Special attrition Ear, Eye, Nose 
and Throat and Uttins of <^ny»w 


S1^lt. Hospital and Anaestfa^ics. 


fault has been nude In the conditions 
of a mortgage execnted by John E. DIcken 
and Lena Dicken, his wite. Mortgagors, to 
M. T. Erensou, Mortgagee, dated the 25th 
day of January, line, and recorded In the 
office ot the Begister of Deeds of Penning- 
ton Connty. Minnesota, on the 15th day 
of January. 1916. at 4 o'clock P. M., in 
Book 12 of Mortgages on Page 284 thereof; 
that snch dpft^n^t consists in the oon-pay- 
msit,- when due. of the principal and in- 
terest for which ttid mortgage was gtren 
as security; that the amount be 
dne^n said mortgage at this date, principal 
and interest, is Three Hundred Sixty-fonr 
and eS-100 Dollars (fSflLCS) ; that the prem- 
ises described in and covered by said 
mortgage are situated in - Pennington 
County. Minnesota, and are described as 
followB. to-wit: Lot Four (4) Block One 
a)> Zeh's Addition to Tlie Oty ot Thief 
Birer FaDa, MinnsBota. according to. the 
Plat thereof now on file and ot record in 
the office of the Begister ot Deeds. In the 
Connty ot Pennington, State of Mlnnesote; 
that by rlrtne ot the power ot ssle con- 
tained in said mortgage and pursuant to 
the statute In su^ case- made and prorid- 
ed, ttld mottgage win be foredoeed by the 
Hde of aald prmlses, at public vendue, to 
the Ughest bidder for cash, by the Sheriff 
of Pennington Connty. at the Bast front 
door ot the Pennington County Court 
House In the Oty ot Thief Biver Falls, to 
ssid County and State, on the 2Sth day of 
J«nnary, 1924. at 10 o'clock A. H., of Oat 
day. to satisty the amount then , due on 
mii mortgage, tog^her with the ct^m 
such sale and Tamty-ftre Dollars <t3SM}; 
Attomey^ foe** stipulated. In sMd 'mort- 

gaga, , 

Dated Deeembet 11, UM. - 

- Mortgagee. 

Attorney for Mortgagee. 
Thl^ mrer FaBs, Minnesota. 
I»ec. IS-lt-Sft^an. 2-8-ie. 

Iff m w 

D& a F. meLlbt 

' Eire, Bar, Nosa and Tln^^ 

.. DB. H. W. FBOEHUCp 
Sngafy and ObateCxica 

Internal Uedidnajand X-8a7 





bma F u r eiliit e Oonpaar 
. TUttVm TaOa 

Hskt OdI lU 

I Empire Farms 
Company * 


1 . 1 I 4 > i 1 > 

imm's ; 

memthljlcguch nRi 

Give Quick Relief 

Capital $36.«0 ^ 

cm PRorcRTV 


iBiinc Tms HihIimim to Hi. We 
FMadaa Oomteay andSOdeper 

: : ^5 Main Ave. North I 

: : Thitf Kiver Falls, Mioaesota I 

tm I III i« M I m I Mi l i 


Assured of 20 Times as Much 
Business as Old Agency 
In 1923. ■ 

^"■'Thenew Minnesota Potato Growers' 
Exchange celetratgd Near Year by an- 
nouncing tlie official acreage under 
contract had passed the 100,000 mark. 
. With this volume of business assured, 
the new association, should it start 
operations today, would handle 20 
times as much business as did the old 
Minnesota Potato Exchange in 1923 
and about nine times its tonnage in 
its. best year. These computations 
, were made after adequate deductions 
had been ih'ade for poor stock, local 
consumption, and seed purposes. ., 

The casK'.vMue of the business now 
assured the new. exchange at 50 cents 
a bushel, is estimated at $4,800,000 a 

The gross membership on January 
1 was 6,792, and was~growing at the 
rate of more than 150 contracts a 
day. X lull in contract receipts is 
expected until January 10, due to the 
fact that the field force was idle dur- 
ing the Christn^as week and voluntary 
workers were expected to' remain at 
home. ^ " 

Kittson county established a new 
record last week when additional con- 
tracts received at .the St. Paul ofiQce 
sent the oiBcial acreage signed there 
to more than SO per cent of all the 
potatoes in the county. 

Steary progress was reported from 
Clay and Polk counties. These two 
areas, first and second in the state, 
in point of production, expect to re- 
port their quotas by the middle of 
this month, according to C. H. Zea- 
land, secretary of the special Red 
River Valley committee. 

For the time being,, contract sign- 
ing was especially, active in the East- 
em counties, where the last organiz- 
ation effort- necessarily .must center. 
The Red River Valley section needs 
but 12,000 acres .to complete its or- 
iginal and admittedly high quota esti- 

tions, eoncdved tlft iW' of nakiiig 
a feature production yrhbse story was 
baSt upon the hoihan foibles tliat put 
so maai faith in "tncfc." • 
; The result has been ;a highly amus- 
ing cpmedyndrama of Tare.delHeation 
by Hinea aqd an all-star cast that is 
said to be well-nigh perfect. .CsntalDT' 
ing %9 it does a we^th of comedy 
situations 1^ is balanced nicely with 
enough dramatic moments to mfdce 
the production one th^t is apparently 
very much worth while .- 

Interesting to note is the fact that 
I'LuctV boasts of Violet Merseieau 
in its cast. } Miss Mei^ereau has the 
;mique distinction of having been the 
only American in the cast of "Nero," 
thj great spectacle photoplay th^t was 
made in Italy. Miss Mercereau was 
chosen by [the Pox Corporation to 
spend a year in Italy; as the leading 
lady of thisiproduction. So great was 
her success Ithat Producer C. 0. Burr, 
who is the sponsor for "Luck," imme- 
:diately engaged her to play the lead- 
ing feminine role opposite Johnny 
Hines. Alsb included in the cast are 
Robert Edeson, Charlie Murray, Ed- 
mund Breese, Flora I^ch, and Polly 
Moran — truly one of ; the greatets 
casts that bias ever graced a big pic- 
ture. "Luck" com^ to'l^e Princess 
theatre Friday and Saturday. 

"Why woirry?" 
think it helps? 

Aiiy way, do yon 

Man Dies Drinking Moon 
Made by Himself Before 
Others Get Even a Tdste 

Anthony Rutjes, a young Belgrade 
township farmer, - drank moonshine 
one evening last wfeek and his body 
was found the next morning, near the 
still, where he made the stuff. It 
seems he was operating the still and 
had started a bach of "moon" at mid- 

Ask Creameries to 

'{Back Selling Plan 

"We hope there is no creamery in 
the state that will help the American 
Stores company in its. fight to .block 
creameries in their effort to establish 
their own marketing program," says 
an offidal'statement issued last week 
by officers of the Minnesota Co-op- 
erative Creajneries' association. 

The statement recites the fact that 
the American .Stores 1 company has 
notified creameries whose~butter it 
has been buying thati "Signing any 
agreement which conflicts with your 
dealing direct with os'l will result in 
a demand for the' immediate return 
of equipm_ent for printing butter 
which ths' company sella under its 
own private {brand. 

"Obviously," says Ai J. McGuire, 
general manager, "the plan of the 
chain store ^is to holdi a club' over 
creameries by refusing jto buy butter 
from farmerrowned plants, tie direct- 
ors of which sign the association's 
marketing agreement. iWe have in- 
formation supporting the statement 
that the .cham store expects to obtain 
its supplies ifrom other creameries. 
The whole' question of establishing a' 
state butter [marketing agency de- 
pends upon ibe loyalty of creameries. 
If creameries work together and re- 
fuse to follow the dictation of the 
chain store, in a very short time we 
will be in position to give all member 
creameries as good or a better oflt- 

Coinmeida) Clqb,] 

The'club dinner on tKprajfgr.iwfll i 
Jie devoted to the interBst'vM ilte 
cteameiy, the object - Ming :ta 
show the farmer uie ."good lak-^ 
ness" of selling his butteif^t wd 
milk tb!his local cre^pMiy.^Br's 
hnndred invitations ha^'i b'een Is-' 
sued and'a large number are ex- 
pected to come. Oh Thursday 
the usual admission of 50. cents 
has been lowered tp 25 cents. ' 

The club recently acquired two 
sets of dishes so that there may 
be no sudden shortage in tight 

On Thursday, January 10^ the 
topic of the club meeting will be 
the county fair. Usually this sub- 
ject has been put off until later 
in the year, but this year proves 
an exception %nd a 'iietter than 
usual" program is expected to 1]e 
the result. ; ' . > 

in -the past. But if creameries per-, 
mit themselves to be victimized by the 
present effort to disrupt plans for a 
sta5e;^alcs agency, co-operation mar- 
ketmg will be greatly hampered. tWe 
Kppe no cre&mery will help this com- 
pany in its fight on the association." 
The Creamery association has sev- 
eral letters snj>porting its statement 
that a state^wide campaign against 
the sales plan Is under way. 


^-' , 

M. L, Corey, Federal Farm 

Loan Board, to Discuss 

New Credit Bank 

,wmiresPA Y, jAt{matTj?, v^ 

.Q)|se- '~Z<iailiiitt«es ■ alieiidjr- 
iiv'naiiied'-«nd: the complete. 
I)MjOn*el-'Tvill be ainDuncea, at iia 
opening ieailon..;--^ . ■--. i -."-' 

..''This plain -yrill give every fanSBr 
an' opportunity' to make known Us 
views on all] major problems confront- 
ingtheassodadoh. There will be no 
^e'taj sessions, .while the committees 
are in isesaibn, ?ays J. S. Jones, 'sec- 
retary.! .'y ' ^ 

Persons attending the convention 
are asked not to forget to obtain fare 
certificates at-the time'vthey puxdiase 
their tickets for St. Paul as 260 of 
theBe:must be received before the rate 
of fare andja half for the round trip 
becomes' effective. 

Indications point to a convention 
more than |three times as large 
those held heretofore. 

%,-,J?^ Wa'Somestead-In the toW oWtted by Alberfjohasoii- Tt^ fliii' 
of Notden,ab8ntS6~years ago -iBiid "--' " ' "■•-■"• - •• - •* 
When tie; Indl^ r*?ervatip'n open*!' 
up te'bdught affgrm in the town of 
Hickoryj^.where he Uved almost con- to the last year. Mr. Lee „ . 

" ??» -S*™™ l"^ 1^ sepa^ated^««ln iavenne; 

Hospital Notes. 

Mabel ,Ekstrom, the sister of Mrs. 
Fred ^.'Loijentson, Register of Deeds, 
who has neen suffering from a severe 
infection of] the finger, is coming 
along nicely. 

Helen Geska; who has been serionS' 
Jy ill during the past week vrith pleu- 
iw-pneomon|a, is getting along to- 
wards recoT^ry, - - * 

Joseph Djostal Sr., returned hom'e 
last Saturday after a week of con- 
finement _atjthe hospital, where he nn? 
derwent an joperatipn for the removal 
of a'tumorfrom his lower Up. 

Martha- Eallness who -was operated 
upon for appendicitis at the hospital 
left for homb on Monday, December 



of the W. C. T. II. who 

night. 'When he did not come- to '*' ^^^^ ^^^ ph^n store| has provided 
breakfast his -wife sought him and 
found him dead." The story is a piti- 
ful one as told by Mrs. Rutjes and 
intense excitement is felt in the com- 
munity. The plant is said to have, 
'been one.. of the most cleverly con- 
structed moon ■ manufactories' which 1 
has been unearthed in this part of 
the state. Rutjes leaves a %vife and 
smijll-^jChildfen. Albert Rutjes, a ' 
brolh'ep.'wa's indicted by the Nicollet 
county grand jury upon a charge of . 
manufacturing moonshine a year ago 
— Nicollet Leader. • ■ 

The fifth annual convention crff the 
Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation 
opens at St Paul next Tuesday, Jan. 
8. .' State^eadquarters today announc- 
ed that M. L.- Corey, members of the 
Federal Farm Loan board, would be 
on the program, the opening day to 
discuss the 'operation of flie new 
Inteiinedia'te Cre'dlt'b&ka.'.vte- 

A feature, of the convaidbn this 
year will'be.the'organizS1a6n~:''pf spe- 
cial committees, on the bp'oaing day, 
for an intensified 'study of-particidar 
problems confronting the county and 
state; Farm <lBu£eaus. These commit- 
tees, which, will include .dlreotprs and 
members of the .House of Delegates 
from all sections, -will . be in 'session 
much of the time during th'e conven- 
tion and their .recommeiidatibhsi -to be 
submitted the closing day, probably 
will constitute the major part of the 
federation's program in 1924. Chair- 

are interest^ in a pan»l shower for 
needy jmothers, will please meet at 
the home o|f Mrs. J. O. Sether, 715 
Knight avQiue north, on Tuesday 
'afternoon, January 8. , 

WANIPED-lGirl to work for room and 
board and attend school. Mrs. J. 

Lars Lee. 

On Monda,y afternoon at 2 o'clock, 
Lars Lee walked into the Central 
hotel, sat down in a chair, and when 
spokenito about five minutes later was 
discovejred to be dead. 

Mr. Lee was about 62 years old .and 
for th^ laatl two years. had been in 
poor h^lth.;: He suffered two strokes 
of -parijlysis isome time, ago, and has 
been c^nfined'in the "Physidans hos- 
pital twice and had been discharged 
from there Ifanly a few days before 
his dce:{Ji. Death is said to be due to 
Bright's dii'case and a weakened 
Iigart, j| 

L^rs JLee Iwas bom in Trondhjein,' 
Norwajr, andj emigrated to this coun- 
try, after serving his tiine in the army. 

Johnny Hines Coming to 
Local Theatre in "LUck" 
On Friday and Saturdav 

,— -, * !, 

*The -^ere mention of the word I 
"luck" •brings, with it a train of re- , 
miniscence's where that favored word ; 
didn't come within a mile of us when ' 
we were praying at some time or ^ 
other. for the so-called "breaks" to- | 
come our way. We all know how it 
feels to have "Luck" against us when 
we are particularly in need of it, and ' 
knowiiiy: that abject feeling when 
the other fellow gets the "break" of 
the game we can all very well ap- ' 
pieciate the humor in the situation. ■ 
With that idea in mind that inimit- j i 
able humorous artist of the screen, 1 1 
Johnny Hines, whose characterizations I 
. as "Torchy" and as the hero of the ' 
liilai'iou.sly funny "Burn .'Em up - 
CarDos"-and "Sure-Fire Flint," made 
theatre-goers the country over laugh . 
joyously with him I'li th^se produc- i! 







:' , IN-QLD- .4 

■ : .STOS ■ 

■ We will take jr^r old nrd 
^dilapidated shoes, mfike tbeni 

■ strong .an.d.JMr-'iceabIfe--ag4iii. 
,' Do away witn '\va?te. Let uij^ ■ : 

repair, your, old shoes. Don't- ;[ 

, throw them in the ash .can ' •■ 

;when they can be made a.s- ; ;■ 
(good as hew. 

We work while "you" wait^ i- 
-We pay parcel poet one -way. '. i 


A dollar under lock and ki^i is wort 
ill your pocket, ' Ndt true, you'll ^ay, h\ 
sider a moment aiidi you -U agr^e withi us. 
guarded dollar means no fear of loss; by 
spend-^thrift or speculation. 

i two 

it con- 



You'll think twice before you remove the 
guard, because he's your dollar'g^best friend. 

Here we extend the utmost vigilance to 
keep yqur dollar intact—we offer savings or 
checking accounts, and for your convenience 
highly protected safety boxes. ' ' 

First National Babk 

Mrs<>Becken' was- a very, estimabli^ 
Woman 'and. the loss to bar, mai^'^ 
fhends is very gx^t indeed. - 

his wif6s§veral years ago. Heissur- 
vli^by two children, Martha, who is 
married and^livea iji St. Paiil,;. and 
J*™i who lives in Grantaburg, Wis.; 
with his mother. No' arraiigepisnla 
have yet been made for the' fiinerali 

Anne Lucy Beclien. 

On Friday, December 28,' at the' 
home of her daiighter, Mrs. Ed. Thor- 
stad of Lbckhaft, Miiin., occurred the 

death, of Anne Lucy Becken of this^f.. — , — », ... -. 

city. Peath came suddenly and al- lufT-Senrjf were:at the funeral, 
most mthout.waming while' the aged -- - • • ■• 

lady was celebrating the 'Christmas 
seMon at her daughtei-'s home. She 
had left her home in tliis dty a few 
days before feeling fliie except for 'a 
slight earache and nothing was 
thought of the' matter. un'fll'^e: day 
before' her death, -when it seemed -to 
get worse. On Friday the pain had 
ceased, but Mrs. Be<£en was -very 
wealc and remained in bed. .Suddenly 
it -was discovered that ishe'-was un- 
conscious and could - not ^W revived. 
She died about eight hours later, 
death :being caused by the breaidiig of 
a malignant mastoid and the pus com- 
ing in tfontact with the brain. 

Annel'Lucy Becken was l>om Sep- 
tember 2T, 1857, in Norway, arid came 
to Ottertail «6nnty, Minnesota, in the 
year 1882. In the fall of the Fame 
year she mairried Mr. Becken. They 
lived in Ottertail until, 1884, when 
they iriovedlo Thief Kiver Falls and 
took as their homestead the farm now 

lived and ralsied tfieir family, of aix: . 
cMdren, allof whom art Uying. ijB :' 
few years 'ago^they- sold the rahnaml^ 
^tier a short sojourn' in likeaat^/1 
moved to'' the present home ott'HortUi : 
'ehue; ■ - ■ ^ . -hr;.. 't-J',;- 

The funeral was held on)Usnd|^^' 
from -Larson's undertaking '. parlbxS '■: 
buri^ beiiig'iri Gireenwood beniet^^'. 
; ^e leaves to mourn her loss besidetl ' 
.her%usband and numerons' 'fiien^li -.; 
her four son's; Peter : who lives -'.i&.\: 
Erskine; Sig, of Nprthome;-Gilb,ert-M- ■■ 
this city; and Henry,^.gj^- 
miner in Columbia, South 'Amerf^^ 
There are'also two "daughters"; .-1&Si-,_ 
Ed. Thofstad of Lockhart, and MtSl 
p. ,Bj.Hnltin, of Wing, N. D. 41!; 

'why worry?* 

^ — 


Johnny Hin6s 



Peppery 'Johnny Hines in his g reatest yet. 
A veritable cyclone of laughs, thrills " 
speed, pep and punch. ".;■ ^ ' 
Added Attraction * > ■ 
George CHara 

"ROUND TWO" of The Fighting Blood 

Series by H. C. Witwer in Colliers Weekly Stories 
Matinee Saturday 2:30 ^, 
10c and 20c 


■ ii^' 

jjjW/^i^/W;/ j;jor.eph M.Schenck '. ; \..i.,l 

Noima falmadge 

in Bayard Veillers j3rnou5 piay ^^ 

Within the Law' 

..directed by Frank 'Lloyd .. 


A JiTJiit national 9lcture 

Supporting Cast Includes 
Jack Mulhall, Lew Cody, Eileen Percy 

and other noted screen celebrities. 
A truly great American play of today. It's about 
folks like us who do the best tWey can. 
Matinee^unday2:30 ^ 


Anita Stewart , , 
—in — - r 
"ROS&O'THES^A:: , - 

It.ranks among the strangest stories ever told. 



: : 4>) M ii MHVn i r t O t ' *i ' >tt 



^Xf 4^..t<;±>_Mf« 

■ --^nnjjjiij^iri 


I ii 

a^^-i'frfi^i'^ri'^'lj^-jf'^'l'^ ?.f.r.jj'^'^.iwr'jM^£A>^-...»S'.j|^j^ 

Vol. 23. No. 43 


^QP a Year'is A9v^c& • ( 


- t 

J. S. Roy Named Vice Chair- 
man at Annual Meeting' 
Held Tuesday. 

New State Road Granted 
From City North to Mar- 
shall County Line. 

Lamberts Take Southern Vacation.! 
Mrs. Roy Iisbibert, andl son George 
left on Monday night for Detroit 
where she'willlbe join'edJon'Wednes- 
day by Mr. Lambert! After visitihg 
at the home ot Mrs. Lambert's sister 
a i^ days, th^y will proceed to Min- 
neapolis whereithey will meet Mr. and 
Mrs. M. E. Lambert of McCloud, Cal- 
ifornia, who have been viailing in fhat 
city,' The t\vo [families will then pro- 
ceed westward Jto McCloud, where the 
Roy Lambertst expect toj visit for a 
month. The ieason for; the trip to 
the southwest! coast, besides to gain 
a much needed vacation, lis that Mr. 
Lambert's mother is very! ill and they 
feel anxious about her. J 

The Pennington county board of 
commissioners held their first meeting 
of the new'year on Tuesday, with .all 
members present. The first meeting 
of each year is largely given over to 
organisation and attending to matters 
of administration in county aairs. 

A. \V. Hanson, commissioner from 
the First di.strict, was elected chair- 
man of the -ooard for the ensuing 
year, and J. S. Roy of the Fourth was 
chosen as vice chairman. (Jlommittee 
appointments were postponed luitil 
the ne.\t meeting of the board, which 
mil be, held at the call of the county 
auditor! . ' , ., . 

The sum of ?6,000 was levied for 
the county sinking fund, and the board 
approved a petition for a state aid 
road extending from the S.0O round 
house north past the golf links to the 
Marshall county line. It is expected 
work on the proposed improveraent 
will be started as soon as conditions 
next spring will permit. ^, , , 

By a vote of th^ee to two, the board 
refused to grant an appropriation of 
?2,000 for aid of the farm bureau. 
Messrs. McGinn and Roy voted in fav- 
or^f the appropriation, while Hanson, 
Larson and Olson registered their 
votes in opposition. _ 

The board voted an appropriation 
of 5125 for the Red River Valley De- 
velopment association, to assist that 
organization in its work of bringing 
to public notice the resources of this 
section of the state. 

The Thief River Falls Times was 
awarded the contract for the county 
printing for 1924 and the board des- 
ignated that publication as the ofiicial 
paper for the ensuing year.. 

Salaries for next year ^wBre-fixed- 
by the board. The only change made 
was in the salarj- of the court house 
janitor, Paul Miderigh, who was 
granted an increase from $60 to $60 
per month. Other salaries remain the 
same, with the sheriff receiving $1,- 
320 per year, the county superintend- 
ent of schools $1,440, and the county 
attorney $1,200, with an extra allow- 
ance of $300 for office rent. The 
county auditor's salary is '$2,000. 

Alter attending to a few minor de- 
tails and passing the usual grist' of 
bills, the board adjourned to meet at 
the call of the county auditor. 

High School Boys Tackle 
Stephen Squad in Second 
Basket Battle of Season 

LaBree Avenue Clothing 
Store Closes and Stock 
Is Shippjed to NJew Place 

The Saye-U.JMoney clothing store, 
which has been operating on "LaBree 
avenue under Ithe ■ management of 
Arthur E. Keith for the past nine 
months, early this weei closed its 
doors to the public The owners of 
the establishment, which was one of a 
chain of clothing stores! with head- 
quarters at Stillwater, .^ecided the 
field here is riot sufficiently large to 
'^rrant continuing the business and 
accordingly -the stock will be shipped 
to Stillwater aiid merged! with that of 
another store t belonging! to the con- 
cern. . I ; 

Mr. Keith will remain I here for 
short time to close up his aWairs, after 
which' he expects to go to\ Stillwater 
to associate himself with the central 
store. He is {very much impressed 
with this section of the state, how- 
ever, and expects to re-engage in busi- 
ness at some future time in Northern; 
Minnesota, ' ; ! . 

What the building occupied by .the 
store in this iity will be used for is 
as yet unknown. ! - 

Bonn^l. of :the .police department, and 
for the; preseni; A. D, Ralston wUl re^ 
main as ciiief and Ed. Krogstad as 
night patroImaQ. ; 

The ofliciaTborid of Municipal N. W; 
Tarrant was accepted and filed, as v^as 
the report of .the. dairy inspector.. 
Math Barren was appointed to, serve 
another four.^.ear term as .a member 
of the park board, and it was decided' 
to open bids for city depository and, 
city printing on Januarx29. The apr' 
plication of T. A. Tasa ilir a billiard 
and liowling . license was laid on the 
tablf until the ripct meeting. 

E. Mf Behnes Purchase 
.interest in Merchants 
State Bank, St. Hilaire 

' Some Holsleitts on the Peiudhgton Connt; Fazm of -Halu Anton. 

One of Pennington County's 
Leading Banks Forced 
* to Suspend Business. 

General Condition Held Re- 
sponsible for Embar!rasS' 
ment of Institution. 


t ■ - i . , 

Korstad Brothers Launch 

Venture jWith Prospects 

For Success. 

The Citizens State Baiik of Thief _ A hew- city ^ government is now in 
River Falls, one of the oldest banking .charge 6f-affairs in Thief RiverFalls, 
iristitutipns. in the section, was closed the reigiis; being turned over'to'the 
la^t Sa^rday by general ■'agreement recently jelecteii' officials last evening 
l^t^veeri the officers' anil the^ state when Uie old^cbuncil met to !close up 
banking department on account of de- 'its afifairs and the new" cdunul organ- 
pleted .reserves, ; ' ized. A; A. Briimund, alderman from 

The Thief River Falls! Box Factory, 
'Inc.,' is a new toncern which -will-begin 
operations in this city the latter part 
of this week. jThe factory is under the 
management of Karl and William Kor- 
stad, both old Iresidents of Tliief River 
Falls, and very well known. . The 
machinery, composed of bolter saws 
and edgers \Vhich will \ be -run by 
electricity, are being setupi A dry- 
ing room is also under construction 


Recently Elected Adminis- 
tration Assumes Reigns 
-['■ . 
Economy aJhd Law Enforce- 
ment Sounded as Keynotes 
of Future Policy. 

E. M. Bennes, ! prominent Thief 
River Falls business man, vice presi- 
dent and director of the First National 
bank and district agent- for the Lin- 
coln Life.Insnrance .company, recently 
purchased a sttbstantial interest in the 
Merchants State bank; of St. Hilaire. 
At "the annual = meeting held Monday 


First Semester Closes Next 
Week With All Depart- 
ments Progressing. 

l^irty Students Finish 8tU 

Grade and Take Up High 

School Work. 

The Citizens bank haia always been 
regai'ded' as one of the most' reliable 
institutions in the city and the clos- 
ing o'f its doors occasioned no little 
Eiii-prise.. The action -is €Sasily account- 
ed for, however, when contemplated 
in" the light . of the bank's inabiUty to 
realize iipon its loans and discounts 
during the fall season.- _. 

The bank ijolds an uhusti^lly large 
amount of real estate of unquestion^ 
value, ' but -ihe lack of movemeilt^iir 
farm land again thwarted the efforts' 
.01' the bank's officers to keep up their 
legal resei-ve. In receat months heavy 
withdrawals on the part of depositors 
made the situation increasantly diffi- 

When the bank waS closed last Sat- 
ui^ay, G. P, Daily of ttffe state de- 
partment of harildng\ was placed in 
chrage. The' permanent receiver for 

The second district game of the 
season will be played on Friday night, 
January 11, at the auditorium. This 
time it is between the Lincoln quint 
and Stephen. The probable lineup for 
the evening will be: Forward, . Paren- 
teau, Bennes or Olson; forward, Pen- 
ney, Larson, or McCrum; center, Seth- 
', er or Mulry; guard, Sorenson of Lan- 
gevin; guard, Bar2en or Streeter. 

The pep shown by the boys in the 
first district game in which- they_were 
the victors, will be remembered and 
should prove a crowd drawer. Good 
preliminaries are promised and the 
game proper will begin at eight sharp. 
The admission will be the usual, 15 
ceiiis and 35 cents. 

Third of Series of Golf 
Club's Dances Scheduled 
For Friday Night, Jan, 11 

which will be; heated by 1000 feet of ^^ ^^^^ j,....«..„. ...c.v.x ... 

pipe. When this is ready, byrthe end the institutioii wU be John Bratrud, 

of this week, ;the facto^ willTje able L^j^^ ^jj^y recentiy w^ in charge of a 

to dry green boards in 24 hours time, ^^^^j^ ^^ ^^^gyle. 

Egg cases will be the specialty of the 

factory aithopgh. any kind, of a box 

ordered can be made, iand with the 

machinery . now installed, 4,000 boxes 

can be turned out every 24 hours. To, 

make the boxes, green! poplar wood 

will be used and it is thought that in 

the vicinity of Thief River Falls there 

is enough of ;this timber to keep the 

factory well supplied for two or three 

years. ' f; ' ■ 

At present jthe factory is located in 
the building 'formerly known as the 
Sundahl garage, but" this- location is 
temporary, ifo the spring the factory 
will be moved to a point near one of 
the railroads and should circumstances 
warrant it, l^ger quarters *ill be oc- 
cupied. ! I _ 

The beginning, of course, is simply 
a trial in this line,*^t the idea hfe 
been threshed outvery thoroughly and 
it is thought! that the demand- among 
jobbers for ttns particular class, of 
goods will keiep the factory turning to 
capacity. i 

Union Plumbing Co. Fire 
Wrecks a Car and Smokes 
Shop; Loss Considerable 

The closed "bank, of which Olaf 
Ramstad is president, is capitalized, 
at $50,000, and has a surplus ~"of 
?10,000. Its loans and' discounts ag- 
gregate $624,000', while the combined 
checking and time deposits total $611,- 
000. i - . 

While no definite assurances are at 
hand regarding the re-opening of the 
bank, it is asserted by the examiner 
in charge that adjustments will be' 
made with the assistance of the offi- 
cers of the institution to the end that 
the bank may be opened again for 
business as soon as possible.. 

The tjhird of the series of dancing 
parties given during the winter season 
by the Thief River Falls, Golf club at 
the Sons of Norway haii is scheduled 
to take place next" Friday evening-. 
Special pains have been tcdcen to ar^ 
range for the oQcasion and the very 
best of music has been secured. All 
of the club members and a large num- 
ber of their friends are expected' to 
be present and it goes without saying. 
that the occasion- will prove a very 
pleasant one for all concerned. 

Delegation Attends Meet 
at Crookston Church on 
Monday Evening, Jan. 7 

A delegation from the Thief River 
Falls Presbyterian church, composed 
of Rev. Charles Gerlinger, F. F. 
Haynes, Roy Roberts, H. M. Rhodes 
vand Geo. M. Wilson, motored to 
^Crookston Monday evening and at- 
tended a men's conference held at the 
^Presbyterian-church in that city. Fol- 
lowing a fine banquet and an open 
forum, an address by Dr. Weir, na- 
tional men's work secretary for the 
Presbyterian church, was enjoyed. 
Rev. Jaeck of the Presbyterian church 
at Hibbing also delivered a splendid 

Last Friday, during the noon hour, 
a fire startedi In the rear room of the 
Union Plumbing and Heating com- 
pany's building beside the pbstofflce 
and before it could l>e extinguished, 
had completely wjecked.the company's 
service car. and damai|ed :tlb''I)ml'dofg. 
to the extent of sevewl huhdreii dol-. 
lars. \ i 

Spontaneous combustion is suppof- 
ed to have started the| fire and quite 
a. headway had been i gained before 
the flames were discovered by HJmeat 
Possum,- one (of the firm. He sent in 
the alarm, bij); before the firemeaxonld 
arrive, the service car had been re- 
duced to junk and codsiderahle dam- 
age done to jthe shop, i However, the 
speed and emdencyof-the fire fighters 
saved ihe building and business .went 
on as usual tije following day. 

St, John'siLutheran Church 


evening^ftr." Bennes was elected vice 
president, and a director of the St. 
Hilaii« banking in^tution, ' and will 
be active- in its. management. 

Mr., Bennes has had niore than 20 
years! of .actual .banking . experience 
arid:ia a; man- of thorough banking 
knowledge." His connection ■ with the' 
Merchants State bank at St. Hilaire 
should therefore prove of much value 
to that corporation. 


Hold Joint Installation With 
Eastern Star on Thurs- 
day, January 3. 

the Third ward, is the only member 
of the old: council who continues to 
serve on the new body; T. A. Fossum 
takes the place of C. Frosethin the 
First ward, Chris Porter succeeds 
John Dahl in the second, tO. A. Ram- 
beck takes over the seat held by An-; 
duew Ness; in the Fourth, while. Oscar 
A. Paulson and M. V. Evenson suc- 
ceed 0. L. Ihle and Severn Brandon as 
aldermen-at-large. J., S- Ameson. is 
now mayor oS-the dty, taking the 
place of John \ Bratrud; and Scott 
Laird succeeds' G. Howard Smith as 
special municipal judge. ' 

The. old council met at 8 o'clock 
with all members present, considered 
and filed the regular monthly reports, 
and passed the usual grist of bills. 
A vote of thanks to the retiring offi- 
cials, in behalf of -the . dozens of The local branch of the Masonic 
Thief River fl^ls, was offered- by W; lodge held a joint installation with the 
J. LaBree; The old council then ad- Eastern Star lodge on Thursday; Jan- 
joumedand retired from public/ser- uary 3. The Eastern Star had their 
vice. : t . 1 installation first with Mrs. E. O. Mo&- 

The new council met at 8:30 and ensen as installing officer and -Edna 
proceeded at once to organize by Larson as marshal. The officers elect- 
electing M. V.^Evenson chairman and.ed are as f'ollows* Mrs. Bessie Robin- 
Ht- A. Brumund jrice chairman. The! son, worthy matron; Elmer M. Ben- 
foUowiiig Icommittes were announced: ;nes, wortiiy patron; Mrs. Hattie Man- 
Financ^-Bnuimnd, Paulson and Fos-jther, assistant worthy matron; Mrs. 
sum; Health-4Health Officer, Porter, Lillian Cronkhite, secretary; Mrs. An- 
Brumund;; Poor — ^Fossum, Porter, na Kinghom, trasurer; Mrs. iois 
Brumund I and Rambeck; Roads,' 'prichard, conductress; Mrs. Helen 
Streets ■ and . Sidewalks — Paulson and Brink, assistant conductress; Miss 
Evenson; Licenses, Printing and Mu-| Esther Werner, Adah; Mrs. Thelma 
nidpal I Buildings— Rambeck, Porter Erickson, Ruth; Miss Carolyn Melby, 

.Nfext week brings to .a close the 
first semester, which is the- first Half 
of the school year, and plans are 
being made, now^of the organization 
of the work for the second semester,* 
The last three days of ne:^ week will 
be occupied in- high^ school with the 
giving of the midyear examinations, 
while the grade work will go on in the 
usua) manner. 

Some changes will be made. thru-, 
out the school system. About 3D stu- 
dents are candidates for graduation 
from -the dghth grade and for en- - 
trance into high school. Plans are 
completed for. their accommodation. 
Mrs. Campbell, who has substituted 
in the eighth grade during the first* 
semester will, therefore, n^onger be 
regularly employed. On the other 
hand, Harold 0. Hand, a graduate of 
Macalester college, has been engaged 
afi ■ an additional teacher in high 
school No -additional teaching force 
wil Ibe hired to ' 
ginn'ers who are to start at iiis time 
since reorganization, of the lower de- 
partments will make room for the new 
ones. . .^. f 

Parents of children becoming six 
on or before March 24, should make it 
a point to notify Superintendent SiHi- 
leyas early as possible -in regard to 
such child or cluldren in case " they 
wish them to start school at tiiis 
time. It should also be kept -in mind 
that any child eligible for first grade 
entrahce according to"Hhe above rule 
should present himself for admission 
before twa weeks have elapsed. This 
requirement . is adhered to in order 
that the class that starts on time may . 
not have to be held back for tbe bene- 
fit.of.. a ilate entrant. .It is also of in- 
dividual benefit to the pupil; for a 
late start means a poor start, and 
chances -are the child will become dis- 
couraged and will not do well regard- 
less of natural ability. 

Looking back over the semester, it 
must be admitted that the work thus 
far has been of- an unusually high 
order. Parents, school board, sup- 
erintendent, teachers, and pupils are 
on the whole well slitisfied and enthu- 
siastic over the work accomplished. 


Find Error in Advertise- 
ments and Secure Freej 
^Ticket to Princess, i 

oh -page five of this issue of The 
Tnbune willt be found an advertise- 
ment which is of more th^n usual in- 
teii^st to readers of this j)aper. . The 
page is composed of eight advertise- 
npents for l^ief River Falls, bu^esa 
jflaifies, eadi advertisement^nay 
I>e;^ouiid a,,typdgrahical error. These 
errors are intentional and easily jdis- 
covered if seardi is made. One-etror 
wilt'^i&fi^:JFound in* each advertisement 
up(m Sose investigation. ^ J ' 

And here is the reason why the 
errors aro placed in the ' ads. The 
Princess theatre wants to fin'H out if 
people reallv read advertisements and 
to reward tiiose ^vho do will give ten 
free admissions to that popular show 
house to the first ten people bringing 
the advertisement to Tlie Tribune 
office with the' errors .marked, one' ad- 
mis^on toleach peraon. - . 
Here is a chancie to test your ability 

Holds aiBusindss Meetind^?,oVSlhrp';^'?e"L'l^^'S^ 

cept the center panel occupied by the 

The annual meeting |of the St. John 
Lutheran congregatioii was held last 
Friday evening in the basement of the 
church: Ailj of the rehiring officers 
were re-elected for thfe ensuing, year,, 
as. follows: | August' j Krause, elder; 
Hans Antonj trustee [and secretary; 
A. E. Zellmer, treasurer; .Albert Ges- 
ke, chairmaij. All reports submitted 
indicated that the copgregatioh had 
enjoyed a very successful and pros- 
perous year. 

i^^.^ ,m. 

Princess. Find' them all, bring them 
to .this office.. and get a free ticket to 
the Princess.' Looks easy, doesn'siit?- 

Weathi^ Moderates, . , 
After a week.iof real winter temper- 
ature, the weather man's heart soften- 
ed to. the extent! of furnishing this sec- 
tion of th^ state with weather o'f a 
more desirable quality. The "change 
is appreciated! by everyone. 

and Paulson; Water and Light — ^Even- 
son, Porter and Rambeck. 

Contrary to the general nde May- 
or Ameson made no definite recom- 
mendations to:the council. In a brief 
address. he made the statement that 
severaliimportant matters would come 
before 'the present council for solu- 
tion, sUch as a change in the manner 
of caring .fori the- city poor, but he 
deemed it wise to fully investigate 
the situation with menihers of the 
council ibeforej suggesting changes. 

With' reference to law . - enforce- 
ment the ' mayor emphatically called 
upon the council ioic advice and as- 
sistance in permanently ridding the 

Esther; Mrs. Adeline Heggan, Mar- 
tha; Mrs. Marie Tandberg, Electa; 
Mrs. Tena Bayson, warder; Frank 'L. 
Chris^nson, sentinel; Mrs. Gretei 
Arnold,- chaplain; Clara Bennes, mar- 
shall; Mary Smith, organist. 

-As a token of their regard, the 
chapter presented the retiring officer, 
Mrs. Mogensen, and Edna Larson with 
boquets of lovely roses. Mrs. Mogdn- 
sen' was also presented -with a past 
matron's jewel by Mrs. F. F. Haynes 
in behalf of the Winslow chapteir. | 

■The masons followed with their in- 
stallation, with F. F. Haynes as in- 
stalling officer and V. C. Johnson as 
marsball; The following officers were 

city of undesirable characters, making I elected: worthy patron, 0. C. Pani- 
spiecial mention of men who have been son; senior wazilen, Qirlst Storholin; 
persistent -violators of the liquor lanvs. : junior warden, B. F. Umlan^; treasur- 
His statement) to the council last j er, Adolph Eklund; secretary, Andrew 
night would indicate that it is the pur- Bottelson; 'seniov'deacon, % K Gage; 
pose of Mayorj Ameson to bring about ' junior deacon, C>. 6. Gulradi senior 
the closest co-operation between his : steward, .Bemhard Nelson; junior 
office, the cbuhcU and the siieriS'a, steward, Samuel Plough; tyler, H. M- 
office in;ali matters relating to the Olson; marshal, B. bui Bjorkmanj' 
policing of the. city. . I . After both installattong were com- 

In the;rmatter of law enforcement |.pieted, refreahments 'Wew-servadiky. 
as welllai other matters of importance craftsmen in uniform captained by.[T. 
the mayor wil^ follow the rule of mak- H. Chittick. Uusic followed with 

ing recommendations fh>m time to 
time to the qiiy council. 

Several changes were made in the 
appointive portions of 'the - city's 
official! family. P. G.. Peterson,, for 
years.deputy «lerk, replaces A. H, 
Akre as city clerk, while Miss Emily 
Fossum Js giv^n theposition formerly 
held by Mr. Peterson. ■ No decision 
was readied :ih the. matter of dty at- 
tomey,.^hysioian or health officer. H; 
O. Hoff is retained, as street commis- 
siouer,:Theb.' liee as fire wagon' ilriver,- 
Ole Legvold' ia ^petinteiident of the 
water dhd .light idepartment, . . -Alex; 
Welch land W. S. Ferris as' electHa- 
ans, Chas. E^rause, G. Adelphs and 
G. Anderson is engineers, B. G. Cook 
as auditorium; janitor, and .John Mey- 
er as garbag^. coUector. . John Holm- 
gren replaces iMartin K Oen as super- 
entendent of ilncinerator. Action on 
poor niatrAn, jlibrariani janitor at the 
library and cemetery sexton was d^ 
ferred 1 awaildnK recomniendationa of 

St Hilaire Man Attends 
University Short Course 
For Creamery Operators 

William Kruse, of St. Hilaire, is 
attending the university's short course 
for creamery operators which is given 
every winner at University Farm, St, 
Paul. The course opened Monday, 
December 31, and will last until Sat- 
urday, Feb. 9. Sixty young men, all 
of them from . Minnesota except ten 
from Wisconsin and four from Iowa, 
are taking the course. This is in ex- 
cess of the normal enrollment. In- 
struction and practical work are being 
given in the use of the Babcock test, 
the grading of cream by use of add 
tests, pasteurization and ripening of 
cream, use of starters in producing 
desired flavors, methods of controlling 
the composition of butter with refer- 
ence to moisture, fat, and salt, and - 
many other subjects pertaining to suc- 
cessful creamery operation. Instruc- 
tion is also being given 'in up-to-date 
bookkeeping methods. C. D, Dale of 
the university's dairy." school is in gen- 
eral charge of the course. Members 
of the University Farm faculty and 
several outside expert creamery man- 
agers and butter-makefs are assisting 
him in training the students. 


Electric Power Concern 
^^: Develops. New TCTiitory; 

dancing: and quite a large pumber 
were present as friends of the mem' 
bera had been invited, and there were 
quite a few visitors. I 

The next regular meeting of the 
Masons will be oh January 17, and 
members axe urged to attend, as con- 
siderable work is to be done and some 
candidates are to be brought up that 
evening, ' ■ ^ - 

Personal Property Taxes 
IMed in This Issue of Thje 
Tribune; Look 'Em tip 

'■-.■■^ ,^—^ — 1 

This copy of The Tribune contans 
a list; ot Arsons paying personal 
propertyi^-taxea in Pennington county 
for the. year 1923, and the amount as- 
sessed against each. The personal 
piroperty' taxr list should^ prove of -in- 
terest to every. resident of the couhty,- 
and'it might be well to preserve this 

' The Minnesota Electric Distribut- 
ing company, with headquarters at 
Crookston, has been maldng rapid 
strides in developing /hew territory 
during, the past year, - The "high- 
line" is now built north as -far as 
Hallock from Crookston and the com- 
pany is in position to give Hallock 
24-hour service. This will done, 
however, until the liiie is- rebuilt be- 
tween^tepBeh and -Argyle, which will 
require aboiit a week loiiger. When 
this is a)»amplished, all 'Ullages and 
cities served by the <;ompany wUI b« 
provided with any amount of power 
and Ught which may be required. 

the vatibuB boards in charge of. these: copy for fatnre..reference. , The com-, 
branches. No- action was taken at plete list -wiB be found on pages eignt; 
tlila meeting witli regard to the per^ J nine aiid. tea of thispapor. . 


-Legion MeetsThuisday, 

A mee"ting of Elmer' J, Eklund post 
of. the American Legioii. is' announced . 
to take place in the cliib roonis of the 
organization tomorrow. (Thursday) 
eveniiig, jConsidprable important 
business is to come np for considera- ^ 
^on'at this time and. a large attend-, . 
aiice'is desired by the officers of the 
post. At the dose of the meeting a 
splendid Inndi will be served. 






« gpig^^J^g*!^ 







Last Saturday evening at eight 

o'clock Miss Sophie Swanson a^d 

: Alvin Evenson, son of Mr. and UJs. 

CM Eycnson, 611 Duluth avenue 

Mrth.' 4lo united in the holy bonds 

nf matrimony. The ceremony took 

Ice at The Trinity parsonage, vath 

Eev T. E. Sweger officiating in the 

• presence of Miss Aila Pokela and 

I ^tS;?:.SSngparties^a«^w^>> 

; ^-Snft^iharsig pa^i 

S year^ been employed here and the 
croom has been here PtMhcally aU 
I[s 7fe" Their many friends «tend 
iJ them sincere wishes for a happy 

. wedded life. 

Ifth^rTolietn ftfDd^er-Me^n «?> "the', wh^ ^^.tJ^ 



Ole AnKundaon. . 

Mrs. 0. N. Olson, who resides east 

of this city, received a telegram on 

Monday, last, bringing the .sad news 

of the death of jher : brother, Ole 

Annundson. Mr. i Annundson's deata 

was caused by anemia' and throat 

trouble for which he had been in Thief 

River Falls during the last summer 

taking treatments. I ! „ . „„ 

Mr. Amundsen, was iborn Feb. ^6, 

1872, at Big Canoe in Alimace county, 

Iowa. In 1898 he married iMlss lana 

Holm of Northfield who died in 1910 

leaving besides her husband, five 

children: Mrs. H.' Kenner and Mrs. J. 

Bachiner of Minnewauken, N. D.j ana 

Sidney of Starkweather; and Evelyn, 

also at home in' Starkweather. Be^ 

sides his children, Mr. Annimdson 

leaves to mourn his loss, three Bistere, 

Mrs. J. H. Jacobson of Grand Forks, 

N. D : Mrs. O. N. Olson of this city: 

--•■'• ■*'- '*"• "ad 

IB orvwici, """, "...«— ; — —• ~, ,' 

Mr. Annundson was |dearly loved by 
all his relatives! and j was a very 
staunch citizen and liighly respected 
among his fellow men. ^~ ""' ^ 

Hans Biedrae Betnnis. ■ 'i;" 
Hans Heckne, for many--years: a 
resident of Thief Kiver Falls; tmai 
his removal- to Idaho/a-few montlis 
ago, arrived in the .city this week and 
will remain here until abiut Iferch 1, 
when he eiqpects, to return to.- the 
■western state, where he is interested 
in the lumber busineBs. 

Religians Services. 
Kev. S. 0. Sugag of Grand Forks, 
will conduct • a meeting on Tuesday 
evening, January 15, bee^iming at 8 
o'clock. The Incetingwill be held at 
312 Wesf Fourth street. All are wel- 

Commercial Club Comer. 
At the regular meeting of the club 
on ngxt Thursday, matters of great 
importance to the members . will be 
taken up and it Is hoped that all those 
who can attend will be there. Quite 
a few subjecte will be brought up at 
this meeting for final settlement and 
they are all of great importance te 
dub men. 

For New Year's Day 

Zioa linthenn' Chnrdi. 

', George Larson. Pastor. . 

Sunday bmotI at 10 8.m;- BBryiceg 
11a.m. Serrfces'atlUndill 2:80 pan. 
Services 7:45' p.mi Zion young Vfo^ 
pies' meeting Thuhday evening the 
10th, Miss Clara Andersoji and Clara 
Liind entertain. Hano -Solo, Elaine 
Eyenson; vocal sq\oB by.Elra Porter, 
accompuiied by D'onfthy !EIolin; violin 
solo, Henry Arneson, accompanied by 
Dorothy, Holm; T 

Religious instruption Friday 2:46 
p.m. . Prayer: meeting Friday evening 
at Bert Bergs' residence. Zion girls 
sewing circle; ineeli with Misff Borget 
Iverson Tuesday evening. 

y Scandinoviaii Ev; Chnrch. 
J. J^obs'on, Pastor, . 
Services at ill ia.m. in the Norweg- 
ian language; : Young peoples' meeting 
at 4 p.m. in the English language and 
services again al; 7:30 i nthe Nor- 
wegian language.1 Sunday school at 

10 a.m. -.'i: i 


O, C. PanlBonof Greenbush enter- 
ed tile hospital on Monday for medical 

Oscar Stenvik of Goodridge recently, 
left the hospital after a few days' con- 

flnekent during which his arm was- 
taken aae ot. Mr. Stenvick WM 
cranking: a Ford car when a sudden 
reversal of the engine csnsed a broken 
arm. ■ , i : 


among m» xcuun "*"- — ■■: — ■ r 
very greatly missed by all those wha 
knew- him. ■ ; i 

Christian Science. 
,» T»,i»cL«., Services are held each Sundajr at 
'^^^'tlj 11 o'clock at the church on Stet 

Vernon Ledell. ■ 

Last Monday .cveniiig at; six o'clock 

occurred the sad death ofj httle Vei> 

For New icar» i">j- occurred tne saa oeam oi! uw-o »=»- 

Mr. and Mrs.. A.,E. ZeUmer enter- non Leddl, infant sonjof^r and Ita^ 

tainii rfewfrienis-and relatives on 
New Year's day at their home on St. 
Paul avenue. Games were enjoyed 
and a sumptuous <Unner served by 
the hostess to gie follovrtog guerts 
Mr and Mrs. H. B. Roemhildt ana 
fa^ly M?:?nd Mrs. Alfred Ado^hs, 
Mr. and Mrs. George Howe a"d faim- 
^ and Harold Morschmg of WatCT- 
■riUe, who has been a guest at the 
'Koemhildt family. 

Chas. Dicken, who reside south of tne 
old lumber yards. Death was due to 
pneumonia, which he suffered with 
for only a few, days. He was born 
December 9, 1923 and was at the time 
of his death four weeks old. Funeral 
services will be held at the Larson 
Undertaking parlors, .Thursday, Jan. 
10, with Eev. George Larson, officiat- 
ing. Interment will be made at Green- 
wood cemetery; ; 

BiHhday Party. 
Miss Evelyn Mathewson w^ tost 
Thursday afternoon surprised by her 
friends, at her home, 803 Mussey Ave. 
Jhe ooiision being her 13th burthday 
anniversary. A pleasant afternoon was 
spent at games and nsusic and at ?vx 
o'clock a delicious supper was served 
by Miss Mathewson's mother, Mrs. B. 
D. Mathewson. A large cake topped 
with the appropriate number of can- 
dles was used as the center piece of 
the table. Evelyn was the recipient 
of many beautiful gifts from Jier 
friends. Those present were: Harriet 
Fuller, Agnes and Lilban Rupprecht, 
Millicent Arnold, Lorrame ZfUmer, 
Katheiine Ehoades, Dorothy Enckson, 
Bemice McClelland, Edith Bisberg, 
Mariori Gray, Edith Ralston and Ros- 
ine Dahlen. -'' , ' • 

Ncsets Entertain. 
Mr. : and Mrs. Olaf ' Neset, 821 
Brido-e street, entertained a few or 
their" friends last Wednesday evening 
at their home. The hours were spent 
ta gomes and listening in on the radio. 
. At midnight a delicious lunch was 
sen-ed bv the hostess. The jguests 
included, Misses Inga and Borglt Iver- 
son, Mable Hustad, Nettie Satre of 
■ Hendrum, Carrie and Anna Aakhus 
and Ed. Iverson, Hans Heckne, Ole 
Snustad and Haakon .GrendahJ. 
- - , , *** I' 

Rehekah Lodge. J 
Tomorrow evening, Jan. lOtn, tne 
members of the '"^al Kebetaih lod^ 
will Hold their installation of officers. 
Lunch will be served by a committee. 
Every members is urged to be pres- 

Maccahee Lodge. . 

The Woman's Benefit Assotiaaon 
of the Lady Maccabee lodge wiU.hold 
their open installation of officers jext 
Monday evening, January 14 at the 1. 
OOF. hall. After the installation 
,' social time wnll be enjoyed. Each 

Card of Thanks. 
The Salvation Army i wishes to 
thank the School Boards; association 
of Pennington county for the check of 
S4.20, which will be used to buy over- 
shoes for some; needy. children.— Capt. 
E. Youngberg.i 

Card of Thanks. 
■ I wish to thank silcerely those who 
stood by me So loyally and made it 
possible for me to win first prize for 
my district in the recent Better Sires 
campaign conducted by The Tribune. 
All efforts in iny behaU are fully ap- 
preciated.— Tiotor F. Johnson, Bray 
Township. ' 

street and LaBi«e avenue. Subject 
Sunday, January 13, "Sacrement." 
Sunday school at 10 o'clock. Wednes- 
day evoiing at 7;45. The public is 
cordially' invited to .these meetings.. 
The Presbyterian Church.' 
Chas. Gerlinger, Pastor. 
Morning service at 11:00; evening 
'iit? service at 8:00; Sunday school ^d 
'"*" Adult Bible Class 9:45; Christian En-, 
deavor, Intermediate and Semor at 
7:00., "Wednesday 'evening lectores on 
Church History, at present dealing 
with the Reformation in France, Eng- 
land and Scotland, at 7:30. Annual 
eletdon of oflcer of Ladies Aid at 
home'of Mrs. Haynes, Friday after- 
noon. ^^ , ■ 
, *♦♦ 
Augnstana. Church. 
Albin A. Larson, Pastor. . 
"Bible class and prayer meeting 
Friday evening in the Swedish lan- 
guage Sunday at 10:30 . Sunday 
school at 11:45; Bible cla?s at 7:00 
and services in English at 8:00. Ot- 
ferings for Foreign Missions will . be 
taken. Parochial school Friday after- 
noon. -■> 

Trinity Lutheran Chnrch. 
T. E. Sweger, Pastor. 
Choir practice | Thursday: eyening. 
School of. Rolipon Friday, 2:46 p. m. 
Confirmatton'dass Saturday at 1 a. m. 
Divine services Sunday in English at 
11 a.- m. In Norwegian 7:46 VI- ra. 
Sunday school 9:46 a. m. Annualbusi- 
ness meeting of i the congregation, on 
Tuesda, Jan. 15 at 2 p. m. Trinity Aid 
ThursdaST, Jan. 17; Y. P. League in 
the evening. j 


ill €arlbad Lots 

Write for lowest prices. 

. ! 


f Thief River Falls, Miim. 

For painting, paperhanging and 
decorating, see Frank Mousle^, or tel- 
ephone 454-^. 43tE 
Harold Morsching, v/bo for two 
weeks was a guest at the H. B. Roem- 
hildt home, returned^ Monday evening 
to" his home \ 

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Adolphs left 
the latter part of last week for "Vir^ 
ginia, where; they will make their 
future home.; :^ 

I Miss Margaret Eichammer return- 
ed Saturday : morning from Grmd 
Porks, where she -visited for a hnef 
time at the home of her parents. 

Miss Helen- Cronkhite returned Sat- 
urday morning from Red Lake Falls, 
where she spent a few days as a guest 
at the James Jehson home. 

Christ Palilson, who is a black- 
smith for the Minneapolis Bridge 
company, left for Mobridge on Mon- 
day. I 

William McClellan, the principal of 

,o ..... "- —^-.--y the Karistad schools, was a business 

member is requested to invite her hus-j^^jl^j. j^ ^:^ ^^y ^unhg the earlier 

"band' or friend. Lunch will be served .^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^y.^ jjr. Mcaellan has 

by a committee. been visiting during the.hohdays in 

*" southern Minnesota, and Iowa. 

Wcirns Card Party. A boy was bom to Mr. and Mrs. 

Last Saturday, Mrs. J- Y^'™'' 2^™ Charies Sumpter of Wyandotte' town- 

a card party tor a f«^V,°* J«=' !"""* ship on Thursday,. January 3. ' 

friends at her home on Horace a\ enue. p 

Card= were piayed until a late hour 

when a deiicious lunch was served by 

the hostess. Those present were Mr. 

ami. Mrs. Ed. Hilson, Mr. and Mrs. 

C.iriie Carlson, Mrs. Herman Ohm, 

and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Vevea. 

Cake Cutters Collect. 
Miss Bertha Gullingsiud gave a 
■ dancing, "Cut Yourself a piece of 
Cake," party at her heme the other 
n'-^'-it 'or ■?. h-: cf her fi-:=nds. Cards, 
fl^ncing and a general good time was 
had until midnight when the hostess 
served luncheon, the "Cake." Those 
present v.-ere, besides the liostess. 
Misses Maverette Hilson, Peari field, 
Lillian Johnston and Messrs. Lester 
Eoliand, Charies Booren, Maurice 
Holzki-.echt, and Roy Langseth. 

Mrs. Weeks Entertains. 

Mrs. J. J. Weeks was hostess to; a 

few of her friends at a six-thirty din- 

--^ -n"'- last V.'edr.ssday evening. The 

hours i v.-ere spent in a social manner. 

Ti-o=e' pi-e;en: were Mr. and Mrs. Nc.s 

- Lars-h, Ii,:rs. Julii Tandbcre, Mi.>:s 

Eath ,Knr,t5c-.i.- Miss Edna Laiscn and 

members of the Weeks family. 

Swicdish Ev. Mission Church. 
0. J. Lundell, Pastor. 
Prayer meeting eveiT evening this 
week at diflierent homes at 7:30. Sun- 
day, Jan. 13, Sunday school 10:00 a. 
m.; morning and evening services at 
11:00 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Services at 
Black River chapel 3:00 p. m. Com- 
munion after evening worship. Wed- 
nesday, January 6. The annual meet- 
ing of the Ladies' Aid -will be at the 
home of Mrs. Alf. Olson, 236 Markley 
avenue north at" 2:30 p.m. 
Ev. Luth. Church, Goodridge. " 
H. Lutz, Pastor. 
Sunday, January 13. English servr 
ices at Erie at iO a^m. At Neptune 
at 3 p.m. and at Highlandin_g at 8 


. •»• 
St. John's Lutheran Chnrch. 
" Ei'H. Kreidt, Pastor. 
Sunday school 9:30 a.m. English 
service 10:30 a.m. Young- peoples 
Bible dass Wednesday 8:00 p.m. Re- 
ligious instruction Friday afternoon 
after three o'clock. 

Swiedenbnrg Hospital Notes. 
John Bramey lof Thief River Falls, 
who has been iU'vrith pneumonia for 
some time, left the hospital last Sun- 
day. I _ , J 

Mrs. O. 0. Peterson of Hazel, under- 
went a major operation on Monday, 
January 7. She' is getting along nice- 
ly- : I . ■ . 
James Brandon, the young son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Seveiin Brandon of this 
dty had his tonsils removed at the 
Swedenburg hospital on Tuesda^r. 

Miss Nellie Sdimitz of Erie, who 
came to the hospital for medical at- 
tention aifew jdays before, left fon 
her home January-- 6. • 

Miss Esther Dybvik has been con- 
fined- in aie hospital for the last two 
weeks suffering from' an abcess of the 
lower' jaw) , . , 

L. T. Olson lot Goodndge, is con- 
fined in the hospital vrith an injured 
knee which he ireccived in shppmg m 
stepping off the train at Goodndge. 

Anton Olson of Ortonville, S. D., 
is being treated for an infection of the 
leg caused by lar wound which he re- 
ceived while working in the woods. _ 

Miss Tniie Neslund of Grygla is m 
the hospital writh pneumonia. 

Raymond Waldron, the 12-year-oId 
son of ytr. an'd Mrs. H. E. "Wadron 
of Viking, was brought from the vil- 
lage suffering severely from pneu- 
monia and brain fever. Although the 
lad was very low at the time of his 
arrival. He is 'domg nicely at present. 

part' of the coffee money ypu 
Ire spending by buying Uiis 
high qnaUty coffee. The value 
is in tte coffee— not in a fancy 
and exp^ive container. 




== i 

TTTT^nj i . I MT7rr ^^;;;;>;^^^^^ MmT i i 

—OF— I 


For Sale^ 

$1.00 per Load 

Red Lake Ice Co. || 


of Thief River Falls 
at the close of business, December 31, 1923, 


The Jelly Eljht. " 
Last Thursday evening, Lillian 
Johnston was a delii^htfu! hostess of 
the Jollv Eight at her home at 524 
LaBree-avenue north. Dancing, banco 
and cafas were indulged in until a 
late hour, when a delicious luncheon 
was served. The guests of honor at 
the party were Miss Dorothy Sweden- 
burg j and Maurice Holzknecht. 'The 
following make up the Jolly Eight: 
Misses Peari Field, Bertha GulUngs- 
rud, Lillian Johnston, and. Messrs. 
Charies Booren, Clifford Bjorkman 
and Lester Roll'a nd. 

The trouble mth most' men who are 
"generous to a fault" is that they have 
too many faults. , . ,, 

Isn't it about time that the common 
people of Europe requested that the 
standing armies take a back seat 7 

IS a 

Sheetrock is a -wallboard^for 
making walls and ceilings— but 
IdiSerent irpm any other wall- 
,toard on tKe market 
ilt is made! from pure gypsum 
irock— not wood, pulp, paper or _ 
.'fibre. Consequently, it >will not 
iwarp, buckle or shrink.. It is 
'solid, rigid and ewerlastinfr It ' 
i-will not bum. 

'This ]ftepn»/walIboard mak^ 
istendard w^and ceilings at 
i low cost. It comes all ready for 
j use---iU5t iiail it to the joists or 
studding. Id&l foic repairs aiid 
' lemodding. Your lumber dealer 
' sells it. Write us today for a free 

I sample. 
i20S ■West Monroe SoMt, Chicaio, Illmou 



.^f. y,. /• TtT A T T n (^ A "D 'n 

::| - 


Loans " and Discounts 

U. S., Liberty and Municipal Bonds- 

Banking House, Furniture and Fixture 

Adjoining Building _ — 

Other Real Estate 

Cash on Hand and Deposited in Federal Ke- 
serve and. National Banks ; ■ — r~ 



. 150,964.55 

. 55,152.00 

. 15,000.00 






Capital — —~ 

Surplus ' — ■ - 

Undivided Profits _.-- — 
Currency in Circulation 

Amount of Reserve on hand 

_4 50,000.00 
__ 35,000.00 
__ 8,130.60 
__ 49,000.1)0 
__ 83»,628i!8 


_$ 35,691.64 

Amount of Bieserve required by law 

■ The abom statement shows the sound condition of 
this bank. If we-can serve you in any way we smcerely 
hope you will feel perfectly free to come m and see us. 

First National Ba^k 

1 ■ 

t' ■ ' 


4 ' 


1 . 






■1 - 



5^- - - 

Thief River Falls, Minnesota. 




Tlhe Fireproof WALLBOARD t^^ „;„ ., , , , .J>^. m ;" 



f ; . 


Chas. Rtena«n jkuraed Satiud«y 
cveniioff from Oeintocs, j wliere .ba 
spent the da; attenfiis to tnidness 
matters. i - ' 

IGss Winifred NoasenrVho hiid been 
a guest at the home iof her ancle, Wm. 
H. Mulry, letume^ Saturday :aftar- 
nbon to her home at Czoolcston. 

Hisses Gladjrs ai^ Mjrrtle Gigstad 
returned Saturday ittemciai to their 
home at St. Hilaire, after spending 
the day here shappi|is. ■ . ', 

Mia-; Effle Fredricksoo returned Sat- 
urday aftemooa tojher home ■ at St 
Bila^ after a bifef st^ here, at- 
tending to some shopping.! . - ' 

Frank Turner, miller at the Han- 
son-Banen flour mijl, returned here 
last Wednesday evening from Little 
Falls, where he raited at his home for 
ten days. [ 

Mr. and Mrs. Obert jMosbraaten 
have returned to ilieir home at Wat- 
son, Sast, Ca, aftir a few days vis- 
it at the home of Ilr. and Urs. Chas. 

George Downs returned Friday af- 
ternoon to his home in Chicago, after 
a few days visit here at the home of 
lelatiTes. ' 

Mis. H. Safford left Friday after- 
noon for Crookston, where she wiU 
be a guest at the home of her dangh 
ter, Mrs. Otto Eienschmidt. 

Misses Gndnin and Valvog.Grims- 
rud returned Friday eveniiig to tiieii 
home at St Hilaire, after sp«iding 
the day here attending to shopping. . 

Mrs. John Henning, who has been 
visiting over Christmas at Stan- 
wood, Washington, returned to her 
home last week. 

Mrs. C. Michalson returned last 

Friday morning to her home at Adams, j^ ^ ^^ nome 

N. D., after a few days ^t «* »™ jPeterson here. t i 

home of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Riedy. ^j^ Isabdle Monsbraaten returned 

Frank Morris of St Paul, visit^'jjjjjg3j,„^yafte,;^n tojher home at 
here for a few days last wedc at «>« .pargo. after viaBig for|a few days 
home of Mr. and Mis. Martin Even- \^ ^ ^^^^ „£ Mr' and jMis. CIms. 
son. iPeteiEon. j I 

Miss -Ida Legvold left Saturday l jj. j^^ g^u oif Middle River left 
moining for Hawley, whe^ she^M in- 1 - - " — --^ ^i-:- .j-i- 

stiuctoi in ' "' '*'' ~ "*"" 

two weeks 

Mrs. Ingeborg Legvold. 

. «.£,- — -^ — T . . MISS iuice *"*"*" "*"T* tT "..^L 

ir Hawley, where she is m-'j^^j Saturday for iMorrii this state, 

a school, after a stay of ^j^^j^ ^jig j^ engaged in teaching. She 

at the home of her mother, j^^ ^^^ spent a two weeks' vacation 

with her parents. [ I 

Miss Pearl SheUer letomed Men- 

Miss Mamie O'Brien, who has b^ 
■visiting vrith friends in this aty, Irit 

■visiting vrith friends m this aty, Irft jnonung to Wanke, inhere she is 

on Friday for Minneapohs, where ^e ^^^^^g t the Hosoiook school, af-^ 
expects to enter the Minneapohs ^__ ^^^^„ ^„ j;^ ^^eks vacation 

„^.-. .. enter the Minneapohs ^^ s^ ^^^ ,|^ „jtks TOcation 
School of Easiness. Iwith h« mother, Mrs. E. B. Shetler. 

Miss . Lily Johnson, who has berai -jj^ y-j^j^ Qiiarnes of Tiafl, who is 
visiting at fte home of '-^^f;'! a Junior at the local hig^ school, re- 
over the hoUdays, left on Friday for » ^^^ Satuniay evening, after 
St. PH. where she is engaged as a.^^jng ttg holiday vacation wia 
teachfr in the Ramsay school. 1^ pMents. ! I 

Miss Clara Hal"'^'"'' *«*5'^j~l Miss Anne Petereon of Bemidji, who 
the Noithrup school, returned jere | ^ p^j^j^ jjj^ i„„u,east of 

Saturday evening from Warren, where returned Saturday evening 

she visited at the home of her ?ai«"= ; ^"^JStS atSe hom^ of her par- 
duiing the holidays. \ ^^ ^^^ ^^ holMay season. 

Miss Louise Erickson left Satmrday nr ciauseJ of Oslo passed 

evening for Cass l^e, where she is i' this, city last Friday evemng 

teaching school, after ^to« J" '^f^ waT to fctemational Falls, 
hoUday vrxation at the borne of hei I o° j^ he wiU remam indefinitely. 
parente, Mi. and Mis. E. O-En cfaon. ,^ ie^e hTw^TS^ of his sis- 
Miss Blanche Horian who has been ^^ jjj^^ christmi Clauseri. 
'visiting at the A. H. TJorson home m ; ■ ^;„i.„ j^de, Sehna Ruste^ 

this city dnnng the lattei part of t^^^ ' v^ jL^^^sQbSji^ Thoia Han- 
week left for hei home at Holt "5 ^^/"^S?^n spent New 
Saturday. lyeais Day at thelhome of the'latter-s 

Mis. H. Holquist and two children, ,,„tj,„ jamej Clausen of Oslo. They 
who have been visiting at the home —tQ™^ the samei evening* g 
of her brother, S. S. Swenson at Lan- Florence Engen returned here 

caster Minn, returned to her home ,^^^^'^f^^: from Middle 
near here last week. ^^^ , , River where she I viated at the home 

Miss Selma Johnson arrived ihe lat- ■ ^^js, for two weeks; Miss 

^jt^:\^t^^Jf^ sr^s It ^-^^ ^ ^°""^'' 


^jT^J!p^p^. ^r^fii^ifiss^iJic^' 

evening to that place, aftei ^nsitaig ^hf iT^^^at the Brmnmid ho- 
f or two weeks at the home of her par- T*"" «* ^^^^ •> - 

ents, Mr. and Mrs, H. S. Dalden. t^ ^ ^ ^^^^ ^ 

Mis. S. 0. Bmne who has b«n ^= ^J^yl aftemoon to Good- 
Tisitmg at her parents home m Al- ^ ,j^ engaged; in teach- 

vaiado and in this Irft 'a^t week V^f^'^l tw(^ week's vacation at 
. for her home at Bmscaith, Mamtoba, ^f'^^if i,„ ^^lents, Mr. and Mrs. 
• Canada. j ^ g^y. > 

Miss Gertrude Olson of Fisher vis- . "^^ ^^ g^mre of Trail, a 
ited at the home of her folks at that j ^ ^t the local high school, return- 
place, and left Friday afternoon loi Monday 'evening, after a two 
Oklee where she is teaching, after a ^ , ^^ ^j,^ ^(,^g „£ j,er par- 
brief stay in this dtj: at the Legvolil ^^^_ ,^^^^ ^^^ ^^ makes her home 
home. I _^.^__ ^tjj' j£r. and Mrs. Otto Geske. 

Miss Cora Swenson returned Fii- ^,;_^ yiijp Tuiie, of Middle River, 
dav afternoon to Kent, where she is ^^^ ^^j. j^^j. ^„ weeks mid-winter 
engaged in teaching school, after a ^^yon with hei parents at that place 
two weeks season vacation at tne ^^^^^^ Saturday evening to Duluth, 
home of her parents, Mr., and Mrs. ^^j^^^ ^^- ^ i^ student at the 
Oscar Svrenson. . j , ' State Teachers' icoUege. 

Leon Mousley, son of Mr. and Mrs. j^j^ Marguerite DeCremer returned 
Frank Mousley, was seen last Thurs- g^j,^^^ evening to Minnrapolis to 
day mormng headed for his fathers ^^^^ her-studies at the University 
farm, four mdes northwest of tma ^^ jijjmesota, after visiting over the 
city, with sufficient supplies for the ^utUi^xs at the Ibome of her parents, 
winter, where he expects to remam ^ ^^ ^^ ^^ DeCremer. 
during the remainder 01 the wmter^ , j^^ j^leen Herron returned Satur- 
Miss LuciUe Bums returned Satnr- ^^ evening froin Bemidji,;where she 
day evening to GUbert, where she is -^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^^y^ ,^th friends. She 
engaged in teaching, after spending j^ jjonday morning for Strandquist. 
ehr t-,vo weeks' vacation at the home ^..^^^^ ^^ ^ -engaged in teaching 
I of her jjarents, Mr, and Mrs. M- C. ^^q^j 

: ■ ^'™-- ^ „ , ,.,_.,■ Miss Clara Lund, accompanied by 

Miss Dorothy Bonelson leit Friday ^^^ brother, Harry, returned Satur- 

aftemoon for Blackduck, where she ^ evening from near Wahke, where 

is engaged as instractor m a school, ^j^^ ^^^j ,jj5ited for a 'few days at 

after spending a two weeks holiday ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^j^^j. biothei and sistei- 

I Acation at the home of hei parents, ^^^. jj^ ^i Mrs, Arthur Lund. 

i^^Ar and Mrs, Andrew Bortel^on ; ' uoUie iKorgen, accompanied 

\ Miss OUve .Anderson left the latter i^ ^j. i,„ti,er, Hhinehart both of 

\ part of the week for Holt where she ^^^^1^^^ returned Saturday evening 

: is engaged as a teacher. Miss A^der- ^^^ -^^^^^ ^jer a brief stay here 

son has been visiting here and at her ^ j^i and ^attending to business 

sirs. H. F. HuuoDJ st Sb fiBlate, 
spent AidaVin ^s dt;- ..; 

Mrs. L. Hangulot' St ffiUbe le^ 
cently ^loit the k«us£is 
shopping' and visitiiisr in As cit^i__; ,. 

Has Jmaen letdmad^ Saniay to 
Hijme^olis where lie is' atteniSJw Ite' 
Dnnwoody Institute, after a.' brief 
visit in this city. ; ; - 

Ed. Uonin of St Slaiie, vas;. a 
business eal^ in this dty last Him^' 
day. He returned to his lionu the 
same evening. . , 

Hiss Hattie Johnson letumed Sat- 
urday evening to lier home at. St Hil- 
aire, after spending a fc!W days here 
wiOi friends. 

Hiss Rose Gimstad of St Hilaiie, 
left last Friday for HinneapoUs, 
v^ere she is engaged as iiistructor 
near the dty. 

Hiss Anna Koopi who resides sbutli- 
west of this dty, left Honday morn- 
ing for Steiner, where she win ndt 
at the borne of her onde, HiaiTy Bog- 
en, for a few days. , 

Mica Jlildred' Anderson, irKo had 
been a guest of relatives at Faines- 
ville, retorhed Honday morning to hei 
home at Gree^bsh, after spending a 
brief time hcae wiQi tdatires. 

Hiss Uargaret Omlid has. returned 
from Erie, where she made a stay of 
a few weeks at the home of her pai<- 
ents. Hiss OroUd is einployed in this 
dty at the Cehtral Kotd. 

Hiss Ruby Bennes returned last 
Thnrsdayto Fargo, where die is at- 
tending a business coDeg^ after viat- 
ing over the holidays here-with her 
parents, Hr. and Urs. E. U. Benites. 

Herbert Hanson left Honday afier- 
noon for Crookston, where be will stay 
two weeks attending to business mat- 
ters connected with the Ghesterfidd 
Cigarette company; 

JBss Stella Halberg, who has been 
at Her parents' home in this dty oyer 
the holidays, left on Sunday evening 
for Alvarado, where she is engaged as 
teacher. ' 

Miss Julia Brudvicfc, -who spent She, 
holidays at the home df ber mother 
in this d^, left during the earlier 
part of the week for Fargo where she 
is attending the Teachers' college. 

Miss Elsie Granum, -^o spent the 
holidays at her home in this dty, left 
on Monday where' she is completing a 
course in normal' at the- Teachers' 
college - 

Hiss Hden Wedcs, who is teaaiing 
tlus year at- Concordia- college, - a* 
Hoorhead, Hinn., returned to her du- 
ties on Monday afternoon" after spend- 
ing the vacation with "ier parents. 
Mr. afid Mrs. J. J. Wedcs of this city. 
Hiss -Alidia Bfahop- left on Friday 
for Fargo, N. D. where she is attend- 
ing the Tfeadiefe' college. Miss 
Bishop-spent Christmas at the home 
of her parents, Mr. and Mis,-W. A. 
Bishop of this dty. 

Mica Vendla Westberg, who has 
been visiting with her sister Miss 
Jeida Westberg of this dty, left on 
Friday for Hinot, N. D. where she will 
be engaged in teaching sdiooL. Miss 
West^rg spent the Christmas weeks 
at her home in Adams, N. D. 



httne M SE 
visit at the L 

I Bev. J. v. 
Duneeifli, N. 
brief time di 


. . V 


^ ta fe«r dajfa' 

ulejand soa'^Jdis of 
G. w^ ignestB' for j^ 
uuci. uun: , Bie- h<tUdas«' at OH 
home (rf Dr. ibd M» J. N. Nesse. 

H&^Inga Hjomme of Trail, was dc- 
peeted to aime la^ Honday evenmg 
tor.a tew days' sU^ with her friends, 
idsses Carriejandi&naa AaUios. 
[ Allie and vpfrei WAskowalixe: 
turned Hond^ ev^ing from Egland, 
K. D. wheire^ey.vikited at the Comes 
of relatives for twolweeica. 
I Hiss Agnes'JECoHandson of CHdee ar- 
rived Hondayjjeveniiig for a few days' 
visit at the home of Vx. and Hra* Fd.- 
Boppredit |[ I I 

Uisi Geornoe JiUidberg of Ford- 
viHe, Nl D., arpved here Honday even- 
ing for a Inief visit 'at the home of her 
fiiend, liUiaal Strqbecilt 
I Wis '^nrginia WHI retamed Sa^; 
day evening to DnloSi, where she is 
engaged in tj<sfhing, after a two 
wedas' viat uai ait the hone of hn 
parents. Ifr.^md ite. Fred-WUl, Sr. 
'_ Fred 'Will, $r^ 1^ la* Widiieday 
eveniiig' for" CSdea^ iiiiere^ she oc- 
pects to he ^ployed ddrmg the te- 
maiiMla^ of tibe winter months. 

His. Jam^McCtoi has lecenUy 
retained to her home at Adams, N. D. 
after a brief jrisit lat the hoine of her 
brother and iyster-in-^w, Ur. and 
His. Alfred plsohi - 
Hiss Esther SandaU retamed on 

. F, S. OaUon sjieatafeiryda^ m 
lEniKsvoUa last i wa.' ok Kufiiess. 
'-^Fiied: linn left neeilrllr fer Chicago, 
wboe' Kik'ieiveetB to loinain for an mv 

tt.G.i'Diniin left last Satniday for 
jdimieig)otisanft Denver, Go;.'<von'ie- 
e^t <tf via tdegnm aanonncing t^ 
severe Sdess of Us agiid motiier: <! 

lOsa bbrotfay-Sflli^ whicsp^ %' 
hoUdays 'witii her : giandiaoaier in 
Alenndris, is hona^" agaid, gb&ig to 
schooL '■'' 1- •■ _ ■' '] 

Hrs. ICchalsoh, wife' of the depot 
^[ent at Adams,- N. IX, arrived Wed- 
nesday to spend a few days with Urs. 
L. C Bddy of tiiis dty. ' 

Uisl HUfie Andnson fietmned' ;ta 
Valley^i(3t7:-i«bet» .'she^ia attwirthig 
the IRirOt' Dddgta "leadi^i^ COb^- 
aflernenfng Cbiistmas at tlie home 
<if;hCT:|aie^-IfE. an4 IIis. T. P. An- 

Urs. T.D..ScanIan,tecently left for 
IGnneapolis' with her gr andmn i g ht» T , 
Bail Seaa]an.'.>ahd Hlss.G^tnide 
BarU^ His. Scanlan uid Hiss Baitr 
lett'ieqiect to vidt lor aTev.days.'at 
the 'Fred Scanlan home in that city 
before irtomlng home. ' t 

Urs. Henry Thompson and thiee 
children retimed last Friday after- 
noon to their home at Bemidji, after 
a wiee^s viat at the home of Ur. and 

, 1.^ Aeiay oi uua lai,/. _ i -• a wee^a visii, ab m»c uviuc «,- »**. «™ 

Gordon LaBree, who has beai visit-, Urs. Ole Hdgdand, who reside «Msi 
ing at his home on KnigBt avenue dor- 1 of. ais dty. Mis. Thompson is asis- 
ing the holiday season, retnmed to his -ler of Urs. Hdgeland. 
studies at lie North Dakota V last ' - -- - - 


J. S. Bamett expects to leave soon 
for the coast and Los Angdes,.whae 
he win 'viat with relatives for,an inr 
definite time before r^onung to his 
work in thfa dty- ' - 

Claienes Chnstianson left for the 
ag&nltiiral cdlege at Hiiine^polis 
last week after speiding the bdiday 
seasom at tiie home of hislmther. 

Corian Caiew and his mother, Urs. 
Caiew. left last,wedc for tlidr home 
in WBuafoBs aftgr -having vidted 
at thsbone of George Oarran. 

Urs. Aitimr Frosetii left on Thro- 
day for Bosean; where she will vunt 
at tiie home of her aster. Urs. Sabm 
Doriiam. for about two weds. . 

JDss Evelyn Wegar, whose home is 
fai Forest Biver. N. D, left last eve- 
ning for Minneapolis where she is at- 

Honday mo^ng Ifor Lawler, where-tendmg the univeraly. 

she is.teachiiig sdipol, after spending , Hiss Betey Legvold^ returned bM- 

the hdiday ijacation at the home of 
her parents, Ur. and Urs. E. A. Sun- 
dshL i^' I "' 

Joseph Wdros is leaving the latter 
part of the wedd for \nBconsin, no 
^ace specified, where he will beem- 
ployed the temdnder of the wihlei 
vrith the Soo line; bridge crew. - 

Craig Halvorson returned last 
Wednesday evenhlg to Hinneapolis, 
after a few days viat- here at the 
home otJiis parents, Ur. and Urs. 
HalvorsonT^ ' i 

-WS^am Eenast of Bed Lake Foils 
and Julius Jorgenson of Oklee were 
husiness callers in this dty last Hon- 
day in eonnection| with the hOnnesota 
Wheat Growers' ■ association. 

Boy Etofeion, wtio for the past sev- 
eral weeks has fxai employed as 
painter at 'Wrginia. is expected to re: 
tum here this week, for air.indefinite 
stay at his ihome. 

Hiss Dagny Johnson and Edwin 
Haug who is employed in tiie shoe de- 
partment oi thejj. C. Penney store, 
left Monday morning for Nymor^ 
where they viated at the Some of Mr. 
Hang's parents for a brief time. 

Miss 'Vivian Gabridson returned 
Honday afternoon to Hoorhead to re- 
sume her studies kt the state teachers 

uiday to Hoorhead, where she is m- 
struetorin a school, after a two weekr 
viat at the home of her mother, Hrs. 
Ingeborg L^old. 

Hrs. P. B. Favrow left lor Minnea- 
polis-last' Wedusday eveninR accom- 
panying her son Hilton as far as that 
dty. Hilton is going to sdiool at Far- 

Hrs. y. C. Caton, formerly luss 
Ludla Peterson, retnmed to her Kmne 
in Hmneapolis Friday after speiding 
a short time visiting at the John Pet- 
erson home in this dty. -. ' 

Hiss Gena L^vold left Friday af- 
ternoon for Kent where she isteadi- 
ing sdiool, after visiting at the home 
of her mother, Urs.' Ingdwrg leg- 
void daring the season holidays. 

Peter Hanson, whose folks reside 
on a ferm a ^ort distance from this 
dty, left on Thursday evening for In- 
tematibnal Falls, where he expects 
to be employ^ 

Hr. and Urs, John Kilty and chil- 
dien, who have been spending their 
Christmas wedss at the home of Hrs. 
Kilty's mother, Mrs. Morgan, at Eg- 
lahd, N. D„ returned to their home m 
this dty last Wednesday. 
- Herbert Keene, who has been a 
guest at the Bennes home, and_ Bud 

iQa Effie Roberts aiid Hiss Ceeyl 
Bemis, vvho are engaged in teadiing 
in tile U^ school at HcHenry, Hinn., - 
anived in this dty on Thuisday:to 
' few days with Urs. Albert 

before proceeding to their 


His. A. F. Grannm left for Warren 
on Thursday inoniing to have an Op- 
eraidmi on tliemasdes of her wrist 
Hrs. Gianmn has been suffering acnto- 
ly bam an infection that formed a 
gangerittous gland and r^idered . the 
ose of tiie hand impossible.' - How- 
ever, tiie operation was so soecesafqn.- 
that she was able .to return to he^ 
home in ttus dty on the evening 
train,' i ■ 

Mrs. E. M: Sdiutt leeentiy returned 
from an extended trip in St Paul and 
the east Urs. Sefaitt stoppedfa Chi- 
cago over Christmas to visit witii her. 
son Sdney. vbo graduated- from '^e 
lindoln High in this town a year ago 
and is ^nsequentiy well kncwh among 
the yoimger s^ Sdney'is at present 
wit^' an insurance' firm .in Chicago's 
**lbop,'r and livra on the north side at 
number 19U Neviport avenue. Before 
letSmnnEJTO her home in this dty. 
His. Sc&tt viated for a few days at 
the hdme of her brother, H. F. Stodc 
who lives in St^PauL, 

Physicians' Hospital' Notes. 

A baby girl was bom to Bev. and 
Hrs. Brower of Hdmomen on Wed- 
nesdair, January 2. 

A' baby boy was bom to the Eari 
Ellofsons on Saturday, January 5. 
Mother and ehiia are doing nicely. 

Stage Dandng Party. _ 

Last Friday evening,'^ number of 
local boys gave a dancing party at the 
Masonic baU. Twenty some ccmples 
attended and dancing was kept tqi un- 
til an early hour. Music was fnrnish- 
ed by Theone Walker at the ^ano and 
Earl EfBnger at the drums. 

Card of Thanks. 
' We wish to extend our hearttdt 
thinks to all! those friends and neigh- 
bors who were so kind to us. in the re- 
,„i™™, — Z%~iri»;i,rrf,*« t»=,.i,PBi' lenest at the Jjennes nome, ana i>uu cent bereavement of our dear wife and 
sumeherrtodiesJ*ttart^^ctere ^^^ - ^^j j^^^ Mrs. M. P- Be^-Mr. M. 

normal after vi^ting ovct fte ™d-|g^^^,'„ „,„ t^^ hoUdays, returned P. Becken, Mrs. Ed. Thorstad, Mrs. 0. 

H. Hultin, P^er, Sig and Gilbert Beck- 
en. ■ i ^ 

norpial after vgtag ^tte mio- |^^"';';^thThoUdays7retumed 
wmter^iecess jnqito p^t^A_ &p j___^ in Mmneapolis where 

who , reade on- -X-maoipn ^ attending the Edison high. 

b ner uuitic iii zi«««w, *.. — . .. avenue. j - ' _ 

Wiga 'Veme Ellingson, who has been , jj,^ gam Berg, who is a diiroprac 

son has been visiting here and at her ^j, i„| and Jattcnding to business 
home at Onamia, Mmn,, over the boll- ^^^^^ j^sjt Korgen received den- 
days. ' - 

'5'^ . „, ^ J „ ., ■ tal treatment, also. 

Miss Gajna Olson returned Saturfay; n^^ cari Rdssman and daughter 
m_oming4o her homeat indcBe^BivCT. ^^^ ^^ ^^ f„^ j^. 

alter a bnef stay at the home of Mi. „^^^ ^^ere they visited for i few 
and Mrs, Martin Evensoi^ She Jif: ..javs at the home of Mrs. Rossman',s 
ited here a few days the former part ^^^^ ^| j^^ter. Mrs. Mary Roberta 
of the week also. u_^^ .^^ ^^ j^^ ^j^^^ Eoberison, both 

R, B. Stenhoff retnmed last Wed- f„,jaei residents of this dty. 
nesday to .W^peton, where he is en- , ^^ 'Johnson returned Sat^ 

visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. An- ,^r th?^^,i,^s'^ftetrme ^ 
drew Bottelson. 'J^ts, Mr. aid Mrs. John Johnson. 

Misses Alvma Jonas, Ruth Rustad, J~ while in this dty she makes her 
and Euth Wold, left for Plummcr on ^^^^ ^th her! grandmother. His. Ole 
Friday evening to take m the masqu^ , EUingson. I 

rade ball. They went dressed in per- , „ „ « T>n,n.!n 1o*f siBtnnlav 
riot costumes and.e..p«ted to "turn |M-^ C. Dur™^ te^ ^S^y 

""« '^^V°T^,™!%„d..l,„,„, ^^^ atSe hom4 of friends 
Mr and Mrs. Hjalmer Soderhoto , ^_j ^^j^tives fbr an indefinite time un- 
and little daughter Bcmerdme, -who ^ ^ Durrin? returned frmn Denver, 
have been visiting at the home of Mr. | ^^j ^^ j,^ ^^ ,^^ ^ ^^^ ^go 
Soderholm's folks at Alexandria >and .'-"..•' .__.„, .. t, »v„ 

visiting at the home of ,ber parents 
near this dty, left on Friday for 
Crookston where she is studying 
music, spedalidng in the study of the 
violin. ' - 

Miss Myrtle Oftelie left the former 
part of the week for Fargo where she 
is attending the Oak Grove Seminary. 
Miaa Oftelie: has been spending the 
Christmas days with ber parents m 
this dty, O. K.' Oftelie; 

Miss Mildred Peterson has resranri 
her duties as senior atjthe loral tapi 
school, after spending her vacation 
at the home" of her parents, Mr. and 
Mrs. P. A. Peterson, who reside at 
Silverton. ( 

Misses Thyra and Thehna Cartel 
returned Saturday evening' from St 
'Vincent where they visited for two 
weeks at the home of their mothet. 
Both are attending the normal de- 
partment here. 

Miss Pearl Weeks has been home 
during the holiday season visitmg 
■with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J- 
Weeks. She returned to Northfield, 
Minn., on Sunday evening. IGss 
Weeks is studying music at St Olaf 
Misses Ida and Iiillian Steenerson, 
who are teadiera in the Hdntosh 
schools, left for that dty the latter 
part of last week after spending the 
Christmas vacation at the home rf 
their parents, who live just east of 
town- ,. 
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Orringer, -who 

tic patient 

hCTe.; returned- Monday 

eveniiig fr< m Eiskine vriiere she visit- 
ed at her Ihome ■ over the Christmas 
holidays. While I here she makesher 
home with Mr. and Mrs. Bert Berg. 

Miss Bergit Hiilthuson, senior at the 
local high jschooli returned here Mon- 
day evening to [resume her studies 
after speM&ig her two weeks' vaca- 
tion at the bomei of her parents, who 
reside at Tborholt 

Miss Lucy Himt left the latter part 
of last week to j Sauk Center, where 
she is engaged as instructor at one 
of the schools, after a two weeks* va- 
cataion spent vrithber mother at Red 
Lake Falli, and ilso a brief stay with 
her brother and sister.ii-law, Mr. and 
Mrs. F. B-i Hunt 

Mrs. J. N. Nesse and littie son Low- 

For Finer Texture 

rand Larger Voliuiie 

in the baked goods use 

dl left Monday 
where th^y will' 

evening for Detroit 
'Visit for a week at 

while Mr. Hinderiie 
recdving medical 

the homelof Mrs. Nesse's sist«,_Mrs. 
A. B. Hinderiie,! 
is ' at Rochester 

Miss -jlgnes Tlandberg, who visited 
at the home of her moUier, Mrs. Julia 
Tandbergj over the holidays, retamed 
Monday evening! to Northfieldi where 
she is a studeht at the St Olaf col- 
lege. Miss Tandberg win be a mem- 
b^ of this year'is graduating class at 
St. Olafs. j _ 

Miss EthdConklin retnmed Mon- 
day afternoon to resume 
her datieslait the state teachers' nor- 

Mr. and Mrs. A. i.. urrmger, wn» ucr uuua oj ^up =v^ ~~.------ 

havB bMU spending a few days in Cass ,:mal after viating with her parente, 
nave o»=n^^i'^;»;;» ^,, /~. p„i w_ „j «_ vi ji. ConUin. over the 

Lake and in Hmneapolis and St Paul, 
visiting and shopping, returned to 
their home in this dty during the 
earlier part of the ■week. 

also at Mis. Annie Culvel's home on 
Conley avenue for a short time before 
going'on to Stiathcona where they re- 
side. ■ 

Miss Blanche Hoff left on Friday 
of last week foi Minneapolis,^ aftei 
spending the holiday season with her 
parents, at their home in. St Hilaire 
and visiting with friends in this dty. 
Mi5s Hgff is engaged in teaching at 
the Rosendale' school. 

Misses Cecyl Bemis and Effie Rob- 
erts, both of Oklee, and teachers at 
the school at McHmry. N. D., after 

the school at McHmry. N. D., after, the home of Mr. and Mrs. B,. u. oun- 
spending their vacation at the home ' dahl. She will soon leave for Chicago, 
of their parents at Oklee, left Friday : where she is on,nlnvo/1 'Kfiaa Alhenr 
afternoon for McHenrj' after a brief : is quit& well 
visit here at the home of" Mr, and j one time ■ 
' Mrs. Albert Swanson. !♦''» Plivcir 

by the seriousjillneES of his mother. 

Miss Kate Jjonas returned Saturday 
evemng to Sladison, Wis., where she 
is employed as salesl»idy in the ready- 
to-wear department of the Loken 
Bros, store, after a few: wedcs' viat 
at the home of her moOier. She will 
also "be a guest of her sister, Mrs. F. 
J. Sels at St Paul, before continamg 
to Madison. 

Miss Anna Alberg, who for some 
time has been a guest of ber mother 
at Hazel, visited over thi week end at 
the home of Mr. and Mrs. K. O. Sun 
11 soon leave for Chicago, 
employed. ; Miss Alberg 

,. known here having' at 

— ^ ^ been employed as cook at 

' the Physieiai 3 hospital i 

Hiss Signa 'Valsvik, who is attend- 
ing the h^ school at Grand Folks, 
returned Monday afternoon to tiiat 
place, after visiting with her folks, 
Mr. and Mrs. Ole 'Valsvik, who reade 
east of the dty. over the holiday va- 
cation. She was accompanied by her 
cousin. Hiss Uable 'Valsvik, who was 
a guest at the Ole Valsvik home dor: 
ing the two wedra. 

Miss Marie Dablow, who is attend- 
ing the Holmes Schpol at Detroit, this 
state, retamed Saturday evening to 
that place, after visiting over the holi- 
days at the home of her mother, Uis. 
Fred Dshlow. She was accompanied' 
by her aunt. Hiss Uarie 'Wiedt, who 
had also vidted here for two weeks. 
His. Dablow and Hiss 'Wiedc aie ds- 

Hr. and Urs. F; B. ConUin, over the 
holidays. I Hiss ConUin is a members 
of the local "Zli high school gradual 
tion dass. ' I . 

Miaa Jomie Anderson left; Satur- 
day mormng f or j Buhl where she Js en- 
gaged as! instroctor at a consolidated 
school after spending her vacatioii at 
the home of her parents at Tborholt 
and spending Friday, night here at 
the hmn^ of E. A. SundaU. UIss 
Anderson - is a member of the local 
*20 high sdiool graduation dass. 

ICsa Dora Holmes came bade from 
Hinneapolis Holiday moming. She 
had' a voice trial in that dty with^e 
wen knolwn teajcher, Clara 'Williams, 
who gav^ every evidence of bdieving 
that Ui^iHolmes^' has been endowed 
wKh a iiostinlusnany good -voica 
Hiss Holmes, vtho is very well known 
in muacal drdes in. this dty. oc^e^ 
to return 'for another hearing wsthin 
the nextj few widcs. 



Sor over 3O years 

9R OuncesJ^ ORt 

.■ -' i 
Useless than of higher priced brands 


Ur. and Uis. Emil Evenson of Sas- 
katoon, Sask.. Ca., arrived here last 
week for . an ind^nite vidt at the 
home of Ur. and Urs. Ed. Evenson. 
They intend to leave soon for Hin- 
neapolis, where they vrill visit at the 
home of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Tonison. 
Mrs".'. Torrison 'is a sister of -Ur. Evai- 
son.' Mr. Evenson intends to be em- 
ployed as window trimmer at Donald- 
son's department store, where he was. 
formerly employed before leaving for 
.Canada. He is a' son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Ed. Evenson, living here.' 

Here's a hint that will please yonr ho^ 
band and fandly-^a beUer cap of coSee 
toniotiow laoTmng for break&st. 


,. Mrs. Erling: Dahl, formeriy of this 
dty, now of Bapidp, arrived here last 
Friday evening and spent Saturday I 
here attending [to huaness mafteis I 
and viating 'ivith friends and relatives. | 
She alsb met her sister. His.- John 
Goriiam| of Xaiip Dodge, Wis, who 
will be her guest for several weeks. 
They returned to Bemidji .Saturday 
evening] iMrs. Gdrham was formerly 
Miss Agnes, Anderson and is well 
known heie hating attended school 
here and ;was lat one time employed 

\ f 




New Classes for Winter Ex- 
hibitors Arranged; Strong 
Program Provided. 

Pennington county farmers have al- 
ways taken a prominent part in the 
Red River Valley shows held at 
Crookston, securing their share of 
premiums in both the farm crops and 
Jive stock classes. The dates this jear. 
■are February 4-8. For those who 
have never sent in f arin crops . ex- 
hibits before, a new class has been 
added. The com, grain and potatoes 
%vill also compete in the open class. 
Liberal premiums are offered. An- 
other new class is for farm crops ex- 
hibits by farm clubs. In the live 
stock show, new exhibitors or ama- 
teurs are in a separate class where 
they compete with amateurs only, al- 
though they also show in 'the open 
class, giving them a double chance for 

A reduced rate of fare and one-half 
for the round trip, with minimum ex- 
cursion fare of one dollar, has been 
granted for the Red River Valley 
Winter Shows by all railroads. : Tic- 
kets to be sold on February '2-8, inc- 
lusive, with final return limit of Feb- 
ruary 11. _ 

The premium lists are heingmailed 
out this week. Send to L. R. Boyd, 
Crookston, for one. The program of 
speakerSiis being made by C. G. Sel- 
vig. president of the winter shows. 
Balancing our farm program in the 
Red River Valley 'mil be the princi- 
pal theme. Speakers of note, well 
up to those of other years, have been 
secured, which assures a strong pro- 
gram. , 


Misses Ida and Cora Mostrom were 
guests at Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Arve- 
son Saturday evening. 

Ruth Mostrom has been on the sick 
list for a week. Mrs. Mostrom and 
Willie took hep to the doctor Christ- 
mag Day. She is now very much im- 
proved. ' ■* 

Louie Nitschke took Mr. Korupp to 
Kirby Monday. Mr. Korupp has been 
jsick for two yeeka. 

There was a party at the E. H. 
Oftelies place last Wednesday evening 
at which everyone thoroughly enjoyed 

Btla Modstrom visited at the John 
Mostrom home last Thursday. 

Willie Mostrom and Louise Nitschke 
were callers at Gully last Friday, 

The Peter Bjerkley family has been 
sick with scarlet fever and are slowly 
" Miss Ella Halvorson returned home 
from Bemidji and is spending her va- 
cation with her parents. 


' J School Reopens Tuesday. " 

^1 The local school re-opened Tuesday 
' after being closed for a two weeks* 
jnid-winter vacation. The teachers 
are all on the job again, feeling more 
,fit than ever after. their rest. In spite 
of the regular wnter weather the at- 
tendance was good and everything 
looks promising for a successful win- 
- ter term. 

Postal Examinations. 
A competitive examination for third 
class post masters was held in Thief 
River Falls last Saturday. As our 
postoffice is third class and there is a 
vacancy in third class • offices every 
fourth year, there were several aspir- 
ants from our \illage taking the ex- 
aminations. Among those taking the 
examinations was our present post- 
master, Selma O. Hoff. Other local 
examinees were Andy Dahl, Arthur 
Hanson, Sigrud Engh, Carl 

Nelson and H. L. Holmes. The va- 
cancy in this office takes effect Feb- 
ruary 24, and unless our present post 
master succeeds herself, the success-^ 
ful aspii-ant will take charge of the 
office after that date. 


Mr. Wilson Improving. 
The latest reports are that A. S. 
Wilson, who has been a patient in the 
Warren hospital the past two weeks, 
has bee.i gradually improving the 
past two weeks. Mrs. Wilson is still 
at the_ hospital with her husband. 
Many local friends arfe glad to learn 
of the improved condition and hope 
that he will soon he well on the way 
' towards a permanent recovery. 

Luther League Meeting. 
The Luther League of the Norweg- 
ian Lutheran church held a social 
meeting in the basement of their 
church Thursday evening. The . eve- 
ning was spent in playing games, and 
a dainty luncheon was served at the 
conclusion of the e^ning. A' large 
crowd was present as usual and a 
very good.titne is reported. 

Birthday Party. 

Miss Selma Hoff entertained a num- 
.ber of her friends at her home Here 
Wednesday afternoon, in honor of 
Mrs, A. J. Hed, the occasion being 
lier birthday anniversary. After 
spending a share of the afternoon at 
needlework, the guests were ushered 
into the dining room 'where_a minia- 
ture Christmas tree and lighted can- 
dles prettily decorated the table. A 
delicious supper was served during 
which time Mrs. Hed, cut the birth- 
day cake and received many birthday 
remembrances, which had been placed 
under the tree in the center of the 
table. After spending a very pleasant 
time and wishing Mrs. Hed many han- 
py returns. of the day, the guests de- 
parted, acclaiming Miss Hoff" a royal 

Miss Ellen Neuon, who has spent 
her Christmas v^ication here at the 
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gus 
Nelson, left Saturday for Plumqier 
where she is teaching school. 

Anna Gunderson, who has been a 
guest of her aunt, Mr^. Geo. Bakke 
for the past two jweeks, left Wednes- 
day afternoon for Fargo, where-sho 
attends school. Her sister; Afiss So- 
phia Gimderson. j who has also been 
visiting at the Bal^e home left Sat- 
urday for Fargo, where she is en- 
gaged as a dressmaker. 

Ed. Dahl, who I attends the Minne- 
sota state university/ left Thursday 
for Minneapolis, after spending a ten 
days vacation at the home of his par- 
ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Dahl. 

Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Beebe and Ht 
and Mrs. W. C. { Hartje were enter- 
tained at the R. A. Nelson home New 
Yeats ev6. \ 

Miss Lillie Johhson, who holds a 
position as . teacher in the public 
schools of St. Paul, and who has spent 
the past two weeks in St. Hilaire at 
her home, left Saturday. to resume 
her duties. i : 

Mr. and Mrs. ;Carl Johnson and 
daughters. Miss Eva and Miss Lillie, 
and Mr. and Mrs: A. J. Hed and chil- 
dren Louise, Agnes, Kermit^and Mar- 
ion, were dinner guests at the home of 
Rev. and Mrs. Grimsrud Wednesday 
.Miss Gudrin Grimsrud was a Thief 
River Falls shopper Friday.. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Allen, Mr. and 
Mrs. E. Oliver Johnson, Miss Leona 
Allen and Wendell Korbelt were 
guests at the N; E. Beebe home 
Thursday evening. ^ , 

Mrs. Oscar Gunstad entertained a 
few friends at her home Wednesday 
evening. ; 

Miss Grace Hall left Saturday for 
Glasgow, Moht., after having fepent 
two weeks at the home of her brother^ 
A. P. HaU. ■ ■ : 

Miss ^attie Johnson, who has been 
visiting in Thief River Falls for sevet 
al days, returned to her home ,Jiere 
Saturday, • - 

The Misses Amanda and Helga Kal- 
land entertained friends at their home 
Thursday afternoon. The afternoon 
was spent in needlework and a deli- 
dotia lunch was served. Those pres- 
ent were Mesdames Berg, Dahl, High- 
land, Follstad and the Misses Nellie 
Follstad, Ragria Loberg, Josephine 
Branum and Edith Dahl. ., ■ 

Hiss Ruth Roy» who has spent the 
past two weeks at her homq in this 
^lagdeft Saturday morning 
sume her work at Goodridge, lUnn., 
Where ahe Is engaged as teacher in 
the rural districta. 

Miss Lucille Blaska left for Holt 
Saturday, where she is teaching a term 
of school. ■ 

Miss Tessie King returned to Lan- 
;caster Friday evening, after spending 
her Christmas vacation at the home 
lof her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John 

Miss Clara I^berg left for her 
school at Gary, after spending the 
holidays at home. 

Mrs. Paul Roy, who has been a 
patient at the Warren .hospital for 
the past two weeks, returned to her 
home here Saturday evening. 

Miss Mabel IiOberg,.who is a teach- 
er in the public school of ^bckhart, 
and who has been in St. Hilaire over 
the holidays) left Saturday morning 
to resume her work. 

Geo. Wilson was a visitor at the 
coitfity seat Saturday, 

Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Sundholm and 
daughter, spent- Sunday at tiie Christ 
Kruse home of this village. 

i^ sp?^®?^^^f'I^P*^|^i^^^pfe#i55S^F?^^ 


The Hisses Myrtle Gigstad, Gladys 
Gigstad and Effle Fiedrickson were 
Thief Eiyer Pills visitors. Saturday. 

Wendell Eorbettj who has been a 
guest at the home ;of R.' A. Allen the 
past two wieks, left for Orr, N. D., 
where he operates !a barber shop and 
pool hall,' I : | " 

IBss Edith Dahl entertained a few 
frieilfis at her home Saturday after- 
noon. I : ■ j ^. ■ ■ 

The regular meeting of the Eebekah 
lodge was held Tuesday evening in the 
I. O. 0. F.j halt I After the session 
lunch was served as usual. 

Oscar Post returned Thursday from 
Steinhart, Minn.| '^vhere he' was visit- 
ing at the home of his cousin. 

Fred Cyri of Cnookston was a St. 
Hilaira visitor Sunday. ! 

Hr. and Hrs. Lars Loberg were 
hosts at a dinner at their home Wed- 
nesday evening, and the guests pres- 
ent were Mr., and Mrs. Follstad and 
family, HrsL Kall^d and daughters, 
Miss Josephine Bramen, Miss Tessie 
King and MJss Esther Hovet. 

Mr. and Mrs. A.| F. Hall entertain- 
ed friends at their home Wednesday 
evening. i ' - . 

■ J. Eigg of Ada, and Geo. Dailey of 
East Grand Forks, were visitors in St. 
Hilaire Saturday. { 
. Rev. and JMrs;^ Grimsrud and fam- 
ily were entertained at the home of 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Johnson at a twelve 
o'clock dinner. Thursday. • 

Miss Leona' All^n, who has spent 
the holidays in. Su Hilaire, left Sat- 
urday for Bemidjij wher6 she at- 
tends the state Teachers' college. 

Miss Blanche Hoff, who teaches in 
the public schools kt Minneapolis, left. 
Friday niglit ifor ! the cities, • after 
spendmg a few weeks here at the home 
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sever 

Sever Hoff returned Friday night 
from Little Fork, where he had spent 
several days visiting with his son, 
Martin: -^ 

Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Hall, and Miss 
Grace Hall and Miss Huldah Gigstad 
were; guests at the home of Mr. and 
Mrs. A. J. Hed New Years'night.' 

George Wilson, Sigrud Engh, and 
Lawrence Wjlson autoed to Warren 
Sunday and spent the day visiting 
with Jllr. and Mrs. A. S. Wilson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore DnCharme 
returned Wednesday &om Ked Lake 
Falls, where they attended funeral 
services of Mr. DuCharme'a father, 
the late Louis N. DuCharme. 

Miss Hazel Pricker returned from 
Thief River Falls Wednesday eve- 
ning, where she had been -viaiting at 
the home of her sister, Mrs. Vemer 

Mrs. J. Glasgow, Miss Gwendolyn 
Glasgow and LaValliere DuCharme 
returned Wednesday morning from 
Hed Lake Falls where they had spent 
New Years Day. 

Miss Gladys Olson left for West 
Concord Saturday where she is en- 
gaged in teaching. 

Mr. and Mrs. K. O. Gigstad and 
family were guests at the home of 
Rev. and Mrs. Grimsrud New Years 

Herman Anderson returned to St. 
H il aire Monday after spending two 
weeks at his home. 

Nels Nelson, who is. a student in 
the Augustus Adolphus college left 
Saturday afternoon to resume hia 
school work.after spending the annual 
holidays at home. 

The Misses Gladys Gigstad, Irene 
Peterson and Gudrin Grimstad,- left 
Monday afternoon for Moorhead, Min- 
nesota, where they attend the Teach- 
ers' State college. 

Jake Sieff of Red Lake Falls spent 
the week endwith his family at the 
A. S. waison home in St. Hilaiie. ■'' 

Mis^ Elizabeth Johnson and Misa 
Esther Malmguist left for Bemidji 
Saturday, where they are engaged iit 

Miss Josephine Branum entertained .- 
Mrs. Highland, Mrs. Dahl, Miss Hag- : 
na Loberg and Miss Nellie Follstad; 
at Jier home Tuesday evening. 

Mrs. J. Glasgow and daughter, Misg ■ 
Gwendolyn of Bamesville, who hkva 
been guests ^ the fiom^ of her dan^- - 
ter, Mrs. ThSo. DuCharme, left for 
their home Monday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Satterbergr 
entertained Mr. and Mrs. G. L Pellmail.' : 
and daughter Miss Mildred and' Mr, 
and Mrs. A.P. Hall and Shirly at a 
six o'clock dinner Saturday. 

Miss Lulubelle Jerpe retumeil Hon- ' 
day from her home at Hector, Minn^- 
where she spent the Christmas holi- 
days". / 

Miss Olympia Moen, local high 
school teacher, returned Monday' ' 
morning to resume her regular woifc 
at this place. . 

Miss Laura Simonson, who has been 
at home over the halidays, returned, 
to Minneapolis Wednesday. She ex- 
pected to spend a fewt days at Jesse 
Lake enroute to the cities. 

Miss Anne Braun returned to St. 
Hilaiie Monday after having spent the-, 
past two weeks at her home in ■ St- 

Miss Rose Gunstad left for Forrest 
Lake Friday, where she is engaged 
as teacher in the rural district. 

Miss Selina Simonson left for Jesse 
Lake Wednesday, where she has a 
position as teadier in the public 
school. , 

Miss Gabrielle Cathelineau returned 
to Holt Saturday morning to finish 
her term of school at that place. 




npHE BUSINESS WOMAN of to^ay is tbe household financier ol 
/ X jfottnorrow. Frc»n her experience she leams: th^ ttiere can be no lad- 
ing happiness in the home unless it is built on a reasonable d^^ree of finan-i 
cial stabiKty. 

Dur new booklet, "The' 
Womarrm the Cise," 
has among it§ charac- 
ters a Ettle stenographer 
whose vision was not re- 
stricted to the world of 
"good times." 

She looked ahead and 
reafized how this Com- 
pany co\dd help her to 
make dreams cometrue. 

Kre you one of the 
people that go through 
life not realizing the 
possibilities for finan-' 
cial independence that,' 
exist today for the able^ 
bodied young lAmeri^ 
can.?, J ^ ' 

Just a few minutes of 
dear thinking some day 
may be the cause of 
your succeiss in lif&v 

Few things are more interesting than lone's own future. We believe that we have 
isometlring that will interest you and|prOye of the utmost value towards building 
itfie success aiwlpipsperity that should rightfidly be yours. ^ , 


upon request. Ask for it nam. 


i ! . , 

Northern States Power Co., 
Minneapalis, Minn. 

'l :: — : - 


i please send me your new booklet^ 'The Woman in the Case." 

tlam* \ ! '" ■ ' ■' — ■ r — f". 


City , 

Inmestm^ De^rtmait 

Northern States Power 

Minneapolis, Minnesota! 


WiijiUiii, ttn 


tej i^f^-te fiSaS^te^SifeaysW^a^ 


Why Worry 
About 'BadE^^j^ir? 

We have FRESH 
ONES toselland 

tots of them, 


We delioer to any pari of iha j cUy, 
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The TiBiipipE 

BSTABUSBIKD 1901. -jni 


,,.•... -i ..Editor, 
Assodate Ediior 

Published Brery WedniMd»T ail 
'-:■:■■ Thief EiTef paiy^-jliim; J , 


Entered as second cl»9» jnrttsr »t tlw postofflM »t 
Tlilef Birer Falls, Minn., undartte A<t of Miiwh 8, iXtt. 

Offidal Newspaper at catx-roi Thief Birer Fall* and 
Pennington Cotlnty; _■ 


Hiram Johnson seems to be well satisfiedi that some- 
thing is wrong with evcrythihgjn the country. 

■ The old fashioned men who had wool mittens and 
ear muSs were not ashamed to-make use of them last 
week. _ . 

"Too much Johnson" is a sentiment which appeals to 
no one like it does to our old friend Henrik Shipstead, 
senior senator from Minnesota. 

The moonshiners who come before Judge McGee for 
sentence have no need of a fortune teller to predict what 
is going to happen to them. 

The new city administration respectfully advises all 
dispensers of moonshine to seek new pastures as the roads 
arc liable to be rough in this neck of the woods. 

* t ^ — ■ . .. _ 

groB.ja ofea^eiwl»ioh:WiU iiaa^«3t.p(^iMe for. f^nne^ 
anTrenteis AriprocuJ* new or additipiaaHiyestock upofi 
reaioiiablfc imfectoiieims.,! We-'tiiist^e aeiiHon'^t the 
co'i^^ toard .to Wja^fyi^. C'^ipSriE^fl!; will !noi 
five thMffect of remoying mnington i^ 
operation? of the bill;"'''^! ..^....-jvi.i;. ;i: i... ;, ^ - ■*; 

"I'^^hat-^ief River Kiis^ahts'tod'XiJants'witlr'fier 
wHolelhe£Ut;>,sojMd yiit .^e win^^f^^^ 
pldiure and Jfor whWi slie' will "enduri any priyatirajj 
is 11 new j)6stoffi(^. Postmaster Shaw and his official^ 
io^.-hayejist,"passed.thix)ugh another strenuous holiday 
season in the "cubby hole which 'answers' lib'the name of 
p4tofficein this city and -Ve congratulate them upoi 
being'aiiye arid good natured. 

■.)■- ■■ [. _ — ; — ; — — ^' 

!a Minneapolis inoonshincr is on trial this week for 
furnishing poison in the shape of moonshine to a, IS year 
old boy. who ^became sick and felL down and brake his 
arm. When he was revived from his stupor the poor 
lad was^stonii blind. And yet, strange as it may siwm, 
thWe are people in this world who would compromise 
with men who are nothing but murderers of the lowest 

•yp'-' : ■ 

iThe Owatonna JoiimalTChronicle which passed its 
64th milestone last week is to be congratulated upon 
its achievement. If the readers of that splendid news- 
paper could know the, thousand hills that have been 
scaled by the management during the years gone by in 
order to reach the present state of perfection, they 
would more; than ever appreciate the Journal-Chroni- 
cle. It is a fine community newspaper, well edited' and 
mechanically; nearly perfect, and best of all; it stands 
for all that is dean -and uplifting in Steele county. 

qcjttet, which refiiW tplgive Jowri^.jnilk J>5i^,p^«h 
her off ■^^wliifc Wallace -piobablyvhadbone of; 
those'easy'mtel^'wHi(to-neea6'*ftl:^'te;*^tist fc^ 
of the hand to. make the lacteal fluff'jBbw.pteisjspring 
fr^bet i 'y^'il^bej||idUKl%<iyJii^;■th|£^ fin.tak? 

'i^.jBini Ititted covv, 'sprtpon his liande,-: aiJd mflk rings 
around rthe'Jecretary "of sgricultutfc ■„■-. j 'f^,''?-';'. 

KN(jtone..:Vn^,be.disi»^f6''iSnd fault mth tlie.^qn 
of -the county, cbnunissibners in refusing to appropriate; 
money. for maintaining j the Farm' Bureau. Tihe com-- 
missioners no doubt feel that the tax payers of the coUri^ 
^re' opposed to such an appropriation and they would be 
poor public. servants if they refused to heed thatsenti- 
)iiei\t. frhe're are many people who -will be sincerely 
so{ry to lose the services of County Agent^cGaiin, and 
■we believe the members of the board are amongthe num- 
ber. But wc cannot refrain from expressing the opinion 
.that.the board, members probably correctly, construed the 
sentiment of their constituents. 


WEPNESg^T. JAia[ARY;.», imi 

How terrible the -jveather must have been around the 
t\*in cities judging from newspaper reports. We are 
still basking in the good graces^f Ofd Sol in these 
parts. "^ 

Inasmuch as it does riot seem probable that the pres- 
ent congress -will pass the potsofHce building appropria- 
tion, why in the name of common sense cannot the post- 
office department see to it that arrangements are made 
for a decent work room for the local office. 

Tliose good people who are criticizing Mayor Nelson, 
of St. Paul, for removing Chief 'of Police Somers prob- 
ably are without! information of any kind bearing upon 


,=,,.-..-,= .. StuPaul jvas satur^d...^ 
H(ith.vice:-an(fchfrfclt^'SomMM was.jesponsible.; The- j .!- 
capitol dty has always fem a^refUge fbi deilizens of Ae ' j ,"'■ 
,und(i^bfl4?»!d the,,fa(^ that'ffi^vappiis chi(:^;bf,pbU(^^ ..,^^^ 
SuieyiLiyjejin'VJdl BWUa5iitdWit«itrtl>fe!qiJy'j«»pie wi^^^ J;:.; 
not^such a?pdief-to thej*Mt3ide>s'who>'w«re'iplundered-i---! j -^ 
instate ■the-saintly'ci^''Tfi'lhe good grac^;OT'Jtl]S;;petlpIe • ■ ' : 
,of ,yie8ttt»..-;\, -\ ^;, T/V: "1 '•' .iw'^T':: ; '" ' ' ' 

''irti'e Tribune is in receipt of ^i pamphlet written in- ,.' 
opposition to~vivesection,by a Waseca man. This news- 
paper has often wished that widespread agitation against 
the horrible mutilatfon andtortiir© of^dumb animals '•: •• 
might be started by the press of the coimtry, and we shall . , 
be- glad to assist our friend- from Waseca in every possi-- 
bit way to put a stop to a practice which is revolting to' ; : 
the mind of every humane citizen. It seems to us that 
here is a good field for service on the part of the welfare 
leagues and women's organizations of the country, and 
we believe they could start a movement so effective that . 
every medical college in the 'fiountry would be obliged ■ 
to heed it. 


- Just because Mabel Normand's chaffeur shot a drunk- 
en oil operator of whom he was jealous, several boards 
of censors want to bar her pictures from their respective 
states. 'What nonsense. Mabel's pictures are just be- 
ginning to interest us. ■ 

Leap year or no leap year, the Thief River Falls girls 
are going to let the old order of things.continue — that Is 
they will not assume the male prerogative of asking. 
Fact is, the girls up. here do not consider a man worth 
asking for who has not the nerve.' to, do the asking. 
They're right too. 

'Col. Chas. March, of Litchfield, who has been select- 
ed to conduct the Coolidge campaign in Minnesota, is 
exactly the kind of a man for a job of that character. 
He is a successful farmer and business man, too busy 
to be a jib seeker, and has never been so closely allied 
OTth the factional differences which exist in Minnesota 
as to injure the President's chances in the state. With 
Mr. March; iii charge and the President gaining daily 
in popular favor, there should, to use the yemaculair, 
"bSnothingto it." 

\ According to the figures of State Bank Examiner 
Veigel twenty-eight banks dosed during the p^t year 
have been~re-opened. This is a. gratifying conditipn of. 
ajEfairs and indicates beyond question that the condition 
ojf the countryjs gradually improving and the tempor- 
aiy embarrassment of the banks is being relieved by nat- 
ural conditions. This section of Mmnesota is regard^ 
as being well onythe road to norriiat conditioris. ag^iri, 
^d, though some inconvenience will be experienced as 
a result of the tying up of funds Gere and there, it is 
well to know that there is small likelihood ofahy loses. 

Another Old Settlor Dead. 
Last Monday aftenu^on, Dee. 31, 
while seated in the lobby of the Hotel 
.Central at Thief ; River Falls, Lars 
Lee, ona of the {old time settlers of 
this, place, was jsuddenly called by 
death, in the form of apoplexy. De- 
ceased homesteaded lanii southeast of 
this place when [this territory was 
opened for settlement b|etweer, 35 and 
40 years ago, and remained here as 
a, fanner imtU some fifteen years ago 
when his home- life was split up in a 
divorce case, and he removed to the 
town of Hickory, [about 20 miles south- 
east of Goodridge^ wheire he purchas- 
ed a farm and has' spent part of his 
time there sincei His [farm here he 
disposed- of a few years back but re- 
claimed 22 acres[ including the home- 
stead buildings, jand als6 since, sold 
his farm in Hickory' and has for a few 
.years: back been! employed a't various 
odd jobs in different pai|ts of the state. 

hosts last Saturday evening at an in- 
vitation dancing . party at the Rose-, 
wood hall. There were about fifteen 
guests ajid the affair terminated with 
a delicate midnight luncheon. 

Gust Opseth, who has been in the 
employ of Oscar "Tunheim at New- 
folden since Christmaa, arrived here 
on Friday morning and expects to 
spend the winter at his new residence 
in town. Olof Opseth, who is at pres- 
ent employed at Hibbing, and intend- 
ed to remain here over winter, has 
written here this week that he intends 
to _come here to spend the winter 
months with his brother. 

Emil Mellem left last Monday even- 
ing for Bemidji where he expected to 
find winter employment at -a timber 
landing. He was .^appointed, how- 
ever, and' last Saturday left for Bau- 
dette where, he hopes to find better 
luck. /' _ 

Steiner ■ Johnson returned . last 
Thursday from Fosston where he has 
sent New Years visiting with his bro- 
ther, John Johnson. 

Miss Gunda Mattson spent a few 

1?his summer he was somewhat disabl 

ed, .from a' kidney {affection andldays of last week visiting at the A. 

sought considef^Ie -medical care and 
came; here and | remo.deled his farm 
buildings and intended to spend his 
pl^.'^ge here. .About One month agij' 
:he, went ;tb Thief Riverl Fallsfor med-. 

ieal,8tterifion and has been there eve^ "vnth Miss Alby's parents, Mr. and 

; The fact that ^Magnus Johnson was worsted by Sec- 

rttary Wallace in a cow milking contest looks fishy to 

This newspaper is very much in favor of the passage I us. Our senator was probably the victim of a marked 

- ■ Coulter Bill" in Con- deck or something. We suspect they imported an ornery 

Bergstrom hoine in 'Warren and with 
other friends. 

Hans Hanson and Miss Olga Alby 
returned to, Minneapolis last Monday 
evening affei: spending the holiday 

.« but. did riot seekn to iriiprovei 
yet .'death at this; time was unexpected - 
fiilis riiarriagoihe is survived by his 
son ^Leon, at -pi^ent located in .'Wis- 
consin, and a daughteri'Mrs. Moore of 
South St. Paul. Mrs. Lee is eniployed 
as,pl£' at a small ^wn northeast 
-ftf -ilinrieapolis. Mr. Lee was a^his 
^px BlighUyoyer 62 years of age. 

and application of the So-called 

Mrs^ Ole Alby, and attending the wed- 
ding of her sister Teria. 

Mrs. Upyd Crown and children re- 
turned to their home "at Thief River- 
Falls on Wednesday evening "after, a 
holiday visit with the former's par- 
ents, Mr. and. Mrs. John BWom. 

There will be no musical entertain- 
ment at the Rindal church on Tuesday 
according to announcement from Rev. 

":JBJr( and Mrs. 'Benhard Ranum were ILaraon as the Augsburg Trio from 

Minneapolis will be unable to be here . 
and the affair has been postponed in- ■ 
definitely. I 

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ranum left on 
Monday evening for Thief River Falls 
where theyjwiU spend New Years at 
the home of Mr. and Mrs.'Ed. O'Hara, 
parents to Mrs. Ranum. •• 

Little Erpie Hellquist, from Thief 
River Falls, spent 'Wednesday visit- 
ing with his grandfather, J. E. Hell- 
quist here. I His father, C. E. Hell- 
quist, is at present employed as en- 
gineer of I the 'Soo passenger train 
running through: this place . 

Mr. and! Mrs. Peter Mellem were 
New Years eve guests at the home 
of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Furan in, town, 
and Mr. arid Mrs. Furan were Thurs- 
day evening guests at the Mellem 
home., • 

Rev. Geo. Larson from Thief Rivet 
Falls, * spent- 'Wednesday here to con- 
Mr. -and Mrs. T. Mellem returned 
on Tuesday evening from 'Vikiife'' 
wher^they have been guests over Sun- 
day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. 
S. Nordgaard. - , 

Herbert Carlson, former merchant 
and postmaster at this place, lias 
written his friends here during, the 
holidays that .he is at present staying 
with his sister, Mrs. Hans Norwick, 
at Seattle, 'Wash., and enjoying the 
life oh the coast. Herbert has not 
yet se^ed any suitable employment 
on the coast and ia enjoying a vaca- 
tion, but plans to jemain there until 
some opportunity comes up. - The 
rainy season is on at the coast Mr. 
Carlson says, but although it is dreary 
at times it is not as cold as is -usual 
this time of the year in northern Min- 
nesota, and he expects to become ac- 
customed "to the change without any, 


Our StaiefniBnt 


In the adioining coluiiin appears the published statement of 
the condition of this bank at the close of business on December 
31, 1923. : • 

- It is with confidence that we ask the readers of this paper to 
carefuUy study this statement. It is published by order of the 
Banking Department of the State of Minnesota in order that the 
deposTtors may see for themselves the true condition of the bank 
and the policy of the men- who manage its affairs. Consider the 
large capital, the surplus and undiyided profits, a sure guarantee , 
- to the depositor. Our cash reserve is practically three times the 
amount-required by law, indicating that we are able to take care 
of the financial needs of our customers. • 

^ Not for several years has this bank carried so large a cash 
reserve, as at this time -and the deposits have increased materially 
' for o\^'a year. I ■ 

In this connection the officers and directors of the First and 
Peoples' State Bank express to their customers, large and smaU, 
their personal appreciation for the confidence reposed in this 
institution, for, the business given it and for the kind words 
spoken for it. We feel that the bank owes its customers and 
community the best service and protection possible tb render, con- 
sistenfe^th soiind banking, aud it is to this ^d.that we, dedicate , 

the baWs effo'^ through thi yea* before us, £ ' 

- ■ j ■ ■ - - -r 

H.'S. DAHLEN, Vice President ■ 


iBank No. 1395. .. 

! Statement of Condition of 


: \ ■- at close of business on December 31, 1923." 

i Loans and Discounts, including re-discounts_ 

; Bonds, Securities, etc. — '. _ 

Banking House, Furniture and Fixtures- 
: Otlier Real Estate O^wned , u_. 

Checks and drafts in transit — 

Due f i;om other banks and cash on hand- 
Cash items and checks .. — 

Other assets, if any 

Total : :_:: _J 

_ 1,745.45: 
_ 14,195.77 
_ 50,000.00 
_ 61,363.50 
„ 1,838.82 
_. 112,538.99 
_ 3,724.66 
,..' 812.44- 


0. D. OSTBY^ 

1 • ' 







Capital stock : _:. — __ 

Surplus fund ^i ^^ — — r^ — - 

Uridivided profits, net ... ■—— . 

Reserved for depreciation _J 

Bills payable -with War Finance Corporation- 

Bills payable — other than jvith War Finance Corpor- 
ation (including certificates for borrowed money) — 

No'tes and bills rediscounted '. ! — 

Bonds borrowed" 

Savings •'3e] 




^n!; giyiii'J | 

■'Cii lOorloE : 

Time certificates (Other than for money borrowed) _ 

Certified chedra _::_ _ —^ '. 

: Gakhier's. checks .. ^_ 

Due to banks 





Cipkai^nd Suii^s; $9(|oob.m) 

, [•'.>'■' i 

^\L':j.-,tL :. I-.;. „ :.-iar:i=i.'. 

Deposits subject to check - 
TotaL ..,:.■..!. 










Ainoimt of Reserve on hand- 

- 39,9^22 

''Aii'ount of Reserve Required by Law_-J 

SriiTE OP MINNESOTA, County of Pennington— as. ' 

i We, H.iS. Dahlen, \'Ke President and L. A. Hermanson, Asst. Cashier of the above 
named Bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true of our knowledge and 
belief. (Signed) H. S. Dahlen, Vica. President, V. A. Hermanson, Asst. Cashier. - 
(SEA.L) CORRECT ATTEST (Two, Directors) Math Baraen, Perl W. Mabey.- 

i Subscribed and awdm to before.mie.thi^.'Sth day of January, 1924._ S. B. DAHLEN, " 
Notary Public. Pennington County, ^iiujesOta, My Commission expir^ Oct 27, 19S0. 

I ,,> 

■' liiiiHflffllil 


■i fSmsil&^A '&riiki-i^ifJiSiSj&dsSi-aiX.-^^ 'i 

'ii&mi!^i:ii ^'\-'"'':f^-^'-'^-''^''"^ 

-— ■- ^-fc 

'_ !. 


i " ' : .' 

. ;^. -vV... . 

\yEDNEs6AY, ■iXNtfAj^'r'g, t»j|!,' ; '1-: • 

i Physicians Hospital Notes. 

Miss Belle Syverson, who resides 
with her brother Daniel Syverson in 
Smiley township, underwent ano, nera- 
tidn for gall bladder trouble from 
which she has been' a anffeter for sev- 
eral years. Miss Syverson was op- 
erated on last Satuiday,, January ,B, 
and is progressingj'Jnicely. , 


The Rollis Co-operative Creamery 
association held their annual creamery 
meeting in the Gatzke hall last Mon- 

Esther Lundseter and Anna Loven 
returned to Thief River Falls last Sat- 
uijday to continue their school ^uties 
after spending their Christmas vaca- 
tion at their homes near Gatzke. 

iTcna Skramstad of Middle Eiver, 

intenta'^t' inade af ^Riifgbiij 
issut^ed byher hosSaiid and thiee 
diildren,/ ■ ^, ,-; ••■ , .-..Iq;. . ■ i:-Mni )-- 

■ Eufeehe feltola' "Ifir Stoidsiy ', lor 
MoorheAd afteV spetidiiig tli? holidays 
eitWl hsmeilwre, '.ii.^j-;:.-; ■ i>n;- ,-•'■ 
tuin'ed from Thief Eiver Falls Satur- 
day. '■ ■' ■'.- ' ■ j. ;, '. ; 

Miss Mayme t^hristlfssbn returned 
Monday from her home at Heiinlng. 
where she spent the holidays. , 

Miss Olva SoUom i?ft Friday for 
Crookston where she will again take 
up her school duties, i 

Miss Ellen Komssil^ Mshday for 
Bemidji where she attends the Teach; 
ers' college. ! 

Mrs. C. M. Hjertos left Friday lor 
Thief River Falls whe^ she took the 
postal examination given by the Civil 

- - Service department. Hie returned «n' 

spent the week end at the Albert Bil- j Saturday. !" ' 

lie home. E .0. Tandberg and 0. J. Scheie re- 

iCclia Morrisev returned from Tljief turned from their reapectivo homes. 
Eiver Falls last Thursday after hav-lat Thief Elver Falls and Mcintosh 
ing rpcnt a' few days visiting friends Monday where they spent the holidays, 
aiid relatives. - ..-•—. — n-i — i.„.i.«. tm,i„o .w 

I Mr. and Mis. E. G. Wetsdin and 
family spent Sunday at tHt; A. D. 
Nordstrom home. ,--;. 

[Alice Grcslie returned last "Wednes- 
day to continue her duties - at the 
Gatzke Mercantile Co., after having 

Miss Anna Polansky!left Friday for 
Argyle to resume her school duties. 

Miss Myrtle Solium left Friday for 

Thief Eiver Falls after spending the 

Christmas vacation at her home nere. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Nystul returned 

_.., _ .Thursday from Mcintosh where; (.hey 

spent the last three weeks at Wadena ;have spent the past two weeks yiait- 

and Crosby, Minn, visiting relatives. 

iEinar Loven left la«l week for 
Crookston to continue his school du- 
ties at the Agricultilral college after 
having spent his vacaiion at his home 
near Gatzke. „ . . 

Caroline Aspelin spent Saturday 
evening at the jVlbert Bollie home. 

The Dorcas Society met at the H. A. 
Lansetter home last Thursday. 

Anna Harder, teacher in one of the 
rural schools near Gatzke, returned 
list Saturdav from Thief River Falls 


Miss Alice Hall left Satui-day for 
Morris where she teaches school. 

Miss Myrtle Olson left Friday iff 
Mcintosh after spending her vacation 
at the home of her parents. 

Mrs. A. Hallquist and sons return- 
ed from Lancaster Saturday «here 
they spent the holidays. 
, Miss Elsie Launa left Friday for 
her school at Plummer. 

Miss Eunice Hjertos returned from 
Stephen Saturday where she spent 

„-l-'2inife''and family;' 'The gneatS 
..'etBi<iilitBrtained: by card- ptasing and 
n^isic .^teriwhich a^eliitiaiis juncbcMiD 

y^" g«j5y«L,.ij I,.. . .,,■. ,.;.,., .-,, I.r;. 

Mn and Mrs.', E. Jensen and.-.oon 
GiiJ; spoilt' ChriStthaa' Day at th6 Ed. 
Aabol hotne. ' ^: ' •: ,v(v -y..^- 

Herman Zinteii. »iid7.Jainilyi..:>Ed.. 
Timm and femilx..vttiti!djlt the Cari 
Zinter home Christnias Day. |,. . 
- Carl Zinlers were visited byUKaiid 
Mrs. Gustav Wilken- and' fimlly last 
Sunday eftemooh. ■ . '.., _ 

Mrs.' Christ tiermant left lor.sii ex^; 
tended visit at various points in.His- 
Bouri; ■ \ ■■■■■-•■-•■-■ ■ ■ ■■ -" 

Mr., and Mrs. Fred sKoop had lor 
their guests on Sunday, Mr. arid Mrs. 
Henry Koop and family andjlr.>and 
Mrs. John Engelbart and family. ■ 

the young folks of this vicinity 
wew plftaaantly entertained at a 
hard time party given last IWday 
evening bji Mr. and Mrs. Fred Koop. 

Willie Zinter fs making a :two 
weeks' visit at Parkers Prairie irisit 
ing 'relatives and frien^. 

Miss . Anna Hardei*, who spent 
the Christmas vacation with her jiar.^ 
ents returned to Gatzke where she 
teaches in a rural school. 

Mr. and Mrs. Eossette had f»r their 
callers on Sunday evening' Mr. and 
Mrs. M. Harder. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. Harder made a 
business trip to Thief River Falls last 

Albert Geskes entertained n number 
of young people at their hoine ■ last 
Wednesday evening. The enjoyment 
was furnished by games and various 
other amusements. 

dafil home Minidaj;;" 'nlndl'^i:$e<itd^& 
tiie near future ta:eoma:J)ack to: the 
communitx apd<:.ifiei)d .^fthev^^wii)^ 
months at thewnd^liqi^ again,... 
■ Mlss.i!in"a':iUna^1vl4^>Vfl|e 
Nftzp'ehW hoihe ' Satwi^ ' alteriioon;' 
'Those! who enjoyed Ithe Chiistmas 
ttw'and bountious supper at^-ihe-OIfr 
Bindahl home;New,-1Jjiiwr'?.»re]w«j3Bt 
Ur. and Mn^Ben Rindahl.and family. 
TSi. and Mrs. Cornelius Johnsruc and 
soh'Ohert'ana: Messrs Teloy Johnsrud 
andGleKinn.. .|| .. j.. • 

Messrs. Ole and Beil Rindahl eora- 
bined. bdsiness and pleasure by visit- 
ing at the Ludyigj Johiisoh and Enute' 
Beiit' Homes Saturday.! '' 

We are very glad ito hear. Mr. 
Koinppis impro^g fxiom a very seri- 
O&a atitaielc ot-baclaiche by which he 
has been laid up for the last two or 
three' weeks.' I ''i ' 
' Mesdames Ben and Qle Bindahl vis- 
ited with'Mrs. EillngI Halvorspn one 
day last) week. 


f^lfidetjgi^ii^^ mtcq Jn e'Wence here 
I th^ jpiepdey'isyftiingi— — • 

Jffinote Thwalilson wak ait^msient 
saMfm E. Cl'ItetfionV^Fridayqtter* 
nooniik! r': in ?r^'-; ,-■. ■.ibu j — — ' — 


^ter having spent the Christmas holi- the holidays visiting at the McMillan 
davs at her home near there. home. 

I ilr. and Mrs. Richard Nelson, and ,1 A. B. Isaacson left l^riday for Thief 
daughter Lucile and Alice Greslie River Falls where he ;took the postal 
spent Sunday at the A. P. Nelson 'examination. He returned Monday. 
h'ome. ■ Mr. and Mrs. J. Henning returned 

'Saturday from Taconia, Washington, 

Annual Meeting. ^where they spent Christmas with Mr. 

The annual meeting of the Good- ] Henning's brother. ,i „ ^ , i . 
ridge Co-operative Creamery associa- ! Miss Helen Hall left Saturday for 
tjon will be held at Goodridge on Sat- , Moorhead where she attends school. 
■urdav, January 19, at 1 o'clock p. m. ! Miss Anna Haugtvedt returned on 
Your presence is desired jfs matters .'Monday after speniUng tl^e holidays 
of interest to every dairyman will be at her home in Strathcona. \ 
under consideration.— OTIS E. RON- I Miss Dent Eikeness returned from 
KEN Secretary. J19-16. her home at Overly, N. D: MSnday 

{where she spent the ;h61idays at_the 

— — — —» home of her parents. J . 

MIDDLE RIVER M Mr;andMrs,H.J.dlsonanddaugh- 
-» Iter of Viking spent Sunday at the E. 

Serious Fire Averted. r-,y"2^' '•™«v i,-v 

' Miss Gladys GuUickson 


Fnday evemng a fire broke out ^ 1 g^t,,^^ .j„„ gj, Allaire where she 
^e building occupied by Uie 0. J. ^ '^ ^ ^^^^ relatives. 

Olson pool halland barber shop. The , ^.^ Josephine JohiisSn left Satur- 
&^„7„*?t?T„?' ? Ef^.°" ^^ day for BaSger where she attends 



Ur.' and Mis.- Albiii!^.ATv«na .and 

dau^ht«r Btiuna '?we svigttoraatthe 

MostKtm" home Wednesday evening. ' 

Mrs.' Cf.'Ctctisti^iiaon' was a caller 

at Neptime Friday eviniag; - 

Thon SkoinedahL^ivas a business 
caller at. Neptune Friday. • . .- 
The little son ol Mi'.'uid Mrs. There 
Skbmedahl was very, side with pneu- 
monia butyls' Improving nicely. Ox. 
Sliedlor of Gully,- was called lor him 
Thursday. ..... .„ , . 

jalsB LllB Gustolson of Grygla, who 

teida^vifcDtefciNo. S,;;«*tir^ied to; 

thg-'Jdlflf MostWnl- homio-'^Satnrday 

aftemoSflfii ''SKei'<p<i>t!-1ier'- vacatidn 

»«h-herTiareri^.- f r—-."-. ~ 

" Wioie and Cora M°°trom''it^»eail-.^ , •'■ 
JBTff^ Arthur Arvesons' SiiifS^iU'. ' - 
-^-Mnr^Arthm Arvesop tt-'iMMfflPBidt 
llglj s.^KifliTl-vY/ 5i;o>iK.'I 

Loui«'jt|it«h«: ^H<}- I»ai' haulin|[ 
hay-lotL.^s-Korupp-'HiurtdaiMir^ — 
"7 Alfred irelrtniiP«as--«vw'~atKfflWb.'>'!? 
jg^voraon'siflasing wao{l;£atiRctaj«vl^: U- 
- Joe Calhoun, -tiieNepto»- n> ai ':"«l^ - . 
rief/did not tanl. iioaiPfaa(^-«rae- kr, 
count of ; th«r cold:. weaiSor and ui»: 
snoWj drifts. - ' ■ -;-,.- --?f — 

Shorty Jobnsbn 'was "bnsy^^aanng 
wood Satuiday. - ' " -r—r-r-' 

Willie, Ida' ^ud Cora Uostrom and- 
Ula GustoOen. vfEdtSa at the Gtist 
Mostrom home last Sunday.-'— ' 

Ella Ealvdreois left f er Bei^dtt og. . 
Moiiday ; mdming to ' attend' '-ni^; ' 
school. i "'''■''.'■■ ■ 

BANK NO. Ult. 

it of the condiUoB of 

Miss Bergit Anderson returned on 

scene almost as soon as the blaze was 

^scovered and the flames were «- ^ .„,.„„„„„ ...„„=„ .„ 

tmgmshed before any senous damage Monday. from Big Fork where: she 

Had beeni done. i spent the Christmas Vacation. 

,,,._. ,-^ _. i E. Sjoberg transacted business in Jiowa Oty, ll, last- week. 

; Albert Gustafson. the eight year old , ^^^ i^^^ schools opened Tuesday 
^on of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gustafson ■ n,oj,jjjg ^fter a two weeks' Christmas 
passed away Wednesday, December 26 vacation. ' ' 

after a Imgering illness. Funeral, j^^ 3 j; Helium left last , week 
services 'were conducted Surraay, Rev. £oj. Edinburgh N. D.^ '' '.'■ '' '. 
A. E. Hanson officiating. Misses Martha Anderson and- Jp- 

T- • m T^/^m hanna Moren returned Monday from 

Legion Elects Officers. Itj^gj^ respective homes at Bemidji and 

The annual election of officers for Mcintosh where they spent the hoU- 
the local post of the American Legion ; days. 

yas held Tuesday evening of last: A deal was consummated last week 
^eek. The foUbwing were elected: ' whereby C. E. Qoler of Marshalltown, 
pommander, W. C. Searles; vice com- ja. became the owner! of a half section 
mander, Wm. Thompson; adjutant, B. ' of land in Como township purchased 
E. Mellum; treasurer, Anton Yngve; from Richard Sjoberg of this village, 
sergeant-at-arms, Ralph Gre&ley: 
chaplain, Martin Rovicl£ 

Miss Inez Sorlum resumed her du- 
ties as teacher in Little Oak school 

Miss Emma Arveson visited at the 
Eindahl home Sunday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thorn Florence and 
Mrs. Ben Eindahl visited at the Ole 
Eindahl home Sunday. 

Miss Sallie Eindahl and Leroy 
Johnsrud called at the Bennett Johns- 
rud home Wednesday aftCTnoon. -^ 

Martin Martinson took Sunday din- 
ner at; the Netzschke homfc 

Messrs Ole TJ^'"" ani Martin Mar-: 
tihson called at the Nitzschke home 
Saturday evening. . . . 

Misses Gladys and Alice Christian- 
son visited ;at the EindaM .hpme Sun-i 
day evening • '■"^- ;•;■■.»■: 

Mr, and Mrs. Ole EihdaHl and little 
son Orleai, viated at the Thoai PlOr. 
rence home Wednesday. 

A bunch of Christmas ghosts sere- 
naded the community Sunday even- 
ing. ' 

Mr. and Mrs. Afeel Gustafson took: 
Christmas dinner with Mr. and Mis. 
Florence. , ,.• . -a- . 

Messrs. Orland and Mervin Jim- 
dahl visited at the Chriatianson home 
Sunday. Being Leap Year Misses 
Gladys and Alice Christianson ac- 
companied them home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Willie 'Vettleson -visit- 
ed at the Florence home New Year's 

THelma Ballangyud, Norris.Ballang- 
rud, Bemice Johnson, Vema Johnson, 
Eaymond Johnson, Melvin Jorde, 
Gladys Jorde, Euth Jodre, Alice Jorde, 
Grant Jorde, JSlizabeth Jorde, Hans 
Kaushageh, Eli Kaushiigen,^ Olga Nel- 
son, Glenn Johnsrud, Bert Eyneatad, 
Thelma Eynestadj Gena R. and Mor- 
ris Jorde had perfect| attendance for 
the 'month of December. 

Thelma Ballangrud' visited Alice 
Bjerke over New Year"? in Thief 
Eiver Falls. | 

Mrs. Osland, T. Osland, R. Osland 
and Edgar Oslaiid visited at Enut 
Jardes' over the Holidays. 

The school helditheir Christmas tree 
program Friday,! Dec 21. A large 
crowd attended. [ Candy bags and 
apples were given out after the pro- 
gram. - - J ! ■ 

The -Young People's society Held a 
Christmas party I last! Saturday night 
at the school house. ! 

Farmers State Bank 

ot Ooodrldse, Ooodrldrn, Miim., at doM o« blulJiMl on DeMmbeiairt, IMS. . 


Loans and diKonnts, indadlag redlBCOimta ;.... '^"^'SJ? 

OFerdralU .,^yh\ff,ti)i, • ■ 'JJJt 

SMurltUB, etc.. ...■..-?i.Vf:i • •■•• :•" „„TrS 

Banking iouae, FumlCure and Flilnrea ..." .S'™'™ 

Other teal eatato owned ; • '^mra 

Checks and dralla In tnuult ' .k;^-:? 

Uue from other .banka and caah on hand 'h5i'« 

Cash llema and cheeks ,.. -•••-. ,5S'™ 

Other assets, 1£ any, ,. • i,iJsl.lii 




Death of Mrs. Erickson. 
Mrs, Hilmer Erickson passed away 
at her home in this village Sunday 
morning, January 6, following a brief, 
ainess. Burial took place Monday and ^ Mondky," jMua^° Tr'^ter 


Tinus Tollefson visited at the Ein^ 


Olivfer TommerdaHl called on Knut 
Ebisiaid Friday.! j 
' James Wells,' of Ppley, is visiting 
at the'flome of his brother, and sister- 
in-law, Mr. and Mrs. I,awi«nce Wells. 

jj)s*h'Hoffman called on Theo. 
., yjSSI: W-ednesday on. matters of 
b'n^erai ',".-.'. . . | 1 
■"CBe"Tharaldson returned Tuesday 
from''Sn'extiended visiting -with lela- 
tive'^JSid friends! in the Glenwood and 
StarjMdc^vidnities. I 
':■ ~H.' Iverson Assisted his brother Gust 
tbhatd-hay Monday.j 
• S^tkariaa Hole; was a guest at the 
Iver'^ Iverson home last Wednesday 
Evening..' | . 

Sub Urban niade ia b-lme trip to 
Go6dHdge,iast Wednesday, via '.'Apos- 
tles', horses." ! i , ,. 
' 'Wells brothers were busy hauling 
hay^^feom the f'Stajr Center" farm 

:^fflaid Tharaldaon, Miss Opel 
Olson^nd Jamas Wells attended the 


CaiUtal slock -...••• "S'^SS'SS 

SnrBlns Bind • ''SS'Sl- 

OndWlded proDta, net '. „,5I-5J 

BUla payable with 'War Finance Corporation...;....; -34,000.00 

BiUa payable— other tban -with War Finance CoiporatiOD (Inclndlng cerun- 

cates for hotroTfed money) ....'.... ^'*'5??'?2 

SaTinsa deposit .'..;. - .,?S'ir 

Time certificates (Other than for money borrowed) 41,160.40 

Cashier's cliecks 1 ■'•'^'i} 

Deposits ' sabject to . check , ,' 37^34.88 

TOTAL ....[ »142396.4fr 

Amount of Hcserre on hand ■' 5 lfl,073.2ft-- 

Amount of Beserre Required by Law $. 8348.34 

STATE OP MINNESOTA, County of Pennington— SB. j 

We, Nick Bundhund, vice President, and H. B. Bockae, Cashier of the above namei. 
Bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement Is tmei of o nr knowledge and belief.- -. 

NICK BUNDHUND, 'Vice-President - '-j^ 
- H. B. EOCKNE, Cashier. 


Subscribed and sworn to before me this Bth day of January, 1024. 
(SEAL) * 


Notary Public,. Pennington County, Mian. , 

My Commission, explires Bee. 14, 1827. 

OH\BTKB NO. S8&4. 



First National Bank 


Statement- of -the «»ni 

Farmers &MCTchan^^ 

61 Thief Blver FalU, Incorporated, at cIqw flf DUfllnMB on, D*ci!mT)er Slat, 19«3. . 


LouDB and discouDts, 

Overdrafts >'• •''. 

Securities, etc t" U,* T ' ''-' * * 

Banking house. Furniture and Flituree. . 

Other real ebtate owned 

Checks and drafts in transit ••• 

Due from other banks and cash on hand . 
Cash Items and checks 

i. $221,066^17 
.. - 317^ 
.. ■ 7^70.70 
. . 9a09^ 

, , 31,560.72 
. . 0,400.93 

BUSINESS ON DECEMBER 81BT, 1923. ' ' '^'' -' ' 

. ■ ■ BBSOimCES -: : ■.-!■: 'J-:'-- 

a Loans and dlBConnts, including redlBcounts, acceptances 
of other banks,- and- foTeigd bills of exchange orl' drafts 
Bold wlth'Indorsement of thia banfe (except those: shoirn 

in b and c) .;t. $552,388^ .. * 

, TOTAL LOANS ?SS2,38a2o: :. 

2. Oreidrafta, unsecured, J95.91 J 95.91 

4. U. S.'GoTernn)eat Seourltieii'Owiied: - - — r'"", 

a Deposited to secure circulation (n.~ S. bonds pox value) - $ 50,000.00 
b All other United States ■ Government securities- (inclod- . "-- _ -.:.-...-.. 

ing -premluma, If any) ..;.;...■..*■....■.■.. ..I..' 56.500.00 ■", X:: 

TOTAL ;. ; 

5. Other bonds, itocka. secorlties, etc.: 

0. Banking House, ?50,500.00; Furniture and flxtures, ?10,G52.6o 

7.".*KeffI estate owned other than baublng'houBe.. . L 

8.-. Lawful "reserve with Federal Reserve Bank , ;... J , 

10.' Cadh in vault and amount due from natlpnal banksl 

VA. Checks "on other banks In the same city or town hs' report- 
ing bank. (other than Item ]2)...',. • ] 

Total'of Items 0, ,10, 11. 12,' and 13 ;:... ;..L -. $128,738.08 

14.a CheckB and drafts on banks' (including Federal i^eaerve 
Bank) iQCdted outBkte uf city or town of reporting 

bank 384.02 

b Mi&cell^neouB caeb items .: • 371.57 

16. 'with '0. S. Treasurer and due from U. S. 

Treasurer ....- ' .' 


. .?106.500.00 
. . . 44,404 JB 
. . .,70,152.00 
.. 34,57t21 
.. 32,59134 
... 128.7^.45 

... 1.05t.63 


a ball 

— because, when it stiifcesi-it 
is knp^cked slightjy out^; * of 
shapQA) i But, ; being elaistic, 
it springs back to shape, and 
this reaction makes it re- 
bound. The use of 

Rubbings Alcohol 

helps put "in shape" tired, 
acWng muscles and stiff 
joints that sport, labor or ill- 
ness has "knocked out." 

A refreshing body-rub for 
athretes, invalids and infants. 
Excellent also for removing 
perspiration odors and for 
soothing the face after shav- 
ing. .;.;, 

One of 200 Puretefct prep- 
arations. Every item . the, 
best th^t skill; and conscience 
can produce. ' 

JjR Curtis 

Willowdale: School. 

Laura Kron.r Teacher. 

The Willowdale school! reopened 
a two 
weeks* vacation which was'enjoyed by 
all. i- i ■ ' ■ 

We wish you all I a Happy New 
Year! i | . - 

The Peterson children are absent 
from school on account of] illness. We 
all hope to see them back at school 
very soon. | I 

Mr. and Mrs. Axel £ron and, Miss 
Laura Kron visited' at Ed. Crown's 
in Thief River Falls Sunday. Mrs. 
Ed. Crovra is still very ill.l 

Melvin Carlson of Thief piyer Falls, 
has been spending his Chiiistmas vaca- 
tion with Lappegaards'. | 

Mrs. Pete Mellem and; son Alvin 
spent Sunday and iMonday at Ole 
lappegaards*. t . 1 

Mrs. Chas. Sagmoen washed the 
school house Thanksgiving. It was' 
very pleasant to coine toj school and 
find it neat and clean after vacation. 

Ray and Delbert Kron and.Helmer 
Bloom were busy haiiling Hay Monday. 

Laura and Delbert Kron attended 
to various business [matters in Thief 
River Falls Monday' eyen^g, i 





Capital stock ' .., ••■ • 

Surplus fund • ■ ' 

Undivided profltB, net - •• ;••■ 

Bills dayable with War Finance Corporation ;■••;,' , ,, l .,„ .„„ 

mils payable-other than with War Finance CorporaUon (Including tertlflcates 

for borrowed money) 

Savings . deposits ■. • • • • ■ • • 

Time ceftlHcatea (Other than for money, horroweu) 

Certified checks ^ • • • 

Cashier's checks • .' * • 

Due to banks ■ 

ITeposita aubject'to check ., 

f 25,000.00 












District 54. 


'" 'Tli6'"pupiIs'o7 lUv§rBiHeTscKbbl'Tiave 
returned to tlieir duties after enjoying 
a two -weeks' vacation. -Ail -were pres- 
ent to begin the New Year right with 
the exception of Adolph! Engelbart, 
who was taken ill a' week; ago with a 
serious attack of jrheumatic ferer. We 
hope though, that 'he will recover 
rapidly and be with yis at school again 
soon. I I 

.. Miss Gertrude Blaska returned to 
Moorhead where she attends the State 
Teachers' college after spending her 
vacation with her parents,! living near 
St. Hilaire. i I 

Miss Adelia MaUmd returned to 
Plummer Sunday CTening: where she 
will resume her duties as a teJajcher'iri 
one of the rural schools ! itelr liiat 
place. .'.. '.' ..i ,-;. ;.',.-■.,,."■ 

Julius Malarid, who apejrit , a ^o 
weeks' vacation at Us hoi^e rettimed 
to' St. Paul Sundayjeveiiing'wiiere he 
-is employed: ' -f i " — ' ■ " 

Melvin Berry, is enjoying a three 

^'•'"''"* vacation at[ his "home near 

ifitBceton.'," -r: r :X'--~. .p- 

' t: -Jhrifet' ;;Cannant^ "1i§a'! for : ' their 

guests on. Christmas Day Mr. and Mrs. 

TOTAL • ....'»310,6()3.i)0 

Amount o£ reserve on hand ■_■ } f ^'^"S 

Amount of Reserve Required by Law ♦ ^i«04.70 

STATE OF UINNBSOT.V, County ol Pennington— SB.. 

VSTc, K. McQinn, President, and Albert Loneon, Cashier ol the 
do solemnly swear that the above statement is true ol onr knowledse and beliet 

B. McQlNN, President. 
ALBERT L0N80N, Cashier. 


.' JOHN morgan: 

Subscribed and sworn to belore me this 6th day ol January, 1024. 
(SEAL) ;' 

F. B. McQINN,. ■ j 

Notary Public, Pennington County, Minn. 
My Commission expires Jan, 18th, 1929. 

•BANKNO. im. 1^ 


Goodridge State Mftk 

, . . BBSOtlBCBS ' ' ^ 

Loans and discounts, inclndins ,redlacoiiDtB.....> 

Orerdrofta . . .'. . .■-..:. ../... 

Bankliis house. Fnriiltnre and Fixtures. 

:.:... ?0?J.75e;38' 


Capital slopk paid in ^ v • ? 50.000.00 

Surplus fund ......; -. ..;S5.Q00.OO 

10. Undivided profltB ." i 8.130.«0 



..._ Pt^er...»aJ)epting'own?a ,i>.v. 

'Ctieclia' and -drafts In transit ..,...!.... 
Dua.ironi^ditf^'tteata'ka^^na-'t^fih'bn band., 

Cash items and checks ..' 

Other assets, If any'...- 


Circulating notes outstanding 

23. Amount due to State banks, bankers, and trust companies 

in the Unifed States and foreign countrtea (other ;--^H 
than included tn Items 21 or 22) {....;..: 

24. Certified checks outstanding ..v J.... ; 

25. Cashier's checks uutstanding :...J 

Total of Items 21, 22, 23, 24, and\25 .....j ? 50,6»5.83- --u ^r , - 

Demand deposits (other than bank deposits)- subject to RMerre --(deposit? payable 
■within 30 days: - I '^— - " • -' - ; 

20. IhdlTldual deposits subject to c^eck ....J 

27. Ct>rti&cates of depoHlt due in less than 30 days i (other' than 

for money borrowed) .■ L -.". ....... 

State, county.'or other municipal deposits secured by pledge • ' 

of. assets of this bank or surrey bond....... I.. .-. 

31. Other demand deposllii (. ^.'.^ 

Total of demand deposits (other than bank deposits), snb- 
- 3e^t to Reserve, Items 20, 27. 28, 29.. 30, arid 31. .. .■.$235,770.06 
ilme deposits sabject to Keservo (payable after 30 daysj or sub. 
Ject to 30 days or more notice, and postal savings): 

32. Certificates of deposit (dther than tor money borrowotl) 

34. Other time depoHlts -. ., ;... J... . , ^. 

Total -of time deposits subject to Reserve, Items [ 32. 33. ,_,-■,-_. 

34, and 35 ...J fG07.2S0.C7 

30. T7nlted States dtpoHltp (other than postal savings)) Includ- 
ing War Loan deposit- account and deposits of - 

United States disbursing officers : .ICSTSJa 

, Total Deposits ; .....' .'. . ...?S30,02S^ 

State of Minnesota. County oCJ^cnnlngton, ss.' , ■ ' 

I,, Theo. M. Thronson, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that 
the above statement is true to the beat of my knowledge and belief. - 

THEO. M. THRONSON. Cashier. 

C. Ji. HXN^EN, Director. 
Sabscrlbed and sworn to before me this Bth day of January. 1024. 
B. K. AASHN, ff :■ ■ ■ ■ -. - ■ ' " 

Notary Public, Pennington County, Minn. 
My commaslpu i^kplres Eebruary 14, 1829. 




. : . 95,972,40 

.. n+.ootoo 




Capital stock 
Surplus fund 


. .1141,538.76 


surplus tuna k '.•, > .^ r-rrS™ 

Undivided profits, net ..., I !•■• *• *'^-»" 

Bills payable wlih War Finance Corporation '.:_ \ 5.000.00 

Bills payable— other than with War Finance Corporation (Including cfrtiScates 

for borrowed money) 

Savings deposits ..'. 

.Time certlflcates (Other than for money bomiwed}... 

Cashier's checks ....'.'. ^...,^.._'.\."...'n^.«',* 

Deposits subject to .check v..,....'. . .;;..iii!.:t:.;i.' 

- • TOTAL ,'.VI^..v5.^;.;.."^.oV'»"i. 

Ataount of Reserve on hand '...,'... 

Amount of Reserve Required byLaw*.. 

oTATB OP MINNESOTA! County «ft?Poimlt 
We, H. S. Dahlen, pretlrfent;'aiid'?i|*"' 
do solemnly swear that the pbbVe. ttati 







.....y 12,048.04 
I- a088.76 

i(-&iiJiler:of the above named Bank. 

.-jof'biir knowledge and bdlef. 

H^'B/ DAHLBN. PlQliauit, . .' ^ , .'- 
- .■■ '; — ■-. ;v - • ■ J. P.JBNBHNil'CaBhbr.Ttl ' 

COHRBCT ATTEST: .(TWO) D.mKCTORB ':' ~w ::..!/>,.! 

/,. ,.-H; W. FROBHLICH 

.:.:-:■ - ,; . : BASMUB'DBNir 
ftubscrlbed aniT'pi^om to before me tUr Ttli day of Jaqtbry, 
.(SBAD.-S. ■ ■: ic.^ .■..:;-.:iu-:;.jl.. "-v.^-.--x^l>/" ' 

-■ROY.:HAiiSBTHv\-v'.r'-\^T.-v;.>s:x:.-.%."rL"; iv- "tr:::.-^Mf.-i^.- 

T^tary'Pnhllt," Penrttogtoit C0tuit7.^Wn&M6t&; - ' ' 
BI> CommUiIon expl^ May 10, IBM. ■ 



GoM WiiSl^^ood 

' ' ' We have large stocks of boti . on hand and <5an 
fill your wants promptly at reasd.nable prices. The = 
chilly nights are arriving and it is time to give 
tiie fuel question serious thought Let us fig^e 
mth.yQii on your winter's sup] )ly. ; ;, • 

Mg^fdck & $t We Co. 

"A Good Place to Buy Your.Co^ and Wood" 

Mr. and Mrs. W. H, Crompton and 
family arid Mr. and Mrs. Ejner Jen- 
son and family, were callers at the 
E. Tanner home Thursday evening. 

Wm. Vaughan, Jr., of Thief River 
Falls, spent the holidays at the home 
of his parents, Mr. and ' Mrs. Wm. 
Vaughon, Sr. 

Mr. and Mis. Anton Johnson enter- 
tained at supper New Year's night, 
the following: ; Mr. and Mis. Elo 
Sanders and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. 
T. Nelson and family and J. Vad i^nd 
son Arden. 

Mrs. H. Eliason returned home last 
week from a three weeks' visit at the 
home of her daughter, who resides in 

Mr. and Mrs. Sig. Sigurdson of 
Hazel, spent Sunday at flie home of 
the former's mother, Mrs. L. Sigurd- 

Edward Eliason left for the Mesabe 
range last Thursday where he will be 

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Nelson were 
host and hostess at a dinner party 
given at their home Sunday. The fol- 
lowing were present: Mr. and Mrs. 
Elo Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. H. Eliason, 
Mr. and Mrs. Anton Johnson and Mr. 
and Mrs. Ejned Jenson and family. 

/Misses Vivian and Maggie Johnson, 
Mrs. Sig. Sigurdson of Hazel, and Mr. 
Edwin Nelson, were guests at the 
Don. Beaudry home Sunday afternoon. 

Miss Francis Homme returned to 
Thief River Falls Monday after 
spending t^vo weeks' vacation at the 
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 
John Homme. 

Don. Beaudry left for Brooks, Minn, 
last Monday, where he will be a guest 
at the home of his parent? for a few 

James Homme returned to Bemidji 
Monday after spending the holidays 
at the home of his parents, Mr. and 
Mrs. John Homme. 

The following were guests at ^the 
3. T. Nelson home Friday evening. 
Misses Myrtle and Frances Homme 
and Maggie Johnson, Messrs. Harold 
and Leo Johnson, Gilman and James 
Homme and Harry Cousin. 

Geneva Overum of Thief River Falls 
returned to Hi ghla nding Saturday to 
resume her duties as a teacher in 
district iT. 

Myrtle and Gilman Homme resumed 
their school work again at Goodridge 
last Monday. 

Anton Johnson transacted business 
at Goodridge last Saturday. 
. John Nelson was a caller at the 
Elo Sander home Saturday. 

A. T. Olson transacted business at 
Highlanding Monday. 

Mrs. Don Beaudrj' resumed' her 
duties as teacher in Dist.' 37, Mondayr 

Elo Sanders was a business caller 
at Anton Johnson's' Monday. 

School iDUtNo. 6. 
Euth F. Gastafaon, Teahccp. 

Miss Rath Gustafson and Miss Lu1i» 
Peterson retunied from Fertile Ifirt 

Mr. and Ui8.'B. Theodore Johnson 
and family, Mr. and Urs: Gluence 
Roese and family; Mr. and Mrs. Mar- 
tin Peterson, Mi, and Mrs. AntonPet- 
erson arid Keneth Erbts and Ui^ P. 
W. Peterson, Vi6Iet and Mlntori Peter- 
son were dinner guestts: at the J. B. 
Peterson home New Year's day. 

A Christinas program was given in 
Dist. No. 6, Dec. 21. 

Frank Peterson and Miss Violet 
Peterson visited at the J. E. Peterson 
home last Sunday evening. : 

Mr. and Mrs.,' Charles Sumpter ?« 
the proud parentsof a baby boy, bom 
Jan. a. ■ i 

Elizabeth and Molly Evenson have 
been very ill with scarlet, fever. 

Gust Wilson and sons, Gerhard and 
Morris, visited -at the Oscar Wilson 
home Sunday. 

Iver Bolstad shipped a carload of 
cattle to St. Paul on: Saturday, Jan. 

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wilson and fam- 
ily visited at the Knute Torriiilson 
home Christmas day. ' 

Mrs. Osina Olson and son Teddy, 
visited the Oscar Wilson hobe Christ- 
mas eve. I 

Miss Violet Peterson, who has been 
home during Christmas vacation, re- 
turned to Gully Monday morning. 

There was a! program held at the 
Elora church on December 21. 

Miss Helen Peterson and sister 
Agnes, visited Jwith Violet "Peterson 
Sunday, Jan. 6.1 I • • 

Harold Hanson made a; busmess 
trip to Thief River Falls last Wednes- 
day. . f- ] 

•• Reiner News 

At Thief Eiver Falls . 

Hanson '& Barzeii:. 
Wheat, No. 1 dark. Northern.... 

Wheat, No. 1 Northern 

Wheat, No. 2 Northern ... — 

Durum wheat No, 1 —'. — . 

Dorum vheftt, No; 2 ._„..'__;... 
Rye, per ^Ira. ; — 1^1^^ — ;~ 
Flax, No. 1, per bu~;'._-:.- — ~ 
Flax, No. 2, per bu.; _...;:.__ 

Oats, per bo. .___. — . ~~~ 

Barley, per bu. : — .;..»». j45 

Bock wheat, per ^lOO -.^ ; — 1.40 

Vivo flour .; i-~~i.u^ 98c andr.8.60 

Bran,; per 100 ._ii._ -^ — : — ^.140 

; .98 
; '.96 
. .82 
, .80 
. .66 
. 2iI8 

Shorts, per 100.- 
Oil meal, per 100-. 



Tlilef RlTeP:PpoAice .Co. 

Heavy spring "ehlckeris, per 1^— . . .12 
Hens, light, per IhL' ______.,;.^C .08 

Hegs, heavy, per lb.. .....— — i:.. .18 

Le^opi springs and stags, lb. - .08 

Docks,, per ;lb. 

Geese, per ilb. _....... „. 

Old roosteif, per lb.. ;..„_J— .06 

No. 1 turkeys, pir lb. ._....._„-; .16 

Eggs, per doz. .X ™. .26 

Cow hidesi ;|per' lb. ._._■..• 04 

Tiitt IBfiar Co-operative Creamery 
Milk, per gt. ..4i..__™„____ .09 

Oieain, per: qt L_uJ. ■. i__._ ;40 

Wlhipp!ng'cream[ per qt - .Ed 

Butter, peij. lb. ^;i.:_|... .. . ;68 

Bnfld^iijgjTacated by .lite 
TiJbiBiiei|bn;:LaBi^ avem^ 
6ood,b{uiem^n|^ &ie;Iieatbi{t 

-'"--"■ ^jt^iiiciitw$le,r^nt''Aph 
iply at oMce^bf l%e Tribiahe 
oh MaihiaTehne or iBmplre 
Farms'Go.'' i !^-" '" - ■':" ;.-'*i 

for small farms,' forty aciej, 
located' within .a half ' mile to 'Ave 
miles from town.' Those havinif such 
proper^ to sell, write us or call iat 
our office.'' Empire Farms Co. S2tf 

dresser, reasonable if taken soon. 
a C. Johnson, B28 Duluth Avei N. 
Phone 808-R. 48 


LAND FOR SALE— Or trade for 
city dwelling or land in this vicinity 
for 80 acres of land in Hubbard coun- 
ty. Good soil, no tiiistles nor ditch 
lien. School bouse on land. C.'M. 
Evenson, 611 Duluth Ave. N., Cit; 
. . 42tf 

Ffirm one and; one-half mBes sooth 
of "raUng.:! Very best toil for pota- 
aoes or ngar beets. Yonr own terms. 
Inquire <^"R. B.'Basmoson at Shaw's 
office. i - i 8-tf 

miles south of city. C. Palk, R 3 46p 

FOE SALE OR BENT— 270 acres 
four miles from Thief River Falls. 
Good buildings. All under cultivation. 
85 acres alfalfa. Inquire at Tribune 
office. 42tf 


Washing Machine cheap. Has 

Westinghoose motor. Apply C. Stor- 

holm, 724 LaBree avenoe north. 40tf 

School District No. 48. 

J^hie Vraajwas on the sick list 
last week. j 

. Messrs., Oscai- Stenvick and J. A. 
McEnelly shipped two cars of stock 
to South. St. Paul last Saturday. ; 

Our school opened, after the Christ- 
mas vacation on Monday. : 

Ole Hdle is visiting his parents this 
week. ! i ■ 

Elias Germands'on returned to Climax 
on Christmas day. 

A number of iour people had an en- 
joyable time at: the surprise party at 
Oliver Tumraerdahls'home a week ago 
Saturday. i . ; . | 

There was aiparty given at the P. 
O. Berg home January 2nd. 

Jesse Tanner trapped a wolf last 
week^ : I ! : 

Oscar Stenvick broke his arm while 
cranking his car a week ago Friday; 

ing machine. Cheap. Has West- 
inghoose motor, .^pply C. Storholm, 
7M LaBree avenue north. 40tf 

FOR SALE— GOOD .6-ROOM house, 

full basement; 4 lots; on east ^de; 

for salei on easy terms. Inquire of H. 

S. Dahlen. lOtf 

FOR SALE CHEAP- Womans good 
doth coat with fur collar. Inquire,:at 
Tribune office. - ■ 86tf 


ROOMS FOR RENT — Fomiahed 
and modem. 811 LaBree Ave. N. 86tf 

room with two beds. Inqnire at Trib-" 
one office* . 25tf 


WANTED^-Clean cotton rags free 
from buttons. 5c per pound. The 
Tribune. ,| 

IF YOU WANT TO RENT! • ionse, 

a flat, or a daplex,^ill 68. U. V. 

Sreaaon.-. •' -i -i-. .-.- hy:' ■ Wi 

WANTED-i-Competent' giri for gen: 
' enl'h'oase work.' Mrs. M. C. Mc^ 
Failand. CaU'861 807 Kidght Ave. 

N6;t.: -.•"•'■"' -'■^■' ':;i;.? /■■: ■ 48p 

HAY FOE SALE— at {5 and .76 per 

ton |in stack. - Gordon U. Olson, 

City, E 1, Box 66. ' ^ 44-Btp 

WANTED— 'Papils for the piano in all 
grades, also lessons givm in needle- 
work'-and 'languages by .giadna^ 
teacher; Studied at the University of 
Vienna. Hermiiia Exner,'204 Mark- 
ley avenue sooth; - ' ' ■■ . 48p 

WANTED^-Competent giri for gen- 
eral hoosework. Mrs.. W. R. - Pat- 
terson, 704 LaBree Ave. N. ?8t( 

WAiNlrED— Sewing of any kind to do 
at home. First honse north of Phy- 
sicians hospital. Phone 182.^ Mrs. 
Wni. N. Elofson. - 46pd 

harness and wagon for sale cheap. 
One 1920 Ford touring car complete 
with spot light and sdf starter. In- 
quire of H. B, Eockne, Goodridge, 
Minn. -45 

FOR BATiK-^A number of yOung 
June hatched.^ Msimmoth ' Bronze 
turkey ..toms and S. C. Brown Leg- 
horn Mckerels. Mrs. 0. N. Olson, 
Minnehaha Farm; R 3. '. ■"■ 


Call '244R, or ' ' 112 ~ EeiidaU' aviehns 
squthJ r' . .-44-46p 

FOR .PENT— "Two large modem 
j rooms for light, hoosekgeping lo- 
cated at 621 L^ree avenoe N. I%one 
128-jJ. 43tf 


In good condition. To be sold at 
once. I Leaving town. 617 Enightt 
avenue north. ' 48p 


bearing, initials C. J. 0. Finder 

please return to Eed Lake Ice Co. or 

leave! at The Tribune office. 43p 

Wood. SAWING— S. F. Sherbon, tel- 
ephone 463-J. 524 Riverside Ave. 

it4boked over and fixed up for 
spring. All work guaranteed and 
prices are very low for January and 
February. Jas. A. Bunell, 313 Main 
Ave. N. " * 43p 


Wehaveisome!clients who-will trade 
Oregon land in the Williamette Val- 
ley ."for improved farms here. If you 
are interepted in Oregon-come and 
see us.' Empire Farms Co.. 42tf 

Suits mad^ f roih' old garments. Com- 
municate ^th Mrs. Adolph Bolstad^ 
1% mile sooth of Alves school hoose, 
or leave order at Strand's grocery 
store. • f : ' " " - it 

We are Ireceiy^g some inqairy"for 
improved' fangs close to town; H you 
want to sell yodr farm, call at'.oor 
office. Eijipire Farms Company. 


hoose for rent Apply to W. A. 

Bishop. 82tf 

W. A. Bishop. IStf 


All kinds of used tires 
for sale at a real bar-r 
gain.; All sizes, from 
30x3 |to 37x5. _ 

Andirew Ness 


Albert Anderson 



We Sell the 
Best In the ]>i[orthwest 

the Prichard Go. 

PHONE 221 


Personal Property 
Tax List For 1923 
Pennington Co.,Minn. 


.Total Ta:c Itate By School Dlstticfs. 

Including State, County. Town or^ Village and 
.School District Levies. 

Scliool District No. 

Scliooi District No. 

Sciiool District No. 

ScliooI District No. 

7, Miils 25.0 

CO, Mills 10. 

00. Mills lO.l 

140, Mills 14.0 

School District No. ISO, Mills 15.4 

(Rates of Taxation on Money and 
10 cents per 5100.) 

Name of Person, 

?irni or 
Adolphson Bros. 

Anderson, C. A. . ™ 

Anderson, V. F. — 

Anderson. Martin 

Aiterlund Bros. & Hilder 

Ault. Mike . . 

Appleman, M. , . 

Behnke, John F. . 

Corkin & Leaver . 

Dahlen, August 

Hanson. Halvor 

Hanson, Henry . 


Value Money 
Personal and 
Property Credits 
_? 289 I % 

Hawldnson, . Harry — 

Hogstrom, A. P. . 

Johnson, Iver A. H._ 

Larson, Kmil : 

Larson.' Emil. et al — 
Lindquist, C. A. _>_- 

Lindquist. G. A 

Lindbiom, Peter 

Lindblom, Henry > 
Luttmer. Henry, Sr. _ 

Nelson, 0. A. 

Odelin, Halvar 

Olson, Carolina ™ 

Osgood. Ed 

Person, Christ — 

I Rux. Walter F. 

Rux. Ruben R. — 

Sandry. D. D. 

Schalin, John 

Schalin, August ». 
Schalin, Victor — 

Schoir, N. T 

Sevre. Albert 

Swanson; John O— 
Sternberg, John _ 
TVood. Melvin H, - 
Akeriund, E. J. _ 
Scholin, Swan . 



' 133 

Swanson, C. P. Mrs._ 
Hanson, George O. _ 








• 1.02 




. 11.47 
















Dreelan, James — 

Erickson Bros; i_ 

Ericlison, Andrew — 

Ekatrom, Mary 

Erickson, Edward _ 
GIgstad, Oscar »_™ 

HaIIstroni,-A. G, 

Hackett, E. E. 

Hackett, Frances .;- 
Holmes. L. Mrs. — 

Hart]i,."W. C. ; 

Holmes, H. Li 

Holmes, Ole A. 

Johnson, Johannes'i- 
Jacobspn, Henry ___ 
Kltzrow, TV. J; — ■— 
Lorentson, Sam — _ 
Lorentaon, Richard 
Lundberg, Peter .: — 

Landman, Fred 

Leach, 'Fred . 

McKercher, RJ J. 

Moren.iChas. J 

Moren,' Edward — 

Novak; "Wm. J 

Novak,' R, L. j 

Rolzleri C. — : 

Schmitx, Crisper _ 
Swans<^n, Alex — 
Shannan, Wml 

Schneider. Chia. __ 
Swanson. Mens »_™_ 
Tyahibeck. Selmer — 
Westphal. Jennings . 
Westphal, L. A. — — 
Erickson, Axel 




• 279 



570 ■ 
207 • 


300 X 















- 8.73 



Total Tax Bate By BchoAI Districts. 

Including State, County, Town or Village and 
School District Levies. 

School District No. L ikllls 16.4 

School District No. 43. Mliia 11.7 

School District No. 94. Hllla 12. 

:School District No. 102. mils 6LI 

. School District No. 108. Mills 14.7 

(Rates of Taxation on Money and Credits 
30 cents per 1100.) 


Total Tax Bate By School Districts. 

Including State, County. Town or Village and 
School District- Levies. 

School District No. . 8. Mills 83.4 
School District No. 16. MlllB 3L 
School District No. 44, Mills 13.6 
School District No. 46. 
School District No. 66. 
■ I 

(Rates of Taxation on Money and Credits 
30 cents per flOO.) . . 

Name! of Person, 
^Inn or 

AndersoD, Gus — 
Aames. NUs J^_ 
Brownlle, D. G. 

MlUs -.- 
UUIs 17,9 

■Value Money Amt 
Personal and of 

Property Credits Tax 

DuChamp. Fred 
■Fuller. Geo. W. - 
Fuller, C, Wl — 
Holmto. Ole j . 




Holmen, , Oliver — i — . 

Holten. Edward : — 

Hruby. J, B.1 

Hruby, Joe J •- 

Hanson .& Barxen Mill- 
In, C^. 

GrMn Tax,! 4165 
Hruby, Francuika' . 
Horten, H. K. — L- 

Kotlah Bros.l 

Kotlata, Ant<)n -i- 
Kotlap. Edward . 

Name of Person, 

Firm or 

Anderson, Felix 

Anderson, Matt J, 
Anderson, Albert . 

Almgulst, Jens 

Brandt, W. M. . 

Value Money 
Personal . and 
Property Credits 



Mavle Trading Co. '_ 

McLe^ Stuart 

Nelsoto. Oscar, — : 

■-.Oske.' Joe -J ; — ~ 

.PeteiBon. Elmer .-— 

Philip, Frank —J 

Pomerenke, B. H; — 

Patc^ Joseph 

Skaat, T. J.- : 

Spelllr, J. II 

Sandmn, Gilbert :. 

Sanders, SlgTed Mrs. — 
Svensgsjard, IKaren Mrs. 


Tlionjpson. C. T. 

Thorson, Henry-: , 

XJrchltz, Hubert ^i 

Urchltz. Lovlse Mrs, 

Wlhtoil-Nlcliols Lbr. Co. 

Walberg. Olof ; 

Vatoya; Frank " 

Hinclk. Joseph Mrs. 

CshlOi J. M. . 







- SOO 




10.14 : 







- 7,96 


,. 8.88 
. 19.14 


Total Tax Bate By Scbool Districts; 

Including State, 6ounty, Town or 'Village and 
School District Levies;' 

School District No. 10. 

. . School District No. 34, 

School District No, 47. 

School District No. 62. 

school District No, 6S. 

(Rates of Taxation on Money ! and ; Credits 
30 cento per WOO.) i . . 

Name of -Person, 

Firm or 

Corporation — 
Anderson, Gunder 
Bolstad, Jens Mrs, 
Bakken. Matt 
Coatello Henry B. 

Dahle. Ole . 

Eesbrener. John 
Geselqulst Ole Mrs. 
(Sunderson, Ole , 
Gunderson, John 
Gustafson, Peter 
Helle, Daniel 
Holm, Syvert 
Hofstad, Gunder 
Haatveit, Vraal 
Hanson, Henry. 
Johiison, Anton 
Johnson, Martin 
Korsmarek, Max 
Lofthus. Oscar 
Langlie. S. A. 
Legvold, Ole 
Lunde, Lewis 
Lundeen, Frank 
Lofthus. Targer 
Lindtvedt, Talak 
Mandt. Osmund 
Melhouse, Andrew 
Nesiand, Ole — : 
Nereson. George' 
Olson. John 

Olson, 'Kilut 

Polbrook^ -John 

Peterson, John 

Rodman, James 
' Rustan, Ed. ',:: — 
"TRodman. L.' W. 

Hodack. James 

Rone, Tom — . 

Rodnlcke, John 

Rensia, Feder 

Syrtvet, Ole - 

Singer. George 
-Syversrud. Elisabeth 

Ssymenskl. Ben — 

Saymensld, Floyan 

swanson; Carrie Mrs. 

Stolaas, Slier 

Stucy, Otto - 

Svenson. Halvor 

Skreland, Ole 

Stolaas, Ben 

Total Tax Bate By Bohoel Dlstrieta. 

Including State, County, Town or Village and 
. . School District Levi^. . ; 

. Schoolfolslriot No. 8. inils 83,4 
Schoor District No. «6. MUls 17.0 
School District. No. 228. Mills 28-J! 

(Rates of TakaUon on Money and Credits 
80 cents per |100.) i - . -- 

Assessed i 

Value Uk>ney 
Personal [and; 
Property Credits 

Markusoh. Julana » 
Mutnansky, M. A. - 
Nelson. Calhem O. . 
Nelson, Theo. ™ — 

Olson. Sygtird 

Stomllen, I^ra 

Seavey, M. O. — 

Urdahl; Nlcoly 

Urdahi. C, N. 
Urdahl, 0.,^N. . 

"Vaughan, fe. E. — 
Vaughan, Moreen ■ 















Total Tax Rate By School Blstrlots. 

Including State, County, Town or "Village and 
School District Levies. 

School District No. 
School District No. 
School District No. 
School District No, 
Scbool District No. 
School District No. 

34. Mills 14.0 

37, Mills 22.7 

38, iUIls 13.5 
47, Mills 17.5 
60, Mills 15.3 
00, Mills 17.9 

:(Rates of Taxation on Money and' Credits 
30 cents per ?100.) ' 

Name of Person; 

Firm or 
" Corporation— 

Aubol, Alfred 

Blckley, O. J. 

-Biy, Elmer .^- 

Balrd, Geo. 

Crampton, W. H. - 

Dale, Tallak 

Dale. Knut 

Down, Jack 

Davis, Edon 

Eliason, Henry. 

Elllngson, Andrew 

Erickson, Math 

Fenlrt, Andrew. — -. 

Forst, John Z 

Froiand, Carl 

EInstad, H.-L 

Giving, Ole 

Giving. Amt 

Horachek. Anton — 
Hruby, Bolumll — 
Hamm. Theo. 

Value Money 
Personal and 
Property Credits 

— % 11 % % 



__ 281 . 


Singer. Stephen 

Syversrud. :BdvIn - 

Swenson. J. N, 

SvaneJoFd, ■ Aslak 
ToUefson, Theo. — 
Thorson, Oscar — 
Tanner, EJ A. . 

Tharoeson.. Oscar , 

U. 4 L Threshing Co., 

E. Sanders 

Vad, Christ 

Vaughan, WUl —- 

Voracheit, Chas. 

Wold. P. C. 

Zavorid, Emil ^ 

Zavorld, Frank A, 1. 

Thorson, T. M. ™__— — 

Hamm. Mabel V. 

Rustad. Theo. — — — . — » 
Rustad, John 



, 170 

Hole, Olaus, & P. C, 









Total Tax Bate By 'School Districts. 

Including State, County, To-wh or Village and. 
School District Levies. 

Hyland, Henry 

Halvorson, P. C. — 
Hedln, Earnest , - - 
Highlanding Co-op. 

Creamery Assn. _- 
Highlanding Co-op. 

Threshing Co. — ^ 

HJelle, Christ 

Hanson, A. W. 

Honune, John T. — 

Hanson. Oscar 

Hammersten. A. — 

Howard, Ole O. 

Halvorson. Oscar _ 

Jenson, E. ' 

Johnson, J. M. — — 
Johnson, And. .G. — 
Johnson, Anton — 
Krebecheck, John — 

Kreger, Art — ;. 

KJos, Carl 

Name of Person, 

Firm or 

Besancon, E. H. . 
Erickson, Gunder . 
Harmes, Tom — 
Hanson. Edwin — 
Hay, J. H. . — — 
Iverson, Casper -. 
Johnson, Carl J. , 
Kusmak. ^John — 

Lien. 'Henry 

Lovly. Peter , 
McCabe. Joe 




*- » 

(Coi\tinued on next page.) 



. 24.26 


lUOSi ^ari — -. 

Kolestrand. D. A. — 

Kvlste, Ben 

Korstad, P. P. — — - 

Lee. Ole G. -^ — ■ 

Larson. ' Ludvlg 

Nelson, Ole 

Nelson, .Andrew — . — 

Nelson, John _ 

Nelson. , Sever- 

Overvold, Gilbert- — 
Olson, Tobias, Mrs. , 
Olso'n, A. T. 

Peterson, Clarence . 
-Ramsey, James — 
Roeberg; S. B. — 

BetnesB. Peter ' 

Blme,' E. K. : 











127 < 



xumi^ El, jv. . _ 

Rustad, Julia Mrs.- 

Rustad. - Beimie' ; — 

Sand,' Olaus .; ■■ — 

Sanders, Elo -: '• — 

Skotberg. Tennes _ 

Sunsdal, Henry— 

Sundt. Evebn _ 

Snisky. Alois 

2T2 ■ 
1S7 ' 












































School District No, 

School District No, 

School District No, 

School District No, 

School District No, 

3, Mills 30.7 

9, Mills 38.e 

10. Mills 38.2: 

65, Mills 44.6; 

<Sl. Mills 42.1 

(Rates of Taxation on Money and 
30 cents ller flOO.) 

1 Assessed 

Value Money, 
Personal and 
Property Credits , 

Name of Person, 
Firm or 

Aalbu, Halvor 

Aipveson, Albln — . 

Arveson, Eddie 

Amtson. John 

Arveson, Swan — — 
Bakken. Peder O. - 

BJomaraa; BJ, 

BjerkUe. Peder E. 
Clemenson, Carl . 

_5 02 ?. 

Christlansbn, Olevl C. 

DIgemess,' Joe . ~ 

Erickson. Peter 

Florence, !Thos. 

Fore. Martin 

Hanson, Bennle' 

Halvorson, Ellck 

Hanson, Gunder 

Halvorson, H. C. 

Hanson, H. T. . l. 

Hanson, Martin ■ 
Haugo,: Syvert' — —_ 
Hendrom, .Ole -^-^— — 

Josetson, Ame 

Johnson; Erick 

Johnson, John O. 

Josdzyk. John 

Kolshus, Gunar — __^ 

Korupp, l£ H. 

Kvale, T. T. . 
L&rson Brt>8. . 

Lelrfellom, SIvert 

Larson, John L. — ' 

Lueck. : Wm. E. 

Melhuse, Anna. Ifrs. . 

Mostrora,' Alfred 

- Mostrom,' Gustaf 

Mbstrom,- John — 
Mohn, :U. Mrs. 

Martenson, Rasmus . 

Nllson.' Olof 

Olson, Julius Mrs. — 
Pike, Ben 

Rue, Osmund — 

Rendal, iBen 

■Sannes, Mis. K. 
Savage. Frank ■ 

Skotnedal. There ■ — 
Solberg, Knut K. . 
Sordal, John Olaon . 
Stucy, Ed. 

Swanson. Sam. B. — — 

Thompson,- (Christ 

Thompson, T. E :- 

Torgerson. .Thevodora . 

Telgen. Severt 

Tveltbak^. B]om 

Tvelteh.-- Staale "-i 

WoJnorowskI, P. L. 






















. 4.03; 














0416? . 




Total Tax Bate By School Distriots. 

Including State, Coimty, Town or VUlase and 
School District LiCvlea. 


District No. 
District No. 
District No. 
District No. 
District No. 
District No. 
District No. 
District No. 

U, mils 12. 

13, Mills IS. 

35, Mills 2S.1 

41, MUls 17.1 

44, Mills 13.S 

00, MllU 34.4 

66, Mills 17.9 

68, MUts 10.1 

30 ceni 



Name of Person. 

Finn or 

AnensoD, Andrew . 

Austin, K. K. 

Austin, MiiAn 

Brelland, Andrew . 
Brelland, Ole S. _ 
Brevlck, OIoC -- — 
Causln, Wm. 


Value Money 
Personal and 
Property Credits 

__» 267 % % 




ChristoffBon. Ole 

Causln, Otto . — 

Qlmmestad, Christ . 
Orfc.rtnKer, M. J. . 
GondeisoD, Azna . 

Gullmgsrud, Andrew 

EUetson, Tosteii _ , 

Engquist, Chaa. 

Evenson, Aamun — 
Evenson, Slgre Mrs. 

Hofdal, Ole O. 

Hanson. Albert 

Hanson, Julius 

Hedin. OloC 

Hemmest^'edt, T. S. _™ 
Hemmestvedt, T. Jr. — 
Hemniestvedt Threshing 


Hesbey, Jacob 

Hedin. Peter . 

HoidaU, Ole A 

Jolinson, Groce ^ — 

Johnson, Hans 

Johnson, John 

Johnson, Knute ^ — 

Johnson. It, M. __ 

Kllen. Joe 

Klemmetson, Elling _ 
Klemnietson, Oscar _ 
Knutson, Mrs. Sarah . 

Kongelf. L. O. 

Larson, Olof _ : 

Larson. Togus 

Lendobja. Peter 

Norby. Agnes ™_ 

Nordgard, Knute 

O'Brin, James ' 

Olson, Gunder 

Olson, Halvor 

Peterson, Chas. 

Peterson, Peter 

Presby, Anton ■ ■■ ■ 

Prcstby, Carl 

Quirk, W. H. 

Rehm, Otto . 

Rolsland, Ole O. _____ 

Rol/Bon, Gilbert 

'itn nn estrand. Henry __ 
Singer, Stephen 

Thompson, Tom . 
Tieman, Barney - 
Waale, H." T. — 
Wilson, 'James — 
Wright, P. H. _ 
Anderson, Dan ~ 



■ 236 


. 416_ 
309 , 


Jolinson, Mary __ 
Johnson, Stener 
















10 J4 


To^l Tax Bat« By School Districts. 

Including State, County, Town or Village and 
School District Leries. 


School District No. 13, 

School District No. 16. 

School District No. 33, 

School District No. .35, . 

-School District No. 39, 

; School District No. 00, 

Mills 15. 

Mills 18. 

MUls 2L9 

mus 25.1 

Mlils 22.0 

Mills 34.4 


(Rates of TaJtation on Money and Credits 
30 cents per ?100.) 


Name of Person, Value Money Amt 

Firm or Personal and of 

Corporation— Property Credits Tax 

. 20.99 












Total Tax Bate By School Districts, 

Including State, County, Town or Tillage and 
School District Levies, 

School District No. 18, Mills 51.8 

School District No. 25, Mills 25.7 

School ■ District No. 26, Mills 11 1 

School District No. ■ 29, Mills 6 6 

School District No. 42, Mills 19.3 

School District No. 135, Mills 15.0 

School District No. 219, Mllhj 12.9 

(Rates of Taxation on Money and' Credits 
30 cents per. ^00.) 

Asp, J. P. 

Asbjomson, Gunder . 



T?nrnpl(T W 


Berg, Xels - 

Eerff, NelB. & Anderson, 


Carlson, John 


Dahle. Knut 

Gabrlelfon, Thorn 
Hegland. Olof 


Jn rr H P 

Jensen, S. C. 


Jesptrpon. H. C.' 


Kif-1 J P •> 

Larson. John _ 

Larson. John, & Hill _ 


T.nndp, TT T 


■\Tvntni nip 


Nftlson. Morn'!* 

Omdahl. Arthur, & Jes- 


Omdahl. Ole, estate . 

Ol.-ion. C.tH a 

Peterson. .Tohn 


Pcderson, Andrew 

■RnfBlnnrl Tlort 
■RnlBlpinl. Tbf^ 


StPTiPR, A .T 
Rnlhprf7, TnhTi 
Rltnlpt. Arthur 
Tpieen. Hnnq TT 


W«1nl, niP. 




Name of Person, 

Firm or 


Adolph, G. 

Anderson, John . 

Amundson. Adolph 

Altoft, H. W. 

Amren, Anna 

Amren, Carl 

Anderson. Peter 

Barrett, CHiaa. J. 

Bartlett, C. H. 

Banford, J. L. 

Bothum, M. 


Value Money 
Personal and 
Property Credits 
— ? 8 %m> 

Ballangrud, M. H. _ 

Carlson. Cart M . . 

Conklln. F. B. 

, Christenson. "Walde . 
' De Vellng. Earl F. _ 

[Doklten, Otis J. 

Eggmd, Ole 

Eide, Jorgen 

Engen, Christ 

Engen, Mabel 

:Erickson, H. P. 

: Evenson, Oscar 

^Pevlg, Ole . 

■FInberg. Ole O. 

Flattum, Alfred 

; Green, E. O. — ; 



1000 ' 


Hanson, M.rit - 

-- 200 

Hlllard. Cail , 
HoHen. A^r! , 



Holmes, .T, ! 


TTnnvI, f! IT, . 


Hovland. «pt A; 


Hnverstnd. ^, M, i,, 


Hoverstad, lAndreas 


H»mr«, T JT». 


Tsniuwin, C^tf ^, .i ;., 


.TAcnhjinn, TSpt^r -.., .:- 



Jensen. Anton M. 'H, » 


Johnson. R,i. 


Johnson, V: R, 



.Tnhnonn, Vfhlo 


.Tnwie. AniliV^w 


.Tnrrt», K- « 

Jnrdi., MIMi»I « 


.Toyi^A, HMipfA 


Kaushasen.) Henry 


K-bIUt-, I.n,.lf. ' 


Klnsela. Thos, Q. 



TCnntRon, .TuHyff _ 


in.pp. -w.!. 


Tjiwi, Tm- «, 


lA Bnv, -w, .T 


I.ASsen, Nils O 


T.nwiinn, T^^tff (%, 


T.1,^n, TVim' i 


Tinngrpen, Alfrfld 


T.nytnnfl, Tf ! n 


Monsnn, Anna Mrs. 



miler, S. V,: 


Murphy, Wm i. — 

. 72 

Mnlhall, .Tames 


Blnlnnd, H. ,,T, 


TJMiinn, Tirft 


Vnp»r, V n, 


Olson. Alher 


0.stvoldPn. Npls ,;,. 


■PnnlRnn H TT 


PnRtAn, S. M. . 


Price, V. .T. 


ntmtnri, H .T. , 


'Hnstnd, Christ , 


Rynstnrt, Tiir 


.qoTiHe, Wnnff , ,, 


Snnde, .Tohn' ' /! 


SIomQ, HflfVrt 


.Smith. Bros. , , .. 


Rfppn, Christ 


Ktenpr^on, <i, T, 


.stpohprf., Alrrf>d F. 


stone, .S. 0, 


.SorTom, P fl 


Thorwin, Tj»r« 


Wllllnmson, :A., Mrs., ... 


■Wlkfl, Wm ; H ' 


Willlama, 'JV, W, 

Wold, M. +.- 



VavM, Tyiiilo 


KKInnd, Anton 

Wogrjilfnt, .Tonmi 

FTolfA, Ryvof T .- 

TTnv..rotatl, Torg^ T. , 


Monnon. Myrtle , l . ... 

niann, Taan,^ 

Sanden, A. 'J 


Stenberg, Marten O, 

RtmmhArg, CSTI . 

Smith, Oscar 











































■ 1.12 











. 3.52 






























' Total Tax Bata By BehMl DUtilcts. 

Including State. County. Town or Vlllare and 
School District Levies. 

School: Dlsrtlct No. 2, Mills 20.8 

School; District No. 25, Mills 25.7 

School District No. 127. Mllla 12.6 

School District No.. 135, Mills 15.9 

(Rates of. Taxation on Money- and Credits 
30 cents pec »100.) . 

Name of Person, Value Mon^ 

Finn or i . Personal and 

Corporation— Property Credits 

Aaseby, Lewis y- 325 I | 

Aas, C. E. 

Ayers, D. W. 

Bartelson, Arthur ' 
Bergqulst J. A. — 
Blom, John' 

Benbow, John W. .i_ 

Brating, John--: 1_ 

Bergen, A. .0. i_ 

Dimmen, Lewis 

Dimmen, Sovert E. , 

Dels, Fred :g. L. 

Feragen, L.' R. 

Feragen, Ai 

Feragen, And. Jr. _ 
Fimnesdahl. A. J. — 

Grablman, Art L_ 

Hallander, Fred 

How%-ick, Iver E. _ 
Hanson; Gariiard ' 
iverson, Knut P. __ 
Johnson, Anna Mrs. 
Johnson; Charlie ' 
Johnson, Einll ■ 

Johnson, Aug. L_ 

Klerk, Jens I 

Klerk, Chriit L_ 

Kron, Axel '.. l_ 

Knutseth, Knut _- ■- 
Lappegaard.' Ole . 

Lappegaard,: Albert 

Mead, F. JI; & M. D. . 

McFarland, -M. T. '• 

Mossestad. J. ■ 

Mossestad. "Peder _J 

ilyrum. ' Harry ' 
Ness, Emll : 

Nordhagen, ^G. J. 
Nordhagen, ,OIof _j 
Olson, Gorden M. .: 

Olson, A. SI 

Ordai, Olaus : 

Peterson, P. M. ; 

Peterson, Ben : 

Rogne, C. _. ; 

Rust, Martlnus ; 

Rodegaard, Nils — 
Sagmon, Charlie _ 
Sohnabel, Gharris 

Sheperd, Geo. i 

Skaar, Ole , 

Sjolsvold, John 

Strandvold, ^Halvor 

Snyder, C. C. 

Sorenson, Lj L. 

Sorenson. Soren 

Sllnger, C. L. . 

Swanson, Ni B. 

Volnnes, Peder A. . 
Funnesdahl, ' Mary ■. 

Nora, Nela O. 

Rust. Marten M. 

Samelson. Nils 

Wiken, Hans 




Total Tax Bate By Sebool Slstrieta. 

Including State, Cotmty, Town or Village and 
.School District Ijeviea. 

School! District No. 
School! Dhrtrict No. 64. 
School; District No. 147. 
(Rates of- Taxation on Mo: 
30 cents per (100,) 

. ^ i \ "Assessed 
Name of Person,- Value 

Firm or f Personal 

Corporation— Froperty 

Atwood, Artiiur . % 258 

Baardson, Hana 

Bugge, John J. . 

Bugge, Petrina . 

Chrlstlanson, John 

Duis, Carl I • 

Eiden. Peter _____^__ 

Foralund. -Albert C 

Johnson, Charles . 
Joringdahl Bros. . 

Joringdahl, Ellas 

Joringdahl, {Joseph 
Knutson, Soren 
Larson, Olof . 

Mnis 25.6 
Mills 12.5 
MUls .12.6 

and Credits 

Loftaas. Knot T. . 

Martenson, Betsy 

McCracken, |C, E. I_ 
Olson, Halvor . 
Olson, Henry '. 
Olson. Marit -_ 
Osness, Joseph ^ 
Pederson, Oscar . 
Sande, Hans O. . 

Roos, Emma 

Running, Conrad _ 
Running. Gertrud . 
Somner. Arthur . 
Swanson, PJ p. 

Shanon. John 

Thompson. Henry 

WasIIe, John 

Waslie, Thorald _ 
Samuelson, David ^ 
Forslund, Aenes . 

Including Stat4 County, Town .or VUlaffo and 
School DIsMct Levl^ \^ \ 

ii mils i6.< 

17, Mllla 17.7 
84, Mllla 12. 

School District No. 
School Xllstrict No: 

School District No; , 

School District No. 98, HUla 10.1 

School District No. 124, UUIa 10.8 

(Rates of Taxation on Uonegr and Credits 

30 cents per ♦lOO.) ■ I 

AasesMd ' 

Name of Feraon, Value Honey 

Finn or Personal and 

Corporation— Property Credit] 

' Aaseby, Iver I T ' 200 9 

Boutan. Albert P. 

Boutan, Wm. 

Erickson, Marten 

Harders^ Herman 

Hallstiom. Henry 

Hallstrooi, Marten 

Hallatrom. P. A. 

Herron, M. J. — 

-Johnson. Harry 

Johnson, J. E. 

Jehaen, Jena 

Kruse, Christ, Sr, 

Eruse, Christ Jr. . 

LIndblora, Arthur 

Lobery, John L. 

Melin, Alex" 

MeUn, C. K. 

Melin, C, A.- 

Molskness, John 

Mosbeck, Olof 

Naplon, C, E. 

NapUn. John . 

Olson, E, B. 

Person, - Carl 

PIchie, Clifford 

Piper, E. li. - 

Peterson, John P. 

Swanson Bros. 

St John, F, L. 

Vendum, Alma Mrs. 

Erickaon, Carl 

NapUn, Gust 

NapUn, S. J, 

Total Tax Bate By School Districts. ! 

Including State, County,! Town or Village and 
School District Levies. I 
. School District No.; 12. lulls lO.T 
School District No.l 
School District No,' 
School District No. - 
School District No. 
School District No. 102. Mills 61.1 
School District No. I 154. Mlll» lo. 
School District No.! 165. Mills 1 8.9 j 

(Rates of Taxation oti Money and Credits' 
30 cents per (100.) .1 I 

18. Mills 51.8 

26. Mills 11.1 

54. MUls 18.1 

MlUs 11. 

Name of Person. 

Firm or ; 


Aubal, Ed. A. 

Aubal, Mary A, '. — 
Anderson; Andrew 

Aga, J. - J. 

Anderson, A. E. — 

Asp, C, O. — : 

Bcebe, N. E. 

Anderson. Oscar — 

Eothman. W. C. 

Berg. Anna Mrs. — 
Beskey. <3eo. W. _ 

Blaska, Henry 

Bothman, Frank — 
Bucic, Huber . 

Value Money 
Personal and I 
Property Oredlta 

_:* 377 » 800 I ( 

: 407 

Coyle, Albert Mrs, . 

Correll, Charles 

Dowacker, Dan — 
Engelbert John — 
Erickson, Arthur — 

Erickson, Cari 

Engelstad. Paul — 
Engelstad, Peter — . 

Engen. li. A. 

Engelstad. Axel — 

Flnstad. Enud 

Guhstad, Art . 

Gemandt Christian 

Geske, Gustav _: 

Gemant Theodore — 

Geske. ^Albert 

Groundhuse. Ed. 

Gunderson, O. B. 

Hogglund. E. O. 

Hunt S. B. • 

Hlnic. C. L 

Husby. A. 

Hanson. Geo. H. ___ 
Harder, Mark 

i 108 

: 308 


: 34 



I 216' 

1,- 3 









i 30 












Halvorson, Carl and Hai- 

bcrt : 

Ingram, H. L. — 

Iverson, Iver 

.Johnson, Anton _______ 

Johnson, Swan 

Johnson, Daniel ________ 

Johnson, Albert - 

Jolinson, Bemnet . 

Jaranson, Qle. . —__ — . 

Johnson, John 
King, Joe 


Knutson, Marten . 

Koop, Henry 

Koldahl, Louis — 
Kittelson, Erick _ 

Kline, Alex 

Klrby, S. R. ___ 

■ Kvall, John __ — - 

■ Loberg, Ole ™ 

Lian, Ole ______ 

Loken, Lars . — . — 

Liden. C. E. . 

Lee. C. M. 

Math&on, Martin __ 
McAndress,- Martin 

Maulsky, Gay 

Nelson, Nels 

Netteland, Lars G — 

Norby, Bert 

,Nohre, M. R. 

> Olson; O. N. — 

Olen, C. E. • 

Olson. Paul — — 

Oen, Rasmus 

Oen, Henry 

Oen, Edwin . , — .:_ 

Olson; Halvor H. 

.Plersdn, B. H. ™__ 
Pope, • Henry , 

Rundorf, Anna Mrs. . 

Rockstad, Martin 

Rundorf, 'WilUe 

Rosette, Lars 

Satre, F. T. 

Satre,: Schuyler & Elmer- 

Swanson, Hubert 

^troberg, John ; 

Smith; H. J. 

Shoopman, A. A.. 

"rhorstvelt, Martha Mrs_ 

Tumqulst Fred 

TImm, Ed. '. 

Vinge, Oldus 


I 84 
i 76 
I 79 
\ 37 

I 98 




























































Wlberg, Albert & <3arL— 
Wiberg, Swan 
WUken, Gust 
Tsterson, K. 
Zlnter, Carl 
Buck, G. W. 

Erickson. August 
OUbertson.. Paul - 
HaUamack.ft Son . 
Huddleson.. J. N. . 

Hanson, H, L 

Hauffen. Oscar . 

. Hasel MercantUe Co; 

Hocck. -Julhis 

Hedlund, John ' 

Hauske, Ed, ___:.,___ 
Hanson & Baneo MU1>' 

tag Co. : ; 

Grain Tax, |42& 
Haiel ' Co^p. Creamer? 


Hogquist Joe ' 

JobnsoB. nieodore 

Johnson; Oscar 

Johnson, David :_ 

Jepson, Hennan • 

Johnson, Peter 

Johnson. Otto 

Johnson, Ole Mrs. 

Johnson, Dan — — _— _ 
Johnson. Bennle — .^— 

Johnson. A. T. 

IjOken ft Torstvet .— 
Maakrud, John 
Norman, John - 
Nyhogen, A. ^- 
Odegaard, Ole . 

- 447 








Peterson. G; B. - 

Palmqulst John Mrs. 

Peterson. Ole 

Rosendahl. Ben 

. Clarence , 
Soderberg. Fred . 
Sumpter, Chas, _ 
Swanson, C. O. _ 
Sandberg. A. P. 
Stepbene, E, H. 
Severson, Aug, - 

Sumpter, T. J. 

SJoberg. John 

VUt Ame 

Walseth, "Bemt - 
■Wilson, W. P. . 

Winton-Nlchols Lhr. Co. 

Haugen, H. O. L 

Nelson, John P. 



757 ■ 







' Total Tax Bate By Bchool Districts. 

Including State. County, Town or ViUsige and 

Sciiool District Levies, 
I School DUtrict No, 8, Mills 83.4. 
School District No. 48, UUll 30.6. 
School District Ng. 67, Mill. 30.6. 
School District No. 70, Mills 28.2. 
School DUtrict No. 22& Mills 2&2. 

(Ratea of Taxation on Money and Credits 
30 cents pei (100.) 

Name ot Person, Value H(}ney Amt 

Firm or Personal and of 

Corporation— Property Credits Tax 

Amis, Albert (152 .... .911.42 

Aa k re. BleT. ,„ 288 21.26 

Belland. Tom 282 .,.. 12^7 

Berg, T,.0. Mrs. ..^ t ,,.. .46 

Berg, T. 149 .... 1L18 

Brekken, B. E. ....„,., 78 .... 6.83 

Dablen. John 213 .... 27JI2 

Feragen, Andrew O. .... 263 o..r 18J2 

Gtlnley, Even .»_ 294 22.08 

Hoppe, John .,..„..,,.. 134 .... 9.8S 

Hene,T.O. 100 ...^ 14.27 

Halverson. Bllef (8 .... 2.83 

Hyland. Tbeo „..•. 84 .... 2.63 

Halverson, Torjls ,«.... 161 ...V 31.34 

Hoten, Balvoi U. ...... lU >... 8.48 

Hermsnson, Soren 168 .... 12.68 

Iverson, Andriea 66 / 1700 9.S1 

Jofansmd, Belnhert ....• 167 .... 12M 

Johnson. Peter O ., 226 ,... 16JS8 

Johnson, Sereit 42 .,'., - 8J6 

Kassa, Snsan ^ 266 .;,. 10.90 

UUler. John 8. 24S .... 18.25 

McNeely, J. A. .«.. 206 .... 16.62 

UUlander, Victor ..»„.. ^ 141 .... 10.69 

McNeely. Guy B. , 73 .... 6.4S 

Hoen, Mlrtln O .'...':-' 178 .... 12.94 

MUIander, Wm, ,", 21 .... 1.63 

Olson. O. E 27 " - 1.99 

Olson, -Peder M. 225 ,.., 16.90 

Olson. Ole A '... 161 .... 11.34' 

Qusm, Elora ,,.. "168 11.87 

EaCcJerryA. 115 .... 8.61 

Bye, HenrjTN 86 .... 7"v 

Race. Frank Ill ,,., 834' 

Race, Jerry -. los 12 62 

Bamstad, Olof 180 ....■ 1371 

Srnsky, Frank 68 .... 6J1 

Stenvik, John 'J. 366 .... 27.10 

Singer. Stephen 140 10.51 

Stiplnick, Charley 107 ,.., 8 04 

SIgmd, EmU 182 13.07 

Stenvik, Oscsr 58 4 35 

Tangen, (mrist 141 ,,., lOJjO 

Tanner, G. M. 127 054 

roUefaon, Elef 94 693 

Uglum, Oleander 109 8.10 

Udstrand, John E 66 4.96 

Vraa. ]3imer 250 ,. 38*73 

Vraa. Gilbert 134 ..'.] 1006 

WahUn, Carl O. 151 ..., - 11.34. 

Wahlln; Edwin 130 gOO 

Grande, Lars - .. i7m jJq 


T . ^°*°^ '^'^^ '^"^ ^y School Districts. 

Including State. County, Town or VIllaBC and 
■ School District Levies. 
School District No. 73, MIUs 1. 
School District No. 100, MiUs\33 7 
School District No. 149, MiUs 14.0. 
School District No. 360, MIUs 350. 
ScEool DItsrIct No. 394, Mills 35.7. 
(Rates of Taxation on Money and Credits 

30 cents per (100.) 

Assessed a 

Name of Person, Value Money Amt 

Firm or Personal and of 

Corporation— Property Credits Tax 

Anton, Hans .' $931 $32.40 

Anderson, Aug; N, K,.., 340 10 58 

Anderson, Theo. ,....., 338 30.04 

Anderson, Geo. & Alex. , 477 , , . , 23^72 

Anderson, J.- A.-; 331 .... 35.72 

Anderson,^ Csrl R 65 3!o9 

Anderson, AT 47 2.34 

Anderson, H. F 00 4050 36!85 

Anderson, Eric B 25 3800 o.ul 

American Drainage Co... 100 .... 4.95 

Bakte, Gilbert 351 37.37 

Borgen, C. G 342 .... 0.76 

Bredeson, Aug 88 ..,, 4.IS 

Brandrold, John— r:;;... 208 .... 30.31 

Brandvold, L, P, Mrs.,,. 329 .... 0.24 

Chapman, Ira 689 29.27 

Carlson, C. Aug. 293 60U 10.00 

Dahlstrom. Alfred 304 3000 30.79 

Dnify, John A. „ 28 * 1J3 

-Erickson, Richard ..r.. 169 .... 7.70 

fromm. John 22 .... ' l.oi 

Hohner, Wm ;... 288 .... 10.02 

Hasby, Salmer , 123 .... - 6;o9 

Hedrick. Forest 210 .... lOJO 

Jncobson. A..y. 186 ..TT 3069 

Jensen. Carl' 81 ■'..TT 3a7 

Johnson. Gustav 411' * 19.52 

Johnson, Ira il9 .... 6.91 

Klein. P. M. 286 .... 14.66 

fmse. Max J69 6.6s 

Kruse, Emll , 84 .... sjn 

Lockrem, A. K. im 4.89 

Larson. Ole 473 300 2441 

Larson, O. L. 280 ■ 600 16.42 

LeaTer, Thomas WB .... 1924 

Llnatad. Ole 88 .... 4( 

IJnd. Albert 826 .... 10J6 

IJnd. S. L. " 60 ..... 2.40 

Maland, O. O. 213 .... 30JI9 

Martenson, Andrew ..... 1S8 .... 7.86 

Mejer, F. w. ...;...,., 336 ..,, lejis 

Meyer, Henry « 106 .,., 8.66 

Mogen, T. 421 .... 20J)2 

Mosbeck. J. Mm. kt7..., 160 400 &63 

Ness, S. H. c 193 .... 8.66 

Ness, Peter N..... ' 178 .... 

Ifewman, Nels 816 ,..^T. iB.d4 

Olson, Bros. 840' .... 16.83- 

Olsen, Arthur' O. ..^.u 21< .... 10.74 

Ollen, Alfred «.... 162 ,,:<, 12.68 

Olson. Hans ..xs..*»..« 260 »-.v< 9.68 

Orttoir, Herman .......< nS WO 18.66 

Olllolt And. L. 14T. 200 12.33 

Opseth, Oust <• - 100 ...., 4.76 

Fatten, J. T. ....>..... Si ...'. ' 19.62' 

Peyton., A. 8 636 .;,, 26.41 

Peterson, Oscar & Goit, 4*^1 , , .:. 22.47 

Peterson, Nels ;. 482< ...'. iun 

BlstauBros. 205 .... 10.16 

Bni,' Fie^ S. ......... 947 .<:. 16.48 

Bux, David D. ......:'.. 170 aos 

Bnx, Max , .. 91 .... - 4.88 

Rambeck & Stone . 49 ....' IM 

SchantMn, F, J. 171. ...'. BJIS 

Bene. O. K. ;' 

Severson,- John- ...;... ^ ' 600 

Swanson, C. H.' 

Swanson, Herman T. ... 246 

Swanson, C. . T. ' 

Swabson, George 71 

Swanson; Enock 872 

Swanson, Swen B, ,... 78 

Swanson; C. 6. ^. 66 

Stork, H;0 ".. 28 

Stork, Axel 89 

Tborstad, Bert N. 236 

IborsUd, J. H. 172 

Welo, K. Mrs 292 

Wlebe, B. A '. 233 

Wold, AdoU 268 

Tonke, E. A. 320 

Yonke, Wm; 218 

Aaaby, Iver 

Csrlson, MaUred . ;- 

Erickson,. Andrew 

uocken, Christina 

Olson, Alrin O. K. 

Olson, E, A. .... 

Swanson, Nels ........ .... 



























■ 2J8 







PennlsgtOM .Oennty, Hlnnesota. 
Total Tax Bate By School Districts. 

Including State, Cotmty, Town or Village and 
School District Levies. 

Slihool District No. 4, MUls 3L 

School District No. 26, MUls IIX 

School District No. SO, MUls 28J. 

School District No. 81, Mms 142. 

School District No, 61, MiUs 20.4. 

Bchool District No. 221. MUb 20.4. 
(Rates of Taxation on Money and Credlta 

30 cents per $100.) ' ' 


Name of Person. Value Money Amt 

Firm or Personal and ot 

Corporation— Property Credits Tax 

Anderson, I. W $230 (1400 . (1637 

Anderson, Oscar- 431 18.70 

Antonson, Bcrger 376 >.. . . 931 

AngeU, BUSS 129 ;... 6.m 

Anflnson. Ole 336 >... 709 

Anstad.XJ 0* .S^ 

BolsUd, Ole 257 .... 12.00 

BarsUd, Adolf 224 ,,.. ISS! 

Bensen, Csrl 240 ,... 12.70 

BJorge. All J..... 09 .... 432 

Burtncss. Nels 383 .... 7.98 

Brooten, Ame 91 ., ...^ 4.» 

Bskke. Jonas 64 S.ra 

BrooUn, Blmei ^_23 .... 1^ 

Brekke, Carrie, Mrs. .,.. "^63 .... 7.«L 

BJorge. Bigwold 73 .... 4.42 

Blorge, Theo 532 M02 

Beetbauer, Fred ....... 762 ^... M-TB 

Beiswinger, Carl 684 .... ^i4 

Bolstad, Olof .i 150 7.W 

Conley, Dennis 92 .... "^ 

Cnlkins, PatricK W, .... 825 .... Ma 

Dablberg. Fred A. 204 ,.,^ 10.ra 

Dahl, John a. 329 .... 17.40 

Brickson. ToDel ...^ 126 k... o.n7 

Frcdrickson. Hans MO ,,... IJ^ 

Onstalson, 9. A 23 .... 33m 

JulHemclle, •Eraeal I. ,. 68 2^ 

GuBlatBon, Gnat 79 .... 4J8 

GObertson, Carl ..r...., 187 .... 30.4? 

Hdgeson, Martin 152 .... 8.04 

Hoganson, Ed; 22 .... « 

Hanson, John T. 210 ,.., ILU 

Hammer, B..B 359 .... 16.77 

Helgeland, Ole 600 .... 36^ 

Hardisty, Frank J .923 .... 4S37 

Iverson,*. S. 66 - .... 2J« 

Johnson, N. B. ........ 464 .... M02 

Johnson, Lewis B 168 .... 10.69 

Kvcnlog, Bcmt 96 .... 404 

Kvalhiem. Iver 204 .... 19-™ 

Lee. Louis'. l® i— '-g 

Lofthns. Christ 36 600 3.70 

Lane, Floyd H 306 ..... 14.» 

Llodobcjl. Walter '358 ..... ^ra 

Larson. Krist ^ •••• ^^ 

Lokken, John M. ,.... 100 .... 6.^ 

Lanbak, 8. W. 292 .... 1834 

McCmm, W. B.. 310 .... 19.ra 

Matxkc. WUltam H. . . . . 14 -SJ 

Mclrenone, B T •••• „■" 

Nelwortb,- Agnes Sffl "JJ 

Nelson, Peter IS ■• ■• ^-^ 

Newton, A B 418 .... 2o3S 

Nelson, Johnnie ....;... - 65 .... J-JJ 

Nelson, Sevcrin 152 ••■• »-" 

Nelson. Lewis A 3M .■■■■ "^ 

NSlson. John S 95 300 6.M 

Nordahl, Gertrude, Mrs.. 321 .... •'■?• 

Ness. Albert .-. 457 -1« 

Olson, Mike ■• 310 .... "-99 

Omnndson. Oscar l^s 'L'™ 

Pederson. O. M 549 .... 2j,.64 

Pederson. Ch-rlstlnn .... 2I» •..• '"-J! 

Peterson. Oscar J 344 1S20 

Peterson. Anton 311 ...4 l''.40 

TloUst.-id t- >-e1»on "1™ ■.■■ ^<? 

^Krmmen. G. 'O '0 - ;;^rt 

.Snrlor.1. Oscnr 07 .... ;« 

Rkjernlnp. Alfred 24 ^ ^ 

Snf ttlnir. Henry B r.2 ■ . . . . ■_ ^ 

Solhelm. Kmit JM .... -^nii 

S(»n». ToMns =-1" •■■■ JJJJ 

Siverson. Dan 540 .... ■<~tw 

Rnlltlnc. Olof .T. ...... l" .-.■ /^^ 

Stlarninc. 201 .... l^^JJ nnrold ^!! ™ '^ 

Rnndero. Thnnin-j 417 !?i»* 

Solmonson. .T. F. '«'' ■■■■ vC 22 

Shomwav- ■«-. G. ....... '■<"' --■- '■ S 

Stenscth. I.. O SI". «n P; 7S 

Tlnioe. Pel"r . ■'" ^i-vl iJW 

ThMce. .T. ■>! "'•0 700 1-22 

Tl-iinn l^lmH IC ^''~ !" 

ToSnen-- C. H =*!> ■ ■- ;;^' 

v~i.Hir m.' "in .... ■'■'■'= 

n-.t»„ T.n. ?-=! .... ?"■" 

r,-„.V„„,.. o^ron '"•'' .... '" l-l 

Weincr. rn'sncr ■'^'i ~^-^ 

Total Tnx Bate By School Districts. 

Including State. Countj-, Town or Village and 
School District Levies. , 
School iDlstrict No. 5. Mills 21.9. 
School District No. 14. MIUs 31. 
School District No. 50. MUls 17.4. 
Sohool District No. m. Mills 2^A. 
School District -No. 65. Mllla 44.0. 
(Rates of ! Tlnxation on Money, and Credits 
30 cents per $100.) 


Value Money 
Personal and ' 
Property Credits 



the; tbiee g iyi» gAU^ 


(Continaed from preceding page.) 

B&niBey, Lqula 

Boyaland, B. 

Bojslanil, KjiTit 

Bamsey, Elliog 

Solberff, Hana C. 

Skaareu, K l.-- 

BJulstad, Even 

Tbareldson, Ole ..'.,.. 
Tommerdahl, -Oliver . . 

Trontvclt, Ole N 

Vetlcson,-- Willie 

Woiden, K. H., Mra..., 
Zavorl, Robert 



















• ••• 





• • • 




Total Tni; Bate By. School DUrtrlcti. ■ 
Including State, County. Town or Village ana 
School District Levies. | 

School District No. 28. MIItB 1(12. 

School Dlfltdet HOi WK HUH Mfc-i J^LT: 

School District No. 42, MlllB 1B.S. 

School District No. 53, Mills ^.3. 

School 0Utrict No. 65, MUls WS. 
(Rates of Taxation on Money and Credits 
SO cents per $100.) 

' Name of Person, 
Finn or 
Anderson, Anton 

Anderson. A. B„ Mrs. . . 

Baker, Nick 

Bauer, John 

Berggren, Oust 

Blorn, A. '. 

Berg^r, Ole 

Breinay, And 

BresDsy, John 

Brcxnay,' Fete 

Bnrdick, Fred 

Bumingrud, Nela ' 

Carlson. And 

Chrlstoferson, Nels .... 

Conneli" G. W. 

Danda, Anton P 

Fodstad. HalTor 

FoTthdti, Anton ..~ 

Forthon, Ole 

Gansen, B. A, 

Gorden, A. P 

Grlnde, Ole B. -. 

Hanson Barsen MIg Co. 

Hanson, HeoTy ••» 

Hanson, H. G, ....v.>>< 

Hanson, Lars '•>.• 

Hanson, Syrert ...i.... 
HegreneBB, John ...,.-.•. 
Heiren, Edw, 0....'..... 

Janda, W. J 

Holland, S. H. 

Homme, Ole 

Horejsb, Joe, 

Hrn^y, Ludrlg 

Koxojed, Antoi) 

Kozojed, Tony 

Knadle, L. W 

Lerol, 0. K. 

Letnes, Jena 

MnyhCK, Ralph 

McCormick, ThoB 

Neset, Olof . .-. 

North Silverton Horse Co. 

Omnndson, Peder 

Oae, Ole T 

Ottam, Ole L 

Panck, Stanley 

Peterson, P. A. ......... 

Raller, J. B 

Roed, Hans P. .' 

Sennm, Geo.. 

Sorlom, P. O 

Snndt, John A. 

STobodny, Frank ....... 

Swanson, Victor J. ..... 

Topinka, Joseph 

Woolson, H. C. ....^.i.. 

Horejsh, Joseph ' 

Value Money 
Personal and 
Property Credits 












: 100 



f 8.00 























































Hall, A; a. .v.. .V...,, 

HahaoQ, J; A. ..I k* • 

HansOD^ Vred .j. .>...'.. 
HanaoD, B; F. .;•.;.... 
Heil, A. J. ..;.!,...;.. i. 
'H^dieckson, sUia ^.'.. 

Bol^ S. U. ...i ..■ 

Uegatrom) Aw P.i. .<.*•*.•. 

Holmea, .Eda - • t.c 

Hooper, 0; W. .'....:.... 

Horet, TJ K.1 Ur«. ..... 

L O. O. F. Lodge No. 147 
JljcobBon/ M. H.] ........ • 

JohnBoD, Carl .; ••> 

JoliiuoD, ^Blliabetfa x«** 
Kenney, J. A. .^.. ...•••. 
Kolp, Albert .i. ........ 

Koletad, IE. A.i ■■■ 

Lardy, Bea ..ii 

'Larson Bioa. .; '... 

LaraoD, -A. J., Mra. .^.... 

Loberg, L. A. .|, /• > 

MercbantB State Bank .. 

Naeb, Albert .i ■'.■■ 

Naab, Ob ....; ;..< 

Nelson, A. T. i '.'. . 

Nelson, Carl .j. ......... 

Nelson, N. A. i 

Nelson Merc. Co ...» 

Odegaard, A. A. 

Olscn, Anna, Mra 

Olson, H. A. '-.v......^... 

Olson, WmV ..'.'. 

Patterson, Anna L 

Fatnode,' Smat 

Peraon, Bd.' GJ ........ 

Person, Nels i.' 

B. L. Falls MIg Co..;... 

Qratn Tax ...' ^... 

Red Lake Power Co.... 

Begner, rJ. A.! 

Boy, J. S. .i;L »-.i 

Boy, Patil ....'. 

Satterberg, A. i . . ^ . . . . . . 

Severaon^ Albert ....;... 

aimonsoD, Peter 

Singer Sew. Mich. Co... 

Standard Oil po. ...... 

Stepbenabn, B. 







21. . 



; 42 


1 214 


17 . 




268 8000 

8366 SOOO 

10 .... 


178 1000 

76- .... 

26 ....' 



1300 600 


46 10.000 

182 ...-.■ 

191 600 

189 .... 

12 >... 

19 .... 




St,'Hilaire'BeiaU Lbr Co 2719. 
St. Hitalrc Co^jp. Creanary - 

Association >... 800. 

SnndboliD, Bnocb J 1027 

Wilson, ;Hana ..-.i,L;.; . 168 
Wilson ft Son ....,'..... 796 
SwanBon, Peter. ........ .... 

Just, Earn ...J.....:.. 

Satterbefg, FAnk 







■ Ui» 

' 6X8 



82.78: ' 





7.87 . 
















' 2JI2 





T«>t»l Tkx B»t« Br School Blsljlols. 

Including State, County, Town or Vlllago and 
School District Levies. 
School District No. 8. Mills S3.4. 
(Bates of Taxation, on. Money and Credits 
80 cents per ?100,) ' 


Total Tax Bate By School DIstrtcfB. 
Includine: State, County, Town or Village and 
School District Levies. 
School District No. 0. MIUs 20.7. 
School District No. 36. Mills 254. 
School . District No. 125.' Mills 85. 
School District No. 148. Mills 105. 
(Rates of Taxation on Money and Credits 
30 cents per ?I0O.) 


Value Money 
Personal and 
Property Credits 

Name of Person, 
Firm or 

Albin, John 

Bergdahl, Torge 

Bergland, John O 

Brupgeman, H. L. ..... 

Berg, Martin H 

<!arl8on, ' G. T 

Clark, Wm. T 

Brenson, Louis 

SvenBOD, Ed 

Encherle, Henry J. . . . 

Erler, Wm. F 

. Fchr, George & Lee 

Ccrordy, Bros. -. 

<iorordy, John 

EJlTigen, David 

liplgeaon, Alfred 

Helgeson, Ole 

Hcdueii.- Oscar 

Hoffman, George ....: 
Hoffman, John ....... 

Hnusoii, Nels 

Huubon. Sam .., 

Hiilvoraun, Theo 

Haliu, A. D 

Hauson, 0. M 

jlliiK'TSull, Wm 

Jergenson, J. C. 

Keller, C 

Kemiedy, Samuel .... 

Kolseth, rcler 

LnrstiU, L. K 

lloo'iicn. Henry 

NeUon, Julius 

NCIsou. .Vudrew 

Olson, Theo 

I'L'terBwn, Ellaa A 

Peterijon, I'. W 

Peterson, John E 

I't^UT.Tun. Miirtlu J. . . 

Peterson. Anton 

Quamuiene. T. J. ' . . . . 

llulslad. Alfred 

Uolstad, L. A 

KtjL'se, \VIllls 

Schrocder, Otto 

Peterson. Julius 

Sainnt'lsiin & Kolscth 

Samuelson, Charley . 

Kwenson, Ole 

Scbaack, Math J. ... 
Thorvllson, Knut ... 

tVilsjn, 0. B 

TTIlson, I. E 

Wilson. G. A 

Bodin. Andrew 

Bodin, Lars D. .'. .. 
Evenson, Maria 

3151 8... 




8 5.80 



















78 - 





































. 123 

















. 22 





















■ 372 












Name of Peraon, 

Firm; or 


Andera,'; Sever ' 

Asper, George' 

Anderson, M. U. ...... 

Bundhuhd, Nick ........ 

Bridgeman-Buaseil .... 

Chrlatlanaon, H. ....... 

Cbclstianaon, Carl 


Fanners Elev.jft Milling 

(Company .; 

Grain lax 

Farmer* Hardware (3o. . 

Gndland, A. 8 'i..;. ' 

Gnlnid.' Geetba ...;.... 
OUbertaon, Theo. . . i . . . 
Goodrldge Co-op. Gry... 
Gnlrod,'' G. C. ..'....;....' 

Goodrldge Mere. Co. I - 

Oangn^s, Joseph ..'.... 

Gulmnn, Even 

Gnnderaon, Gelbert ■.... 
H. Chrlstianson & Son.. ' 

Hslreraon, Albert ..' 

HauBoq & Barsen Ulg Co 
HalvorsoD, H. A. ......^ 

Halsetb', Boy i..... . 

Johnson, George ..;.... 
JOBepbaon,- George I.... 
Jensen; J. P. ............ 

Klrkllc; O. K ...■■ . 

Katelyj E. L ■..'... 

Lcen, Anton ........... 

Lyshakken, Sever ...... 

Linflstroro. Carl-'.;.... 

Mandt.i A. p. .'. 

McDanlel, B. H. ...;..,. 

McCabe; Joseph 

Nelson: Ole ; . . . . 

Oen Mercantile Co.. .... . 

Olson, ;0. A 

Pnyne.i Jay 

Risan, ! Oliver. 

Bachne, H. B ...-. j 

Reopelle. Edmund . . 

Stephenson, M. J. .;.... 
Sundqulst. John ....-.'. 
Standard Oil Co. .v.... 

Stephenson,' C. O. ; 

Sund. ^obn ■:■■... 

Stephenson. Jollna '...'.. 

If. & 0. Auto Co. 

Tvodt,' A. C. & Son 

Toliefson. Henry .'. 

Thorson. M. G. .\. ... 

TeBsum Seed Grain Sop- 
nlv .Company ...i 

Wold. : George 

Wlntoli-Nichols Lbr. Co. 

Value Money 
Personal and 
Property Credits 
. r74. 8788 



























1988 Grain 672 304.90 
34 90 '6.44 





11 .... 
30 100 
20 825 
202 -3500 














■ 5.1.83 

^I^ulnn.'U.'U.'iT'SouV'; ' " 1^7- 
Johnaon,G..M. .'......•' .40. 

'JobiuoQ,' Goitle '..... k 601 

Johnson, .Algt)t .*..:... i..' ^^ 

'.JohnBon, Carl 88 

' JTobiuQV J. H; 

Johnson, Selma 

JohiuoS,:Arthar:U. .... , 87 161^ 

Johiuion,'Oebrce,Urt. , 
Johnson; A. G,; ......... 

Jotlngdahl, Blebarl-... 

Jtmg Bakery 

Jung, C. H. ..; 

Jang, Walter -i........ 

Johnson, H. C. ....... 

Jdnas, Walter .< 

Johpston, L. B. .v.... 

Johnson, Batneat .... 

Johnson, U. U. ...... 

Karwand, B; C., Un._ 
Keith, A.^B. ....u..... 

.Klewol Products Co. .. 
KeUty, J. F. ......,, 

Einghom, Harry 

Kline, W. H, ........ 

Enndson, Bernard.... 

Kpntaon, B. A. ...... 

Knight, W. K. ..... 

Enndson, Clanmco ... 
Koratad, Will ........ 


'Eohn ft Fitennan ... 
Solden, Peter r A.' ... 

Kxldt, BmU 

Erlhgaherg, Carl .... 
Keating, P. J. ....... 

Euecks, J. H. 

E^nae, Bmil .'.. 

■Kolberg, T..M., Mlat. 

' Lihgeaette, A. O. ... 

IjaCoe ft Fontaln . . . 

: Langsetb, Anna 

Larson, Albtn. A. ... 

' Langsetb, A. M. ..... 

:Luaon, L. Q. ...... 

L^Vogne Shop 

' Larson Furniture Co. 
Larson, Geotge ..... 

: Larson, L. H, 

! Larson,' BUlng D. ,\. 
Larson, George, Bev. 

Larson, Nela 

Lafountain. Alphonse 

Lampert, L; A. 

LaBree, W; J. 

Laird, Scott 

Lacy, B. T ; .vw a" 

Langer, (^aa. ; 88 ..:..' 

LeSage, D. J. ....,...; SO .... 

LeSage, Mildred ........ 26 .,•_..- 

Lclran. J. S. ....... ..L 84. 600 ;. 

Lee, Ed. ; 420 20O 

Leavett, Mlnnltt S. .... 113 660 ' 

Lelmers, George :. 295 160 

LegvMd, Ola ;. 60 600 

Llndberg, N. a .......< 60 1136 

Liebermsn, A^ B. '. 4823 ..:.. 

Lleberman Bros. .....'. MM 1600 

Ltden, Oscar ..y 43 

Lleberman, Chaa ;.3828 1000 

LbkehrA. ft Co. .....J. 820 1828 

Larson, Albert ........j. 70 ..;.. 

Land, Ed. end Frank..;. 900 .;.. . 
Lniid, H. P. ..."..;v.... 405 1600 

Lund, J. L. ...;.-..,"..?. 83 .... 

LnndeB, O. J., Bar. ...;.. SO .... 

LtifkIn,.A. B. ...' 80. .... 

Lambert, Boy ...... ..i. 2676 2S0O 

Larson: BlBng ........;. SO .;.. 

Mabey, P. W. ...;....;. 268 1296 

Masse'y Harris Harvester- . ; ' 

iCompany ..........1. "868 .... 

Mhison, C. G. ;...;...'.. 48 - .'... 
McClelland, J. H. ...... 67 T41 

McFarland Auto Co. .,'.;. 2020 800 
McDanlel, C. W. .r... ..I. 28 ..'.. 

McDanlel & Beamer,,.L. 44 .;.. 
McFarland, M. T. '....;. 164 .i.'. 

McClarty,' J. J 06 1600 

McGinn, Robert 147 .1.. 

McAdamB, L. D. '.. 89 poo 

Matthns, H. A. ..;. , 36 .).'. 

Matheson, A. C. '.. 61 .'... 

Melgaard, T. L. .....; . 126 . 1 . . 

Metal Roofing ft Cornice I 

Mfg. Co '.. 92 ■.... 

ilcUby, O. F., Dr 270 1000 

Melby, Knnt 42 .:.. 

Miller; Betsy ..../...... 80 J.... 

Minneapolis Bridge Col.. 2424 .... 

Morgan, tTohn J.. 47 2000 

Morgan, Roy ;. 73 .'... 

Mostuc, E. A. ,......!.. 82 2500. 

MogeuBon, E. J . . 2242 147S 

MoBleth, OBcar \., 23 .... 

Mots, Boy '.. 148 .:... 

Moe, H.-A. J.. 317 J... 

Mulry, W. H. ;.. 2374 5251 

Myhrom, P. O ;.. -138 J... 

Myrold, Christ 40 .1... 

Myrom, SIg... 147 1800 

Uelby, Oscar i.. 36^ i.^: 

Montgomery, Helen ..'... 86' i . . . 

Moorse, Peter \,* 866 '.!.-..' 

Benson, M. N ..'. 1500 

Brink, M. W. .'.. .... '.400 

Bnrlngmd, A. O K. .... 2600 

ChriBtenson, L. P. ..\: .... 12.807 

Ekbom, A. B '. 1600 

Eklund,. Andrew ' .... 8000 

Erickson. Leonsrd .... T. .. 1000 

Erlckson, Ole ;... 1500 

Fisher, Charlie .... 6000 

Glefcr. Christine 1200 

Hanson. Hogen ; 3000 

Hoard. Henry W. ...; ! 340 

: Johnson. L. A I. 

ijoslln. C. A j. 

Johnson, James....;.. 
: Johnson, Emil 

5.75 i872JH 


,'Total Tax Rale By School Districts. 
Including Slate. County, Town or Village and 
; School District Levies. 

IschooI'Ditsrlcf No. 18. Mills 61.8. 
(Rates of Taxation on Money and Credits 
30 cents per 1100.) 

. ; . Assessed 

Value Money 
Personal and 
Property Credits 
. 535 %.... 

TOWN OF ST. iiii:,\iiji:. - 
Total Tax Rate By School DlHttlcts. 
Including State, County, Town or Village and 
School District Levies. 
School District No. 102. MIUs 014. 
(Rjut'S of Taxation on Money and Credits 
30 cents per ?1U0.) 


Value Money 
Perrfouul and 
Properly Crejlls 
. s«w ;r 



^ ..I., u.' 


AlK'ii. 11. l: 


Bergli, P. B." 

Ufiiuit, .N 

BJerk, M 

BoTilcu, J. H 

Brink, V.;G 

liiirkce, E. 0.... 

Burkee, B. E., Mrs 

Carpenter, L. I 

Cbellu, H., Mrs. .... 

Dahl, J. C '.... 

Ducbarme, T. ..; ;. 

Erickson, Ed 

Evenson, O .• 

Farmers Co-op. Elv Co. 

Grain Tax 

Fellmon, G. I 

Fcllmon ft Highland.. 

Flamme, Ed 

Foistad, John 

Pricker. Mike 

Farmers State Bank .... 

Gigstad. K. 

Gunstad, O 

Hr,gc. M. R 

Bauge, Oscar 




































21.70 ; 




Name of Person, 

Firm or 


Abbott, B. J 

AauBtad, H. L. ' 

Aasen, E. K. ..: 

AaBcby, I. C. ...'..;.... 

AuBeby & Burstad 

Aga,; Stewart 

Akrel W. H. ;.... 

Akre) A. H. '. 

ATexander, ChaB 

Aga .'Garage. ft Machine 

sbdp .; 

Amefi. Philip . . . ; 

AmundBon, Cbrls ; 

.Anderson, N. J. ;...... 

Anderson, Andy 

Anderson, Gladys 

Arneson, S. V. ; 

Arneson, J. S 

Hendry, John. W. ..... . 

HelqQlBt. C. B. ;.. 

Herqionson, L.' I 

Hcrrick, F. H. ......_....: 

HermauBon, Lawrelice 
Helgeland, E. L.'... ... 

nermanson, J. H., "....... 

Herron, WiUhtm, Mra ;. 
HInlon, G. P 

Hlii| £d 

Hllson, Ed 

Hicks turn &. Under- 
taking Co 

Hlllard, Carl 

Holmstram, E. H 

Hoefer, W. K 

Honseth, John 

Holsknecht Fred 

HolbrObk, M L Clinlng. 

Holinberg, Cora 

Holsknecht, Hubert 

Holle, J. C 

Ho^a, Frank u 

Hunt, Frank 

Hud,t, Gilbert 

HoglUQd, PctCr 

Hu^tad, P 

Hamm Bclty Co 

HalVorson, ChrM 

Heddry, L. D 

Iveraon, Ed 

Iverson. Bcrgct 

IblB, Ole 

Ireland Lumber Co 

Jabr, A. C ,. . . . 

Jac^lln, Fred 

Jnianfinn, Bd M 

' Jensen. OB 

Johnson, Martin 

Johnson, Q r. 

Johason, Leonard H. .. 













8 3.83 
' 6.00 














658 , 






129 21 


2 74 
300 40 



1.-1 42 

Johnson. Hoken ....... 

Klemmetson. H \... ' 

Klovstnd, Andrew .1.. 
Kxuse, August_j,. . . . L . . . 
Magnuson, John L. .1.. 

Mousen, O. L. ;.. 

McCann, J. J ...'... 

Moen. Fred |....' 

"Anderson, Nels K. .;. . . ' 

Aas, Agnes .'...< 

Bakken, O. L {...'. 

Napllu, O. A. ;.... 

Nason, Chas ;....' 

Nelson. Nels A. ... | ... . 

Nelson, H. E. ;... . 

Nelson, John A. ...... 

Nelson, Nels S. ..;.;... 
kelson, Chss. A. ...... 

Nelson, Vernon ...'..... 

Nelson, O. H. 

Nellson, Nells L. .' 

Neset, Olof ........; 

Ness, Andrew ...; 

Ness, .Ed .' 

Newell, H. B I, 

Neseth, J. T.' 1.;... 

Nesse, J. N. .....'..... 

Nlclal,-Fred C ........ 

Nicholson, George I.,... 
Northern .Woodwork Co. 
Northern States Oil Co.. 
Norquist, Carl '.'...;..... 

Oden, 'A. J.' ...;..'...... 

Oen. Mere. Co; ....;..-.. . 

Oen, "Rasmus .......... 

OftedSbl, Johii . . .'. .... 

Oftlle, Ole ; l...;. 

Arneaou, M., Lsundry.. 

Arbart, Henry 

Austlnsoo, J. B 

Alnes, L F 

Anderson, A. Q 

Anderson, Carl 

Anderson, T. P. 

Arnold, Wm. O 

Arnold, It 

Barsen, Math 

Babceck, Lion ...'...... 

Barden, Cheater '... 

Barnett, J. S 

Barton, Eata J. ., 

Benson, Sovcrt " 712 

Besslcr, Otto H. ..... 

Becken, M. P 

'-| Bonnes, E M 

Becker, Joe 

Bergstrom, J. E 

Berg, A. j 

Belderman, J , Dr. . . 

Bredeson ft Co 

Blddlck, George 

Bishop, W. A. 

Benson, Martin .... 

Bjorkman, B. Dan ... 

Bloomanlst, J. C > ... 

Borry, A. J 

Brntrnd, John ..L 

BrodlC), Anna . ... 

Bretleson, Aug, Rev... 

Brevlg, Ed '. 














• 750 



.■wa - 



• . . . 







>;. . 





.T. . 












. 186- 









?'. . 





















; 2U4.62 








i '. 4.49 



' 2051 


... . 




84 38 









900 ; 

100 I 
070 I 
138 • 


81 ' 


1200 j 
8900 1 









~ 6 48 






- 263 


Bieiidicke,'Fnd ;.......; tSlf 

Brown, ff. A. .......'....: c 40 

BcoelUae, F, T.t BaT...... AS. 

Brbmi, W. J. ft Barton....; 

HstT ..............;.. 471. 

Brokke, I. 8 V.... 64 

BnidTick, C. 40 

. Btldgeman BowwU Co... - 160 

Bnma, u. c... ;.. 29 

Bnpdyr-^Jobn ..,....;;.. 

Bnndy, T, J.... 

BursUd, BrP 

Baker, W. B 

Bakke, E..8. 

.Berry, J, ...;..;..;..; 
Barber Shop, 0. K. ..j 
Barnard, W. O. ....... 

Borgen, Lawrence ..... 

B'orgen, Louis ........< 

Baldwin Piano Co. .... 

Brandvold, Fred ..... 

Brandon; Severn .;... 
BottelBon, Andrew ..; 
Betholetb: Paving Co;. 

Bowers, J..T. 

Brown, W. J. ....;.... 

Bothom, M. 7;.. 

Bishop, J. M. 

: Bnma, F. J. • . • 

Booien, G. W. • 

Bramund, H.-A. ..;... 
Baker, John ........... 

Carlson, August ...*.. 
Carlson, J. G. ....... 

Campbell, A. U. ...•• 

Carlson, Carl B. '..... 

.Cash. Store .;........-. 

Christe, George 

ChriBtenson, F..L. ;... 
CarUon, Albert H. .. 
ChUtlck, Thoi, H. ... 
Christofferson, Carl. .. 

Cemey, L. P. ; 

(^natrom.—OrL. .... 
Coniier, J. B. . . . ^ . . . 
Conneli, G. W. ......j 

Cook, B.. Q. 

Correll. Chas. 

Condy, James, 

Coagrove, James " 

Cralk, Andrew 

Crown, Ed. - 

Crown, Gnst 

Crown, A. T. ........ 

Corren,' George 

Christtadaon, Nela ... 
Chommie, H. O. ;... 

City Dray 

Cnrthi, J; P. 

(^nner, Chaa. B 

Comatock, F. L. .... 

prison, C!arl ........ 

Cronkhite, John ..... 

Carhion, Nora ; 

Dahl, A. J. ;... 

jaU, Anton, Bakery. 

Dahl, E. B. 

Dahle, S. K, 

Dahl, A. W 

Dahlen, H. S. 

Dablow, Fred 

Dahl ft Dahl......" 

DeCriemer, Loola ... 

DePerg, H. W. 

Jillon, L. C ..' 

Dickey, B. H 

Dostal, H. B 

Durrlc, H. C. .......' 

Dudley, Frank >...;. 

.Dybvig Bros. 

Dybvlg.. Anton ...; 

Dsle. E. T 

OavidBon, J* C. 

Dicken, C. A. 

Dleken, Oscar « 


Dolsn, B.;F. 

Dome, A, H. ..." 

Erickson, O. J.-....-...' 
ErlckBon, L. B. ....;..* 

ilrlckson. Gust ' 

Erickson, J; B < 

Erickson, (3eo. L 

Erickson, C. O 

Etickson, E. O 

Erickson. Boy L • 

Eogler, Fred . 

Eastman. J. M., Mrs. .. 

Eberbart, Peter 

EkIUnd, Adolf ...; 

Emerson ft Brantingbam 

Company " 

Empire Farms Co. ..... 

Bngelstad, Ole 

Evenson, Ed. M... ;..'..< 
Evenson ft Etckbammer. 

Evans, Oscar '... 

Evenson, Oscar M. ..... 

Evenson, O. C. ;. . 

Eastman, G. W ' 

Engen, Albert 

Evenson,. Martin V. ...j, 

Erickson, Ben * 

Ferris, W. S. 

Farr, James 

Farr, .Glenn .1 

Falk, Henry • 

Fallncss, G. A. 

Fahsy, L. J. 

Fitger Brewing Co. ...* 
Farmers Ex. Elv. Co..., 

Grain Tax 

Fisher, Frank ..........._,- 

Fitennan, Chas 

Fox, A. P 

FoBBum', T. A.. 

- Froseth. ' Henry 

Fry, Harry 

Fnrstnan, W. A. ., 

Froseth, Perry ;. 

FrolsnesB, Tallack 

FrlsseU, G. H ;.... 

Froebllch, H. W., Dr... 

Freltog, 6. M 

Fulton, J. H. , 

Fuller, W. B 

Plynn,— J. E .■■ 

Pavrow, P. .; 

Frosetb, Carl 

Fredrick, W. H 

Frissell, Msnd 

Gamble, D. Po 

Gabrlelaon, A. G. ...;.. 

Genty, W. H 

Gerllnger, Chas , 

Gilhusen, L. B. . .-. 

Green, C. M. 

Oothle, H. O 

Granum, Ole 

Grannm, C. O 

Green, F. P 

Granum, Gilbert' 

Greibsteln, Bmd ..;....' 

GustafSon, C ft Son....^ 

GUBtafson, ' C!. D. .;.... 

Gnstafson, Chas. ...... 

GnlUngsmd, John ..... 

Gnlmd, C. C '. •. 

Gnstafson, H. G. ..;..t. 

QasBow, John ; 

Gulmd,.. Clara 

Qulmd, Carl G. , 

Geifer, Peter'. 

Hagcr, H. N. ..•••■■,•• 
Hanaon ft Banten MBUng 

-(Company' , 

. Grain Tax 

Halaeth,' Albert' 

^elseth, Isak . . . ..^i,. . . . 

Hang, C. M., Dr. 

Hanson, Amanda ....... 

HaBdln, O. T .1 

Hoggen, Ak M. 

Hanson, O .C « 

Hansen, C. L ' 

Hanson, S. A. 

Harris, N. E. 

HarriB, P. A. 

Barlow, M. C /•■• 

Hall Bros 

Haney, Thoa. C 

Hall, n. L 

Halvorson, Gay .,.5^.... 
Haynes, F. F, ......... 

OITerdalil, Ols 

O'Bara, Ed 

Olson, A. B ,.•• 

Olsob, Peter B 

Olson, Nels G 

Olson, J. N 

Overlsnd. B. J 

Ostby, O D 

Fstterson, W. B ..^ 

Fatten, F. 3 .1 

Paulson, M C. t. _^. . . 

Paulson, Peter 

ParhBt, O. C. 

Pedcrson, P. G 

Peterson i- Blddlck .... 
Pedcrson, C. L., Mrs. . . 














































' 65 





/ 2.74 







- 24050' 







- 16656 
' 120.90 

, 812.61 
. 8.43 
' 26.73 
, 2050 
2.C3 . 


















^ 440 

, 358 


, ' ii";.. 

8322 106350 
84. .... 


















. 4.05 


















0098 2657151- 108655 

Peoples 'Aato Co; -.7.... 
Feopl0'po.op.'8toze Co. 
PhyildahB Hospital ... 
PUlsbory MlUilig Co:... 

Plenty, ^. C 

Flaugb, .Sam 

Polrier, .WlUIam . .i.. . . 

Porter, Chria ..' 


Protseller, Harry ..'.... 

Prlcbard Co '. 

Pteatebak, Btcbard .... 

Prots, Frank. ..;.. 

Prots, Fred.'......;...; 

Pryts, Boy M. 

Preatebsk,; Corlo^ 

Provcneher, 'J. 

Pratt, H. Ai ..—......, 

Prlchard, W. W., Sr.... 

Prichard, W. W., Jr,... 
Penny, O. A., Dr.. .^. . 

Penney,! J. 'O, Co .' 

, Quale, Fred ..........._ 

Quale, theo. .....;....- 

Bambeck, O. A. .- 

Bambeck ft Stone t^oT .. 

.Bays'en,; L.'' M. 

BasmuSBon,' A. C. .:-n.. 

.Bamstad, Ok>t 

Balaton; J.: A. ......;.. 

Bavedahl, Ole 

Banne,- T. W. 

Becdey, L.;C. 

Bed Lake Tee Co 

Bed Like I Falls Milling 

Company: ;. 

Grain Taxi 

Bemmen, A. B., Mrs:.,. 

Belter, jN. 

Belerson, T. 3; 

Bbodegaard, Halvor .. 

Bbodes; H. M; 

Bbodegaard ftCo 

Btcbards, Earnest ...;. 

Blndal,' And. J. , 

Blehter, J. J. ........ 

Bomeblldt, Henry ..... 

.Bonsnd, John 

Roblhson, Gamble ... 


Bobarge, V. F. 

Bobenson, 'A. P.. 

Boark, P. W^ . .-. 

'Boberts, 9. E. 

Rowan, Mae 

Bolland, E. L. , 

Bounds, Bert 

Bnde ft Tommerdahl. 

Bustad, Hans '. '... 

Kustad, E. J. 

Ryer, W. N. 

Boss, B. H 

Bobinson, D. W. .... 

&ande, 0..B; 

Sandberg Roe Co .... 

Grain,, Tax ; 

Samsbal, Carl 

Save-D^Money Store ' ^ 

Salveson, S 

Sands^om, Victor ...... 

Schwartz, Arthur ^ .. . . . 

Scanlan, T. D 

Scbntt; B. M. 

Sether, J. O. 

Show_ Posting Service Co 

Bheggfud; John F 

Sbaw.^lDsnlel x. 

^JbuBter, ;h.:L. 

"Sheldon, B. M. ......... 

Sheldreue, Geo. W. .... 

Sheedy, William ."..... 

Shsnahan, Frank * 

Sbolea^ C A. 

SImonson, C. S. 

SlUiley, l; T 

Silk, N. J. 

Singer Sewing Macb <^.. 

S]oberg, C. E. 

Skog, 1 John, M.' 

Skramstad, Sam 

Smith; O. E 

Smith, J. B., Bev. 

Smith; Howard ..; 

Smith; W. E. 

Smithers, William 

Sorenson, Olof 

Soderberg, Brick 

Soderberg, August ...... 

SoUem, Alfred ......... 

Sorenson, John 

Stebbins, F. J. 

Stilt, J. S 

Slorholm, Christ 

Stageberg; M. 6 

Stageber,g, T. O .' 

Streeter. George 

Strabeck, Joe 

Stenberg. Marie- ;. 

Strand, H. K 

Sullivsn, R.. D 

Snudafai, E. A. : 

Swanson, Albert 

Swedenberg, A. W., Dr.. 

Sweger, T. E., Rev " 

Standard OR Co. ...... 

Standard Oil Co 

Standard Oil Co ' 

Snyder, H. 8 ; 

Shirley, Chas 

Slorholm, 0. G 

SheUcr, B. B, 

Tandberg, Julia 

Tarrant, N. W. 

TesBiim, Olof 

Tessum; A. B. 

Tessiim; G. C 

Tessum Company 

Thorsen, A. W..; 

Thompson Bros ;. 

Thompson, Joseph .... 

Thompson, Olof 

Thune, ;Peter O. ;.....'.. 

Thorson, J. M . 

Thief River Groc. Co„.. 
Thief River Cry. jissn.. 
Thief River Falls Monu- 
mental Co 1460 

Thief Elver Clinic 770 

Thief River Music Co... 2678 
Thief Elver BotUing Wks 381 

Trayer, E. D.; 80 

Tbaraldson, F < 30 

Thief River Iron Wks... 1320 

Thief River Times 2001 

Thief Biver Theatre Co. 600 
Unidu Plumbing ft Heat- 





; 751 . 




















.^ 7.68 





' 853 

: 648 



























. 1453 













358 . 












5.04 -: 














61 r... 

66 .... 

50 ■ 1100 


76 .... 


3 04 





















283 90 



















64 70 

45 55 

•WeU Shoe Co.';. 

', John '. 1. 

J. J. ......../„ 

In, George ..«.. 

lug Compsny 

Xjmland, Bert F 

Urness; Carrie 

Votava, Joseph 

Vinge, C 

Vlstaunet, P. L. ... 
Vorachek, C W. .. 
Voraehek. J. J. ... 
Wassgren',' J. A. ... 

Ward, John 

Ward, Gastin 

WaUen, Gust ...... 

Wangenstein; A. A. 

Waldorf, N. B 

Warner, B. J. 

Wear-TT-WeU Shoe Co.'i 


Weeks, J. 

Weratlein, George 

White; D. F. ..;....... 

Wilson, Grace ......... 

Winger, 0.:G 

Wilson, George 

Wmiams, G. G. < 

WUlisms, Oscar 

Wlnton.Nlc&ols Lbr. Co. 


Wlnton Nichols Lbr. (^> 
'Vnite Eagle OU Co..... 

Yotter, Jerry 

Zcllmer, A. ^ 

Zeh ft Curran 

Zeldel, B 

Walkfr, Bert < 

Zeh, Shll 

Zeh, EmU 

Zavornl, Joe 

Olson, O. N 

Olson, Harold < 

Olson, Hans 

Olson, EmIl 

Olson,- Alfred 

Orme, T. C 

Qneen City Bottling Wke 

Qulnlog, Panl 

Noesen. M J.. Bev 

Peterson. P, N 

Reamer, E T 

Both, Emma 

Rollsnd, L M. 

Tvplt. A K 

Vandrin Wilfred 

Wilson, H. W 




1 ' ' 




; -J^^;^ 

.;'>. '■V. :,iri >.':^.a.sii.tiir..t tfii,jSif.'x!sa 

JiiiiMI MiMMlB iMil 






and If doe on said note fnd inortcase"mt 
the date oC tbU netka t% anm of Three 
Tlioniand Dollars WJOOOM} and Interest 
thereon from I>eeembcT Ut. US at 4:per 
cent per annnm, and One Btmdted Sishty 
Dollars ((1S0.O0) and Intenst thereon from 
December Ist. 1921 at 6 «er coit per an- 
nun. and One ^ondred jKlchty - Dollars 
(tiSaoO) and Intoest therson from Decem- 
ber X. 1922 at 6 per cent (per annnm, and 
also the sum of SereatT-fire Dollars 
($75.00) for attomej^s fan, as provided 
for In said mortsa^e, and no action or 
proceeding has been Instftnted at law or 
in eqnity to recover the ^ebt secured ; by 
said mortgaee or any patt thereof. 

NOW, THEREFOBK, notice Is hereby 
given that under and by vlrtne of the pow- 
er of sale contained in sa^ mortgage, and 
pursuant to the statute la snch case made 
and provided, the said mortgage will be 
foreclosed by a sale off the mortRaged 
premises at public aucQofa by the Sheim 
of rennington County to .tl» highest bid- 
der therefor for cash on Saturday, the Xst 
dav of March, 1924, at ten o'clock in the 
forenoon, at the front door of the Court 
House in the City of Thief River Falls. In 
Pennington County, Minnesota, to satisfy 
the amount which will then and there be 
due on said mortgage for iprindpal and in- 
T_ L • f-i « -^tv-ay >inTtf»lpc<5 tcrcst. costs and charges (Of sale, taxes If 

tut It seems like a rather hopeless ^- ^^ ^^ premises; and said Seventy- 
i$k to trj- and inject "new life" into Uy^ Dollars ($75.00) for ; attorney's fees. 

Victor Singer was a business caller 
at bklee last Tuesday. 

pie O. Vatendal of Oklee, spent the 
hoSdays " calling on old friends and 
idatives in Deer Park and ffighland- 
ing! " 

Perhaps one of the uppermost 
th3ughts in our minds in these days 
isJ-'What will the good year of 1924 
bring us?" The fanners, though 
do^-n and out, are yet hoping and 
praj-ing that some Idnd of an agri- 
cultural adjustment can be made that 
c^ assure them of their daily bread 
for their labor and sacrifices made. 
The business man likewise realizes 
thit he must either rise or fall with 
thl man' that tills the soil and for 
this reason must look for his prosperi- 
tyTto loom up in the same channel. 
■ TOtat we all hope is a business revival 
rather hopdess 

,^r^ .„ .^, ^ ...,,~-t "new life" into ,^ 

Jdead caJcass. The spirit of prog- said mortgaged premlscslto ^ewld lying 
?!" hi suffered . pSlitieal stroteUd |g»J „'» ^„'„^-f..°d' ^^ »° 
anii it is doubtful if it can be levived 1 -^j^^r described as follows, to-wit: 

The East Halt of the KoHhwest Qnal^ 
ter (Eti of NTVWl. and I"" """"'"JE? 
oL (T) aod TWO (2). of ^»» Se"" 'T); 
In Township One Hmndred Flttr-thrje 
i?ra) "tthT of Hange ThlrtT-nlne (^ 
w„i ot the 5lh P. M. ;eonUlntoB 1S6^ 
acres, more or leas, aecordlns to , the 
Eovemment snrrcy thereof. 
Dated. January 2nd. 1924. 


As Aaalesee of MortgaBce. 

Attorney for AsslEnec' 
St. PauL Minnesota. ' 

J 9-1C-2S.30 » 5-12 

by tka BhoiB ol.ltld P»»itl»gt«pB ConMj 
at the fcoBl dixur of tie Court Houie, In 
the CUT of TiW Elm F«J1«, la jald OoM- 
tr Bad State, oa the 23rd day of Vthnair, 

poblle Teadue, to.the U(^>t bIdder-<£or 
aih. ta giyiaia.debt ol Foaz Haadled 

latereat, and the taxe^if any, "a "aW 
pieailacs. aad Tweaty-flre l>ollan .«2&D0) 
Attoraey'i feea. as itlpatated In aad by 
aaid Mortsage ia caae of forecjosnie. aaa 
the dUhDraementa allowed by law; sab. 
ject to redemption at any -time vithln.ane 
year from the day of sale, as proTlded by 
•aw. __ 

I>ated December Srd, 1923^ 


Lamberton, Lamtierton t Marphy. 
Attomeya for Asslenee, 
Cor., Srd- & Center Sta., 
Winona. Minnesota. 

J 9-10-2S.30 F 6-13-20 

made and'pnnrldeObe aaU Xoitliie irOI 
be {oieelaae^ by T\ aaleVot the pteailaes 
described In aad 'caanyed'-by a^ld Uort' 

liob 1 


Mrs. Tobias Olson, one of the early 
settlers of Highlanding township, 
passed away rather unexpected on the 
asth o£ December at her home. She 
haa only been confined to her bed but 
a] few days: She had contracted a 
b^d cold that finally settled on her 
liings, this together with the mfirma- 
tiis of old age, Vas the cause of her 
ddath. Mrs. Olson was 70 years of 
aie and was bom in Norway and im- 
nJgrated to .A.merica some ttlrty- 
siK or seven years ago and was shortly 
tlJereafter united in marriage to 
Ttbias Olson who at that time resided 
near Mcintosh and then again in the 
town of Games where they also lived 
aliout m-o veais before moving over 
oJ their present homestead where she 
his since resided up to the time of 
hi!r death. Mr. Olson died about five 
years ago and she and her hoys have 
since operated the farm. Mrs. Olson 
was the mother of four children: Mrs. 
Gander Stromme of Oklee and Oscar, 
Alfred and .\rthnr, all at home. 


fault has been made In the conditions of a 
mortcaee executed by Henry Blasta and 
Effa Blaska, his wife. Mortgagors, to the 
Farmers and Merchants ; State Bank of 
Thief Kiver Falls, Incorporated, Mortgagee, 
dated September 29, 11121, and filed for 
record in the office of ithe Register ol 
Deeds ot Pennington County, Minnesoto, 
on the 30th day of j September, 1921, 
at S o'clock A. M. and: duly recorded In 
Book m ot Mortgages oni Page 130 thereof: 
that such default consists in the non-pay- 
ment, when due. ot principal and interestof 
the debt for which said mortgage waa giv- 
en as security: that the amount claimed to 
be dne on said mortgaje at this date is 


Bth at the Oak Part churcn wnere „„ied by said mortgage ate sltn- 

fiiends and relatives came to pay 
Seir last tribute to their old friend 
ahd neighbor, who was peacefully laid 
ti rest in the Oak Park cemetery. 



J Mr;. Halseth was in Thief River 
Ealls shopping VTednesday. 

I Harry McDonald was in.TMef River 
Balls Wednesday having dental work 


I Vi\-ian Thoreson returned Monday 
axter visiting relatives for a few 

I Tillie Fort returned to Crookstwi 
Wednesday where she is attending 
school. "Uliile here she spent her va- 
cation with her parents. 

[S. J. Anderson was in Goodridge 
Wednesday aftemon. 

Joseph Poppenhagen [spent the 
aitemoon in Goodridge Wednesday. 

i. Clara Ferdinandson' returned to 
Deer Park Friday- where she is teach- 

I The Young Peoples' society will 
meet Thursday, January 17th. Every- 
tiodv is welcome. 
- 1 Mrs. Babcock and children from |XOtice of mortgage FOKECXOsrEE 

Thief River Falls, visited relatives at 

Goodridge Thursday 

ated In Pennington County. Minnesota, and 
arc described as follows, to-wit: The 
KortKeast Quarter (SB14) of Section Thir- 
ty-one (311, ToTmshlp One Hnndred Fifty- 
three (153) Xorth. of Banse Forty-three 
(43) West of the Fifth Principal Meridian, 
containing IGO acres, more or less, accord- 
ing to the GoTemment Snrrey thereof: that 
by Tiitne of the power; of sale contained 
in said mortpage and pnrsaant to the 
statute in snch cflse made and proTlded. 
said mortpase will, be iforeclosed by the 
sale of said premises, at pahllc rendae. to 
the hiphest bidder for cash, by the Sherift 
of Pennincton County, 'Minnesota, at the 
East front door of the Penninpton ConHty 
Court House in the city of Thief Blvpr 
Falls in said Pennington County and State 
rtf Minnesota, on Monday, the S.'ith day of 
February. 1924. at 1(1 o-»*lort A. M.. to sat- 
isfy the amount th^n due on said mortpape. 
toirether trith the costs of such sale and 
5feTenty-five Dollars Attorney's fees, stipu- 
lated in snid morttmr*". 
Dated Jannary 7. 19241 


,. By" THEO. OrALF-. 
; Attorney. 

rwr.o. QVAiJE. ; 

Attorney for Mortpa'pee. 
Thief River, FaUfi. Minn. 



Default hftvinp been made In the pay- 
ment of the sum of Three Thousand Three 
Hundred Serenty and SO-100 DoUara 
({3,370.80), which Is claimed to be doe and 
is due at the date of this notice upon a 
certain Mortsace. duly executed and deliv- 
ered by James Neil Nesse anoEIoora Kesse, 
his wife. Mortgagois, to C L. H i niien . 
Mortsasee. bearing date the 12tb day of 
December, 1S17, and with a power of sale 
therein contained, duly recorded in the 
once ot the Begister of Deeds in, and for 
the Coonty ot Fenninston and SUte ot Min- 
nesota, on the 14th day ot Janoarr. 1918, 
at 8:00 o'clock A. U., In Book 13 ot Mort- 
gagea, on page 387; which said Mortgage, 
together with the debt secured thereby, 
was duly assigned by said C. Ii. Hansen, 
Mortgagee, to Deposit Bank of Winona, 
Winona, Minnesota, by written assign- 
ment dated the 16tE day of Jannarr. 1B18. 
and recorded la ithe office of said Begister 
of Deeds, on the lOth day ot January. 1918, 
at 10 KW o'clock A, :M., in Book S6 of Mort- 
gages, on page 531; and that thereafter 
and on or about the 1st day ot August. 
1S23. the articles ot incorporation of aaid 
Deposit Bank of Winona haTing been duly 
amended and that thereby, among other 
things, the name of said Deposit Bank of 
Winona was changed from Deposit Bank 
of Winona to Deposit Bank aud Trust 
Company and that said Deposit Bank and 
Trust Company is now the AsIgnGe and 
Holder of said Mortgage and the debt se- 
cured thereby : and no action having been 
instituted, at law or otherwise, to recorcr 
the debt secured by said Mortgage or any 
part thereof: 

Kow Therefore. Xotice Is Hereby Given. 
Tliat by virtue of the power of sale con- 
tained in said Mortgage, and pursuant to 
the statute in such case made jnd provided, 
the said' Mortgage will be foreclosed by a 
sale of the premises described In and con- 
veved by said Mortgage, vi a: 

The Southwest quarter (SW%J of Sec- 
tion Thirty-six (36) in Township. Ope Hun- 
dred Fifty-four (151) North of Bangs 
Forty-two (42) West of the fifth P. M.» in 
^nnesota, containing- One Hundred Sixty 
(160) acres, more or less, according to the 
U- S. GoTemment surrey thereof. In Pen- 
nington County and State of Minnesota, 
with the hereditaments and appurtenances; 
which sale win be made by the SberilT of 
said Pennington County at the front door 
of the CMort House, in, the City of Thief 
Rlrer Palls in said County and State on 
the 23rd day of February, 1924, at two 
o'clock P. M« ot that day. at pnbHc ven- 
due, to the hiphest bidder for cash, to pay 
said debt of Three Thousand T^ree Hun- 
dred Seventy and 80-100 Dollars ($3,370£0). 
and interest, and the taxes, if any. on said 
premises, and Seventy-five Dollars (¥75.00), 
Attorney's fees, as stipulated In and by 
said Mortgage in case of foreclosure, and the 
disbursements allowed by law: subject to 
redemption at any time within one year 
from the day of sale, as provided by law. 
Dated, December 13th. J923. 


I.amberton. lamberton & Murphy, 
Attorneys for Assignee, 
C^ir.. 3rd & Center Sta., 
■Winona, Minnesota. 

J 9-16-23-30 F 6-13-20 

nnmbeied-ScTOS (7), Blcht (8) and 

Nine, (9) ot Block Thiitji (30) ,ln the 
OrU^nal Xovndte of TUet Birer Ftlls, 
aceocdinv to the -official: plat ther e of, on 
file and ot record ; In- the <MQee of the 
Begister ot Deeds In and for Pennington 
County, in Pennington County and State 
ot Minnesota with the hereditaments and 
appurtenances; which sale -Will be made by 
the Sheriff ot said'; Penaington county at 
the front door of the Court House, In the 
City of Thief RiTcr Falls.; in said County 
and State, on the 17th day of February, 
1^ at 10 o'clock A. &L. «£ that day, at 
public Tcndne. to ihe highest bidder tor 
cssli, to pay said debt of; Eighteen Hun- 
dred Fifty One Dollars and interest, and 
the taxes, if any, on said premises, and 
Seventy Fire Dollars, . Attorney's fees, as 
stipulated In _ and ;by said' Mortgage in 
case of foTeelofuie,;and tl» disbursements 
allowed, by law; subject to redemption at 
any time, within one year ^m the day ot 
sale, as provided by law. < 

Dated Deeonber 28. A. D. 1823. 

A Corporation ; 


L. a SIMONS. : ! 

Attorney tor Mortgagee,' 
St. Pa^ Minnesota. . f ~ 


the 7th day ot Fdbroarr, 1824, «t 10 H'OodL 
Jii X. ot that day at jpfinVc Tcndoe io 
the highest tiUd« tor tmah, to pay the 
ampqii^ then doe on said nortsKgC- and 
Interest and. the .nm ot |U&S7 tbr taxes 
paid on aaid described premlaeSf with 
interest tiain. dat»- of p«jineqt> together 
with the ebsta aiid disbursements oraaeh 
w ie and' Sercnty-fire DoDars attorneys 
tses istipnlated ^ . said mortgage in case 
of tbieciostire. -;• 

Dated December 19,. ua. 


; ; 4 ' ^Assignee ot Uortgagee. 

W. T, SMITH - 

Attorney for Assignee ot Mortgagee. 

Morgan Block, 

Winona. Minnesota. I 



Gwendelyn Smith, from Mavie, vis- 
ited Euth McDonald Vvednesday. 
1 The Young Girls* Sewing sodetj' 
■\n[\ m.eet for the first tiirie at the 
home of Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Thore- 
ion -Saturday, January 12 at 3 o'clock. 
Evervbodv is welcome to join. 
I R."H. 'McDonald entertained a 
group of friends at a whist' party on 
Monday night. At midnight an elabo- 
rate Irnich was sensed to the follow- 
ing guests: Mr. Jensen, Mr. Salseth, 
M. G. rnoreson, P. 0. Tvedt, G. John- 
son, C Giristianson. J. Sundquist, J. 
[Gangness, A. Gangland, A. B. Mandt 
!and A. Halvorson. j 

Ruth McDonald entertained a few 
iof her friends Saturday afternoon. 
The afternoon was spent in playing 
: games. At four o'clock a dainty 
lunch was served to the following 
guests: Eunice Thoreson, Tena 
Gaudland, Alice Stephenson, Edith 
, Gunderson, Beth McLead. Hazel 
Thoreson, Myrtle Stephenson, Ethel 
Halvorson. Sallie Vaughan and Gwen- 
-deljTi Smith- 
Beth McLeod visited with Euth 
; McDonald for a few days. 

Commimity Club. 
\ The Community dub will hold its 
; first meeting Friday, January 11. The 
I program will be a home talent play. 
I Lunch will be served. Everything is 
I free. Everybody is welcome. 


N'otice is Hereby Given: That default 
has occurred in the conditions of that cer- 
tain mortpape. ddted the thirteenth day 
of February, 1915. executed by F. D. Beard 
as mortpaior. to Apolonia Gergen. as inort- 
caeee, f A for record .in the office of the 
Eeffi^te Cf Deeds in and for Pennington 
County, State of Minnesota on the tn-enty- 
third day of April. 1915. at eight o'clock 
A. M., and recorded in Book 14 of Mort- 
gage Becords, page 502, which detanlt con- 
sists in this, to-wit: failure to pay prin- 
cipal and interest, when due; that under 
the terms thereof there ia claimed to l>e 
dae under said mortgage, iiicluding in- 
terest, at the date hereof Two thousand 
three hundred thirty-eight arid 5-100 Dol- 
lars, and that no action or proceeding at 
law or otherwise has been instituted to re- 
cover the debt sectored by said mortgage, 
or any. part thereof;; and tliflt pursuant 
to' the power of sale ia said mortgage, said 
mortgage will be foreclosed and the land 
therein described lying and being in the 
County of Pennington, State of Minnesota, 

The South-east quarter (SEU) of Section 
twenty <20K Township one hundred and 
fifty-three (153), RanRe forty-five (45) will 
t>e sold by the sheriff of said county at 
public auction on theiFirst day of March. 
1924. at ten o'clock A-3L. at the front door 
of the Court House In the aty of. Thief 
Rh-er Falls in said county and state, to 
pr.y the said sum and interest thereon to 
aaid date of sale and the costs and dls- 
bursemeots of such foreclosure and sale, 
including an ottomey^a fee of SeTenty-five 
(75> Dollars, subject to redemption within 
.twelve months from the date of sale. 

Dated December 24thj 1923. ^. 

TV. H. & H. W. GILLITT. 

Atforaeys for Mortgagee. 
; Hastings. Minnesota. 
J 9-ie-23-3p F e-a3-2o 

Legal Publications 


WHEREAS, default has been made in 
the terms and conditions of a certain mort- 
gage t)earing date the 1st day of December, 
1917, made, executed and drfivered by Se- 
ven O. Prestegoard and Ellen B. Preste- 
■ go^rd, his wife, of Pennington County, 
Minnesota, as Mortgagors, to Citiiens State 
Bank bt Thief River Falls, a corporation, 
of Thief River Falls, Minnesota, as Mort- 
gagee, to secure payment of the sum ol 
Three Thousand Dollars (J3.000.00) and in- 
terest thereon at the rate of six per centum 
(6 per-cent) per annum, ac<^Tding to the 
terms and conditions of one certain prom- 
issory note, due Deceml)er 1st, 1322 and in 
said mortgage fully described, which aaid 
mortgage was duly filed for record In the 
office of the Register of Deeds in and for 
Pennington County, Minnesota, on Decem- 
l>er 31st. 1917 at 4:00 P. M.. and was duly 
recorded in said office in Book 12 of ^>rt- 
gages on page 435. which said mortgage, 
together with the deht secured thereby, 
was thereafter by written assignment dated 
November 15th, 191B duly assigned by said 
mortgagee to Wm. Lerche, of SL Paul, 
Minnesota, which said assignment was duly 
filed in the office of said Register of Deeds 
on November 15, 1918, and waa recorded 
in said office In Book 63 of Mortgages on 
page 8. and which said Wm. Lerche is now 
the owoer and holder of said mortgage: 

WHEREAS, said mortgagors have failed 
and refused to pay the promiBsory note 
in the eum of Three Thousand DoDars 
(J3.000.00l. which is described In and se- 
cured by said mortgage and which became 
due and payable on December 1st. 1922. and 
have also failed And refused to pay the 
InstallmcntH of interest In the ?am ot One 
Hundred Eighty Dnllan> (flSO.OO). each. 
■which became due and payable on;the note 
in said mortgage described on Decemlwr 
' Iflt. 1921, and on December Ist, 1922, [re- 
spectively, and there' is claimed to be due 


Default having beai made in the pay- 
ment of the sum of Fonr Hundred Forty- 
nine and 44-100 Dollan ($449-44), which ia 
claimed to be due aiid la due at the date 
of this notice upon a certain Mortgage, dnlr 
executed and delivered by Steffen Halvor- 
son, onmarried, Mortagor, to C Ii. Han- 
sen, Mortgagee, bearing date the 6th day 
of July, 1817. and with a power of sale 
therein contained, dbly recorded in the 
oIQce of the Register of Deeda In and for 
the County of Pennliigton and State of 
Minnesota, on the IMh day of Joly, 1917, 
at 1:00 o'clock P. M.; In Book 57 of Mort- 
gages, on page 136; which said Mortgage. 
together with the debt secured thereby, 
waa duly assigned by said C !•. Hansen, 
Mortgagee, to Deposit Bank of Winlna, 
Winona, Minnesota, by written asiignment 
dated the 2lBt day of JiUy. 1917, and re- 
corded in the otf^jof said Register of 
Deeds, on the 25th iday of July, 1917, at 
8:00 o'clock A. M., in Book 56 of Mort- 
gages, on page 409; iand thereafter and on 
or.abont August Ist^ U^Z, the articles of 
incorporation of saldJ Deposit Bank of Wlr 
nona having been daly amended and that 
thereby, amons; other things, the name of 
said Z>epo^ Bank ot Winona was changed 
from Deposit Bank ot Winona to Deposit 
Bank and Trust Ctxmpany and that said 
Deposit' Bank and Trust Company is now 
the Assignee and*Q>lder of said Hortgage 
and the debt secured thereby; and no ac- 
tion having been Imrtltuted, at lav or 
othnwise. to recoTei the debt aeeured by 
said Mortgage or siiy part thereof; 

Now. Therefore. Kotlce Is Hereby Glren, 
That by Tirtue of the power of aale con- 
tained in said Mortgage, and pursuant to 
the statute In such tase made and provid- 
ed, the said Mortgage will be foreclosed 
by a sale of the premises described In and 
conveyed by said Mortage, viz; 

The East half (EH) of the Northeast 
quarter (NB^) of Section Thirty-three (33) 
in Township One [Hundred Fifty-Three 
(153) North of Range Thirty-nine (39) west 
of the fifth (5th> P.|M.^ In Minnesota, con- 
taining Eighty (SO) acres, more or less, ac- 
cording to the U. ^. Government surrey 
thereof, in Pennington County and State 
of Minnesota, with the hereditaments and 
appurtenances; which sale will be inade 


Default having been made in the pay- 
ment of the sum of Three Hundred Dol- 
lars (?3O0.00), which la claimed to be due 
and is due at the date of this notios upon 
a certain Mortgage duly eiecnted_and de- 
livered by Peter Lu Woinarowski and" Josie 
M. Wojnarowsti. his vvife. Mortgagors, to. 
Deposit Bank of Winona, bearing date the 
5th day of June, 1920, and with a power 
of sale therein contained, duly recorded in 
the Office of the Register of Deeds in and 
for the County of Pennington and .State 
of Minnesota on the 20th day of Septem- 
ber. 1920. at 8:30 o'clock A. M., In Book 13 
of Mortgages, on page 615: 

And Whereas. The said Deposit Bank of 
Winona, the Mortgagee and Holder of said 
Mortgage, has duly elected and does here- 
by elect to declare the whole principal sum 
of said Mortgage due and payable at the 
date of this notice, under the terms and 
conditions of said Mortgage and the power 
of sale therein contained; apd whereas 
there is actually doe and claimed to be due 
and payable at the dale of this noHce-the 
sum of Two Thousand Nine -HtrnMed 
Twenty-seven and 75-100 Doliars (52.927.73). 
which said amoimt includes the sum of 
One Hundred- Seventeen and 46-100 Dol- 
lars (J117.46) paid by "Deposit Bank of 
Winona to the County. Treasurer of Pen- 
nington Connty. on the 29th day of March, 
1923. for taxes for the year 1921. including 
penalty and interest, against the mort- 
gaged propertT, together with the interest 
on said payment from the 29th day of 
March, 1923, to the date of this notice which 
last mentioned interest amounts to the sum 
of One and 29-100 Dollars (?1.29) : and 
whereas, the power of sale has become op- 
erative, and no action- or proceeding bav- 
in been instituted, at law or otherwise, to 
recover the debt secured by said Mortgage. 
or any part thereof; 

^'ow, Therefore, Notice Is Hereby Giv- 
en. That by virtue of^the power of sale 
conteii>ed in said Mortgage, and pursuant 
to the statute in such case made and pro- 
vided, the said Mortgage wffl be loredosed 
by a sale of the premises described In and 
conveyed by said Mortgage, via; 

Southwest Quarter (SW%) of Se<^on 
Fifteen (15), in Township One Himdred 
Fifty-two (152), North, of Range Forty 
(40) WMt, In - Pennington County and 
State of Minnesota, with the hereditaments 
and appurtenances; which sale will be 
made by the Sheriff of s^d Fennlngfon 
(^unty at the front door of the Court 
House, in the City of Thief Blver PaBs, 
in said Connty and State, on the 2Srd day 
of February, 1924. at two o'clock P. M-, of 
tliat day, at public Tcndoe to the highest 
bidder for cash, to pay the said debt ox 
Two Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty- 
seven and 75-100 Dollars (12,927.73). and 
Interest, and the taxes. If any. onsald 
premlaea. and Seventy-flre Dollan (|75X0) 
Attorney's fees as stipulated In and by 
said Mortgage In case of foreclosure, and 
the disbursements aDowed by law; sub- 
ject to redemption at any time within one 
year from the day of sale as provided by 
law. i 

Dated. June "6th, 1923. 

Lamberton, IdmbertoD tt Mnrphey, 
Attorneys Jor' Mortgagee, 
'(i)r_ 8rd & Center Sts., 
Winona* SHnuesota. 

'■J 9-16-23-SO F 6-13-20 ' 

Notie* ml SCortcace Far««loBBra Bala. 
Notice is hereby glTen, that default haa 
been made in the condlUons of a certain 
mortgage exeected. by Thomas G. Borne 
and Thorbjor G. Borne, his wife, of the 
connty ot Pennington, lOnneaota. mort- 
gagors, to Merchants State Bank ot Bed 
Lake Falls, Minnesota, Mortgagee, dated 
the 15th day of O^ob^ 1930, and record- 
ed in tha olQce of the Begister of Deeds 
of Pennington Conniy, Minnesota, on the 
nth day of December. 1920. at 9 o'clock 
A. M. of said day. in Book -eS" of Mort- 
gages, page 575 thereof,! of the records 
of said oinee. ' : I 

That said mortgage, together with the 
debt secured thereby, was duly assigned 
by said Uercnanta State Bank of Bed 
Lake F^tlls. Minn., to Preid (>ehl, by writ- 
ten assignment dated April 27, igzir^nd 
recorded In the office of the said Register 
of Deeds, on the 2Sth day of April, 1921. 
at 8 o'clock A. M. ii) Book 63 ot Mortgages, 
on page SL0; 

Said de&ult consists fn the failure of 
said mortgagors to pay I the interest In- 
stallment of $120 which Iby the terms ot 
the said mortgage; i»e£ame due and payable 
on the 15th day ot October, 1922. That by 
reason ot said debtult I said mortgagee 
haa f44ytfd to declare the entire amotmt 
remaining unpaid : upon teld mortgage to 
be immediately due and j payable. 
- That thoe Is claimed to be due 
able and there is now due and payable 
at Che date ot this notice upon said mort- 
gage and upon thie debt thereby secured, 
the sum ot Two Thousand One Hundred 

Twenty and no-lOO ...{tStSDM) J>61- 

lars. with- interest thereon at the rate ot 
utT per cent per s tmnm from the 15th day ' 
ot October, inz. and no action or pro- 
ceedings at law or otherwise has been 
had or instituted to recover aaid debt or 
any part thereof. : 

Notice is hereby fnrtba gtren that by 
Tirtue of the power ot-sale in said mort- 
gage contained and teeorded, therewith 
which by reason i ot the fkcts aforesaid 
has become operatire and pursnant to 
the statute In such case made and pro- 
vided, the said- mortgage wHl be tore- 
closed and the land and premises des- 
cribed in aud covered by nid mortgage, 

East half of the Southwest quarter 
(EH SW) Lots Five and Six (3 and 6) 
Section Six (6) Town8hIp_One Hundred 
Fifty-two (152) North Bange Forty (40) 
West of the Fifth Principal M eri dian for 
Minnesota, containing 160 acres, more or 
less, according to T3ie Government Survey 

win b^ sold at public auction to the 
highest bidder therefor: for cash by the 
sheriff of Pennington (bounty. Minnesota 
to satisfy and pay the debt which win 
then be due and ■ payable on the note se- 
cured by said mortgage together with the 
stun of $100.00 as attorneys fees and the 
costs and- expenses of; these foreclosure 
proceedings as allowed: by law. 

The said sale wiB be made at the front 
door of the Court House in the Oty ot 
Thief River Falls.. C!ounty of Pennington, 
State of Minnesota, at: the hour of ten 
o'clock A. M, on Saturday the 23rd day 
of February. 1921. \ 

Dated December 17, 1923. 


i Assignee of Mortgage, 
Lob Angles, CaL 

Attorney for Assignee, 
Intemationa] Falls, Minn. 

Martgago Pereclosare Sale NotSee. 
Default having been made in the pay- 
ment ot the sum of Six Hundred Fifty-one 
and no-100 Dollars ((OnLOO). which Is 
claimed to be due and Is due at the date 
of this notice upon a certain Mortgage- 
duly exeicuted and d^vered by Othllla 
Wlekman aud Gust WIckman. ber-bushand. 
Mortgagors, to Otisens State Bank of 
Thief Birer Palis, a corporation. Mort- 
gagee, bearing date the 4th day of August, 
1919, and with a powez^ot sale therein con- 
tained, duly recorded) in the office- of the 
Begister ot Deeds in and tor the connty 
ot Pennington and State ot Minncscta on 
the IStfa day of August .1919, at 3 o'clock 
P. MU in Book S4 of Moragages. on page 
StZ, and no - action or proceeding having 
been InMltated, at law or otherwise, to 
recover the debt secured by said Mortgage 
or ady part fhereol 

KOW. THSBSFOBB, Notlea Is hereby 
GIVEN, That by Tlrtne of tbe power of 
■ale said Mortgage, and pur- 
suant to tbe statute ' in siuh case malde 
and provided, the said Mort^^ge will be 
foreclosed by a sale of the premises de- 
scribed In and conveyed by said Mortgage. 

The west fifty (50) feet of Lot forty- 
seren (47) of Palrfldd Addition to tbe 
aty ot Thief Blver Palla, according to 
the plat thereof on filo and of record In 
the oCOee of tbe Begister of Deeds in and 
for said Pennington Connty, State of Min- 
nesota, in Pennington coun^ and state ot 
Minnesota, with the heieditamenta and ap- 
purtenances; which sale wiB be made by 
the ^eriff ot said Pennington county at 
the main Outdoor of the conrthotise in the 
city ot Thief Birer FaBa, in bald county 
and state, on the 2nd day of February. 
1924. at 10 o'clock A. M., of fhat day. at 
public vendue, to the hlghe<[t i ' Ider tor 
caah. to pay said debt ot Six Hundred 
Fifty-one and no-100 dollars (f65L00), and 
interest, and the taims, if any, on f«id 
premises, and Twenty-fire dollars at- 
toroey's flees, as stipulated In and by safd 
mortgage, in case of foreclosure, and the 
disbursements allowed by law; subject to 
redemption at any time .withbi one ;car_ 
from the day ot sale, as provided'by law. 
Dated Pe cember 11 th, 1923. 


Attorney for Mort g agee, 
Thief Birer falls. Minn. 


Northern Lodge No. 236 
i JA.F.&A.M. 

' stated Oommviucatimfl . 
l^lnt and Hold nnnsdajs 

Tonng I%ie Lodge Na 221 

M LaaE. 

HeiBts vmrj Tuesday nigfat at 8:00. 

Brofthedhood of Looomotire 

Ifaanien and Engin^Qciaii 


KmIv ■■■will mil foBxtli Smubvi al 
t JO A. IL. L O. 0. F. HaU. 



Pzaetiee In an Oonrta aad 
tan V. 8. lAitd Office 


Oflica ia QUxaia State Bank BUg 

FluRieai Office 90. ReeWmww 112 

TUet BhrerFUlB, idnn. 

Dr. J. T. Bowers 

Spedal AtteitiaB to Snrgsy and 

tlu Diseases of Women and 


Offices: TiiSt National Bank Bldg. 

Office 128. Residence 99. 


Default baring' been made In the pay- 
ment of the sum of Eighteen Hnndred 
Fifty One DoBan which ia dalmed to be 
doe and Is dne at the date of this notice 
upon a certain Mortgage, duly cseeuted 
and deilrered by Ole N. Olson and Andrea 
Olson, his wife. Mortgagors, to The First 
National Bank ofThlef BItct Palls, Mort- 
gagee, bearing date the 20th day »t Sep- 
tember, 1918, and with a power . ot sale 
therein contained, dnly recorded In tbe 
office of the Begister of Deeds In and for 
the County of Pennington and State of 
Mlnnesoto, on the 21st day ot Septemt>er, 
1916, at 8 o'clock A. M., In Book 13 of 
Mortgages, on page 247, and no action or 
proeeeding having been instituted, at law 
or othenriee. to recorer the debt secured 
by said Mortgage or any part thereof. 

Notice ot Uortrago Foreelosnro Sale. 
Default bSTing been made in the con- 
ditions of that certain mortgage containing 
a Power ot Sate, by reason ot which de- 
foult 'said Power of Sale^has become op- 
eratire, and the Assignee of the Mortgagee 
lieieinafter named Is authorised to declare 
the whole sum ■ due, and he hereby does 
declaie"" said sum due wliich mortgage 
yns executed by Ernest K. Peterson and 
Bertha PeUrsoui his wife. Mortgagors to 
Merchante Stete Bank of Bed Lake FaBs. 
a corporation created under the laws of 
the State of Minnesota, Mortgagee, dated 
AprU 6, A. D^ 1920, and recorded In the 
office of the Begister of, Deeda, of Penning- 
ton County Minnesota,: on the 15th day of 
April A. D^ 1920, at 8 o'clock A. M-, In 
Book 62 ot mortgages, on page 447. 

Which said mortgage; together with the 
debt secured thereby, waa duly asalgned 
by said Merchants State Bank of Bed 
Lake Falls, Minnesota,! Mortgagee to De- 
posit Bank of Winona, Winona; Minnesota 
by written assignment dated May 10, A. D., 
1920, and recorded in the o ffice of the 
Begister of Deeds ot Pennington County, 
Minnesota, on May 15, 1920, at 8 o'clock 
A. M^ in Book 63 of Mortgages on page 
212, and which said mortgage, together 
■trith the debt secured thereby, was duly 
assigned by said Depoidt Bank of Winona, 
Winona, Minnesota, to Bobert B. Henry 
by written assignment Idated May 19, J920. 
and recorded in the office of the Begister 
ot Deeds ot Pennington' Connty, Minnesota 
ou the 23id day ot November, 19SS, al 
1 o'clock P. M., in Book- 63 ot Mortgages, on 
page SQ6. - 

And whereas, 'the said Bobert B, Henry, 
ihe asrignee and holder of said mortgage, 
on December 14th, ISSS p^d delinanent 
taxes upon the mortgaged property bere- 
^nliff>r de9Crit>ed in the sum ot One Hnn.- 
died Ninety^^ht and 97-100 (¥198.97) 
DoUara; and whereas, tl^e said Bobert B. 
Henry, the assignee and hojder ot said 
inortgage, has duly Elected and does here- 
by elect to declare the whole principal 
sum of said mortgage doe and payable 
at the date of this notice, under the terms 
and condltiona . of lU^ mortgage and Oe 
Power of Sate therdin contained; ana 
irbereas, there is actually dne and claimed 
to be doe at the date of tUa notiee tbe 
snm of Two ThbuBand (12000.00) Dollars, 
with Interest thereon from tbe 6th day of 
April, 1921, at: the tjte of six per cent 
per annnm; and whereas, tbe old Power 
of Sate has beciune operattre and no aetloB 
br pToceedlnga. baring best Institnted at 
law or otherwise, to recorer tbe debt se- 
enred by said mortgage, or any sert these- 
ot ■-■ 

i NOW, THBREFOBB. Notke Is beteby 
giren. that by Tlrtne of the Power of Bale 
contained in said inortgage and pursuant 
to the statute in soehcase made and pro- 
vided, the saidlmortgage.wm be foreektaed 
by a sate ot ; the pr^nlses described in 
and corered by said mortgage, tIb: 
\ Tbe Northwest Quarter (NWK) of Sec- 
tion Thirty-fonr" (M>; In Township One 
Hundred- Piftyrthree (US) North, of Bange 
Thirty-nine (39) West of the Plflh prlnd- 
ipzl Meridian,! according to the United 
States goTemmrat surrey thereof and con- 
taining Itn seres ot land more or less. In 
Pennington County and State <of Minnesota. 
[ Which sate will be made by the Sheriff 
t)f said Pennington County, at the Front 
Door ot the County Court Hojise at Thief 

Miutcace FereclosBre Sale Notlse. 
Whereas d^ault has ' been made in the 
conditions of a certain Mortgage executed 
and dellrered by Serert O. Prestegoard 
a£a Ellen B. Prestegoard. his wife. Mort- 
gagors, to (3tisens SUte Bank ot Thief 
Hirer Falls. tL corporation. Mortgagee, 
dated Norembe^ 18, 1918, and with a power 
of sate therein contained, duly recorded 
in the offi ce of 'the- Begister of Deeds in 
and for the county of Pennington and 
state of Minnesota, on June 5, 1319, aril 
o'clock A. M., in Book 61 of Mortgages, on 
page 391; and, Wh[:rea&, snch default ron- 
sists in the foilure of said Mortgagors to 
pay the principal sum of said Mortgage I 
to-wit, $COO.OQ and Interest irom NoTeml>er 
20, 1320, and, further, in the failure of 
said Mortgagors to pay the sum of $T2JXI 
interest upon a prior mortgage in the 
principal sum of $1200.00 upon and corer- 
ing the premises hereinafter described, 
which interest became due and payable 
ijpon such prior moitgage on Korember 
lAi, 1S22; and, whereas, said Mortgagee did 
on Norember 20, 1022, pay such Interest due 
as aforesaid on such prior Mortgage; and. 
Whereas, there is now claimed to be due, 
and is doe on said Mortgage, at the date 
ot this Notice, inclusive of such interest 
on said prior Mortgage paid by the mort- 
gagee, with interest thereon as prorlded 
in said Mortgage, the total sum of ^^44.00. 
and no action or proceeding having been 
Instituted at law, or otherwise, to recorer 
the debt secured by said Mortgage or any 
part thereof. 

HEREBY GIVEN. That by rirtue ot the 
power ot sate contained in said Mortgage, 
and pursuant to the statute In such case 
made and provided, the said -Mortgage will 
be foreclosed by a sate of the premises 
described in and conreyed by said Mort- 
gage, vis: 

The South half ot the Northeast quarter 
(SU NE^) of Section Seven (7) in town- 
ship one hundred fifty-three (153), North 
of Range Thirty-nine (39), west of - the 
fifth principal Meridian, conteining 80 
acres, more or less, according to the Gov- 
ernment survey thereof, in Pennington 
county, and stato of Minnesota, which sale 
will be made by the sheriff ot said county 
of Pennington at the main front i\noT of 
the Court House, In the city of Thief 
Biver Falls, in said county and stete. on 
the 2nd day of February, 1924. at 10 o'clock 
A. M., of that day. at pabHc ^-endue, to 
the highest bidder for cash, to pay said 
debt of $844.00, and interest thereon from 
the date hereof to ibe date of sale, at tbe 
rate of nine per cent per annum, and the 
taxes, if any^ on said premises, aud Twen- 
ty-fira doBus attoro'^y's fees, as stipulated 
in and by said Mortgage in case of fore- 
closure, and the-dlsbumethenta allowed by 
law. subject to redemption at any time 
within one year from the day ot sale, as 
provided by law. 
Dated December tl, 1923. 


Attorney for Mortgagee, 
Thl^ Birer PaBs, Minn. 



401 to 405 Kni^t Ave. N. 
Thief Hirer Falls, VTnn. 

Hospital & Office, 350. Ees, 488-J 

A. W. Swedenbnrg, Fh. G, SL D. 

-: Physdan and Snrgeoii 
Special attrition Ear, Eye, Nose 
and Throat md fitting of Glasses. 


Snpt. Hospital' and Anaesiiietics. 


EfB, Eai^ Nose and Thrrat 


' Sm^ery and Obstetrics 

Internal Uedidne and X-Ga7 


HBBEBI!! GIVEN. That by virtue of the _ 

power of: sate contained in said Mortgage, Birer FaBs, In aaU 'Cotiuty and State on 

fault h*s been made In the conditions 
of a mortgage executed by John S. Dlcken, 
and l i^n s Dicken, Us wlfo. Mortgagors, to 
M. V. Bvenson, Mortgagee, dated the IStb 
day of January, 191ft, and recorded In the 
office of the Begister of Deeds of Penning- 
ton County, Minnesota, on the ISth day 
of Jannary, - 3916, at 4 o'clock P. M.. in 
Book 12 ot Mortgages on Page 261 thereof; 
that such de&ult consists In tbe non-pay- 
immt, when due, of the principal an d In^ 
teiest for which said inortgage was given 
as security; that the amount claimed to be 
dne on said mortgage at this date, prlndpal 
and interest. Is Three Hundred Sbcty-tonr 
and 6S-1O0 DoBats (1384.08) ; th^ the prem- 
ises described in and corered by said 
mortgage ai« sltnated In Pennington 
C^onnty, Minnesota, and are described as 
foBowa, to-wit: Lot Pour (4) Block One 
(1), Z^*a Addition to Tbe Qty of TUet 
Btrer FaDi, Minnesota, according to the 
Plat tbeieot now on lite and ot reeord m 
tbe office of the Begister ot Deeds, In the 
Gonnty of P«inington. Stste of Mlnnewta; 
that by Tlrtne of tbe power of sate con- 
tained In mMM mortgage and pursuant to 
the Btatots-in wttA case made and provid- 
ed, said mortgage win be foreclosed by tbe 
•ate ot said prunises, at pnbUc vendue, to 
tbe highest bidder for cask, by the Sheriff 
of Pennington Connty. at the East front 
door of the Peaniftgton Gonnty Court 
House in the City of Thld River FaBs, in 
said County and State, on the 28th day of 
January, 1924. at 10 o'clock A. M„ of that 
day, to satisfy tbe amount then doe on 
said mortgage, together with the costs ot 
such sate and. Twenty-live DoBara (fSS.00) 
Attorney's feet, stipulated in ' said mort- 

Dated December IL 1923. 

Attorney for Mortgagee. 
Thief River PaBs, Minnesota. 
Dee. lS-l»-2B-Jan. 2-9-16. 



XjUiob Fnaitore CoapaBv 
niaf Btrer FaDi 




> MMmHHM I M »> MU 

Hj Empire Farms 

Capital $25,000 

an PRoreRTY 


; :! Btins You Boiiiiwi to Ui. W* ; 

' -InoBdaa ComtMtir andSIBcitBer 


!: 215 Main Ave. North 

Phone 443 
; : Thief River FaHs. Minnesota 



S>i,.f:;fe^a r^;jkiyi.i^j^^J;^aaa.&tf^ 








Finds True Friends and a 

Bright Future Here After 


Musician - Teacher | Makes 
Trip in Response to Let- 
ters of Countryman. 

In Vienna, Austria, one day several 
months ago, a letter came to an old 
lady. This letter came from Kratka 
in'~. Pennington county, Minnesota, 
America— the heart of that great 
country which is the land of promise 
to all Europeans. The letter describ- 
ed the country in detail, and dwelt 
particularly upon the latent culture of 
people residing there and which re- 
quired only the efforts of a teacher 
to bring it out, in the opinion of the 
writer of the letter. The writer also 
told of fabulous wealth which had 
been accumulated by others who had 
emigrated to this country. 

The kindly old lady in Vienna had 
a very .dear friend, an accredited teach- 
er in -several languages and graduate 
of a Vienna consei^'atory in piano. 
This young lady. Miss Hermine Exner, 
had often expressed a desire to go to 
the wonderful America to live. She 
had gone through the war as a nurse 
and the horror of it all had so im- 
pressed itself upon her mind that re- 
lief seemed possible only amid new 
surroundings. She wanted to be far 
removed from places which to her had 
come to mean broken arid limbless 
young bodies and wrecked lives. The 
young lady felt that by getting away 
from all this she could go on as a 
musician and teacher of languages, 
finally reaching the goal which had 
originally been her aim. 

The old lady replied to the' letter 
from Kratka, asking for_jjnore infor- 
mation concerning the country and the 
opportunities it held foi^petson with 
the qualifications possessed by the 
young lady in question. The reply 
stated that a teacher of French and 
piano, especially, would find a field 
worthy of her best efforts right in 
Kratka, The writer made it plain 
that he was in a position to assist the 
young lady in getting started and of- 
fered the use of his home! for studio 
purposes until she could ; make ar- 

Miss Exner was naturally much im- 
pressed upon reading the letter and 
saw the dream of her IBe coming true. 
Slie immediately 'set about the task 
of securing her passports and sailed 
«n the Majestic from Cherbourg, 
France, in November. The long jour- 
ney across the ocean, and the thou- 
sands of miles from New York to 
Kratka, were at last completed, and 
the young lady found herself in the 
land of her dieains. Life on the 
Kratka farm proved ^ deep disap- 
pointment to Miss Elner, however, 
and the future looked) anything but 
bright: She soon foumi that the rosy 
picture painted by the writer of the 
letter was immensely overdra\vn, and 
instead of the splendid opportunity 
-ivhich.she had been led to believe 
awaited her here she found nothing 
but a chance to take part in the ordi- 
nary mrnial duties connected with 
life on the farm. 

About five weeks ago John Cronk- 
hite of this city, went Kratka to look 
after a farm which he owns there, anu 
chanced to meet Miss Exner. She 
told him her story and the keen dis- 
appointment she was suffering. Mr. 
Cronkhite immediately took charge of 
the situation and .-t present Miss 
Exner is stayin.'r at the Cronkhite 
home, 20) Ma'rkley avenue south. Mrs. 
Cio.ikhlte has taken Miss Exner in 
hand ami is doing much; to improve 
the voung lady's position. The lat- 
ter is nov.' convinced that Minne.sota 
is not Fuch a bad place after all— in 
fact. she. thinks it really vronderful 
after having mado the acquaintance of 
real.'whoie-souled American people, j 

Mi^r. Exner, in spite of the keen clis- 
appointment suffered upon, her ar- 
rival in America, has nothing but 
praise for America and its- people, 
.^he states that she was treated won- 
derfully on board ship. . Ellis Hand 
. was vei-y much feared, as in Austria 
it i.-; called "ThD Cu„e.'' and many 
horrifying tales are told concerniilg 
toi'.dition"; thcre.'Howevcr, Miss Exner 
says she left the ship at 3;30 p.m. and 
by u o'clock the ^ame evening she had 
passed through the formalities re- 
quired at the island and was on her 
way to New York city. .Everything 
progressed with. the smoothness of a] 
nipchine and everyone was very kind ■ 
to her,..JIiss Exrior asserts. | 

Miss Exner speaks English fluently ■ 
- nnd pro-'^nectiye piano pupils need j 
have no fear they will not be ab^e to 
I'nder.itnnr' her. She is cvidentlv_ a 
very .well bred young ladv of high 
sncini standing in her native" country 
■ and v.'il' find a ready welrome in -the 
rncial circles of Thief River Falls. 
The Tribure wishes- 1<) extend a v«l-^^x 
come to the little stranger and f®ls- 
confident she will b; rcpcive.l \3th 
ki!id!|ricn(llinc.<* by the peo- 
ple of the city. 

New "Peptomisf." Club Is 
Sponsored by Methodists 
For Young Men's Benefit 

be said, is an Improved model of an 
optimist. iThe optimlrt says, "I be- 
lieve thatjcan be done." The "pep- 
tomist" says, "Why, certainly. 111 do 
it now." j -^ 

Andrew Bottelson was elected presi- 
dent, 'Thomas Chittick, vice-president, 
and Granir Barnard, secretary and 
treasurer. • Mr. Chittick heads a com- 
mittee in charge of refreshments. A 
large committee also is to. be appoint- 
ed to han41e entertainments. ' - 

The membership ot this club is not 
limited to .members of the church en- 
tirely, but: is to include men and boys 
over 15 years of age who are "inter- 
ested in the Methodist church" and 
are accepted by a committee and a 
majority vote of the members. It is 
intended that) the membership require- 
ments shall be liberally interpreted by 
the committee. 

Meetings have been set for the first 
and third Wednesdays of each month, 
at 8 p.m. All meetings will be held 
at the church. The neirt meeting, to 
be held January 16, will be of interest 

to very many as a fine progg^i 
big luncheon are Ijeing .planrir 
out and get acquainted. 


Decide to Stand Solidly Balk 
of Their Own Co-opera-- 


tiye Creameries. 

eeting Goes on RecoM; as 
Favoring Conlter Plan for 

be aato;natic8ll]^ ledaced. The, Caul-, 
ter plan, 'h{>weTer, does not. contejp; 

plate eliminatine; wheat. .l.IncreaBed Ui 


'Why Worry?", Neys: Com 
edy Said to Be Most Spec- 
tacular Produced. 

The hills around Culver City re- 
sounded with the infuriated firing .of 
more than a thousand Mexicans ar- 
rayed in rival fighting units. The 
booming pf cannons made natives 
tremble, in fear of .earth shocks. In- 
coherent commands were hurled in ev- 
ery direction by excited generals. 

It might have been a great dra- 
matic spectacle in the making for the, 
mbvfes, yet it was all being done in 
the spirit 'of fun — the spirit that per- 
meates Harold Lloyd's greatest Pathe 
comedy, "Why Worry?" 

It was for this newest of Lloyd 
laugh shocks that these awesome 
scenes were being enacted. Men fell 
right and left hit by cannon shots, but 
they escaped uninjured — ^the "shots" 
were only-cocoanutsi 

"Why Worry?" is by far the big- 
gest production ever made by Lloyd. 
The picture was produced on tiie most 
lavish scale. Big sets, big crowds, 
and big people — the biggest was John 
Aasen, ah army in himself, towering 
8 feet 9 and a quarter inches above 
the ground, weighing 460 pounds (ex- 
clusive of his shoes, which weighed 
twenty pounds a piece), and mth 
hands that resembled a couple of Ar- 
mour's pet hams. 

Aasen, who is making his screen de- 
but in "Why Worry" comes from 
North Dakota and *as seen in this 
city three years ago traveling with 
a carnival ^yhich played at the fair 
grounds and will be remembered by 
those who saw him then. 

As a special added attraction, the 
Princess management has booked .one 
of the season's best novelty thrillers, 
"Why Elephants Leave Home," with 
the greatest alUstar cast of elephants 
ever assembled, including Billigaman- 
na, the world's largest .elephant. 

This exceptional program will be 
shown at the Princess theatre Sunday 
and Monday. ti 

TwdaJ^jWy V-important subjects , were 
brou^^tup at ttie Commercial /Club's 
ay luncheon. The first. Tiald to 
dft^l^h the Coulter plan for 'the re- 
^^ot the farmers of- Red River ;Val- 
r^ North Dakota, South Dakota' and 
llSil^ontana. This bill is now before 
' ^!Boiigres&,.and is favored by those who 
realL^e that future welfare of this 
northern country hinges upon diver:- 
sified farming. ■ Thirty-three of i the 
sixty farmers present -signed a reso- 
lutionin favor of the bill, but as many_ 
of those present came in too late to 
hear the explanation of the billi the 
per centage of signers dofes not fully 
indicate rural sentiment in the: bill. 

The Coulter scheme is for a $50,000,- 
000 fund to be advanced by the; gov- 
ernment and from this, loans up to 
?1,0D0 will be available to each farmer 
or tenant irrespective of present in- 
debtedness. It must be shown \ that 
the farmer or tenant is worthy and 
that he can provide adequate shelter 
and feed for the livestock ao I pur- 
chased. Forfeiture of the livestock 
will follow failure to provide neces- 
sary shelter and feed. The loan is to 
be made to those who desire to diver- 
sify but who are unable to finance the 
change. The rate of interest is to. be 
not more than six Tier cent and the 
loan may run from three to five years,^ 
This loan is to be made for three; pur- 

One: To secure foundation herds of 
livestock for farmers who have 
(This does not necessarily mean! that 
pure blood stock alone is to be bought> 
but solid, good animals that will grade 
up high as to type; something ; that 
mil be a good g^roundwork for what- 
ever the farmer wishes to-go in for, 
whether it be dairy or ■ beef cattle, 
hogs, mutton sheep, sheep noted for 
their wool, or sheep noted ; for 'both 
qualities, or poultry, either; for eggs 
or for the. market.) ' ' : _ 

Two: To replace scrub stock |with 
higher grade animals that will return 
a profit. 

Three: To enlarge herds containing 
only a few good animals, enabling the 
farmer to produce milk, or meat^ poul- 
try and eggs for the marjcet. ; '-^ 

Alfalfa, sweet clover, com and oth- 
er feed crops will be needed for 'live- 
stock. Wheat acreage 'therefore^v?ill 

leTnoon was epent in needlework and 
m a jBocial way. At four o'clock a de- 

fertili^ an^ elinjinatipiridf weeds re^ 
suiting from rotation will increase the 
wheat lyields per acre and thus reduce 
the cost of production greatly. Thus, 
In diversification, where one article 
produced may not yield as touch as 
expected th|ere will be other things 
to fall back on and the farmer will 
be a gainer by a great deal. 

The'otheri subject brought up at the 
luncheon was the co-operative cream- 
ery, and thej loyalty the farmer should 
show toward his local cream and but- 
terfat market. 

It. is a well known fact that certain 
centralizersihave lately been reaching 
out into all sections of the counti-y, 
and by establishing depots and offer- 
ing exorbitant prices for cream and 
buttertat have drawn the farmer, 
trade away from the local creamery. 
They are able to offer more in that 
particular section because they are big 
concerns with much wealth back of 
them and they are willing to stand a 
temporary loss to gain an end. The 
end is this: When they have drawn 
the farmer trade away from the local 
creamery for a certain length of time 
that creamery will cease to exist. The 
centralized, creamery is thus left alone 
in the field and immediately lets the 
ifermers know the fact by refusing to 
buy cream iand butterfat for anything 
near the market price and the farmer, 
who began by selfcig his dairy pro- 
ducts^for more than the known mar- 
ket price ends by either selling noth- 
ing at all [or almost giving it away. 
It .was brought out at the meeting 
that if the farmers would band tp- 
gether and promise to stick by their 
local creameries for a period of five 
years this centralized menace would 
be under control and the farmer would 
have nothing to fear in the way of 
prices forilus dairy products. How- 
ever, j if the centralized creamery Is 
allowed tO: run its own course, the re- 
sult will necessarily be the failure 
of the local creameries and the figure 
of the fanner to realize anything on 
the very things that are and should be 
the staple' products of this northern 

Marketing contracts were frfeely 
signed . at !the meeting and farmers 
here evidently are not disposed to 
give : cenfaalizers much encourage- 

luncheon was served by the 
^ lea; a wonderful wieddlhg cake, rie- 
ptcHie with ornate icing and 25 candles 
fonning. the center of: attraction. This 
h»i^eh made and presented by Mrs. 
Gaian^Wwd. . ■-* 

Jmeiv the luncheon, in behalf of 
thoft-present, Mrs. Bemhard Knud- 
sen/^th a giadous little speech, pre- 
sented the guests of honor with a 
beautiful set of silver. 

Those present were: Mr, and Mrs. 
P. J. Jacobson, the guests of honor; 
Mrs. Olaf Johnson of Lake Park; Mrs. 
E. J. Rustad, Mrs. K, E, Dahi; Mrs. 
E. M. Bennes, Mrs. Ben Erickson, Mrs. 
■^ ^- 

Bertha Lonson/M^. Mildcetsoiu Mrs.- 
Ed. Haraldson, Mrs, Carl Ericksonj 
Mrs; Lars- Erickson, ITrs. Rev. Criio. 
Larson, Mrs. Garzie Kl^p> Mrs. iL. 
Savigi Mrs; J. Hermanson, Mrs; Gas- 
ton Wai^, Mrs. Ed. Peterson, Mrs. L. 
Rasmusen, Mrs, Sigrad Myrom, Mre. 
H. LokenjJMrs. Carl Angell, Mrs. R. 
H; FosB, Mrs. 6. Enutson,- Miss J. Nel- 
son,- Mrs. C. C. Gulrdd.^Mrs. M.-Er- 
enson, Mrs. C. L. Peteraon and -MrB. 
A. Risberg. - ., 

sum of money. ■■Owner may have 
same by proving property and paying 
for this advertisement. Call at Trib- 
une office. -43 

t*t*4 Mr i ♦»*♦♦♦»♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦***♦♦ » *»»>***« »M m ** *** ■ * 

H, J. Hoiden ]=■ 

423 Duluth Avenge '^.. 

Twenty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary. 

.: Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Jacobson were 
pleasantly] surprised by a number of 
ladies at their home on Arnold avenue 
Tuesday afternoon in honor of their 
25th wedding anniversary. The af- 

Don't forget^ the Auction 
Sale of Household Goods and 
Furnitiir^ at the Sundahl 
garage |at 1 p. m., Friday, of 
this week. 




With an all-star cast including Mary Carr, Faire | 


Binney and William Collier, Jr. t < '.!- 

A. Smashing Romance of the Mail Service. 

Added Attraction 


: : The most thrilling motion picture ever made show- 

:: ing close-up encoimters with. savages and wild ani- ^ 

nials of darkest Africa. 

Richard Bai-thelmess 

— ^in — • "^' 

The love-log of a" fishing skipper arid a "^ 
— and — '., 
George O'HSra. ' 
-in- _/ 
"ROUND THREE" of Fighting Blood 
Matinee Saturday 2:30 
10c and 20c 


Harold Lloyd 

< — in — 


. Added Attraction 


A Sensational! Thi-illmg! Two reel novelty feature. 
Matinee Sunday 2 :30 

4 » t H H < rr H » ♦ » H ♦ t M M M M > M M M M M M n M M n M M 


i ■: 

- i-i-*-i H M M M'M M » M M H M M M M H ♦ M M M t » t H t y ♦ ^ 

Second Week of Our 

January Clearance 
: Sale 


Reduced to ' 
$1§.75— $19.75-$22.5a-$27.50 

This Bank Is Bigger and 
Stronger Tha/i Ever 

This bank takes considerable pride in .the excellent showing it is able to make 
at this time. In spite of general conditions which have made it extremely dif- / 
ficult for banking institutions in all parts of the eountiy to operate success- 
fully, The Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Thief River Falls has been 
able to increase its business and in no imcertain degree add to its strength dur- 
ing the past few months. 

Tbe following condensed statement, issued at the beguming of the new ye^r, 
tells the story more forcefully than mere assertions. Study this statement 
carefully and you will be convinced that we speak the truth when we say that 
this bank is today bigger," better and stronger than ever before in its histoiy. 




■ ■ 


V ' f". ' 


1 . 







i • 


Values up to $35 


"The Peptomist Club ot the Metjlff 
dist Episcopal Church is the napue 
chcsen for Thief Ri\cr Fallp jiew'^;^ 
ganization ot men and boys The 
third 'and final orR-lnizition mectinB 
was held Wednesday January 2 and 
restiltetl in a permanent program to 
emnhasize the "^ocnl "ide of the Me'h 
odist church. A peptomist it flight J 




20 Per C?nt Off - 

Special at 89c 


'^^ Across Fiom Lambert'sBrug' Store 


SocieW ^ 



^00 a Year in Advanc&i 


First Meeting pf New Yiear 

Arranged for Purpose of 

Better Acquaintance.; 


Many Splendid Programs 

Planned for Remainder 

of Present Term. 

Taxicab Man Held Up and 
Robbed on Village Street 

According to a story related by 
August Carlson/ local taxlcab driver, 
he was held upland robbed of ?5 in 
cash on- the streets ol Rosewood last 
Saturday evening about M o'clock. He 
states that the robbers a&o searched 
his car but found nothing of value. 
Arrests are expected soon as Carlson 
claims to know I the identity of the 
guilty parties and has turned the case 
over to the authorities at Warren. 

The first meeting of the Parent- 
Teachers association for 1924 will be 
held on Monday evening, January 28, 
according to announcement made this 
week by Mrs. E. Arnold, president of 
the organization. The e-tecutive 
board of the association met last week 
and formulated plans for the meetings 
to be held during the remainder of the 
present school year. The first meet- 
ing is styled a get-together affair and 
the officers hope that it will provide an 
opportunity for parents and teachers' 
to become better acquainted. 

The regular date for the' first meet- 
ing after the holidays is February 4, 
but as this date was taken by theWo- 
man's club for Mr. Gams of the Mc- 
Phail school for a dramatic reading, it 
was decided to advance, the parent- 
teacher meeting to January 28. The 
board is co-operating with the - Wo- 
man's club and Community club and 
hopes to arrange for a lecture on the 
world court for either the March or 
April meeting. The general topic for 
one meeting ^vill be "What the parents 
e.\pect of the schools." The teachers 
outlined quite clearly at the November 
meeting at the Central school^ what 
they expect of the parents, and this 
program is planned in order to gi^e 
the parents an opportunity to air 
their views. 

The meeting in May will be arrang- 
ed by a committee of the association 
who participate in a membership 
drive. The present membership is to 
be divided into two sections with Mrs. 
E. 0. Mogensen as captain of one side 
and Mrs. E. J. Richards as captain 
of the other side. Each captain irill 
choose a committee to assist and to- 
gether with the present members will 
engage in a contest for new membera. 
The losing side will furnish the .pro- 
gram, entertainment and refreshments 
for the May meeting. 

Present officers of the association 
are: Mrs. R. Arnold, president; Morris 
Bye, first vice president; Ole R. Sande, 
second vice president; Miss Edna Lar- 

Breaks Arm in^^ctice. 
While practiding her physical ex- 
ercises for school. Miss Beatrice 
Holmes, the young daurfiter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Joe Holmes, who live near 
the roundhouse,' slipped and fell vio- 
lently on the floor, breaking her tight 
arm. A physician was immediately 
called and the arm was set^ Although 
the accident happened on Tuesday 
afternoon. Miss 'Beatrice is recovering 
rapidly and will resume her classes at 
the Lincoln, where she is a freshman. 


Low Water Level at Dani 

Causes Protest From Pri; 

ority Right Ownos. 



No Farther Action on Agj- 
^c^tments at Gottbidl | 
Mileting iast Night. . i 

That County Agent Will Re- 
main Andi her Year Now 

/' Ajpipears Certain.. 

;■'_■ ■ ' :• ■!■:;- . ■ :i^-.\: 

Sfoyenteint lUnder Way to 

CoHtperate in Caring for 

Finahbial Supimrt 




Rev. Sweger Tenders Resig- 
nation to Accept Offer 
With Pension Fund. 

Rev. T. E. Sweger of the Trinity^ 
Lutheran churcb,^ tendered his resig- 
nation at the annual meeting of the 
dongregation held on Tuesday. Rev. 
Sweger recently received .a call to 
work as representative in the Jlission 
of the Norwegian Lutheran Pension 
Fund. This Poision Fund is a benefit 
organization of the Lutherans for the 
reUel of agad[ pastors/ and is doing 
a great deal<o£ good work in.aU sec- 
tions of the country. A recent drive 
was put on to t^e a $2,000,000 fund 
for this puifpbse. Of this $570,000 
has been raised. 

When he is ■ put in charge of this 
work, Rev. Sweger will have the 
northern half of the state as his field 
and intends to < reside in Mooilieatj.. 
Rev. Sweger, however, \vill not leave 
the local churdi for some months as 
he desires to |ollow the confirmation 
class which began studying in Septem- 
ber. This class will be bonfirmed in 
Jvne-. Sometiine -during the early 
spring months; or before,* he expects 
to take a six weeks leave and will' put 
in tMs time preparing the field of his 
new endeavor3.| 

The Trinity; congregation is sorry 
I to lose the pastor, and yet it is very 
j glad that such^ an honor is ^ven Rev. 
; Sweger. The 'pastor is very much 

Oscar Paulson was the only absen< 
tee when the ci^ ;elerk called the roll 
at the adjourned meeting gf- the city 
council last nightl and in Ida. absence 
the city fathers decided that it was 
best to defer actij)n relative tb filling 
the vacancies in city '^offices T^ over 
from the meeting! the week previous, 
these vacancies being those of asses- 
sor, attorney, physician and -^health 
oflBcer and matronlof the poor farm.} 

The meeting lasted only an hoUr, 
most of tiie tmie being taken up with 
a discussion of a formal notice from 
Hansgn & Barzen company advising 
the city council that the city woijjld 
not be allowed longer to take watpr 
from the dam if the present low stage 
of water continues,' as . there is ^t 
sufflcinit to properiy operate the fl<»ar 
mill," which has prior water riglp? 
from the owners of the dam. Steps 
looking toward economy . in the i^ 
of city lights will be taken at once 
to conserve fie supply of water. 

"The annual report'of the cemetery 
commission was received and ordered 
filed, while the city clerk was authorr 
ized to send the'pltms and* specifica-- 
tions of the paying . to the engineer 
who was .in charge, this. step being 
necessary to furnish the State High- 
way commission with a copy thereof 
before the city can . be re-imbursed 
for the center 18 feet of the paving 
on Main avenue, which .strip is to be 
taken over by that body, it having 
been found to . measure .up to the re- 
quired standard. 



'^ecotmty agent situation in Pen- 
nington cdunt^ lis: still somewhat up 
in tiie air;' but^^tUdse interested in the 
subject feel cbnjadent that something 
can be-done'whelreby the county agent 
and -.agricultural extension work can 
be continued, j ■ . 
'_The present plan' calls for the co- 
operative effort] of the Commercial 
club, busijiess uiterests of the city, 
progressive. farmers and others, 
carrying the expense incident to the 
extension 'work,' and with the state 
appropriation which can be secured 
by co-ordinating with the extension 
division of ^he university, there is lii^ 
tk doubt but -what the necessary mon- 
ey-can be- raised by the element fav- 
oring the retention of the county 
agent. I ' ' ' 

It is intended to make the work of 
the -department beneficial only to 
those whd-^vor^it and support it, as 
it is- felt that if public support is not 
forthcoming from the county at large 
through an tappropriatioh * froih the 
county treasury! the taxpayers at large 
arie not entitled to special considera- 
tion fromr the county agent's office. 
Th^re ard enough farmers in toe coun- 
ty who realize jthe value of a county 
agent to make the undertakmg a suc- 
cess, it is asserted by those in posi- 
tion to know. 

. Obi next week's issue The Tribune 
hopes to. be 'able to annoimce that all 
difficulties \have been ironed out and 
that County Agent J. J. McCann will 
remain in Thief River Falls for anoth- 
er year tb carry on^ the work he has 
conducted in such an able manner dur- 
ing the past few 'years. 

Sons of Norway Sponsor 
Another Party on Friday 

The Sons of ;Norway lodge is plan- 
ning anotlier "good time" party to bo 
giv^n at the lodge hall next Friday 
evening. A splendid program is be- 
ing prepared, there will be plenty of 
eats, and bll who care to dance will 
be given ^° opportunity to engage 
in this pastime. Old time dances will 
be featured and good music has been 
arranged for. Members of the lodge 
and tiieir friends are invited to be 
present. ' 

. - .•,.: - Life Iiumncf Paid. . 

E.- il; Bennes yesterday went to. 
Newl^den,. where he delivered to 
lJ^.'3lieodaie Lof gren a check for 
$2,000 in settlement for a policy held 
by her husband, who died in December 
at the Oakland Park sanatorium. The 
life insurance was carried in the Lin- 
coln National for which Mr. Bennes 
is the general a'gent, and the prompt- 
ness with*which the company settled 
the Lofgren claim is commendable. 



1924 Program Mapped; Out 
at Statewide I$^i|]^, 
HteldatStEalo;'^ / 

Mttr&eting On Cpmmo^ty; 
^^is R^^eives Approy^ 
; i ofOrganizatiOT.- ^ 

Local Department Store to 

Occupy Fine Building on 

Main and Third. 

son, secretary; Mrs. J. H. Hermanson, ' liked by all the members, and his 
treasurer. A complete program for years of this community have 
the meeting of January 28 will be resulted in the steady gro\yth of the 
printed in ne.xt weed's issue of Tliej Trinity organization. 

Tribune. —TT. T TT ,■ 

■> - f Woman s -Auxtliarv .Meeting. 

The Woman's Au-:iU:u-y of the 

Tiinity Lutheran Church 

Gives Evidence of,Satis- 

factoi-y Growth. 

At the annual meeting of the Trin- 
ity Lutheran church on Tuesday, Jan- 
uary 15, the following officers were 
elected for the ensuing year: Prcsi- 

American Legion will hold its next ' dent of the congregation, Kev. T.E. 

regular meeting on Tueijrlay, January 'Sweger; vice-president, I. T. Sinile> ; 

£2. at G p. m. ImpoiC'j'.tt busint'ss is : secretary, Lars Backe; treasureri^Carl 

to be transacted and ail members areiB. Larson; trustees elected,' Lais 

requested to be present. 

j Transportation Co. Changes Schedule. 

• . The old scliedule of the Triangle 

t« « m ri J. [Transportation company has been 

Kathleen, the Town Sweet- ; changed, andi-people contemplatmg 

trips to Cropkston should bear in mind 

Backe, A. 0. Buringrud and C. M 
Carlson. The new trustees and 0; F. 


: I ■ ' ' 

Two Thief i River Falls C 
zensjM^e Donations to 
Public Treasury. 

H. E. Nelson, manager of the Thief 
River Palls store of the J. C. Penney 
company, informed The Tribune this 
afternoon that his company has leased 
the C. M. Evenson building on the 
comer of Main avenue and . Third 
street^ and expects td-occupy the new 
quarters about March . 1. The store 
is at present located in the'Dobner- 
Meehan block on the comer of Main 
avenue and Second st^t. 

It is understood that the lease calls 
for extensive changes and improve- 
ments in the building, among the 
changes being a new brick wall on the 
Main avenue side instead of the large 
plate glass display window now doing 
duty tiiere. Numerous changes in the 
interior also are planned, including 
a complete repainting and renovation 
from cellar to garret. 

Tliis building has been vacant since 
the removal of the Loken stock to 
Madison, Wis., about a year ago, and 
The Tribune is pleased to know that 
this very desirable location is soon to 
be occupied by a concern which can 
make good use of it. 

Old Officers Re-EIected . 
at Annual Meetings Held" 
- by Bpaiidng Institutions 

Mellby, H. S. Dahlen, Jorgeu Eide, ! ^ere charged ; with being drunk and 

heart. Is Here. Do You 
Know Her? 

Have you heard of "Kathleen?" If* 
not, just ask some child you meet, or 
the next grownup, and you will be told 
about her with so much enthusiasm 
that you will have to run in self-de- 

The Girls' Community club has been 
ableUo secure "Kathleen" for the 29th 
of this month at the auditorium, 

that the first^bus leaves- this city at 
8 a.m., and the second one at 1:30 p.m. 

Tribune Publisher Chosen 
as Speaker for Series of 
Agricultural Gatherings 

J. S. Ameson, publisher of the 
Thief River ;Falls Tribune, has ac- 
cepted an oifer to appear as one of the 
, speakers to take part in a series of 
^** i farmers' institutes to be conducted in 
prepare to enjoy that evemng niorejyarious sections of the Northwest this 
than any other in the month. winter underithe auspices of the ^u- 

One hundred Thief River Falls peo- ! jgau of Public Relations of the Great 

~ J. A. Ralston, operating a barber 
shop on LaB^ avenue; paid a fine 
of $25, and Thos. L. Gargrave deposit- 
bd $10 to thei credit of the city last 
Friday after d hearing before Muni- 
cipal . Judge N. W. Tarrant. Both 

pie began rehearsals Tuesday under 
a director from the John B. Rogers 
Producing company of Fostoria, Ohio, 
and with their enthusiasm and pep are 
going to make a wonderful success 
of tms clever comedy. What with 
snappy songs, dainty dances, pretty 
costumes and fascinating girls, this 
■is going to be the hit of the season. 

The plot is laid in Flynnville, Mass.; 
a viDage of 200, which, wjth its inhaV 
itants, is under the rule of Michael 
Flynn, the wealthiest citizen. But af- 
ter much trouble and many funny in- 
stances, everything turns out as ev- 
eryone wishes and they al! live hap- 
py ever srfterwards. 

Tickets are on sale now by members 
of the club and the cast. All your 
friends will be there so don't miss 
this sensational hit. 

Attends Convention, 
C. D. Gustafson, junior member of 
the C. Gustafson & Son, implement 
dealers, returned Saturday morning 
from Minneapolis, where he had been 
in attendance for a few days at the 
annual .convention of the Minnesota 
Implement Dealers association. Nine 
hundred of the 1,100 members of the 
association were present at the con- 
vention. According to reports given 
by the delegates, conditions: in this 
■ section compare favorably with other, 
parts of the state, and many districts 
are much more affected by the pres- 

Northem Railway. The schedule for 
these meetings has not yet been ar- 
ranged but it is planned to begin the 
series shortly after the close of the 
Crookston Winter Shows. . 

From his knowledge of the country 
audits problems, gained through his 
connection with the Rural Credits Bu- 
reau, and because of his consistent 
boosting of .the.,. alfalfa ..-and, .sweet 
clover .program, ilr. Arneson'iS-'par^ 
ticularly fitted for the task of help- 
ing spread the gospel of better farm- 
ing. Among' other speakers will be 
D. E. Willard of the Great Northern, 
who spoke at a meeting held in Thief 
River Falls.a short time ago and who 
is well known to many people in Pen- 
nington county. 

Pennington County Auto 
^ Qub Meets January 22 

Olaf Tessum, Carl B.- Larson,, and J 
J. Weeks form the new board of di- 
rectors. On the board of deacon^j are: 
E, A, Mostue, I. T. Siniley, N. J. An- 
derson, A. G. Loftness and John J. 
Aga, Mrs. Ottis Dokken was elected 
superintendent of the Sunday school. 
The ushers are: -J. O- Sether, chief; 
C."^. Carlson, assistant; Edwin Tes- 
suro^j^John Sether, John Gullingsrud 
and/Robert Eriiikson. 

It was stated at the business meet- 
ing that the financial affairs of the 
church are very satisfactory. At the 
conclusion of the meeting, Rev. T. E. 
Sweger tendered his resignation. ,The 
congregation voted to leave the call- 
ing of a new minister in the hands of 
the board of deat^ons and board- of 
trustees. The following resolution 
was adopted: 

Our minister. Rev. T. E. Sweger, 
having tendered his resignation^ at 
minister -to our congregation and ac- 
cepted a call to work'for the Mission 
of the Norwegian Lutheran Pension 
Fimd; Therefore, with thanks tbiGod 
for the faithful services we have re- 
ceived from Rev. T. E. Sweger during 
the yeaw he has been with us minis- 
tering to our sjpiritual needs andjcon- 
sidenng.that he is to step into a|big- 
ger ^Id of activity fot the good of 
the ^^heran churdi; Be it resolved, 
that Rev. Sweger's resignation be ac- 
cepter, ivith Uie xmderstauding tha* 
his resignation goes into effect June 
1, 1924, and that Rev. T. E. Sweger, 
for the purpose of opening the work 
in his new field, be permitted to take 
six weeks vacation, at such time or 
times as he himself chooses between 
this date and June 1, 1924." 

The annual meeting of the Penning- 
ton County lAutomobile club will be 
held on Tuesday, January 22, 1924, at 
the Commerical club rooms. Seven 
o'clock sharp has been set as the time 
for the sesMon. All member^ of the 
club are urged to be present at the 
time as a la(rge number of important 
matters are; slated to come up for 
consideration! among other matters 
meeting are the 

disorderly." Sheriff Ole L. Ihle and 
Night Patrolman E. L, Krogstad made 
the arrets aliout two o'clock' Friday 
morning^ j. 

Accordmg to the officials, this is 
about the way it happened: Shortly 
after midnight, .while "the night pa- 
trolman ;was attending to the furnace 
in the auditorium, -Gargrave rushed 
in and demanded the platrolman's gun, 
and also demanded that "Krogstad go 
with him, because, as he put it, "Rals- 
ton slapped m!e." Feeling that a lit- 
tle assistance in settling the matter 
might not come amiss, .the officer 
called on Sheriff Ihle for help. Be- 
fore the sheriff arrived, however, 
Krogstad ingeniously managed to get 
Ga^rave safely tucked away in the 
county jail without the latter appar- 
ently realizing what was about to 
happen.; I 

Krogstad met the sheriff near the 
Great Njorthern depot and the two 
started ; ' down town. Discovering 
Ralston' in the act of starting his car, 
they called tojhim to stop'but he paid 
no attrition to the command and 
headed for the East Side. The officers 
started i in pursuit and when about 
half a block -from the Ralston home 
they discovered the car stalled in the 
street, with lie driver vainly trying 
to get it nnder motion. Witmn a few 
minutes the bbdly overheated car was 
again ready tO'.go and the officers took 
Ralston to the lockup in his own auto- 
mobile.: ! , ' . 1 

Two Thief IVvcr Falls banks, the 
Fii-st end le- pio" Suite Bank and the 
Citizens S:;aie Ji:v.i\:. held their a'.i- 
nnr^l iinceiinfs f^'itij the j-sat week, 
whi!-3 the ~€etiug ci' the i''annev3 and 
Meithants State Bank will bo held o^ 
Friday. The fclloTving officers r.nd 
directors were chosen for the First 
and' Peoples, all being re-clectecl lo 
their positions with the exception of L. 
A. Hermanson, who was . advaiKcd 
from assistant cashier to cashier; F. 
P. Sheldon,- president; H. S. Dahlen 
and Math Barzen. vice presidents; and 
L. A. Hermanson, cashier. 

The following men were re-elects 
at the First National: C. L. Hanson, 
president; Rasnius Gen and .E. M. 
Bennes, vice presidents; Th'eo. M. 
lein, Vemer Nelson- and - Walter E. 
Smith, assistant cashiers. 

Co-operativo marketing of .farm- 
products was unanimously approved 
andimade a part of the 1924 program 
of the Minnesota Farm 'Bureau: fed- 
eration, holding its ^fth annual con- 
vention, in the House chamber at the 
stat^ capitol in St. Paul, . Wednesday 
night. •!. ■: , 

i other important projects discussed 
at tte meeting and adopted as part 
of tnifl year's program of the organi- 
zatmn included: -■■'':' 

Approval of a movement- to create 
a^ t&x on gasoline used for transporta- 
tioij purposes, the revenue obtained to 
bejUfeed for road mafntftrnnri*. . 
Opposition to a general sales taa^ 
Equit^Ie and adequate taxation 
and supervision of truck and bus lines 
by ithe state. ■ ■ - 

Increased attoitioh. to the ^ f^m 
gaifden and orchard and substitulion 
of jhoine grown products for high , 
priced protein mill feeds. 
Readjustment of freight rates. 
"Hie meeting mas called to pass on 
the' report of the 1924 program com- 
mittee of the organization,, which sub- 
mitted a lengthy report touchine on 
agricultiiral development, marketing^ 
traiasportation, taxation, education, 
national legislation and farm labor 

'The section of the report relating 
to to-operative marketing was adopt- 
ed without a dissenting vote, as fol- ' 

j" "The co-operative marketing of 

' farm- products on a commodity 

i)asis, as demontsrated by the 

] most successful co-operatives of 

recent formation have fully shown 

;heir usefulness as marketing of- 

i ganizations and, therefore, are 

.recommended as the best known 

;ypes of farmers' marketing agen- 


"The aim of co-operative market- 
ng is orderly merchandising of . 
my commodity to meet the mar- 
ket requirements, instead of in- 
lividual dumping. 
"Successful merchandising 
farm products depends ont 
"First: A definite contract 
membership agreement. 
"Second : Proper assembling, 
orting, grading, packing and 
ivarelic using. 

(Cmtinued on last page.) 

Olaf Neset Brings Home - 
Bacon From Poultry Show 
at Mahnomen During Week 


Oen Mercantile Company 
Makes Big Mprovements 

coming before the 
o.c .,1.,^.. ...«»= oiiov^ivi „, ...^ H--- .election of ffficers and choosing del- 
ent period of depression amoni; fann- egates to tlie annual convention of the 
ers than is the Eed River Valley. I state association. 

Mrs. Stewart Very HI. 
Mrs. Anna Kretzschmar was called 
to Detroit on Sunday because. of the 
serious illness of her daughter, Mrs. 
Charles Stewart. Mrs. Stewart .visit- 
ed her mother's home in this city a 
week' ago and' apparently was in ex- 
cellent health at the time. It will Be 
remembered that Mr. and' Mrs. Ste-; 
wart are, former residents of this city. 
Mr. Stewart was a train 'dispatcher 
for the Soo line during that .time. 
About two years afi:o they i"emoved 
to Detroit where Mr. Stewart is an 
operator on the same road. 


CoL R. H. Webb of Winnipeg 

Spends Three Days in 

Thief River FaM. 

Olaf Neset's Rhode Island Reds 
have been at it again, winning every- 
thing worth while at the show hel< 
last week at Mahnomen. Among the' 
prizes are third and fourth' cock, first, 
fourth and fifth hen, second hen of 
show, first,, second, fourth and seventh 
pullet, third and sixth cockerel, third 
pullet of show, best display of S. C. 
Rhode Island Reds and the best dis- 
play pf the show. 

A 4umber of local poultrymen, in- 
cluding Mr. Neset, Dr. O. F. Mellby, 
S. D. Gustafson, H. L. Schuster and 
L. A. 'Westphal, are sending exhibits; 
to the'BeniidJt poultry show, whidii 
is now in session. A delegation isi 
being formed to visit the show on Fri- 
day. , ■ 

Second Semester of Year 
Begins in Local Schools 
Next Monday, January 21 

The interior of the Oen Mercan- 
tile company's store h'as undergone -a 
considerable change dvring the past 
week or two; with the intention of in- 
creasing the toplay room of several 
departments and making things more 
convenient.ini generaL 

'When the Work ' incident to the 
changes has^n completed, this con-i 
cern will have one of >the. best and; 

most convenient displayiarrangements, 
to be found'iii this section of the state.! 
The- space occupied by this- store is; 
the largest ik town but every avail- 
able in& of it is 7>ut to good use. 

The first half of the school yeards 
finished this week and next Monday 
sees the beginning of the second se- 
mester. Some important changes] in 
the educational establishment will {be 
made at this time, among them being 
the promotion of about 80 pupils ttom 
the eighth grade to the nigh school. 

All children becoming six years I of 
age on or. before March 24 shojild 
start school next Monday and must 
present themselves for; admittance be- 
fore two weeks have elapsed or they 
cannot be enrolled until the opening 

" Parents of eligible 

in mind. 


Thief River Falls had an illustrious 
visitor last week when Colonel R. H. 
Webb of Winnipeg stopped here for 
three days Col. Webb is manager of 
tlie Mai'^Hjrough hotel in Winnipeg, 
ajhotel wnerenone but ex-service men 
are employed. The colonel is a veter- 
aii of tile World War and was in the 
thick of the fight from the very early 
days' in 1914. He lost a limb under 
very dramatic circumstances. during a 
battle around Ypres, Belgium; and at 
another time spent a period 'of about 
nine days 'in a hotly contested area 
without food or water. When found, 
after the allies'had driven the enemy 
back, he was so neariy d&d that Ilia 
recovery was a miracle. However, it 
was not long before he was back in 
the regiment. 

: Before his arrival here, CoL Webb 
had attended the convention of North. ' 
Dakota restaurant and hotelmto held 
at Grand Forks. On Thursday he 
^ke here at the Commercial club 
luncheon, his subject h^itogicorbpera- 
tion between the ditferent ;{owns in 
Northern Minnesota, the lo{^cal new 
tourist playground^ -vfith W^mipeg in 
drawing the attenHc^'fflf "the tourist 
traffic Thursday 'evening ie enter- 
tained the local Legion - post with 
stories of his first France. He 
also made a few remsaks on the ad- 
visability of holding thci 4925 Legion 
convention of Minnesota in this dty. 
He appeared very much interested in ' 
this subject. 

; 'While in this city, Col. Webb w^ 
the guest of Julien Provencher of the 
Evelyn hotel; who gave a banquet in . 
his honor Friday night with 15 local 
business men as guests. Saturday af- 
ternoon Col. Webb left for'Winmpeg. 
He semed to .be. very much pleased 
.with his reception" in thi? city', 'and 
said that Thlrf River Falls is one of 

of Echooknext fail. _ _ 

children at« aske^ to beu this fact the strategic points in the motor traf- 
fic of -the Northwest. 

^JsM^^^^^iSeim asa^^sBs^ 




Mrs. Skatrud and children of St. 
Hilaire, spent Saturda^^ this city 
on a shopping tour. 

Misses Marie Blaska and Birdie 
Pierson left on Saturday for Crooks- 
ton for a week-end visit at the home 
of friends. 

Miss Esther Fricker, whose home is 
in St Hilaire, returned on Friday af- 
ternoon, from a sho.*t visit ar the Ver- 
ner Nelson home. 

Miss Clara Huot of Red Lake Falls 
visited between trains with her sister, 
Miss Helen Huot, who is employed in 
this city. 

Mrs. Oscar Ingersoil loft Thursday 
evening for her home in Austin, Minn., 
after visiting for a week at the home 
of relatives and friends. , . 

AIts. 0. Stafne, who hns been in 
this city receiving meitical iittentiori, 
i"ect'iitly, returned ro her home i;i 
Hanaford, N. D., on Friday. 

Mrs. 0. C. Hanson and son Orville 
left Thursday evening for Minneapolis 
where they will visit at the home of 
friends for a few days. 

Misses Ruth Overvold, Amanda 
Clementson, and Elida Clementson, all 
of this city, left on Friday for Grand 
Forks. The date of their return is un- 

On Saturday, the St. Hilaire baS' 
ketball team passes through this city 
on their way home from Roseau v;here 
a game had been played with that 
school. * 

Miss^Ada Olson returned home to 
Greenbush after having spent more 
than a year in this city. While ^ere 
she has been employed at various 

Miss Esther Bloomquist, who has 
been in town visiting for a few days 
with her sister, Miss Ella Bloomquist, 
left for her home in Grand Forks last 

Misses Julia Johnson and Inga 
Blockstead of Goodridge left this city 
on Saturday for Grand Forks, N. B., 
where they expect to be employed for 
some' time. 

Miss Mamie Votava returned from 
an extended visit in Minneapolis and 
St. Paul last week. While in Min- 
neapolis Miss Votava visited at the 
home of her sister. Miss Rose Votava. 
Mrs. George Wilson left on Sunday 
for her home in Minneapolis, after a 
three weeks visit at the home of Mr, 
and Mrs. A. Wilson in St. Hilaire and 
a short stay with friends in this 
citj'. . : 

Mrs. Gust Larson of Williams, Min- 
nesota, and Mrs. Sam Moore of Grace- 
ton, returned to their respective homes 
on Saturday, after having spent a few 
days at the home of their ^ter, Mrs. 
Emil Olson, who is very ill. 

Milton Schantzen, who has been a 
guest at the Fricker home in St. Hil- 
. aire for the past three weeks, left for 
his home in Dassel, Mini;., on Thurs- 
day evening. \\Tiile in the city he vis- 
ited for a short time at the Vomer 
Nelson home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Emil Eberhardt, who 
have been visiting at the home of Mr. 
and Mrs. Peter Eberhardt, 211 Atlan- 
tic avenue, left for their farm near 
Jelle recently. They were accompan- 
ied by Air. P. Eberhardt, who return- 
ed to his home here a few days later. 
Miss Marion Laurant returned to 
hor home in Grand Forks on Friday 
after spending two weeks in this city 
visiting. Miss Laurant arrived here 
on New Years Day and has been the 
guest of her friend, Miss Hilda Ness, 
at the E. H. Ness home on Hod Lake 

Nels Dahl left on Friday for Roseau 
where he -mil visit for a few days be- 
fore going on to Baudette where he 
intends to stay for a period of six 
weeks inspecting spruce timber lands 
along the Rainy river. Mr. Dahl re- 
cently arrived in this city from an ex- 
tended visit in Montevideo, Minn. 

Mrs, Edwin Evenson, who lives in 
Plummer, arrived in this city on 
Thursday evening as a result of a sud- 
den call from her daughter. Miss Dor- 
othy, who underwent an operation at 
one of the local hospitals in tliis city 
on Friday. The operation was very 
successful, and Mrs. Evenson returned 
to her home Friday 3Vening. 

Adolph Erickson and his brother, C. 
A. Erickson, ooth of .Jrj'jjla, left Fri- 
day afternoon for Lakota, N. D., where 
they will visit at the home of a sister 
and brother, Signe and Hildur Erick- 
son for an indefinite period Later on 
the brothers intend leaving for Wan- 
kegan, and Chicago, 111. Thej^ay be 
employed in one of the two cities. 

Mrs. Mary Christenson, who arrived 
in this city on Monday, January 7, 
to visit with friends, left on the flier 
Sunday for Minneapolis. She visited 
at the home of her sister, Mrs. O. 
Finberg, who lives just east of towp, 
and attended to business matters. She 
was prevented from visiting at the 
home of her other sister. Miss Carrie 
XJmess, except for a short while, be- 
cause of illness in the home. 

Julien Provencher, proprietor of the 
Evelyn hotel in this city, accompanied 
by Col. R. B. Webb, of the Marl- 
borough hotel, Winnipeg, visited over 
Wednesday in Crookston on their re- 
- turn from Grand Forks, where they 
had attended the North Dakota hotel 
men's convention.- -They traveled from 
Grand Forks to Crookston by car, ac- 
companied by R. E. Stensmd, who has 
the Frederick hotel in Grand Forks. 

Mrs. P. B. Moore, of Ulen, Minn., 
and Mrs. George McDonald, of Moor- 
head, Minn., have been visiting with 
their mother, Mrs. Fevig, who lives 
near this city. Mrs. Fevig had been 
very ill and Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Mc- 
Donald had been summoned home on 
New Years. However, Mrs. Fevig 
has recovered and her daughters left 
for Moorhead on Thursday. Mrs. 
Moore expects to visit at the -home 
of her sister for a time before pro 
ceeding on to her home in Ulen 

Mr. and Mrs, Nels Buringrud are 
the proud parents of:A baby ^1, bom 
to them at their home in Silverton. 

Clarence, Eye left this week for 
Grygla, where pe will be a guest of 
his brother, Henry for an indefinite 
time. i ■ , , 

Fred Herric]4 who :had been spmd- 
ing a few daysiin Glearbrook on busi- 
ness, letumed to his home in this city 
on Monday, j 

Mrs. StanleyJEfteland left on Tues- 
day afternoon for St. Hilaire for an 
extended visit let the home of her 
mother, Mrs.-Qscar Evensoii. , 

^rs. Clara ^olberg, who for two 
weeks was a guest of her cousin, Miss 
T. M. Kolberg', has retained to her 
home at Bisbee, N. D, 

Mrs. Bisberg, who has been a. visit- 
or at the R. Nyborg honie in this city 
for a few days, left for her home in 
Holt on Tuesday monUng. 

Gynther Te^um returned to his 
home here -on! Monday from a short 
trip to Oklee where he had been at- 
tending to business details. 

John T. Peteison of Goodridge spent 
the day in this' city before proceeding 
to Minneapolis' whei« he will attend 
to various business matters. 

S. 0. Nygaard of this' city visited 
with friends and relatives at Grygla 
last'week. Mr. Nygaard is a pioneer 
settler of Grygla. 

Mr, and, Mrs.^' John S. Joljnsdn re- 
tumed^.Iast , Friday inqrning ^: their 
home at:Hemiin'g,|eifteE a^ week's 'stay 
at the home.of,^eir-daughtersi'Mxs. 
E. O. Erickson, Mrs. Alfred Bredesbn 
and'also with Mrs. Uorris Ol^n whir 
isVery ilL Mrs. Morris Olson is from 
Brockeoii, Mont, and is here s&jdng 
at the home of her sister, Mrs^ Erick- 
son receiving medical attention.- 

Frank Carpenter spent severaUdays 
last week on business calls in Ddutti, 
Kdliher, Black Ituck and Bemidjl, re- 
turning to. his home in thiscity on 
Monday. Mr. C^ti^ter states that 
the weather man itr^tedTHief River 
Falls with more respect in regard to 
thei' amount of snow lie deposited here 
than in tiiie cities further east where 
Mr. CEu^iehter called. 

Miss Leayitt is. asking all those who 
wish to jain the new class in beginning 
basketing ;to come to the church ba§e- 
rdent formerly used by the Giris' Com- 
munity club, Ta^day,~JannBry 22, at 
7:80. This meetiiig is for enrollment, 
payment of duesj and for preliminary 
directions. Miss Leavitt will show 
how to begin the first basket. 

.Mr, and Mrs. Walter Hanson and 
little son Forrest arrived here last 
Wednesday -evening-frpm their home 
at Alvarado; to be guests for an in- 
definite -time' at .'.the 'home of Mrs. 
Hanson's ,.parents,..who reside, south- 
east of this city. .-^s.^Hanson is well 

thank Pastor Hj Strom- for Us sym- 
pathy in otirlosi^Ur. and Mrs. Hel: 
viu Peterson. 

Mrs. M. G. Anderson and ison, Ken- ^°'^J^})"?-,p^-?^ll'^<^'^- |^'- 
neth of St. Hilaire, showed and had •"» attradedtte^pijbhcv schools -bore 
some dental work done in this city b&- 2,* ™6 *^=- She i ,was formerly: Miss 
tween trains on Monday., , Esther Liden;' 

Frank Horesi* of Whitman, N. D., 

arrived in .this} city on Saturday eve- 
ning to visit for a week or two with 
his brother, Jiin Horesch. 

Mrs. J. N.' Nesse, who is a guest 
of her sister, ^t Detroit, Minn;, is ex- 
pected to return home this week. She 
left a week aero lastr Monday evening. 

Miss Margaret Dempsey left this 
city on Monday for Rmney River, 

. : Clara C. Berge. 
Eariy Sunday nioming, January 18, 
at her home, Crocker 'avenue, occurred 

where she expects to visit for an in- ae death of Clara C. Berge, the'be- 
definite time with her cousins, Mr. and loved wife of Thomas E. Berge. Death 
Mrs. A. P. Evans. , if^as caused by peniicious anemia from 

Frank Carpenter left for Goodridge which Mrs. Berge had been a sufferer 
on Wednesday- morning to attend to 'for many years. ' -.--;■ 

business matteb. He expects to re- 1 Clara C. Ringham Berge was boru 
turn on the evening train. - - at Lake Mills, Iowa, on June 26, 1889. 

Mrs. N. D. Armstrong returned last A few years later theNfamily moved 
Wednesday morning to her home at to North Dakota, living in the, town 
Hibbing after la two weeks' visit at ' of Haltoh.for; about ten years, when 
the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. they removed to Gryglai. There Mrs. 
John G. Fellman. ' :Berge -was brought u6 and II years 

Miss Ruth Anderson letumed Sun- >.«» »«n«iThomas B. Berge to ttis 
day from Haiel, where she visited :°ty- Smcetten she and her husband 
over the week end at the home of her,'"*™ '«^''«*™'*'; , , ,; 

parents, who reside near there. I ■f^^^^Z^^^J'^^l \^i ^ 

,, __- ; - . , , ii. , 1, (Sides her husband,-two small children, 

Horace PrughretMned here ttelat-'B^^^ 3^ g^ ^ ^^ years, aid 
ter part of lastweek from Red Lake q^ Edw^T^ seven. She also 
where he has be«i miployed for tie i^^^% ^^ ^^^^' j^^^ Both Ringham 
past several weeks, for an mdefimte „j Mand^, N. D., and four brothers, 
^**y- ! 'a. M. Ehigham of Buxton, N. d:; B. 

At their home on Sixth street west, G. Ringham of Woldville, Sask., Can.; 
a baby girl was bom to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ringhani of Chicago; and 
Ole G. Granum' on Thursday, January Adolph Rmgham, who was last"hear4 
10. Mother ^d daughter are doing of from Adams, N. D., All -except 
fine. i ithe last two mentioned will be pres- 

Miss Ethel Hagen, who has been at- ent at the funeral which-will be held 
tending high Mihool in this city, left from the Trinity Lutheran church, 
for her home outside of Holt oii Tues- Rev. Sweger officiatihg. The burial 
day. Miss Hagen was not sure of the will be in the Greenwood cemetery, 
date of her return. ' I •*♦ 

Miss Agnes J Odegaard'- arrived in ] ~~ ■ Peter O. Nelson, f 
this city on Saturday and spent the-- On January 11, occurred the death 
week-end at the home of P. E. Rier- of Peter 0. Nelson who was 66 years 
son. Miss Odegaard returned to her old. The aged man was bom in Swed- 
home in St. Hilaire on Monday after- en but had removed to this country 
noon's train. many years ago and has since made 

Reverend Brower and wife and their his jiving as a shoemaker. The fun- 
infant daughter re_tumed to their erai was held on Monday, January 14 
home in Mahiiomen, Sunday evening, from Larson's undertaking parlors, 
The baby was bom to Mrs. Brower and interment was made in Greenwood 
on Wednesday,' January 2, at the Phy- cemetery, 
sidans hospiteL "" j ^ **» 

Darby Anderson arrived on Sunday I - Wfllderaar Peterson. ... 

evening for an indefinite visit at the January 11, , in this city, occurred 
home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. the death of Waldemar . Peterson of 
J. Anderson. iDarby has been livhig tuberculosis. Mr. Peterson was born 
in St. Paul for some time prior to in Mayville, N. D., November 28, 1884, 
his arrivel here. ,'J, and had lived for the most part in 

Miss Gladys I Evenson; who is a stu- Plummer where he has a brother and 
dent at the Oak Grove Seminary at three sisters. He was smgle and 
Fargo, has returned to that place and spent most of his time at dredge work, 
resumed her duties, after a few weeks' The funeral was held Monday, -Jan. 
vacation at the home of her parents, 14< at Plummer. .. r-. 

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Evenson, residing *t* 

near Silvertonj | Arthur Harry Ahltsrom. ii 

Mrs. Ole Thune ""and son Russell' "Oil Sunday, January 13, Arthur 
spent a few days in town last week. Ahlstrom died, in this dty. Mr. Ahl- 
Mrs.,Thune arrived on Wednesday Strom was the son of Mr. and, Mrs. 
evening and returned to her home on Ole Ahlstrom who reside near here. 
Friday morning.' While in this city He had been employed as a stationary 
she had some jsewing done and visited engmeer at the ' sanatorium until he 
with Mrs. Peter Thune and daughter, was accidentally gassed. Smce that 
Miss Alma i time he has been 'an invalid. He was- 

Mrs^. Hermin Snyder, who visited fe™ January 30, 1893, at. Grove^ City, 
for a day at, the Hector Bergstrom ^;' f i***!.,?".^/',,''?'*, 7/ 
home of this city, returned to ha .^"^^^t ™'"'*'^' and 13 days old 
home in Red Lake FaUs on Tuesday '^e leaves to mourn Jus loss, his 

afternoon's train.' ' jPa^"'^' ^PF A","i="' . f?"? .*^°, 

,., .!„■, ■ -r, T, Sisters: Edwin, Adolph and Melvin of 

Arthur and I Hjalmer^ Bugge ,have this city, and Albert; of Grove City, 
recmtly returned , to Duluth where Minn.j Mamie aiid Maybelle of this 
'?a ^ employed, after a few weeks ^ty. jHrneral services wiU be held at 
st4J! here at the home of their par- thg Augustana church on Thursday 
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Christ Bugge. afternoon at 1 otclock. Rev; Albin 

Walter Jorgehson of Kenmare, N. Larson will officiate. - 

D., arrived in [this city on Monday for j Ole and Gotfrea Notdquist are ex- 
an indefinite yisit It will be remem- 'pected from New Bffington to attend 
bered that Walter was formerly em- tiie funeral, 
ployed here ill the express .office for j ••• , 

some time, i " | . Lyie Hafvin Peterson. 

Mastoid Miret Baker, the son of Mrs. I On Friday, the little son of Mr. and 
M. Baker of Chicago, left: on Monday Mrs. Melvin Peterson was token sud- 
evening for his home in that city. He denly ill, and in -spite of all that vms 
has been visiting for some, time at done to save him, he died the same 
the home of this grand parente, Mr. evening. Death : was caused from 
and Mrs. B. Baker at Goodridge. j pneumonia. ,- i 
• Mr. and Mrs. Ed.Nelsbn, who have! ThVladwas two years, rfx months 
been visiting in Minneapolis for some and four days .old-at the'time of his 
time, stepp«l! off in this city on Tues- death, which occurred at the home, pi 
day for a short stoy before continuing Us parente, on Horace avenue; 
on their way home. Mr. and Mrs. | The burial service w;as read at the 
Nelson live in Roosevelt, Minn. ihome of his grandparente, Mr. and 

„ • i „ , . ., ... .'Mrs. O.'B. Hall, and also in the Rin- 

Mrs. Severt Sholes and three chil- dahl church. Rev. M. Strom ofHciatint; 
dren, who were guests for several intennent was made^ in the Rindahl 
weeks at the home -of Mrs. -Shole's .^j^g^^py . , ', 

parents, Mr.' s^d. Mrs. Chas. Evenson-, He leaves to mourn his loss, his par- 
at Sdverton,! recently, return^ to ente.'-Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Peterson 
their home at Lancaster. Mrs, Sholes ^^ ^ gjgtg, Adeline La'Veme. • ' 
was formerljr Miss Cora Evenson and j : ..-,.■ ^ ,^ 

is a graduate of the local high school. Card otThanM. ; 

Mrs. i^eter .Thune visited in this I We -wish" to express our' most sin- 
city on Wednesday with 'Miss Alma cere thaiibs to 'our neltihbors and 
Thune. , Oni Friday morning:- Mrs. friehda, and especially Mr. and Mrs, 
Thune returned to herhom^ at Hazel. Percy Lamb, 1&. ,and.Mra; Jack An- 

Garl Anderson arrived In this city dersori, Mr. and Mrs; Nels Jnhnion 
from his home in Viking Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. Pi' N. Peterson and Mr 
visit at the home of his sister, Mrs and Mrs. O B Hall for the floweir 
Albert Enckson, for an mdefimte per- and the kindness and help in our re- 
lied, cent bereavement We also-^wisv it. 

Postal Employes .Give Party. 

Wednesday evening, the.poatsl, em? 
ployes aria their wives gave a party 
In the Legion hail. , Cards were played 
imtll: inldnight t when V refreshments 
were served by the ladies, after which 
dandng and soi^ singing ,were in- 
dulged iii until the.htimeward journey 
waaitaKeii; , Bcsfore the^caid playing 
began, and afteir luncheon had been 
sarv^, Hiss ffirmlne Exner gave 
several wonderfully' interpreted piano, 
transcriptions fiom the Ring op- 
eras of Richard Wagner. ' This was 
something, rather new to those pres- 
ent, and despite the fact that Wagner 
is rather ^'heavy stuff" for the average 
listener. Miss Exner was not allowed 
to leave the'piaiio until she had play- 
ed every piece she had brought with 
her.' ! , i 

•Golf Glub Party. 

The Golf chib [gave another of their 
successful - dancing partie.'i at the Sons 
of Norway hall JPriday evening.' 'The 
hours were pleasantly sp'ent nt cirds 
and dancing an^ at midnight a lunch- 
eon was served.] The decorations for 
the evening were ppinsettias and red 
candles; Jazz:was peddled to an early 
hour with i Earl EiBnger"^at the drurns 
and'FIarl -Erickson' at the piano, 
i 'I,... 
First Leap Year Dance. 

The U. 0. T. iiave the ' distinction 
of giving 'What' -is believed to be 'the 
first leap lyear dance in this vicinity. 

The affair, was held on. Saturday, 
January 13, and from .first to last the 
women led In everything pulled off. 
Instead of the women sitting around 
the room and^the men leaving for the 
loumrih g Voom s! at-the end of- every 
dance, the: men';-took-the, "come and 
get me" seats, iwhile the Women re^ 
tired to tHe hall^ to discuss the fickle- 
rtess of m'eii and affairs; of the heart. 
AH the d^ces jwere "ladies' choice," 
except one/but when one lone man >^as 
heard ^cussihg the'fact that he; felt 
weary and thought he wouldn't dance 
that one, it yta^ immediately" changed 
to "ladies; choice," and eierj man 
danced. ! ' -i 

Barl Effinger at' the drums and Barl 
Bridcson at the piano furnished the 
music, for whal^ was termed ' by ^ 
present as one :of the best affairs ox 
the Hnd ever put on. - 
.! ••• 
Christian Endeavor Meeting. 

The Intermediate Oiristian Endeav- 
or of the : Presbyterian church held 
their first business meeting of the 
year In the church lecture room on 
January 11. The officers for the en- 
suing year are: President, Dorothy^ 
Haney; vice president, Dorothy Sulli- 
van; treasurer,! Thomas Haney; sec- 
retary. Myrtle Hastad. Reports were 
given by ithe various committees. A 
duet was -sung' by Dorothy Sullivan 
arid Dorothy Haney, -accompanied' by 
Louise Roth, after whicli games, were 
played and refreshments served. 
■ i ***. 

Word has been received by friends 
of the Coyle fariiily, that the marri&ge. 
of Mrs. Albert : Coyle took place last 
month. Mrs. Albert Coyle and Harvey 
Lee- Gilsori were married at Fort Col- 

lins, Colo., Deoimber' 26th.: The cere^ 
mony took pltice at: the Presbyterian 
parsonage. Rev,, Livingstone offlciatr 
ing. After the ceremony! .Mr. and 
Mrs. Gilson left immediately for Den- 
ver -on a-short,honeymoonl .-■: 

■The bride is well known In this dty, 
having resided for a' number of years 
on; south of here, but moved to 
Loiigmont, Colo., in 192£ Mr. Gilson 
la a roaa contractor from'SorthPail, 
CoL - 

»•»■■ ■ 

I , ESirtiiday Fkity, 

Last Sunday ^temoon, iMrs. A. C. 
Hanson was guest of honor at a large 
surprise party, the occasioh being her 
70a' birthday ahnivienary-'Jlie party 
was held at the hoins of her daughter, 
MrSt, John- L. jUJagnusoii, ;522 Main 
avenue north. ''A pleasant afternoon 
tvas spent and at the dose, of the 
hours a delidpus luhdi -was served. A 
large cake topped with the appropriate 
number of bghted candles served as. 
thb centerpiece of the table. Mrs.Han- 
son. was presented; with a gift by'Rev, 
T. B. Sweger in behalf of her friends, 
to! show their love and esteem. Those 
invito were: Rev. and Mrs. T. E. 
Sweger, Mr. and Mrs. Q. Granum, Mr. 
arid Mrs. Olaf Tessum, Mr. and Mrs. 
Ed. Larson, Mesdames J. Clausen, S. 
A. Rustebalike, Dennis TjCSage, Del- 
man LeSage, G. Crown, A. Buringrud, 
I. 'Ostby, Gronnlng, Bernard Knuteon, 
S.i A. Hanson, A. Engen, J. J. Weeks, 
W. Sponheim, Nels Larson, M. V. 
Evenson, Ed. Evenson, A. Dybvig, H. 
Hermanson, H. Aanstad, Nels Ost- 
volden, R. Oen, E. Helgoland, A. Wil- 
liamson, Julia Tandberg, A. "Trovaton, 
Ed. Severson, Gertrude Severson, Nels 
lielson, Anna Lonson, A. iJ. Osen, C. 
Ci.Gulrud and Carl .Larson. 

Mrs. Ohm Entertains. 
Mrs. Herman Ohm entertained a few 
of her friends at her home on Satur- 
day evening. The hours -were spent 
in- playing whist and fortune telling. 
A^ midnight a ddidous luncheon was p 
served hy the hostess. Those present ' 
were: M%. John Collins, Mrs. R. Cook, 
Mrs.^. Alexander, Mrs. C Sholes, Mrs. 
J. Weirus, Mrs. L. Vevea, Mrs. Motz, 
Mis. Ed. Hllson, Mrs. IS. Hanson, Mrs. 



). [Cronstrom, Mrs. D. LeSage,,<Mrs- 
^. -Lonson, Mrs. Anton Carlson,: Mrs. 
. foUn-Morgan, Miss Gusto Johnson and 
ars. Ci E. Carlson. 
- ■ -^ , ••• 

Sleigh Ride Party. ; 
A number of ladies enjoyed a sleiglr 
iide party last Saturday afternoon,^ 
January ISth, when they drove «nt 
o the Albert. Olson farm three jniles 
lortii'of the dty and : surprised Mrs. 
Sholes. Aasland. -The surprise C, took 
'he form of a parcel shower. Those 
who enjoyed the afternoon fun were: 
lesdames Bd. Syrerson, Arthur Bam- 
>eclc Alfred Stenberg,, Martin Sten- 
K^, Arthur Johnson, L^nard John' 
^n, Oscar Swansod, Delmmi LeSage, 
Carl 'Whiting, WHl Sponheim, Ira 
Pederson, Jack Nelson, Bd. Larson,. 
Anton Dybvik, Ralph Aasland, Joseph- 
ne Classen; Misses Lillian Bide, Ruth 
ff old, and Esther Larson. .i^ 




Use tess than of 
higher priced brands. 

Same Price 
ior over 30 yean 
No fwtter at any price 





-^ Giveyonr femily this tmnsual qnalityv 
fine &Yorea coffee — thej can't help 
but praise it. The moistoie^roof car- 
ton keeps the flavor in and saves the - 
money too! Your Grocer sells 

Golden 61 FT 



i^ooking Anead 

I AST Spring a total of 350,000 people were disappointed in 
J not being aSle to obtalii deliveries o{ Ford Cars and Trucks, 
as orders were placed faster tlian cars could be jirdduced. 


The demand for Ford Cars and Trucks tKis Spring will, accord- 
ing to all indications, be far greater than last Spriii^ ' 

Winter buying has been incieasing at a greater rate than evef -a 
before^' ' . - - . . 

Acttied retail deUceriea the past etj days 
totiAed 308,170 Ford Cars and Trttckai cm \ 

increase of 1^61 a. day over a yetA' a^. - 

Over 200j000 people have alrea^ ordered Fotd- products' on 
our purdiaie plan, the' majbtlty of whom will take delivery ilk 
\ the Spring.: •, - | : -' i 

The above facts are given -withthe suggestibn thalj you list you^ 
orderi»omptly with a Ford dealer if you contemtdate the pur- ' 
chase of a Ford Car or Truck for SIS this Spring or Summer and ' 
- wish to avoid delay In ddivery. I ' 

^-'^^''^^ Detpolt; Michigan ^ 

- 'i^nndiKitcaTewi«inmaff. YoQcmnnc^ 
doim, taUiif iaue oi dK b>Imc« In «r m™°<>. '^< T°^ 
" Fori W^djr PoicKKt: Hm. Thl« poii yon »" <•» pttfciied oid« 
Kit nd In^un* ddivny c^ joor car tt a tine to be deienmned \j^ ycvntlL 







E CLUBS &-m 

Maccabee Lodge Conducts 
Impressive InstaBation 

The local chapter of the Maccabee 
lodge held the installation night on 
alonday, January 14. The -follomng 
list of officers were elected: Mra. BoJ- 
liind, commander; Mrs. HUda Rhode- 
gaard, lieutenant commander; Mrs. 
Kuth Halldin, post commander; Mrs. 
Beatrice Bothun, coUector; Mrs. Mary 
liane, iinance keeper; Mrs. Naomi 
Bredeson, record keeper; Jlrs. Thelma 
Carlson, lady at amis; Mrs. Blanche 
Eeach, chaplain; Mrs. OJga Holland, 
sergeant; Miss Hannah Westby, sen- 
tinel; Miss Jean Leach, picket; Mra. 
Emma Davidson, captain of the gyard; 
Mrs. .\gnes Reidy, color bearer num- 
ber one; Mrs. EUa Waldorf, color 
bearer number t>vo. At the end of 
the installation Mrs. Buth Halldin, re- 
tiring commander, was presented with 
4 lovely bouquet of roses, the gift of 
the lodge. _ . 

I .-Utter the installation an excellent 
musical program was given. . Miss 
Hermine Exner played a transcription 
of the principal solo of the opera, 
'iSamson and Delilah,^' by Saint Saens, 
which was very well received. Miss 
llorraine Mill iplaying the violin, Buell 
Will at the comet and Miss Dorothy 

TT-l ^ +1,., n;.,r.n (mv*. tWO tTlOS. OnC 

The PreBbTteriaB QiiiTcli. { . 
Chas. Geriingef, Pastor. ! 
"The Hem of HisJ. Gaiinent? and 
"The Man Who KnMf Howto- Ke- 
pent" are the snbjecta. of the Sunday 
sermons by the pastor at 11:00 and 
8:00. Wednesday evening^ devotions 
and lecture on Church [History ali 7:30. 
The subject for this wjeek is "The He- 
formation in England| and Scotland." 
Next week "The Ciuriter-Eefbmia- 
tion." Sunday school ind AdultjBible 
class at 9:45. Senloriand Intermedi- 
ate C. E. at 7:00. The next men's 
supper for fellowship is set tor, Friday 
evening, January 25. ( | 

... _ : 

Concordia Ladles* Aid; 
Concordia Ladies' ASd of St Jahn's 
Lutheran church heldits annual meet- 
ing last Wednesday afternoon in the 
church basement. Concordia Aid has 
complete one of the most^ succpssful 
years of its career. jThe following 
officers were reelected for the iyear: 
Mrs. Herbert Fuller, (president;! Mrs. 
Alfred Gibson, vice ipreaident; \ Mrs. 
Henry Eoemhildt, treasurer;^ : Mrs. 
Gustav Freitag was elected to succeed 
Mrs. P. Myhrum as secretary. Lunch 
was served by a group of the ladies. 


Afternoon Party. i . 
Mrs. Cbiistena Frederickson,! 507 
Kendall avenue south! informally en- 
tertained a group of jlady friends at 
her home last Thursday afternoon. 
The afternoon was spent at needle- 

Larnw, Ur. and'Hrs. H; S. Dahkn, 
Vr. and Mrs. Oscar Bambed^Hr.. and 
Mrs; K H. Bennes, Hr.' and HtsM!. 
Ki Aasen,'Mr. and Mrs.'6en Erickson 
and Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Ameson. - 

Birthday Dinner. 

In honor of her husband, Earl EfBn- 
ger, whose birthday falls -on January 
16, Mis. Effinger gave aj seven o'clock 
dinner party at their home, ^207 Con- 
ley avenue south. The evetung hours 
were spent at caids, whist 
ed at three tables. Those present 
were: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schuster, 
Mr. and Mis. Fred Protz,.lCsses Marie 
Thill, Nettie Ove, Olive Lonson, and 
Lillian ' Eide, Mrs. Louis Lonson; 
Messrs. Elvin Erickson, Kenneth Por^ 
ter and Lloyd Lonson. ■ 

The "Order of DeMolay" 
Started; Superrfsion by 
the Local Masonic Lodge 

Holm at the piano, gave tsvo tnos, one ^^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^ o'dock a delicious 
4 schottische and the other an old j^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ „gf^. 
■Jashioned waltz which went o™"- JJiS-iMesdames Carl Green. Mariin Mick- 

Tivo solos were sung by Elra Porter, 
vcr>- ably accompanied by Miss Doro- 
- thy Holm. Mrs. Oscar Melby sang two 
■very lovely solos, vdih Miss Lorraine 
Will plavi'ng obligate on the violin 
and Miss Dorothy Holm accompany- 
ing The program concluded with a 
duet played by Miss W*fBgler and Miss 

?olm. which was very itell played. 
The remainder of theVvening was 
spent in playing cards abd dancing. 
.-C delicious luncheon was served by the 
ladies at midnight. 
I •»* 

I Sewing Circle. 

I The Sewing Circle of the Zion Lu- 
tiieran church were entertained last 
Monday evening by Misses Inga and 
Borget Iverson at their home. After 
a few hours of stitching a delicious 
limch was served by the hostesses. 
Those present were: Misses Betsy 
Ness, Myrtle Mellum, Anna and Car- 
lie .-^.akus, Ida Johnson, Mary Nelson, 
Ruth Larson. Clara Hendrickson and 
Mrs. Erickson and two daughters, 
Mrs. Anna Mellum, Mrs. Olaf Neset 
-and Mrs. Nels Olson. 

elrf>n, P. Kolden, Ed.:Rustad, B. J. 
Falk, Ole ElUngson, iH. Klementson, 
Misses Agnes Johnson and Gladys 
Kolden. ; ' 

.*« i { 

Dinner Party. [ 

One of the prettiest dinner, parties 
of the season was given last Sunday 
evening at six o'clock, Mr. and! Mrs. 
Carl Larson at thdr home as the de- 
lightful host and hostess. A group 
of friends' and relatives known as the 
Hungry Six cluB formed the guest 
list. The color pink had been carried 
out as the table decorations; with pink 
candles and shades and pink roses. 
Places had been anafaged for fifteen. 
The guests were Mr.tand Mrs. L. H. 


A new lodge, called the "Order of 
DeMolay," is to he started soon in this 
city. Tlie new organization is spon- 
sored by the Masonic lodge and is a 
trifle over- a year old. "Ih^ lodge has 
been tried- out in many: of the cities 
around :here^ suchjas Gruid Folks, 
and Duluth with immense success, and 
should prove of great, interest and 
value to all those eligible. 

The Older of DeMolay is open to 
all sons of Masons who are between 
the ages of 16 to 21. i Among the 
many privileges given to the young 
clubmen will be the freedom of the 
Masonic rooms one night each week 
besides the regular club pight. Enter- 
tainments may be given by the mem- 
bers under the superviaon of one or 
two Master Masons, who will not be 
there to check, but ra^er'to show 
the way ^d smooth out the -little 
rough spots that might iiccur. Before 
an initiation is held, 25 jcharter mem- 
bers are wanted. "Hie Masons are al- 
ready certain of 15 and| afs sure that 
withLi thirty days everydiing will be 
ready for the big night; 

Anyone who wishes tp join -the dub, 
who is a.son^of a Masod, and between 
the ages of 16 and 21, may find out 
the entrance details from Andied Bot- 
telson or Chris Storholm. 

Very Few fFriee OBaskete" 

Thrown iii; F]|iday'3 Ex- 

dtin'g District Game. 

I St. John's Lutheran Church. 
I E. H. Kreldt, Pastor 

i Sunday school 9:30 a.m. German 
sen-ice 10:30 ajn. English service at 
T:45 p.m. In this service the pastor 
\vill begin a series of sermons on the 
Eirst Epistle of John. The topic for 
Sunday evening will be, ''Our Eel- 
liiwship With God." Young People's 
meeting Wednesday evening in the 
church basement at eight o'clock. I 

Christian Science. 
Services are held each Sunday fore- 
noon at 11 o'clock>at the church on 
First street and La^ree avenue. Sub- 
ject Sunday, January 20, "Life." Sun- 
diay school at 10 o'clock Wednesday 
ejvening at 7:45. The public is cor- 
diallv in\-ited to these senices. 

Scandinavian Ev. Church. 
J. Jacobson, Pastor. 
Services at 11 a.m. in the Nonvegian 
iknguage. Young people's meeting at 
p.m. in the English language, and 
services again at 7:30 in the Nor- 
wegian language. Sunday school at 
10 a-m, 


Sw. Ev. 5Iission_jChxu-hc. 
0. J. Lundeli,7astor. 
Sunday, January 20.. Sunday school 
.0 a.m. Morning services 11 a.m. led 
)y Mr. Brodin. No evening services. 
Praver meeting Tuesday, Jan. 22, 
it home of A. Nordlund, 612 St. Paul 
ivenue south at 7:30 p.m. 
All are welcome. 

Ev. Lnth. Church, Goodridge. 

H. Lutz, Pastor.' 
Sunday, Jan. 20. German services 
it 10 a-m. English services at 3 p.m. 
it Germantown. English services at 
J p.m. in Goodridge. Communion will 
DC celebrated at all services. 

Goodridge Lutheran Church. 
V. 0. Aaker, Pastor. 
Sunday, Jan. 20.. English services 
and Sunday school at Jdle at 11 ajn. 
EInglish services at Goodridg'e at ' S 
p.m. Sunday school and Bible class 
it 10 a.m. The Sunbeams meet Sat- 
nrday, January 26. 

Bethania and Erie Chnrches. 

The recent annual business meetings 
|of Bethania and Erie Lutiieran 
churches. Rev. V. O. Aaker'a charge,' 
showed, according to reports, a very 
successful year. A number of fami- 
.lies have joined the congregatioiis. 
The Bethania church is a very beau- 
tiful country church, but the Erie 
church is too small for the congrega- 
tion so the erection of a new oue 
ought to be planned. 

Zion Lutheran ChnrciL 
George Larson, Pastor. 

Sunday sdiool and Bible class at 
10 a.m. English and Norwegian serv- 
ices at Zion church 11 aon. Serviced 
at Norden. church 2 pan. Services 
Zion church 7:45 p.m. Zion Sewing 
Circle Tuesday evening. Mrs. Anna; 
Mellum entertains. 

Zion Ladies' Aid Thursday after- 
noon the 24tlL 

Zion Young People's meeting Thurs- 
day evening the 24th with good pro- 

Religious instruction Friday after-r 
noon at 2:45 p.m. 

Prayer meeting at Anton Stenes' 
residence Friday evening. 

First National Bank 


1 a Loans and cIlBCoantB, licIndinB rediscounts, acceptanres 
of other bants, and foreign bills at exchange M drafts 
sold with indorsement of this! bant (except th^e shown 

in b and c) ...;. r •/• 

TOTAL LOAKS i '.■:■ /• 

2. Overdrafts, nnsecural, 595in ..', i .i.... 

i V. S. Government Seinritles Owned: — ■ ~*. i . ...aa»/u. 

a Deposited to secure circnlation (U. S. bonds par valneX^ $ 50,000.00 
b AH other L'niteil States Government secnrltiea tlnclad- 

Ing premiums, it any) i 66,500.00 

TOTAL ...( ; • 

5. Other bond^, stocks, secorlties.l etc: 

«. BanJUng House, S59i500.00: Furniture and fixtures, S10,652.00 

7. Kcal estate owned other than banlting bouse. .^.i , 

S. Lawful reserve wit»i Federal Keierve Bank .; .„«_«-,c 

10. (fash in vault and dmount due ^rom national banks 120,780.45 

la. Checks on other backs in the same city or town as report- 
lag bank (other than Item. 12V IfiSl.eS 

Total of Items 0, JO, 11. 12, aad 13 J128,73S.08 

14.a Checks and drafts! on banks Kinclading Federal Eeserve 
Baal£j iocattd outside of city or town of reporting 

The ' second tUstrict basket ball 
game'was won-by the Ijocoln tjiiint 
from Stevens after phe of .the most 
exciting games seen this year. Atthe 
end of the game) the| score was 12 to 
6, but it was not until the very last 
quarter that the score began to mount 
At the end of the first quarter the 
score .was nothing and the plays of 
both teams were go shrift that the out- 
come looked doubly uncertain. At the 
end of the first half, jthe score was 4- 
in favor of the Lmcoln. squat], Pen- 
ney 'was responsible: for. the first bas- 
ket made and got three during - the 
eveiiing. Faienteauj followed with 
two and Sether jwith one basket. 

At the end of the third (quarter, 
the score was 2-4 anil the rest of the 
score 'of 6-12 was snatched in the veiy 
last few minutes of ithe game. Botti 
teams were f^st[and| snappy and the 
game was such jthat fewer fiee bas- 
kets were thrown than at- any other 
game in some time. iEliner .Tandberg 
made a very capable referee. 

The players for the evening were: 
Visitors - ! i T. E. Falls 
Mulveg . F . Penney 

Hood , G Sether 

Kroke p Farenteau 

Stevinng (5 Sorenson 

McKay i 9 Barzen 

The novelly ■ ■ introduced between 
halves last Friday eveiiing was a box- 
ing match etween Keith Craig and 
Emmet Shannhan, two Juniors. They 
put up a very | gooji battle, though 
both ^owed a rather depraved taste 
for piling on the referee, Walter Lar- 
son,, every few minutJes. Theaudienc^ 
enjoyed this part of the play espec- 
ially.' It is hoped that other novelties 
such as this_will|be introduced at oth- 
er games. | 

The next district j game, jthis time 
with Argyle, is to be played on next 
Friday evening, January 18. Judging 
from' the way th^ others have come up 
and played through the admission 
prices, 15 and 35 tients wHl not be 
items-of interest, j ' _ 

SwedodMirg Bbsiiital Notes. ~^ 

. Veroniu S^ide died on lirednesday 
night from a severe attack of scarlet 
fever and measles followed by limg 
and biaiii complications. She was 
brought to the" hospital in a critical 
condition and thouE^ everything pos- 
sible was done to aid her, nothing had 
ahy.effect. !• " 

On Friday moniing, O. D. Paulson 
left the hospitaL 

Saturday morning Raymond Wald- 
Mn, the 12 year old son of Mr. and 
Mrs. H.E. Waldron of 'Viking, return- 
ed to his home in that village. Master 
'Waldron has rapidly recovered from 
the sevMB attack of pneumonia from 
which he was suffering when brought 
to the hospital. - 

Miss Evelyn Olson, the daughter of 
Mrs. J. H. Olson of Kratka, who has 

Star c >Uege.{ 

has returned to Warrei wherei 
i^ the employ of 'the Nortii 

jVisaing at Ediiha. 

P. -Ebprhardt left on Saturday 
morning ;f or Kelliher, Minn., where he 
will vi^ at the home of his son, Or- 
bin, who liv.js. there with his famfly; 
While jth'ere, Mr. Eberhardt intends to 
look over a s teamboat building job and 
will' als(i visitwith friends who live 
in that yiciraty. In March Mr. Eber- 
hardt.|ntends returning to LePas, Can. 
to re-engagd in the constructing of 
boats. He Was engaged in this work 
last yiear, - returning to his home in 
this dfiy. after the fall work was dis- 
continue]. I 



. «.4(!4.55 

. 70452.00 




bank I , !..... 384.02 

b Miscellaneuus cash items - 371.57 

Kwlemptton fund -with U. Si Treasurer and due from" U. S. 

Tteasurer 1 ■. ;. ■ 2,500.00 

TOTAL : ......! $»(2,758J8 

We Sell 

In Carload 

Write for lowest prices, 

i« ♦ ♦ » H> t » ♦ ♦ < > H M H M M t M ♦ 


^ef River Falls, 

Anniversary of W. C. T. U. 

Victory Held 

January 16 

.$ 50,000.00 
,. 35,000.00 

. 8030.00 
.. 48,000.00 


Cipitil stork paid[ in ..i , 

Surplas -fund ... . ; '. 

TTiniivhleil profits .; ■ J 

'MJ: Circulating notes outstandlns i 

■Si. Amount due to State bonks, bankers, and trust companies 
in the United States and foreign countries (otiier 
tban Included In Items 21 or 22) ._. 45,210.40 

24. Certified iJiecks outstanding . . ; 547J1 

25. Cashier's cliecks obutanding J... 10,937.73 

Total or Items- 21, 22, 23, 24; and 25 ;....• 5 56,095.33 

Demand deposits (other than' -bank deposits} subject to Beserre (deposits payable 
within 30 days: ; ; 

2C. Individual deposits;- subject to check ■. ^5,072.40 

27. Cnrtlfjcates of dcpoKlt due in less than 30 days (other than 

for money Ijorrowed) ..',...:...'. 114,001.00 

2S. State, county, or other municipal dcpoeita secured by pledge 

of assets ofithls bank or soirey bond .~ 25,676.11 

31. Other demand ilep^sits .:...'..'. 129.55 

Total of demand deposits- (other than bank deposits). sub- 
ject to Resferve, Items 20, 27, 28, 29. 30. and 31. .. ..$235,779.06 
^tltae deposits subject to Reserre (payable after 30 days, or sub- 
ject to SO days or morel notice, and postal savings): 

Certificates of depcwlt (other than tor money borrowed) .'. 408,79423 

Other' jtime deposits .. .'. i ', ,;.,„.. 98.4S0.39 

Total of time deposits subject to. Reserre, Items 32, ^ _ 

34. and M-...- J... fSfyJ^tSO.m '^ ' 

rnited States depo'siU (other than postal Barings), Indad- . 
ing' War Loan deposit account and deposits' of 

United StatJes disbarslnu officers 30,873J>2 

Total Deposits, i .' -...$830,1 

Jahoary 16 is'the fourth auniver- 
sa^ of Nationa] Constitntional Prohi- 
bftioQ, the greatest moial victory ever 
won. Every Christiaii man and wom- 
an is called upon ti) give tiiaziks to 
God, and may -God' open the vision 
of the people that they may rally to 
the cause of the "Roman's Christian 
Temperance Union drusade movement, 
horn in prayer 'and i carried on wings 
of prayer. Under the leadership of 
tiie Lord and Savior' these bands of 
praying women! have been marching 
on until today, |the ;organization cov- 
ers 4() countries of jthe world; great 
things to be thanVfnl for. 

On this day, i January 16, all need 
to bow their knees! j in prayer, and 
hearts should sing in thanlcs giving to 
God Almighty. \ May his divine guid- 
ance rest upon the \W. C. T. U. offi- 
cials, local and national. Ri^t is 




State o£ Minnesota, County of Pennlneton, __ 

. I, Th'eo. M. ThroDSon, Oishler of the abore named bank, do solemnly swear that 
the above statement is [true to the best oC my kn owledge and belief. 

i ; THEO. M. THEONSON. Cashier, 


E. M. BBNNB3, i j 

C. L. HANBBK, Director. 
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 6th day of Janoary. 1921. 
B. K.-AASEN, \ { '. - ■ ■ ' ■ 

Notary Public, Pennington County, ULan. 
My commission expires February 1^ 1SS9. 

We Sell the 

I 1 - ; - ", ■ - ; 

[ i '[^ '■ - '- 

B^t In jthe Northwest 

Thje Prichard Co. 

prioNE 221 /- 

Coal and 




i'lSiiS'lSil WM SS 




We have large stocks of bothjon hand and can 

fin your wants promptly at reasonable prices. The 

diilly nights are arriving and it is time to give 

the fuel question serious thoughli Let us figure 

: with you on your winter's supply. 

Rambeck & Stone Co. 

"A Good Place to Buy Ydur doal and Wood" 
Phone 245 I . 

Both Must Be Pai 

It is just as essential to the public that we 

fair wages for the u^ of the doUais invested' in jour 

properfy as it is to p^y fair wages to our enq>la 

: - " ' ■ "\ ' -"' . " /■ 

We cannot keep capable employees if we dot not 

pay fair wages.. And! we cannot, get the new mon^ 

we need each year from inyestois to make i mpr ta ve - 

ments and eztmabiu if we do not piey all "pf^iifiwi and 

earfi 9 fair return. - ■ 

■ / , . 

In order to (stend and develop pur qntamitb i neet' 
tfaedemsoids of the public foe service this coo^Hmy 

It is to the; pqbUc's intoest, n'ttdl as to tjhe 
interest of, die empbqree and the investor, tiiat tfaa 
: telephone comiMiny be ptoqiemos. 



The Tribune 



Associate Editor 

Published Every Wednesday at 

Thief River Fall s, Minn. 

Entered as second class matter at the postofliee at 

"niief River Falls, Minn., under the Art of March 8, 1878. 

Official Newspaper of City of. Thief River Falla sai 
Pennington County. ■ ■ 


After|-a ibitter struggle between partiskns ksting for 
six weeks, congress is now ready to get db^n to busiries. 
Now if they wUl,,psss the Coult^ bill, ^jourh,,and go 
home theyiwill- be forgiven bya'thonjughly disgusted 
constituency. ;» ;i ' 

Mayor Leach, of MinneapoUs,.a fine fellow in many 
respects, though we believe he has allowed vice to run 
rampant in the mill city, isbeing groomed as a candidiae 
for governor. As. the kids would say," he's the bei's 
knuckles" in that kind of a game. 1 

I Cbrreepdiidaue Crowded Ont. 

A great deal jof correspondence fias 
been crowded o^ut tUii week due to 
labk of space.' - iv . ■,.'■'■ .;' 


acjitool house.nexfc Friday evening,' Jan. t G^ihart 1 

Hfc Subjeiit.ordebate is, "Resolved, ISahi' 

that ;the Indiana have suffered more 

linjii^ trieatment from the 

than' the Negroes." ' Affirmative: J. 

A. MeEnelly, Ole'Helle, Chas'. 0. Asp,' 

, Mr| , ... 
son Andj 

• . School I DislL No. 14. . . ,- ; 
./School opened Monday, Jaii. .14, 
after (bi«e weqks' vacation with' Mrs. 
6.. L. Ericlison as teacher, who will 

finish the term; for 

ia ill and .can not re turn. 

Miss Poston, who 

Now it's the auto tax agi(in, ind the personal property: 

tax and the real estate tax, .a;)d dammit anyhow, howj 

the time does fly. ,■ • ' j 

'■ — i 

Our sleep has been disturbed by this thought: Who 
writes those bright scintillations for the Baudette Reg-| 
ion when Billy Noonan is not on the job? : 

Speaking of the useless \vaste of space, can anything 
be more useless and needless than to remind people that 
ta.\es have increased steadily for twenty years? 

Here is a friendly tip to the party who claims liquor 
may be procured from twenty different sources in Thief 
River Falk: Bring the list to the mayot's office. | 

It begins to look as if the Republican leaders are get-; 
ting ready to make use of Farragut's expression slightly 
transposed, namely, "we have met the enemy and are 
theirs." • . 

The newspapers make much of the fact that Magnus 
Johnson slept in his underwear at I^iladelphia following 
his address to the Pennsylvania bamcers; j Magnus must- 
be getting stuck up for we have often: seen him climb 
into the hay with brogans and breeches: 

The thanks of this community are due the Highway 
department of the state for their painstaking efforts to 
place in good condition all roads leading into Thief Riv- 
FaUs. And,' by the way, the county commissioners 
are likewise to be commended upon their activities along 
these linesi. 

When we see a young man reeling about the streets 
in a drunken stupor, we are constrained to wonder what 
thoughts course through the mind of the man who sol4 
him the liquor. 

The scientist who claimed we were pushed 700 miles 
nearer the sun by the earthquake in .Japan, accounting 
thus for oiir mild winter, is entitled to his guess, but 
we are wondering what pushed us so far back last weekl 

When it is considered that Thief River^Falls pays 
nearly $2,000 per month in -interest upon its bonded 
indebtedness, no one will blame the city co.uncil for 
hanging onto -the purse strings of the city like grim 
death. • , .- i 

It is pairifldly. apparent that all diplomatic relatiohs 
are off betwjseh Governor Preus and A. M. Welles, the 
red headed editor- of the Wprthington Globe. We can 
not understand how a good church goer like^ Welles 
could have such hatred for such a personally likeable 
person as Governor Preus. . 


and:Horiis 'Wilson spoilt, 
y a^moohat Isaac Wilsons'. ^ 
.. — ^ H ittie Hanson has been absent. 

Whites fr<im Ischiol the last few days. 

arjd Mrs. E.'Thorwiison &nd- 
visited at thelDscar.'WilBoii.'' 

If the Postmaster General of the United States could 
see the conditions under which Postmaster Shaw and 
his aides are struggling to give good service to tile peo- 
ple of Thief River Falls, we feel sure this city would 
be provided with adequate quarters instanter. 

It dqes not happen to be our idea, exactly, but it 
meets with our approval. Simply this: Compel every 
moonshine maker to drink at least a pint of his oSvn 
concoction upon capture, thus doing away forever with 
both maker and pr6duct, saving the state useless ex- 
pense, and saving the lives of innumerable consumers 
of moonshine. ' .- 

It may;take time, but the time will surely com^ when 
it will be appareht tp all thinking people that the pri- 
mary la\^; when applied to a voting unit which has near- 
ly a million votes is about the biggest farce imaginable. 
Ability no longer counts in the quest for office, unless 
it is the ability to holler loud arid long through the horn 
of a demagogue. 

The Tribune, is strong for alfalfa. Alfalfa is strong 
for the dairy cow. The dairy cow is strong for the 
creamery. The creamery is strong for the community^. 
The community is strong for The Tribune. There is 
rotation for your whiskers. | 

Thief River Falls has a pretty fine biinch of fire 
fighters and come to think of it very little has been done 
by -the people of the city in the way of showing any 
appreciation. What's the matter with a real demon- 
stration when they have their annual ball? : 

One form of tax little considered is the moonshine 
tax. The sale of such poison benefits none, harms many, 
and is a nuisance which every dty in the state can do 
away with verj' quickly, if its officers are in sj'mpathy 
with law enforcement. Thief River FaUs %vill haye 
none of it. i 

County -Agent Taylor is making 'a drive for more 
alfalfa inj Roseau county which is attracting widespread 
attention.! He erected an alfalfa , palace at the last 
Roseau <x)unty fair, a picture of which appeared )ast 
week in the Roseau Times-Region. That is the kind 
of work that counts — ^it is the kind of propaganda which 
will take' this section fore\^er out of die slough of des- 

Oscar, Olgajand Albert Manderud^ 
enrolled .Monday." : ' \ . 

Mr. and Mrs. SundaU-and Oliver 
TommerdaU lit^ere visitors at the G. 
A. lyeracm home Sunday. 

The confirmation {class met in the 
North Star- schiiol Saturday. 

-A baby girl- was Ibom to Mr. and 
Mra T. 0. Loyland Friday, Jan. 11. 

.Mrs. T. Bovet and daughter "visited 
at Uie Lpyland' home Sunday. 
■ ' There was a! surprise party held at 
the Roysland Ijome Saturday night. A 
large! crowd attended. 
: Melvin' Hovet was a caller at Hy- 
lands' Sunday.! { 

: Evelyn Tharaldson visited at the 
L. 'Wells hohiel Sunday. 

'Christinas Fools"i ^ited at., the 
Tharaldson home one evening of this 
week.' i i . 

■ • (Byj Sub Urban.) 

: The pedagogues riesumed their du- 
ties in respective school districts Mon- 
'day. ■ I I . ■ 

Bom to, Mr. and | Mrs. T. Loiland, 
Friday evening, a girL 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry SunsdaU were 
guests at Glover Nook Sunday. 

Scribbs acknowledges a pleasant 
Sunday afternoon call from J. W. Er- 
landson, teacher in Dist. No. 5. We 
had quite an I impromptu talk on di- 
verse topics. I . ! 

■ H.- C. Iverson left Thursday for 
Gemmel, this' state, to be employed for 
the rest of the winter. ■ • ". 

Ludvig Jolinsou and John B.aner are 
making trial ! trips -with their newly 
invented' "snow devil;'' and with a few 
minor adjustments yet to be made, it 
bids fair to gp sdm^ Send us a short 
radio -message about the time when 
you glide, past the North Pole gentle- 
men! 'I ■ : 

The MissesiGIadys and Louise Jolm- 
Eon and Ola^ Bahlen were pleasant 
callers at Gamp Sub Urban Thursday. 

;j.-.W. Erlaiidson called at the G. A. 
Iverson hfl&ei Sunday evening. 
Y '^ilexander Larson re-entCTed the 
Coodridge high school after spending 
'GhHstmas and New Years with the 
home follts. i . j 

Gustav Birkeness and Tom Belland. Jom^iS^ 

Negative: Ruben Stenvick, Oleander |"°"^PL.^y-v, ■ .„ , 

Uglmn, Frank Race, Mdvin Tuff audi, ^elm fend Harry Peterson, were- 

Ellef Aakre. Everybody is invited to ,'"'"« °^^e "^ ^^^ end. 

attend. I UrJ and Mrs. Martin Peterson drove' 

to Thief lUver Falls last Thursday . 

Haline^ Peterson, once a resident at'. 

'Wyandoti e, died Tueaday, Jan. 11, -of: 

tiibeticulo ris. He will be laid to rest. 

in the Clearwater cemetery, Jan. 14. 
J. E. Peterson and Ruth Gustafspn 

spent; Th irsday evening at the Anton. 

Peterson home. - 
Services will be held at the home 

of P.j Ko seth, Friday, Jan. 26, at two 

o'clock. The Ladies' Aid will meet- 

after! the ineeting. 
Urs. J. E. Peterson called at tha^ 

Huddlescm home Sunday afternoon. 

' r ! ' ' •■• ,- 

Poplar Glen School, Dist. 25. : 
Anne Rygnestad left for Thief River G^rgi l^teism spent Tuesday 
FaUs after being employed at We5t-;«™W8 at Enlers. - _^ 
bes' for the past two weeks. Tl^osejwho received perfect attend- 


The Ladies Aid met at Mrs. Olson's 
last. Thursday afternoon. 
. A shower party was given at the 
Bennet JohnBrud home last' Friday 
evegiing. . 

Olaf Viaa departed for the lumber 
camps last Monday. 

Albert Amtz and Johnny Sigerud 
have been sick f pr some' time. 

The winter is so mild that fou^ hen- 1 
headed fowls have wintered under the > 
granary at Mr. Aakre's farm. 

Jesse Tanner has bought a hound, 
to be used for hunting wolves.' 


Betsey anoaenry rjeia returnea lo .g,^ p^ ^ g ^ Hoffman, Har- 
Goodridge 'Tuesday morning after rfet Iruggemau, laarie md cTriS 
snendrng their Chntsraas vacation at ^^a, afiiy, Ol4f and Clarence Hau- 

the home of their parents. 

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Beard and son 
called at the E. Grams home Monday- 

Reiner; News 

The Tribune has under way. a ^ plan 'whereby the 
finest Guernsey sire ever brought to Minnesota will be- 
come the property of Pennington county farmers. It 
is quite an undertaking and involves a considerable ex- 
pense, but this newspaper is determined that the best 
is none too good for the daiiymeh of the coUWty. Fuir 
details of the purchase of the splefldid animal now under 
consideration will be forthcoming very soon and we feel 
sure the news will be hailed with delight in. all quar- 
ters. \ ■ • . 

School Dist. No. 48. 
: Elmer Vraa visited friends and rela- 
tives at Climax last week. 
- i'There was ia'dance at Frank Races' 
place on Saturday bight. 

;ache fanners in jthis neighborhood 
are busy hauling hay. 
ffhere is to be a debate in our |home Sunday evening. 

gen.| ; I 

George Bruggeman is visiting with 
his ibrotber, Henry Bruggeman. 

Mir.' aiid Mrs. J. Hoffman and chil— 

J. K. Enebo called at the Skaarcn jren' Frank, Sophia, Clara, Joe, Hen 

ima Thnrai^nv ovOTiimy. •— .. J_'j n i »;_:^-J lyRi..? T7nt.« XtTA^ 

home Thursday evening. 

Miss Helga and Tillie Ose arrived 
here from Thief River Falls last Sat- 
urday-where they spent their Christ- 
:mas vacation te resume their duties 
as instructors in the Fairview and 
Hazelwood schools. 

Roy Frondahl departed for Freeborn 
county last' Thursday after spending 
about a month here visiting relatives 
and friends. 

Norris Trontvet was^ honor guest 
at a party given at his home last Sun- 
day. Quite a number of his school 
znates gathered at his home to help 
him celebrate, the occasion being his 

Alice Pamow visited with Frances 
Hruby one day last -week. 

Mr.-and Mrs. James Ramsey and 
Clara, Selmer and Palmer Ramsey, 
Mr. and Mrs. Olof Komplein and 
diildren. Misses Tillie and Helga Ose, 
Mrs. Ole Trontvet, Tom and Ed. Vatne 
were pleasantly entertained at the E. 
Ramsey home for Sunday dinner. 


The fellow who asked the artist what he would 
charge to paint him a picture if he furnished the paint 
is in the same class with the churchman who imagines 
that writing his check will discharge his obligations to 
the Lord. As the artist's soul must needs be mixed 
with his colors, so -the giver's heart must accompany the 
gift. Remember the widow's mite that became mighQ'. 
• — Northwestern Christian Advocate. 

We have read the general statement of State Auditor 
- Chase with reference to the tax situation, and 'must ad- 
mit his suggestions are timely, but the trouble lies in 
the fact that his statement fails, as do all others which 
have come to our attention, because they iltterly neglect 
to definitely point out a system whereby taxes may be 
lowered. Reduced to the' concrete, is it not true that 
the nation, the state, the county, the city, and the town- 
ship, has been living, like the individuals, beyond their 
respective means? There is no panacea for high taxes 
that we can observe, any more than there is hope tor 
the individual who is hard pressed, except to get along 
"without, those things which we cannot afford — or cannot 
pay for.' 


Another chapter was added to the- crime record of 
Pirritano, the Beltrami county murderer, when 
woman,! threatened by the murderer of four, went insane 
and was committed to the hospital for insane at Fergus 
Falls aS: a result of brooding over the awful experienced 
Perhaps: Frank Day and other opponents of capital pun- 
ishment: can advance reasons why such a beast should 
continue to live, but most people believe -that he should 
have been strung up by the neck — he and scores of other 
murderers who are much too well cared for at Still-; 
water. ' " -. : 

School Dist. No. 6. 
Ruth F. Gustafson, Teacher; 

Mrs. T. J. Snmpter called on Mrs. 
Denhart Saturday afternoon. 

Mrs. P. W. Peterson vimted at the 
Anten Peterson home Sunday after- 

The Misses Riith Gustafson, Luba 
Peterson, Helen, and Agnes Peterson, 
were -visiters ,at the Clarence Roese 

ry and Fred visited Mike Fehr Wed- 
nesday/ evening. « 

H! Briiggeman and George Brugge- 
main visited Martin Bergh Thursday 

Irfessrs Clark, Erier and Bruggeman, 
hauled three loads of hogs to Plum- 
merl last Saturday. 

"Bill,'? John and Math Geardy visit- 
ed He'nry Bruggeman Sunday evening. 

"We sterted hot- lunches in our school- 
last] Thursday. 

Mr. aid Mrs. Henry Bruggeman 
andl daughter Harriet, visited Henry 
Bruggeman Sr., at Brooks Sunday. 

Gjebrge Jaaperson is cutting wood^: 
forJMr.jErler this week. 

Albert Hangen visitcd'Hcnry Brug- 
geman Sunday evening. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mike F^hr and family- 
visited at John Hoffman's Sunday eve- 
ning.- i 

Martin Bergh visited at the Hans . 
Bergh home Sunday. 

li&. and Mrs. laupple and family 
Miss i Nelson- and Mary Rohr -visited' 
at {the John Hoffman liome Monday 

David Haugen visited at Severt- 
Grithe's Sunday. 

Daniel, Carl, Harr Haugen and An^ 
drew Schiefert -visited at the Hoffman! 
hoine Sunday afternoon. 

Bennie Haugen helped Sam Ken- 
nedy haul hay Wednesday. 

Elizabeth, MoUie and Lee Evenson- 
have been absent this week on account, 
oflsickness. , ., 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kolseth and chil- 
dren Marie and Carl visited at Charlie- 
Samuelson's Sunday. 

Following the present period of depression we will 
have a prolonged era of good times, to be followed again 
by a spell of hard times and the usual complaint that 
"I never saw such hard times'- in my life." Times were 
never harder in this country than in the-80's between 
'81 and 85, but prosperous times followed until the 
country, was again plunged into despair following the 
panic of 1893. But in spite of all this the country saw 
its greatest period of prosperity during the world war. 
Now the'tinjes are stringent in some localities, but there 
never ivas so much money in the United States waiting 
for inveistment. It is coming in this direction soon,! so 
let's have a heart full of cheer in order that our phjrsi- 
cal condition may be such that we can grab a piece of 
prosperi^ when the procession again swings into view. 

Magnus Johnson has been accused in many quarters 
of being opposed to the Coulter bill now pending in con-; 
gress, ai bill which appropriates fifty million dollars for 
the use! of farmers in the wheat raising sections to pur- 
chase stock. Such is not the case, however, but Magnus , 
states that he is primarily in favor of a price fixing biU 
which will give the fanner a fair profit on his grain. 
That is what is needed for the immediate relief of the 
farinerj he asserts, and there are many who heartily 
agree with him. We believe congr^ should give its 
attention during this session to some sort of a bill whicH 
will permanently establish -a price -fixing -commission. 

Gunnar Bjomson, the sage of the Minneota Mascot, 
commenting on the agitation for 'a re-prganization of the 
Republican party, states that the need of the hour is for 
a leader who is willing to champioii unpopular ideas, 
who is willing to tell the majority that it is wrong, that 
people are being misled by- false prophets, and be willing 
if need be, to go down to defeat as the champion of 
righteousness. Possibly you are right, Gunnar; in fact 
we fully agree with you, but the trouble is "there ain't 
no sujh animal," so why waste space on such Utopian 
ideas. Our own opinion, frankly expressed, is, that 
under the present form of election machinery the sane 
thing to do is to select a man whose name, nationality 
and vote getting ability, flus a voice raised in opposi- 
tion to everything that exists on earth and in Heaven 
above, is best' fitted by nature to meet thefnemy on 
common ground. , 

A committee of the Commercial club has been selected 
to work-Out a plan whereby this community may con- 
tinue tol'avail itself of the -services of County Agent 
McCaifti; That is the spirit pf. '76. If the Farm 
Bureau i? in disfavor with a majority of the farmers, 
then the business men of Thief River Falls are false 
to their own iiiterests if they persist in maintaining it, 
but the retention of a county agent for purely agricul- 
tural purposes is a horse of another color. "Mac" proved 

himself indispensable in the sugar beet campaign, as! he I tractive rate of interest is filching badly needed fund? 
has in a thousand and one instances. He will be j in- ''''"" 'be smaller communities and diverting them to 

In times like these itwould seem as if the government 
would bend eveiy energy in the direction of helping 
distressed communities rather than to place barriers in 
the path of progress. We have special reference to the 
practice now in vogue in the middle, west whereby the 
government by the sale of savings certificates at an at- 

valiiable in the alfalfa campaign upon which so much 
depends, and we insist there are a sufficient number of 
farmers who rely upon him for assistance and advice 
to fully compensate the city and the country for theiex- 
pense involved twice over. The farmers are simply 
peeved with the Farm Bureau, but they all like McCann. 
Let us reconcile ourselves with this situation by keeping 
McCann and ditching the Farm Bureau at least liitil 
such time as a more favorable atmosphere appears on 
the horizon. 



the already well filled money chests of the lar^ center.'^ 
Why not stop this practice and give the banks of the 
country a chance to exist? This again suggests the idea 
that the government is not properly co-prdinated to the 
needs of the country. Undoubtedly .-the practice here 
complained of 'is not carried on in any malicious spirit', 
hut It seems strange that the execut-ve branch of thf 
government would exert itself strenuously to help out 
given localities while other departments are as enerqet- 
|ically engaged in knocking the props out from inunder. 



— ^ "^ '^ 

Local Tc4m Defeated. 
the Roseau City basketball team 
met tie Middle.E^ver Independents on 

th(i local floor last Saturday and were 
defeated by a score of 15 to 6. The 
Middle River team showed better form 
anil teamwork than that displayed in 
former games. The visitors showed 
s feood brand of basketball but were 
unable to break through the Middle 
Eiter defense. Tandberg and M. Gul- 

lickson were the chief point getters ^ ^ 

for Middle River. Arrangements are aftOTOouat the e! F. Rirteous home. ' 

having spent the holidajB at Hk home Myrtle Stephenson, M\ce StejihwiK-n, 
here. ■ Eunice Thoreson, Hattie Bundhono, 

Nelius Nelson left Monday for Thief £dit]i Gunderson, "ida Bundhuad, 
River Falls where he wdl spend a few Maurice Besanjf' Harold Olson, Hay- 
days attending to busing matters. . mond Stephenson, Robert Olson, Feror 

Mr. and Mrs. M. C. 'Hanson and ley Josepfason and Howard Seavey. 
iianghter returned Tuesday from January 25th, the Juniors will give 
Iiangdon, N. D., where ftey spent the a candy sale .nnd a large program, 
holidays visiting Mrs. Banson's par- Another attraction will be the class 
ents. I play, ''Eenting Jimmy.' Come fcid 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Anderson retunied have a gSoiJ Ume. a-eiybody wel- 
Saturday from Thief | River Falls cfflne. ■_^ « , . . ^ 

where tiiey were present at the fu-1 S. J. Anderson, from- Goodndge, 
nedl of thai daughter ^"^ a business caller in Thief Biver 

The Woman's dub >net Monday Falls. Saturday afternoon. 

' ^eiish services at the Lutheran 

unjJer way for a Greenbush-Middle jjj J. A. Regner "escaped w*at church Sunday, January idOu 

River game in the near future. : might have be«i a serious accident i . Come and have a good dme at the 

last Sunday when his c^ rah into the Junior program that will be given 

Box Factory Starts. ^t^ about seven mflraTeast of town. January 25th, at the school house. 

S. F. Porteous, who recently pur- j^jm jfordlum accon^anied a car- i The Young Girls' Sewing club was 
chised the box factory equipment from lo^j „f st,^* to South iSt Paul' Sat- organized Saturday, January 12. The 
Jlmil Peterson, has completed the in- mday. I following officers *ere dected: Pres- 

stallation of the machinery and is now ^^ j^- ^ HanAin and Joho Nord- ident, Hazel -iamess; vice pr<>sident, 
in position to turn out crates at the ],jn, njajj a business trip to Warren Vivian Thoreson; aeeretaiy, Alice 
rate of 1200 a week. Mr. Porteous i^^ Tuesday. J jStephenson and treasurer, Eunice 

ha^ already booked a large number of I ; \ j Thoreson. The name of the club was 

orjiers and expects to keep his factory , » ; ' "j ^ ■ decided to be, "Sunbeam Club,^' and 

operation the greater part of the 
winter. ; 


I theyishould meet every other Satur- 
-j^ day at 3 o'clock. Anyone can join 

Vliss Mary Young, who has ■spent! 

District No. :6S. - -this club. ,^ ' . . 

i Louie Nitzschke and Cari Christian- i . Don't forget the Jumor 

tie hoUdays at her home iere, left -^^ ^^ visitors at the Eddie Arve- that wiU be given January 25th at the 
Saturday for Grand Forks where she ^^ ^^^^^ Tuesday evemng.' school house. •■ 

attends the busmess coUege. | ; Qie Kinn and Miss Annie Rindahl ; _ 

B. MeUum and W. _ C. Searle were ^^^ welcome visitors at tie Nitzschke I 

Thief River Falls busmess visitors on j^^^^ Tuesday evening.! 

Saturday. „,,,,_,_, .^ ^ Miss Lyda Bakkan has been absent 

Miss Helga Gerdlund of Strandquist ^^^ ^^^^j ^ ^^^ ^^ ^ 
viidted at the A. E. Hanson home bun- , yf^f^^ Grams and Teloyde Johns- 



md were visitors at the) Rindahl home 
Sunday evening. 


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Ander- 
son, on January 9, a baby boy. 

k-xel Engelstad left Saturday for hay for L. H. Korupp, 
Grand Forks after spending the past' sick for the past three weeks. 
w^k \Tsiting at his home at Gatzke. Korupj is now improving. 

District No. 30. 
Mable Shefveland, Teacher. 
moa, ,=.,=u^K. i , School opened on January 7. after ^^^ 

Louis Nitzschke hasj been hauling ? two weeks' vacation. Everyone en- j^ Monday. I 

.y for L. H. Korupp, is he has l^n J^ed Jj, -'^^^-^rm^SiS i Miis Cl^ SonUu. Helen Wiken, 

mote of work. Only two are absent; MarBn Wiken andjAugiist Thune call- 

J. D. TornwaUslandUilda SHefve- 
land enjoyed 'a ' pleasanc -'evening . at 
Fred B^bower's |on Thmsday.' 

The; following were: pleasantly en- 
tertained at T. Stene's on Saturday 
evening: Mrs. Kvall and daughters, 
Agnes; and Louise; and Gladys, Har- 
mana knd' Ernest Halvoison. 

Mra; Olson was |a caller at Starck- 
wieath^, N. D., to attenid her broth- 
er's funeral this v^eek. ! 

Sectional disbiet No. 16 will have 
its next meeting Ion Saturday, Jan- 
uary 26. I i, 

i School Mtrict Ifo. 4. 
Qoiis Wiener,! Correspondent. 

Mr. Weckwerth left Friday morning 
January 11, 1924,! to work at Turtle 
River on a ontiBet of Uuiling wood. 

Donald MeCmm| and Joseph Lnndin 
spent Christmas vacation at tiie home 
of W:L HcCnim.| i 

Mrs. F. J. Austad and son Ole are 
visitors at the Arthur -Anderson ham& 
in Bmc^on, N. D. -j , 

Miss Adalia Wiener -visited at cur 
school ^Wednesdaylaftteriioon. 

• ; r — i^ • 

Washmgton School, Dist. 221. 
„ Oara Sortiison, Teacher. 

Buth Seeland and Ruth Vigen n M 
Bemidji spent their Christmas vaca- 
tion at' the Oscar Seeland home. 
N- During vacationj Mable Seeland vis- 
ited wi^ relatives, in St. HBaire. 

MisS| Ruth Toi^elson! returned to 
Minneapolis last Tuesday, after spend- 
ing th^ holidays at her I home here. 

Mr. iWiken and| son Martin were 
bnaness callers in Thief River Falls 

Mr. and Hisl'F. K Brown and &mi- 
ly were, visitoks at 'P; E. Johnsons' 
SnndaJI livening. -. r 

Mr. and; His. p. J. Peterson were 
■visitors at .Anton Petersons' Sunday 

Hiss Evelyn Peterson went back to 
her school in Deer Park township on 
Sunday afternoon after spending her 
vacatioh at her homfe 

Mrs. P. W. Culkins visited at the 
Larson home Sunday afternoon. 
. Bennie Larson wa8>''a visitor at the 
Culkins home Sunday. 

Mrs. Brown and dan^ter Hilfred 
were at .Anton P^ersons* Wednesday. 

Theo. N^orth and Margaret Tubbe 
visited at the Ed. Evenson home Sun- 

'T. S.' Iverson called at the Culkins 
home Thursday evoiing. 

Theo. Niewoith.was a caller at La- 
bucks' Monday. 

Hr. and Mrs. 0. J. Peters<m visited 
at the .A. Peterson home last Sunday. 

Mildred Brown called' at the Anton 
Peterson home Monday. 

Htige Helgeison called at the O. J. 
Petersons' Tuesday afternoon. 

Jtlose.wlio received perfect attend- 
aiice' jc^ri^^tea this month were 
Oscar and'^3mer Brown, John and 
CasperPetersbn, Lloyd and .Arvid Pet- 
erson, and Oli^ Nelson. 

Frank Phdps visited at the Browns' 
Wednesday evening. * 

■Alfred Hdgerson.. ground feed at 
the Culkins home Tnursday and l-ri- 

Gilma Helgers<m was absent Thurs- 
day and Friday on account of illness. 

Theo. and John Nieworth were call- 
ers at Lewis Johnson^ last Tuesday. 

Toritelson home last 


jMrs. 0. Ness and son of Canada, 
V!io have been visiting at Gatzke the 
past week, left Saturday for Hendrum. 

Miss Mary .\nderson returned to 
Fargo Monday after spending the holi- 
davs ■visiting' her parents. 

M. - " - - 

Henrv Young left Wednesday for iTS Koraip' aSd' Lom-e Nitzschke f^ BaKtad on account of 1">™ ed^_tte 0_ 
D£luth"and tie twin cities on a busi- made a quick trip to Dr. Kirby last duti^ ?nd Euby Solmonson on ac- Wednesday evemng. 
n^ -trio Monday ^ " j ' count of an attack of measles. 1 Oscar Seeland and daughter Ruth 

Sir and Mr= B D Tuttle of Fargo i ■ J« Digemess and Swan Arveson ' Mabel Shefveland returned to New- , caUed at Lokken;s on Sunday. 
wlsSwdle River business visitor^ have been batching during the absence ton's place on Sund^^ Hans Lokfcen entertained a few 

F^tov and Satoday of Mrs. Digemess and little daughter en where she spent her vacation with friends last Saturday, i The evening 

Warew Peter<^on of Holt, -was a Edna. ■ i >erparente. _ ' was spent by playing cards and doing 

M'dSe^I-erb.Stae^'v-ifitor^eeni Mr. andMrs. A^^ ; j 

tatasSatoday al>°sin^stript<>Traa:Tuesday. ,tte Oscar Omuudson home a week, John Hanson Juled ^cod from his 

Ui=s N'ettie Thompson spent the ' Miss Minm^e Nitzschke, while walk- au™>S ^^V^"™- , . -, , . farm to Thief River Falls last week. 

wS^lndafher^omlinSt^thcona. -^^.^"-'L^Z'^' "^ "^^ ''''^^ .^z^^'^^i'f^i^^i' ^ga Lokken is' now j employed at 
jjohn Hohsler of Gatzke, rehnned had uncxpect^ company home. ; ?^,°^?™' ™"*^ " Melgelands ^^ ^^ PedersMi home, south of 

th^l^'^^Jtt^^ '^ "" ^Vi^ o^u'lf^ffe'^^ ^^/JT-? ^^ y^^ "^^^ Dahl visL ith the B ^An 
3g^*d|sp!|*^^on autoed ^ft^o^ackso^^ Oregon, where Hd^d^^^^g C^aa.^^ I^^,^^ ™^ wiU. ^.e B. A„- 

^^Ml^cirj'Siumed Satur-^'^^^iSi^^fgr'^the Mr. SbtaKuison on^^yj^^;^!^^^ 

tUTe ^Z'fi'^^^'^ ^"^ ""1"°' "^ ' " '"""^ ""^'- N^i^n's^tp'^k^:™"*^:^*,^^ ^^ ' 

si^nt tne p^ two weexs. _ _ _ ^^ 1 f, Odin Bolstad and Bjorgo ; Newtoa ; ,JMifl Dahl vras a visitor at G. Moe's 

' SOSEiWOOD I left for South Dakota where tiiey' will tut-Tnesday. 

'* ■ ^ i * be employed by a bridge' company. ^ ] AbEiBd and .Herman Htraberg visited' 

Rosewood Farm Qab Meeting.. Mrs. Thompson and her three chil- at Ihihl's last Sunday. 

The bi-monthly meeting of the dren visited with her. sister, Mrs. O. • ctet Gustafsonlcalled at the H. O. 
,..=.^.6 „=. r~»"- RosOTfood Farmers' ddb vras held at Hdpland during vacation. _ . -wiken home last Thursday evening. 

Kotchevar of Stratscona spent t^e Kosewood haU last Saturday even- Mrs. H. O. Giwde and dan^t«, ^„ " 

Sunday in this village ™S and attended by some over one Helen, the Hegreness young folks and i , : ia,_rf re^. uo. El 

Dr. E. D. ElUot and Miss Myrtle hundred persons. IJe. meeting was the A. Barstad faimly.^ert ^±sts at! ,. ja^ -^^Ayra^ei 
Creag of Warroad spent Saturday at "P™"' at 8:15 by President Ranum, the Solmonson home lastThuraday iiyia2A^^^wa^p;tersbn 

tbp (fravplle hnmo the roll was called, minutes. of last Miss Belle Syverson from this dis-_ ^"J^YS-^v" a°° W '"''"'' ^™rson 

H rH£l iTconducang a sale at 'meeting read and approved!^A ripirt tri^ at the hospital at Thief River J^T^^ ^ ^ Gilbertsons' Dec- 
the GiUer store. He is assisted by Ole ^om the committee purchasing the Falls, where she recenUy underwent ^-^ «^^ eawVeis -Jibb at Martin 
Granum of Thief River Falls. P'ano was submitted, and as that was an operation. ti.i„J^„1^^„^^ ^^ 

Miss Mildred Haroldson of Gatzke ?<>* p' fuUy paid it was voted jthat Miss Agnes Newton left^n Tuesday ''^^^ G^lL ^^'^ visitor at 
left Wednesday for Thief River Falls 'he treasury belongmg to the old mormng fo)r her school ^Tikmg. CaS^^sorf IllSw T^ 

after spending tie ioUdavs witi her Farmers' club operating in 1920; be Miss Celia Bjorge left on Sunday ^-^Hiuoertsons-,! uecemoer vJ. 
parents. turned over to the new treasury and for her school near -Viking. . ! 

IH. C. Stone spent Sunday visiting the piano be paid. for. jt was. decided _.' 'the .regular raeeting-of the-Silvei>. 
his parents at Straticona. that the meetings hereafter be con- ton section Of the Teachers Beading" 

In. K- Harris of Thief River Falls, ducted on Friday evenmgs instead of Circle will be held on Saturday, Jan. 
w^ a Middle River business -risitor Saturday, and our next meeting be 19, when the first half of this years 
Monday. held on Friday night, January 25. As work will be completed. All members 

iGunitan Bergland of Thief River lunci committee for the meeting of please try to be there. — ^Mable Shefve- 
Falls spent Sunday at tie Evert Pel- January 25 was appointed Adolph land. Leader, 
tola home. Haugen, and as program committee -. *^ 

I Pete Deschne returned Saturday for the meeting of February 8, Percy Hummer School, Dist. 31. ' 

from the twin dties where he has -vis- Hanson. The meeting! was now left L. 0. Stenseth and B.. B. Hamm er 
ittd the past three -weeks. o^" to the program committee ! -who were callers at Thief River Falls Wed- 

[Mrs. M. Kotchevar and daughter of rendered a fine prograni. .. - ' nesday. .r 

Strathcona arrived to ^•isit at the H. . ■ i L. O. Stenseth was a caUer on Mr. 

Cj. Stone home. ' The funeral of the ' oldest boy of Shumway Thursday. 

I Mayor F. H. Brown of Warroad -ri.=-- Mr. and Mrs. Mdvin Pelieison of Thief Mrs. Alfred Skjerping visited at the 
ited at the Gravelle home Friday while River Falls, and who died at that place E. -AngcU home Wednesday, 
on iis way to Thief River Falls. last Sunday, January j 6th, was-con- "^he Bethania Ladies' Aid will be 

! Sliss Florence Peltola left Sunday ducted at the Rindal cemetery I last entertained by Mrs. Christ Larson on 
for ier school near Newf olden after Wednesday, and attended by a nuinber January 16. ' . 

of friends and relatives. Mrs. Peder- Mrs. Stenseth and children, Annie 

son formerly was Miss' Laura Hall of and Lynn were callers on Mrs. Shum- 
this place. ' j Vay Sunday. ; 

A delightful birthday party ! was Mr. and Mrs. Larson and daughters 
tendered Joel E. Shobetj, at his tome Evelyn and Lillian, Mr. and Mrs. B. - 
last Wednesday evening by a cumfcer 2* Hammer, Qiffoid Anderson were 
of his friends of this place and I'hief callers on E. .Engell Tuesday. 
River Falls. Several pretty presentsN Signe and Ruth Stenseth were call- 
were left in commemoration of the ers oh Christ Larson last Sunday. 
event and a delirious 1 birthday Icake Edith, Arthur, Lewis and Johnny 
vras brought along. The evening was Stenseth were callers on Herman and 
very pleasantly passed in a social Selma Beiswinger last Sunday, 
way. i I B. B. Hammer and son -Bendik were 

Juel" Lambert, from! Gully, wis in callers on P. Wold last Sunday, 
town between trains ilast Thursday Misses Agnes, Signe and Leonella 
-visiting .with his .-vfriend,, James -Angell were callers on A. Skjenping 
Thompson, and also investigating the Sunday afternoon, 
possibilities of going into the grocery TiiHian Larson and Leonella Angell 
business here. \ have been absent from school this 

Miss Ethel Styrlun-l from 'Viking, week on account of Ulness. 
arrived on Friday evening and! will Augusta Beiswinger returned to her 
remain over Sunday las guest Iwith school after spending, her Christmas 
Mrs. EmH Anderson and other friends vacation at the home of ihef parents, 
at this place. j 1 Mr. and Mrs. C. Beiswinger. 

Miss Julia Axelscn,] wha has Ibeen Mabel Jacobson spent her Christmas 
employed at the JamestCosgrove home vacation at her home near Eratka. 
at Thief River Falls the last month. Mrs. Alfred Skjerping and son 
arnved home on Uoniby and will re- Adolph were visitors at &e EL -Angell 
main with her mother for some time, home recently. 

Miss Bertha Eemmeiri returned to Oscar and Scvert Brekke were bas- 
her home at Thief River Falls! on iness calleis at Goodridge Thursday. ' 
Thursday evening aft^ -visiting for a Evelyn and lillian Larson were call- 
week wifli the A. M. Giillseth family, ers on Buth Brekke Sunday. 

Cashier O. a Hellerud left -[last Evelyn Laisoh and Buth BreUe 
.Tue^dgy.,fdr.Crook?to^v«h«ri W wSl vtere caUmat the Ole Chiistoffeison 
attend a directors' meeUnp^of I the home last 'Thursday. ■ 

banking establishment If or which he is Flody Lane has put up his ice for 
Icashier at this phice. j Mrs.:JIelIerud the winter with the help of Oscar 
visited with at -Jhief Rber Brekke, Casper Wiener and Johnny 
Falls dunng Mr. Hellehid's absence. Wiener. 

John Bloom returned on Sattmlav Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lendobejia 
monung from Thief Paver Falls where were caHers at the S. E. Brekke home 
he has been visiting with'his daughter last Sunday. 
:Mra Uoyd Crown fori a few days. Olgar Nyhus was a caller on Sievert 

Mrs. Albert Paulsoji returned on Brekke last Monday. 
ITiursday evening from Viking where Mrs. P. H. Lnne was a caller on 
she has been visiting at the Nord- Mrs. Sievert Brekk& 



City View School Dist. lis. . 

Messrs. Harry Ness and .Albert ' 
Johnson were visitors! -at tiie Emil * 
Ness home Wednesdayitiight. 

Messrs. Carl and Ole Feragen were - 
callers at the E. E. ' Ness home last 
Sunday ni^t. 

Those who received perfect attend- 
ance certificates for the month of D.e-! 
were Evan'gelihe Ness, £ldred 
Ayersi' Ardis Ayers, Bessie Singer, 
LQlas Olsiai, Namum Olson, Kenneth 
Olson.. I Sq^ Olson, Iji^ftiuA OJsoS^ 
Harriet Soronsoii, Edward"Sbrdis(m/^_ 
Ina Sjoisvold and Geia Sjorsrold^ '- 
. :. •♦« iu^. -J- 

WIDoWdale SdooL l.\'~ 

He tenth meel&g of the -Smun^i-r 
League was called to order .Jtn^'Jhe.i' 
president at 9:16 a. m. Friddy,^ Ja|^ 
U, 19ZL iH«eting opened Sy'idii^'". 
ing "Aneriea." HoU^lcaR HjMiiertP'' ■ 
tary. A [inntes of last meeting read hy ' 
secretary and accepted as-irad. ^Flae^,,j . 
salute ' ^yen. Pr^r readijr'ESia'' . 
Bye. Sopal discusrion. -It was dfedd?-'-"-' 
ed to have ;a ta#y pull Saturday,^ Jan. : 
19. Motion ntade to adjourn. C^tifi' 

Albe^ Lappegard went to 
River Falls Wednesday. ■ >. ^ 

Ole Lappegard and AlberfX^p 
gard add Chas. .- &gmoen Went^ t^ ; 
Nordhagen's Wednesday to grind fee£$ ^ 

Laura and Delbert Eron visited-^ ^ 
Fred LorentsoA's in Thief River FaHs, 
Monday! evening.'. ~: ' 


Oak Paifc School J)i9t. 52. 

The Ladles* Aid society of the Nor- 
wegian ' church . was , entertained by 
Mzi. F^te' Gosta&on at her home last 
Tuesday afteznoon. ■ 

Adolph Peterson started school last 

Ole and Gunny Gunderson left for 
the' lumber camps the second day of 
January. ■ 

Our school opened Monday, January 
7, after a two weeks* vacation. We 
ail had a very pleasant vacation, and 
are ready for hard work again. 

Fred and Walter Lundeen were ousi- 
ness callsrs at Bhoda one day last 

Mariand Skreland started school on 
Uonday in Distziet 52. 

Sdmer Hofstad has been absent be- 
cause of illness. 

Oak Park Sdtool Dist 53. 

]£ss Ann Badmeekt who atteided 
school in this district before Christ- 
mas vacation, is now- in Thief River 
Falls where ^le is going to schooL 

Mrs. T. G. Rome! and daughter 
Bergina and Gunder and Hariand 
Skreland were visitors at the Sam 
Gandeistm home Sunday. 

Oscar, Emil and Herbert Luhdeen, 
left January 2 for £ffie, Mfna^ where 
they expected to be employed. 

EaWeil Schocd Dist. No. 28. 

Sarah Sanders, Teacher. 

£lev«i! popilf received perfect at-, 
tendancpj book marls .for November. * 
Those ^o?^ received tlwtm were^ fol- 
lows: . utilia Berggren, Ellen Berg- 
gren, lAlpboi Berggren, Louveme 
Biorn^Si liee-Biom, Gladys Hamion, 
AnnaH&egrraes, . Casper Hegreped^ 
GustavJGunderson, Evelyn Letnes and 
David Ottum. , 

Miss] Gladys Berggren visited tiie ' 
Elwell school Wednesday afternoon. 

The Y.P.rS., together witii a-radio- ^ 
phone |»arty, will meet at the Ryne- 
stad homel Wednesday ev^iing. ' i~ 

Mrs. p'osholmi and daughter Christ-.': 
ine are spending a short vacation at 
the Ha4vor Fos^ home. - - 

The Silverton Y. P. S. met at the 
church I basement last Sunday, Mrs. . 
Peterson serving lunch. 

Mr8.[W. Berg was a caller at Ole 
Ottums^ home on Thursday. 

George JA. Gunderson and. son' 
Gustavi were eaS^^ at the J. J. Heg- 
r^es home last Wednesday evening. 

Mrs. La. Barstad and son Ainer were 
visitors at the.Hegemes home Tues- 
day ev^ng. 

J. J. [Hegrcncs made a trip to Good- 
ridge last Tuesday by car. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Kued called at the 
Woolsqn home last Tuesday evening. 

H. 0. Woolson shipped six turkeys 
to Venice, Ohio. 

Miss! Elodie Pamson and George 
Daleyyisited the H, C. Woolson home 
lats Thursday evening. 


— because, when they usM to 
wear armor, thei though' it 
safe to remove tfe hetnet 
when talking to a friend. 
This action, a compliment 
passed into our custom- of 
raising the hat. Customers 
compliment us on 

Aspirin Tablets 

because they gain from them 
safe relief from colds, grippe 
and headache. 

Absolutely true aspirin, 
tablets so skillfally made that 
their beneficial action be- 
gins in 15 seconds. Highest 
purity, never irritate or bum. 

One. ofr 26fi Puretest prep-. 
arations.j Every Item tiie 
best that skill and conscience 
can produce. 

J. P. Curtis 

3Zw 1!gxa£& 2tn« JAM 

gaard and Styrlund liomes for 

Swedish services at^ Rosewood 
Sunday, January 20, at 10.-30 a.m, 
at 7:30 pjn. by Rev. iWemer Dnrtts. 
oj 'Viking. All welcome. 


I Genieve Ferdinandson entertained a 
'few of her friends on Her fourth buitli- 
;day Saturday evening. The evening 
;was spent in-playing games. and at 
'ten o'clock a dainty^ lunch was f^rved^ 
' t'^fb- "flowing gu&n^': Ruth McDott> 
I aid, Hazd Thoreson, Ethd Halverson. 

two Pupils in the atizenship class tell- 
ing how the president is dected, maide 
on the statement that the election was 
and h^d the fi?st Tuesday altpr'the-fitst, 
***° Monday in November. Seeoiid-pn^: 
"What if Tuesday comes oh Saturday, 
win they have the Section any^ray?" 
Those who were nel^er-al»snt :nor 
tardy this mobdi are^Selma and fiez^ 
man Beiswinger* _'B*nT><ffth- Hamxber 
and Theodore Skierpiug. ,- 

- Hiawafka SdiQoL . : 

MOdied Shefveland. Teadier. ^ 

Sdiool opened again on Hoaday^af- 

" ' ' 'Fat' xtocinrtku- entered acbou ffiuT 
week, Tnnlring our total enroUment 38 



I i of the 

Fitst National Bank 

at the dose of business, December 31, 1923 

Loans and Discounts 
Overdrafts -. 


U^' S., Liberty and Municipal Bonds- 

Banking House, Furniture and Fixtures . 

Adjoining Building ^ 

Oliher Real Estate : __ 

Cash on Hand and Deposited in Federal Re- 
serve Bank and National Banka^ - 



Surplus __:_ 

Undivided Profits — : 

Currency in Circulation . 


95.91 . 












Ainount of Reserve on Hand, Dea 31, 1923 $164,587.91 

Amount of Reserve Required by Law, Dec. 31_ 

Amount of Reserve on 
Hand, Jan. 15, 1924 . . 


This strong National Bank, ■with resources of 
nearly One Million Dollars, is at your disjiosal 
and is ready and willing to Serve yoi£ , 







R FALLS TRPBITNE ^ W|Ea>NBSPAY. jamuaby ie, isM 


Roosevelt School, . 

Sigrud and Esther Wasley hSve at- 
tended school every day for four 
months, which entitles them to a large 

Jennie Konning and Norval Johnson 
left Monday for Frontier, Minn. 

Oliver Ronnmu is omployefl at Hal- 
vor Olson's place, while the latter 
is at Thief River Falls taking medical 

George Bugge, Clarence Johnson, 
Emil and Walter Martinson, called on 
Oliver Ronning Wednesday evening. 

Clarence Loftus left on Monday for 
Colton, S. D.v after a briefV visit at 
his father's place, K, T. Loftus. 

Mrs. Martinson and son Emil called 
at the home of Casper Osnesa Sun- 
day. J, i 

Theodore Halbash visited at T. J. 
Wasley's Monday afternoon. 

Gertrude and Rudolph Olson; enter- 
ed school Monday. i 

K. T. Loftus and Walter Martinson 
made a trip to Thief River Falls last 
Thursday. i 

Isabelle Wasley called at the^O. Ol- 
son home Sunday afternoon, i 

Walter Martinson made a ^rip to 
Viking Friday. 

Oliver Ronning helped K. T. |Loftus 
haul wood last Friday. ' 

Conrad and Oliver Ronnlnng called 
at the John Bugge homo Tuesday 

Emil Swanson has been absent from 
school for a few days on accotml of 

Mr. and Mrs! Woolson and family 
were visitors ai the Sellar; home New 
Years eve. ! 

A number off friends visited at the 
Halvor Fodstod' home Christmas Day. 

Mr. and Mrs. Syvert Hanson and 
family and Heiiry Hanson and family 
visited at the jHalvor FoSstad home 
last Friday. 1 | 

Miss Emma Hanson is now staying 
at the Henry Hansonjhome for a shBrt 
while. I I 

A number of neighbors visited at 
the Keiren home December 27. 

John Letnes and his two 'sons, Thom- 
as and Jonny from, Crookston, visited 
at the Jens Letnes home January 6. 

Halvor Fodstad, Ole Ferstad, Carl 
Wold, Hans and Gylia Fpsholm, Mr. 
and Mrs. Hans Eued, Edward Heiren 
and family, and H.iG. Hanson were 
visitors at the jJens Letnes home Jan. 


Mr. and jMtsJEnadle and daughter 
Florence were visitors at the Wi J 
Jands honje Sunday evening 

Tom Senfiin returned here Thursday 
January S jfromlDuluth, where he has 

Ut. and Mrs Rpy Halseth of 6o«d 
ridge were at the McMahon home 
Sunday to take home their daughter 
Ardith, who spent her vacation there 

Mr and Mjs. C W Connell and 
family and Mr Rasmusson visited 
at the McMahon home Sunday the 6th 

Roland Christie of Thief Wver 
flails spent the yacation at\McM8. 
hbn's after New Years. 
' Joseph Hegrenes and ~ Einar- Bar-' 
stad were employed at the ,H. 0.; ^ 
Grinde home during the-holiday sea-; *""?■ _ 
son. .1 - < ""• ^' 

Thora Homme returned 
River Falls Monday after .apehding |V/'''^'^i^!"i= "X^nT 
'^ f^ ^' her; parents- home -iG^--," ^J^^^^^t^e^i^-"-^^^ 
tmsmstnci. >„■.''.(, itwo weeksfChrictmas vacation at their 

Misses Selma and Orastena Heg- resnective (homes here. They are both 

been employed, 

Leonard I Knadle, who is attendmg 
high Thief Biver Falls went 
back to town Saturday aftemooii. 

iEveryonp whi) attended the New 
Year -party at jthe town.- hall jNew 
Years eve |reports haviiig had*B good 

Knadle was a caller at 
i^^ltie Victb'rISwapson home Monday. 
' Florence' Knadle was a visitor at 

FOR TRADE— for Fordson Tractor 

and plows, a 1917 Case car in good 

repair Plummer Land Co 44 

FOR RENT— Large well improved 
stock and grain farm in Helgeland 
Township, Polk County Will offer 
very liberal proposition. Call or wnte 
Empire Farms Company, 'i- . 44tf 

miles south of city. C. F41k,rB 8 46p 

: FOR- SALE OB RENT— 270 acres 
four (iniles from Thief River Falls. 
Good buildings. All nnder eulUvatioS 
acres alfalfa. Liquire at Tribune 

I W. A. Bishop. " jlStf 

I for small farms, Ave to forty acres, 
located within a half mile to fiva 
miles from town. Those having! such 
^roperiy to sell, wnte ns or call '''at 
onrj office. Einpire Farms Co. i 32tt 

IP JYOU WANT TO BENT a touie, f 
I a' flat, or a duipl««, call 68. U.y^: 
Evenson. ; ZBtij 

(Too late for 

last week) 


Of all the rainbow's beautiful hues. 
Do you choose today to have the 

blues? I 

If it must be blue, why, then, not use 
Some shade of blue way up; in the 

Or the lilting blue in the baby's eyes? 
And there's the blue-bell, violets too — 
Whose modesty and fragrance woo 
Your' sunniest smiles — if you must 

choose blue. 

—Mrs. A. E. Beebe. 

Banner School, Dist. 52. 
Clara Grinde, Repotrter. 

Mrs. H. O.i Grinde arid daughter 
Helen visited Saturday and Sunday at 
the Ole E. Grinde home. \ 

Mr. and Mrs. Barstad and family, 
Mrs. H. 0. Grinde and daughter Hel- 
en, and Mr. and Mrs. Berggren and 
family, spent Sunday at the .0. E. 
Grinde home. ; ; I 

Mrs. H. O.j Grinde and daughter, 
Mrs. Gran land daughter;- Mrs. Nor- 
dahl and daughter Alice, |Neva Burt- 
ness, Harriet i Valaria and Colettla 
Reller, Gladys and | Theodore Serg- 
gren, Christeria, Olga, ;Selma and. 
Joseph Hegrdies, Adeline and Ray 
Solmonson; iRina,|' Clara, Ellen 
and Melvin Gt^de spent Friday at the 
A. Barstad home. Games iwere played 
and limch was seryed, and all went 
sleighriding oh the way home. 

S. McMahon visited "Thief Biver 
Falls Mondayj on business. 


renes, Enar Barstad, William West- 
by and iMelvin Grinde attended the 
basket social and radio concert given 
at T. K. Rynestad's home Wednesday 
evening, January^. - ■ " . ' 

Ole Homme Jr., was a - visitor - at 
some of the neighbors last Sunday. 

Ole and Gustave Homme went to' 
town in their car'last Saturday. 

Ole Homme assisted R. Mayhew 
with the work Friday. 

School started Monday after vaca- 
tion. "There .were eleven pupils pres- 
ent and four absent. ' • . - - - 
• --•.•_, ;•»» -- — _^ - 

Annie Christopherson, Reporter. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gnhrand Monsebraat- 
en and daughter from Saskatchewan, 
Canadaj visited at the: home of Nils 
Christopherson Saturday. 

R. A. Gausen and family and Nils 
Christopherson and family were' visi- 
tors at theh ome of John Sundt last 
Sunday. | 

Edward, Caroline, and Lawrence 
Senum were absent from school Mon- 
day. I 

"The Silverton school had two weeks 
vacation for Christmas. 

Clarence Peterson 'and Adolph 
Christopherson left January 4 for Be- 
midji. They ei^ct to be away all 
winter. { 

John Sorum of Hillshord, N. D., -who 
has been visiting here for a month, 
returned to his home a short time ago. 



respective 'homes here. ' They are both 
attending high Ischool. ' , 

John Braznay, who has been very 
ill is -rapidly: improving. . 

Tony Kozojed, who has been Work- 
ing at the round house is laid up be: 
cause of illness. 

Mr. and Mrs; Halvor Moe were vis- 
itors at Sam :'Grovand'a New Years 
Day. I . '1 

Mr. an^ Mrs. Andrew Carlson and 
family were visitors at the home ' of 
A. J. Gai)don New Years Day. 


iiiig machine. . Cheap. ; Has West- 

inghouse'Aiotor. Apply C. Storholm, 

724 LaBree avenue north. 40tf' 


Washing Machine 
Westinghouse motor. 

holm, 724 LaBree avenue north. 40tf 



cheap. Has 

Apply C. Stot 

WANTED — Sewing of any kind to do 
at hoine. First house north of Phy- 
sicians hospital. Phone 132. Mrs. 
•^m. N. Elofson. 46pd 

I haniess and wagon for sale cheap. 
One 1920 Ford touring car complete 
with spot light and self starter. In- 
quire of H. B. Eockne, Goodridge, 
Minn. - 45 


full basement; 4 lots; on east side; 

WANTED— Cleai^ cotton rags free 
! from buttons. 5c. per pound. The 

for sale on easy terms. 
S. Dahlen. 

Inquire of H. 
: '^ lOtf 

WOOD SAWING— S. F. Sherbon, tel- 
ephone 463-J. 624 Riverside Ave. 

- ; 88tf 

LAND l)OR iSALE— 6r trade for 
city dwellingj or land in this vicinity 
for 80 acres of land in Hubbard coun- 
ty. Good soil,' no thistles nor ditch 
lien. School house on- land. C. M. 
Evenson, ' 611 iDuluth Ave. N., City 

- - :- r - 42tf 

FOB SALE CHE.AP— Womans good 
cloth coat with fur collar. Inquire at 
Tribune office. S6tf 


Call 244^, or 1 112 Kendall avenue 
south. - ; , j . 44-45p 

Farm one and one-half- miles south 
of 'Viking. Very best bbil for pota- 
aoes or sugar beets. - Yonr own terms. 
Liquire of B. B. Basmoson at Shaw's 
office. 6-tf 

FOE S.ALE-T.A number of young 
June hatched Mammoth < Bronze 
turkey toms and S. C; Brown Leg- 
horn cockerelsJ Mrs. 0. N. Olson, 
Minnehaha Farm, R 3. 

HAY FOE SALE— at $5 and ?6 per 

ton in stack] Gordon M. Olson, 

City, R 1; Box '65. 44-Btp 

BOOMS FOR BENT — Furnished 
and modem. 811 LaBree Ave. N. 35tf 

We have some clients who will trade , 
iOregon land in the Williamette Val- 
;ley, for improved farms here. If you 
'are interested in Oregon come and 
see us. Empire Farms Co. 42tf 

Suits<made from old garments. Com- 
municate with Mrs. Adolph Bolstad, 
1%, mile south of Alves school house, 
or leave order at Strand's grocery 
store; . tf 

room with two beds. Inquire at Trib- 
une office. 25tf 

We are receiving some inquiiy for 
improved farms dose to town. -H you 
want' to sell your farm, call at our 
office. Empire Farms' Company. 


house for rent Apply to W. A. 

Bishop.- S2tf 

Remember the old time whatnot 
that I used to stand right near the 
horsehair sofa, close to the wax 
flowers ? 

District No. 34. V 

Myrtle Mandt and Martha Radeck 

Miss Martha Radeck was a visitor 
at the George Singer home Sunday 

Alice Anderson and Myrtle; Mandt 
were visiting at the George Singer 
home Sunday evening. 

ilr. and Mrs. Rodman were :visitors 
at the Ben SzymansM home Sunday. 
. Jliss Helen Szynianski is visiting 
with her relatives in Mavie. ' 

John Eisbrenner was visiting at 
James Radeck's home Sunday after- 

Mrs. -Mike and Lewis Singer and 
Anton . Johnson were at James Ra- 
deck's Jielping with wood sawing last 

Jlr. ami Mrs. 0. M. Mandt and chil- 
dren and Jlr. and Mrs. Gunder Ander- 
son and children were visitors at the 
P. Gustafson home Sunday. 

Jlrs. K. Syversrud and children 
were visiting at Ben Kveste's home 
last iSuaday. 

Jliss Glen Syversrud, who has been 
employed at Fertile, returned home 
Slonday afternoon. 

Victor Singer made a trip to Ene 
last Wednesday. 

Victor Singer and Mr. and Mrs. Ben 
Szymanski were at Anton Johnson's 
home Tuesday evening. 

O. M. Mandt went to Mcintosh on 
a business trip Wednesday. 

Leonard Singer was a visitor at the 
home of James Radeck Sunday after- 
Oames r.adcck is helping John Eis- 
- brenne \vith wood sawing. 

Jljs-s ;.Iartha Singer was a visitor 
at the James Radeck home Sunday. 

Olaver Bakken was home for a few 

Mr-s. Tobias Olson died December 
29, and buried at the Oak Park 
church, Saturday, January 5, 1924. 



Elwell School, Dist. 28. 
John Letnes, Reporter. 
The Elwell school had a Christmas 
program in their school December 2. 
-After,, the program, candy, nuts and 
.apples were distributed to the chil- 
xlren and parents. 

A Christmas program was held at 
Silverton church December 26. After 
the program the ladies aid served 
lunch. Many attended arid all had a 
good time. 

The silverton Y. P. S. held a basket 
social at the Rynestad home last Wed- 
nesday evening, January 2. 

Lawrence Letnes, an eighth grade 
graduate of the Elwell. school in 1921, 
is now attending the Northwest School 
of Agriculture at Crookston. - 

A number of friends, Mr. and Mrs. 
Ole E- Grinde. Mr. and Mrs. O. N. 
Anderson, Mrs. L. 0. Grinde, Lars 
and Enner Barstad, were callers at 
the Gust Berggren home last Sunday. 
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hegrenes- and 
family visited at the Gunderson home 
last Monday evening. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thoiscn and family 
^vere visitors at Gunderson's home 
December 28. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Heggrenes and 
family were visitors at the P. 0. 
Mondson home last week. 

Miss Nellie Ottum returned to her 
home the 21st from Crookston for a 
two weeks' vacation. 

Theodore and Carl Berggren and 
Leonard and Ole Ottum were callers 
at the A. Barstad home ISst Sunday. 
Miss Myrtle Ottum returned home 
from Thief River Falls the 21st for a 

Mr. and Mrs. Janda, Mr. and Mrs. 
Sellar and family, visited at the H. C. 
Woolson home Saturday evening. 

IAN you imagine six h^vindred 
million dollars? ^ I 

This is aboutthe lowest estimate of 
the amount lost by the people every 
year in fake stock-selling schemes. 

In 99 cases out of 1 00, the fraud is 
represented to be some far off, dis-| 
tantly located project, that is:tQ| 
make its stockholders rich over| 
night. • . ; i 

Six hundred mijlion dollars v^p^ldj 
build much productive property 
and provide many useful putjlic 
improvements in the course of al 


Once paid to the; army of fakfe stock 
salesmen it is (dissipated for] abbut 
everything else except needed de- 
velopment. : 

Frauds don't last as long as boni^ 

fide propositions among the people 
of the tow^ns they are supposed to 

be located in. . 

■ ' <^ • 

A home business institution that 
has existed a good many years and 
is your first-hand neighbor is usu- 
ally pretty solid. ' 

When al home institution invito 
you to become financially inter- 
ested it is not ashamed of it^ rqcord. 
It's there for you to inspect 

The money you inves]t at home not 
only stays home;, but helps to| build 
up your commiinity and your own 

There are plenty of actually good 

investments "right here at hdnie'* 

—no need to send ypur sayirigs on 

a trip tOjdistant pastures, 


Initfispment Depariment 

NortherfeiStates Power 

•;••:■ ' '■"■■J.Gomp 

Minneapolis, Minnesbta 





?'?j*-;?»:>T^»t>j*i".'-': 5,r 



Qninton SduioL 
I Geneva Orenun, Teacher. 

Wicg Myrtle Lee visited at Saiaflik's 
Saturday and Sonday. / 

Grace Nelson visited at Kolestrand's 
' Sunday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Skatberg called at 
yad's Sunday. 

John'Hustad and A. Svanagaid 
visited at Lee's Tuesday evening. 

Mr. FSnstad visited at Kolestrand's 
last Sunday evening. 

Mrs. 0. G. Lee toured to Thief Ev- 
er Fan* Tuesday. 

Miss Anna Stalma returned to her 
sister's home in Thief Eiver Falls af- 
ter visiting Mrs. Nesteby. 

Mr. and Mrs. Iverson and family 
visited at the Otto Stucy home Sun- 

Mr. and Mn. Edwin Syversrad, 
^Irs. Knut Syversrad and lier two 
daughters Ruth and Gladys were 
pleasant callers at the Ben Kveste 
'home Sunday. 

.\sbjor and Gyro Kveste visited at 
the Kolestrand home Tuesday evening. 

Willie Swanson visitttd at tiie Kveste 
home for a few days this week. 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kjos, daughter 
Cora and Geneva Overum visited at 
Aslak Svanajord's last Sunday. 

itlK I 


the date of tUa notlee itbe stun of *Qavt 
Tbonsuid I>oIlsa (fS,Odai») and interest 
thereon firom DeDcmber Jlat, 18!2 at 6 per 
cent per annmn, and One Hondred Highty 
Dollats (IISOJOO) and Interest tbneon trom 
December 1st. 1921 at tt[ per c»t per an- 
num, and Oiw Hondxedi Klfhty Dollats 
(fisa.00) and Interest. thereon from Decem- 
ber 1, laS at 6 per coift per annum, ana 
also the stun of 8e«ait7-flTe DoBan 
t$7S.O0) for attomey's Ibes. as prvrided 
for in said moztsasv, and no action or 
proceedlnc has been In^titnted at Uv or 
In eqnitr to reeorer that debt seenred bT 
said mortose or any p«rt thereof. . 

NOW, THEBKFORB, I notiee is" hereby 
eiren that nndec and by Mitno of the pow- 
er of sale contained la said mortsaxe. and 
pntsnant to the statnte fat saeh ease^mado 
and proTided. the said rmorttmse wffl he 
fiiredosed by a sale of the mflrtmed 
premises at pablle anetfcin by the SbeiiB 
of Pesninston Ooimty tf tbe hichest bid- 
der therefor for cash oniSatnrday. the 1st 
day of March. 1S24. at tea o'clock In the 
forenoon, at the front #oor of tbelGonit 
Honse, in the Qty of TUef Btfer FaBs. in 
Pennington Cotmty, Minneaota. to aatlsfy 
the amount which wHl then and there be 
dne on said moitease fo^ principal and in- 
terest, costs and ehargei of sale, taxes If 
any on said premises, and said Serenty- 
fiTc Donais «73^) fori attorney's foes. 
said mortcared premises to be sold tyinr 
and beins in the Ootinty of Pennington 
and State of Hlnnesotai and morel parti- 
enlarly described as follows, to-wit: 

The East Half of the Northwest: Qnai^ 
ter (E% of NWH). and- Lots nnmberrf 
One (1> and T^o <2). of: Section SerenCTK 
in Townshin/One Snndred Ftfty-three 
(153>;Northrof Hange i Thirty-nine (»> 
W«t" of toe 5th P. it., contalnlne; 15U5 
acres, more or less, according to the 
fTOTernment Enrrey .therdoL 
Daied. Janoary 2nd. Ifl5-t. : 


As AsBignie of Mortgagee. 
W. E. KL'NZB, i ( 

Attorney for Assignee, 
St- Panl. Minnesota.1 \ 

3 0-16-23-30 P 5-12 

by tbe ShoifT of nld Pennihston Ooiutty 
at the front door of the fOonrt House. In 
the atj of Thi^ Btrer FaUs, In said.Conk- 
ty and State, on the 2Srd day of Febmary, 
IM*. at^wo o'eio<^ P. If;, of that day at 
pabUe Tendni^ to the highest-, bidder for 
cash, to pay said debt of: Four Himdred 
Forty-nine and 4(-100 Donars («44ft.4<>. and 
tntetest, and the taxes. If; any. on said 
premises., and Twenty-ftre I>o11sts (CSSlOO) 
Attorney's fees, as stipulated in .and by 
said Uoitsaffe in case of.-foieclosnre, and 
the dlabnisenenta allowed! by law; sob- 
Ject to redemptioa at any tfaoe witUa one 
year from the day of sakflas pnniaed by 
Dated December Sid. ttZt.^ • 

•• D BP08 IT BANE AND - 

Itambertoa, IiSBbeiton & Mnrphy, 
Attorneys for *^r*— , 
Cor., Srd * Cotter Sta.. 
WlAoaa, MlnnfotJu . 

J »-U^23-30 F e-l»-30 


fanlt has been made In the conditions of a 
mortfra&e execoted by Henry BUska and 
Effa Blasta. his wife. Mortgagors, ito the 
Farmera and Merchants! State Bant of 
Thief River Falls, Incorporated. Mortgagee, 
dated September 29, 1821. and filed tor 
record In the office of I the Register of 
Deeds of Pennington County, SUnnesota, 
on the 30th day of \ September.' 1821, 
at 8 o'clock A. M„ and,' dnly recorded In 
Book 70 of Mortgages on Page 138 thereof; 
that FDch defiiult consists in the non-pay- 
ment, when dne. of principal and interest of 
the debt for which said mortgage was ^v- 
en ss Beeorlty : that the jamonnt claimed to 
be dne on said m' this date Is 
Eighteen Hnndred Eight and 15-100 Dol- 
lars ($lS0ai5) : that the tremlses described 
in and covered by said fnprtgage are situ- 
ated in Peimington Comity, Minnesota, and 
are de£crii>ea as follows., to-wit: The 
Northeast Quarter (NE^) of Section Thir- 
ty-one (SI), Township <tae Htmdred Fifty- 
three fl55) North, of pange Forty-three 
(43) West of the Fifth Principal Meridian, 
containing ICO acres, more or less, accord- 
ing to the Government Sprvey t he reof; that 
by rtrtne of the power; of sale contained 
In said mortgage and ipnrstutnt to the 
statnte In such case made and proTlded. 
said mortgage will be |forecIoBed by the 
sale of said premises, at public rendue. to 
the highest bidder for cash, by the Sheriff 
of Pennington County, ) Minnesota,, i at the 
East front door of the Pennington Ooimty 
Court House In the ctty of Thief River 
Falls In said Pennington County and State 
of Minnesota, on Monday, the SSth day of 
Febroary. 192i. at 10 o'clock A- SL to sat- 
is^ the amonnt tlien dne on said mortgage. 
toceCfaer with the costs of snch sale and 
Seventy-flre Dollars Attorney's fees, stipu- 
lated in said mortgase.^ 
Dated January 7. 192t 



Attorney for Morteagee, 
Thief River Falls, Minn. 

J-9-16-23-30.F-6-13 . 

. J. W. Eriandson, Teacher. 

On January 8 Echool began again 
after a holiday vacation of two weeks. 

jpurmg the vacation the school 
board cleaned the school house, scrub- 
bed and oiled the floor and hung the 
school bell. The scholars and teacher 
are glad to be back in a clean, reno- 
vated school house, and- enjoy great- 
ly to listen to the sound of the school 

i Maxine Lien has been sick during 
'the holiday season, and we have miss- 
ed her at school this week, but hope 
she ?riil be well enou^ to come to 
school 'next week. 
! Clara Loyland called on Maiine 
Lien last Sunday afternoon. 

Miss Qara Bye left for Warren last 
. Friday, where she is employed. 
\ Mi-^s Ovila Lien called on Miss Thel- 
ma Hovet last Sunday. 

The'party given at the Tellof Hovel 
. home last Saturday night was much' 

■ Mr. and Mis. Floyd Baird visited 
at the Theo. Hylsnd home Tuesday. 

Mrs. Even SjuleBtad's friends are 
glad to know that she is recovering 
from the severe qy-tnAt;'; that has kept 
her in bed for a I(mg time. 
' Tom Vatne called at the T. O. Loy- 
land home last Tuesday. 
: George Tollefson and Jrfm and Mar- 
tin Larson called at John Bye's Smi- 
'day evening. 

■ Ole Johnsrud from the town of 
Reiner came near having a fatal ac- 
ddent on the Brown ditch grade one 
mile south of the North Star school 
last Thursday afternoon. The Ford 
he was driving slid ' oEf the grade, 

■ turned over once and a half and pin- 

. ried him beneath the car. The acci- 
dent happened shortly after 2 o'clock 

in the aftemnon. J. W. Eriandson 

returning from school about 6:15 no-j>-oTiCE of hortgaob roKECLOSUSE 
taced an overturned Ford and on in- . J^^^^ -m. * ., . ,* 

vestigari., found a m.nV^^h^'^Y^7^^'f^ti^J^,^L^\^'Sl'. 
neath it in such a position that t!e|t£in mortgage, dated the thirteenth day 
could not shout or. call for help. Not jot February. WIS. ei€>cdted by F. D. Beard 
■Kointr sWp tn TTirr^ rhp rar arie-Ht Mr -^^ mortiiafior. to ApoloQia Gergen. as mort- 
Demg aDie iO,^Jrn .ne car Jngnt -u^- ;j_i(.ee^ f^^ ^^^ record 5n the office of the 
, Eriandson caijeii Henrj- fcuncisdahi ana ; Register of Deeds in and for Penninston 
the t^vo cf them released voung John- !Coaaly. state of Minn^ota on the twenty- 
30T- aid saved him from ^ V^'^^h^'i ''l"^;'ll^°\J^,f,^'S%ok'ifot°^^^^^ 

.unpleasant death. page Records, pape 302; -n-hich defanit con- 

1 . isists in this, to-wit: fitilnre to pay prin- 

i j^ L; ^jcipal and interest, -vbtn dne: that nnder 

1 **" -Z . *.« . r the terms thereof there is claimed to be 

dne nnder said mortgage, inclnding In- 
terest, at the date hereof Two tbocsand 
three hundred thirty-eight and 5-100 Dol- 
lars, and that no action or proceeding at 
law or otherwise has been instituted to re- 
cover the debt secured by said mortgage, 
or any part thereof; land tliat pursuant 
to the power of sale in said mortgaee. said 
mortgage will be foreclosed and the land 
therein descril>ed lying and being In the 
County of PenninEton,-State of Minnesota, 
to-wit: ■ i ; . 

The South-east quarier (SE14) of Section 
twentT (20). Township one hnndred and 
fifty-three {153), Range forty-fire (45) will 
be sold by the sheriff of said county at 
public auction on the Blghth day of March. 
1924, at ten o'clock A. IL, at the front door 
of the Court House in the City of Thief 
RlTcr Falls in said county and state, to 
pr.y tbe said sum and interest thereon to 
said date of sale and^ the costs «nd dis- 
burscmenta of such Atreclosnie and sale, 
including an attorney's fee of Seventy-fiTe 
(75) Dollars, subject to redemption within 
twelve months fnm the date of sa le . 
Dated Decemiier 24th,il923. ,1 


W. H. & H. W. GilUtt. 
Attorneys for Mortgagee, ' 
Hastings, Minnesota. 

J-16-23-30-Pr6-13-20-27 , 


DeCsnlt having been made in the pay- 
ment of the sum of Three Tfaosaaiid Tknt 
Hundred Seventy and SO-100 Dollata 
(C3An).S0), irhfch la Maimed to be doe and 
is doe at the date of thli notke upon a 
certain Mortgage, duly cxeented and deUr- 
ered by James Mell Neaaean3~&InocaNeiae, 
bis wife, B£ortgagora, to C Ii. Hansen, 
Mortgagee, liearing dkte the 12Ui day of 
Decemtier, 1107, and with a power of sale 
therein contained, dnly recorded In the 
office of the Begiitet of D^ds in and for 
tlie County of Pennington and State of Min- 
nesota, fm the nth day of Janoary, 181S, 
at 8:00 o'clock A. M., in Booh 13 of Mort- 
gages, on page 3S7; -which said Mortgage, 
togetlier with tbe debt secured thereby, 
was jduly assigned by ^Id C L. Hansen, 
Mortgagee, to Deposit Bknk of Winona, 
Winona, Minnesota, by written assign- 
ment dated the I6th day of January, 1S18. 
and recorded in the ofBce of said Register 
of Deeds, on the 10th. day of Jantiary, 1918, 
at 10:00 o'clock A. M., in Book 56 of. Mort- 
gages, on page 531 ; and that thereafter 
and on or aboot the Ist -day of Angust, 
1923. tbe articles of incorporation of said 
Deposit Bank of Winona hating been doly 
amended and that thereby, among other 
things, the name of said Deposit Bank of 
Winona was changed from Deposit Bank 
of Winona to Deposit Bank and Trust 
Company and that said Deposit Bank and 
Trust Company ts now the Aslgnee and 
Holder of said Mortgage and the debt se- 
cured thereby: and no action having been 
instituted, at law or othervrise. to recover 
tlie debt seenred by said Mortgage or any 
part thereof; 

Sow Therefi>re. Notice Is Hereby Given, 
That by virtjoe of the power of sale con- 
tained In salJd. Mortgage, and . pursuant to 
tbe statnte in snefa Case made and provided, 
tiie raid Mortgage will be foiddosed by a 
sate of the prenUses described; in and con- 
veyed by said Mortgage, ti s: 

The Southwest quarter <SW%) of Sec- 
tion Thirty-sii- (36) in Township One Hun- 
dred Fifty-fonr (154) Korth ' of - Bange 
Porty-two (42) West of the fifth P. M., in 
JiQniMSota. containing One Hundred Sixty 
(160) acres, more or less, according to the 
n. S. Government survey thereof, in Pen- 
nington County and State of Hinnesota, 
with the hereditament and appurtenances; 
which Bale wm be made by the Sheriff of 
said Pennington County at the finont door 
of the Court House, In tbe CSty of Thief 
Biver FaBs in said County and State on 
the SStd day of February, 1B24, at two 
o'clock P. Ml. of that day,. at public tsi- 
dn&. to the Ughest bidder far cash, to pay 
said debt of Three Thousand Three Hun- 
dred Seventy and 80-100 DoBan (0,870.80), 
and int er est, and the taxes;' ff' any, oin said 
pronlses, and Seventy-five DoBars ((7S.00), 
Attorney's fees, as stipulated in and by 
said Mortgage In ease of foreclosure, and the 
disbursunenta aBowed by law : subject to 
redonption at any time within one year 
from the day of sale, as provided by law. 
Dated, December 13th. I HSS. 


Lamberton, I-amberton £ Mnrphy, 

Attorneys for Assignee. 

- Cor_ Srd & Center Sts., 
Winona. Minnesota. 

J 9-16-23-30 F 6-13-20 

and'pvznbat to oie statute In andi.eue 
made^and{ provided, . the said lIoriiEage wiU 

A. K. off 

be Csiedosed by a' sale j of the' ptHnlae* ih^ UghMt bidder ' forosb; to pay the 
described (In and icw t veyed by saU Moit- — "™» •*— ^"- -" —«■» —-*—;- --* 
SM^-risr: .,-!;■ i 

Ijots nuibered Seren (7), S^it '<S) and 
Ntne 1(8) of Blodc iTUrty (SO) In the 
Origlaal 'Townaite of Thkf Rtvsr Falls, 
aecoxdiag; to the :olQcisl| plat thereof, oh 
file -and ief Iteeoxd in the OOke bt^tbe 
Besbter of Deeds to and for. Pemdngton 
OoaaSy, In Penaiagton Goanty- and State 
of hOaoMfota vtth Oe tieredttaneata aad 
a ppBiUaaa cea; whldi nie wm be made by 
tbe aeriS tf aald Penidaftoa- eosaty at 
the ftaatideor etitke Goatt Hoaae, In the 
CQy of TUef Bttar VaBs, la said Ooaaty 
and Stalft oo tW ttcd daj of Vebniazy, 

amonat then doQ on acid aiortgage 
loterest and the sum of "fueuBT for taxea 
S«id Ota I said -described pzemlses,! with 
Intexest ■. tnaa : date of 'payai^^ tmther 
with the ;>eosts aad disbuiaencnts of saeh 
sale andl.SeTen^-flve Dollaia attbraeys 
fSes sttpwate^la s^d mortgace la case 
of fiizedbnzc. 

Dated December 14, Ud , :^ 

I .■ Asrigaee of Hottgsgee. 


Attorae^ tit A s slg ae e of liottgage^ - 

KorganJ WIsrfr, 

iBUf at UVdoek A. ^.it that day, at 

pntOic -ve^ida^ toj tkeThlclMBt bidder for 
cash, to fay said| 4At of aigUeen Haa- 
dred ntty One DoBaxs and iaterest, aad 
the taxes; If iayj oa said premises, and 
Sevttty Vtn DcOltzs. Attonwy's thes, ss 
stipBlated' la aad by said Mertgsge la 
ease of Coredoaatc^ aad tba dlabaisecKnts 
snowed bj hnr; subject to redempUoa at 
aay.tlme wUhla one yeu* from the day^ 
sale; ss pnvlded jby lav; 
Dated Deees aber K. A; D. ivn. 

A OorporaOoir- 
- - 1 Ibrtgagee. 

L. C SDCONa 1 ! -*~w^ 

Attorney for Ibirtgagee. ^'- ■ 
St. Panl, Minnesota. ! 


the Ttfc div oic VUmmry^ U24, A 10 i*c 

that day at puiOIe vendne to 

D-lt^-3.«-U.3MA. ~ 


■ii « 

i Old Glory School, Dist. 38. 

1 iiiss Laura Sv.-anson vrent to Thief 

i River FaUs Monday, where she is em- 

' ployed. 

i Robert Swanson called on Bennie 

iGeving Wednesday evening. 

I Edward Eliason left for Calumet, 

I this state, where he is employed. 

f Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Peterson and 

i children were visitors at the Ole (rcv- 

ing Jr. home last Sunday afternoon. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Urdahl and 
family \-i=ited at Osmund UrdaM's at 
Goodridge one day during the holi- 

Gustaf .\nderson- and Adolph Gev- 
ing left for Sioux CSty where they 
have obtained employment. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ole (Jeving, Jr., were 
pleasant callers at the O. Geving, Sr. 
home on Christmas Day. 

Mabel Swanson was the only pupil 
receiving a perfect attendance certifi- 
cate last month. 

Legal Publications 


- WHER EA S, default has been made in 
the terms and coodiUonE of a certain mort- 
gage bearing date tbe Ist day of December. 
1917, made, eiecuted and delivered by Se- 
ven O. PreBtegoard and Ellen B. Preste- 
goard. Ilia wile, of Pennington County, 
MinneBota, as Mongagors. to Citircns State 
Bank of Thief Biver FallB, a corporation, 
of Thief RiTer Falls, Minnesota, as Mort- 
gagee, to secure payment of the sum of 
Three ThouEand Dollars ftJ3.000.00) and In- 
teresc thereon at ^he rate^f six per centnm 
(G per cent) per annnm\according to tbe 
terms and conditions of oSe certain prom- 
issory 3ote. due December ^st, 1922 and in 
said mortpace fnlly described, which said 
mortgage vr&s duly filed for record in the 
office of the Register of Deeds In and for 
Penninfrton County, Minnesota, on Decem- 
ber 3lPt. 1917 at 4:00 P. M_ and iras duly 
recorded in said office in Book 12 of Mort- 
gages on page 435, which said mortgage, 
together ■with the debt secured thereby, 
■was Ihereafter-by written assignment dated 
November IMh. 1818 doly assigned by said 
mortgagee to Wra. Lerche. of SL Paul, 
Minnesota, which said assignment was doiy 
filed in the office of said Hegister of Deeds 
on November 15, 191S. and was recorded 
in said office in Book 63 of Mortgages on 
page 8, and which said Wm, Lerche is now 
the owner and bolder of said mortgage: 

WHEREAS, said mortgagors have failed 
and refused to pay the promissory note 
in tbe Bum of Three Thousand DoHais 
(93.000.00). which is described in and se- 
cured by said mortgage and wfaicb becaoie 
dne and payable on December Ist, 1922. and 
bave Also failed and refused to pay the 
installments of interest in tbe sum of One 
Hnndred Eighty DoHsri (jlfiO.OOi. each. 
rwblcb beesme dne and payable on tbe note 
in said mortgage d ea er l bed on Decemlwr 
Ist. 1821, and on December Ist, 1922. ir- 
■pertiTPly. and there Is claimed to i»e dne 
!and is dne on said note and mortgage at 


De&nlt having been made In tbe pay- 
ment of tbe smn of Flonr Hnndred For^- 
nlne and 41-100 DoIIais ($449.44). which Is 
claimed to be dne and is dne at .the date 
of this notice upon a csrtsin Mortstffe. doly 
executed and delivered br Bteffen: Halvor^ 
son, unmarried, Kortagor. to C I*. Han- 
seI^ Mortgagee, bearlitg date tbe i 6th dar 
of July. 1917, and with s power of sale 
therein contained, dnly recorded in the 
office of the Begister ^f Deeds in' and for 
the County of Pennington and State of 
Siinnesota. on the 19tb day of Tnly, lin.7. 
at 1:00 o'clock P. hI. 3n Book 57 of ITort- 
gages,-on page 138; which said Mortgage. 
together with the debt secured : therebr, 
was duly assigned byi said C Ii.) Hansen. 
Mortgagee, to Deposit Bank of ' Wlnina. 
Winona. Minnesota, by written assignment 
dated the 2l8t day of Jidy. 1917, and re- 
corded in the office of said Register of 
Deeds, on the 25th day of July,: 1917 ^t 
8:00 o'clock A. M., in Book 56 of Mort- 
gages, on page 409: and thereafter and on 
or about August Ist, 1 1923, the articles of 
incorporation of said peposlt Bank of Wi- 
nona having been dn^ amended ^nd that 
thereby, among other) things, the: name of 
said Deposit Bank of iWinona was changed 
from Deposit Bank of Winona to Deposit 
Bank and Trust Con^pany and that said 
Deposit Bank and Tzvst (^mpany is now 
tbe Assignee and Holfler of said Hortgage 
and the debt secured! thereby; aiid no ac- 
tion liavlng lieen Institnted. at | law or 
otherwise, to reeoverjthe delit secured by 
said Mor^ge or any part thereof: 

Now. Therefore, Nopee Is Hereby Given. 
That by virtue of th^ pow^ of juOe con- 
tained in said Mortgage, and pnnnant to 
the statnte in socb case made.and provid- 
ed, tbe said Mortgage will be foreclosed 
by a sslerof the premises described in and 
conveyed by said Mortage. Tis;i . 

The East half (B^) of the J7ortbelst 
quarter (KE%) of Section Tblrty-Uiree (33 1 
in Township One Hundred Fiftv-Three 
(^5^) North of BangetThIrty-nine:(3g> wer 
of the fifth rstbl P. K.. Id Minnesota, con- 
Ulnlng Elgfaty (80) abres, more or less, ac- 
cording to the U. SI Government sunvx 
thereof. In Pennington (^nnty and State 
of Minnesota, with tbe bereditaments and 


Default having been made in the pay- 
ment of the sum of Tliree Hondred Dol- 
lars (¥^>0.OO), wMcb ia claimed to be doe 
and is due at tbe date of 4iil8 notice upon 
a certain Mortgage dnly executed and de- 
livered by Peter I>.'Wo]narowsl£i and Josie 
M. Wojoarowsld, bis wife, SiCortgagors, to 
Deposit Bank of Winona, Mortgagee, bear- 
ing date the 5th day of June, 1920. and with 
a power of sale therein contained, dnly re- 
corded in the Office of the Register of 
Deeds in and for the Cotrnty of Pennington 
and State of Minnesota, on the 20tb day of 
Septemt>er, 11120, at 8:30 o'clock A. M.,.in 
Book 13 of Mortgaffes, on page 615; - 

And Whereas, The said Deposit Bank of 
Winona, tbe Mortgagee and Holder of said 
Mortgage, has du^ elected and. does here- 
by elect to declare the whole piincipa] sum 
of said Mortgage due and payable at tbe 
date of this notice, tmder the terms and 
conditions of said Mortgage and the -power 
of sale therein contained; -and whereas 
there is actually due and claimed to l>e due 
and payable at the date of this notice the 
sum of Two Thousand \ Nine Hundred 
Twenty-seven and 75-100 Dollars (52,927.75). 
which said amount Includes the sum of 
One Hundred Seventeen and 4C-100 Dol 
lars (ni7.46} paid by Deposit Bank oi 
Winona to tbe County Treasurer of Pen- 
nington Connty. on tbe 2Sth day of Marcli, 
1923, for taxes for the year 1821, including 
penalty and Interest, against the mort- 
gaged property, together with the interest 
on said payment from the -29tb day of 
March, 1923, to the date of ;tbis notice which 
last mentioned interest amounts to the snm 
of One and 29-100 Dollars ($1.29); and 
whereas, tbe said power of sale has become 
operative, and no action or proceeding bar- 
ing been Instituted, at law or otherwise, to 
recover the debt secured by said Moftgage, 
or any part thereof ; 

Now, Therefore, NoticeMs Hereby Giv- 
en, That by virtue of the power of sale 
contained in said Mortgage, and ptirsuant 
to the statute in such case made and pro- 
vided, the said Mortgage wm be foredosed 
by a sale of tbe premises described in and 
conveyed by said Mortgage, via; 

Southwest, Quarter (SW^) of Section 
Fifteen (15). la Township One ^Hundred 
Fifty-two (IfB), North, of Bange Forty 
(40), West, In Pennington County and 
State «f Minnesotai, with the. beredltamoits 
and appurtenances; which sale wHI be 
made by the Sliexiir of said Pennington. 
Connty, at the front door of the Court 
Honae, In tlte Qty of Thief Biver FaUs, 
In said Conn^ and State, on tbe 29th day 
of Febmary, 19E4. at two o'clock P. M., of 
that day, at pnbUe vendue to tbe highest 
bidder for cash, -to pay the said debt 61 
Two Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty- 
aeven and 75-100 Dollars (C927.75), and 
interest, and the taxes, if any, on said 
premlsea, and Seventy-five DoBars ($75:00) 
Attorney's fees as stipulated In and by 
said Mortgage in case of foreelosnre,~znd 
tbe disbursemoits allowed by law; sub- 
ject to redonptian at- any time within one 
year from the day of- sale as provided by 
Dated, June 6th. 1023. 

Lamberton. Lamberton ft Murphey. 
Attorneys for Mortgagee, 
Cor., 3rd ft Center Sts., 
Winona, Jkllooesota. 


NatSeo at Mortsaca Femctesars Bale. 

Notice Is hereby gtvenj ibat' de&olt has 
l>een. made in the; conditions of a certain 
mortgage ^ execcted ' by Thomas G. Bome 
and Thorbjor 6. | Bome, [his wife, of the 
connty of Pennington, Minnesota, mort- 
gagors, to Merehinta State Bank of Bed 
Lal:e Falls, KOnnesota,, Mortgagee,- dated 
Ue 15th day of detober.ilfi20. and record- 
ed In tlie office tit tbe Begister of Deeds 
of Pennington Coimty, Minnesota, on tbe 
11th day ! of I>ecesnl>er, 1930, at 9 o'clock 
A. M. of said day. In Book "GS" of Mort- 
gages, page 575 thereof; of the records 
of said office. ! i I 

., That said mortgage, together with the 
debt seenred thereby, wias dnly assigned 
by said Mercnants State Bank of Bed 
Lake Falls, Mlnn^ to Fred Gehl, by writ- 
ten assignment dated April 27. 1921, and 
recorded In tbe olBce of ;the said Begister 
of Deeds,: on the ^SSth day of April, 1921, 
at 8 o'clock A. M. in Book 6S of Mortgages, 
on page tlSz ' \ . 

Said debnlt conaists in Uie failure of 
said mortgagors to payj tlie Interest in- 
sbBment^of $120 j which j by the terms of 
tlte said mortgagee became doe and payable 
on tbe 15th day of October, US2. rmat by 
reason of .said debnlt! said mortgagee 
baa de^ed,to- dcidare tbe aitire amount 
rematnlnr nnpaldj npon isaid mortgage to 
be immcfilate^ doc and * iiayable. 

Th^t ttere Is claimed to be dne and pay- 
able and.tbere is noir.|diM and paymble 
at the date of this notiee npon aal^ mort- 
gage and niton tbe debt thereby secured, 
tbe >nm «t Two inunsand One Hnndivd 

Twenty and no-100 1..(|ZI20jOO) I>ol- 

lais, with interea^tbezeon at tbe rata of 
ffjT per cent per simmn from tte 15th day 
off-October, zia,!and no action or pro- 
ceedings mt law or otherwise baa been 
had or Institnted to teeover said debt or 
any part thenof.| [ 

Kotloe la besdiy taitbex gtvoi that by 
vittae of. tbe powjer of sale ln~sald nort- 
gage contained and zeeorded, tbemritk 
whid by reaaou of the fkcta aforesaid 
has -beenae operative and pormant to 
the statnte in Kitih ease made and pro- 
dded, tbe nld ImortgagB wiB be tore- 
doaed and tbe land and pren^sea des- 
cribed bi and corezed 1^ vid mortgage. 
to-wIt: ; ' 

East half of the Southwest ipiarter 
(BH SW) Lots Win and Six (5 and «) 
Section Six (6) iS^itwnaUp One Hondred 
Fifty-two (182) North Bange Forty (40) 
Wot of the Siflfa Principal Meridian for 
Minnesota, containing 160 acres, more or 
less, the Government Survey 
thereof, ; | 

win ' be BoilA at public anction to the 
Sibbest bidder therefor : for cash by tbe 
sheriff of Pennington (^unty, MInnesots 
to satisfy and pay thej d^t which w-m 
tlien be doe andj payable on the note se- 
emed by said mortgage 'together with tbe 
sum of $100.00 as attorneys fees and the 
costs and expenses of : these foreclosure 
proceedings as allowed ;by law. 

The said sale wm be made at the front 
door of . the Court House in tbe City of 
Thief Biver Falte, County of Pennington. 
State of Minnesota, at itbe hour of ten 
o'clock A. M. on; Saturday the 23rd day 
of February, 1921, 
Dated December 17. 1923. 


i Assignee of Mortgage, 

I Los Angles. CaL 

fbAnz jevnb,! ■ i 

Attorney for .Assignee.! 
International Falls. MEan. 

Defknlt harlns been made, in tbe pty- 
icBt of the sum ot Ox Hnndxnl Rfty-ose 
ud oo-lflO^ DoUan oatOjOO), vfe]^ la 
dalmed t* be dm and la doe at tbe data 
of this aotice vpoh a. certain Moztgace. 
dstr ^execBted and ddtroed by OtUUa 
^ncftnaa and Gaat WMhMn; ter bnsbasd, 
Moztsagnza, tb- Otiacss State Baak. of 
Thitf Uver FaBs, a eozporatlon, ' Ibrt- 
gagee; batzihg date tte 4th day of Jlngnst, 
I9U, xndiiritb a power of nle ttaerebi con- 
tained, daly recorded In the «fDce of tte 
Be gist e r of Deeda In and for the connty 
of fttmlngton and State of Minnescta on 
tte IStb day of Angnst. 1818, at 3 o'clock 
P. IC, in. Book 54 of Mozagagea. on page 
642, -and! DO action or proceeding teving 
been institnted, at law or otherwise, to 
recover tte debt aeenred by said Mortgage 
or any part thereof. 

NOW. THEBBFOBB, Notice Is hereby 
GIVEN, That by virtne of tte power of 
aale contained In said Mortgage, and pur- 
suant to' tte statnte in such case made 
and provided, tte said Mortgage .win te 
foreclosed by a sale of the liremlses de- 
scribed in and conveyed by said ifortgage, 
via: ; ^ ' ■ , - 

Tbe west fifty (SO) feet of Lot forty- 
seven (47) of Fairfield Addition to tte 
City of Thief Biver FaBs, according to 
tte idat itbereof on file and ot reeo^ In 
tte oince of tte Begister of Deeds in and 
for said Pennington Connty, Stete of Min- 
nesota, in Pennington coim^ and state of 
Minnesota; with the bereditaments and ap- 
portenances; vrhieb sale wQl te made by 
the Bteriff of Bald Pennlngten county at 
tte main front door of tte court tense in tte 
city of Thief Biver FaBs, Jn »ald ccttnty 
and state, on tte 2nd day of Febnary. 
1924. at 10 o'clock A. IL. of 'hat day. at 
pnblle vendue, to Otc highest : Mder for 
caali. te '. pay said detit of Six Hnndred 
Fiftyrone and no-100 dollazs ($65L00), and 
iatezest, and tte taxes, ir any. on fald 
premises, and Twenty-five doBaza at- 
tezney's foea aa atipnlated in and by said 
mortgage, in case of foredoanre, and tte 
disbnraemente aBowed by law; snbJect to 
redemption at- any time within one >car 
tram tte day of sale, aa provided by Uw. 
Dated iPe etmber 11th. 182S. 




! * . Moztgagee. 

H. O. CHOMHIB. ^^ 

A ttorne y f or Ifartgacee, 
TUef Biver FaBa. Mto£ 




Njnrtheni Lodge No. 236 

not ami nfadThnriaji 

Toong nne. Lodge Na 221 
j LO.O.F. 

KaMs atmj Tnaadar sl^ at SHML 

Bkoflteriiood of Looomotive 

Fbenien aad Enginonai 

J^ Century Na 103 

Meat* KMod and fomlli Sandajs at 
lOQ A. K. L O. O. F. HalL 


Pnictles In an Oonrta asd 
tore D. S. lani Office 
I McfBan Birildiiit 

lawyer , 

Oaha ia attzoia State Bank BUs 

P^onasi OSba ta Keddenea 112 

■lUef Vint FUIa. llinn. 

Dr. J. T. Bowers 

^ntial Attention to Stataj and 

tke Disaaaea of Womeii nd 


OfBKes: Knt Nati&ial Bank BIda^ 





Default teTlng been made In tte pay- 
ment of tte smn of Sixteen Hmidzed 
Fifty One Dolbua which^is claimed tp te 
dne and Is dne at the date of Ibis notice 
npon a certain Mortgage, doly executed 
and df^Ivezed by Oie N. Olson and Andrea: 
Olson, bis wife. Mortgagors, to Tte First 
National Bank of Thief Biver FaBs. Mort- 
gagee, bearing date the SOth i day of Sepr 
temter , 1016, and with a power .of aale 
therein contained, dnly. ■recorded In tte 
office of tte Begister of Deeds in and for 
tte Connty of Pennbigton '' and Stete of 
Minnesota, on tte ~ 21st' day' of September. 
1816^ at 8 o'dot^ A.- Mi. In Book 18 of 
MortgsEcs. on page 247.-and no action or 
proceeding having been Institnted. at law 
or otherwise, to recover tte debt aecnzed 
by said MortsafK or any part tbeteof. '^ 

HERBBI GIVEN, Ttel by vlrtoe of tte 

Notiee of HortsBCe Foreclosnre Sale. 
Default having been made in tbe con- 
ditions of that certain mortgage conta inin g 
a Power of Sal^ by reason of whlclr de- 
foult "said Power of Sale^bas become op- 
erative, and the Assignee of tte Mortgagee 
ber^naCter name^ Is authorized to declare 
the whole sum Iflue, anil he hereby doca 
declare said sum due i wMch mortgage 
was ' executed by Bmest E. P^^son and 
Bertte Peterson,! jija rrife. Mortgagors to 
Merchants State | Bank oif Bed Lake Falls, 
a corporation created, tinder tbe laws of 
the State of Minnesota,! Mortgagee, dated 
April 6, A. D., 1920, and recorded in the 
oIHce of the Begister of Deeds, of Penning- 
ton Connty Minnesota, on tbe 15th day of 
April A. D^ 1920. at Si o'clock A. M., in 
Book 62 of mortgages, in page 447. 

Wliich said mortgage,! together with the 
debt seenred thbreby, was duly assigned 
by said ;^Merchants Stete Bank of Bed 
Lake E^Ils, Minnesota, Afortgagee to De- 
posit. Bank of Winona, Winona, 'Mlnnesote 
by written assignment dated May 10, A. D., 
1920, and recorded In :tte ofBce of the 
Begister of Deeds of -Pennington Connty, 
Minnesota, on May -15,-!l920.. at 8 o'clock 
A. M., in Book 63 of Mortgages on page 
212; and which said mortga^ together 
with tte delit aecnzed thereby, was duly 
assigned by said Deposit Bank of Winona, 
Winona; Minnesota, to I Bobert B. Henry 
by written aasignntent dated May 18. 1820. 
and recorded injtte otOee of tte Blister 
of Deeds of P^mlngton Connty, Mlntesote^ 
on tte 23rd day..o£ Novonber. lAZI, at 
1 o'clock P. M., in Book 8S of Mortgages, on 
page tSOSf I ' ' ' 

And whereas, tte Bal4 Bot>ert bJ Henry, 
tte assignee and telder^ of aald mortgage, 
on December Uiht 1923 paid deUnqoent 
taxes npon tte knortgaged pzopezty here- 
inafter described In tte sum of One Hun- 
dred Ninety-eight and 87-100 («198.8T) 
DoBars; and wtereaa, tte' said Bobert B. 
^enry, tbe ass^ee and tender of said 
mortgage, has dhly ^ected and does here- 
by elect to declare tte vrtele principal 
■nm of said mortgage, doe and payable 
at the date of this notice, tmder tte terms 
and conditions of said t mortgage and tbe 
Power of Sale jthezeiii contained; ana 
irttereas, there is actually dne and claimed 
to te dne at tte date of this notice tbe 
srmi of Two "nionssnd ({2000.00) Dollars, 
with Interest tliezeon from tte ^'day of 
April, 1921, at the rate of .six -per' cent 
per annum;, an^ wheress. the said Power 
of Sale has become operative and no action 
or proceedings teving. been Instituted at 
law or otherwise, to recover, tte debt ae' 
ented by aald mbrtgage. or any part thae- 

NOW, THEBEFOBB, Jfotlce'ls hereby 
gtnsi^ ttet by virtne of tiie Pow» of Sale 
contained In s^ mortgase and pnzasant 
to tte statnte Iq aaeh icaae madeand pro- 
vided, tte aald moztcaie win te fozeciloaed 
by a sale of tibe^pzemlaea described tn 
and covezed by[»dd iaozt gage. via: 

Tte Nozthwu^ Quarter (HWU> of See- 
tidn TUzty-toar ' (M)4 In Towziablp- One 
Hundred Vlfty-Utree (U3) Horth. of Bange 
Thlzty-nlne ^)|Westjof tte Fifth princi- 
pal Meridian, seeordlng to tte United 
States government snrt^ thneef and eon- 
tetnlngulOO acze^ of land more or less. In 
Pennington 'Odtid^ and State of Ulnteaata. 

Wbtek sale win te ntade by tte ShertfT 
of said Pennfnicton Oomty, at tte Front 
Door of tte Oonnty dosrt House at Thief 

=-Wfeezcas d^anlt' baa beoi made in tte 
condltieni of a ceztaia Moztgage ftv erotwl 
aijd datvered by Sevezt O. Prettegoard 
and men B. Pr esteg o a rd. fcis irife, Mort- 
cagois, to Cltisuia State Bank of Tbitf 
Htver Falla. a cozperation. Mortgage^ 
dated NoraaberlS. ISU^rand with s power 
of sale .thezcte contained, doly tecorded 
in tte office of tte B*-c*fftf of Deeds is 
and for, tte' monty of Pamington and 
state of Minnesota, on June 5, 1919, at U 
o'clock A. M.. In Book 61 of Mortgages, cm 
page 391; and. Wbcreaa. snch df^nll ran- 
sista in tte fallnze of aald Moztgagois to 
pay tte principal sum of said Mortgage 
to-wit, 9600jOO and Interest trom November 
20, 1^0; and, fort ter, in tte failure of 
said Mortgagors to pay tte snm of $i2.00 
interest npon a prior ' mortgage in tte 
prtodpal simi of ¥1200J)0' npon and cover- 
ing tte premises hereinsfter described, 
which interest became due and payable 
i}pan socb prior moil gage on November 
ao, 1922; and, whereas, said Mortgagee did 
on Noveinlier 20, 1922, pay such interest due 
as aforesaid on such prior Mortgage; and. 
Whereas, tbeie is now claimed to te due. 
and ia doe on said Mortgage, at. tbe date 
of this Notice, inclusive of such interest 
on said; prior Mortgage paid by the mort- 
gagee, with Interest thereon as provided 
in said Mortgage, tbe total sum of ?fe44J». 
and no action or proceeding liaving been 
instituted at Iaw,-or otherwise, to recover 
tbe debt Eccurcd by said Mortgage or any 
part' there of. 

HEREBY GIVEN. Ttet by virtne of the 
power of sale contained in said Mortgage, 
and porsaant to tbe stetote in such esse 
made and provided, the said Mortgage will 
te foreclosed by a sale of the premises 
described in and conveyed by said Mort- 
gage, via: 

Tbe Sooth half of the Northeast quarter 
(S% NBU) of Section Seven (Ti in town- 
ship one hundred fifty-three '153), North 
of Bange Thirty-nine (391, west of the 
fifth prinripal Meridian, contoining ST) 
seres, more or less, according to the Gov- 
ernment survey thereof. In Penninst-in 
county, and. stete of Minnescta. which ssle 
WiU be made by the sheriEF o^ said: cnuidy 
of Fainington at tbe m!aln front dnor of 
tbe Cotirt Hoose. in - tte rity of Thief 
Biver Fa U s, In said co«atv an-1 Etete. i-n 
tte 2nd day of Pebruary, 3924. at 10 o'clock 
A; M., of ttet day, at public %«ndue. tn 
tte highest bidder for r^sh. to pay said 
debt of' $844.00. and intetcst tbereon ftDm 
the date hereof to ^be date of sale, at tbe 
rate of nine per cent per annum, end the 
taxes. If any. on said premises, ami Twen- 
ty-fiv« dollars attomiy's fees, as stlpnlnteil 
in and by said Mortice in case of forr- 
closnre,; and the dlsdutwrnents sTlnwed hy 
law. subject to redemption at any tim^ 
within one year bom tte day of sale, ac 
provided by law. 
Dated. Decemb er ^1 , 1923. * 


Attorney, for Mort^asee. 
Thief -Blm Fails, Minn. 


Residgiee 99l 



401 to 405 'Sm^ Are. N. 
"Riief Birer FaBs. Wrrm 

Hospital & Office, 350. Bes., 488.J 

A. W. SvtdoibiiiE, Pb. G, iL D. 

IPhysician and Surgeon 

Spedal attention Ear, Eye, Nose 

and Throat and fitting of Glasses. 


Siipt; Hospital and Anaesthetics. 


E^e, Ear, Nose and Throat 


3ai^ery and Obstetrics 

_^ DB. L. F. TTSHER 
Internal Medicine and X-Ray 

i' i 

.pparte-Bct.: ,h» «il, ,m:b, «.«. po«r of »!. eonbiSf to «W M.;^.;;^ S^ f^ b^SloT^tP^ S.LZi 

fanit has been made in the conditions 
of a mortgage executed by John E. Dlcken 
and laeiia Olcken. his wifo, Mortgiccors, to 
M. T. Bvenson, Mortgagee, dated tte 15tb 
day of January, 1816. aad recorded tn the 
vtBarut the Begistn of Deeda of^Penning- 
ton Ooimty, - Minneaota, on the IStb day 
of Janoary. 1816, at 4 o'clock PI M.. in 
Book 12^of Mortgages on Page Sfti.ttetcof : 
ttet jsoch dtiSsolt conalste In tte non-pay- 
ment, when dne, of tbe pzincitol ' and Jn- 
tezest for which said mortgage waa given 
aa security; ttet the amount claimed to te 
dne.on aald mortgage at this date, principal 
and interest, is Three Hundred Slxty-fonr 
and 6S-100 Dollars (¥301,68); ttet tte prem- 
ises described In and covered f>y said 
mortgage are sitnated in Pennington 
CountyJ Ifinnesota, and are described as 
follows] to-iHt: Lot Ponr (4) Block One 
ah Zeh's Addition to Tte City of Thief 
Biver Falls,< Minnesota, aocording to tbe 
Plat thereof ' now on fite. and of record in 
tte office of tte Begister of Deeds, In the 
County of Pennington, Stete of Minnesote 
ttet by'.viztoe of tte power of sale con 
talned In said mortgage and pnrsnant to 
tte statnte In audi case made and provid- 
ed. siUd moztgage win be fozedoeed by tte 
sale ot.said pzcmlsea. at public Tendne to 
tte bigteat. bidder for cash, by the SbezUT 
of Pennington Gosnty. at tte. East front 
door of tte Pennington County Court 
House in tte. City of ThM Biver. FaBs. In 
said County and St^e, on tte 28tb day of 
Jannazy, ISM. at: 10 o'doek A. H.. of that 
day. to satisfy tte amount then ': due on 
said mortgage, togrtlter with tte coste of 
sud^sSle and Twmty-five Dollars (tSSjOOi 
Attorney's Sees, sUpiilsted In said mort- 
ige^ :.-■"■- 
Dated DetiEmber 11. 192*: ' 

^-t M. V. BVBNSON. 

- ■ ' . Mortgagee. 

THBO- QUALB. • " ^ 

Attoney for Mnrtxajce^ 
Thief River Falls. Vtnnesnta. 

Dm> s-e-YR: 



Larson Fnmitnre Company 
I TUef Biver Falla 


\ Nieht Can 148 


; , « H" t MMnn t 'HM >it»»« 


;: Empire Farms 

Capital $25,000 




: ^rincVoor Bniinaea to Vs. Wa 
. . l>mm!aB Comtaay and Effidene; 

:: 215 Main Ave. North 

Phone 443 
: : Tbief iRiver Falls. Minnesota 

ttt m 


Special Sight Swiing Excur- 
sion to Winnipeg to Be 
' Big Feature. 

that your Neptune comspondent made 
an error relative to the. mail -Bervice 
rendered last Frlday,{the4th. I wish 
to correct that statement by assuring 
you rdid s^6 the route that day and 
quite a bit! more. I spent two hours 
in the brush and sno^ almost in hail- 
ing distanee to Neptune. As I did 
not have duins on m^car 1 could not 
make it. As there is no main traveled 
ro^d in to) Neptune sometimes it is 
impossible ,to get in. ! I also went to 
Gtdly that morning to Jjave a new rad- 
iator installed before serving the 
route." , i ■ ; 


Cpnuoiercial Gnb 
■ Activities;, 

Membership Drive Now in 

Full Swing ; Losers to 
- - ; Feed Winners. 

High School jDebate. 
The .second debate df the season will 
be held this week between the Lincoln 
high school team and Boseau in the 
school ass^bly roomj The local team 
will defend the affirmative ^de of .the 
question, '{Eesolved ithat European 
Immigration into the United States 
should Be j Prohibited by Law for a 
Period of 'Five Years." As the Lin- 
coln debators held the negative in their 
first contest the change of sides en- 
tails much extra work. • 


Prizes to Be Awarded; Pret- 
ty Decorations Are 
! Pr(»nised. 

. The new commander of the Elmer 
"J. Eklund post, Oscar Smith, took the 
chair for the first time at the meeting 
in the Legion club rooms on Thursday 
evening. Perhaps it will be remem- 
bered that Mr. Smith has the distinc- 
tion of being one pf the firsjj^command- 
ers of the post in this city. He began 
the new year "with a peppy business 
meeting, arid a number pf subjects 
were brought up. 

A drive for memberahip has been 
started and is to continue until Feb- 
ruary 15. The commander appointed 
a chairman for each of two opposing 
teams, W. A. Hall, Jr and Francis J. 
Bums being those chosen, i The/; two 
leaders diose among thos§:^|?5sent the 

ones they wanted on thdr ;teams and ^j^.^ ^^^^^ g^.^ department will hold 
td'^ Sfron\^S"g^tl tS^n^t it3 30th annual ball in the form of a 
her of members between now and the ; masquerade, Friday evening, January 
15th must put on a feed for the ^n- 25, 

ners. entertaining the mayor, and the jt has been quite some time since 
members of the city council also. a masquerade ball was put on here 

The Post took up the stat^^nven- 'and attendance of. local people at cos- 
tion subject at this meeting S(fid vqted tume dances put on in nearby towns 
unanimously to try for the;-1925 state has been so large that the fire squad 
convention. This converition means is very much encouriged in the belief 
as much and more to the city of Thief that such 'an affair will go over big 
River Falls as to the Elmer J. Eklund with the dancers/of this city. . 
post, because of-the immense number xhe auditorium is to be beautifully 
of tourists, who will spend the conven-' decorated jfor the occasion. A com- 
tion days here and the. wonderful ad-mittee has 'been :set to work, on tiat 
vertising incident to the ] successful feature alone. .Prizes in cadi are to 
putting over of the convention next' be given to the best dressed lady and 
yean To put such a big affair over the best dressed ;gentleman, also to 
successfully means the hearts co-oper- the most ^comically, got -up lady and 
alinn of every b^usiness establishment gentleman. In fact, it will be a really, 
and every individual ,in ^ief JUver truly masquerade and' this one. thing 
Falls with the Legion, as itis^a very must be kept in mind by .iU those 
difficult proposition to handle. It is. who contemplate^ coming: No one will 
understood that one of. .the features be-admitted to the dancing, floor be- 
of the convention if landed here, will tween theihpurs of 9'ahd 11:30 p. ni.. 
be a trip to Winnineg. This will be the who is not in costume. ^As to music, 
proeram of the third '.day and should the firenMai promise" the best in local 
prove a big drawine: card, for although talent. At midnight a sumptuous 
the Leeionaires fought witl^ the Cana- luncheonjpfill*be|-served by the Lady 
dians in the war. many. of ; them have Foresters.* 

never visited Canada, and it is thought | j '. 

thnt an excursion would. be of great] ] Netice. 

The meeting next Thursday wiU b6 
given over to the consideration- of 
plans for the Pennington county fair, 
next fall, 'the directors wish- to get; 
all the helpful ideas, bo that.we niayi 
have th9 t«st county fair in Northern' 

The Industrial- committee .met witif 
the Eorstad Brothers to consider theii; 
plans for installing an egg case' fac 
tofy. The committee . has/' endorsed 
the enterprise, .so let .everyone get be- 
hind and boost this new industry. 

Mr.-McCann, scretaiy: of; the Com-, 
mercial dub, ytho is also secretary of 
the Fair association, attend^ a meet- 
ing of the Associated County Fairs 
iii Minneapolis . last week. ' Mr. Mcr 
Cann will give a report at the meeting 

Attention is called to^all members 
that the dues for.the first'half of 1924 
are due and shoidd be paid at cmce. ' ' 

There are many projecte of vital 
importance coming before the Com- 
mercial club; therefore, every man in 
'^his city should be a ''meihber. We 
sf^ould have at least 200 paid lip mem- 

l^HfS,' . _ . .-. ' ; 

The committee on the development 
pf .the Red Lake as a summer resort 
expects soon :to have a defii4te report 
to make. Col. Webb, of Winnipeg, 
when he learned of the project of the 
summer resort was very enthusiastic 
and asked that details be sent to him 
as soon as possible, so that Winnipeg 
could include ;them in their advertising 
as they are anxious to work with the 
people of Northern Minnesota in the 
development of this project. 

Mr. Arneson annoimced at the last 
meeting that negotiations are being 
carried on for the purchase of one of 
the. best. Guernsey sires of national 
fame. This will he a great boost for 
this section of the country for the 
Guernsey breed of cattle. 

Canton Thief Biver! Falls No. 10 ^^111 
office installations on Friday 
January 18. All members 

- - . . , . _ H 

interest to everv one , attendincj the j 

cnn-^ntion. TaWiiB this subiect in ^^^ ^^^ office installations on Friday 
hand at once. O.^car Paulson left for . ^ Januarv 18 All ■^'•r"^"-^ 
Minneapolis the first Part of tWeek ^™™fiitTdT^be pr^sV^l 
to take up the matter of transnorta- ^ ^ , ^ 

jTs^'in?'''*'™''"^ ■""''^'"'"1 . John Carisonivery lU. 

At the end of the business meeting, ' Wednesday morning a telegram was 
Col R E Webb was introduced to received at the Carl Carlson residence, 
the' Post. Col. Webb is the ^manager 402 Duluft avenue north, that; Carl's 
o?- Wnnipqg's great hew hotel, the &»«, John Carlson; was dymg m 
Marlborough, where only ' ex-service Mobile, Alabama. The nature of the 
men are employed. He gave a very iHness is not defimtely faiown, but it 
irttetesSh^ telt-bn first. days spent in is thought to be; caused by a weaken- 

Fiance during the war., : -^^^^^n *,"'* °? ^^^, ^ 

The usual entertainment given m ^^Mr. Carlson is well faiown among 
connection with the Legion meetings the railroad people of this city, as he 
was flisnensed with in respect to the was a bridge builder for tte SooLme 
recent Bbreawment of 'Adjutant -Ole for many, years and, miade his home 
R Sande,' whose Uttle daughter died m this town wiUi his .children. _He is 
last week i^ widower and has been uving m Al- 

' abama since he I retired from railroad 

I service a few years ago. He is near- 
ly 86 years, old.; . ;-. 
' Besidesihis son, Carl, who lives in 
this cityi there are two other boys, 
one living in San Francisco, Calif., 
and Cyrus, who' was! very recently 
married a!nd lives on.j Long Island, 
There are* tivo daughter's living, Elea-. 
nor. in Sekttle, ind Elsie, who is mar- 
ried and lives in' Buffalo, New York. 


Richard Barthelmess Made 
Picture at Sea. Aboard 
Old Windjammer. . 

County Supt of Schoolsy» 
Ole R. Sande, Loses little^ 
Girl Through Scarletinia 

On Wednesday, January 9, occurred 
the sad d6ath of yeronica. Sande, af-^ 
fectionatly known to many ^.edple i^ 
this rjjy as "Bonnie." She.wasvthe 
only oSughter of Ole K. Sande, county 
superintendent of iS'dioqls. 

Veronica Sande was bom June 23, 
1918, inithiacity;and was five years, 
six' months and sixteen days old at the 
date of her death. She was taken ill 
with scarletina a. week aind a h^ be- 
fore her . death- and complicatipi^ set 
in with the measles which folio wetf.f 
Nothing that could be done seero^ to 
aid the child ^d death came on, Wed- 
nesday. '-.' . 

The fxmeral, which was private, was 
held on Saturday, January 12, at Gul- 
ly. Rev. T. E. Sweger of the Trinity 
diurch ofeciated. Burial took place 
in the GuUy cemetery where.: Mrs. 
Sande also is buried. 

To mourn her loss, besides her fath- 
er, is a little brother, Robert Stuart, 
who lives with Mr. Sande's ■ parents 
just west of "this city. Boimie was ;a 
lovely little tot and everyone^ who 
knew her deeply mourns fiftr iideafl^. r J 

f Trimty Lutheran Church.-. 
. t. E. Sweger, Paeftor. 

Trinity Aid ineets m diurch parlors 
Thursday afteiTioon this week. y. p. 
League in .the' evening. Good program. 
Entertained by Mesdames E. M. Ben- 
nes, Louis Veyea and Adolph William- 
son. Willing Workers meet Friday 
at, 4:00 p. m. Confirmation class ;Sat- 
urday at 10:00. a. m. Divine services 
in Norwegian Simday at 11 a. m. In 
English at r7:45 p. m. Sunday school 
and Bible class 9:45 a. m. 

FarmI Bn^ealiV Ajpprbral 
Gkies tbl CM)p€^atiye Plan 

(Continued ^m page 1.) 

"Third : Snffident finandng and 

efficient administration.?— 

The section relating to thb' creation 
of a gasoline tax caused some discus-, 
sion. and was finally passed when re* 
vised to. apply only to. gaspUpe used, 
for! transportation purposes. The op-; 
positiori to the, general sales tax was 
passed unanimouisly. . - 

"We Idepl )re the present maladjust- 
ment oi freight rates between farm 
products .and other commodities, and 
recommend ' the readjustment of 
freight! rates on th^e products, the 
price of which does not warrant the 
rates," 'said; the committee's report on 
freightjrates. • 

iUiother -recommendation was that 
'■control of; Inroads within the state 
should jbe returned, to the stat^. rail- 
way commission to the same extent 
as 'existed before the war," 

Portions {of the report relating to 
a^lcultur4 development .urged the 
payment of salaries of county agri- 
cultural agents from public funds, 
perfection jof a uniform plan of- or- 
ganization { for home and community 
work, curuulment of major drainage 
projects uiltil a greater need for xe- 
claii^tion exists, and revision of drain- 
age laws so farm lands will not be 
confiscated! by excessive drainage tax- 
ation. I j ■ . 

. State regulatory powers were -reco- 
mended over the development and op- 
eration of the state's water power and 
oyer rates' charged by public utility 
corporations for the products of the 
powerjso ias to insure" the develop- 
ment of natural resources for the be- 
nefit of the general public rather than 
for private intereste. 

Canadian farmers' organizations are 
to be asked by the Federation to get 
behind the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence 
Wateriway; project, 

"Strict economy should be. exercised 
by the schools, government and all 
other public institutions," said the sec- 
tion on taxation. The committee ad- 
ded that 1'the present tax rates are 
out of all| proportion" to the present 
farm income." 

Bondingjfuture generations for car- 
rying,; on jbuilding cei^truction 'and 


Churville^Schaol; Diat 154. |: 

The 0. Viije familir. visited at the 

Laiis Loldcen home last Suhdajr. ; . 

Hrs. Bertha JSteng^ard frodi Ferf 

tile and Mrs. Elmer Johnson and sop 

from St. Bilairei visited at the 'Swan 

Johnson home last Sunday. . j I 

Halvor Jolinsoh,jA.'Hushy and son 

B3mer_transacted business at St. Hil- 

aire and Hazel last. Tuesday. | 

. Bsther Berg, Orpha Hanson and 

Gasper Iverson visited at the Hn^by 

homo Wednesday evening. ' . i 

- Joe King was a, caller at the Husby 

home last Tuesday. "I ! 

Our school re-opened Monday after 
two weeks vacation. ' All we're pres- 
ent but Loyal Gryting. ■ 
Mrs. A. Gunstad visited at the An- 
ton Johnson' home last Monday. T 
Edwinr'Hnsby helped Otto Nette- 
land haul hay last Monday. 

Carl Finstad and Casper Iverson 
visited at the Husby home last Sun- 
day. , ' \ 

Mrs. Anna Netteland and son Otto 
visited at the O. Vinje home '\Vedhes- 

Amie Johnson left last Friday via 
Soo to seek employment* in -the lum- 
ber districts. ■; . i 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Forstveit a^d 
son Howard, visited^at the H. Foset-I 
veit home last Sunday. 

William and Paul Gilbertson visited 
at the H. Forstveit home last Sunday.| 
Mrs. Anna Gryting left last Satur- 
day to resume lier studies at the Uni- 
versity of Minnesota. , -' " ;' ' | 

Mr. and Mrs. Aptoh Johnson enter-:! 
tained a number of i friends at their| 
home on January 3. < The evening w^; 
spent in various card games,, after 
which a dainty iunch was served. The 
party broke up about :30, all feeling 
that they had had a "peach" ofj a 

C. Oien called at the school Thurs- 
day afternoon. j 

Mat; No. 7?.' : 

Those receiving perfect attendance 
'certificates for the past month -are: 
gSdfinand NatHilda Eoop,;. Frieda, 
Helen'and'Hans Anton. ' , 

Miss Esther Geske was a visitor at 
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Heiiry Eoop 
recently. - ■■ - - - r 

O'nr" attendance for the week *aa 
very, low' as' nlany'of the children are 
ill..'. :, « ■,' . ■ ' • . .. 
■ The Missies Esther Geske, . Helen 
Satre and linda Koop returned " to 
Thief River Falls On Sunday to resume 
their school duties. 

IX>i!ehz,'-Kaitie Snd Louise Anton 
visited at the Wm.'KondoH'. home 
last Suhday. -' ' ■ 

Mr. aiid Mrs. Albert Geske visited 
at the A^ E. Anderson home last 
Thursday. ' '' 

-Miss- Frieda "Anton spent the holi- 
days with her sister, Mrs. Wm. M5J7 
keiis. '. ^- - 



pubUc; improvements"^ was condemned 
and a recommendation made that a 
."Bay-4s?yqu-go-poIicy be adopted as 
far- a^ possible." ^A recommendation 
also was :pade'that congress investi- 
gate the growing increase of tax-free 
securiUes.T Some members objected 
oh the grounds that abolishment of 
the, securities would only serve to in-; 
crease';the interest rates on farm mort- 

;^Other sections relating to taxation 
recommended- the .increase of inheri- 
tanc^iTOxfe aiift the removal of ex- 
emptions, of state, /officials' salaries 
from ihcpme. taxes. 

Establishment of new or .additional 
departments in public schools should 
be postp.oned .because of the present 
economic -iagricultural depression,- it 
was decided, and instruction in the 
piindples-. of .cp-operation as applied 
to community, social and business life 
should be: increased. 

Support to national legislation 
measures i relating to .the "truth-ta- 
fabric. law," S8^;'Qf substitutes and 
decepaye^^nW^oiSf limitation of the 
njmhai. i«r- ipiH^iants and. tariff 
schedule, revisibn was pledged and the 
stabilization of farm. labor contUtionE, 

I Wpnt Ad Overflow 

TUKKEYS FOR SALE— For hreedmg 
purposes. Mammoth Bronze. Hens 
from[?l to ?S.50. W J. Shanley, 
Goodridge, or Stop 13 oivElectric Line. 
■■ - I- ! . 4.5p 

Grand Lovci Story is Told 
m "Kindi'ed of the Dust." 

"The course of true love never rims 
In line with the policy of the Thief smooth," j is an; adage which is ex- 
River' Tlieati-e company to show no- emplified ;in "Kindred of the Dust," an 
tiling but the very best, another ex- Associated First National attraction 
ceutionally good picture is scheduled produced iby Kabul A. Walsh from the 
foi- the Princess next Sunday and novel by 'Peter B. Kyne, and which is 

Monday ' ' coming ti the Princess theatre on Fn- 

Prohounced by D. W. GriaSth to day and jSaturday for a two-day en- 
be one of the greatest pictures ever gagement with Miriam Cooper m the 
produced and a doameht from life, leading feminine role. . , 

i^chaid Barthelmess' new starring Playing the role-;of "Nan of the 
production, "Fury," in which Dorothy Sawdust f Pile," Miss Cooper gives a 
Gi=h plSys opposite him, is a classic remarkable chairacterization of a pov- 
o£-tho se?. Unlike theway most pic- erty striikgn maiden who is loved by 
turej of tl;e sea are made, Mr. Barth- the son Irf "The Laird," the nulhon- 
oimcss and his supporting company aire lumberman. ']' ■„ . 

lived for three weeks on ah old schoon- Her grandfather, '■ Caleb Brent,_ a 
er r. invis all comforts and convenienc- retired petty qfficer;of the Amencan 
03, undergoing the same experiences na\'y, through lack of money, had been 
as 1-1! to the men who still sail the forced to settle, oh f some land made 
Sevan seas in windjarnmern. . by the depositing of refuse; from one 

"1^ tpite of the hardships it was of the lumbern)an's saw nulla. It was- 
the mo-t fascinating joui-nOy Iv have while living in such squilid ciro"m- 
e-.-er talKi," Mr. Baithelmess / says, tsances that Nan met young Donald 
"Tho mathematics of navigation , be- McKaye,' and if was' a (sase of love at 
c^-a.- clear to me. I learned to read first sight with each; "■ .' ■ 

-tb» compaES and steer by it. The But consideMble^opposition quickly 
stories iome of the old salts would developed. "The.Iaird" o^"]"**",*" 
Ml o£ f'e^r experienceswere romance his son marrying the girl, and -"""ew 
j^'--0(i to the Nth degree.' ', - Daney, the general;, manager of. tne 

"it's a lontiTomc life ' though, in saw mill, had reasons of his own for 
spite of nie'fact that yoi; are never trying his best to force the\girl ana 
alone. There is no privacy. But to her graijdfather to movej^ ^ _ 
bo cut 0*1 from tho v.-or1d for three The only joy left to Nan was her 
weeks/ without any communication, voice. Itlwas so purq that it enthraU«l 
not even-a wireless, makes you rea- all whoiheardfit. EyentiMlly Nan ob- 
Uze Saon as notion., lelse will. , It tained a'.^°PP,?|*rt..*',„f« wfrl 
sure seemed good to buy a newspaper big city and c<^ta™'(ejier voice. There 
when we rowed into Gloucester and she married the flhging; "^^.^"T; 
also] to feel some of the comforts of but disillusionment tame, and wittrt 

home once- again," r. : " - 

Women's Qnb Celebrates Anniversary, 
On Monday afternoon, January 21, 
at .3 o'clock, the Women's dub - will 
celebrate the 10th anniversary in the 
form of a birthday dinner. Mrs. E. 0. 
Mogensen -vfill be in charg;e .of the .af- 
fair which will be held in 'the Coin- 
mercial dub rooms. The music memo- 
ry contest will be in charge of 'Mrs. 
Gay ISalvorson. 

A cordial invitation is extended to 
all members to be present atJ the 

WANTEli— Work as housekeeper, or 
- maid. jMiss Alma Rude.- Badiuin 
l^linni Route 1. 46pd 

ed rooiA for rent. 603 LaBree Ave. 
north. -I. 44tf 

Lairsonj Optometrists, will be at the 
Bruraund hotel until 11:30 a, m. Thurs- 
day, Jan. p. Have your glasses fitted 
by a| specialist. 

) - Auxiliary Dance. 

- The Womahjs Auxiliary of. the 
American Legion has made arrange- 
ments to give a dance at the'', cliib 
rooms -of the American Legion "next 
Friday evening, January 18, Aji ad- 
mission charge of 75 cents per <v)iiple 
will' be made and the general -public 
is invited -to attend. Good music -will 
be provided and-; the entertmiiment 
committee promises a good tiihe jto 
all who attend. - . v ^^ ' 

District No. 2. 
Miss Anna Alberg left for Chicago ■ 
last Wednesday evening where she is 

Paul Bbrgie was a business caller 
at Thief River Falls last Tuesday and 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Alberg and chil- 
dren were visitors at the home of Mr. 
and Mrs. Ole Odegaard last Wednes- 
day evening. 

' Zella and Dean Huddleson were vis- 
itors at the A. P. Sandberg home last 
Wednesday evening. 

Mrs. Peter Thime and Mrs. Ole 
Thune were -ai Thief River Falls fast 

Mrs. Oscar Peterson is now home 
from Thief Rivor Falls, where she. 
had an operation. 

- School reropened Monday after two 
weeks vacation. 

Miss Gunda Engen spent last Wed- 
nesday evening at her home in Thief 
River Falls. . . 





Willard Mack's great play of 

Loyalty aM Disloyally 


With Enid Bennett and Huntley Gordon 

Pathe Review — Pathe C!omedy . . 



By Peter B'. Kyne ' 

With an all-star cast including 

Miriam Cpoper -and Ralph Graves 

The drama-of a man's Belief in the woman he loves 

—even against the iron will of a fighting father. 

— jand-U . 

George O^ara 


of "Fighting Blood" by H. C. Witwer 

from Collier's Weekly. 


FOit; SA)1,E— Purebred 'White Holland 

turkeys, large vigorous, birds; toms 

$7.00; Hens $4,00; from prizewinning 

atoclt. N'ess Farm, St. Hilaire, Minn., 


u...».»» . ^^^ with if 

more^trbubie Ihan. she Kad'ever anti- 
cipated.; ■. I I .j- ., 

She -^as ori the ve*go of reaching 

the apax of Iher operatic, caree^ in 

.rj'»„VI"frnm the Neoturie commun- New York wjien she learned ^ that 

ft*Ms taken Txcbption to by the mall' Donald Wa3^ck;aiid that Wsrecoverj^ 

1.1 ';-,,:„,^-n» that section of the depended on herpr^eDC?^.,.. , 

Mail Carrier Objects. 

An item ;in The Tribiine's corres- 

carrior -^serving, that secHon 
oounti-v-. A letter .-to. The 

Tribune i The climax 

t „„■ \-h« n,iir.canier'Wtaihs'J;he;rionallyj strong.. ari^.iS'^aJttihgfilJsh, 
foZv^: "fnoteip^ur last issue to a highly dramatic slohr,; .,:,...-.■ 

of this 'story:; U'.excep- 

Bendahl-Johnsrud. , r : . . 
Monday, 1 January 14i Miss Trdlie 
Rendahl and Telby ; Johnsrudjwere 
uiiited in the holp'bonds of matrainony 
by the judge of probate, Lars Backe. 
The -witnfesses were MissAimai Rin- 
dahl and Walter Grams. BoUi the 
bride arid groom are residents of Pern 
nington county, living near Erig; 

Trinity Young People Meet' 
Oil Thuipday evening, -the jfomig 
People's, Siidety of the Trlnit5(...Lnth- 
eran chnni, will meet iu.tho.bwe- 1 
ment of 'thft church. Tlie progrwrrfor - 
the evening 'will be scripture Aagngl 
and prayer by the pastor,.Jte«fcT5'E'.[| 
Swegof: hyniri by the audisitetydcaJ 
duet by. Isabel Bichter and By Visri 
taunet; a shori; talk by -Bevi-fflbin 
Larson; arid a solo by Elra Po«« BC: , 
Coiripariled!."by Misses Dorothy; Holjvi 
and Lorraine Will. After^ifteijiro-^ 
grami nhort business seesion^yittfPOj 
-hdd.- All meriibers are iny^d-Jitiat^:: 

Yotir Old Shoes 

I Remade like New 

'\ The Frosefh Shoe Repairing 
Shop lis the. Shoe's Hospital, 
■youi ;old shoes will be made ,to 
look I like new. You'll be sur-} 
prised at the 'way they'll wear,; 
too, iiike brand new* We usej 
(inly the finest leather to work! 
.-,1 Tith^T^and'. our. -workmanship . isj 
tmMtbelied: Bring in a pair. 

Richard Bartbelmess 

Doifothy Gish 

' 1— in— ^ 

'PFURY" , : . 

There never has.beenla greaterdrama of the Sea! 
That's thie. absolute truth. • 
Majtmee Sunday 2:30' .- ■ 


I I 

Agricultural Short Course 3 
Assured in Thief River\FUlts 
For Two Days, February 18-19 

Programs of Special Interest to Every Residei^U)£:I^iv 
nington County WiU Be Presented— Co\irse 
Under Auspices of International Harvester 
Agricultural Extension Department, j 


Thief River Fallsf and Pennington 
county are to receWe tlie benefits of 
an agricultural shtftt course this year, 
and the dates have been set for Mon- 
day and Tuesday,, February 18 and 19. 
H. C. Ohlseng of Chicago, a repre- 
sentative of the Agricultural Exten- 
sion department of the International 
Harvester company, was in the city on 
Monday and assisted in making the 
preliminary arrangements. The meet- 
ing, which was held Monday after- 
noon at the city auditoriuin, was at- 
tended by a considerable number of 
business and professional men of the 
city, together with several farmers 
and a number of ladies. The speakers 
and demonstrataors who will come 
here to assist in conducting the short 
course will be people of exceptional 
ability and broad experience. The 
sole purpose- of the short course will 
be to assist the people, so far as pos- 
sible, in solving the many problems 
of the farm, the farm home and the 
community. . ■ 

There will be demonstrations and 
discussions pertaining to the farm and 
to the home and the short course will 
be entirely different from anythmg 
■ ever held in this vicinity. In fact, it 
will be in the nature of a fanners' 
and housewives chautaiiqua. All the 
lectures will be illustrated with large 
charts or lantern slides-and education- 
al moving pictures. These pictures 
will consist of what has been declared 
to be the best agricultural reels ever 
produced. , 

The short course will be for every- 
body — men, women and children — and 
will be equally interesting and - in- 
structive to those living in town and 
to those living in the puntry. The 

public will be invited to attend all 
sessions and no admission price will 

*At the meeting iMonday afternoon, 
all preUminary arrangements were 
made, including the naming of com- 
mittees to take charge of the ivarious 
phases of the enterprise. Following are 
the committees and the personnel of 

General Chairman— Geo. M.j'Wilson. 

Arrangements— H. A. Bimnund, 
chairman; Olaf Neset and H. ;S. Dah- 

Publidty and ilnvitation.^M. A. 
Mattison, chairman; J. [J. McCann, 
Dreng Bjomaraa, O. E. ^ande, E. M. 
Bennes and Geo. A. Kussell. I 

Finance— Theo. . JI., Thronson, chair- 
man; Albert Lonspn and L. A. Her- 
manson. ! 1 ; , .. 

Reception— C. D. Gustafson, chair- 
man; F. J. Stebbins, Mrs. ! H. W. 
Froehlich, Rev. J.; B. Smith and Rev. 
Chas. Gerlinger. r i , ; , ' 

Program — Miss [Maude L. Johnson, 
chairman; J. J. McCann,|I. T. Simlej 
and Mrs. G. Halvorson.|.i 

Schools— I. T. Simley, chairman; O, 
H. Sande, Paul OVerbo, Goodridge; H. 
F. Anderson and } Miss Ann ! Flicker, 
St Hilaire; Miss Julia Herlickson. 

aass Room Materials— JJ J. Mc- 
Cann, chairman; F. P. Haynes, S. E. 
Hunt, H. L. Schuster and E.' M. Ben- 
nes. i , ' TT TI^ 

Women's Depaiftmenty-Mrs. H. w. 
Froehlich, chairman; Mis. E.' H. Mac- 
Donald, Goodridge; Mrs. A.;F. Hall, 
St. Hilaire; Mrs. S. E. Hunt and Mrs. 
I. T. Simley. ■ " i ■ 

All of the committees are [ready to 
begin active work at once and every 
indication points to a vary successful 
short course next month. 

Federal AgencieiMake Move 
fq Provide Frni^to Assist the 
iBankersof Northwest Section; 

Coolidge and Cabinet Back i Stabilization Plan— Govern- 
ment Will tend Cash on JAgiricnltural Paper Held by 
Biankff— Mission Leaves for JNorthwest to Work Out 
Procedure With financial Institutions. 

Pprkers Thrive in Pennington County.. i 


Chommie Is Chosen City At- Matty Recommendations for 


According to dispatches received 
&om Washington, the government rf 
the United states will pat $30,000,000' 
behind banks of the~ Northwest, the 
purpose being to help the banks- in 
carding the large amoont of agri-; 
cultural paper which these institutions 

I have assumed during the recent period 
of depression in fam .product values. 
The inoney.will be provided through 
the War Fihance corporatioh and the 
federal reserve board, co-operating 
with bastem financial institutions. | 
The decision to put this support be- 

torney arid N. J. Ander- 
son Assessor. 

Coming Yjear Made; 
Much Good Done. 


Large Number of Cases lur 

- dicates Lengthy Session J 

of Justice Mill. 

The regular February term of the 
district court wUl open in Thief Kver i'^;;"^^^^";^^^" iiSinabie!"! The sTri- 
TTolle rtn TnpcHnv. . Fphniarv o. with ^ . - .. .-...:?- ■.^i-T.l , t^ 

with splendid ability. jMiss Dorah 
Kelly and Elra Porter as Flossie and 
Ned will make -everyone enjoy the 
evening more by their | sweetly sung 
"Lovelight," duet, and jthe charming 
way in which they enact their parts. 

"Arabella WiBdns," j Miss . Lydia 
Batten, and "Leni Underduck," Lester 
Guss, eilUven the whole production 
with wonderful bits of pomedy. Nor- 
bert Holzknecht as "Hans," the store- 
keeper is a scream. These three in 
their song and dance.: "Deduction," 
are in a class above the average com- 
edian. Dave Robinson; asi"Teckly," 
the town's best ichccker player, is 
splendid'in his role, and isj the most 

Falls on Tuesday, February 
Judge Andrew Grindeland of Warren 
presiding. No grand jury has been 
called for this term, as all criminal 

H. O. Chommie was re-appointed 
city attorney at the regular meeting 
of the council last night, receiving all 
five votes cast,'~Oscar Bambeck being 
absent when tjie clerk read the roll. 
Mr. Chommie did not have any appli- 
cation in for the position but G. How- 
ard Smith and G.. Halvorson , had 
made formal application. 

N. J. Anderson was declared elected 
assessor when he received four votes ' 
to one for Andrew i Trovaten. Three 
applications for thelposition had. been 
filed, these being from Andrew Tro- 
vaten, C. J. Alexander and E. J. 
Facklund. ' i 

The position of city physician and 
health officer was filled by the election 
of Dr. H. W. Froehlich, he receiving 
all five .-votes cast.;" No applications 
therefor had been filed. 

The city -clerk had an application 
for milk dealers license from H. Berg- 
strom and this was duly approved 
unanimously on recommendation of 
the city milk inspector. Dr. Twete. 

Nearly fifty merchants signed a re- 
quest to the city- coxmcil for a rigid 
enforcement of the transient iper- 
chant ordinance, which does not per-; 
mit outside stocks to be brought, into 
the city for short sales "and iihe o^-- 
ers allowed to' decanip before paying' 
taxes. The miatter was -.referred;-' to - 
the city attorney for further investi-: 
gation. Similar action was taken 
on a request from I American Le-- 
gion regarding the ifilling of the posi- 
tion of assistant city clerk, to which 
place Miss Emily Fossum. -was elected 
two weeks ago and for which place 
others had applied, including L. C. 
Nielsen, an- ex-service man; .--A , re^ 
quest from the local .creainery -to have 
Second Street east^ of Atlantic avenue 
the street 

Cunningham, and Henry M. Dawes, 
controller of the currency, to confer 
in -Chicago with mid western bankets. 

PrblinSnary arrangements, fori a 
jimitarl conference in .the -twin cities 
as 'soon as the-three officials complete 
their c6nferences in Chicago. 

Preparations for Mr. Meyer to yisit 
points in the Northwest to discuss 
with bankers the methods of putting 
the resources of th'e federal govern- 
ment behind banks carrying large 
quantities of longf time agricultural 
papW. • " ,; L i* 

The ■ government's decision to 'put 

hind the bank? of the Northwest was Its resources behind the banks of 
reached Saturday at conferences wit|i I Northwestern, states^ where desirable. 

The Pennington 'County Automobile 

oas part of the uncle, Michael Flynn, 

played by E. O. Mogensen, is dbhejvaqated was referred to 
with , unusual success... jMr.Mogcnsen •COP 'mUee._ , ., ■ j - ■ , , . ■ .„ 
- -■ - T ■ ■ • •■• The bonds of the Icity clerk were fix- 

club -held its' annual elective meetmg 
on Tndeday night, i The following offi- 
cers werS elebted: F. J. Stebbins, pres- 
ident; Dr. H; W. Firoehlich, vice pres- 
ident; E. M.Benntes,' secretary; Nels 
Christiansonj treasurer; F. J. Steb- 
bins and Mr.. Christianson, delegates 
to the state !conventio5, which will be 
held in Minneapolis on ^February fifth. 
It ,was recbinmended"at the business^ 
meeting that the; nlatter of the arches 
over) the main highways leading into 
the country i be taien up with the 
Highway copimissioner. If this is 
permitted by the state highway asso- 
ciation, the ^club intends tp delve into 
the sybjectbf apprdpriate- arches on 
whicli some slogan • will be writtai, 
disclosing to the tourist the desirabil- 
ities of Pennington county. The sub- 
ject of glaring Jieiadlights was a^ain 
taken up'aiid -willlbe considered later 
on. Headlights glaring at night have 
caused more accidents than any other 
one -thing, it has been claimed and it 
is thought tiiat steps should be taken 
to abolish this nuisance. "It was also 
decided to take u^.with the. Commer- 
cial' club the advisability of turning 
a3i6on dinner into; a dinner for motor- 
&fti;'and inyite all auto; owners to 
came. - This would take place in the 
sprang and'r subjects of general inter- 
est to iM auto owners would be dis- 
cussed. i . : - i . 

■The financial condition of the club 
is reported"to bejvery good. Among 
the many things '' accomplished this 
pasif.year was the placing of six large 
permanent I road signs as guides for 
tourists. These! signs arevery neces- 
sary things- in : a; motorist's life and 
itwas recommended- that the sign^ 
placing bej kept up. 

President Coolidge, participated in by 
Eugene Meyer, managing director of 
the War Finance corporation, officials 
of the Federal Reserve board, and 
members of Northwestern congres- 
sional delegations. The government 
acted immediately to put the decision 
into- force. This action included: i 

Dispatdi fro& Washington of two 
members of the Federal Reserve 

carries but a step fdrward the ^ork 
aliready being" done by the -war finance 
corporation. This institution .has 
been rediscounting sound agricultural 
paper held by the banks,.releasing to 
banks funds to meet the current 
needs of their communities. " The re- 
cent decision makes more money im- 
mediately available for such purposes, 
and extends existing facilities for 

boarid, George H. James and- E. H. taking over long time paper. 

on the job making the necessary al- 
terations in the west wall of the 
building. ■^- . - j 

: .With the added floor space which 
the. new quarters -make available, it' 
is the intention of-H. E. Nelson,.maii- 
a^er of the. local Pe.nney store, to add 
several departments to the stock and 
to enlarge many of the lines now 
carried. ' When the move is made aiid 
everything completed, the Thief Riv- 
er Falls store will be one of the larg- 
est'-uid finest in the state owned by 
the J.' C. Penney company. i 

matters will be handled upon infoma- j?^''^^." "* j" I •- ied afc ?8,600 -and those of the a^fc 

tion from the county attorney's office. ,^^ choruses are splendid and are tant at-?l,0OO. The regular grist of 

According to Clerk of Court Adolph I ^j, j,jg^ „£ groups frbm eight years Lsemi-mqnthly bills- was allowed, wHle 


26 Students Advanced to 
High School With Ap- 
propriate Exerjjises. 


Lincoln Trio Wilis Seco^id 
Battle of Wits; De- 
feats Roseau. 

Taking the affirmative side of the 
question, "Resolved, that European 
immigration into the United States 
should be 'prohibited"by law for \ a 
period of five yaars," the Lincoln, de- 
bating team ag:iin v/on Sie unanimous Buerger, Alfred Cloutier, 

decision or the judg 

I Commencement exercises were held 
Friday afternoon, January 18, for . 
iiwenty-six pupils who at that. time 
completed the work of the eighth 
grade and were - promoted to- '- high - " 
^cfaooL : The program consisted of a 

.^ong by the" school; ail address of 
Velcdme . by Helen Erickson, one' of 

I the graduates; a piano solo by Lu- 
cille Hermanson; song- by the eighth 
grade; an address by Rev. Charles' 
perlinger; the presentation of the 
class by Miss Lyda Batten, principal 

i' f i the Central school; and presenta- 
idn of diplomas by Superintendent I. 
\i Simley. 
The following received their di-- 
>lomas; Lena Amon, Harry Baker, 
Viola Baker, Leona Bakke, Earl- 
jBenson, Gladys _Bergstrom, Sadie 
■" - . - - - - Josephine 

Eklund, the February term promises 
to be an unusually long one. He 
states that a large number of contin- 
ued cases will come up for considera- 
tion, together -with more than the 
usual grist of new actions on the civil 

Following is the list of petit jurors 
chosen for the term: Joe Votava, 
Thief River Falls; A. M. Langseth, 
Thief River Falls; Mike Highland, St. 
Hilaire; George Williams, Thief River 
Falls; Clarence Eoese, River Falls; 
Alfred Benson, River Falls; H. J. Ma- 
land, North; Die Homme, Silverton; 
Emil Hallemack, River Falls; Axel 
. Kron, Norden; Carl Hillard, Thief Riv- 
er Falls; Mops Engelstad, Rocksbury; 
M. CLeary, Mayfield; Felix Anderson, 
Black River; P. W. Wright, Kratka; 
John Sjolsvold, Norden; Charley John- 
son, Norden; Anton Peterson, Wyan- 
dotte; Gust Naplin, Polk Center; C. 
W. McDaniels, Thief River Falls; H. 
Cooper, Mayfield; C. M. Wilson, Thief. 
River Falls; T. J. Skaar, Clover Leaf; 
M. A. "Mutnansky, Goodridge. 

of age to the "just right" kind. The the free use of the auditorium was 
"Dance-0-Mania," chorus led by Eari [granted for the annual district basket 
Eringer, is the snappiest of them all, ball elimination contest to be held on 
and alone should be weir ;Worth the 
trip to the auditorium. The musical 
numbers are catihy and lovely "Kath- 
leen," especially! to be jheard is to be 
remembered. These songs are on sale 
at the Thief River Music store. 

Reseuved seatltickets will be on sale- 
at Lambert's drug store : Saturday, 
January 26, at 9 a.m. Donft miss this 
treat. i it 

March 6-7, provided the same can be 
brought to Thief River Falls. 



Process ofi Elimination to 

Decide Championship of 

District -at Crookston. 

Stockholders of Local Co-op- 
erative institution in 
Annual Session. 

Secretary T. H. Bjerke announces 
that the ahnual iheetfiig of the stock- 
holders of the Thief River Falls Co- 
operative (dreamery association will 

Committee Cliosen to Work ^>^,tt*'tr15o3fl. t'^A'e 
in Conjunction Wiih Corn- 

night at the Linoc-n M:xh school. The 
battle of. brains was very exciting; at 
times, but although 'the Roseau team 
presented a very gccd constructive 
argument, the local trio -won on the 
rebuttal to' the extent that the de-" 
bate ended with a score of 3-0. „_.., .--. 

■Hie same team that fought so well jVaudrin. 
before, fought again for the high 
school; Misses Hazel Krause, Mar- 
garet Melgaard, and Mae Ballangrud. 
The Roseau team was composed : of 
Misses Lucille Grothe, Mona Everett, 
and Carol -Burkee. The judges for 
the evening were Supt. G. Holmquist, 
of iWarren; Supt C. -H. Orrison, of 
Mcliiiosli; and Rev. A. E.. Hanson of 
Middle River. 

The next debate will be a semi-final 
and will be fought out with Crooks- 
ton. From now on these debates will 

on Monday Cote, Helen Erickson, Willard Furan, 

>Iyrtle Hastad, Thora— Homme,' Ron- 
-Id ICin'ghom, Glendon Larson, Ruth 
parson, Mabel Malafa. Goldie Rem- 
lem. Eugene Richter, Evangeline Ro- 
large, Lflly Roberts, William Sahl, 
"ertrade steenerson, .Arthur Stor- 
:lahl, B^mice Swenson ahd Antoinette 



Delightful and Unique Mu- 
sical Comedy Comes Next 
Tuesday Evening. 

mercial Club. 

A number of representative citizens 
of Thief River Falls gathered at .tiie 
auditorium last Saturday, evening to 
consider' steps in ■ financing and pro- 
moting industries in the city. It was 
agreed that one of the most urgent 
needs at the present time is the es- 
tablishment of' industries -which vriB 
afford 'eniployment for the men and 
women. C. L. Hansen -was chosrai 
chairman of the meeting and G. Hal- 

■^'^'^'^'-S^^v M"S5''tvt-.!S,«nHTlpn>''e very exciting for Thief River 
sessions wiU be.held at the aty audi-|^__:|,__ ^nt,^ fi„i,K„o. nnt thn Raml- 
torium. ! 

Many iinpbrfaht 

County Superintendent j of Schools 

Ole E. Sande Ithis week! completed ^__ 

plans for the annual ispelling contest |TOrson secratai7. 

to be conducte4 in Pennington counl^, | j^ Halvorson dutlined a plan which 

which is held for the purpose of pick- 
ing two spellers to represent the coim- 
ty at the Red River Winter shows at 
Crookston on February 8, Iwhen a dist- 
rict spelling' contest is to; be held. 

Each rural school Is given the pri- 
-vilege of conducting lits bwn spelung 
contest any time up^ to .1 January ;26, 
Ithe date of thd sectional contests. The 
county has be^ divided into seventeen 
sections b^ the superintendent, -with 
the following leaders in charge: Rose* 
Gski; city; Lillian Norman, Wylle; 
Esther Fricke'r, St." I Hilaire; Clara 
Sorenson, city; Mildaj Shefveland, 
city; Mabel Shefveland,: Kratka; Jo- 
hanna Wednl,i Jizel; Stella Thomp- 
son, Erie; I^anra ! Wold, Kratka; 
Bertha (Siristianson, Wanke; Gert- 

was 'approved and which in ^ect con- 
templates the cr^tion of a flnanaal . , -.j y^ 
■ganization. whose business it shaU PS?!L'';:Jf^ 

matters are to 

come before the stockholders for con- 
siderationSit this' time and it is .anti- 
dpated that a large proportion of the 
stockholders will be present. Officers 
and directors for the ensuing year 
are to bej elected; 

One of I the important . tiunga to 
come up is the building question. It- 
is realized that a new buflding for the 
local creMnery is! a pressing necessity, 
ahd many of the stockholders -favor 
the erection of a new structure with- 
out delay. Others feel tiiat. condi- 
tions at ^his time are not favprable 
for such la move ahd believ^ that 
building operations should be post- 
" ' " for another year. 


institutions. The boartTof directors , 2? ■'"r^^;"^^^, 

will be caUed upon to investigate any i Satarda^ meeon«^ 

industry whidiAay desire *» locate L At no™ th^ c^me^enmy ^^^ 

here and -wluch imay be » n«d of .^^^ H^P°^p^ ^^^ ^^^ raembem 

financial aid. Ifthe action of the board, _, ^^»_^ ;,.™„1,i«„„ and the speak- 

The Legion hall is quite the busiest 
place in to^vn from four o'clock p. m. 
until late in the evening. 100 to 125 
of the Thief River. Falls young people 
are worlqng with might and mmn te 
make "Kathleen" the biggest hit by 
far ever seen in this city. 

The production -will be ready for 

■the approval of the people of the city ^ . ... 

next Tuesday night, January 29, and rude Olson, Ifhoda; J. "W. Erlandson, 
no one can afford to miss this scream- Erie; Agnes jStucy,: Rh'oda; Myrtle 
ingly funny, yet hjvably sweet comedy Myrin, St. Hilairej liaura Kron, Kose- 
that is yet ifplete -with moments of .wood; .Florence Geror, j Wylie, and 
breath-holding suspense.- IRose Lemkuhl, Red |Lake Falls. 

"Kathleen," the . adorable Irish After the Sectional contests have 
coleen, is well played by Mrs. J. J. been completed, thelwihnera in each 
McCann and "Jimmy Stanton," rich section will meet at Thijef River Falls 
in love, but poor in purse, is ably por- on February 2 for the purpose of pick- 
tfayed by Lawrence Michelson. Mr. ing the tv winners for the district 
: Michelson plays opposite Mrs. McCann contest at Cro'okston ;on February 8. 

Falls will; be fighting out the semi- 
finals for the Northern section. Fe> 
gus Falls and: Hawley will be fighting 
out the semi-finals. for the Southern 
section at the same time. The ,3ame 
subject will be used in the next 1 de- 

Mention, must be made of a piano 
solo played by Miss J,Ucille Herman- 
son,- a seventh grade pupil, while'the 
judges were making their decision. 
This is a very difficult time to do any- 
tl^g- as everyone ' is excited andj 
wrought up, both by what has gone 
before _and the uncertainty of what 
isj to come. Miss Hermanson playe^ 
a I concert etude by MacDowell witlf 
such evident feeling for musical values 
that many mentioned it with pleasi 
lueable surprise, because of the well 
known technical character of the piect 
and the youtbfulness of the pianist. 

I . . -I I 

Coinniercial Club Meeting 
and Lunch Next Saturday 
Instead of Thursday Nooi i 

R. F. D. Preparing for 
30th Annual Ball on 

standing and agreement that the fi-j°"'T^°?- 

nandng organization shall have super- '-,^^ ^^_i„xj„J„ TT.J.. "Wov 

vision'over the long as it i Preparations Unagr way 

: for Remodeling Building 
j toBeUsifedbyPenneyCo. 

i-Active woric |has been started . in 
getting ready the Evenson building, on 

it so (iecided by the - stockhbldere of 
the organized bidqs&y. The plan was 
endorsed by J. B. fanner, Jas.- Bar- 
nett. Dr. H. W. Froehlich and others 
present at the meeting. j - 

-It was decided! to work in harmony 

with the Commercial dnb-and a cbm-..o o . — .. -.r,-^,— , ^ . „ , t. . 

mittee (tonsisUng of J. "B. Conner, C.lthe^corner of Third and ;Main,_wiuch 
L. Hansen, ;G. Halvorson, Andrew hnU^ he occupied by the J. C. Penney 
Trovatoh, C. M. Evenson and H. M.. company on Mirchl. 

Evenstad met with the industrial-Placed this wesk wiUi tte NorUiem rr' r--- — ----■--■- ~~^^^^ 
committee of- the club Tuesday-after- rWoodworkconipany of .this qty for Igfftand ,™oit^.toportant.^sesrfops^f 

noon. It is' understood this commit- 
tee will report favorably on the mat- 
ter at the next meeting- of the club. 

a complete set 
work on these 
Witaiin a few 

of new fixtures, and Ithe year is anticipated. Don't forget 
has already -'begun, [the change of date to Saturday ard 
Jays workmen will be make it a point to be present, ' 

The usual Thursday noon luncheon 
and njeeting of the Commercial I club 
has been postponed to. Saturday! this 
Week. TMs was done in order! that 
tbe club might hold its meeting 
Conjunction with the stockholders of 
the "Thief River Falls Co-operiativp 
dreamery assodation, whose anniial 
iiieeting^cura that day. i | 

;] The creamery stockholders Ihavje 
b'een invited to take their lunch at the 
Conunercial dub quarters on &traf- 
day and as a result one of the big- 

Friday night will be a mask night 
for Thief River Falls, and the first 
one for a long time. "The firemen are 
busily preparing everything for the 
big night The auditorium is in the 
process of being elaborately decorated 
andthe floor is being put in the best 
possible condition. Everything that 
can be done for the better joy of the 
guesta of the evening is being attend- 
ed to -with sharp'eyes for .the, smallest 
det^ls tiiat in the end always jhean 
so much, for the- squad is. detennined 
that this dance shall be due; of the 
very best, if not -the very best dance 
of its kind ever ptit bn-in :tiie' dty. 

It should he remembered that every- 
body must he masked and in costume 
or they will not be adihitted between 
the hours of 9 and 11:30 p.. m. . For 
the' added sUigulation of .ithe people 
Iwith ingenious ideas in dress, both 
eccentric and beautiful,: prizes wfll be 
given' the best dressed lady and gentle- 
man ahf the oddest costiunes worn by 
a man or a woman on that. evening. 
Eari Erickson's orchestra :V|dll: furnish 
tile music and at midnight, a supper 
wfll be served. A very large turnout 
is expected. 

County Commissioners To 
i^^Hold Meeting' on Friday 

! The Pennington county board of 
commissionere will meet in ,tiie court 
house in this dty next Fridasj accord- 
ing to an announcement made by 
County AuditorT. P. Anderson.yester- 
day aftemon. There is a large amount 
of detail work to be looked. 'after at 
this time and tiie session promises t<t 
;be quite a lengthy one. . ;. ^ -.-. . 





l^lTUte^ Hadfa^ 

Dr. O. F. MeUby left for St. Paul 
Monday evening to attend a meeting 
of the State Board of Heal^. 

Ben Sordahl of Oklee was expected 
to arrive here last Friday or. Satur- 
day evening' to spend a few days with 

Ed. R. Ahlstrom. arrived here Mon- 
day of last week from Grove City, to 
spend an indefinite time with frieais 
and relatives. 

Mrs. J. A. Almquist spent Saturday 
in this city shopping. She returned 
to her home at St. EUlaire on the af- 
ternoon train. j 

Miss Dagna Bergen returned to her 
home in Middle River on Thursday 
f ollo^ving a short visit . in this city 
with Miss Inga Stenberg. 

On Thursday morning^ Miss Elsie 
Koglin, who has been visiting at the 
A. F. Blaska home for a few days 
left for her home in Steiner. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Hunt visited at 
the home of Mr. Hunt's parents last 
Simday, returning to their home in 
this city on the following day. 

Mrs. Scott Laird and little daughter 
Lois, returned Thursday evening from 
Plummer, where they passed the day 
as guests at the Harry Booren home. 

Misses Gladys Russel and Rebecca 
Halvorson returned to their homes in 
Steiner to visit over the week-end. 
Both Misses attend the Lincoln high 
school here. 

Miss Amanda Fosholm returned to 
her home in Holt on Thursday. Miss 
Fosholm has been visiting for a few 
days at the 0, N. Munson home in 
this city. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Simonson of this 
city, left for Crookston to spend the 
week-end at the home of Elmer Sim- 
onson. They returned to their home 
here on Monday. 

Mrs. Mike Fricker visited on Fri- 
day at the Vemer Nelson home in tiiia 
city. She also attended to some shop- 
ping before returning to her home in 
St. Hilaire. 

Mrs. S. Salveson and baby returned 
Sunday morning, of last week, from 
Minneapolis, where they visited lit -he 
home of her sister, Mrs. Clyde Nason, 
for a few weeks. 

Mrs. Ai-thur Granum and son Ber- 
nard left Thursday morning for Gon- 
vick, where they will be guests at the 
homes of her sisters and brother, for 
ton days or two weeks. 

Mrs. A. Cl, Vorseth and daughter; 
Elsie, who have been visiting at the 
home of friends in Rosewood for a 
few days, returned to their home in 
this city last Saturday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hari7 Bolk and baby 
Robert returned Friday evening to 
their home at Sheffield, la., after a 
several weeks' visit with friends and 
relatives in this city and vicinity. 

Miss Mabel Lai-son, who. has been 
visiting with her sister. Miss Anna 
Larson, in this city, left for her home 
in Holt, Friday. Miss Ijarson came 
from Holt to this city on Wednesday. 

Miss Gerday Hegreness, vho :s in 
Grand Forks, is expected homi?. She 
is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Heg- 
reness, who reside in this city, and 
how long she \vill remain here is not 

Miss Doris Sandberg, who has been 
visiting at the home of her parents, 
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Sandberg at Holt, 
retunied to this city on Saturday to 
resume her school duties at Lincoln 

Miss Mabel Engen, who is enraiged 
as instructor in a school at Gully, re- 
turned Monday morning to that place, 
after a week-end visit at the home of 
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Christ En- 

Claude Posten of Moose Lake, ar- 
rived here last Wednesday evening 
and visited for a few days at the home 
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. 
Poston, who reside in the north end 
of the city. 

Mrs. Christ Kierk, who teaches 
school at Brooks, arrived here Friday 
evening and visited over Sunday with parents, Mr. and Mrs. Christ En- 
gen, retumiiig to her school again 
Monday morning."' 

Miss Ida Reirsoif, who has been a 
visitor at the Andrew Ness home oh 
Crocker avenua during the last week, 
returned to her. home in Holt Friday. 
Miss Reirson arrived in this city a 
week ago Friday. 

Mr.«. John Borgstrom, who resides 
in Federal Dam, came to this /city 
-duiing the fore part of the week to 
attcnu tiie Royal Neighbors' installa- 
tion held hei-c on Thursday night. She 
rc'iurned home a few days later. 

Mrs. H. A. Halvorson, of Baker, 
Minn., arrived in this city on! Tuesday, 
ha\dng been summoned to the bedside 
■of her niece, Miss Ida Gulseth, who 
•died in this city on Wednesday. Mrs. 
Halvorson is visiting at the Gust Gul- 
seth -home while here. She expects 
to retui-n to her home in Baker, after 
the funeral of her niece, which will 
take place Friday. : ; 

Mrs. 0. M. Stensgaardi the wife of 
Rev. Stensgaard of Fisher, Minn., ar- 
rived in this dty on Wednesday to 
visit her sister-in-law, Mis.^ W. U 
Stokes, of Plummer, who is^m the 
Physicians hospital. On ,Thu]jday 
Mrs. Stensrud departed for her home 
in Fisher, but expects to return to 
this city on Monday or Tuesday as 
Mrs. Stokes will probably be operated 
on for a tumor at that time. 

HM„?^iH^.^^i"5,^ '"™ ^^^""^ Ohio, had every Tight to-but 
ff^ob S,"f ^ ^,^"*?'" "7°^ * «^« ^ "Gallon and coS't^ko 
1' ^^'yx ^,/^i^J^^" ^ ^^^"^^ poverty. Taken from sil S 
nni^ ^^ hd started «^ a freight train coupler In thTyidlS 
Sf^nJ. ^^?.^^nS^^J* a voider of candy on a train from OrestUne 
to IntUaiiapolIa jNMrt he flred a locomotive and then became an enri- 
neer holding hl^ job eleven years. He buUt a "shanty to Uve in and 
spent hatf of each, night etudylng how to make more money, and 
starving himself Ito save every penny. *vf m. 

ThM he went to Cleveland and as a free lance tried ft sell real 
^tate. Ee hit uwn a novel scheme of taking an option on a lot, trading 
the lot for a grocery store, developing the store and selling It- hS 
pfofltfl were meagre but they were proflta. • ■ 

With them he bought a half Intereat in a livery stable, paying S86 
coftu. H^ found himself handicapped by a competitive Uvery man, 
BO with three city lots bought on option he .traded them for his com 
petitor'B buslnes^ and gave him notes In addition. With the proflta 
from both' stables he took up the options and bought ,more real ^tate 
on option. : Then lEliblet took a 99-year lease on land next to a big hotel, 
erected a flve-story livery bam and doubled his income; 

When; hiB wife's health failed he sold out and went to Arteona. 
Uvlng there threp ylears, then returned to Clevelind. He made plaS 
to erect the flneati garage In town but stopped to have his picture taken. 
Becomhig Interested; In photography he went across the street, rented 
a ator^ hired th^ photographer's clerk who had waited on him, to run 
% and started to do, buslnesa It became necessary for him to hire six 
5Balfitant«.l ! ; tf 

Recently Bl Wet i became Interested In Texas oil wells. He stmcfc 
-aU the first shot at 1300 feet. He used a peculiar argument In secnrine 
apltaL He Impressed upon each investor that the risk they ran waa 
jreat H^ auggested that each one put In- only what be could afforfl ' 
^ lose in casa of) failure. 

Today Blblet^ Is ;a well preserved man of eeventy-one. and is wojtt 
.te mlllton dollars, i ■ :. 

Noel Delorme of I^ed Lake Falls 
was a business caller in this dty on 
Monday of last week, i 

Miss Anna! Vik, ^ho resides in St. 
Hilmre, shopped and had some neces- 
sary dental work done between trains 
on Monday. \ 

Mrs. T. StJgen, wholhas been visit- 
ing with relatives in this city since 
Friday, left for her home at Steiner 
on Monday. ; 

evening for a stay 
Mr. Dalton spent a 

Rev. H. 0.;Svare 

home of Rev, T. E 

of Belgrade, spent 

a few days in this city last week. 
While here he was a guest at the 


Mrs. C.-S; Simo;Qson and children, 
who have been in Crookston over the 
week-end, retume^ to I their home in 
this city on Monday. ; \ 

Mrs. Arthur Granum and baby re- 
turned Monday evening from Gon- 
vik, where ^e was ai guest of rela- 
tives for about two weelcs. 

F. S. Dalton arrived on Saturday 
at his home here, 
few days last 
week in Fordville on business. 

Bert Umland left for St. Hilaire 

Monday afternoon 

to attend to vari- 

ous business matte:^. He expected to 
return Tuesday. 

Miss Margaret Saugen, teacher of 
the third grade at the Knox school], 
is very "ill with pleurisy. While she 
is ill, Mrs. H. W. Froehlich is acting 
as substitute! teacher.' ; 

\ -I ■ ■! ; 

Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Itobinson return- 
ed Monday evening to! their home at 
Alexandria, ^ter visiting for a few 
days with friends |and' rdatives, who 
reside east oif this t city. 

Misses Elida and Linda Anderson 
were expected to rjetuiin Monday eve- 
ning from Minneapolis, where they 
have spent a month ;as guests of. 
friends and relatives. ; 

Miss Inga Anderson,' who had spent 
a month at the home of her parents, 
residing nosx Gerraanitowri, departed 
Monday evening for Gliisholm where 
she is employed at jtbe ^Claypool home. 

Snperinteiident 0. H.i Orrison of Mc-* 
Intosh, arrived in! this city on the 
evening train to ai:t~ as judge in the 
debate held at the Lincoln tdgh'. He 
returned to his home on the flier the 
same evening. 



-jjrapSESDAT, JANUARY 2 i 1924. 

$50,000,000 I<oan for Purr 
chase of Farm Animajs 
Now Pending. ' 

Coulter Plan Meets Generd 

\ Approval in This Section 

- of Minnesota. 

Rev. A. E. Hanson! drove to this 
city from his home in Middle Kiver 
to attend the debate! >betwe^ ^ the 
high school :and* Roseau. Rev. Han- 
son returned to his home the same 
evening, driving his car. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Walker left 
Monday morning for a few days visit. 
Mr. Walker ; went Ito! Ersldne, . while 
Mrs. Walker. went 1 to Brooks. They 
expected to jretunij last evening ' or 
thfe evening.'. 1 " ! 

i i ' ; 

Hard coal,', both nut; and stove size, 
for sale at lireland's Lumber Yard. 45 

}Iiss Bernice Island Jof Grand Forks 
is expected w arrive this week to visit 
for a few days with Jlisses Margaret 
and Josephine Eichammer. 

Superintendent G. ;Eolmquist of 
Warren, who acted as one of . the 
judges in the debate j between Thief 
River Falls land Roseau, arrived in 
this city on the evening train and 
left for his jhorae in the morning, 

William- Dpon. of San -Francisco, 
Calif., arrived here last week from 
Seattle, Wash., whieheihe visited with 
his mother, i He also' visited fiiends 
at Warren, ^om yhi(ih place he will 
return this evening enroute in a short 
time for New York City. While in 
tins city he ^will be a iguest at the R. 
G. Cook honied | 

I ■ i i 

H. D. Anderson,; who has been em- 
ployed, duridg thei past five months 
in this dty [with the! local telephone 
company aa, assistant! wire chief, re- 
turned to his home in Brainerd last 
Saturday evening.' Hb Intends to re- 
side m that city for an mdegnite bme 
before leaving for MinneapoBs where 
he has been! transferred. 

Mrs J. S 'Ameson, the wife of May- 
or Amcsontof this city, left for St. 
Paul Saturday evening, where sh& ex- 
pects to join her husband, who has 
been attending to business matters in 
the southern part of the state during 
the past week She will also visit 
with her daughter Miss Eileen, who 
has been visiting in Minneapolis and 
St Pa il for a few weeks. 

Rev. E. 0. Sabo of Mavie was: .a 
Friday visitor in this city. 

Carl Gnlmd left for Minneapolis 
and St. Paul for a sl^ort visit on Fri- 

Wm. Krenest of Red Lake Palls, 
was a business caller in this city on 

Clarence Ameson, who lives 

Hazel, was 'a business caller in this 
city on Monday. 

A baby girl waa bom to Mr. and 
Mrs. Peter Schultz at their hom^ :iu 
this dty on Tuesday. " 

Carl Gulrud returned from a visit 
to Minneapolis, St. Paul' and Fergus 
Falls on Tuesday morning. 

Mrs. A. Risberg left on Saturday 
for a visit at the home of her sister, 
Mrs. S. Eezar, who lives at Middle 

" * 

D. W. Roderick, who lives in Ha- 
vanna, N. D., was a business caller 
in this dty :during the earlier part of 
the week. : 

Miss Gladys Smith was called to 
Deer Park on Tuesday to care for her 
sisterr Mrs. 0. L. Schneider, who is 
very ill. 

A -baby girl was bom to Mi* .and 
Mrs. Ernest fiude at their Markley 
avenue home in this dty on January 
9. ^ 

Gilbert; Huot, who is with the Peo- 
ples Auto company in Red Lake Falls, 
was a business caller in this dty on 

L. R. Roberts and family left for 
Greenbush on Saturday last for a 
short visit. Mr. Roberts returned to 
this dty on Monday morning. i 

Rev. S. F. Sherboi) left for Erskine 
on Saturday evening. He held re- 
ligious services there on Sunday and 
returned to this dty on Monday, j 

Mrs. Gust Carbok-and infant son 
Alton, of Farwell, Minn., left for 
Strathcona on Saturday ^ter a short 
-visit here to ai^tend the funeral of a 
relative, Louis Lade. 

Mrs. Thomas Eissd left yesterday 
afternoon for her home" at Grand 
Forks after a , brief stay here at the 
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 
Nels Syveison.; . -! 

IGss Hilma Lindberg left Tuesday 
afternoon for Crookston where she 
will spend a few days with friends and 
will retum by the way of "Warren, 
wher« she will visit for a brief time. 

Mrs. H. Sullivan left yesterday 
afternoon, for St. jSilaire where she 
will visit for a: brief time at the home 
of her brother, M. McAndress. 

T. P. Hamre, who. is well known 
among the residents of this dty and 
who has been in Decorah, Iowa for the 
past few rponths, is reported to; be 
slowly recovering from a severe ill- 

Jorgah Elde, president^ of the WbMt 
Growersj assodjitlon, 'whb has been In- 
Minneapolis. and St. -Paul daring the 
last week: attiei^Ung a meeting of the 
association, retvn'ed tob is home here 
on Tuesjiay. J : 

Walte^ Jorgenson, who had spent 
ten days in this dty visiting' with 
friends, !retumed .this morning -to his 
home at Eenmare. Mr. JorgensoiT 
was foriherly- employed here as driver 
for th&l American Railway Express 
company. . | ' . - - 

. Miss Gena Foss, accompanied by 
her brother, Pete, tbth of Badger, 
spent, last Monday- here as guests of 
friends and left in the evening! for 
MinneapoUsi where they expect to be 
employe!d during the rest of tiie win- 

W. Jo^on of Gonvick'arrived here 
last Monday evening and 'visited for 
a brief time with ms father, who is 
relieving drugffist H. Lambert, who 
la spendinga qionth at Caliwomia. 
Mr. Johnson left for Crookstoni where 
he will 'spend a few days atatending 
to business matters. 

■ i"' I ■ : ■ 

Mr: : and Hre. Lamare Edwards of 
Superior, Wis.;; arrived here lait Mon- 
day evening to visit for an indefinite 
time atjthe home of the latter's par- 
ents, Mr, and Mrs. Paul Quinlog. Mrs. 

Edwards was '■ formerly Miss Helga ,, , , - , - 

Quiiilogland a number of the '19 local I™ stock purchased and the increase 
high school graduating class. ^ therefrom , ^^ , . . L 

; 1 I Advocates of the plan pomt ■ out 

Thebne; Walker left last week ; that three dasses of farmers would Ve 
for Rochester, | Minn., where she "will ' benefited, those who have no stock and 
seek medical attention at the Mayo I wish to purchase enough to supply 
hospital. Before returning to ' this .meat, eggs and. dairy products for th^ 
dty^ Miss Walker intends to spend 'farm table; those who have scrub 
some time 'visiting in Minneapolis and stock not capable of returning a prd- 
yicinity; ;-- ! I fit which they would replace ; with 

.r- U .i-i-cr 1. t ,- higher grade animals, and those wh'o 

Ig^ssBergit, Hamre, who has been have a few head of good cattle but 
at thehome of her parents, smce the „a„t to increase thdr herds so th^t 
ChnstuMs holidays, was expected to they can produce animal products on 
amve here last Monday evemng. a commerdal basis. ' I 

Miss Hamre is a student at the local | parm surveys recently made under 
high sdiod and makes her home with the supervision of the agricultural 
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Geske. |coUeges in Norih Dakota and Minne- 

Garfiold Gulseth arrived in this dty ?<"» have revealed the fact that many 
on Thursday from his home in Ben- f?ri?era are without certain dasses- 
wood, Minnesota. Mr; Gulseth ex- f livestock and are consequently 
pecte to viiit it the home of his aunt, forced to spend a considerable amount 

Increasing of dairy and beef cattle, 
hogs, sheep and poultry in the North- 
west is proposed as a 'remedy for the 
present condition of the wheat farm- 
er in a bSi now before congress which 
provides for the appropriation of ia r^ 
volviiig fund of $60,000,000 to He 
loaned to farmers for the piirchase of 
breeding stock by the govemmerjt 
without requiring other collateral tiian 

Mrs. Gulseth.-;: He came, to this dty 

of cash for food. More than nine- 

beciiuseiof theldeath of a cousin, Miss 1'"*'^. "^ *| J^t'^ interview^ 
Ida Gulseth. ' i have declared that they would apply 

; .- ; jfor such a loan, and that they could 

J/ba. !Panl Engelsiad and children, provide adequate shelter and feed for 
who have been guests at the home of !animals secured. Many of thisinuni- 
Mr. and Mrs.! Peter Englestad, who ber declared that they were imdeif- 
reside south of the dty, returned Mon- equipped, or that they wished to le- 
day ev^ng to their home at Black- ' place inferior animals with a ' more 
duck. They were accompanied by Mrs. profitable type. j 

Peter Engelstad, who will visit there ■' The livestock loan plan for a(xdei^- 
for a f6w days. ating diversification was worked out 

' - ,, « , i, .... .at the North Dakota Agricultural Col- 

Mrs, p. M. Stensgaard of Fisher, is lege under the direction of President 
visiting: at the home of Mrs. O. Leg- John Lee Coulter,- aiid was afterward 
void, Sr. . She expects to be in the enlarged to include South Dakota, 
dty until. her; sister-in-law, Mrs. W. Minnesota and Montana at a recent 
D. Stokes, who is in the Physicians meeting held at Minneapolis. A bill 
hospital, has rbdvered somewhat from was drawn embodying the plan mid 
the major operation which she under- introduced as House Resolution No. 
went on Tuesday. — 4,1B9 by Representative 0. B. Burt- 

Last\Thursday,- Dr. T.'j. Bowers S?f,\°^ ^,"1^} ?^^^^ ^''K^, ^^-S^*!* 
rS^ta-riSsSirStl S^^ tt^lgeg 

^^^fe^lSSk^lS^ g^=?^SdS= 

S'-tw&^Ziff M^^ ^vL^S i The loan' would be administered b^ 
Sft tMAi?wr'5;==^;t„^ « commission- composed of the secre- 

left thi^ city for Washmgton. f^^^^ „f agriculture, commerce: arid 

Miss Rose Himmesch arrived here the treasury. They would use exist- 
last Wednesday evening from her >"g fadlitics at Agricultural colleges 
home at Brandon, Man., Ca., to be a s'""' the county, agricultural agents 
guest at the home of her brother-in- together with local, advisory commit- 
law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Roy tees in securing and distributing livc- 
Champlaiii. Miss Himmesch mtends l^tock and supervising the care of the 
to remain uiitil after the winter -same. : | 

months; - . i - f Loans would be made up to ?1,000 

'■to individual farmers and tenants and 

Miss Adelia Kuehn, who Tias Been .would run for not more than fiveiyearS' 
employed during the last month in [the rate of intrest not to exceed six 
Grygla^;, arrived in this dty on Mon- jper cent. . i j 

day moriiing.j Miss Kuehn expects to : In justification of spedal considera- 
visit at the home of her parents in ition for the Northwest, proponents of 
Red Lake Falls for an indefinite per- the plan point out that farmers of the 
iod and will then .proceed to -Minnea- 'spring wheat area had started to di- 
polis where she expects to be ei^Ut^syersify before- the war, but that the 
ed. ' i ^1 plea of the government for more wheat 

■n .. -X It.. .A « i Ti -, 'St that time resulted in a sacrifice of 

Mrs. Pat Hewlett of Graid Porks, ;the Uvestock industry and curtailing 
returned to that place yesterday _af- of the feed crop acreage. Records 
tetmoon after visitmg between hmns, .for Nori;h Dakota show that the wheat 
here at the; home of friends. The j growers Tiave lost an, average of; $5.63 
Hewlett family are former residents per acre for every acre of wheat groWn 
of tius^ty and made their home on : during the past five years; that they 
Tindolph avenue until last minng; are equipped for wheat production, 
when they moved to the North Dakota •■ and than even though they realize the 
city. ! ) necessity for reducing the acreage of 

Mrs. Roy Everett df Roseau was in !*"i ■="»■ ^^ are unable^ at present 
Uiis-dty oniMonday for Uie debate fto^JJ;'*^ J"^^. "Z ''7^?"='^ I, 
between the local high school and Uie ',,•S„^^t,t^'?v''^^fS"'■''^°*°?^ °' 
Roseau team. Mrs. Everett accom- :'i»«stock mto fte Northwest result in 

panied the -Roseau team here, acting jlSsr^thwS? ""* "^ "l"^? 

President Coulter of the North Da- 

is.inereasing at the rate of 1,500.000 
each year, according to census author- 
ities, and <me cow is required to' supply . 
the dairy products consumed , by 6.3 
persons, which means that the cow 
population must increase nearly 300,- ^ 
000 each year in order to take care 
of the increase-in the number of peo- 
ple," he says, 

! "Statistics show that the number of - the New England States 
Has decreased during the past 40 
years, in New York and Pennsylvania . 
the- number remaining stationary 
while the north central states are the 
only onea to show an increase." 

The plan does not contemplate elim- 
ination of wheat production. : By in- 
creasing cultivated and pasture crops 
^d adopting a crop rotation, it is be- 
lieved that weeds will be brought un- 
der control and fertility increased, 
with the result that yield of whe^ 
tp''niake up for the reduction in acre- 
lower cost of production T>er bushel 
and consequently better diance for 
per acre will he increased sufficiently 
age. This in turn would result in s, 
profit, regardless of the market price. 

Faculty Man Helps This 
State Save Much Money 

■ Fredrick Bass, heda of the depart- 
ment' of civil engineering at the Uni- 
versity- of Minnesota, served as chief 
engineering counsel for the state of 
Minnesota in defending the $1,000,000 
suit brought by the state of North 
Dakota for flood damages six years 
ago, a suit which the United States 
Supreme Court has just decided in 
favor of Minnesota. 

North Dakota contended in bringing 
suit that drainage projects in Minne- 
sota diverted so much water into Lake 
TraversB and the Bois des Sioux river 
that the water level was raised two 
feet, causing more than 100,000 acres 
of land to be overflowed. During trial 
of'the case the original two-foot claim 
was reduced to about two inches. This, 
with other evidence, led the supreme 
court to find for the defendant state. 

The case has receieved widespread 
attention in past years, hut few know 
that it has finally been decided. It is 
said to 4iave been the largest claim 
ever'filed against Minnesota by an- . 
other state. 

. Miss Agnes Norhy, who 'visited 
friends and relatives at Kratka f or 
a brief time, left yesterday afternoon 
for Fargo, where she will resume her 
study of music at the North Dakota 

J. M? Skpgmo, the -district plant 
chief, who is located in St. Cloud, via- 
ited in this city while on an inspection 
trip last week. He also visited the 
exchange in Roseau before retorning 
to hia headquarters^ 

tits. E. p. Modin and her. daughter. 
Miss Lila of Middle Kiver, spent Fri- 
day and Saturday morning, in this 
city; shopping and visiting with 
frieiids. Theyi returned to their home 
on Saturday. 

G.;Foston of Moos9 Lake was a re- 
cent visitor at the home of. his par- 
ents, Mr. and Mrs.' C< M. Poston -who 
reside Jiear this city. When he re- 
turned to Moose Lake, on Monday,, he 


Mrs. Adserp .Very HI. 
On Monday, January 7, Oliver 
Kesah 'and his sister, Miss Resan re- 
cieived a telegram from Fargo telling 
of the severe illness of their sister, 
Mrs. Fred Adsero. They left imme- 
diately for Fargo where they exp'Sct 
to stay for an indefinite time. 
: Mrs. Adsero has hoen ill for about 
a month with pernicious anemia and 
lately has been at the St. Luke hos- 
pital. Her condition had not been con- 
sidered serioQs until within the last 
day or so, however, when complica- 
tions set in. 

The family was quite well Imown to 
many in this town for although they 
were not residents, Mrs. Adsero, with 
her children, Mrs. Ted Torgerson, 
Hosa, Manda, Fritz, and Oscar, have 
visited in this town and with Oliver 
Besan at his home in Goodridge. 

in the capacity of chaperone. The: 
team and Mi^ Everett returned - to ' 

their homes bn the Tuesday morning 

Does It Pay. 

An exchange asks if advertising 
pays. Well,,' we should say it does! 
Last week a .merchant of a certain 
town not a thousand miles ^om here 
'advert!^ ^esh dairy butter for sale. 
The J)rinter but an '"h" u^tead of .a 
"d" and the fad read;. "I^esh Haiiy 
Butter fop Sale.^ 

A smart barber called up the grocer 
and offered:^ sh&n the butter at a 
standard price. The grocer got mad 
and . licked t|he harberj breaUng .his 
nose and otherwise disfiguring hhn so 
that faejwas 'compelled to call upon a 
doctor yrho charged him' a tenner for 
the services Irendered. ■ 

The next day the barber met the 
editor on the' stireet and threw a brick 
at him,; giviiig him a close shave, pi 
his efforte to! getaway the pen pusher 
fell down, '^e^ring his trousers so 
badly that he was necessitated to buy 
a new jpairjialso his editorial shears 

kota Agricultural college declares that 
the dairy industry can stand consid- 
erable expansion and still bareljr pro- 
duce the requirements of the cotiBum- 
ers of the country. 1 

"The population of the United States 

was accompanied by his sister, liisa ^^,^ ^^^ j„ j^j^ j^jp ^^^^^ j^^^. 
™' " trated his anatomy so that the serv- 

Mrs. M. W. Bnnk and little daugh- Jces of asurgeon wererequired. 
ter, Suzanne, left on Tuesday even- 

ing for an extended visit at the home 
of Mrs. Brink's parents, Bev. and Mrs. 
B L. Barrackman, who live in 
Lincoln, Kansas. On her wav home 
Mrs. Brink intends stoppmg over at 
Minneapolis and St. Paul and will visit 
with her brother, Rufus, who is an 
instructor in the high school at New 
Prague, Minn. 

And all the resiilt of a little ad. 

Only the heroic can he hero wor- 

No matter how often the worm 
turns he always has the dust under 
him. I 

We seldom oversleep on^the days 
when the rent-collector calls. 

Your Old Shoes 

Remade Like New 

The Froseth Shoe Repairing 
Shop is the Shoe's Hospital. 
Your old shoes will be made to 
-look like new. You'll bo sur- 
prised at, the way they'll wear, 
too, like brand new. We use 
only the finest leather to work 
with — and our workmanship is 
unexcelled. Bring in a pair. 


^♦♦♦ HM t n il M II MMMM 

John B. Rogers Producing Company 


♦ ♦ MMMHM *>> « t< M. t«tt»« 

AUDlTOR|U|W, ^ 29 i 

3«15 P. M. 

Reserved Seats loii £ ale at Lambert's 
Saturday, Jan, 26, 9:00 A. M. 



|o-^|: fj-->:t-i,j^SL :^'j^\,^Si& 



The I Grade Hiat Gives Satisfaction! 

fUt Sbeating of Ug!>e>t Ktaidard ii giuwln^ in popnlaHty eadi sci 
irith tliose irbo prefer the better qnalit^ of material The qoaHQr and 
pnsthig appeal to the most rmctiTig, and yet oar jsioes are mott rem 
)ere onr pAxs trilh fliose of other Mgh gra de Sh^rting t. 

72-lMh Menrned or 81-inch unbleachea fiQ|> 
Penco Siieetilig, per yard . WWW 

Ramoiia Cloth — White - - Une^ Finii^ 

A Durable Falnic at Moderate Prices 

Another fabric added to onr already famtms Hne of fine cottzma. Ttamnna Oodi ii 
limikr to Butcher's linen -with its shmnki Imenj fitiUh . Used for iancy -wor^ttWe 
toTer», scarfs, pfflow cases, children's dothes. womea'B ddrts, and many other aitldaa 

reqniring a durahle fabric 1 L 

zama in 33, 367 44 and 54-iui -wUdu, mni b irfoed| accorfing to tt* wUA. ^JjC 

36-i3idi -width, yd,. 

Hemmed Sheets an^ Piflow Cas^ 

Only a Undtod QnantilT 


»72i90 Tom Sie, each 
KLsSO Tom SzE. each 


finish of Fenco 


81-mch "bleached m, SO-iilch upbleached | 
Penco Sheetang, per x^id — 


-t2i36' Tom Size, each 
45x36 Tom Size, eaci 

, Pfflow C^e Tnbing 

GrealaT -woven Penco Tubing, -Kia plain or linea finish. The same 3 
sheets p^ifi jnDow cases. . , . 

ghi Pillow Tnlring' 

HDow Tulring. yd." 

Onr share of a fortanata porchaae ondtr market ptioM. Ko pan fl? 1 CQ 

trfien these are gone. Made of good hea^wdgwoottoa. nidi UeKSud. ^M.m%J^ 
An imtunal -ralne. Sire 72x90 Sbeoti, aaldb _ '» ff 

Know Cases to matdb a» aheeti. Wrta »gif1»irt Jt* *0«gri«" 35C 

Bath and Huck Towels 

«^^ mSX prices il^ towert Torfll find for the 

Baa Towels of j good axe and wo^it, ea^ 



Gar Own "Lw^f Lyk»" Modd» 

W* haTC a splendid aasortment of .Carseti and 
Brassieres in ill styles for all fignres. And omj prices 
ire tmnsnaHy lo-w, as yon -irill agree -whan iyon c its mine 
onr merchanfise. Here are some popnlat namieia at 
worthwhile savingt. 


Siffi lUem IdSnbl. *~4 a^ iV<a*t uze asd 
lane Bafli Towdi, »oft «rf toiJfl^ »^ ■ 

PU... MOB 

er fiaqr 


piaow Tubing, yo. 

quality as the 



_Cottdn (trash, serviceable, 
low priced at, per yard — 12c 
Bleached I or Unbleached 
Clashes ^ptb Knen -R-eft, at 
per yard Tj- 17c and 23c 

An Enen 







"Jght wei^t Girdle of elas- 
tic and cotton brocade cmn- 
bined, 12 inch lengfli, -wiA 
lonr hoie nijiporteii, flM 

jti-rier Girdle of ebstie 
•frith front of brocade. Vot 
iainty. 1^0 LadngB. 14 indi 
length .«US 

nfsicre Corset of eotba 
brocade, with elaitlc ID- 
««rti o-ver the hips, boned 
hi the back and acrou the 

tbdomen- fonr hoM_Hfc 
porters . ..$138 


Back lace Cbistt 
top in front m 
better aad feel _^ 
f artable. Fancy costiL 


mjra con- 

Btaolcn Corset 
brocade -w^ 
serts uvei 
boM nqiportersM 


file Um. 

Biattisre d stifpri 
opening nnfer 
iJm a flat'-" 
tilt bade. .. 

&! am 


Brssriere of kttfeefbi 
■miOi elastic' belt, |>ii< 
^ sat fa' the 

it fit 

reads for (Yourj Beds 

In Attracdive St^i I 

1 lat-iiinaat — ■■***-**1^"'**" 

Crash, bleached or 

gi-Fes excellent 

_23c, Sc and 29c 

linen Cxash, bleacb- 
Imowrt to eeono- 
Sc to 29c 


hoiisewdres — 1* 

Crat^eted Spnads — Sze 70x80 indiks; tbaxi bftnTnfd ; 
sorted paftr ms 


CniteUd Spresas— Exba laige axe, 70x80 indies. iFor 
largedoiAie bed} assorted p a t t enw ■ — ! »-98 

Scalloped Ctadieted Spreads vifiL cut comers, eood axe, 
72x84 inches, and a sp3endid resale : 1 -! JZJS 



Scanned Ondietal Sfpeads— 74x91 indies. Bxe^ent 
-wc^^it; attractive dftWEO'^ - 


Tiiii. 3iliii TlrJiiisi silri TTiif TTifll imrhrri, TinrnilKT irrislitT 

in rich pstt^ns; {dun hemmed. Eadi , — | U 

Fme Satin Bed Spreads— Scallop conwas in -reity attn^tive 


White Hcwery 

For dw WlKik Family 

Bttt an » m— "f* Tables m wiote {Hosiery tor tiii 
lAole {isdly>— cottooi tnxi, *e& atk at lowest possUe 

Women's £ne, In^y ^nercer- 
isedEbse. per pan 25e 


Exta Heavy Itee Satia Bed ^Rads — Scalloped mrneni 
and vBj neat patterns i ■ 


isd c3*s- 



WUtKan's KriaUe Bed Spreads— Sxe miM, 

lannder ; -1- 1 1 

WUtauo^ KnnUe Bed Speads— Good iqnality, 
lamider, «*f 72x90 

easy to 



casir to 

Wintmon's Erinlde Bed breads— Teiy Soe qoaStr. 


I fine foil TDPr- 
eeized Hose -witli fine nbbed 

top, pa paizL SSc 

Womei^ pme Suead aDc 
Hose, Sdl fanbimirdj rein- 
foieed bed and toe, lisle sar- 

tertt^ per pur $1,19 

'IGssKi* and dnldzcn^s fine 
ttm timad pane-^le hose, 

made &r -wear; per par Z5c - 

TEsaef and di3diC9^s extia 
fiiw libbed^ mei e eutu d Hoae, - 

perpnr ;: — Me 

Twyorrfaj* foQ mezcensed eot- 
ton SddES -clBi' luey ti^is, 

pa ptiz' _ Ke 

jn^^ AnsttaBan Wool 
Hose vitii saDc bed^and toe, 

per pnr : SSc 

b&nts' 100% A^"*~"*" 
«S1 Erae ariSi sSk bed and 
-toi^ per pssr - 


pmi^ Oread ^k Bbse, 

Igjndi Sik 


pose finead SDc Hose, 

Boot . 





'^ |., CJi'l^ 



The Tribune 



Associate Editor 

Published Every Wednesday at 
Thief River Fills, Minn. 

Entered as second class mat^ at the postoffice at 
Thief River Falls, Minn., und^r tlie Aot of March S, 1879. 

Official Newspaper of City of Thief River Falls and 
Pennington ; Coimty. 



At this season of the year niany people make it 
custom to change their modes and methods, or in other 
words, "turn over a new leaf." All kinds of resolutioiis 
are made in January, some to be kept during the entire 
year and others to be broken within a short time. 

Most of- these resolutions concern personal habits 
which the individual knows to be harmful, and which 
he feels should be dispensed with. 

Very few people, however, really get to the bottom 
of things sufficiently to discover in their own makeup 
the most vicious habit of all — that of pessimism con- 
cerning the future of this section and the inclination to 
• believe every dark<olored rumor in circulation. If 
some miraculous change could be' wrought in the minds 
of the pessimists, bringing to them a true perspective of 
conditions as they actually are, it would indeed be a big 
step in bringing about a decided improvement in. con- 
ditions for everyone. 

Have you resolved to do your fighting in ti¥e ranks 
of the optimists and boosters during the year 1924? 
They're a mighty fine bunch to be with and we know 
you'll like their company. 

Make the resolution today and keep it. 


A recent report from the state board of health says 
that grown folks need to play as well as children. It 
quotes a well known doctor to' the effect that the de- 
generative diseases nearly all result from lack of play, 
Mentally and physically we need play that relaxes tired 
muscles and give the nerves a chance "to regain Iret 
vigor. . . , . , 

It will appear, therefore, .that the modem tendency 
toward more play and amusenient is not entirely bad 
after all. Some old timers insist that everything is going' 
to the dogs because of this craving for recreauon. This 
objection comes mainly from jim^t and Nhurdened 
people whose lives are mostly. digging and Jrudgery, 
who have not come to realize what suitable recreation 
really means. j 

The conmiunity and individual citizens should prd- 
vide the right kind of recreation places for adults is 
well as children. More tennis courts, more golf links, 
more horseshoe pitching courts "are needed in this and 
every other community. . i 

Envying the other fellowVlot in life won't get you 
one on the corner. ] 

Thief River Falls is getting so dry that the water 
will no longer run over the dam. 

One trouble with the average Train of thought, is th^t 
it is made up of too many empties. 

One redeeming feature about winter this year is that 
it was almost over before it got started. ; 

One of the differences between some men and most 
dogs is that the dogs appreciate good treatment. i 

Faith is a fine thing but work is needed to make it 
effective. Have Jaith in your community and work like 
blazes to prove it. . 

This northern Minnesota weather may not be the 
most enjoyable brand for lounge lizards and cake eaters, 
but it makes red blood How fast in- the veins of real 
folks. And that's the kind of people who inhabit this 
north country. ^ ; 

Prospects are that the needy .Chipewa Indians, which 
includes most of the Indians of the Red Lake reser\'.-i- 
tion, mil receive $100 each from their tribal funds this 
winter. Wise, or unwise, ths, fact remains that the red 
men are in urgent need of money, and money is not mudi 
good to a dead Indian. 1 

A farmer from the Newfplden neighbofliood called 
at the Tribune office the other day. Among other 
things he said that for several years past the receipts 
from his flock of turkeys alone had been more thaji 
$1,000 per annum. Every farmer should talk his wife 
into keepirig a flock of turkeys. ! 

"Among those mentioned''. for governor, and that irj- 
cludes many men of many strip«, is former Senato'r 
Haycraft, pf 'Fairmont, who is a real one. He probably 
will not be'li^entiohed much, that is not enough to Ijothdr 
him anyway'jibut if such a man could by any stretch of 

imagination be pressed into service- under the accuirsed 
priiiiary law, then we will say the state of Minnesota 
would iideed be fortunate, foiujhe North Star state 
woiild have a governor aU wool and aj yard' wide. But. 
it can't be dorle. ' ^~. ■ ' : 


The only visible asset of a defunct brokerage firm in 
New Yirk was a "sucker list" containing 100,000 
nacies. The firm in perfectly good j faith valued the 
million dollars. $10 for each sucker. And yet 

list iat : 

onC; is bom every minute. 

spend a 

of the large department stores in Minneapolis 
thousand dollars a day for newspaper advertis- 
mg. And they don't operate on the theory that the 
editor is a good fellow and needs the' money. Depart- 
ment store owners .are business men, not philanthro' 
pists. i . [ . ~" 

History does not record the names .of men who gavci 
up easily. The history makers were the men of indom- 
itable courage who never said die. In the face of die 
most disheartening obstacles such men come to the sur- 
face and survive while the weak ones who "yell for help 
at the first sign of disaster quickly disappear from view. 

The present immigration law is a screaming farce in 
thehumble opinion of the editor of this great palladium 
of justicie. The three per cent provision, whiclTis the 
crux of the law, militates to keep out immigration from 
the i northern sections of Europe, where our best settlers 
conie frijm, and subjects us to an invasion of undesirable 
hordes from southern -Europe. 

There is considerable shaking at the knees these days 
on the part of men in office who are' committed to the 
bonus aiid a general reduction in taxes. With Mothci 
Public' at the front door holding aloft a rolling pin, and 
the. Soldier B.oy at the rear with an adjusted "compensji- 
tion spe^r, the poor politicians may be pardoned if they 
sing "I hate to go home in the dark." 

In line with its avowed policy of doing things vvhich 
are; of benefit to the entire countryade,. Thief River 
Falb is arranging for a banner agricultural short course: 
to be pven on February 18 and 19. ■ Absolutely the 
best talent in the entire country willj be procured and: 
the result will be entertainment and insbuctiori for ev- 
erybody; who takes time to attend the sessions. 



, . i - F. C Paine, the agent at ErsUne, 

„! ■ , I. . \^ ^. ,- - ^. ! has been up to Fordville to visit with 

It was decided at the last meeting his -son, D. C. Paine during the week 

of the Commercial I club that the next nioTint/.l,o,. T r i7«,son .,'.„ „»«i. 

Everybody interested inthe success of',, »*e* Agent G. S. -Walker is re- 
the daiiy industry i is invited. The "?.™P °- "• Jo^msen, the agent at 
lunch will be; 25 cents. \ jMiltona, on account of lUness. 

Plans areibeing: made for an "ex- 1 ^■^- ^^^,^ ^^^"fi 'Wa«house- 
perience meeting"!of the sugar beet 2""J- S- Ehlers at Alexandria on 
raisers of this vicinity in the near fu- Saturday. Mr. Ehlers has been 
tore.' This will be a gefr-together "-"isfenred to Minneapolia as clerk 
affair whereieach beet raiser will tell ." It" ^"^e"* auditor's office. Mr. 
of his experience jiu raising sugar **"»^, " /hrother of Mrs. John 
beets, At this time the prize of $50, Cronkhite of this tity. 
giveli by DrJ FrgehUch for the largest I F- S. Qalton, the agent at Ogema, 
tonnage per acre, will be awarded. spent Sunday in this city visiting with 

A delegadon of the Cotamercial*"^''^- -" 
club met with the repreisentatives of i Conductor J. S. Bamett returned 
the International Harvester Co.'s from a visit to J^s Angeles, on Satnr- 
short course,' at which time plans were day and has resumed his duties on the 
made and c6mmittes appointed for ^road. Mr. Bamett visited with his 
the course, which will be held at this mother while in California, 
city on Febrliary 18 and 19. |" Traveling claim agent, P. L. Quale 

''Notices are being mailed out calling , "^nie up from Minneapolis. this week 
attention to the fact that the dues for on business. 

the coming, year are payable. If ev- 
ery member jWill pay his dues prompt- 
ly it will save the secretary a great 
deal of work. 

A cancern in Cleveland, Ohio, has 
asked for iijformation regarding the 
flax straw aituatibn. If things are 
satisfactory they are planning to put 
a factory in this city in the near fu- 
ture. I i ■ 
' Negotiations are now under way re- 
garding a cjacumber pickling, station 
in Thief River Falls the coming year. 
Definite information will be received 
in the near future. 

The Commercial club at its last 
.meeting werit on record as fevoring 
the Holding of the high school basket 
ball tournament in this city The com- 
ing spring. :The club guaranteed the 
expenses up; to $500.00. Mr. Simley 
was instructed to extend invitations 
to all the participating teams. 

When the long account is made tip, it will not be the 
number; of our square miles, or the amount of our steel 
production, or the piled up wealth of our millionaires, 
that will determine whether American government has" 
been a success or failure. That question will turn upon 
the fibrS of our citizenship, upon the standards of our 
public life, upon the kind of men the people shall have 
accepted as fitting leaders. — ;Daniel Webster. 

To know that some one remembers 
us is to feel that life is better to us 
than we deserve. 

■j •»• 
The world does't care much ab.ont 
your ability,'! itt cares about yodr wil- 
lingness to serve. '■■ 

' .The man in the moon always looks 
^ghter after he has washed his face 
on a^ doad. ! ' . — ,-* 

The "King of Bootleggers" was handed four years at 
Leavenwortii by Judge Cant and fined $10,000 for 
good measure. The bootlegger's "wife, involved in the 
same deal.'was sent to the reformatory at Shakopee and 
was fined $3,000. Sentences like that will have a teh- 
dency to put a damper on the moonshine business as a. 
means of livelihood. Judge Cant and his colleague. 
Judge McGee, dtserve the moral support of, eyeiy la^ 
abiding; citizen in the state for their "upstanding • w6rk 
on the hench. 

Land that will grow wheat is worth nothing. Land 
that; will STOW corn is worth $400 per .acre. . Land 
that! will grow alfalfa is worth $500 per acre.'' Land 
that! will grow -s^veet clover is; worth ;J300, per acri. 
Pennington county land. is 'not ^dapted to wheat espec- 
ially, but it is the best'on' earth' for ■the';other:three...-it 
""'• seem foolish to make the predictioii now, but ^e 
our stand on the proposition that our land will 
reach pi:ak prices inside of three years. And the wise 

will hang onto his Pennington county farm like i 
to a root. 

Nprly twelve million prescriptions for booze were 
issued last year according to figures just made public 
by the prohibition bureau. These were, issued by 50,000 
doctors, about a third of the medical fratemity of the 
country. A provision of the law which was originally 
intended to take cgre of emergencies has thus become 
a national scandal. We must- express some wonder 
that I people violate the law as infrequently as they do 
when we contemplate such chuckle-headed provisions 
inseijted in the law by the representatives of the people. 
About all that has been accomplished by the act is to 
compel people to pay $6 per pint for rot gut whiskey. 

Considering the relative .'price of land we can beat 
the tar; out of southern Minnesota and Iowa in corn 
raising.. Our yield. may be sh'ghtily liss, but our best 
farmers will agree we can mature every year from 40 
to 45 bushels of Minnesota 23 of White Cap dent com. 
That is good enough for anybody. ' We can raise alfalfa 
which is worth much more to tiiis section,. and we can 
raia! it ^without expensive lime or fertilizer. That means 
we can fee4 cows, raise hogs, sheep, chickens, turkeys, 
beef dieaper than any olier known sectiom TTiat be- 
ing true, and there is no disputing these facts, we ougjit, 
under the circumstances to come back more rapidly dian 
any section of the country. And, by the great hom- 
spoons, ;we will if we have a mind to doj or die. 

■Violinist Gives Concert. 
A musical concert will be given in 
the North Star school, Dist No. 5, 
on 'Saturday evening, January 26, at 
8 o'clock, with Olaf Dale rendering 
the program. The general public is 
cordially invito to attend. 

FARM WANTED-l-I want farms for 
. cash buyers. Describe and state price. 

Last reports were that Santa Clans R. McNown, 788 'WJlldnsiiii Bldg., 
Ja not wholly; rested up yet. Omaha, Nebraska. ;48-p 

Bert Ostvolden is working in the 
freight office relieving Mrs. Pratt for 
a short time. . 

J. S. IieVert, Mr. Barnard's porter, 
left on 'Wednesday evening for Min- 
neapolis, where he will visit for a''few 

Road Master R. D. Sullivan spent 
Saturday in Minneapolis on business. 

Annual Creamery Meeting. 
The annual meeting of the stock- 
holders of the Thief River Falls Co- 
operative Creamery association will 
be held at the auditorium, Thief Rivr 
er Falls, on Saturday, January 26, 
1924, at 11 o'clock a. m., for the pur- 
pose of electing officers and transact- 
ing any other business which may 
come before the meeting. Dinner 
will be served by' the Commercial 
club at a charge of 25 cents. All are 
invited to this meeting, whether 
stockholders or not — T. H. Bjerke, 

J^TOAEY 23, 1924. 

D im| Is Being Plugged by: 
Citly's Ugfiit Department 
to Help Power Situation 

Because a complaint had been en^ 
tered by the Hanson-Barzen Milling 
company at the council meeting : on 
January 15 on the lack of water en- ■ 
telling i their mill race, Ole Legvold of 
the w&ter and light. .'department is 
busy with a number of men down'at 
the dam. There are quite a. few bad 
leaka that waste an enormous amount 
oflwater which at work 
grmding grain or lighting up the city. 
The men are doing the best they :can 
tojloctite these and plug them up with 
flax straw. It is rather a hard task 
to [undertake as the worst of the leaks 
ar^ believed to be. in. deep water and 
almost inaccessible. -. However, the 
men are 4oing-the best they can to 
better ;thi water power situation. 

I i Card of Thanks. 

|We idesire to extend our heartfelt 
thanks to neighbors and friends who 
assisted up d.uring our recent bereave- 
ment. ; Especially do we wish to 
thank Rev. T. E. Swegcr, Mrs. Ward, 
organist; Miss Bourque, nurse; offici- 
als and employes of the Soo Line 
Bi;otherhood of Railway Clerks and 
the Ladies' Aid of tlie Trini^ church. 
— [F; E. Berge, A. M. Ringham, B. G. 
Ringham, Rutii Ringham, Clarence 

Vivian Viola Vandeventer. 
:pn January 16 occurred the sad 
de^th of little 'Vivian Viola, the year 
old daughter of Mr. and' Mrs. Ray 
'Vandeventer of this city. Th'e funeral 
was held on Friday, January 18, from 
th(j Presbyterian church, Rev. Charles 
G^rlinger officiating, and the burial 
took place in the Greenwood cemetery. 

Mrs. Agda Haiison. 
iFhe death of Mrs. Agda -Hanson of 
■\mdng, occurred Tuesday, Jan. 22, 
d^th being due to tuberculosis, from 
which she had been ailing for some 
ti^e. Deceased was' bom May 8, 189'6 
and was at the time of her demise 
27{ years, 8 months and 14 days old. 
Funeral services will be held at Vik- 
' I *♦• 

i Mrs. Dagne Chrisfenson. ■ 
[The sad death of Mrs, Dagne Ghris- 
tianson ;.of - this city occufiwl "rues- 
day, .January 22, at her home on Dew- 
eyj avenue. Mrs. Christiahson was 
bom in Norway and was at the time 
'of her death, 27 years, 5. months and 
3 liays old. Funeral services and liur- 
ial Trill take place at OUee. 


Helimig the Fanner. 

January 21, 1924. 
.Editor Triburife: 

We have noticed in the press that 
there is a move on. foot to app\y for 
a $50,000,000 loan through congress 
for the purpose of buying up blooded 
stock for the -farmers throughout the 
northwest. Now $50,000,000 is a lot 
of money and If that amount of money 
could be put into the use indicated in 
a right way-^towards the upbuilding 
o£ the country 4n general and for the 
welfare of its people, it sure would 
be a grand thing. It neither ^cali 
nor will until; adjustments are rpade 
tiiat will make such a thing possible. 
To loan out to a bankrupt set of farm- 
ers this amount of money as suggest- 
ed ^ould simply bb a detriment to 
them and an additional burden under 
present condition?. Knowing as we do 
that in the state of ■ Minnesota, «from 
seventy five to. eighty per cent of; the 
farmers and .more^ 'have a past.) due 

mortgage, most) of tiiem upon their 
farms from thirty to one hundred and 
forty and fifty dollars | per acre and 
more, a sum representing i just about 
twice the produdng valjue of the land 
itself under present conditions, and 
a debt that can jnow be lifted by its 
present owners, (>ther siates worse off 
yet, such conditions must be overcome 
and changed to j harmonize with the 
times we are living ii before any 
business, revival 'in genbral can ttake 
place.'" ■ A "I 

In the matter of reconstruction, the 
first thing to do is to J "squeeze the 
water" out of the artificial land! values 
created in war time an^ ^ ditch l^e 
whole thing. Let. the money leaders 
take their losses in the ^m'e way that 
the farmers, do and then come back 
to the real producing jva|ue of the 
land itself, reduce the jpresent loans 
upon Buch a basis to si point that 
would comply with the j principles of 
a land loaning policy based upon ac- 
tual land value. .{This wjould ^ve the 
present occupants another chance to 
win back their homes Then come on 



with your "Fifty million dollar" loan 
and boost the farmers along with a 
few good cows, sheep or hogs, and the 
farmers will set the wheels of prog- 
ress in motion, and this country ^dlll 
in a short time redeem itself and in 
time will recover to some extent the 
losses sustained by 'all concerned. 

We have talked reconstraction since 
the time of war,^d it is time that { 
a fountain was layed and pemfan' 
ent steps taken towards the welfare! 
of the people in general iii this coun- 
try, i 

Reconstruction work in beBalf of the 
people in general is a state and na-; 
tional problem and it Is ', high Vmi\ 
that oar representatives awa^e te 
that fact xThisTalk of telling the 
farmers to go home and "slop their | 
hogs" don't bring us anywhere 


Rhoda, Hum* I 

The govemment has prohibited the 
papers from publishing guessing con- 
tests, and yet it allows the weather 
reports to be printed. 

Clever New Fabrics 

i Reduced to Clear 

nPHOUSANDS of remnants as well as yard 
■■-goods are offered at the lowest of clearance 

E rices. In fact, every piece of goods in the 
otise is underpriced. So smartly Inew are the 
fabrics and graceful designs that they fwill 
make the cleverest of spring frocks. 

Silk an4 Safia 

The newest, in Silk Crepe is C^pe de 
Ii«ii^ a very beantifnl clinging material; 
koines ! in <dl' the 'leading 89 Afi 
lolors;' special _.. ™ V«»*0 

; .- 36 inches wide. 

" Canton Crepe 

^ew Spring Figured Crepe 0O QQ 
"or Spring; .40 inches wide — V^*^0 

I 36«iach Pure Silk Sadn 

'C(mies in Browny Navy, anf 
Black; Special J 


Wool Ores* Goods 

New Bnued Wool SUrtiBlg 09 mB 

51 indes wide. 90»ta 

- New Material for Spring Skirts. 

. 36-inoh Absolutely Pare 
Wool Series 










Teacher of Piano Opens 
Semester on January 28 

Mrs. Doris Halvorson Pope announc- 
es that hor piano classes will start 
the second semester on Monday, Jan. 
All those who wish to begin the 
new semester are asked to registser 
tliis week. 

[Mrs. Pope is well kno^vn as a pian- 
ist and teacher, having had a large 
class here in piano for the past two 
years. She is a graduate of Oberlin 
Conservatory and a pupil of Madame 
Bailey-Apfelbeck of Minneapolis. The 
work she has done in this cimmunity 
for students of piano has shown her 
to! be a very efficient and capable 

Satesdalslag to Meet at 
IGrand Forljcs June 26 and 
27, Committee Declares 

The annual convention of the Sates- 
dalslag will be held in Grand Forks 
oii June 26 and 27, it was announced 

.lakt week by the executive committee. 
More than 2,000 delegates and mem- 
bers 01 the organization are expected 
to' attend. B. Bjomaraa of Wanke 
isj president and T. K. Rynestad of 

. Thief River Falls a member of the 
board of directors. 

JThe meeting will be held in the city 
auditorium and a fine program is be- 
iris prepared for the occasion. 
Among ^he speakers will be Senator 
Shipstead, Congressman Wefald and 
Governor Nestos. 

Dr. Froehlich Appointed 

Major of ReseiTe 


Dr. H. W. Froehlicli last \veek re- 
ceived notice that hel had been ap- 
pointed a major in the Meilical Of- 
ficers', Reserve corps of the United 
States Army, "Dr. Froehlichihaslbeen 
a captain in the medical oiHcera' re- 
serve corps for the past five years. 
Part of his duties will be to enlist and 
examine candidates for the Fort Snel- 
Ung Citizens' training camp, in Aug- 
ust. " i 

Those desiring to enter the camp 
next summer should cbnsmt with Dr. 
Froehlich regarding their physical ex- 
aminations and vaccination against 
such diseases as smallpox and typhoid 
fever. Several young .men from! this 
county attended the training camp 
last summer and no doubt a greater 
number will make an feffort to secure 
the benefit of the training during the 
coming year. 

I Party. 

Enjoyable Party. 

The. party given last Friday I eve- 
ning at the Sons of, Nonvay hall 
proved to be a most enjoyable affair. 
A short program was rendered, after 
which the floor was cleared arid a 
large crowd tripped the light fantas- 
tic until a late hour. , A delightful 
lunch was served. 

Korstad's Factory ready to buy 
green poplar logs. They must be 52 % 
inches long, not less. than 7 inches 
at tops, sawed at both ends, straight 
and sound. , 45-8t 


k Co nun 

he regular i 
tly orBaniz( 

Commercial Clab Meets. 

■ monthly meetiog of the re^ 
cehtly organized St. Hllaire Commercial 
dab was held Monday ereniDg, Jan. 21, 
in the I. O. O. tl buildine, with G. W. 
Hooper, chairman presiding. 

The meeting pruYed a big eacceas from 
evfery view point. After the VBriona com- 
mittees made their reports, the main dis- 
cussion and point of interest was the ruad 
BOUtheaat. of this village running north and 
BO^th in Biver Falls. Mr. Bert Umland, 
our couguulal county and state blghwajr 
engineer was the main speaker for the eve- 
ning and handled the situation in a very 
capable manner. About 25 or'30 progres- 
Blve farmers, living along the road under 
discussion, were present at the meeting, 
wliilcb added considerable enthusfasm and 
pap and snccess to the meeting. After the 
ro id propoaltlon had been dlscnased pro 
aid con and a proper line of procedure 
for the eatabllBhing «f the road had been 
completed, the club ai}d' Its guests were 
taken care of by the lunch committee, 
which did Justice to its task. 

The club extends their thanks to tbo 
gqests who helped make the meeting such 
tcccBS, and especially to Mr. Umland. 
The next meeting of the club will be held 
February Jl, 1924. 

Basket Boll Team Tonr. 
JTLe local city basket ball team left St. 
H laire Tuesday morning for Greenbueh 
an J Kuseau, where they will meet the city 
te ims of the respective cities. The first 
me with Greenbush is to be staged on 
Ti^esday evening arid the secoild game with 
seau on Wednesday evening. The local 
la^s arc going up with a strong aggrega- 
tlt n and with high hopes of coming back 
me with the bacon. This Is the team's 
aiues away from home this season 
d the local fans are looking forward 
th much interest for the results. 

J. >". HighberK Dies- 
Jbaries -Llndiiulst received the sad news 
■nday at the death of bis brother-in-law, 
N. Hlgbberg of St. Peter, Minn. Mr. 
gbberg was well known in this com- 
inity, having farmed a number of years 
Polk Center Township and has ac- 
ired a great many .friends in that sec- 
n who will be very sorry to learn of 


Card Party. 
i card party, the third of its kind to 
given this year, was given in the Odd 
Fallows' hall last Friday night. Owing 
the Inclemency of the weather a num- 
ber of the out-of-town members were un- 
le to be present. Progreeaive whist was 
th; game of the evening and ftas played 
four tables. The honors were conferred 
Mlas Ragna Loberg and Mr. Tbco- 
doJre Ducharme. A delicious luncheon was 
rred at the conclusion of the card seoson 
ard a very pleasant evening- was spent 
b3 all. The entertainment committee for 
tms time conBlstcd of Mr. and Mrs.' B. 
Jfnsen, Mr. and Mrs. T. Skattrud, Mr. and 
M -8. O. Guntsad, Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Han- 
Boi, Alma Engh. Agnes Simpson, Slgmd 
Sagb, Sam Walbeck and Mr. Espeland. 

W. C. T. U. 

The regular meeting of the W. C. T. TJ. 
was held at the home of Mrs. T, .K. Hovet 
la^t Monday evening. Articles 'for the 
prpgram were read by Josephine Branum, 
Olive Nelson and Selma Hoff, Lunch wat 
se -ved by Mrs. Hovet. The next meeting 
t the onion will be »*eld at th^' Q., I. Fell- 
j n home the second Wednestuy In Feb- 

The Dorcas society of the Norwegian 
Liitheran church held Its annual meeting' 
In the basement of the church last Satur- 
day afternoon. 

baby girl was bom to Mr. and Mra, 
Dallager laat Sunday morning. ^ 

number of the students in the local 
libb Bchool are diligently working on se- 
lections for a declamatory contest that will 
bd held sonie time In February. 

Arlo A. SchDpman shipped two carloads 
ofj balled hay from this station Tueaday. 

The regular monthly meeting of the 
Community club will be held In the school 
house Friday night of this week, and a 
very fine program will be rendered. The 
Juniors of the high school will furnish 

The creamery board held Its regular 
monthly meeting in the front rooms of the 
creamery building Monday afternoon. 

CharloB Bcngaton. who has been employ- 
ed; in Cloquet for the past year came home 
Saturday and spent the week-end with 
hiB family In this village. He returned to 
Cl(»quet Monday. 
, MISB Tina Wasnesa and-her brother Geo. 
Wpsneaa of North Dakota, are guests at 
the home of their aunt, Mrs. Geo. Baktej 
this week, 

Chsriea Knnkle, who owns and operates 
the flour mill at Terrebonne, was a caller 
In I this viUage Friday. 

B. M. Bennes of Thief River Falla was 
a basinesa visitor In St. Hllaire Tuesday. 

Mrs. S. Hoff and flanghter Selma, Mrs. 

Richard Larson and Mra. Halatrom were 
pleasantly entertained last Tuesday after- 
noon at the home of Mr. and Mrs, Carl 

Tim Ensrud, who baa : been In a Min- 
neapolis hospital for sorde time, re'turocd 
home last week, 

Emil Ensrud returned from Jewell, la., 
where he baa been vlaltlng with! hla par- 
ents, Mr. and Mra. Sam! Thompson, for- 
merly of thla village. 

Bert Umland of Thief Elver Palla Bpent 
Monday In St Hllaire. returning to his 
home the next morning. : . . 



The Middle River high' achool rdebatiug 
teama will meet Greenbiiah and Badger 
in a trUinguIar debate Monday^ evening, 
Jaeuary . 28, on the question, "Besolved. 
that immigration Into the United States 
ahould be prohibited by law forja period 
of Ave years." The aHirmatlve team con- 
sisting of Ella Peterson, Clarence Olson and 
Lydla IsaacBon, will clash' with the Badger 
team at Badger while the negative team 
conaisting of MUdred Black, Hrfia Sand- 
berg and Gladys GulUckson will imeet the 
Greenbuah aCflrmative at; Mlddlej River. 

The three-act comedy-drama, "An Early 
Bird," will be presented 'by an I all high 
school cast at the high school auditoelum 
early in February. The cast was selected 
shortly after the Chriatmas vacatfrflii-ttiii 
regular rehearsals have ,been conducted 
since that time under the direction oJEiMiss 
Dena Elknea of the school faculty. -'.:'-'-S, 

Local basketball fans are awaiting wiih 
considerable interest the Greenbuah -Syddle 
River basket ball gam^ qii the Ibcal^flpot 
which is scheduled for Friday eTealiignii 
this week. The Greenbush teamjwo^ the 
conference title in this district last 'year 
and are also said to have a strong 'tedin 
this season In spite of the loss uf! Myhre,' 
star forward on the Greenbush quint last 
year. In anticipation of a strong contest, 
Coach iTandberg Is exerting every effort 
to whip his team into shape for j Friday's 
game, - ! 

Although minus the services oflciarence 
Soralum, star man on the defense all sea- 
son. Middle River turned in an easy victory 
over the Barger five last Saturday night 
at Badger. There was never any doubt 
us^to the outcome of the game. The ilocal 
boys took the lead after the first minute 
oi" play and kept it throughout the r^t of 
the game. "Bill" Kramer and | HarodI 
GuUickson starred for Middle Uivcr while 
SJoberg and Ossell played a good game 
for Badger. : 

Miss Thelma Froggart of Roseau! arrived 
Thursday to visit at" the Granvlllo 
Stephens home, '. j 

Mrs. O. Larson of HlUabor*, N^ D.; left 
Saturday for her home after spending a 
week at the M. Sorum home, ' | 

Bom to Mr. and Mra. Knute Hagen, 
Saturday, Janaary 18, a baby girl. : 
' Henry ^oung returned Wednesday from 
a week's business trip tt> the tfPln cities 
and Duluth. 'I ' 

: Mra. B. P. Modin and daughter iLIla' 
were Thief River Palla passengers Friday, 

Mabel, HUmer, Oscar and John Sornm 
left Saturday for HlUsboro, N. D. From 
there Miss Mabel will go) to Pargp. \ 

B. 0. Tandbcrg went to Thief River 
Falla Friday where he acted aa referee at 
a basketball game. ' I : 

Arthur Olberg, who has been employed 
at Bemldji, returned to his home! here on 
Friday. * ■ ' I 

Rev. B. Davenport left Monday for 
Princeton where he will remain for an in- 
definite length of time. ! 

MIsa Florence Peltola, who teachea bear 
Newfolden, spent the week end at j her 
home here.. 

NelluB Nelson returned 'iWednesday from 
Thief Elver Palla where he tranaacted 
business. ; ! 

Mrs, Sverre Loveld eot^tined ler San- 
day school class last Friday even ng. i 

Mrs. RIsberg and two children of- Thief 
River Falla spent the wieek end visiting 
at the S. Kczar home. | 

Mra. Hugelen and daughter Otella of 
Fergus Palla, arrived Saturday |to visit 
at the Rev. Hanson hom'e. 

Ruggles Clay entertained a number of 
bis friends at a foar o'clock dinner Sun- 
day afternoon the occasion being i hla 
twelfth birthday. ! | 

Mra. Clara HJertos entertained the teach- 
ers of the local school Wednesday even- 
Ing. , I ' 

Mr. and Mrs. A^ C Kvennes entertained 
a number of their friends at their home 
Wednesday evening. _ ; j 

^Mrs. T. T. Solum left Friday for Thief 
Biyer Palla where she will vlaU ati the 
Alfred Sollom home. ' ' 1 } ■ 

Rev. A. .B. Hanson visited Thief Itlver 
Falls Monday evening wbere he acted aa 
one of the judges In the Hoarau-Thlef 
Blver Palla debate. . i j . I 

MIbs Marie PhllllpBonj, entertained a 
number of 'lier friends at her bomd Monfltty 
evening. The time was apent at needle- 
work after which a dellclAuB luncieon'was 
served. | " i 

The annual loteflsk aupper waB served 
Wednesday- evening, by the med ot\- 
First Lutherah church, i - 


n ■■ — '■ \ ■_ o 

Eduu Davis was u culler; in Ulgbland- 
ing Saturday evening: j 

Mluuie Vad was u dentist caller at Thief 
itlver Falls Friday. i 

Carl Kjas transacted business at Hlgh- 
laudiug la'bt Friday. . I . 

Maggie Johnson was a caller at the L. 
Sigurdson home Saturday afternoon. 

Don. Beaudry returned to Highlaading 
Thursday after a few day^ vUIt at the 
home of his parents, who reside at 
Brooks. } 

Edwin and Raymond Nelson were callers 
at the Anton Johnson home Friday ere- 
ulng. { 

Alous Sand has been busy hauling wood 
the pBsl week, ' 1 

Being leap year, the people of this 
community are expecting aj few memberB 
of the mssqullne single club to drop out 
of line. 

A few of the scholars of ! Dlst. 37 have 
been absent the past week due to the cold 
weather. ! 

Srare Sanders was a buslnesa^caller at 
Hlghlandlug Thursday evening, and com- 
ing out of the store discovered al first 
sight that bla horses had. jvanlshed. But 
after a second look around he spied thcin 
a considerable distance up the road, headed 
for home. j 

John Nelson transacted business at Good- 
ridge Saturday. | 

Mrs. L. SIgurdson, Mrs. Anton Johnson 
and Emma Hudson were callers at the 
Andrew EUlngson home Sunday. 

Messrs. Harold Johnson and Raymond 
Nelson were callers at the E. Sanders 
home Tuesday evening. i 

Anton Johnson visited at the George 
Singer home-Sandny. 

Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Symensfcl 
Friday, a great big bouncing baby boy. 

Ben Kveste was a business caller In 
Hlghlandlng Monday. I 


District No. 48. 

E. Grimley is sick. He was taken to 
the Grygla hoapital laat Sanday by Dr. 

The debate laat Friday was well attend- 
ed. Owing to the cold, stormy weather 
three of the debaters were not present. 
The affirmative side won. There will be 
another debate In two weeks, Feb. 1. A 
program consisting of songs and music 
will be given then. An announcement of 
the subject of the debate with a list of the 
debaters will appear In the next week's 
issue of The Tribune. ' 

Messrs. Soren Hermanson, Elmer Vnta 
and John Miller attended 'the creatdery 
meeting at Goodrldge Stst Saturday. 

Miss Ella McEnelly, accompanied by tier 
friends, Miss Myrtle Homme, visited LI- 
la'a parent«>.oVer Snnday. 


Dlst. 42, Florence Knadle, Teacher, 

Olga Porthun visited at the home of L; 
W.. Knadle Sanday afternooii.' ' 

Leonard Knadle retnmed_,^ town Mon-' 
day morning after 'spending "several days 
at hla home. 

Ole Halsa called, at . George Sennia'a 
Sunday, which was Mr. Senma'a birth- 
day. ■ 

Mrs. George Bennm spent Sunday at 
the home 'of Ewen Senain. ; 

Miss Beatrice. Gordon is now staying at 
the home of Nels Burlngmd. 

A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. 
Christ Jfelsqn last- week. 

L. W^Knaflle bar been ill the past week 
but Is libW-iinpioViiiif: v"^' 

■A .gronp^of youngvfolks spent Friday 
evenlDg ^t the -.Ole Porthntf hdme. They 
bad. a very; good time. ''^^ 

'Able^Svbbodny.. assisted at tiie Louis 
Knadle home Saturday.. 

Mrs. G. Aabjomson, daughter Tlllle, son 
Ole, Mrs. G. Austad and Bertha HasUd 
attended the Ladles'. Aid at Chaff. Jensona' 
Wednesday, Janaary Ifl. ! 

Mr. WUde called on C. |W. Johnson Sat- 
urday afternoon. He also took supper 
with Lanjies'. j 

Myron Heggcstenn mkde a buslnees 
trip to Hlghlandlng Monday afternoon. 
, Knnt Olson made a bnalness call at 
I^JJes* Friday aftemoon. 

Hattle Wilde spent Satnrday . afternoon 
atTweits*. t 

.A^ui^^^' *'"• ^^^ Orerrold apent San- 
raajJ'ttttenioon and; evening at Wildes* 
Bome.->^ " - ■ ' '■ 

„,^^ J™8on spent the week end with 
Tlllle Asbjomson. I j 

Tfflto AabJornBon and Ole Asbjomson 
and-MIsa^Haatad spent Sunday aftemoon 
and :%vening at Ole Myhima'. '' 

iS3 *?'U^" ^^""""^ °Pe°t Saturday 
evenlnd^atjUdes' 'homei 

MesBfa. ICnut Highlandi and Olaf Langie 
were j^Uers at Aakelanda* Sanday, 
La^il!^,-:^^^"^^' Sophie and Ollne 

MlBBltannie Aakeland has been assisting 



School District »o. 4. 

Margaret Wiener,' Correspondent. 

Mrs. T. J. Auatad and eon Ole returned 
home" last Saturday from Buxton, N. D. 

Mrs. L. Johnson was . a visitor at our 
school Tuesday aftemoon 

Mr. and Mrs. Casper Wiener were vlsit- 
ora at S. W. Laubachs' home Sunday. 

The pupils neither absent; or tardy last 
month were Dora Laubach, Irene Laubacb, 
Oscar Vaisvlk, Arthur Laubach, Donald 
Toomery, Dale Johnson and Clarence 

Misses Signs Austad ,and Dora Laubach 
were'visltors at the C.Wiener home Sun- 
day, January 13, 

A debate was held in onr school' Friday, 
on the subject, "Is It better to live In the 
country, than In the city!'!' TKe Judges 
decided that the city won. ' -" 

L. Johnson and family were Snnday vis- 
itors at the home of bis brother. 

Casper Weber left Wednesday, January 
17, for Bemldji to work for O. Weckweilh 
healing logs. 


Prairlevlew Scbool DIat. No. «, 

School opened In District 64 on January 
14, after a vacation of three weeks. Owing 
to the extremely cold i^eather, attendance, 
has been rather irregular.^ 

Hilda Bngge, Clara Lof tus, Walter 
Martinson, Wlnion Knutson anil Conrad 
Ronning were Sunday Tldjtors at the 
J. J. Bngge. home. 

Ura. and Ifn. John Bagge visited at the 
Bonning home last Sanday. 

Agnes 'and Albert Porslund were pleas- 
antly entertained at Sammers* last Sunday. 
Summera are now living, on the BlomberSr 

Myrtle and Lillian Baggeiwere Sunday 
callera at the Peter Bugge home; 
. Miss Porsland waa pleasantly entertain- 
ed at the Joseph Jorlngdal liome Wednes- 
day evening. The evening was spent In 
llstenin'g to radio concerts ifrom varlouB 
parts of the United States and Canada. 

Casper Osness called at the llllaa Jor- 
lngdal home Tuesday evening. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Osneas and daugh- 
ter Minnie visited at tlie Ronning home 
last Sunday. j . 

Mr, and Mrs. Forslnnd and Miss New- 
ton of Viking spent Satnrday -at the A: 
Porsland farm. j 

Saturday evening, callers at the A. Fors-. 
Innd home were: Carl Nelson, Louis and 
Alma Eud and Alfred Anderson. The chief 
amusement was listening to radio con- 
certs, c i 

Soreri Knutson called at Olaf Larsdn's 
Monday afternoon. 

Oscar Porslund left for St. Paul last 


Disirlet Ne, «,!,.- 

Both OnstafsoD, Tefwber. 

Mr, and Mra. Dabsbn and son Lem were 

dinner guests at the Hnddleson home last 

Sunday. ■■ I \ • 

Theodore Johnson, after being quaran- 
tined for scarlet fever, wili repamo.hU 
tJiB^datleB ^ as mall- carrier tji'ls week;- - 

Agnes Peterson, who la -working at "Iba 

J.. Evenson home, spent Sunday with her 
parents, i 'I ,1 "' 

■ Mrs! T. ir. Sumptcr andj son Myron were 
In HuMi Saturday.} ' j • 

Hattic Hanson baa been absent from 
school the past twjo weeks. 

Mrs|' Ed. Evenson audi son Edwin vis- 
ited at the Nowworth home Sunday. 

MlBB Ruth Hanson Is very ill with the 
measles. I 

^lem Dobson spent Sunday evening at 
the Sumpter home. | 

Mrs. Sam Hanson returned to her homo 
Monday morning aJtter n two week's va-, 
cation in Thief River Palls. 

Mr.iand Mrs. T. J. Sumpter and family 
were dinner the Chas. Sampter 
home Sandayi Jan.j 20. 

Mrs. Oslna Olson spent Friday after- 
noon with Marie Eyenson. 

■Mr.'and Mrs. Martin Peterson, accom- 
panied by '.Mrs. J. E. Peterson made a call 
at the Chas. Sumpter htime Monday eve* 
ning, Jan. 14. ' 


Arthnr Onsta(son,.Beporter. 

Melyin Glselqulst visited the OJLundeen 
home Sunday. 

Eclck Rcnslaand family visited the B. 
.SyBverson home Sunday. 
'C^rL GuBtafson was Injured when his 
Titan ! tractor back-fired. . He had for- 
gotten to retard the apark. 

BerntStoles returned to his home from 
Hlbbtng where he has been employed. 

Melvin Gesselqulst ent^talned a few of 
his friends last Saturday night 

Misses Lundeen and Bvelyq ,- Peterson 
entertained a few ifrlends Sutfday after- 
noon. At. four o'clock liinch wos served. 
All report having had a very enjoyable 

Albert Howard has purchased the Prel- 
car mine and a gold mine In Alaska. 

Brick Rensla'B well has gone dry so he 
Is hauling water ftom the river. 

Miss Alice Anderson visited at Ben 
KriBt's IsBt Sandayl ■ ^ 

Albert Howard shot one bear and three 
wolves last week. 

Yewla Mandt was! seen 'on the streets of' 
Ehoda last Saturday. \ 

Hansons'^while Mrs. Hanson 
away. , - 

Saturday ulght a bunch of yoang people 
gathered at Mr. Dunielsons". The evening 
was spent In dancing. A delicious lunch 
was sen-ed at midnlfeht. The young folks 
did not leave until an early morning hour 
all saying they had spent a pleasant even- 

Misses Sopdle and Olive Lanle apent Sat- 
Hirday and Sunday with Hattle WUde. On 
Sunday afternoon Harry Causen, Gilbert 
OvervoId,;Mr8. Bob Hudson, Mr. JoHfison 
and daughter ilargaret called. 

Mr. Wllde called on John Qnlck Sunday 

afternoon. - 

. Mrs. T. O. Langie made a business call 
at Bboda Thursday. On the way home he 
called on. Knut Olson. ' — 

Ole Myram made a brief call on C. W. 
Johnson Tuesday afternoon. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Homme and family took 
dinner with the T. O. Langile family Sun- 
day, January 18, 

vSophle apd Ollne Langie called at 
Wildes' W^ednesday. Hattle accompanied 
them home spending overnight 

C. W. Johnson called at Tweets' Tuesday. 

Tillle Askeland called at tha Hanson 
home< Sanday. ' 

Hattle Wilde and Myron Heggestenn 
spent Tuesday evening with Sophie and 
Ollrie Lanjle. 

T. O, LanJIe- had some feed ground at 
B. KIcmmetson's on Monday. 

CJIara Jenson spent Saturday evening 
with Myrom Heggestenn. 

Sophie and Olive Langie, Alvlna Klem^ 
metson and Gilbert Overvald enjoyed Snn- 
day aftemoon and supper at Wildes*. 




Dlst. 14. Mrs. O. I.. Brlckson. Teacher. 

T. Tharaldson,. T. Hovet, H. Dahlen and 
L, Johnson hauled wood for the school last 

Mr. and Sirs. Hovet were callera at the 
Boyslaud home Sunday evening. 

John Banner and HeUnar Iverson mo- 
tored tq Thief Elver Falls Saturday . eve- 

T. Hovet, .L. Johnson, D. Danlelson were 
vlsltora at the G. Iverson home Thursday. 

Mr. ond Mrs. L. Wells and danghter, 
James Wells and father visited at the 
Ole Tharaldson home on Taesday. 
I Mr. and Mrs. H. Sundahl visited at the 
Oliver Tommerdahl home on Snnday. 
I The children of this school have made 
an "Eskimo Land" sand table this week. 

A number of yoang people visited at 
Hovet's last Sanday. 

" " «•« 

The Ladlea* Aid met at Ole Trontvedt's 
last Wednesday EUnemoan. 

The following scholars of North Star 
scbool were neither absent nor tardy dnr- 
Ing the past month : Mabel, Nellie and Ol- 
ga Bye; Jullen Ramsey, Sven SJulestad, 
Alvina Tommerdahl ; Inga, Jennet, Nonia 
and Orvln Trontret Lina and Mary 
Eoasch were also present every school day 
but faUed to got perfect attendance cer- 
tificates on accoant of being tardy a few 

Ovila Lien, made a pleasant call at the 
school last Thnrsday. 

Mrs. T. O. Loyland's friends were sur- 
prised to learo-that the stork had made a 
caU at the Loyland home late Friday eve- 
ning, January 11th, leaving ^, pretty little 
baby gIrL 

Opal . and Bveljm Thoraldson called on 
Mra. Henry SandaM last Thnrsday. 

Oliver Tommerdahl, Gast Iverson, Teddy 

Hyland | and Lawrence Wells are busy 
hantlngj wolves. While they have not as 
yet BUccMieded in bagging any of the gray- 
legged beasts. It Is good exercise for their - 
wolf hopnds, and they have given the 
wolves a bad scare. " ,.,_ 

Most !of the farmers In this neighbor- 
hood ar^ busy hauling home their winter's 
supply of fire wood. 

Tharaid Tharaldson Is at work digging ' 
a well on his father's place. 

A few^ Invited friends enjoyed a social, 
game of whist at the Well's home Iss* 
Sunday evening. 

J. K. JEnebo ^was the lucky man In win- 
ning th^ bed quilt raffled off by the Lho- 

'-s' Aid of North Star. . 

•♦• ■ 
Booseyelt School. ~ ~^ 

[Bath 'Stiefveland, Teacher. 

The fourth meeting of the Little Otji 
tens League was held January 18th; -Sv--- 
eryone ^as satisfied . with the great li? 
provement- shown. We realize there fjj 
some hidden taleq^ In our school but U 
baa taken some time to dig It out 

The Eposevelt pupils have taken up ajint 
and stand ready to fight and triumph^ 
a hard battle against incorrect speerfi;- - 

Clara ] Lof thus, Hilda Bugge, Coniad> 
Ronning and Walter Martinson helpeO.^ 
celebrate the birthday of LllUan and Bb- 
dolph Bugge Snnday. 

Martin Martinson drove- hla car " home 
from Erie Monday in 20 degrees below^ 
wedtheri- . '. '■ 

Harryj Olson and Emanuel Chrlatlansbn- 
are busy catting wood north of the sc^boI 
house. I ■ -■■ ' ,' ■ 

Willie Bugge caUed on EmU Martlnscii 
last Sunday. . ''^■ 

George Bugge, Clarence Johnson, Waltei 
and Bmll Martlnsen called on Ollrer Ron- 
ning Ttlnrsday evening. . j 

Clara [and Richard Loftus and Ruth' 
Shefveland spent a very pleasant afternoon 
with the Swanson family last Sunday. 

A set of new Wheeler fifth readers havis - 
Just been r^elved' and we are now en- 
Joying their contents. 

1 ... 

Qolnton School. Geneva Ovemm, Teacho*. 

Mr. and Mrs. KJos and their daughter" 
Cora, Miss Geneva Overum, Malcolm, Ar- 
thur anil Kenneth Stuck and Myrtle Lee 
visited at Gust Iverson'a Sunday. 

Miss Anna Kolestrand was a caller .at* 
the Kveste home last week. 

Alfred KJos of Kenyon Is a gaest of hla 
brother Carl KJos and family for an In- 
de&nite time. 

Clarence Iveraon made a call at the 
Stucy home Sanday. -;-. 

Ben Kveste and daughter Asbjor visited 
at! the Dahl home Wednesday evening. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bdwin Syversrad visited^ 
ntj Benaia'a Sunday. 

Alfred^ KJos was a caller at the Jobn- 
Homme j home last Sunday. 

Miss Aabjor Kv^te was a Hlghlandlng 
visitor one day last week. 

Bemtj Stolaaa returned from Cbtsholm 
Bdnday jevenlng.' 

Mr, and Mrs. Gander Anderson and fam- 
ily were pleasantly aurpriaed Sunday eve- 
ning by]' a few of -their friends. 

Mr. and Mrs. BdwIn Syversrad were 
callers at the Kveste home Satnrday.' 

Bennle Howard, Thelma Dahle and An- 
nie Nlsen visited at the Kveste home last 

Mr. Kveste and Mr. Anderson made a" 
business trip to Hlghlandlng Tuesday. 

Miss Asbjor Kveste waa a caller at the' 
Andersdn home last Saturday. 

Mra. Ben Kveste and daughter Asbjor 
viBlted at the Stolaas home Snnday. a 

Beading circte- group No. met In Dlst 
47 last 'Saturday aftemoon. 



dred Thpmpson. Mrs. J. JBloomquist, 
Mr. and 'Mrs. Gyntier Tessurfi, Mr. 
and Mrs. J. 0. Sether, and Dreng 
Bjornaraa, Harold Niilson, Morris Bye 
■ Edwin Tcssum. 

Miss Hanson 

Foresters Dance. 
After a short business meeting on 
Monday evening, the Lady Foresters 
gave a little dancing party lor theu: 
friends. Quite a large number at- 
tended and a wonderful time was re- 
ported by all. Especially did ttose 
present enjoy the quadrille, polkas, 
and lye waltz that were on the pn^ 
gram. A light luncheon was served 
by the ladies at midnight Dancuig 
and cards were resumed later and 
continued for some time. .Ear' 
Effinger at the drums and Earl EncK- 
son at the piano furnished as good 
music as could bo wished. 

. Dancing Party. 

Miss Ersyle Anderson, assisted by 

Miss Thora HansoAwas a delightful 

hostess last Sunday 
o'clock dinner party 
The party was given 
her -sister, Mrs. J, V. 



evening at a six 

to a few friends. 

at the home of 

Magnuson, 622 

Plac^ were ar- 

Main avenue north. _ 
ranged for Misses Christihe Clansen, 
Selma Eustebakke, lAgnea Chrisban- 
son, Ida Johnson and M. T. Kolberg. 
*•* - ■ ' ' , 
' Birthday Sorprise. 1 ' 
Mrs. E. H. Holmptrom jentertained 
a group of lady friends at her home 
last Saturday evening in the form of 
a surprise parity in Honor of her moth- 
er, Mrs. Nettie Hovek, who celebrated 
her Blst birthday fnnivcrsary. The 
hours were spent socially after whidi 
a delicious luncheon was servea, A 

her brother . Leigh, entert^ned a '^.It^^'w^S^Sibl^^&^elS 
group of their fnends at a dancing |{;'ta':",,^c^^ ^^^^ innllina. J.' Wass- 

Kittson Bannei; Gounty 

in Pitato Exchange 

party last Friday evening at their 
home, 111 Kendall avenue. Cards aad 
dancing were enjoyed until mldmght, 
after which a delicious lunch was 
served by the hostess. The guest list 
included Misses Rose Flynn, Maxme 
Johnson, Margaret Melgaard, Margar- 
et and Lucille Eoark, PhilUs Dock, Lil- 
lian Arnold, Euth Mellby Harriet Mor- 
gan, Esther Bennes, Margaret Hoppa, 
and WilUam Alexander, John Sether, 
Thomas Scanlon, Joseph Lundeen, 
Donald llcCnim, Arthur Penney, 
Henry Arneson, George Johnson, Mor- 
ris HoljLknedit, Melvin Peterson, Eob- 
ert Erickson and Alfred Dybvik. 

Miss Warner Entertains. 
Miss Faythe Warner, 516 Eiverside 
avenue, informally entertained a 
group of her friends at her home last 
Saturday evening. Dancing and cards 
were enjoyed until midnight when a 
dainty lunch was served by Miss 
Warner. Those participating were: 
Misses Elizabeth and Helen Keating, 
Sannia Erickson, Lucille Eoark, El- 
myra Langseth, Camille Warner and 
Donald McCrum, Henry Olson, Joseph 
Lundeen, Vergil Denhart, Mdvin 
Engelstad, Tein Gullingsrud and Chas. 

1 ♦♦♦ .- 

Mias Smith Entertains. 
Mjss Gladys Smith entertained a 
number of her friends at the "Smith 
Farm," five miles northwest of this 
city' Saturday . evening. The rooms 
were beautifully decorated for the 
evening in blue and white. Many 
games were played, and among" the 
interetsing things that happened was 
Helmer Kelberg gettine the prize, 
which consisted of a little pie tm, for 
cutting the best piece of pie. Miss 
Anna Froseth was lucky enough to 
get the piece of cake which concealed 
a little ring. At midnight a delicious 
luncheon was served by the hostess. 

Among those present besides the 
hostess were: Mrs. M. W. Brink, 
Misses Judith Christensen, Lilban 
Krohn, Alice and Anna Froseth, Clara 
Soresnon, and Theresa and.,^ldie 
Kolberg; Messrs. Helmer ICelberg, 
.Vivian Copp, Arnold and Eobert Pet- 
erson, Edwin Christensen, Allan Sor- 
enson, Arthur Gartelson, Harris, -Wil; 

lie and Oscar Smith. 

honor guest, John [Colliiis, J.; WasS' 
gren, Jahr, 0. G. ^ckson, iH. L. 
Schuster and Eegina Johnson.i 

The Legion Auxiliary gave; one of 
their ever popular tocfsi'^^'^^ i' 
evening in the Legion hall, ftmte a 
number of people attended and a good 
time was had by ail. .IJ* "msic for 
the evening was furmshed by Earl 
Effinger and Earl Erickson. 

irCLUBS ^ 


Boyal Neighbors Install. 
At their annual{ installation, heljl 
Wednesday evening:, Janimry 16, the 
Eoyal Neighbors elected the following 
oiBcers: Oracle, Paiisey Colliiisj past 
oracle, Bessy Robinsonj [vice oracle, 
Blanche Leach; chancellor, , Ella 
Brokke; recorder, Aiidie ^assgren; re- 
ceiver, Laural Barden; marshall. Hat- 
tie Holmstrom; ajssistailt niarshall, 
Lillian Whiting; inner sentinel, Esther 
Eolland; outer sentinel, lizzie Pechie; 
manager, Belva Kielty; niusician, Isa- 
bel Schuster. Theigraces Bii as fol- 
lows: faith, Olga, Nelson; courage, 
Thelma Fontaine; jmselfishne-ii, Tliel. 
ma Carlson; modesty, Dpra Belcherj 
endurance, Hilda DeVelling. iThe in- 
stalling officers for the evening were 
Bessie Robinson, ii^tallint officer; and 
Blanche Protz, ceremonial marshal. 

After the installation, | Mrs; Robin- 
son and Mrs. Prdtz! were presented 
with bouquets of i rosesJ and Mrs. 
Emma Davidson,] captain [of the 
degree team was Ipr^ent^ with 
a bouquet of camktionsJ A fancy 
drill was given arid ^Mrsl Floyd Dal 
ton sang, "Out of the; Shadows'," which 
was very well liked. j.Later in jthe eve- 
ning Elra Porter sang a solo: Danc- 
ing was the main! entertainment fol- 
lowing the installation. A very ex- 
cellent lunch was served by the ladies 
at inidnight. \ '■ ' ! 

On the. first Wednesday in Febru- 
ary,, the next meeting pf the Koyal 
Neighbors will be given. At this 
meeting the new. officer^ will: take up 
their duties. -AJl members are urged 
to attend. ! i I ' 

Encampment Entertains. . 
The Riverside Bncamprmenti No. 22, 

Christian Science. 
Services are held eac i Sunday fore- 
noon at 11 o'clock at the church on 
First street and LaBree avenue. Sub- 
ject Sunday, January i 27, "Truth." 
Sunday school at 10 o'clock. Wednes- 
day evening at 7:45. The public is 
cordially invited to these services. 
■ •*♦ ■ " 

Augnstana Church. 
AlUn A. Larsonf, Pastor. 
-Services in the Swedish language 
next Sunday at 10:30. j Sunday school 
at 11:46. Lather League vSl give 
a program Sunday eyening at 8:00. 
Confiimatioh cl8S^' will meet in the 
church at 3:00 p,m. Sunday. -. 

"FeptomiBla" Pnmis^e Dinner. . 

The "Peptomists" diib of the Meth- 
odist Episcopal chuidi will put on a 
dinner Wednesday evi^ng, February 
IS. The men and boys belonging to 
the dub will prepare jthe dinner and 
serve it to the pjiblic on that date from 
five o'dock to seven pim. Tickets are 
being sold by the members of the 
club, and since a big feed is promised, 
the turnout -^ould be so large that 
the club will be encoutaged to put on 
other dinners of the tame sort. 
•»» i ■ "'-■ 

The Presbyteriim Church. 
Chas. Gerlinger, Pastor. . 

"Conservatives and -.Liberals" is the 
Sunday morning serinon, at 11:00; 
"The man who stood -alone"* is the 
evening subject, at 8:00. "The history 
of the Christian church" will be con- 
tinued at the Wednesday evening 
services at 7:30. Men's fellowship 
supper this week, Friday at 6:30. 
Women's Missionary sodety meets at 
home of J. S. Arneson, Friday after- 
noon. Sunday school: and adult Bible 
class at 9:45; Senior and Intermedi- 
atae C. E. at 7:00.. 

•«• i" 

The Salvation Army. 
317 Main AvennejNortli, City. 
.Captain' R. Toungberg and Lieut. H. 
Bollingex- Officers in charge. 

Services conducted in the hall as 
follows: Wednesdays, 8 p. m.; Thurs- 
days, 8 p. m.; Saturdays, 8 p. m.j 
Sunday school, 2:30 p. m.; Young Peo- 
ples Meeting, 6:30 p.m.; Salvation 
meeting, 8 p. m. You are cordially 
invited to attend all the services. Ev- 
erybody welcome. 

Leaders; Thene jHayd 80 Per Cent , of 

■Total Acreagel Under 50- 

YeM Contract. 

Kittson; Recording to official records 
at the St. Paul! office of the hew Min- 
nesota Potato- Sxchimge, is the ban- 
ner county in the istate,' in point of 
.acreage under I contract More than 
80 per cent of ^ the .potatoes in the 

county! are covered by contracts to 
the assodationj the total acreage be- 
i^g almost double the original esti- 
mate of 4,364 ;acre^ needeid to com- 
plete the quota. 

■ 'The first week in January.saw. the 
organization with n:arly 7,000 mem- 
bCTs and 1^6,000 acres under con- 
tract Twelve Icounties hove obtained 
their quotas. In the Red Biver Val- 
ley, aU countibs but Clay and Polk 
have reached their; goals. Polk lacks 
but 2,000 acres an3 leaders say that 
another 10 days will put it across. 

The openinff of tlie year was mark- 
ed by the effective defeat of thie cam- 
paign designed by ;^orces antagonistic 
to co-operative marketing, to wreck 
plans in Minnesota,! North and South 
Dakota, according fo S. G. Eubinow, 
campaign manager.; 

A Chicago produce trade pubuca- 
tion wHch early in iDecember printed 
lengthy Teports, th'e trend of which 
iridiiated practical j failure of co-op- 
lerative inarketing in the potato fields 
of Maine, in Dec : te and Dec 29, 
printed artticles which entirely dis- 
sipated such rumors. These articles 
have been widely -reprinted in Min- 
nesota. . ! j . , ■ „ ., 

"The net- result of the attack," said 
Hr. Eubinow,, "was] to give the forces 
of co-operative marketing an oppor- 
tunity'to compareiits work with that 
of the dealer-.specnlative system and 
we have won a notable victory,, for 
fanners generally ;now know that co- 
operative .marketing of potatoes^ is 
proving as effectiv^ as it is in selling 
oranges, or cotton | or tobacco." 

Tax the cuss just all you can. . 
•Tax the laborer, but be discreet, - : 
Tax him for- walking birthe street. 
Tax his bread and tax his meat, - 
Tax. the^shoes. clear o£f his feet . 
Tax his pipe and tax the smoke, 
Teach government is ino joke. 
Tax their coffins, tEix their shrouds, 
Tax their souls beyond the clouds. 
Tax' all business, tax the shop, 
Tax their incomes, tax- tiieir stocks. 
Tax thb. living, tuc the dead, . 
Tax the unborn before they're fed. 
Tax the water, tax the air, 
Tax the sunlight, if yon dare. . 
Tax them all and -tax them well, 
Tax thein to the gatep of hell. 
But dose your eyes, so you cant sea 
The other suckec go tax. free. 

Feb.. 7, 1924, for the disposal of the-i 
bfuttermilk jof said creamery for the:; 
cbmin'g season. The board reserves i 
the right tb reject aiiy or all bids.— :i 
Otis E. Eo^en, Secy. , . 45i 

~ ~ '. 

I^rectors' Meetmg. 

Jorgen Bide, president of the Min-i 
liesota Wtieat Growers Go-operative-; 
MarkptingJ assodation, left for Min^j 
rieapolls Thursday evening where he! 
will attend I a directors' meeting of the . 
Wheat Growers. The directors expect 
to meet together with the farm bu- 
reau and. many important questions 
will 1 e brought op at the time. 

Hsny Hoinestieads Left. 
There were 278,352 acres of govern- 
ment land in Minnesota open to home- 
steaders on January i, 1924. The land 
is maiiUy-in Lake :of the Woods, 
Koochiching, Roseau, Bdtrami and 
Clearwater counties, and is - mostly 
wooded lands with some heavy tim- 
ber in the Northwest Angle— which is 
that point of Minnesota that sticks 
up from the north boundry just west 
of the Lake of the Woods. Nearly all 
of it is under the jurisdiction of the 
United States Land Office at QrooEs- 
ton. Soldiers of the late war are al- 
lowed ^to count their ;tiihe in the mili- 
tary service as residence on a h'ome- 

^ding vacated by The 
Trunine on LaBree avenue. 
Godd basement, fine heathig 
plant JEteasonable rent Ap- 
ply at office of The Tribune 
pn Ittain avenue or Empire 
Faifms ICo; tf 

Bids Wanted. 
Bids -will be received by the Good- 
ridge Co-operative Creamery Assoda- 

THo. Bible outsells every book in 

If youl break no other heart you 

wont break your own. ; 

It is more fun to give a thing away 

to lend it — and it' doesn't cause 

worry. . i 

an expert „ historian- claims 

so much 

Gives Birthday Party. 
Miss Ticha Cristo entertained a 
nunibi-T of her friends at a party giv- 
en at her home on Tuesday, the date 
of her birthday. Dancing, orchestral 
music, cards, and a solo dance given 
. by the hostess, were the forms of en- 
tertainment indulged in. A monster 
birthday cake formed the center of 
the table decorations at the luncheon 
which followed. Among those present 
tesiiliS tile hostess, were; Misses Lyd- 
ia Batten, Maude Prissel, Mrs. E. C, 
Kanvand, Mrs. Hill, Misses LucUle 

«^"l\TAnrnf^Stu''ZcU^ey;!Mintainance of^^^^ men will hold a 
i.ena -nuiui., _. ^^^ ^^^^^ dandng party for themselves and 

will give another bf their popular en- 
tertainments at the I. 0. Oi F. .hall 
the evening of the 26th. The; commit- 
tee was very highly complimented on 
the entertainment and dance put on 
December 14 at the same place that 
they immediately ibeganj work on an- 
other, to be better than the first. In- 
■vitations have all been j sent! out and 
eveiyone is. looWhg fovjward to hay- 
ing one big time.' 

Scandinavian Ev. Church. 
J. Jacobsen, Pastor. 
Services at 11 a. m., in the Norweg- 
ian language; Young Peoples meet- 
ing at 4- p. m.- in English, and ser- 
vices again at 7430 ji. m. in Norweg- 
ian. Sunday sdiool at 10 a. m. 
»••■■ - ' 

Zion Lutheran Church. 
Geo. Larson, Pastor. 
Sunday school j^d bible class at 
10 a. m.; Services Zion church at 11 
a. m.; Services at Goodridge.2:30 p. 
m.; Services Zion church at 7V45 p. m. 
Zion Ladies' -Aid Thursday 2 p. m., 
Jan. 24, entertained by Mrs.. August 
Bredeson and Mrs, M. M. Johnson. 
Zion Young Peoples' meeting Thurs- 
day 'evening, Jan. 24. The Weatvens 
entertain. School of religion Friday 
at 2:45 p. m. Prayer meeting Friday 
evening at the parsonage. Reading 
with some of the confirmants Saturday 
at 10:00 a. m. at the parsonage. Good- 
ridge congregation ■will have their an- 
nual business meeting Wednesday at 
1:30 p. m., Jan. 30. Goodridge Ladies 
Aid meets the same day at 3 p. m. 

Oh! L(trd— How Long?; 
Tax the people, tax with care. 
To Help tiie multijmillioiuure. 
Tax the farmer, tax his fowl. 
Tax his doa and tax the howl. 
Tax his pig, and tax the squeal, 
Tax his boots| ruri|doWn at heel. 
Tax his horses, tax his lands, 
Tax the blisters oii his hands. 
Tax his plow, and tax his clothes. 
Tax the rag thatifipea his nose: 
Tax his house, arid tax his bed, 
Tax tie bald 8pot| on his head. 
Tax his Henry, tais his gas. 
Tax the raid that he must pass. 
Tax his cow and tix his calf, 
Tax liim if he dar^s to laugh. 
He is but a common inan, so 

Coal attd 

that Kint Alfred did not let the pan- 
cakes buhl. He did i£ his vrife tdd 
him to watdi them. 


We have a large stock of both on hand and can 
fill your^ wants promptly and at prices that are 
absolutely right Let us have your next order. 
You will be pleased with tie results. 


' Mainlainance of Wiy Dance. 
On Wednesday, January ; 23, 


Bertie Pierson and Marie B^sk 
hostess was the redpient S many 
very pretty presents. 

Wcirus' Card Party. 
Mrs. Joe Weirus entertained a few 
o£ her friends Saturday' evening. 'The 
hours were spent in playing whist, 
and at eleven o'clock a delidous lunch 
was served by the hostess. Those 
present were: Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hil- 
son, Mr. and Mrs. L. Vevea, Mr. and 
Mrs. 0. E. Carlson, Mrs. Motz, Mrs. 
Ohm, Joseph Weirus and Mr. Weirus: 

Surprise Party. 
In honor of her daughter, Miss Al- 
yina, whose birthday it was, Mrs. M. 
Jonas gave a one o'clock dinner at her 
home on Markley avenue. The after- 
noon was spent in a social manner, 
with music and cards forming the en- 
tertainment- -Among those present 
besides the hostess and the guest of 
honor, were Misses Ruth Wold, Euth 
Eustad and Nettie Ova. 

Dinner Party. 

Last Friday evening, Mr. and Mrs. 
-Alfred E. Olson entertained at dinner 
to a few friends at their home, 603 
Arnold avenue N. Places were ar- 
ranged for Mr. and Mrs. 0. L. Cron— 
Strom and Mr, and Mrs. M. V. Even- 


Dinner Party. 
Last evening, Miss Lulu Cook in- 
formally entertained a few friends at 
her home at a seven o'clock dinner 
party in compliment to Walter Jpir- 
genson of Kenmare, N. D., who is a 
guest of friends in this dty. After 
the dinner hour, dancing and cards 
were enjoyed. The guests were Miss 
-Alma Thune, Walter Jorgcnson, Philip 
Larson and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Warn- 
er. " 
S. &. Teachers Entertained. 
Rev. and Mrs. T. B. Sweger enter- 
tained the Sunday school teachers of 
the Trinity Lutheran church, Tuesday, 
Jan. 8, at their home. Various games 
and music were the diversion of the 
evening and at ten-thirty a delicious 
lunch was served. Those present were 
Misses Caroline Melby, Euth MeUby, 
Esther Bennes, Katherine Fallness, 
Julia Herlidsson, Mildred Engen, Mil- 

a few friends in jthe 1. 10. O. F. hall. 
Good music and a wonderful time may 
be expected by ^1 tho^e attending! 

On Wednesday, January 16, Miss 
Ida Gulseth, beloved daughter of Alex 
Gulseth of Eoseaii, died in this dty 
of tuberculosis, j Miss| Gulseth was 
bom at New Soliin, and aside from 
a year's residence in t^iis dty, study- 
ing dressmakih^, has made her home 
at that place. iShe lived jwith her 
grandparents there. 'While in this 
city she lived at the Gust Gulseth 
home. j I j . ,. . 

A funeral service will be held in 
Friday at the ILarson . Undertaking 

Parlors, before (the body is taken to 
New Solum. Burial will take place 
in the Emdahl church (cemetery, with 
Eev.i Bredeson offidating. She leaves 
to mourn her loss, besides her father, 
a sister. Miss Ega Gulseth; and a 
brother, Ingolf GulsetK. - ' 

' ••• I I 

Goodridge Lutheran Church. 
V. 0. Aaker, Pastor. 
Sunday, Jan. 27.: English services 
at Erie at 11 a. m.; Norwegian ser- 
vices at Tofgesdn at 2:30. Men's 
lutefiske supper at Melvin .Sheph'en- 
son's restaurant Saturday, February 
2. The Sunbeems ; meet ivith Edith 
Gunderson Saturday, Jan. 26. Con^ 
firmation class every Friday at 4 p. m. 
Sunday, Feb. 3, English services at 
Bethania church at 11 a. m. and Nor- 
wegian at Goodridge at 8 p. m. 
Ev. .Luth. Church, Goodridge. 
H. Lutz, : Pastor. 
Sunday, Jan. 27. German commim- 
ion at Southwest Grygla at 10 a. m.; 
at Esplee at 3 p. m.; English services 
in Goodridge at 8 p. m. 

St. John's Luth. Church. 
B. H. Kreiat Pastor. 
Sunday sdiool at 9:30 A. M. Ger- 
man service at 10:30 A. M. Bible dass 
and TToung Peoples' meeting Wednes- 
day at 8:00 P. M. in the church base- 


Mavie Lntheran Chorch. 
E.O/Sabb, Pastor. 
Services Sunday j in the Silverton 
thurch at 11 a. m. The confirmation 
dass will meet' after the regular ser- 
vices at the churii. i 

Card of Thubi; 

Thanks most -sincerely to the broth- 
ers, sisters, comrades and friends' who, 
as organizatipas : and I as individuals, 
by thdr expressions of help, kindness, 
and sympathy Inj ■various forms, have 
hdped me sustain the . terrible loss 
occasioned by ihe death of my little 
Bonnie.— Ole K Sande. ; • 

Physidans Hospital Notes. 

Mrs. W. D. Stokes rf Plummer, who 
has been receiving medical' attaition 
at the hospital, : underwent a major 
operation on 'Tuesday, i 

Last week, on Thuipday, Mrs. J. E.- 
Cosgrove underwent a major opera- 
tion. Mrs. Cosgrove i^-recovering very 
nicely, her condition reported as very 
favorable. I ; I j 

Miss Mable Extrom, who lives with 
her sister andjbrother-in-law, Mr. and 
Mrs. Fied, L. iLorentson, [had an op- 
eration performed on her throat for 
the removal ojf her tonsils last 'Wed- 

T. E. Sweger, Pastor. 
Choir, practice Thursday evening. 
School of Religion Friday at 2:45 p. 
m. Confirmation dass Saturday at 
10 a, m. Divine services in English 
Sunday at 11 a. la,, in Norwef^an at 
7:46 p. m. Sunday school at 9:46 a. 
m. :, Ladles' .Aid|Thnrsday, Jan. 81, 
entertained by Mesdames Nels A. Nel 
son, Harold Olsori, J.. 0. Sether and 
Severt Benson. If.' P. League .in the 
evening entertained by. the 
Dqra Holm^, Lena Lonson and T,illinn 
Eide. ! . ' I ■ 

■ . _ ■ ■ tit* 

Swedish Ev. Mission Church. _ 
Sunday, Jan. 2'?. Services 11 a. m. 
and 7:30 p. m. Sunday school 10. a. m. 
Tuesday, Jan. 29j prayer'iriseting at 
7 :80 at home 'f>l Hi P. Liind, -422 Ken- 
dall avenue ^outh. ;yrednesday, Jan. | 
30, the pastors of Itiie Mission church- 
es of N.E. E. Valley will commence 
fhdr-first quiurterly conference of the 
year at iiiis churm at 7:80 p. m. and 
continrie overs Srinday. : Sessions at I 
9:30 aVm., 2:30 aind 7:80 p. m. every 
day. .'The followjng week and- oyer || 

Sunday, Febw 10, 

-will be held, with two sesslcms daily. 

All are cordially, 

a bible conferencel 

mvited to these ser- 



"WEDNESDAY, JAinTART 2c. 1924. 


FOR SALE— A SNAP. On Account 
of my wife's death, I wiU sell' my 
six-room house with bathroom land 
a 75-barrel cistern and garage, "coal- 
shed and 50-foot front for $2^200. 616 
Horace avenue N. M. E, Becken 46p 


dresser; reasonable if taken soon. 

H. C. Johnson, 523 Dnluth avenue N. 

Phone 308-E. 



which shoold not be iheaird can be 
easily taken eaiei of. Jnst call 516-W. 
I can also put sroor piano jin perfect 
tune. Satisfactory work or no pay. 
H. S. Snyder. | : I 

NOTICE— Parties knowing themselves 
indebted to me for gravel, please 
settle up at oncei . Money may be left 
at Strand's Grocery store. H. Strand- 
void, E 1, aty.j ! 4Sp 

FOE S-ALE— Six room, all modem 

house. For information apply at 

319 Riverside avenue. 45p 

J^ WANTED— Work as" housekeeper or 

*" maid. Miss jflma EhdeJ Eadimh 

M i n n. Eonte 1. j : j - 45pd 


Larson, Optometriste, will be at the 

Biacn: oveicoaiL nram .Brnmund hotel until 11:30 a.!m. Thurs- 

Severs, "-r^ t\'^,^^^ ""^ ^"^ ^x 

deal. Inquire of Jos. ^ ° ^P"''^'^- : i ■« 

FOE S-ALE— Black overcoat, practi- 
cally new, 
fair price on 

Vorlicky, Thief Eiver Falls, 107 Ken- 
dall avenue south. 45 

Northern Baking Co. 4B-2 

FOR SALE— Purebred White Holland 
turkeys, large vigorous birds; tomi 
$7.00; Hens $4.00; from prizewinning 
stock. Ness Farm, St. Hilaire, Minn., 
El 46p 

TURKEYS FOE S-ALE— For breeding 

purposes. Mammoth Bronze. Hens 

from Si to $3.50. ■ W J. Shanley, 

Goodridge, or Stop 13 on Electric Line. 


FOR S.ALE— 2o0-egg Wisconsin incu- 
bator, new last spring; in fine con- 
dition. Inquire at Tribune. 45tf 

L-iND FOE S.ALE— Or trade for 
city dwelling or land in this vicinity 
for 80 acres of land in Hubbard coun- 
ty. Good soD, no thistles nor ditch 
lien. School house on land. C. M. 
Evenson, 6I1 Duluth -Ave. N., Ci^r 



Call 244E, or 112 Kendall -avenue 

^ south. 44-4Sp 

H.-iY FOR SALE— at ?5 and ?6 per 

ton in stack. Gordon M. Olson, 

City, E 1, Boi 6S. 44-5tp; 

FOE RENT— Large well improved 
stock and grain farm in Helgoland 
Township, Polk County. Will offer 
very liberal proposition. Call or write 
Empire Farms Company. 44tf 

FOE SALE OE EENT— 270 acres 
four miles from Thief Eiver Falls. 
Good buildings. AH under cultivation. 
So acres alfalfa. Inquire at Tribune 
office. 42tf 


ing machine. Cheap. Has. West- 

inghouse motor, .\ppiy G. Storholm, 

724 LaBree avenue north. 40tf 

WANTED— Sewing of any kind to do 
at home. First house north of Phy- 
sicians hospitaLi Phone IS2. Mis. 
Wm. N. Elofson. I 46pd 

NOW, THBBBFOBB, iiotlee b benbj 
gifrn UAt under, toft br liztna of tlw pow- 
er of Bale contained H aald moftgaie, and 
pnnoant to tbe atatvle In null case made 
and ptoTlded, the aald inortsagv wlH be 
foxeeloa^ bjr. a aatojof the mortiaced 
premlaeaat public anctlon-br'tlw SberlS 
oC PennlngtOD Conntx to the Uslieat bid- 
der therefor for caah bn Saturday, tha lat 
day of Uarch, m<, at ten o'ekx^ In-the 
forenoon, at the front door of the Ooort 
Hbnae In the atr of Xhlef BInr: Falla. in 
Pennlagtntt Coontr, Minnesota, to aatiatr 
the amonnt -which will then and there be 
doe on aald mortsace ifor principal and In- 
terest, eoBts and chariea of aale^ taxes If 
any on said premiaesT and aald Serenty- 
tn DoUais (1:13.00) for attom^r'a fees, 
said mortgased premGses to be aold lying 
and being In the C^nty of ■ Pennington 
and State of Minnesota, and. more partl- 
calarly described aa follows, to-wlt: 

The East Half of the Northwest Qoar- 
ter (EK of NWU). and Ijots nnmbered 
One (1) and Two (2), of Section Seven' (7), 
in TowoBhlp One Handled Fifty-three 
(ISS) North, of Bange Thlrty-nloe (39) 
West of the 5th P. H., contalnfaig ISSJS 
Bcies, more or less, j according to the 
government sorrey thereof. 
Dated, Janoary 2Dd. 1824. 

-As Assignee of Mortgagee. 

w. B. kttnze; 

Attorney for Aaaignee, 
St. Paol. Minnesota. 

J 0-10-2J-S0 P 5.12. 

DeeoiUier^aid, U2».^ ; 

" '. 1 : : i' ^- ^■~- . . Awlgnee.' 
l^ambelton, -Lanberton A' Uorphy, 
Attomeya. for ..Aaidxnee, 

Cim, Ird * Center. Sta., 
' i WlBou, lOuieaota. 

! I t>U.ZS40.V <.U.!iO 

F-ARM WANTED— I want farms for 

cash buyers. Des(pibe and state 

price. R. McNown, 788 WDkinEon 

Bldg., Omaha, Neb. 48p 

Before prohibition, the motto of a 
lot of men was: 'fere's always room 
for one more." ; 

Legal Publications 


Estate of Henry Goersen. 

State of Minnesota. County of Penning- 
ton I 


In the Matter of the Estate of Henry 
Goerffen, DwHenLt 

cie Goersren tand all persons Interested in 
the granting- of adininistratioD of the es- 
tate of said decedent: The petition of Lis- 
lie Goergen having been filed In this Coort, 
representing tJiat Henty Goergen, tffen a 
resident of the County of Birerslde, State 
of California, died ] intestate on the 13tta 
day of December, 1923, and praying that 
letters of administration of his estate be 
granted to John P. Goergenjand the Court, 
haying fixed the time and place for hear- 
ing said petidoa: THHREF^BE, Yon-and 
Each of Yon, are hereby cited and re- 
quired to show cause, if any you haTc, be- 
fore this Conrt at tlie Probate Court Booms 
in the Court House, In the City of Thief 
River Palls In the County of Pennington, 
State of Minnesota; on the 23rd day of 
February. 1S24. at lO.-OO o'clock A. M,vwhy 
said petition should not be granted, A' 

WITNESS,- the Judge of said Court.'And 
the seal of said Court, tlds 18th day of 
January. 192-L 

(Court Seal) LABS BACKE, 

„ „ . „ Probate Judge. 

G. Howard Smith, ■ 

Attorney for Petitioner. ■ 
Jan. 23-30-P 6. 

Washing Machine . cheap. Has 
Westinghouse motor. . Apply C. Stor- 
holm, 724 LaBree avenue north. 40tf 


foE basement; 4 lots; on east side: 

for sale on easy terms. Inquire of H. 

S. Dahlen. lOtf 

FOE SALE CHEAP— Womans good 
cloth coat with fur collar. Inquire at 
Tribune office. 36ti 


ed room for rent. 503 LaBree Ave. 
north. 4At£ 


Farm one and one-half miles so^ 
of Viking. Very best m»U for pota- 
aoes or sugar beets. Tour own terms. 
Inquire of R. B. Easmuson at Shaw's 
office. S-tf 

ROOMS FOR RENT — Famished 
and modem. 811 LaBree Ave. N. 35tf 

rodm with two beds. Inquire at Tribr 
nne office. 25tf 


house for rent Apply to W. A. 

Bishop. S2tf 

W. A. Bishop. 13tf 


a flat, or a dttple^ call 68. H. V. 

Evenson, 25tf 

for small farms, five to forty acres, 
located within a half mile to five 
miles from town. Those having sucb 
property to sell, write us or call at 
our office. Empire Farms Co. 32tf 


wants to buy a smftll house and 
about two acres of land in or near the 
city. Call at Empire Farms Company 
office. 45tf 

WANTED— Salesman. Must have 
automobile. Need not be away &om 
home nights. We irant a man mi- 
afraid of hard work with selling ex- 
perience in small towns and country 
districts. To such a man we offer 
high-grade selling position, paying 
$50 to ?150 weekly. Stetson Oil Co., 
Cleveland, O^o. Desk 60. 45p 

Suits made from old garments^dpm- 
mmiicate with Mrs, Adolph jBoIstad, 
1 ^ mile south of Alves sduun house, 
or leave order at Strand's grocery 
store. tf 

now for hatching eggs. Our S, C. 
W. Leghorns are exceUent winter lay- 
ers and do get some blue ribbons, 
Sunnyside Poultry Yards, 622 St, 
Paul Ave., Thief River Falls. 45tf 


- SALE. I 

WHEREAS default eiists in that cer- 
talQ mortgage made and executed by Al- 
bert G. Sauter, Hatlie E, Santer, his wife 
mortgagors, to The^ Prichar^ Company, a 
Minnesota corporation, mortgagee, and 
which mortgage was dated the 15th day 
of December, 1920. and with; power of sale 
therein contained, and duly filed, for record 
in the office of the^ Register of Deeds of 
Pennington County, 'Minnesota, on the 19th 
day of May. 1921, add recorded in Book C6 
of mortpain's, pajre 302, and i which default 
consists in the failure of said mortgagors 
to paj- the sum of Six Hundred 'Forty dol- 
lars and Ninety-five cents (fft40.95). which 
became due and payable on the 15th day 
of September. 1921, .'except several install- 
ment payments aggregating four hundred 
tn-pnty-nne dollars and fifty cents. - 

And Whereas there Is claimed to be due 
and there is doe and unpaid on said mort- 
gage at the date of this notice the sum of 
Three Hnndrwl Thirty-nine and .10-100 Dol- 
lars (JS39.10) . 

NOW. THEREFORE. Notice Js Hereby 
GlvCT. That said mortgage will he fore- 
closed by the sale of the premises in said 
mortgage de5crii»ed.'-to-wit: 

I-otv numben-'l niriijecn. tw'-ntv and 
twenty-one in Bloct; eleven of Knox's Ad- 
dition to Red Late Rapids, [now a part of 
the r-tr of Thief River Falls, In the Coun- 
ty of Pennington arid State of .'Minnesota, 
bv the Sheriff of said, Pennington County at 
the front door of the Court House !n the 
City of Thief River i Palls, in said County 
and State, at 10 o'clock A. M_ on Saturday, 
the Sth day of March, 1924. to isatlsfy the 
amonnt dne and secured by said mort- 
gages, and taxes. If- any. together with 
fifty dollars attomeg-'s fees asi stipulated 
in said mortgage and the costkaml- dis- 
bursements allowed -iby law in "foreclosure 
sales, subject to re^emptlor at any time' 
within one year as provided by law. 
Dated this 23rd day! of Janoary. 1924. 

A Oorporation. Mortgagee. 

. Halvorson, ; - j 

Attorney for'MortgHgee, 
Thirf River Falb, Minnesota, 
J 23-30-S; 6-13-20[27-' 


fault baa b^en made In the conditlonB of a 
mortgage executed by Henry Blaaka and 
Stt^ Blaska. his wife, U>rtgagorB, to the 
Faimen and Merchants State Bank ot 
Thief River Falls, lacorporated. Mortgagee, 
dated September 29. 11921. and filed for 
record in the offlcft of the Register of 
Deeds of Peimingtoii.i Connty. Wimesota, 
on the 30th day- ot September, 1921. 
at 6 o'clock A. 31^ and duly recorded In 
Book 70 of Mortgages on Page 136 thereof; 
that snch default eonalsta in the non-pay- 
ment, when due. of principal and Inter^ of 
the debt for which said mortgage was giv- 
en as security; that the amount claimed to 
be doe on said mortgage at this date Is 
Eighteen Hundred Eight and 15-100 Dol- 
lars ($180805) : that the premises described 
In and covered by said mortgage are situ* 
ated In Pennington County, Minnesota, and 
are described as follows, to-wit: The 
Northeast Quarter (IfEH) of Section Thir- 
ty-one (31), Township: One Hundred Fifty- 
three (153) North, of Range Forty-three 
(43) West of the Fifth Principal Meridian, 
containing 160 acres, more or less, accord- 
ing to the Government Surrey thereof; that 
by virtue of the power of sale contolned 
in said mortgage and: pursuant to the 
statute in such case made and provided.' 
said mortgage will be fbreelosed by the 
sale of said premises, at public vendue, to 
the highest bidder forjcaah, by the Sheriff 
of Pennington Cotinty, Minnesota, at the 
East front door of- the Pennington Connty 
Court House in the city of Thief River 
Falls In said Pennington County and State 
of Minnesota, on Monday, the 25th day of 
Febrnary. 1924, at 10 o'clock A. M.. to sat- 
isfy tlie amount then due on said mortgage. 
together with the costs of such sale and 
Seventy-five Dollars Attorney's fees, stipu- 
lated In said mortgage. 

Dated January 7, 1924. 



By THEO. quale, 
THEO. QUALE. Attorney. 

Attorney for Mortgagee, 

Thief River Falls. Minn, 



- BAX£. I 

WHEREAS. defatOt has been made in 
the terms and conditions of a certain mort- 
gage bearing date the lat day of December. 
1917, made, executed and delivered by Se- 
vert O. Prestegoardi and EUen B. Preate- 
goard, his wife, ot Pennington County, 
Minnesota, aa Mortgagors, tolcitiiena State 
Bank of Thief Rivet Falls, a corporation. 
of Thief River Fallf. Minnesota, aa Mort- 
gagee, to secure payment of tlie sum of 
Three Thonsand DoOars («3;00a(a) and In- 
terest thereoa at thelrate of «lx per centum 
(S per cent) per ananm, according ta the 
terms and conditlona of one Icertaln prom- 
issory note, due December lat, 1922 and in 
said mortgage fully j deaeribeit. which said 
mortgage was duly filed forlreeord^ln the 
offiee of the Registet of Deeds In and for 
Pennington Cotmty, Minnesota, on Decem- 
ber Slat, 1917 at 4:09 P. M- and was dnly 
recorded In aald office in Book 12 of Mort- 
gages on page 435. fwhich sild ; mortgage, 
together vlth the debt sttmed tSS^ 
was thereafter by written astlnunent dated 
November 15th. 1918 Jcloly asdgned by said 
mortgagee to Wm. iLerche. iofj St PaoL 
l^esota, wMch said assIgi^eniTraa dtdj 
filed In the office of aald ReSster of Deeda 
t" «.7^^' .^V^^ •ttdlwaa recorded 
In said olHce in Book 65 of Mortgages on 
page 8. and which said Wm. k«S^tenow 
the owner and holiler of aald mortgage; 

WHEREAS, said mortgagors have fkHed 

f« .»,I^'®^ 5° J5?£L"^P^"'*««"T note 
tL^ X^ *•' Thrte . Thousand Dollars 
(S3,000in), which ial described In and se- 
cured by aald mortgige andWhleb became 
due and payable on Decembei^ 1st, 1922, and 
have atoo failed nnS refiued to pay the 
InstalteeBts of Interest In tVe siim of One 
Hnndied Eighty DoBan (1380)00). each, 
which be came due and payatde on the note 
In said mortgage dteerlbed [on December 
lat ISSt and on Dtennber lat; 1822; 'te- 
apeetlTdr. and therri la claimed to be due 
and Is ' due on aald note and idortgage at 
the date of this notice the imm of Three 
ThoQsand Xtollars (t3.l)00.0d>, and Interest 
thereon from Deconber 1st 1922 at 8 per 
cent per annam, and One Handled raghtr 
Dollars ((180JX)) and! Interest! thereon from 
December 1st 1921 it 8 per cent per an- 
anm. and One Handled Ej(gfaty Dollars 
(nso.00) and Interest thereon from Decem- 
ber 1, 1922 at e pertcCTt p^ annum, and 
also the sum of I Seventh-five Dollam 
STo-OOl ■ for .attomef *s: feesj as provided 
for In said mortgage. { and.] no 1 action- or 
proceeding has been.' Instituted at law or 
in equity to recover! the debt secured by 
said mortgage or ainr part theieot. 


NoUce is Hereby Given; That default 
has occurred In the conditions of that cer- 
tain mortgage, dated : the thirteenth day 
of February, 1915. executed by P. D. Beard 
as m6rtgagor, to Apolonia Gergen, as mort- 
^gee. Sled for record. In the office of the 
Register of Deeds in and for Pennington 
Connty. State ot Minnesota on the twenty- 
third day of April. 1915. at eight o'clock 
A. M, and recorded in Book 14 of Mort- 
CTge Records, page 50^ which default con- 
sists In. this, to-wit: failare to pay prin- 
cipal and interest when due; that under 
uie terms thereof there is claimed to be 
due under said mortgage, including in- 
terest at the date hereof Two thousand 
three hundred thirty-eight and 5-100 Dol- 
lars, and that no action or proceeding at 
law or otherwise has been instituted to re- 
cover the debt secured by said mortgage, 
or any part ^thereof ; and that pursuant 
to the power of Sale in said mortgajre. aald 
mortgage win be foreclosed and the land 
therein described lying ami being In the 
County of Pennington. State of Mlnhesota. 

The South-east quarter fSE^i> of Section 
twenty- (20V. Township one hundred and 
fifty-three (153). Range forty-fiv? f«> wifl 
*»* 8?W by the sheritT; of said conntv at 
puhllc auction on the Eighth day of March. 
IK!, at ten o'clock A. M., at the front door 
of the Court House in the CTty of Thief 
Rhrcr FaBs In said ^nnty and state, to 
pr.y the said anm and f Interest thereon to 
raid date of sale and jthe costs and d!s- 
borsemente of snch foreclosure and sale. 
tocluding an attorney's fee of Seventy-five 
(75) Dollars, subject to redemption within 
twelve months from the" dateof sale. 
Dated December 24th. 1923. 


.,„„.■ Mortgagee. 

W. H. t H. W. Glllitt - 

. Attorneys for Mortgagee, 
Hastings. Minnesota. 


. Defiinlc liartnf 'bam made In the paj- 
ment ot the mm of Tbzee Tbenaand Three 
HnnOred Serentr [and 80-100 Dollars 
«S,SrO^), which Is claimed to be due and 
la doe at thfedate bf this noUce upon a 
certain Mortga^, duly executed and dellr- 
eradlyJamei NeU Nesse anTEIhora Nesse, 
his wife. Mortgagors, to a L. Hansen. 
Mortgagee, bearing date the 12th day of 
Deconber, laiT, and! with a power of aale 
therein contained, dolr recorded In the 
office of the iReglafM of Deed*- In and for 
the Connty ot Pennington and State of Min- 
nesota, on the 14th Iday of January, 1918, 
at 8:00 o'clock A, Ml, in Book 13 of Mort- 
gages, on page 397:1 whlelr said Mortgage, 
together with the debt secured thereby, 
waa dnly aaslgned by said C. L, Hii»i»^. 
Mortgagee, to Deposit Bank of Winona, 
Winona, Minnesota.) by. written assign- 
ment dated the ISth! day of Janqary. 1918. 
and recorded: in the 'office of said Begiater 
of Deeda, on the 19th day of January. ifllS, 
at 10:00 o'clock A, B^ Ip Book 56 ot Mort- 
gages, on page 5S1; and that thereafter 
and on. or about the 1st day of- Angost 
1823.: the articles of{ Ihcorporatlon of. said 
Deposit Bank ot Winona having been duly 
amended - and that thereby, among otber 
thlnga, the nkme of | said Depoatt Bank of 
Winona was: changed from Deposit «*wir 
of Winona to Depoklt Bank and Trust 
Company and that aald Deposit Bank and 
Tmst Company la.jnow the Adgnee and 
Bolder of aald Mortgage and the debt se- 
cnred thereby: and !ao action having been 
Instituted, at law or othenrlae.^ to zecorer 
the debt seemed by I said Mortgage or any 
part thereof-_ ' — • ~m 

Now Ther^ore, Notice. Is Hereby Otren. 
That by virtue of the power of nie con- 
tained to said Mortgage, and purstiant to 
the statute in; snch case made abd provided, 
the said Mortgage win be foreclosed by a 
sale of the premises described in and con- 
veyed by said Mortgage, vli: 

The Southwest quarter (3W%) of Sec- 
tion Thirty-six (38) In Township One Hun- 
dred Pifty-fonr (15J) North of Range 
Porty-two (41) West ot the fifth P. M.. In 
Minnesota, containing One Hundred -Sixty 
(160) acres, more or, leas, according to the 
U.-S. Government survey thereof, in Pen- 
nington Cotuty and Stete of Minnesota, 
with the heredltamerite and appurtenances; 
which sale win be made by. the Sheriff of 
said Pennington Connty at the front door 
ot the Court: HouseJ In the City of Tblet 
River Fans In said | County and State on 
the 23rd day of February. 1924, at two 
o'clock V. iU ot that day, at pobUe ven- 
dne, to the highest bidder for cash, to pay 
said debt of Three Thousand Three Hun- 
dred Seventy and 80-|100 DoRars ($3,370^0), 
and interest and the taxes. If any, ou said 
premises, and Seventy-fire Dollars ($75.0(1). 
Attorney's fees, ss :stipulated In and by 
said Mortgage In case of foreclosure, and the 
-disbursements aRowed by law; subject to 
redemption at any time within one -year 
from the day of sale,' as provided by law. 
Dated. December 13th. 1923. 

, - Assignee 

Lambertou, Lamberton & Mnrpby, 

Attorneys for Assignee, 
Cor.. 3rd 4 Center StB„ 
Winona, Mlniiesota. 

J 9-16-23^ F 6-13-20 ' 


De&ult having been : made In the pay- 
ment of the snm of Pour Hundred Forty- 
nine and 44-100 Dollars (W49.4*), which Is 
claimed . to be due and : U due at the date 
of this notice upon a certain Mortgage, dnly 
executed and delivered by Steflten Halvor- 
son, nnmarried, Mort«gor,-to C 1*. Han- 
sen, Mortgagee, bearing date the 6th day 
of July, 1917, and with a power ot sale 
w rein contained, duly recorded In the 
office of the Eegister ot Deeds In and for 
the County of Pennington and State of 
Minnesota, on the 19th, day of July. 1917. 
at 1:00 o'clock P. M,, In Book 57 of Mort- 
gages, on page 138; which said Mortgage, 
together, with the debt secured thereby, 
jraa duly aaslgned by isald^a L. tt.»— w 
Mortgagee, to Deposit "Bank- of Winlna, 
Winona, Minnesota, by jwrltten assignment 
dated. the 21at day of July. 1917, and re- 
corded In tha ofHce of said Register ot 
Deeds, on the -25th day of July, 1917, at 
8:00 o'clock A- M.; IniBookSB of Mort- 
gages, on page 400; and tbereafterand on 
or about Angoat 1st 3S23, the artkdea of 
Incorporation of said Deposit Bank of Wi- 
nona having- been dniyj amended and that 
thereby, among other things, the name of 
aald Deposit 2anfc of Winona was changed 
tram Depoalt Bank; ot Winona to Deposit 
Bank and Trust 'Company and that -aald 
Deposit Bank and Triut Company la now 
the Assignee and Holdor of said -Mortgage 
amd the debt secured thereby; and no ac- 
tion having been Institntt^. at law or 
othertrtse.^ recover Che debt secured by 
■aM Mortgage or any part thereof; 

How, TterefbiBi Notice Is Hereby Given, 
That by virtue of the power of Mle* con- 
tained in said Mortgage, and porsnant to 
the Btetute in snch eas^ made and provid- 
ed, the aald Mortgage jwlll be. toxedosed 
by a Bale of the pretties dewfzibed In and 
"'SJ?'*^ *•' «la Mortage. Tia; 

Tbe Kot half (EH) | of the Northeast 


D efault haying been made In thp pay- 
ment of the sum of Three .Hundred. Dol- 
lars <$300.00>j which, is claimed to be due 
and is due at the date of this notice upon 
a certain Mortgage duly executed and de- 
livered by Peter L. Wojnarowaki and Josie 
Bt Wojnarowaki, his wife. Mortgagors, to 
Deposit Bank of Winona. Mortgagee, bear- 
ing date the Sth day of June, 1020, and with 
a po-wer of sale- therein contained, duly re- 
corded in the OfQceiof the Register of 
Deeds in and for the County of Pennington 
and Stete of Mlnnesoto on the 20th day of 
September, 1920, at 8:30 o'clock A. M., in 
Bboki 13 of Mortgages, on page 615; 

"And Whereas, The! said Deposit Bank of 
-Winona, the Mortgagee and Holder of said 
Mortgage, haa^uly elected "and does here- 
by elect to declare thie whole principal snm 
of said Mortgage due and payable at the 
date of this notice, junder the terms and 
conditions of isald Mortgage and the power 
of sale therein contained ; and ' whereas 
there la acttially due and claimed to be due 
and payable at the date of this notice, the 
snm of Two [ Thousand Nine Hund^red 
Twenty-seven and 75-100 Dollars ($2,927.73), 
which said amount ilncludes the sum of 
One Hundred Seventeen and 46-100 Dol- 
lars ($117.46) ; paid by Deposit Bank ^ of 
Winona to Uus Connty Treasurer of Pen- 
nihgton Connty. on the 29th day of March, 
1923. for taxes for the year 1921. Including 
penalty and interest against the mort- 
gaged property, together with the interest 
on said payment from the S9th ~ day of 
^arch. 1923, to the date of this notice wUch 
last mentioned interest amounts to the sum 
ot One and 29-100 DoIlarB ($1.^); and 
wtfexeas, the said powu ot sale has become 
operative, and' no action or proceeding hav- 
ing l>een instituted, at law or otherwise, to 
recover the debt secnred by said Mortgage, 
ox any part ihereof; j 

Now, Therefore, Notice la Hereby Giv- 
en. That by yirtue of the power of sale 
contained in said Mortga^. and 'puranant 
to the statute! in suctt case made and pro- 
vided, the said Mortgage wm be foreclosed 
by a sale of the premises 'described In and 
conveyed by said Mortgage. -vis 

'Southwest Quarter j(SW%)- ot Section 
Fifteen (15), In Township One Hundred 
Fifty-two (152), North, of Bange Forty 
(40), West In- Pennington Connty and 
Stete ot Minnesota, with, the hereditaments 
and appurtenances; which sale wm be 
made by the ! Sheriff | ot said Pennlngten 
County, at the front] door ot the Court 
House. In the| City of Thief River Falla. 
in said Connty and State, on the 29th day 
of February, 1824. at two o'clock P. M.. ot 
that day, at public Tendue to the highest 
bidder for caah, to inly the said debt bi. 
Two, Thotisand NInei Hundred Twenty- 
aeren and 75-100 DoRars ($2,927.75), and 
Interest and the taxes. If any. on said 
premises, and Seventy-five DoUara ($75.00) 
Attorney's tea as stipulated In and by 
aald Mortgage In case of foreclosnte, and 
the disbursemente aRowed Irf law; sub- 
ject to redemption at 'any time within one 
year ftom thejday of sale as provided by 

Dated. Jnne 6th, 192i J^ 


andrBtatew am ^ 2Srd day of Febnai?, 
laatrnt 10 o'doek A. *t, of that day. |U 
pvblle vendor to-tha'Ucbest bidder fbr 
caah; to pay said debt ot Wght fifn Hnn- 
dietf ntty:One DoUazs and Interest, and 
thetaxM, If ajiT. on iald premises, add 
?S?*"^?*? DoHara, Attontey'B fees, as 
■Upnlated In.aad t^ said Mortfage In 
case of toncloaoi^ and the .dlsbursemeitfa 
allowed by law; siihiJect to redemptloa at 
any time within one year from the day of 
ale, aa pzoTlded by law. ^ 

. Dated Decem ber 28, A. D. IflSL I ■ 

A Corporation j^ 

Lu C, SIMONS, - "^JJ***^ 

Attorney for Mortgagee, 
St Panl, Minnesota. 

_ J-16.2S-30-F-(I-13-20 

Noties aff lEwtgage Ferodosnra Sale. 

Notice la hereby given, that default has 
been made in .the conditions ot a certain 
mortgage execcted by Thomaa G, Rome 
and Thorbior O. Rome, his wife, of the 
connty of Feanington, Minnesota, mort- 
gagors, to Merchants State Bank of Red 
Late Falls, ■ Minnesota, Mortgagee, dated 
the ;i5th day of October, 1920. and record- 
ed In the otBee ot tbe Register of Deeda 
ot Pennington Connty, Minnesota, on tbe 
nth day ot December, 1820, at 9 o'ch>ek 
A. M. of said day, in Book *^*' of Mort- 
gages, page 575 tbereot, of the records 
of said ofOce. 

That aald mortgagcv together with tbe 
debt seemed -^ thereby, -waa didy aaalgned 
by said Meroanta State Bank of Red 
Lake Falla, Mtnn , to Fred Oehl. by writ- 
ten aaslgnment dated AptlTST, 1821, and 
recorded in tbe ofDce ot tbe aald Beglster 
of Deeds, on the 28tb day of ApzU, 1921, 
at 8 o'clock A. M. in Book 6S of Mortgages, 
on page SUi 

Said default conaiats In tbe bllnre of 
said mortgagors to pay tlie Interest in- 
ataHment of $120 which by the terma of 
the said mortgage, Decame dne and-payable 
on the 25th day ot October, 1822. That by 
reaaon of said default said mortgagee 
has el ec t ed to declare the entire amount 
remaining nnpald upon said mortgage to 
bfr. immediately due and payable. 

That there Is claimed to l>e due and pay- 
able and there Is now due and payable 
at the date ot-4hIa notice upon said mort- 
gage and niH>n tbe debt thereby secured, 
the aum of Tvro Thousand One Hundred 
Twenty and no-100 ($2120:00) Dol- 
lars, with interest thereon at the rate of 
six per cent per annum.from the 15th day 
of October, TK23, and no action or pro- 
ceedings at law: or' otherwlae has l>een 
had or Ii^toted to recover said debt or 
any part thereof. 

Notice ia hereby furth^. given that by 
virtue of the power of sale In aald mort- 
gage contained and recorded, therewith 
which by reason of the facte aforesaid 
haa - t>ecome operative and pursuant to 
tbe statute in snch case made and pro- 
vided, the said Inortgage win be fore-, 
closed and tbe land and premises des- 
cribed in and covered by nid mortgage; 

Beat halt of the Southwut qnarter 
(BK SW) Lote Five and Six (5 and 6) 
Section Six (8) Township One Hundred 
Fifty-two (152) North Range Forty (40) 
West of tixe Fifth Principal Meridian tor 
Minnesota, containing 160 acres, more or 
less^ according to tne Gorermnent Survey 

wm be sold at pnblle anetlon to the 
highest bidder therefor' for cash by the 
sheriff ot Pennington Coimty, ' ^nnesota 
to sati^ and pay the debt which win 
then be dne and. payable on the note' se- 
cured by said mortgage together with the 
Bom of $100.00 as attorneys fees and the 
coste and expenses ot these foreclosure 
proceedlnga as allowed by law. 

Tbe said sale vrill be made at the front 
door of the Conrt House in. the City of 
Thiet Btver Falls. County of Pennington. 
State of Minnesota, at the hour of ten 
o'clock'A. M. on Satorday the 23rd day 
of February, 1924. 

Dated December 17, 19S3. 

' Assignee of Mortgage, 

Ik>s Angeles. CaL 


Attorney for Assignee. 

International PalU, Minn. 

qnarter {NB?4) of Section Thirty-three (SSI 
One fBoidred.: Fifty-Three 
^nge TUrty-nlne (89) west 

^Township One ::Ho4dred.: 

(153) North of Bange TWrty-nU= ..«, -™ 

talnbig Sghty (80) acre^ more or lo^ ac- 
eordtog to a« u. S. ^reminent nrv5 
thtteof. In Pennington [County and State 
ot Ml^ewita, with tbe luaedltomenta and 
appurtenantta: which sale wffi be made 
?f ^ B*?^ °' ^* Pennington Connty 
fv '^J^i'L-l'*?^^*^ Co""* House. lb 
the City of raief River FaRa, In sald^nn- 
ly and SUte, on the 2Sra day of Febrnary. 
1924, at two o'clock' P. M~, of that day at 
pnblic vendue, to the ht^iest bidder fbr 
Msh, to pay said debt ot Four Hundred 
Forty-nine and 44-lpO Di^nara (W49.44), and 
interest and the taxesj If any. on sa^d 
premises, and Twenty-Sve Dollars ($25,001 
Attorney's fees, as stiphlated in -and by 
said Mortgage In case of foreclosure,^ and 
the disbursemente aBowed by low: sub- 
ject to redemption at any time within one -, r—- 

y*«r from the day of sj^te, as provided by the front door !of tl 

i i J Mortgagee. 

I^nberto^D^E Mnrphey,- ' 

Lamberton, _, . 

* Attomeya fbr Mortgasee, 
Con. Srd & Qa0a Sts., 
Winona. Minnesota, 




. De&ult havihg been made In the pay- 
ment of the bum cif Eighteen Hundred 
Fifty One Dousra which Is claimed to be 
dne and Is do^ at the date of this notloe 
open a certain Mortgage, dnly execvted 
and ddirered by OlelN. Olson and Andrea 
Olson, Us wit^ Mortgagors, to Tbe First 
l^atlonal Bank (of Thfef River Fails. Mort- 
gagee, ; bearing date the 20th day ot Sep- 
tember. 1916, and witb a power of sate 
therein contali&ed, duly zecorded In the 
OfDce of tbe Btgistezi of Deeda in and f6r 
tbe Connty of Pennington and State uf 
MlnncMta, on the 21at.daT.ot September. 
1818^ at 8 o'f^ek Aj M., In Book' 13 ot 
Hortgsgea, on ^ege 247, and- no action or 
pXDceeding bav^g been Inatltoted, at law 
or otherwise, to receiver tbe debt seenred 
by said M ortgage orlany part tbereot . 


[BREBT OITEN. That by Tirtne of tbe 
pewn:ot sale amtained In aald-Kortfag^ 
and porsnant io tbei statnb^-in snA casa 
made and proTlded,-:tbe said Mortgage wm 
be.farecloaed by a )nle of the premlsea 
described In aAd conveyed by aald Mort- 
ia«e, Tia: ■ - i -■ - 

;Loto:nmnbered Sevra (7), Kl^it (8) and 
Nbw ^9) of Block Thirty (80) Id ^ the 
Original TownUte of Thief River l^Ola. 
aecdrding to tbe official plat thereat on 
file and of record In' the OfTfcp bf the 
Register of DeMa ti^. and for' Pennloxtfin 
Connty. in Pennington Connty and State 
of|Minne8ote with tbe beredltamente-aod 
appQrtenances:jwbIeli sale wilTbe made by 
^-StleHff of paid Pennington - county at 
'^""' ' - -- ' -, House, In'tbe 


aty of Thief River 

:he^Gonrt I 

r FaRa. In said. Gonnty 

Notice of Mortgaae Foreclosure Sale. 
Default having been made to the con- 
ditions of that certain mortgage containing 
a Power ot Sale, by reason of which de- 
fault said Power of Sale has become op- 
erative, and the Assignee ~bf the Mortgagee 
hereinafter named is authorized to declare 
the whole sr.m due, and he hereby does 
declare said sum due which mortgage 
wa£ execoted by Ernest E. Peterson and" 
Bertha I'Merson. his wif?, MortgaRora to 
MercbnutB State Bank of Red Lake Falls, 
corpcratjun cn-uteil uiuUt the laws of 
th6 State of iiia:;r«i»ia. Ji^ntpiEce. dated 
April 6. A. D„ TJlM. r.ntl reironli'il in the 
office of the ltecial(-r «.f l>e^l8. •■f I't'tminp- 
ton County ilinui'S-ta. uu tLi- l.-jlh i!a,v i-f 
April A. U^ lltai. Hi t: ,.Viv(k A. M_ in 
Book- G2 Of UiunyagtB; i.:i r.asc -i-17. 

Which' said mortsage, tiffjiflher with the 
debt secured thereby, wen dnly ass:pne<l 
by said Merefaante State Bank .of Red 
Lake FaHa. Minnesota, Mortgagee to De^ 
posit Bank of Winona, Wiuona, Minnesota , 
by written assignment dated May 10, A. D.. 
1920, and recorded to tbe office of the, 
Register of Deeda of Pennington Connty, { 
Minnesota, on May 15, 1920, at 8 o'clock; 
A. M,, In.Book C3 of Mortgage on page 
212, and which said mortgage, together 
with the debt secured thereby, was duly 
assigned by said Deposit Bank of Winona;' 
Winona, Minnesota, to Robert R. Henry 
by written assignment dated May 19, 1920, 
and recorded in the office of the Roister 
ot Deieds of Pennington Connty, Mlnnesoto 
on the 23rd day ot November, 1923. at 
1 o'clock P. M., in Book 63 of Mortgages, on 
page 505, 

And whereas, the aald Robert R. Henrys 
tbe assignee and bolder of said mortgage; 
on DecKnl>er 14tb, 1823 paid ddlnqnmt 
taxesiaiwn the mortgaged -property bere-^ 
inatter described in the snm of One Hun- 
dred Ninety-eight and 97-100 ($198.97) 
Dollars; and whereaa. tbe said Robert R: 
Henry, the assignee and hojder of said 
mortgage, has duly dected and does bere-^ 
by elect to declare tbe whole prlndpal 
sum nt said mortgage due and payable 
at the date of- this notice, tmder tbe terms 
and eondltlotta of aald mortgage and the 
Power ot Sale t-hwytn -contained; ana 
whereaa, ttere is actnaRy. due and claimed 
to be; dne at the date: of this notice tJie' 
>nm or Two Thousand ($3000:00) DoUara,' 
with Interest tbercQn from tbe.atb day of 
April,' 18Z1. at the rate of alx per cent' 
per annum; and whereaa. tbe said Power 
ot Sale has become operative and no aetloai 
or proceedings having been Inatltnted at 
law or otherwlae, to Teeover tbe debt ae^ 
cured by aald mortgage, or-any part there-' 


NOW, THEREFORB, NoUtt la hereby: 
given.|that by vlrtne of tbe Power ot Sale' 
contained in aald mortgage and pnrsnant' 
to tbcj statute in snch caae made and pro-' 
Tided. Itbe .said mortgage wm be foredoaed: 
by a! sale of^tbe premlsea described In 
and coveted by aald mortgage -via: 

ThejNorthweit Quarter (NWH) of See- 
tlon Thlrty-tbnr (34), in Tbwnablp One 
Hnndrcd Fifty-thne (IBS) Nortli. of Range 
Tbirtr-nine (39) Weat of the Fifth princi- 
pal Moidlao, aeeordlnc to the United 
State*: goTermnent anrny tbeieef and con- 
taining 160 acres of land more or less, in 
Pennington Connty and State of Uhmewtta. 
"Which sale wm be made by tbe Sheriff 
of said Pennington Connty. at tbe Front 
Door^of tbe Connty Goart Honae at tbi^ 
RhwJ-ana.^to.saU Connty and State on 
tbe 7tb day <tf Fdimazy. 1104, at 10 o'clod 
A. M.: of that day at pnblle vcndne to 
tbe blgbeat bidder foreaA, to pay tbe 
amom^ then dne oa aald mortgage and 
Interest and ttie anm of V1S8JD7 fin taxes 
paid on aald described premlaea, witb 
Interest from date of . payment, together 
with tbe-costo and diabnrsemente of andi 
1^ and Seventy-five DoUara attorneys 
Uxm stipulated In .sald^Aortgage In. caae 
of foreclosure. ^ 

Dated Deconber 19. 19Z9L 


r -r L,,™™ AaHgnee of Mortgagee. 

T. J. I SMITH -^rr" 

Attorney for Aaslgnee of Mortgagee. 
Morgan Block. k 

Whibna, Iflnaesota. 

: D-»J'.2-».lfraS.30L 


Northern Lodge No. 236 

stated Communicationa - 
FSnt auLlliinl IhimdayB 

Tonng Fine Lodge No. 221 

Ibeta vnrf Toesday nJ^ at ZM. 

Brotheiliood of LooomptiTe 

Flraaea and Elnginemen 


Ibata wacod and fotfrtti Snndaya af 
>« A. K, L O. O. F. Bin. 


Has. B, Oberiin CoBSciTatai; 

Pupa of 

/Hadanie BaOey-Apfelbeck 
Second Semester Starta Jan. 28. 

TeL 126 or 495. 
Stadio 515 LaBree Avenoe N. 



Practice In an Comta: aad 
foie n. a Laud Offlcs 
MeObm BoUdinr 


Oaica ]■ atizena Stale Bank BUs 

Fluman Offlcs 90. BeatdaneB US 

IMaf Btvp Balh, Unn. 

Dr. J. T. Bowers 

Special Attentidn to Sarg«7 and 

-tbe IHseaaeg of Women and 


Offices: Kist National Bank Bldg. 

Office 128. Eeddence 99. 


401 to 405 Knight Ave. N. 
Thief Eiver FaHa. Winr. 

Irenes : 
^Hospital & Office, 350. Ees, 488-J 

; A. W. Swedenborg, Ph. G, M. D. 

/ PhyEadan and Surgeon 
iSpedal attsition Ear. Eye, Nose 
jand Throat and Fitting of Glasses. 

j Snpt Hospital and Anaesthetics. 




Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat 

3nrgery and Obstetijcs 




LasMB P niaaar a Qwiim 

»^ cut la 

♦♦♦ M llllltll MM I MM * 

Empire Farms i 

Capital $25.(100 

an PRoreiffY 


Biiac ttm BoinMa to Ua. Va H 
Omtaay and 

iJ^SMain Ave. North i 

Phone 443 
: : tIM Rhrer Falls. Minnesota : 

**» K t M t M I > IIII . WI||« j 


FOE SAIj;— A SNAP. On Account 
of my wife's death, I will sell. my. 
six-room house with bathioom and 
a 76-I)arrel cisteni and garage,: coal- 
shed and SO-foot front for t2]20(k 616 
Horace avenue N. M. E. Becken 46p 

dxesser; reasonable if taken :soon. 
H. C. Johnson, 623 Dnliith avenue N. 
Phone S08-E. 

I-c^ alsd'^pi;^;: 
tune. 'Sal^sfi ' 


Indebted: to rn* iorgrayel; 'plefie 

settle up at' once.! Honejr ina; M'left 

at Strand's Grocelyl store. 'H.StrSndr; 

void, iH:i,:aty:lM:"';:;p -ISci^' 

FOE. SALE— Six room, all modem 

house. For information apply at 

819 Biverside avenue. , : _46p 

f~ WANiED-^-Woi 

*• maid.. ,iHss:.r 

Minn, fiouteili 


_^ , ??a»on, OptmnfcjIstB, Tiffljlfert^'t^ 

FOE SALE-BIack overcoat, practi- 5S"S.*«'^^B"^^Vf^''!*#S: 
cally new, used very Bttll ;Very)g;yi^Si|i;,i?»l?.yPWi8la'^" '" ' 
fair price on deal. InmiirB of ! Jos. °y » ■°P« aa"8t; ■ | ; .-. | 
yorlicky. Thief Eiver Falls, 107 Ken- 
dall avenue south. : .46 

Northern Ba]dng;Co. j4Br2 

FOR SALE— Purebred 'White. HoUmid 
turkeys, large vigorous -birds; tome 
?7.00; Hens' $4.00; from priiewinnihg 
stock. Ness Farm, St. Hilaire, Minn.i 
H 1 • , 46p 

'VANTES-.^Sewi^g. of any l^d'^to do 
at home. Firstlhouss iiorth of Phy- 
sicians hospital; I Phone i$2. Mrs. 
'W^N.Elo&bh. i ■ ^11 - 46pd 

TURKEYS FOE SALE— For breeding 

purposes. Mammoth Bronze. Hens 

from ?1 to ?3.60. W J. Shanley, 

Goodridge, or Stop 18 on Electric Line. 


FOR SALE — ^250-egg ■Wisconsin ihca- 
bator, new last spring; in fine con- 
dition. Inquire at Tribune. 45tf 

LAND FOE SALE— Or trade 'for 
dty dwelling or land in this viciiiity 
for 80 acres of land in Hubbard coun- 
ty. Good soil, no thistles nor ditch 
lien. School house, on land. C.' M. 
Evenson, 611 Duluth Ave. N., City 

Call 244B, or 112 Kendall avenue 
south. / 444Bp 

HAY FOR SALE— at $5 and $6 per 

ton in stack. Gordon M. Olson, 

City, E 1, Box 65. ■ 44^tp 


cash buyers, 
price.. B. HcNoi 
Bldg., Omaha, Nei 

-;I wapt farms j&i 

— ibes and state 

788 *flkfaisoB 

, 1 --: V 48p 


Before prohibition, tile nujtto at iL 
tof men w^;"There'siaiways room 

for one more.*! f 

Legal: RM(^^ 


loor^en.-; ■ -r ■; 
-County otiFeDnlng. 


FOR RENT— Large well improved 
stock and grain farm in Helgoland 
Township, Polk County. Will offer 
very liberal proposition. Call or write 
Empire Farms Company. 44tf 

FOR SALE OR.EENT— 270 acres 
four miles from Thief Eiver Falls. 
Good buildings. AS under cultivation. 
85 acres alfalfa. Inquire at Tribtme 
office. 42tf 

ing machine. Cheap. Has West- 
inghouse motor. Apply C. Storholm 
724 LaBree avenue north. ' 40tf 


Bstate 6t Henry 

State' oC'MIimesoi 
ton ■ 


lu tlie Matter of 
Goergen', Decedent. 

sle Goergen and a;i|persoDB..-fnteR8ted la 
tbe giantlas of adtmnistratlon .of the ea^ 
tate of aald decedent: Iliet ittltldn of Ui^.' 
ale Goeigen having been aie<t In'this Conct, 
tepreaentlng that :Hfenr7:Gi>erge£^tFeii-a 
resident .of the Cbdnt7':6t BlTOZBlde, State 
Inteatate^ on [the IStli 
1% and: pnvlng; that 
Uon of ihla jeatats be 
HMtrgen and: the Court,' 
b and place tor hear- 
„-. .4, -iBBBPOBB,! Tou^and 

Each- of Yen, are h^by cited !and le- 
anlred to ahow cani^ If anyiroaihar^' be- 
fore this Court at.tbtfProbate'Conrt Boonia 
Jh the Court .Honaojln the iCltyTof Thief 
RJrer Mia In the dounty of Pennington; 
State of Mlnneaota.Ion tha] 2Srd day of 
February, 192*, at lOJOO o'clock il M., why 
said petition ahonld hot be-grantid. -■ ■ 

WITNBSSrthe Jnfie of said Court, and 
the seal. of said CoDtti this 18th day- of 
January, 1024.. f -' !■ 1 ^^ 

(Coort Seal) ] tABS BACKB, 

n ,T -..„..- r ProSatb] Judge; 
G. Howard Smith, ! , . 1 . •> 

Attorney for Petitioner. 

Jan. 2M0iB' 6. 

of Callfbrnla,' died ' 
day of : December, 1 
lettera of admlnlatn 
granted to' John' P.-.( 
haTlng fixed the tin 
Ing said petition: ; 


. - ,-Nv.- 


•aid m9rtBM;e4;:si«nMMu3sWi«old''lylnE 

:/.!Bio .■Ba5tBSM"-'*»sWo^'n»<5t' *nr^ 
tot '(BHivOf »WM).-<nd /Loti-'numbored 
P"«;Uj, taf iEi«i;Ts)L«,S(iWia:i^^ TO. 
In. Townahln^.'. ODei-.BUQdred'rl^nfbr^thKO 

West of the .Sth-'P. Ut,:;eont3SS]r 1«U5; 
acres, -^I0re;.^ or leu, 'l:aceotdyi'^'^-:to.:^ tho 
goyemmontv.8nnv 'thereof f^v'tv^.V;';:. 
Dated,^Jaooary 2^d,•- lfl24.^ ^^^.•..-.;'.^■'?^^:.: ". 

:,■-;■ .'. '-.WM. i.BEC^CB,;:,i:-*;;.c,;;' ".- 
*;,?..; ■:.■■£■'*' ■^'''ff''!''*''*'''*''""-'- 

T?;- a'^KDNZB, 1 -i.-'iy^t '.:^S"^"k • 
■ Attomey'Jor. Awlg l riei^':'-'?- -t-:-::'.^' ' - 
- St. Banlt'.-Hlnnesot^''-^' -.'.'' > '.' 

;■ .: ■■;;i;f.lft.9^5^:iR(tlii;;'^.'i 


Washing Machine - cheap. Has 

Westinghouse motor. Apply C'Stbr- 

holm, 724 LaBree avenue north. 40tf 


full basement; 4 lots; on east side; 

for sale on easy terms. Liquire of H. 

S. Dahlen. lotf 

FOE SALE CHEAP— Womans good 
cloth coat with fur collar. Inquire .at 
Tribune office. 36tf 


ed room for .rent.- 503 LaBree Ave. 
north. 44tf 

Farm one and one-half miles south 
of Viking. Very best soil for pota- 
aoes or sugar beets. Your own terms. 
Inquire of E. B. Easmuaon at Shaw's 
office. .' ' Srtf 

ROOMS FOE BENT — Furnished 
and modem. 811 LaBree Ave. N. 85tf 

Iroom with two beds. Inquire at Trib^ 
une office. 26tf 


house for rent . Apply to W. A. 

Bishop. 82tf 


WHEBHAS default Mats In iha't cor-- 
tain mortgage made fand e;Eecnted -by Al- 
bert G. Banter, -Hattle E. Banter, hla wife, 
mortgagors, to The prlchari Company, a: 
Minnesota. ..corporqtlon;.:. mortgagee, -and 
which mortgage irosrt dated the 15th day 
of December, .1920, and with power of aale 
tbctehi contained,, and dnly fifed for. record 
to the office of the Beglsterl of Deeds Of 
Pennington Connty, Bflnnesotdi on^the 10th 
day of iloy, 1021,. and recorded In {Book 66 
of mortgages, page 102,iiAid which .default 
consists In the faUor^ of said mortgagors 
to pay the snm.of Six Hnndnid'Fdrty dol- 
lars and Nlnety-flve ients ($S«I.95|, which 
became .doe and payable on the 15th day 
of September, 1021, dcfpt sererall Install-' 
ment poyments nggr^ting -lioor bnndred 
twenty-one dolbirs and fifty ^entaJ'-- ... 

And 'Whereas there {Is ' claimed t(^ lie due 
and there Is doe and pnpald on said m'ort- date of thla'.notlce the! sum of 
Three Hundred Thirtx-nlne and 10-100 Dof- 
lara (I339J0) . ( if I .- ^ - 

„,'>'°^'.i.f™^E]BPORp.! Notice IsiHcreb'y 
Given, That said mortgage irlll. be foro 
closed by the salc.of tthe premises In 'said 
mortgage descrlbed.-'to.wlt;. j 

Lohrrnombfrrrd' nioeteien,.' twenty aiiil 
twenty-onean Block eleten.'ofl. Knox's Ad- 
dition totlted I.a5e luplds, n'Ow a parrot 
the City of Thief KlT&FaHa, In the Coun- 
ty of Pennington anS^ State, of .Minbesata. 
by the SI;erUr:ofsaIdCennlngti>n County at 
fbc front door of the[Conrt-Honae"-In the 
City of Thief Elver Balls, Inlsald.^Connty 
and State, at 10 o'clock A. M., On Saturday, 
the 8th day of Horchi 1024. to satisfy the 
amount due and seclffed by saldi mort- 
ragcs, and taxes, If 1 any, tijgefber with 
fifty dollars .attomey!a..feea as stipulated 
In-sald-mortgage: and .the-.GoSta^atril- dls- 
barsementa. allowed.'.m law. in~fOrecl6anro 
sales, sobiect . to nidanptlon : ht' any time 
within, one .yearias-pibvldedliy law. 
Dated this 23rd"day $-Janna''ry:.1924. 
THB pbighIrp ccSiiPApir. 
■:■--_ 'A CofcOTatlon^- Mortgagee. 
0.-HalTor»on,... ■ .' r I 'f- I ■ 

-Attorney, for Mortgagee, .^ ' . I 
Thlefrltlrer Falls; Minnesota. I 
T 28-SO-F pilS-20-2r.» 'I 

W. A^ Bishop. istf 


a flat, or a dnplei^ call 68. IL 'V. 

Evenson. gBtf 

for small farms, five to forty acres, 
located within a hslf mile to five 
miles from town. Those having^sudi 
property to sell, write us or c^ at 
our office. Empire Farms Ca 82tf 


■■^::. SASB.'i.^ :-.;!-.': 

„, -^- detanlf"^-- '--- 
the terms and condltlL 
gage. bearing date~thel 
1017, made, executed 
vert- O. Preategoard 

has beeti.'made-In 
:of a certalp'mort- 
jtdayAf December, 
id dellVerediby Se- 
idj'BUen B. Presto 

goard, bis wlfis; of. Ipelmlngtou County, 
Mlnneaata; a> Mortga^nl, to gtlsenf Slate 


wants to buy a small house and 
about two acres of land in or near the 
city. Call at Empire Farms Compaiiy 
office.- -J " 46tf 

WANTED— Salesman. Must have 
automobile. Need not "be away from 
home nights. Vfb vant a man :un- 
afraid of hard work with selling ex- 
perioice in small-towns and'conntiT 
districts. To such a; man we offer 
_ grade selling position, paying 
jfSO to flSO weekly. Stets<m Oil Co.i 
Cleveland, Ohio. Desk 60. : ' 4Gp 

Suits made from old garments. Coni- 
municate with Mrs. Adolph Bolstad, 
IH mfle south of Alves school house, 
or lea-re order at Strand's groosiy 
store.. ."tf 

now for hatching eggs'. ^Our S.: C. 
W. Leghorns are exceUent winter lay- 
erssind do get some 'blue - Tibbohs; 
Sunnyside Poultry Yards, 622 iSt. 
Paul A-ve., Mrf River Falls. ^.4Stf 


. a corporation; 

— ^esola, u'-JSait' 

jteptrof the sum:, of 

h.(|3,oaiMia) thd in- 

mpt Blx per centtuh. 

nlaccordlug i to: the 

u. one certalut prom^ 


-- rlbed,! whleh Mid 

for reconliln .the 

if Deed* ln.add:.tOr 

wsotaj.on Deee 

:K^ aiidtwaiTdi 

..:. HQBTGAQS^OUtnpaVIUit'SAlj^.. 

•iNOTicB'M'aHBiiBx-roivinf tsit-do-; 

fault baa b$eii.'inade .In fuie cbn'dlilohs bf-'a 
gorfM«ja8cut«a;^bj iHottly BLittaand, 
gaa-BlMW- IUa;-'wlfi>i-fflirtt«im*?tos the 
Siffi"2'.i?"i Mesawntfasute .-Bank'; -of 
™ef WwrF^s, IncoiporaWli.Mortga'gee, 
dated ,Sepl<!mbei;2»,^102yJimd=:fIlSd 'for 
Deeds.: oI-TPetanlngtoo. jObuu^, 'Ulnnesotai-' 
on the '.'SOtb: :'d»:i of! .:September,. 1B21, 
i' S;S?'^'S■^;»^'^'*^' J""7'''*c6rdeir to 
Book 70 of Uorigagea on.'iPBge IM thenot; 
tbatsuch 'default: eonititft'llji' t]ia:-non-payf 
meuL whSn duft of prlndpal anajntraJtof 
the debt for which saldCmo'rtgnga'was^T- 
en as^securltyr thati'the^amonnVcIanned'to 
be due onSBaId:.m'ort^^ at''fhls:''dats Is 
Eighteen -Hnhdnid Bight and 16-100 <Dol-' 
lars (080845)! thalitheTinremisesideacrlbea: 
in and covered: by saldimortgage''are':sItn- 
ated In Pennington i:6nn^,UImieao&, and^ 
arer described as VfoIKws; Vtb-Wt:"' ' The 
:NortheaBt'Quarter. (NB4).:df.Se0^n-'ThIr- 
ty-one -(81), .Township' '.Qne^nndred-'FIfty- 
thMo MISS) 'N6»th; ■otlBangoiRorty-threel 
C«) West of thcFIfth Principal MerldUn, 
contalnlng.l60'-acr^; more or leas,- accord- 
ing to the:.GovemmentSnrveyjth^reof: that 
by virtue; ofvtbe-'poTrer of. aale contained 
In said mortgage; and:! p'u'ranaht; to ' tho' 
statute In. anch catfe^inade-'and- provided; 
said- mortgage; win ib«|t6rea^«si ■ by .the- 
Bale..of,saIdipremi8es, ttt^iPnbue .vendnel tO' 
the: highest .bidder f6r.ea8h,'b'y the. Sheriff 
of Pennington Co^UtyilMInnesoia,' at' the 
5aayTOt,aMr.of-flie Jpinnlngton County 
Court House^li the cfty'ot'Thlef Slver 
Falls'In/sald.Pennlnlgtoii Connty.and Stata 
of Minnesota,. oq. Monday;. the.SSth day' of 
F5bmary,:it24; at loiSock A; M.. loiit- 
Isfr the amount then! due On; said- mortgaie. 
together with, tbe costc' of -anch .aale 'and 
Seven^-Bvo DoDara'Attloniey'sfceai-atlm^ 
lated In saldmortgage.; - 

Dated Jaqnary 7, U24l 



:_.';. QAGBBi. -"i^::,l -A_ ■-.:. ; .--. , 

"-"-;' "■„' 'Byi'TflBC'^QniM,:! ' 

iHEo^OTAii: '-"'l :7^^:i:S^^i 

Atttfrney.for' .Mortgagee.^' - ; >; ^ ":; : ' 
.-Thief Elver Falla.r Minn. .'; 

;: :'-. .,' : :. J>W8-28-S()3F :Wa';'vy:';^i-'f 


NoUce Js Hmby ; Blvcni ' mat -definlt 
has occnrted In the conditions of thatcerS: 
tain mortgaget; dated, the rthlrtaitif Sy 
of •Fcbrnary.-lto, cXMuted.'bj'^B.'i^ 
^^Srt^goftto Apolohh»:Gert<ai. arSort- 
SS'i °H' S' record- U" 'the 'offico of So, 
.Bcglstcr of Deeds -In and for-Pcnntaglotf. 
S'.iS'^ ^'*',^ ?' Mtaneaota on. the tweS^? 
third day of April,' .JOIS, at! eight, o'clock; 
A. ht, and, recorded • U^Booli; ll,it°lioBfi 
f?.C,'?"JJ?''' .wee 6(E. whidhidetaiilt con-; 
sIslsMn-.thls. to'wlt: follnre 'to' pay prin- 
fi?*'.^* . tototest; .wSen -.dnof thSt ' iSder 
the terms thereof ;tliere];is slalmed to rbo' 
?™.i."*f '.,.'''? J"""^** Jhclndlig,.'lnr, 
tcrest, at the date hereof. Two- thonsihd 
three hnndred thlrty-elght and 6-100 :D01- 
-lars. and that no' .actloi* . or; proceeding. ,at 
5S,°-'.J"'?7J^ haaibeen lUntltntedrto^ror 
cover the debt -aecuredbyisald mortgage; 

to the power of Sale In sild nibrtgage,-8aid 
mortgage win be forecIii«ed.-.n"ndtteiS 
therein described, lytagjindjolngilifthe 

^^..— ri!3rwr:3— S^'DoSta'Inf.andrfOjt 
W^oSf^Vitotand itateotlOsr^^ 

.K9'do<*j^aj;'';toiBookll5;iOt Ubrt, 


•ynHtBu ;',aaalgn-' 

-r^opc*. otarti.'Segiier 

■^J»t" *•»■•;•*• Angwe. 
otijffiiorporatlon vot-atrS 
■"--" •— '-- .litei iJalT. 
1ng 'other 


Bolder of :iaidrUoi«moi<iia;^ke*dabt wA 
■eitoi tMwby.ih|nagi;4ctIon having bS 
feittt^J*. •t:»w^.o^ofSer1?Iaefcl»\«c<>v(!r: 

■;'J,',:i "..■.-1>\: ' ■:"\i-v^: 
, JJoHcs,,l» HerehyiBlWn, 
S^^:.siiymiM,nJS con-. 
IIorliage,>- and<nurjinaiit to 
lehti^ae'mda^iMl provided; 
go;.wll^^,b9:fOnc]oaed byia 
*'-^ deserflwd- in-and.ton- 
ilfeage^.vl a; . '..;';;--.-' 

„--=,--- Jt qua«e» (BW%)>Jot Sec- 

.tton-ThlrtoijVtWM) Jn.Toipiship .One Hnn- 
dradJPUtj-fOntjlM) North , of . 3ango 
:F5rtyrt»o, (42riTresf of the fifth: PiK.; In 
Mtaneaota,-, contalnliiif. One- Huodre4-BIity 
a*!! acres,: mok»^o«iless;'accordln»< to- the 
lliaMovornmiit survey Iheiia; -In; . Pen- 
Mhgtiinveonnttana-BtalB'of Minnesota; 
wlth-Che- heredltamenta and-apportenaneesj- 
WUcl^aalo-winf.boniaae byrtbo'Sh'eritt.iof- 
aald .Pmntagtoi.-..COnntT at the front dM'r 
offithe Court; ^onaeJ.-ijl.^fhe Clfe of MSf 
B(ver^aIIi In I said) County and; Slate' in 
IheJBrd^^ *» bt Ffhruarr,. l»24t!'.at-two, 
o'CIoa P.vlK, if^i.atflPnbllc vefc 
due., to the Ulrteat bWderibr caaK' to pay 
aald. debt of Three (ThoWnd ThnT Bnti. 
drM_BevBnty.aijdJpfioo DoUar»(|»,«TOJO), 

p«t"i_ -__._. 
, . NbwJ.^har^QlN 
ta|nM'ln aald^ 
t%il!itnte Ib;^ 
aale 0^ tha.piS 

«» Interest, arid;«S4.*«iBt;Jfani,'OT said 
prmntoeai and Bmr<iuty-flve%jIIara '{175.00); 
AtloAey'( «?sl:^as BUpnlated^to and-'by 
aaldHortgage ,Iu case off oreclo'sote, and the 
dlahniBOmentajinawed by; lavrT: subject to 
reflmjUon at ; any; time - wilhlnj one year 
ftom' tbe day:oc salej as provided by;Iaw-.^ •' 
PatedJ DecMuber ISth, U2S,!^ .; > " , . 
;■ li' I DEPOSIT. BANK AMD ' '->; 
4;-. i:-; ;. ._ .TKOTT GOMPANZ,- — ; :. 
v;±I,. '-^ - '"■w^-'L^'^^i ■ '-,■;'■' '- ;AssIghe&:'. 
iiunbMton,;-uunb8rton: &,Hnrphy; ; 
:,'Atto]faey»: for.'isMgiJBe; ' r--.'^.; 
.,• .! CoEi :Srd *t.CHiter Stas-.; ; ; ' ; ': 
■ ,.i; '>71nona..;jHIniieaota. .- .,■;•' -> 

:;t;;sh'.' i/s^zwoiiF sjita)?.. ;.; 

l,;DefauU;havIiig-hebnTnude.'lB' tho pay- 
m«St-Mi the; Bj&.ofiThree-Huiidra Dol- 
laa (|8()(uioJ.-'%chi.Iii cUtaiad S^*i duS 
"'fcftj'°?."'a^ a*.'* ot;"^ notice upon 
fjeMW? Mort^gtMlnly; executed: and; de- 
nrecd'by. Peter It Wofnaiowakl and.Josle 
■ffilWJnarOwaa,^ wife ;Mbrtg»gora,' ti 
Ins'date the.6tfa day of Tune;.1020; and with 
a power.of sale! therieta- contained; -duly ror' 
,Sordcd In the Omeojor the- Beglater of 
lleedajln and for theJConnty,oC PenUlngfon 
;«ld;S(atitof mjiqeMtajDn-.the'jOth-day.ot 
^^ptembcj •1020- at ^i3tf;K>'clock A;' Mi In 
■'***™" On^-^|^;616- -. ' ' " 

_ jo)p'^lS-;tOf i Mo;..._„ ,,— & .uv 

r^,AJiiii3Vheraiait Thelwu^DSposIt BaUk-of 
^^Inonu; :the MoHju^andlBblder of aaTd- 

. ;Nolleeai|;4ienBy;%tnm! ;that detautt has 



'^Sf%i*H?i"'W»F8'«t"JB«nFot Bed 

tS" jJ?gP«L°'^'?5'f"»'C3W'.Ma record- 
at a^iil»ffiia;.Co»atlr3«inB«ota,-' on ;the 
AfJhCiMiMld^y.rij^ls: w- 6; Mort- 
m«£ .pi»;Bir MWb^; 01; •Jfe'Troeords 

5M»' ralI«,i,MlBn«lt Fred a«hl,-^hjr ;vnri^ 
.neorfle^lii; tna-ointe-pC^tlMjMui JSwatev ' 

Qix r/mge 'tifit. r' •''■■ -■^''>'--.'J;>'-— .-ir- "■ ' ^ ■-■.'■. 
vSu^;:4dkiiltrcdii«Urtii.^%i-:^'the'fSUIiir6- of 

lb^alt:^of riiabavueli .br tha teima of 

^^.WS'^'IW^ «<*me doe tttd-wyabto 

oa ot.OetolMr;imj TIiat-b7 

zeasoit .' of ^.nld'. . defknlt ' sal A - AottctW 

1 -to .decJUB . the enUn amoont' 

TOpwd^nKKiiL'.nld-jnottcagB- to 

, _ Itely -dnff: uaA'itasAU.- . , ' 

, Ttatttetftita «atlmed:to be dne-and pajr. 
abuiand' tben* la' novr dba and parable 
at tlie:^te.of*thta; iioUca mpn aald moit- 
8tt$e :aiia,iipon .the debt thoeby jKcnred, 
tbe'snm :iDf Tiro TbcTnaaiid Oiie Handled 
Twenty ;-aiidfno=MW....;.'..-(|2120.00) ' Dol- 
lan^.jwitb Intezeat theieon. at.the xatejof 
■lX'peE.^e6nt'ser-anntim finm the'lfith: day 
of L.Oetoben,.-XiB^' and^-no-aetlon^.'aT ptb-- 
cerflnjB-lat :iaw:.or.:otberwfi? :baB been 
^d or liistltatedtiaHrecoVer aald debt or 
any^^parti^UiMBot'' ■■:•.'■ '■ ■■-■j^.'. --' 

.|No^^.benb7.!.«Bhtaar RlTen tbat by 
▼Irtne of tbe ^ power of B^.In aatd mott-- 
i^tge .^contained"- and-, zeeorffed;' - theterrUh 
whfth -by waaoii) of :tbe> facta- aforesaid 
beav becbmo': opraatb^:%and;.''piiniiant '. to' 
tbe 'Statute.^ lb'- neb ciae'^niade 'and pro-' 
TidedJ^ tbe -Vaaid ^Inortgage'-^will- be focer 
^5«d;.'.jand tiie:.:l8fld>«nd ipBBi6iB*^aeB-^ 
eribed In and^jConzed- by-tald mortKuer 
'■'t'-witi. '■■■■■ ■': :-■.-.■.•-''■_•::;■ ■■- ■ -r ■ ■■ ' -^"^'^ 
.^^^ii^^^~ ^- Sontbireat : qnatter. 
jBHi aWKLotauyiyBiana flix (5 and 6) 
Sectton;^Slx;J8) Tpwnahip One .Hpndred 

Vmy:;twa ;(ltsi' -North 'BafigeVFarty '(40) 
■ of ;th«:Wfth.PrIiidpalJIeridlah,fOr 

AA**'.- -jaAn*i*tvaiwM ' 4AA-- ■ - - .".—._. f ^_ 


Coniity.,of Pennington; Wnte of MlnUeacittf 
to-wit; . .-.;';. ..,;;. ;;j.' ■;.;,:: ;.;-;'-,., .... 

/^e Sbna..east.aoartcB.(SB«);6if;8«ctioif 
te'S:;i^,V3^"'' *'>» ?undi^S-d' 
flfty-tbree (163),, Bangs forty-avti;f4«rwin; 
-^ J?'v '"'?; '^»* "«"'^'*'>''*>la^ cpnnty 1 at. 
public hnctlon-on; the ;Bightha*yotMna«r 
102f.;nt ten o'docfc AjjuS^t^iratS- 
or_the Xonrt ;Bonse 'ln:;tho-CIty rsf jTUif 
B|vcr FaUa.; In. jUd^kounty >and>.-ath|B.'^ 
iray- tte said ium ;an^ -Intcrert: Ihet^ *S' 
raid date of sale and the costs -and dls- 
bnrsementa of snch: loreclosuro and «il6; 
includlna an attorney's fee of Seventy^Bve 
(TO) Dollars, subject to redemption withta 
twelve montba.fromthe date'of sale. '^ 
Dated December 24thi 1023; ; ;:..:' 


W. H. t H. W; GUlitt, ■ i ?^f*'!VS^^}: 
Attorneys for Mortgaged, . . ^'^-'■^--■ 

Hastings, Minnesota. 

J-16-23-30-F-6-13-20-27 • ' 

Bank of Thief BIrec 
of Thief Bber Fins, 
gagee, to aecore :p8y] 
Three Thousand. DoUi 
terest' thereon at the r 
(6 per 'cent) per'auni 
terma , and .conditlonB 
lasory note,! due Deo 
said mortgage fully 
mortgage : was . dnly .„ 
office of the Beglauc 
Pennington County,!' 

her Mat, 1917 at l:io . „ ^^. 

recorded, ta said oIOceTta BooklU ointlor^' 
gages .on,,page;485w;;v^'-*'"'"''' ' ' 

together; with the di 
was thereafter by writ. 
November; lOlff di 
mortgagee- tb: Wmi.r 
Ulnnesota, 'whlchsald _ _ 

Sled In the offtee of said:B«g&teF'bf].D«iida 
on Sovemberie, lw3"aS5*^*S^'Si*S? 
m aaU office taBSBaJlof SSrtS^^ 
page a^ and wMch aal4 Wm. M^iSw^MSii 
of aald mortgage' '' 


^Default. having been made; In the. pay- 
ment of the sum of Four Hundred ForSV 

claimed, to be due and (*■ due at the date 
of thla notice upon a certain Mortgage dnly: 
executed and deUvered by Steffen Kllvir^ 
aon, unmarried, 'MortM:or,rto:C I,.'' .Han-' 
sen. Mortgagee, bearing 'date !tha 6th da^ 
.of .July, 1917, and with .a power of b& 
thereta contained, duly: recordod.vtoi'tho 
office of tho BeglBter;of,Deediriil'and.lor 
the County ofPennlngton. and' -State; "^ of 
JBunMota, on thO;l?th. day of ; July; .1«7,' 
at 1:00 o'clock;?. M.;tln Book 67 of Mbtt- 
PiSS' "njtaie-lMj.-Whldifaald-.Mortgago;: 
Waadnly asslKned 'by; saiaja"t.5Hansffl;: 

;Wlnona, Minliftan te- ; b; 
datedTtheaST^p- ' 

:Mor^ge;>hbs>du&;;^ected'and;do'M he^ 
:by|elect to, declare ;lhe:whole-prlncIpaI snm. 
Sl said (Mortgage dtie .»hd payable at'ihe 
.date 'Of th.l8 notice; under; the ''.terms' and 
coqdItlon8.;:df:saia;-M4rtgage and the power 
ot.isale therein; contained;:;. and '.'whereas 
therens actuallyLdne and' 'claimed 'to', he due 
|ind-p|iyilbIo at iho date "of thli notice: the 
anm;;oI.:Two :;.Tho'uaand': .Nlne'.^nua-red 
^wpnty-, Dollars, (I2,927;'I6),: 
which .Isold ! amo'rint;;lihcltideB- .the.':an'm':--of 
One '.Huhdred.;.:seventeeii';.aud '48-100- Dol-- 
!ara,:(J117,«) i)kld.iBy;Depoait Bahki.ot 
■Winona... to, the^Coonty. Treaaurer';or;Pen- 
-ntagten. .County. | on- the-20th 'day of March,' 
1923,: for taxe8;for.the;year;i92ir]jicluditiK 
:peualty,.)fud.;intbreBt,.; asttinstf>the- ;mirt- 
oi!^s»14?paymBut;fipm the SOth-day.vbf 
laat'.mentioned7int^eet'amAuatatt<f the'4iUtt 

'oiKnratlve;-ana'no actuh. or.'prbcoeaiog.;lttr: 
lag beeulnitituliedj all Iaw;:or.othenriae,-to 
lecoTfrlthe jebt said Moftgage,' 
or. any :part;th'ere»f :.;..;-.." '.; ;","^:^-- ■ 
-.NOw,-iTherefdife;:NolIc<>-Ia-H«reby 'Cjlv- 
' "vThat,;by:.;virtue >^: the ;po'Wer. oj sale 

hOnnaaotai, ebutaliiing,: IM: acres; more' or 
Jam, accor^inc to. me Bovommeet Survey 
tSSreof,.;;.;, ,;'-'. .;^..: :.;;"-,."'-.;■ ;-- : - : 
/-wm-lpo'-sola-iat sublltf -auction to ;tho 
higkeat ; Iddaer thanfocf ibr: a*h- by the 
sherur.of :JPehhtagton Cotmty, -Mlnnesotir. 
to. satisfy .and. pay the debt-wblch win 
then be;'dne attd;paymble''on':the note ae- 
qured^hjCsaia mortnga,together,^with the 
Bnm.of;;nOQL.OO.a8 atterneys feea and the 
eoate ihnir.expensea.. of- these tOreelosure 
proceedtaga;;U aUbwed by law.' .' 
-'.Tbei-sala-sa]e.w11i:be inade:,at the front 
do'oif;of tbe..'Coiirt;;House in: the' City of 
Thief fBiver'..F8lIa,:-Connty' of ' Pennington. 
Stete' o£''Minttesotft,>at the 'hour- of ten 
■o'cIock^A. -Mi on.. Saturday the '23rd day 
of .February, -1924. ; . .-. 
Dated ;Deceinber '17,1928.'. .' 

:f;: :: ■ FBBD.GBHI,, . 

.1;:.;-:'.;. .. Asalghee of Mortgage, 
;:':,.; ■•- . los Angeles. CaL ' 

. .Attorney lor Assignee?^ v., " 
; International; Falls;; l^nn.- '.. 
-;:*'-<"; I2-9-16^*l-F-jS .: 

; Commn^eaUmk 
:9S^^;iBiiiLlSlid;.3bmnidayi ]. 

T^Diing Pine Lodge No. '221 

:TatediiF ^g]if at B-qo. 


of LdooiUptilTe: 


m lt.'t:0!O; F.-:] 


;B^;.Obniiii C^ie^atoii : 
En^il <rf - :j: 
|e:BaiIe)!rA]tfdIw&. : : 
Seconll Semester Starts Jaii. 28.' 
.. .,; l;T6t a26.or.496. : , T 
Stodifi 615 LaBree , Avaine _N;; 


:M'*»«f ; 

panrts', awl:** 
Laud.dflice' ] 
Heqina BaJUiiir 


■^: i«wywr. ;'; 

dttaeu Staia auk i«^t 

Offlca M. n««Mf ~»f) ui 

Biw FUIa^ Hba. ] 

ltr.3.T.Boweia i 

fecial AttoititBi io Surgery mi- 

: 'tke ilNseaaes oTWonun and '■ 
! ■'; i'^:' .'OitUren. 
OfSees: f&st National Ba^ Bl^. 

-J21 ' J' ": "Hiones: - : i 

Office m. 

'Sd'nthwest': Qnai 
PIfteeni (I6)rln^ 
FlOyitwo- .{16S);F 
State" ot Htanesob 
and; appurtehanei 
made by the;r- 

•^'-.w, :lMv 'an'd^-rt* 

^anvs'clock ;4;r m.; ; Ja^BoSklSrroMlorl-: 
■a»e«;:op.;nate \mt\ Stittimmhi&m 
or about -iogust uti^ir^i^^^^-Sg^y'i 
Incorpontlaa otsaifbsi 
5?*:>^»>?»?lwn duly; aiitodrt aiid"3iiit 

'othi — ■'-' - ' 

contained inisaia. Mortgage, aua pursuant 
to 'the statute Inl sncUfcase' uiade'and pin-' 
:v!ded,;ae;sxId.Uortg^ge wffl b« foreclosed 
by a.saTe:of;theJpremlsas-''de8Cribed.;in and 
con veyedby ^salrf M"ortgage,;via::.; ;'. .;-;:. 

-" ' '■-^-ter;3sm4),.of JSectlon 

'ownahlp. :One ■ ' Hundred 
NOrih,;-'of:,Bange; Forty 
'ennlhgtbn;.^ County; : and. 
'' .with. the- heredltaiqenta 
'' : ~hlch ; sale . , , win . ; hb; 

, r .ot'said-iPemUngtbtt 

Couhty;;at; the- front ffoor: of i-therCOutt 
Housclln the ; C)ty . of iThjef Slver JaDs, 
ta aald [County and Sfat^- on: the;2gtS.'daj' 
of ;Febthary,: 1024.- at two so'doek.-*.; Hi of 
that .aay,.;at; pnbUe.^T4ndue .to; thelilghekt 
bidden; fox, caah,lto>;ulir.tlienId;debt;roy 
Two, Thousfind ;NIne pHundr5a-.iTwanB" 
ie!ren;ahd':ill'loofD6nar«t;(»2,92T.7l»;; ani 
.nretUjeft and. SeientyrllM Dollars ■(PB.OO) 
AtUmey's;Iees; ia ;atlpulated;-lurand by 
said : Mdrtga^ iii:'<aisg^of;forecIosu«s;and 
leet; to reaemptioli;ar'any:,;tIme:wlthtaione 
^c tom;;tl«;to_:<rtSiie iu(;^ 

Dated, Tunb;:«hi igzi] 
....... pjjpi 

-r. — T---, — ..-;'of-;-winona;: 

Si: iV'A^:>^]Ff'--iiV^^^';VaittuSi:,^ 2m--oirjTiftiThouaaiia.^(»aWM)0):;i)biia 
l«mberion,:I&girio45*;MirpKei?K -v.i wlJ5;ft''»»*;th«i«»-ttoni tliaie^^^ 

., A4torneys'4fi>r:ra[ortB 

i;.:^'^tCorii-- 8rd(' * '43«if 

iwHa, ; !■ i,inrsoi«. ,.;,.-':; -'■ 

Notloo,;of-.M6rtC8afr;ForeeIasnre' Sale. -. 

Default: baving;;been made m the con- 
ditions 'of ; that certain, mortgage' cbntalnlng 
a. Power of ; Sale.' bjr' reasbn of whlch-de-: 
fault .'aaldi Power' of Sale; has become .op- 
eratiyei'.'and the Aaslguee-Qf the; Mortgagee, 
beielnafter' named; la^anthorlsed to declare 
the whole :8'ttm';:dae;';;aQd;,:be' hereby does: 
declare' -'aald 'snm^'doo; 'whfch;"mortga-ge 
wa£^-e^ecnted ;by.;£me6t:;-B;: Peterson: and: 
Bertha .Pctei-aon; his wife. Mortgagors .to 
.MerchanlB ;State;.Banh qt-Bod Ijake FaUa, 
a'-icorporatlon; .c)rpateil-:umU'r '--the ;.huvB ' of 
they State -of 'Mi'nn™om;-..Mortpairco; 'dated 
Apm«,.;A;-D_l02tf,nnil record ja In the 
oftlce.of--tlic Reiriari-r.iif'Deedai'.of.Tcniilng-- 
ton;;Countr;:MlnilP3jta;,0!i-the;lSrh;doy t>t 
'April ^;B.;,;I!iarj.vol -;!r' o'dwii^A..: JI„. in 
BooIclE-ut^lsOttt'asW-Ai'n."!iSKc':»)7r'- : " 
;siTChia^saia»rai)rtga|!BifiiB«a^i'ftIth the 
debt . ;8ecQred;; thereby,; -.Vo'i^ ;difli3^:'as8Igneil ; 


L^ke. Falls, ;M!iittesota^v Mortgagee '-to- 1)0-' i 
posit; -Bank, of WInoha;;Wln'oha;;MlnuCacite ' 
by;'wrlttefi;a8slgnmettt dated May' lO.-'-A. !>.;' 
1920,' .aUd/xeeorded 'In the. 'office;, of tho 
Beglater of Deeds of FennlngtonvConnty, 
Minnesote.^on May IS, 192a,iat' 8 o'clock 
A. M.;. Jn;:Book (I^-df..HOrtgaga.;bn page 
2]2,;;and'.whIcbTaaId' .'mortgage' 'together 
with; the:;debt. secured, thereby;- was duly 
assigned' by,'sald Deposit Bank of Wtaona,' 
Wtaona,- .Minneabti^ to-" Bobert'. B.- - Henry 
by.'wrltteh-;aBslgiiment'dated-'May 19,' 1920, 
hud re<!ordea;in.'the;office;of:the-&egiBter' 
ofrDeeda; ot;Penningtott County, Miuneabta : 
On,'' the'',28t^ , day.'bf -'No'vember, '1928, ;.'at 
l;o'ch^^..;»C,:ia!BOok,B('bf Mortgages, on 

paga:.600r-'-r --..J5'.';'-;-:'!-;' '■'■-^~-- 

.i^a-whereaa, the said "Eohot Bj .HeilKy, 
the ;aa*lgnee, fnd- holder, 6riiaia;^mortage; 
ou ".Qecember I4th,v 1923 V Cpaid; deltaauent 
taxe8^upbn:.the:'nior^ged'.:pro'pezty- here^ 
inafttr,ae8i!rtbea:lir-the'Snm 'of One'EuB- 
dred' .'Ninety-eight.-^, .and ' ; ' 07-100; '(ti9aim 
Dollars ; ana .whereasw ; the said Bobart^B. 

=■ ltha;:andgne(i~aha hojderof- aald 

,^ , - ie..1>*a;auly;'oI«ictea:'eBa abes'hete- 
by 'elect; to:, declare. the. whole- principal 
•M?„;'>S'*^a.i mortgage ;:due iSBd .payable 
at the'data'.ot.thls'n^tis, imaw the terms 
Mdiiwudlltona W;saI4^mbrt«aie:'"ana; the 
fcmf-bt Sale;, tbnela ',-eontalnM: ' ana 
wharew^:tl>)n;ll aetnanz/due ana elalmed 
*<!-*« Jn£a,vttb;-,dat»;.oE'lhIiio''tlce the 
I2S".?^?^™?'""'*1<'''*'MW) 'Dollars 
wlth^lBtoe* theieBa'-tioni thaietS-jaT, S 
April,: l™,; at iOU^ratoCbfislx pn^eoit 


401i to 405 Knight Ave. N. '^'' 
TPhief Ever Palls. lEnn. ; 
' , ; Phones: 
^Hospital * Office, 35(). Ees., 48?-J 

Ai W. Siredenbarg, Ph. G,- JL D.- 
Phyddan and; Snrgeon.- 


attmtion Ear, Eye, U(Ke 

md Throat and Fitting of Glasses. 


Snpt. EOsgittal and ^Anaesthetics. 


> j**« j| ltll iMf l i i ir i Vt |r 

' " ■ ' - "- ;;;::..- i; i. 


; "' > PRVO. Fv MELLBY i 
■ ;^e,' ESr, -Nose and 'Diroat J 

- pt h;;w. raomucH s 

' . 3injg«Sy md Qbstetilcs > 

-;:";";OEFteE,^':.%^; 1: 
atiadNS BANK BiatlMM 

perjumunti, aiia .■«rharwa,;ae. aata Power 
or pneeed&n harlniVbeen - liistltutea: at 
Iai^;or^lhttwIie,' to.i^^- tbaSaebtee- 



WT«.itw'!t*r:'*tu»'ot.the^P(rw5 ot gale 





— amdijsdbbtA 


EAGEtifc- TV 



Figures Show Conclusively 
That Much Valuable 
Work Has Been Done. ^ 

Serves as Central Clearing 
Agency For Many Neigh- 
borhood Activities.' 

lio doubt had ft lot ti do -with placing 
him in this hafcpy state of mind. 

Last -week ^hlle at Salol, he chanc- 
ed to overhear a remarK abodt a cer- 
tain widow in that village who was 
said to be in! very diilicolt financial 
straits. This widow, Mrs; Anna Bur- 
strom, lost her husfjand Jnan^ auto- 
mobile accident on July 12, last sum- 
mer. Mr. Bpratroin had earned a 
policy for ?1,B00 in the company rep- 
resented by Mr; Dudley but had al- 
lowed it to lapse suveral; montljB be- 
fore his death and no effort had been 
made to collect the insurance, as the 
beneficiaries were ^ot aware that it 
contained an [extension clause. 
Mr. Dudley, startefi an~ihvestigation 

. Just at the present time, when the 
advisability of re-engaging the county\ 
agent and continuing agricultural ex- 
tension work for another year m Penn- 
iuitori county is under discusaon, ihe 
Tribune feels that attention should be 
called to^a few of thethmgs which 
actually have been accompUshed 
through the office of County Agent 
J. J. McCann during the time he has 
been in charge. The following list is 
by no means complete but shoidd 
serve to show the importance of the 

Experiments carried on have proved 
a lack of phosphates in Penmngton 
county soU. Over tiventy carlyads of 
this fertilizer have since been brought 
into the county, with gratifymg re- 

Largely through the efforts of the 
county agent has Pennington county 
been brought into the limehght as the 
natural home of alfalfa aud sweet 
clover, and the acreage of these crops 
has increased by leaps and bounds 
during the past five years. 

The county agent has been instru- 
mental in bringing about the growing 
of sugar beets here on a large scale, 
being actively in charge of the crop 
eacli year. 

The task of conducting potato cam- 
paigns and signing up 1400 acres of 
potatoes in the Marketing association 
was accomplished largely through the 
county agent. , ■, .. ^i, 

Nearly six thousand head of cattle 
have been tested for tuberculosis in 
the county during the past few years. 
The dread disease, blackleg, has 
been checked in Pennington county 

Poultry schools have been conduct- 
ed and 6,000 birds culled during the 
past year. 

The county agent took the leading 
part in putting across the crops and 
-poultrj' show here in December, and 
the poultry shows held each year here- 

Forty thousand pounds of wool have 
been marketed . through the county 
agent's office. The wool this year 
brought 16 cents above local mai'ket 
prices. ^ . ., 

The county agent is secretary of the 
county fair association and of the 
Thief River Falls Commercial club, 
and has done valuable work for both. 
Nearly 200 boys and girls have 
been enrolled in boys' and girls' dairy 
calf, poultry, sheep and bread clubs. 
Nine of these workers have received 
free trips to the state fair and one to 
Chicago. Next year 15 will be sent 
to the state fair and one to Chicago. 

More than a hundred farmers have 
been assisted in keeping account 
books. • • . . 

Nearly tivelve hundred farm visits 
have been made. 

More than ten thousand people have 
called at the office on business rela- 
tive to county agent woirk. 

Over eight thousand telephone calls 
have been answered at the office. 

ment of the full anfount of the. policy. 
Frank says it isn't often he is given 
an opportunity' liki this to demon- 
strate the value o: life-insurance in 
general and' particulariy the good 
points of policies issued; by the com- 
pany he represent j. 

Farehtlteajchers Mieeting 
Mon^jyiive is important 
to M Patrons of School 

The next nieetihg of the Parent- 
'Teaohera association will be held at 
I •. - the high icbool auditorium next Mon- 

Tight Contest With Argyle day everdng^^an^ary.^^^^^^^ 

children in the schools or who is oth- 

Friday Mght Ends in 
Uncpln's Favor. 

The third disijrict basketball game 

, ^ . ^. u„„h-™ of the season has come and gone, with 

Mr. Dudley startefi an mvesUgation, r RiverTFalls. boys again 'the 

located the P»I"=y,?5d, f"™**^?'*/ i victors. ' This; time the score was; 19 
extension clause Md kept the '"i"'-^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ ,^^ ^j ^.^^ ^^■^^. ^-^^ 

ance in force up t() the time of ""^"tgcoj^ wa9-13 :t0i^2 in favor, of the 
Strom's death. , P^ ^"""'"Sly sun- : , g.^)^ ; ^^^ Argyle commenced 

mittedproof of death and the compimyi^"'" h^» i„j f„ a time > the 
immediately i arranged for the pay- ..'■".K?V-,/..c ».. .,!„„ «,o -XT,) 


latter half of the play the outcome 
was doubtfuL N. Nelson was the in- 
dividual star of the evening ^'d in 
the last four njlnutes of play, made 
a number of points for Argyle. 

On the Lincohi quint, Parentcau 
made the first two field goals and his 
clever foot work and passing, together 
with his aggressiveness are putting 
him rapidly in the front. Sether also 
was much better than ever .before. 
Olson made his first appearance on 
the floor in this! gafte and played very 
well. The stellar guarding of Math 
Barren prevented Argyle from i re- 

Annex Abundance of Rib- 
bons and Prizes at Bem- 
idji poultry Show. 

iraiPNEBDAY, JANUARY j»; 1924. 

erwise interested is urged to attend. 
This is a social affair, aiid in addition 

very dttraclive. program has Been 
prepared Several Special amuse- 
ment features' also will be offered. 

Following ig the program in detail: 
Music b^ the Boys' Glee club; reading 
by Miss Dordthx Swedenburgj vocal 
sold by Dr. J J N. Nesse, a talk by J. 
S. Arnesoh, and Jimusement features 


Editor Censures Politicians 
Wh(9 Make Bankruptcy 
IStock in Trade. ' 

same attitude and concede bankruptcy, 
how many of yott would be able to dis- 
pose of your plants at any price? It 
is 4o with the farmer. Our land is 
bought largly by men from Iowa and , 
niihois,. When thfese prospective buy- 
ers daily read howls for relief for the - 
northwestern f afiner in the Washing- - 
ton' dispatches, what is their conclu- 
sion? That Minnesota was a good 
place to buy lands? They say that 
they had better keep out and -locate 
somewhere else." 

by Morris Bye. , ,. i,. 

Hefre^ments will be served at the 
close. Mrs. J.iH. Hermanson IS diaii- 
man of the refreshment committee. 

Elks Plan Dipner-Dance 
for Next Friday Evening 

Bad ^vertising has brought; de- 
pression to the northwest; therefore, 
it logically follows that good adver- 
tising is necessary to restore lost con- 
fidence and better times, W. E. Verity, 
former president of the Minnesota! 
Editorial association and publisher of 
the Wadena Pioneer Journal, declared 
in an address before' the annual meetJ 
ihg of the North Dakota Press associ- 
ation last ^eek. 

Famers & Merchants Bank 
Retains Former Officials 

That "bad times" merely exist in 


A meeting was seldby the stock- 
holders of the, Farmers and Merchants 
Stilte bank of TMet River Falls on 
January 15, and the followmg dirert- 
ore were elected; . R. McGuin, -Herb- 
ert Fuller,' John Cronkhite, John Mor- 
gan, Waldie Christianson, F. E. Mc- 
Gmn, Andy. Anderson, 'Albert Lonson, 
arid Louis fiieCremer. 

The 'Thief River Falls lodge Of Elks 
is arn^ging for- a dmner and dance 
to be given oh Friday evening at the 
club rooms. Dinner will be served at 
7 o'clock, to be followed by dancing 
for theireniaihder of the evening.-This 

.--- =- is the first of la series ofsbcial affaire 

Barren prevented .Argyle »»?»:.«: during Ithe winter months and the of- 
ceiving many -of tte g"od fhots they L^^'^^j the | lodge are very anxious 
might otherwise have secured. W ^ ^ ^^^^^^ through the 

course, Arthur Penney is always d*: r;„ou3 attendance of members of 
pended upon for star plays .an^ IS^"""?^ '"■"r" 

ycuucu up«.i *«. r — . - • 

everyone xknows he is always there 

with the goods at the right moment, 

Coach A. Thurie also should be pven 

credit for his |work with the boys. 

; -^ Seeming to take advantage of.-the 

Just to prove to other sections of very weakest joint in the mdteup of 

the^tete ttat jPemiington county the team-theifact that the boys are 

^ly hlsSmetfing in tte way of lighter in ^e^^Xf^g*' *»V tta^ 

Tmultrv, a number of local breeders any other basketb^team ,m this 

fifwekserediibitsito the poultry „eighborhood-tMr. Thune has devel- 

show held it bSmjI. :And the num- oped their fodtwork to such a point 

be? of priies tH boya brought back that they are opponents to be very 

with them is most gratifying. much dreaded. ^__ 

Messrs. L. A. Westphal, Olaf Neset, Elmer Tandberg made a very efH- 
C D Gusteftin and H.'l. Schuster ' cient referee for the evemng. 
composed a delegation which visited j The lineup was as follows: 
the show -on Friday and all of them ; ^gyie 
had previously sent birds there for 35^33^ 
exhibition purposes; These men state Q^ullet 
that the Bemidji show was a very sue- jg jjelson 
iessful affair, with a large number of Qjgg„ 
high class! entries, nearly 400 birds j^ Nelson 
being shoyn. TTie attendance and j^gj^ Goals 
interest alBo were all that could be 
asked for 

5ie order 



Lincoln High 



' Sether 

. Barien. 


Following is a 
secured by the 
entries: 1 

L. A. Westphal with 

Paranteau, 2; ftniiey 

2; Sether, 2;'iBarzen, 1. 

.■ Fouls: Peilney, 2; Sether,. 1 
list of the winnings zen, 1; and Olson, 1. 
Pennington county 

u. ii.". "■— his White 
Wyandottes received :4th pullet, 1st 
and Bth cockerel, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 
4th hen, 1st and 2nd cock. Besides ; 
this he was awarded championship j 
pen, a prize for|the best bird in the . 
show, and one for the best Wyan- ! 
dotte peri. In the UtiUty class he 
took 1st on cockerel, 1st and 2nd hen, ExCltmg 

1st young pen arid 1st old pen. His - 

White Holland turkey tom won firet , 
prize, and with his Toulouse geese he . 
won 3rd 'cock arid 2rid hen. j 

Olaf Neset, with his Rhode Island 
Reds, made the usual excellent show- . 
ing. He; was awardred 1st, 2nd and -, ,„_;„„ 
3rd hen; list, 2n4, 3rd and 4th pullet; tZsil^l 
1st and :2nd cock; 1st, 2nd and 3rd °=^= ""^"^ 


^citing incident Poring 
Fihning of Jack Hojt's 
"Nobbdy's Money.'' ' 

isr ana isnu eucii; iat, ^uu on" ".« ranks of a 
cockerel;:iBt, 2nd and a special on pen, ^^ ^ 

nnH a nrize for the best display m the ."■".^ ,„„., 

A mad monkey, chattering ^dly 
about with fangs'- -and 
tlirew havoc 

Twoi Championship 

Games Played on Strange 
Floors Fought Next Week 

Next Friday night and Saturday 
night, I the Lincoln basketball quint 
will play the! first two district games 
on strange floors. On Friday the team 
plays with Fosston's team in Fosston 
and on Saturday night in Mcintosh. 
Both the Mcintosh and Fosston teams 
are known to be good, stiff players 
and the fact) that iiiey are to be met 
on their hoirie floors means that the 
local basketball team will have an 
extra hard battle to fight. However, 
the Lincoln 'boys have been so con- 
sistent in scoring, that everyone is ^ 
sure they will do their very best to ' 
bring horiiei the bacon; especifflly so 
smce these are district games and 
mean so much in winning the district 

Those who will most likely make 
the- Fosston-Mclntosh trip are: 
Paranteau, Penney, Sether, Sorenson, 
Olsori, Mulry and Bennes. The boys 
will play the same positions held m 
the last game. . ' 

Legion Acts as Host to 
Couiicil Thursday Night 

mmander Oscar Smith of the 
locaJ post of the American Legion, an- 
nounces that a particuarly important 
meeting of the post ha? been arranged 
for hext Thursday evening. The ses- 

the imagination of some persons wai 
also asserted by Mr. Verity, who; made 
a plea with the editors to organize 
"booster clubs" and to make i"yoi^ 
newspapers cheerful, dwellmg al- 
ways upon the prosperity of the com- 
munity." I 
"North Dakota, as well. as Minne- 
sota, has been indulging in an econo- 
mic orgy," Mr. Verity asserted; in at- 
tacking so called political demagogues 
who, he said, were largly responsible 
for such an economic condition. 1 

"Tliis economic orgy has been delib- 
eratay promoted by" political dema- 
gogues who succeeded in inducing vent- 
ers to place them in positions of au- 
thority," he said. "Their stock m 
trade was advertising your state and 
people as bankrupt. They shouted 
this so lustily that many well-to-flo | 
people everi fell for it. Men woijthj 
many thousands -of dollars allon^ed 
themselves to jom the movement mo- 
tivated by the slippery tongues which 
continually dealt with deceit, resulting 
finally in the triumph of the selfldi 
rogues who simply were out for plund- 

"Now, if the editors woVld adopt the 

On Friday the directors held si meet- 
ing and elected the following oSacera 
for the coming year: "B. McGinn, 
president; Herbert Fuller, vice-presi- 
dent; Albert Eorisbn, cashier; Gregory 
Werstlem, teller; and Sybil McGinn, 
bookkeeper and stenographer. This 
is' the same efficient Set ofofii cers 
which has beeri in charge of affairs 
afthe bank for the past several years. 

Mrs. Olson Dies. 
Mrs. Marius Olson of Brockton, 
Mont., died yesterday at the home of 
her son, J. C. Olson, on Atlantic 
avenue. The funeral -mil be held Va- 
day afternoon at 2:00 o'clock, services 
to be conducted at the Zion Lutlieran 
church. Obituary will appear next, 
week. ' - 

Ten Big Cakes of Ice 
DeUvered for §1.00./ 

CaU 618 or 244-R for 


♦ 4 M « . «»» ^ 44> MMfnM * M| tt *»>> « " ' ■■. 




at '' 

The ifrincess 


t With a Superb Cast, Gaston Glass,' Miriam Cooper : : 

arid Stuart Hohnes 

A Story of YoungtBlood, American Dollars 

arid French Folly. 

Pathe Review— Pathe Comedy 

will be called to order promptly ■ ; 
o'clock,; when all business mat- . . 

ranks of about 100 motioh 

and a prize for the best display in the ■j£;^^^ -yygjt 

°'c^'D.;GustJson with his Barred ^g^*"^ 
Plymouth Eock^ fared very well, fle 1^^^° " 

was given the prize for best display, ^^'^^ j^ wihiesses, tiie mon- 
the largest display and for biris com- ^.^""f^l^ted on a hamster of a 
mg tiie longest; d^^tence . He ^so ^|f ^^ SV"Nobody's-M6ney,» 
won 1st 2nd and 3rd cockerel; Srd """V,""^" '^ nirturs Btarrine Jack 
and 5th,pullet,i2ndihen and 1st and |„ft^S Ju 'gTof^Sif at a^ 
2nd pen.. „' 1 , ,, ,. , „ •, princess theatre riext Friday and Sat- 
H.. L.tSdiuster had on display ax ^Sf A Woman, in evening dress 
of his ;Wl"te 1 Leghon^ and was XyriUi\m feathers in he? hair, 

nn^n^^inlfofqCW Shorn to- s^od =■> tl^' the feathers waved di- 
.,« „.„. „..„.....„ old pen, and for S. C- W. Leghorn dls ^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^ monkey's eyes. 

Over one hundred meetings have play, j ,. ^ ^t. . .^ „..<. The simian Igrasped a handful of the 

been held under the auspices of the | The local men state that they were XnSn? fefthere The woman, see- 
county agent's office, «-ith a total at-, royally jtreated at jBemidji and feel ^^^^S^S beiS|ftS^ed, 
tendance of neariy five thousand. well repaid for the, time and trouble » . feonkev It fell from the 

The above list should serne as an [required in placing their birds on ex- J^fS^i"!^^^ " " 

effective silencer to those who mal- ihlbitionlat the ;Beltrami county show. oa^^« ^^^j^ ^^^ g^^^^ ^^^ monkey 
iciously or through ignorance persist | \ ; ] 'uttered several sharp cries and jump- 

in spreading the falsehood that the ,p; WitheSS Relates Other ed wUdly about. Frightened, several 
county agent and his office have been jj. , r „ ' , , _., .. „„_,„ „„ Iho Kot screamed and ran 

of no bene fit to Pennington county. Side- Of Holdup Narrative 7„n>"er?i^ch evide^ sca^ £d 

MacLean Supporting Cast ' - ^ . "— ^ . „_,_„'-«eredti.f, animal. - 

^"^'^ tUriqSgatSntion will be rush- , - 

ioh rict^ ^^^ugrf Jifeg o'clock the big feed ; ; 

,oh,, -^u^_ -o|-^e*eriing-is scheduled to begui, X 

with the. members of the city council 

ictresses- at -'.the .\Para 
Coast studios rwhen-it es- 
its owner arid ftrew 'an 
on one of the' big studio 

ouB=i=.. ..«= »".."— Scrcamiiig and 

laujjcaii uui*!*""^ •-»...& -..^"ov | Concerning ithe -August Carlson chattering, | the monkey ran toward 

Pntitnine P1avpr« of Nnfp holdup at Roseiyood, mentioned in The a nearby actress, who fainted and was 

v^uuiaiiis i mjrcio ux J.1M1.C jTribun^ last week,; a young man who dragged off the set by an actor stand- 

■" iTribune last w-eek,; a young man who dragged off the set by an actor stana- 

'~~ claims to have seen the whole per-, ing nearhyj Wanda Hawley, leading 

An excdlent cast of well-known ■ formance, gives the following decid- woman in '[Nobody's Money," was the 

players will appear in support of cdly different story from the one re- next person to attract the enraged 

Douglas MaiLsan in "Going Up," his ■ ported iby Mr.; Carlson: > animal's attention, and he started 

initial Associated Exhibitors picture . — - - ' ; - .._.... 

as guests of honor. " _. , 

Simmander Smith requests that 
every member of the Legion both old 
buddies arid those who joined in the 
drive now; on, make a special effort 
to fie present at the meeting Thurs- 
day evening. ^ 

'^uare Deal Grocery ,& 
Meat Market" Opens for 
I Business on LaBree Ave. 

A new 'grocery and butcher shop 
called thei "Square Deal Grocery and 
Meat Market," is open for busmess 
onl LaBree avenue, occupying the 
building formerly used as a soft dnnk 
pairlor winch stands just north of 
Newell'a drug store. Thomas and 
Christ Rdgney, who are well known 
to] all jtho'se who have lived in this 
section of the country for some time, 
are at the head of the business. Thom- 
as Rogney has been chosen as manag- 
er of the! place and is uhpacking the 
supplies for the grocery end of the 
business, i B. D. Chapman has been 
hired as the butcher and this end of 
the business will be the feature of tte 


I JackHplt 
I — ^in — 

A SparklingiRoekling Comedy that You 
Simply Must See. 

— and — 
George ©"Hara 
, : — ^in — 

of Fighting Blood, by H. C. Witwer. 
- Matinee Saturday at 2:30 



Douglas MacLean 

irted iby Mr.; Carlson: . animal's attention, and _he .started . ^^ ^ ^.^ jj^^^ ^j groceries will 

miuai j^»oi,t,ui.=u ia.-....u.„u.o ^'"--» | This i young ! mari says the trouble across the floor for her. ByqmcKwit, ^,'„ i. j-imdled. 
v.'c tiie Fnncess theatre next Sunday jgtarteJ^ ^ restaurant, where Carlson Miss Hawley dodged through an open ai,so ue^-^J^ ^__ ^^^ ,„ j^,„ ^-„„i. 

Sild Monday. ^ 'Hiqnlnv ' ' -■" "" '-^ J-«.. «l«o!«ni if iiiot in Hmti tn avoid 

.i-k1 Monday. - > , I displayed a number of .38 caUbre door, dosmg it just m time to avoid 
^.,Ir. MacLcan portrays the role of ^^^jg^ ^(^ ^ accompaniment of possible injury. ^ 
Robert Street, a young author who, gjj^^?,^^^ g^^^ ^j jjjg nien ' The monkey was flnaUy captured 
very. much against his will, is forced j^^'-^^j j^^^^ ^^^^ j^ 4^^^ 41,5 „j,e„ jack Holt, ai*d by three pro- 
to fly a high powered airElaM m a,^^^j„gg ^ f„^ ^im and in party men threw a blanket over its 
race against a daring Frendi ace. ^^^ ^^ f„^j jj necessary to go into head and tied the four corners to- 
•Maijoi-.o Daw IS the girl m the cast. ^*^^j5 Thatj?6 or any other sum gether. After a few minutes, _.tte 
Francis McDonald as Jules Gaillard, „j mbaeyvias taten in the proceed- animal's anger disappeared, and the 
p. fEi-,ious French flier m real hfe as ; j^ (strongly denied, and it. is scenes wrere coitoiued, , alth»n^ 
yc;l as m "ree" circles, is the nval claimed that witriesses can be produc- Director Wallace Worsley took good 
foi.-. tiie young lady s affections. Hal- ^ ^^ j^^^ just what took place and care that hone of the achresses wear. 
- la-n Cr^olcy 13 said to give the best ,^^ i^^j j^^^g ,.,,3 j^se stands for feathers in their hair dress. 
chi;raclerization of his career as Hop- the present ' I 1 

..i.m.-,cn Brown, Street's bosom friend, .^^ i_ — | jSoldiers' Naturalization 

' v.-.'io.-o glib tongue gets the young au- y p^,> p,„.. I |o«iui= , 

ihov into as many embarassmg and *• «^-cici.t.M yiiii,iaiB» 
li;:inorous situations. Hughie Mack, j Inactive' f Or Shon 

.one of the screen's best bnown heavy- 1 j ; ^___^^^_^ Aaoipa xjiuiuiu,,. «* ..»».-, «— 

S^Ksonra^'Si^lSSu^rS^, On k^ay, evi^iir^ "t^^*^ ff S&^ ^tJ^^.^^I^'^^ 

:?ohr'il^^ngf1^i?L?'^l^lSl; ^1 |»JS^^^ 

wade Bo%r.fwi«iamLangdon and. eleced ^ --«.^8_«'e^S gS^ S: WM^'undrfirproXn 

also be handled. . . 

|Mr. Bogney has been m this busi 
ness at Eingbo for a number of yrars. 
He intends to handle meats and other 
products that can be bought from the 
farmers in this vicinity to a very great 

• ; FOR BENT.. 
Five room strictly modem house for 
rent, 824!LaBree Ave. N. Ihqu^e Mrs. 
E F. Ohin, 422 LaBree Ave. N. 46 

PrivUedges Discontinued 

AdolphlEklund, clerk of coiirt, has 

Yes, son, the parson does 
goodness' sake. 

it for 

■JVJervyn' LeEoy complete the cast. 

Salol Lady Gets Present 
of $1,500 Through Facts 
Discovered by Local Man 

Contrary to the belief held by mwiy, 
agents are sometimes of ju'te a-hu- 
mansort. Particularly is this^true of 
life insurance agents, of which brand 
F J Dudley; of this oty,, is a fair 

year: ! C. D. GurtafsSn, £re^identl M^ch 3;|l924. Under.tiie provision 
Rev. Oharies Gerlinger, vice president; 'of this act h™°™*^^*.»'?J^th„ut 
and Hi E. Nelsori, secretary-treasurer, diera could be natiiraliied ^^iVaom 
BecaSe the fmids of the club are at coriiplying with many of the usual re- 
the nioment unavailable, no definite qmrementa such as d=''«at'°» °' " 
program was made out for the coming tenbon P""^ »' Ave Y^ «««"^ 
?ear ! However.^ a committee was el- payment] of $4 00 filing fee, ninety 
S conSS' of 0: RsSde, Rev days wait from date of filing petition 
SiBe?^ aarencelPone, which to date of final hearing. After March 
S^coS'siSedte WKk but plLns*nd 8- 1924, all of these requirements 
a prd^rfor ^rSs ^rtivities must be wmplled with Thip>f ora any 
whentUiragain: re-opened to the.b»/s honorably discharged soldrer wh6 has 
r„^ innno- InS ot the city. li IS not yet become naturalized and wishes 

hoped'Ta! tbi^r^opeSn?'«l.'be - t^t^^ J^r^'^Sffr %" hb™ e" d™e 
i"f "-_- .e.,1..-;. ■■While' the club is act must do so before the hbove date 

pvamnle." Frank has, lor several u»..=, r--j i future 'While' the club is act must ao so oeiore uie uu.,..; «j..v 
|l«le>cident r^atrf b^^M^^ Court Ekiord. v.^1-. ...^. ^^ 


\i Supp6rting cast includes Marjone Daw. H fl^g 
* interferes with your love-making, swear off flying. 
A whizzing, whopper of a screei), comedy-Sky rock- 
ing ro^ of fun] Better than the "Hottentot" 

Hall Brothers Co! 

Hardware, Machinery Wood 
and Coal 

Phone IB 


Babies WELCOME"' 

Shrisiie Comedy 


T !_ 

fW ) tts { ' 1 1 hV 4 t n m 1 t : t > M 1 1 I t t *»^ 






Vol. 23. No. 46 



\Mieat Growers Association 
Endorsed by Farm Bu- 
reau State Board. 

OrganizationThoroughly In- 
vestigated Before Pass- 
ing of Resolution. 

The Minnesota Wheat Growers' as- 
: sociation ivas endorsed by derectors 
! of the Minnesota Farm Bureau Feder* 
! ation last week. A resolution urging 
i Minnesota farmers to support the 
i wheat co-operative was adopted, after. 
' the Farm Bureau i)oard had conducted 
a searching inquiry into the plan and 
the affairs of the agency. 

Before passing the resolution, the 
Farm Bureau leaders held a joint 
meeting with directors of the Mmne- 
sota Wheat Growei-s' association and 
spent a full half day obtaining in- 
formation they desired before taking 
formal action. The resolution says the 
affairs of the Wheat Growers are be- 
ing carried on in' accord with the 
principles of co-operative marketing, 
such as the Farm Bureau sponsors. - 
The resolution was passed at the 
close of a 2-day session by the Farm 
Bureau board, during which time it 
,, took steps to carry out the agricul- 
tural program adopted at the r^cenf 
I annual convention. 

In appointing committees to serve 
during the year, president Reed nam- 
ed* Hagbarth Bue, newly elected sec- 
ond vice president, to committee as- 
signments held by V. E. Anderson, 
former treasurer. 

Mrs. E. V. Ripley of Menagha was 
authorized to represent the Farm Bu- 
reau at a conference of home demon- 
stration agents at University Farm 
early in Ferbuary. 

To carry out organization plans 
adopted by the convention, the presi- 
dent and secretary were empowered 
to obtain the sendees of an organiza- 
tion manager. 

President Reed was authorized to 

accept an invitation to make a series 

of speeches in Canada in behalf of 

the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence water- 

■ way project. 


Exceptionally Large Num- 
ber Of Cases to Be Tried 
at Winter Session. 

6 Continued Criminal Cases 

to Be Considered; Four 

Seek Divorces. 

$2.00 a Year in Advance. 


S; E. Hunt Chosen to Head 
Co-Operative Association 
' for Another Year. 

■ J L 

Business of Loral Creamery 

Shown to Be iii Very Ex- 

cellem Condition. 

The regular Febniary term of dist — the- foUosrin ; officers were chosen 


Gain of $11,000,000 Is Made 
During 1923 Despite Feel- 
ing of Depression; 

Despite the feeling of financial de- 
pression in the Northwest, bank de- 
posits in the various state banks of 
Minnesota have increased $11^98,- 
114.59 in the past year and savings 
deposits increased more than $9,000,- 
000, according to a t^bnlaticm 'of the 
state bank call as of December 31r 
last, just completed! by A. I J. ; Veigel, 
state ^tl^rintendent- of banks: 

The cash reserve fcf.ther institutions 
under state supervision has ' nearly 
doubled the amount* requir^ by l^^i 
the superintendent explained. 

"The tabulation ak of December 31 
shows that the state banks] are more 
than holding their (fwn," M,t. Veigel 
said. "The total deposits in 1,092 state 
banks, nine savings! banks and twen- 
ty-five trust compai^es on that date 
were ?433,698,832.76, as compared with 
8422,300,7^18.17 on Decembet 29, 1922, 
an increase of more than 311,000,000 
of deposits during tiie last lyear. 


rict court opens next Tuesday mom^ 
ing, February 5, with iludge. Andrew 
Grindeland of Warren presiding. The 
petit jury, the personnd of whidi was 
published in these columns last week, 
has been notified to appear for servr 
ice on Wednesday morning, when the 
actual work of trying cases will be 
taken up. I 

The February term promises to' be 
one of the longest in [the history qf 
Pennington county, there being an ex- 
ceptionally large number of cases to 
be tyied. Six criminal! cases continu- 
ed over from the last, term are to 
come up. at this time, in addition to a 
number .of new ones which have ac- 
cumi^a^d during the past few months. 
The continued criminal cases are the 
following: , 

O. W. Carlson, liquor case; Adolph 
Amundsen, liquor tasei K.J. Gilmet, 
grand larceny; Fred DiiChamp, selling 
mortgaged property; Jas. J. Fair, 
liquor case; and Fraik J. McGinty, 
liquor case. / 

The following civil cases are con- 
tinued over from last term of court:- 
Richard Hall vs. Geo. S. Snyder; 
Whitsett Coal company vs. Thief 
River Iron Works; S. M. Srickson vs. 
W. C. Nichols: Caspeij Iverson vs. J. 
B. Howe and Goodridge State bank. 

Among the new cases are four suits 
for divorcfe, as follows: Rhoda J. 
Lamphier vs. Geo. T.iLaifipier; Min- 
nie' Vad. vs. John G. 'Vad; Evangeline 
Viola Jetland vs. Jose^ Jetland; Axel 
T. Johnson ys. Astrid Johnson.' 


Committees Busily Engaged 
in Completing Arrange- 
. - Imehts for Big Days. 

rli^men-to Take Pro^dhent 
Part in Putting 0ver Ex- 
ceptional Program. 

reserve.-- , „ . 

and the amount required by law was 

Other new civil cases are: Faiiiu 

On- the date of ith^ c&\\ tlie-cash State bank ot Goodndge vs/ JI^ 

erve on Tiand was about 349,000,000 Kotrba; E. O. Erickson vs; Chas. 
■ -1 . - .1 . Bradley; J. T. Bowers vs. * 

at t^ annual meeting' of the Thief 
Eiyer Falls Co-operative Creamery 
association last Saturday, to serve for 
the ensuing year; President, S. E. 
Huntj-vice prudent,!. Hans Anton; 
secretary, T. H. Bjerke; treasurer, 
Frank Hardesty; director, F. T, Satre. 
Messrs^ Hunt, { Bjerke and Hardesty 
Were re-elected, while Mr. Anton and 
Mr, Satre take| .the places of Carsten 
Christensep and T. Kl. Hynestad, who 
served as vice ] president and director 
respectively last year. 

The matterj of making certain 
changes in the metl^od of coUectmg 
assessments for the ^sinking' fund so 
as: to comply with' the federal law re- 
lating to co-operative iassociations and 
tiie income- ta^ law, ; was thoroughly 
discussed at: Saturday's meeting. At- 
torney: Theo. (^uale made certain re- 
commendations which' were adopted 
and pased. ' 

Secretary T. H. Bjerke road the re- 
port covering the business done at the 
local creamery daring, the past year. 
TKis showed, amxing other things, that of 1,775,361 pounds of cream 
haJd'been received, together with 314, 
474 pounds , of whole milk. A total 
of j 614,129 pounds of I butter was man- 
ufactured in 1023; The average price 
paid for butterfat is' reported at '46.5 
cents, a very good showing indeed. 
Gross value of salesj-at the creamery, 
is i given as ' ^279,134.'27. 
- jl^e question -of erecting a new 
building for tiie creamery this year 
was taken up at the meeting, but a 
majority decided to I defer action for 
armerttaJ^'^ present. Prospects are bright, 
jf^^^'feiiwevisr, that a new; creamery will be 
erected duringi 1925i 

Short Coarse . Speaker. 


Large Crowd Attends First 

Parent-Teacher Gath^- 

ing Held This Year. 


Elimination Process to De- 
termine Students Enter- 
ing State Contest. 

about 526,000,000 showing | that the ! Swedenburg; 'W. T. Raleigh company 
state banks had on | hand nearly dou-iVS. H. H. Harding, John Graff and 
ble the reserve required by| law." j Ole Geving; Albert S Lieberman vs. 

The total resources of all'the statelA. .P. Fox; Anton E., Knutson vs. D. 
banks at the time of thelcall, thejK Tyson et al; F. A. iGrady vs. John 
statement shows, Was ?62l{,720,811.39 Mostrom; Farmers State bank of 
which is an increase of dbout ?17,- 1 Goodridge vs. Oliver Tommerdahl; 
000,000 compared with thfe previous l Carl M. Carlson ■ vs. | City of Thief. 
year. '^ [I River Falls; First- and Peoples State 

: [ [bank- vs. -Henry Hylaiid; P. A. "Void- 

Legion Boy to Arizjonr. ness vs. Sandberg &| Eoj^ company 

Sometime during the latter part of and Martin 'Williams; G. W. Connell 
the week, Harold Gunderfcori, whoise vs. H. tt Ross and E, S. Sanfprd; Farr 

home is in Goodridge, e.xpbcts to de- jmer^ & Merchants State bank vs. Em- 
part for Arizona. He has been ill j arson Bratingham" Implement com- 
for a long tirne snd 'it | has been.pany; Hoag Security company vs. W. 

. thought that the climate aronndiH. Pamau and J. P. Jensen; Stephen 

■/ I Phoenix or Tucson wouldl of great -Singer vs.. Farmers IState Bank of 

Twenty-seven girls and nme boys benefit to him. On Friday afternoon " " " 
arc busy preparing, for the prelimin; | a committee of six representing the 

ary declamation contests wWch will 
soon take place, and which will elim- 
inate all but two who will represent 
the Lincoln high school in the con- 
test held here, in which the to^vns of 
Lancaster, Roseau and Greenbush 
will be represented.. The boy and girl 
winners of this contest will take part 
in the sub-district contests to be held 
in Warren, Crookston, Bagley and 
Thief River Falls. The winners of 
these contests will fight for the place 
of district representative during the 
week of March 17 and the boy and 
girl winning will participate in the 
contest for the state championship in | 
declamation about the first of April 
at some city not yet designated. 

The high school girls in this con- 
test will hold three preliminary con- 
tests to be held on February 11, 12, 
and 13. The boys will hold their pre- 
liminaries on February 14. On Feb- 
ruary 18, the nine girls surviving the 
preliminaries will have- a contest in 
which the three highest will be select- 
ed and on February 23, a final con- 
test will be held in which the boy and 
girl to represent the Lincoln will be 

Miss Miriam Simon, who is instruc- 
tress in English and Dramatics at the 
Lincoln, is the declamatory coach* and 
declares that the boys and girls are" 
coming along at such a pace that the 
choosing of the best boy and girl 
from among so many good ones will 
be a diflicult task. 

Elmer J. Eklund post, visilied him and 
presented him with a paid up mem- 
bership card in tht local post. 


Large Concern Is Investigat- 
ing Thief ? River Falls; 
Want liranch Station. 

The meeting of -the Pirent-Teach- 
ers association held Monday evening 
in the Lincoln high school proved to 
be a very successful affair, both in at- 
tendance and excellence of program. 
In the absence of Mrs. E. Arnold, 
president of the ...association, Vice 
President Morris Bye presided at the 

Dr. J. N. Nesse rendered a very 
pleasing, tenor solo and responded to 
an encore, after which Miss Dorothy 
Swedenburg gave a very interesting 
reading. The High School Boys* Glee 
club^ under the leadership of Hiss 
Maude L. Johnson, music instructor in 
the schools, sang three songs that 
were enthusiastically received. The 
boys made a great hit with the audi- 
ence and showed the effects of care- 
ful anfl efficient training. In. the 
absence of J. S: Ameson, who had 
been slated for a talk, Dr. H. Wt 
FroeHlch "g»e a short address, tak- 
ing for his subject "^'Contagious Dis- 

After the conclusion. of the program 
in the assembly room the gymnasium 
was visited where a number of girls 
from the Junior cl^s' gave a very in- 
teresting football "stunt." After a 
short time spent in social chat, lunch 
was served by members of the assoc' 

The next meeting of the association 
will be held on- the first Monday -in 
April, and Piesident Arnold ar.nouric- 
es that a pai-ticularly good program 
is being prepaid x'orthat date. 

Everything connected with the 
farmers' short coarse to be held in 
Thief River Falls on February 18 and ' 
19 ia going forward smoothly and 
present indications are that it wfll lie 
the biggest thing of its Jdnd eve^ at- 
tempt^ here. Most of the points 
connected with the progrun have air 
ready been worked out and within, a 
few days every detail connected with 
this ipart of tiie undertaking will be 
complete. ■■■ ^ , 

The course is put on with- the "as- ■ 
sistance of the ^ agricultural extension 
department of the Intem^onal Har^ 
vester company. The sp^i^akers and 
demonstrators who will come £ere to 
assist in conducting the short course 
will I be people of exceptional -ability 
and ;broad experience. There will be 
demonstrations and discussions of 
topics pertaining to the farm and to 
the home and tiie short course - will 
be entirely different firom anything 
evei* before Bield in this community. 

The short course will be for every- 
body — men, women and children. It 
is being prepared for all of the people, 
those living in town and those living 
in the country. The general sessions 
will I be conducted at the auditorium, 
while it is planned to use the KiV^ 
club rooms for the women's meojings. 
Every resident' of Pennington coun-^ 
ty should Keep the two. days in mind 
audi make it his business to attend. 
The' greater the attendance, the great- 
er the amount of good wliich can be 
accomplished. , ., • 


rhief River] Fallsi stands a good 
chance of being chosen as a point for 
the establishnient o!f a brOncli of 

) -f- ! ^ ■ 

District Bask^tballi Tpuma- 

ment Likely; to Be Held 

Here Early in MardL 

Tomorrow's Club Meeting 
Will Start Campaign for 
Adding More Members 

Among other important matters to 
come up at the regular meeting of the 
Commercial club Thursday noon is the 
question of putting on a membership 
drive in the near, future... The club is 
doing fine work at present but natur- 
ally could do much more if its mem- 
bership were substantially increased. 
"Ways and means to accomplish this 
will come up for discussion at the 
luncheon to be held tomorrow. . 

Other matters of importance, in- 
cludinf^ further discussion of the coun- 
ty agent proposition, are slated to 
come up at the meeting tomorrow. 
Every member of the club and -others 
interested are urged to be present. 


Invitations have j been extended to 
all the schools in this district to hold 
the district basket iball tournament in 
Thief River Falls on March 6 and 7. 
The athletic board,' composed of Sup- 
erintendent M. C.I Hayes of East 
Grand Forks, G. Holmquist iof War^, 
ren, and A. C. Peterson of Aigyle, de- 
cided in favor of holdingLthe tourna- 
ment here at their Tast meeting, 
which was held inj Stephen ph Janu- 
ary 24. They left jit to a referendum 
vote, but most of ithe teams' seem in 
favor of it. The) commercial club 
has guaranteed expenses to $500 and, 
the city council has offered the free 
use of the auditoriam for the occasion 
so that with such.|inducements. Thief 
River Falls is almost certain to lie 
the favored city, j ; . 

As far as place in the championship 
games is concemal, the teams stand 

N. A.. Nelson; Rollins Hosiery Mills 
vs. N. A^ Nelson. j . 

The above list of cases was. taken 
from the record on Tuesday noon and 
chances are that several more actions 
will be filed before the calendar for 
the term is made up. } 

A number of the .cases listed above 
are of considerable public interest, es- 
pecially that of C. M.t Carlson against 
the dty of Thief River Falls to force 
payment of the final estimate for the 
erection of the filtration plant. . An- 
other case which should prove very 
interesting is that of; E- O. Erid^on, 
former chief of poHpe, against Chas. 
B. Bradley, now serving sentence for 
violation of the prohibition laws. This 
is a suit for damages on accoont of 
certain charges- and : affadavits pre- 
ferred by Bradley whole Erickson^ was 
chief of police. Owing to the fact that 
Bradley still is in Jdil; it is tiiought 
the case will be continued to the June 
term of court. I 

Incladed in the calendar sre 12 per- 
sonal property tax cases and two snits^ 
involving the. payment of motor ve- 
hicle taxes. The -two latter are the 
first motor tax cases to be tried in 
Pennington county. - i 


In Spite of Splendid Plays 
Lincoln Boys Fail on . 
Foreign Floors. 

Goodndge; Lo<Jow W. Bergquist vs. j^^ j^.^^ factorj^, according to in- 
First National Bank; In the matter of |foi.jj^taon which was made public at 
the estate of P. A Ekfitrom, deceased; jjij^gjjjeg^^^f tiie Commercial dub 
Christopher Vadet al vs Highland- , j^^ Saturday! 1 " 

mg township; FlretNat^ bank vs,G.j presideht B^jroehUch read a letter 
Halvors^n;^C^Gotnaij^&^Comi^y^^^^ the M. A. Geilney company of 

Minneapolis, { largest manufacturers 
ofi pickle and food products in the 
Northwest, requesting information to' 
be: tised in deciding whether or. not a 
branch station of the company shall 
bel established! in Thief River Falls to 
take care of ihe cucumber crop to be 
raised this season, j Farmers present 
atj the meetiii[g -were questioned with 
regard to the] acreage which could, be 
promised" and maiiy expressed their 
willingness t<i plant cucumbers if a 
profitable mai(ket-is:pr6vided. 

Similar stations i^ the one proposed 
foir Thief Rlv^ Falls are now. in oper- 
ation at Detn^it snjd other places, and said the in^stry is one which 
meets with iiut^t ifavor among &rm- 
ers because, of the .-ease .with .which 
cucumbers can be|x^^ in'thiB-'&ec- 
tion of the giate.! Dc^nitei action in 
the matter>i^experted within a few 
days and prospects appear to be^ex- 
ceedingly bright for the establishment 
ofjthe stands within a short time. 

On Friday, -January 25, the Lincoln 
high basket ball team played against 
Fosston and lost by a score of 15 to 
11. ■ Ihe lineup was as follows: Par- 
anteau," f6rw£urd; Penney, forward; 
l^erher and Mulry, centers; Sorehson, 
A fire whichstarted Sunday after- f;if«'vBaraen,.xu«d,on^^^^^^ 
noon in the second story of the W. A. Rj^er Falls team. The Fo^ton Imeup 
Bishop bnildiig on LaBree avenue for included iCumyn and S.- Sovik, fpr- 
■ ^ - - - 1 ,„H ,»„« 'O"''''-': "S"^' center; Mark and L. So- 

Small Blaze Dees Damage. 

a time threatened to spread and cause i'{. „ S ' 
serious damage. Mr. Bishop, with ™^ gnn«is- 
the aid of his own waterworks sys- 
tem, managed to get the fire under 
control before the anivel of the fire 
department and the only damage sus- 
tained was caused by smoke and 
water. An overheated stove pipe is 
believed to have started the blaze. 

as follows 
T.E. Falb 
Bagley - 




Princess Theatire Begins 
Bargain Day Series When 
One Ticket is Worth Two 



Per a. 



8 2 600 
i 2 600 

ii ■ 4 ioo 

Hallock, Stephen and 
Warroad lost all ^mes played so far. 
At the toumamdnt four preliminary 
contests will he held on Thursday, one 

semi-final will be 

mommg , March 7c and the final game 
the -winners of winch will be' declared 

district champions 
day evening. 

held : on: Friday 

will be played Fri- 

The Thief Biver Theatre company is 
at -present introducing an innovation 

GommercM Club to Pick' 
I Officers oiA Febriiaity 14 

The annu^ meeting and election of 
officers for thb Thief River Falls Com- 
mercial club will be' held on Thursday, 
February 14. At that time a complete 
report covering the activities of the 
club during the past year will be ren- 
dered. J- ' 

The local ^mmercial club has been 
very active m coimnunity work and 
has taken a |leading part in every 


Committees Appointed For 

Year and New State Road 

Ordered Established. 

in the form of bargain days. In thelmpvement haviiig for its aim the im- 
company's advertisement on the- buck provement of *'•'■ '—-«-- -» ••i- ■*■*» 

page of today's paper the reader vml 
find a coupon. £f this coupon' is pre- 
sented with one adult ticket it will 
admit two on the dates mentioned on 
the coupon. The management wishes 
to make it clear to the theatre going 
public that the coupons are good for 
only the dates for which they are dat- 
ed, and also that the| programs shown 
onVthese dates will of the same high 
class as those shown on other dates. 
Manager Brumund is at all times" try- 

thjs '[section of the state. 
Every citdzei^- of Thief Riv^r Falls 
sbould be a member of the Cbmmer- 
cial dub and 
its program 
meat. ' ' ■ 

ing to show the 'best pictures which i although it is 

' iha mnrVpf haa fj\ nffpr. l-for Romp tim 

'the market has to offer. 

I ' Mrs^ Farf to Leave. 

"^Mrs.-J. Fa rr, .'Sr.,' expects to, leave, 
shortly for the hoine of her daughter, 
Mrs. MablerJacob j, who lives in Bdn- 
ners Ferry, liahq.,' If i^jiot definitely 
known just Iiow^ong she will stay, 
expected she' will r«main 

-for some timi u 

^^^^^ ^i^^^^^jW^^^l^i^^^^ 

■^-it^Y.V-^tiz'-'^o^.^c^.' I 

in this way.halp along 
of community Idevelop- 

The'board of county commissioners 
met last Friday and a busy session 
was held; -All membera were priesent. 
The first matter taken up was the' an- 
nual financial statement (prepared by 
County Atiditor T. P. .Anderson. This 
was carefully'gone over and approved. 
It published in The Tribune 
next week. • ~ ' 

The chairman made the following 
appointment of committees for the 
ensuing year: Finance, Roy, McGinn 
and Hanson; ditches, Olson, Larson, 
McGinn, Eoy, Hanson and T. P. -An- 
derson; roads and bridges, Larson, 
McGinn, Hanson, Eoy, Olson and T. 
P. -Anderson; court house and jaO, Mc- 
Ginn, Olson and Hanson; pnrclu^g, 
Hanson and T. P. .Anderson. The coun- 
ty board of health is composed of th^ 
following: Dr. .A. W. Swedenburg, 
Commissioners Eoy and Larson. 

The section line between Polk Cen- 
ter and piack Eiveif from Wylie north 
to state' road Ko. 4 was designated 
as State .Aid Road No. 12. This 
streteh of i^ad is four miles in 
length. - 

' A resolution was passed to offer for 
sUe (refunding drainage bonds to the 
amount of $60,000. The next regular 
meeting of the Ijoard will be huld on 
February: 16 'tb open bids for -th6 
boiids ^d to transact any other bust 
ness'whichmay be brought up at that 
timel * , ;',' 

un Saturday, January 26, the local 
team played with Mcintosh, again 
having the misfortune . to lose the 
game, the score being 10 to 14. 

The lineup for the Mcintosh game 
was: Paranteau and Penney, forwards; 
Mulry, center; Sorenson anH Barzen, 
guards. On the Mcintosh team Star- 
deg and Torgrinson played forward; 
Lowe, center; Envold and Hill, guards. 

The referees at both games, . Mr. 
Smith of the Bemidji high school for 
the Fosston game and Mr. Beck of the 
Bemidji Teadiers* College for the Mc- 
intosh game; were. both very e^dent 
and impartisd in their decisions.' -Both 
of -the gamcis were very 'excitiiig, the 
scores being kept, dose together uiitil ' 
the very {last moments entire game, 
and Thief 'River leading,. in .scores -up 
to this period. 

Although tile basket Ixdl boys lost 
these games,- these two^ played 1 on 
strange floors, are the onT^fwo so far 
hot & the 'Lincoln's £avor 'and stOl 
leaves the boys with a high peto^t- 
age and in a high place as regards 
the basketball tournament which is to 
come off in March. It is a hai^ pro- 
position to play the gaifie bn a str&ge 
floor and the last two games. Kretjie 
first attempts by the boys iil this tine. 
Now that tiiey have gone tKirauj^'the 
gaff once, it is mote than Hkely tjiey 
will brace up and come along -again 
in their del style. - : 

On next Friday evening tiie boys 
will playj -Argyle on their home floor 
and' on Saturday will be playing 

Stephensl Of course they will put up '■ 
a bigger scrap than ever to Be the 
victors, now that they know what it 
is to lose out. 

Attends Conference. 
Rev. Tf. E. Sweger of the Trinity 
Lutheran church returned this morn- 
ing frod Detroit, where he had been 
since Monday morning in attendance 
at 'a conference of the Northern Min- 
nesota District of his church. 

R^v.TallakBtm to Speak. 
Rev. SL L. Tsillakson of Grand Forks 
will speik at the Trinity Lutheran 
chiirch rjext Sunday. Eev.' Tallakison 
is ;s^d t} be a speaker of more than 
ordinary ability and it is expected that 
a large, number "win take advantage 
of I this opportunity to hear Urn. 



I; • P-" 


iavisR jPMjMw^Bum 

A^'fhompson 6i E^ordyille, yma & 
business caller 3iere last Iweek. 

glrll was, bomi on Friday, 
lB,.toj Mp..aind Mrs; Olo T. 

P. Granle of Gonvick was a busi- 
ness caller in this city last Friday 

V. M. Higgenbothen of Red Lake 
Falls was in this city on Thursday 
attending to various business matl^ers. 
Mrs. Fred Hanson of St. Hilaire 
spent last Thursday here visiting 
friends and attending to shopping 

llrs. E. Grandall of this city left 
Friday evening for Minneapolis, where 
she visited friends and relatives for 
a few days. 

Mi's. John Ngrhy of Plumraer arriv- 
ed here last Friday evening to be a 
guest of her sister, Mrs. Harry Prugh, 
for a few days. ' 

Peter Sabo of Kratka was in this 
city on Wednesday to attend to var- 
ious matters. He returned to hia home 
later in the day. 

Miss Edith McCurry, who makes 
her home in Holt, departed for that 
village on Friday aifter spending a few 
■day in this city visiting friends. 

Mrs. A. C. Qual left this city last 
Friday for her home in Middle Riv- 
er. Mrs. Qual arrived here Thursday 
to attend to business matters. 

Miss E. E. Warring, who attends 
high school in this city, left on Sat- 
urday for Steiner to spend the week- 
end with her relatives. 

Miss Edith Patten, who teaches at 
Rosewood, returned Monday morning 
to that place, after visiting with her 
parents since Saturday evening. 

Miss Agnes Odegaard returned last 
Thursday afternoon to her home at 
St. Hilaire, after a brief stay in this 
city receiving dental treatment.- 

Miss Idelia Halseth of Plummer 
spent a brief time here last Saturday 
evening attending to shopping matters 
and visiting with her father, Albert 
G. Halseth. 

Miss Rebeccah Hunt of Red Lake 
Falls who visited for a brief time at 
the home of her . brother and sister- 
in-law, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Hunt, re- 
turned this afternoon to her home. 

L. C. Reidy of this city left on Mon- 
day for Adams, where he visited for 
a short time with the parents of his 
wife, Mr. and Mrs. A. Johnson, who 
reside in that town. 

Ralph Flatten, who has been in this 
city during Wednesday and Thursday 
recei\'ing medical treatment from lo- 
cal physicians returned to his home 
in Strandquist on Friday. 

Miss Florence Flatten, who has been 
visiting vnih girl friends in this city 
since Wednesday of last week, return- 
ed to her home in Strathcona Satur- 
day morning. 

Mrs. Roy Halseth and daughter Ar- 
dith of Goodridge returned Saturday 
evening to that place, having speni 
the day here shopping and visiting 

_ Mrs. Alfred Peterson of Middle Riv- 
er arrived here Saturday afternoon 
and was a guest at the home of her 
sister, Mrs. Carl Anderson until Mon- 
day morning. 

Misses Francis and Flora Thomp- 
son returned Tuesday evening to their 
home at Detroit, after visiting since 
Saturday at the homes of friends here 
and at Goodridge. 

Emil Sanders, who bos been employ- 
ed at Kelliher for the past several 
months expected to arrive here Moh- 
- day evening to remain at the home of 
his parents for an indefinite time. 

Mrs. Axel Jorgenson returned last 
Thursday afternoon to her home at 
Crookston, after a few days visit at 
the home of her brother and sister- 
in-law, Mr. and Mrs. George Larson, 

Mrs. J. W. Connors, who has been 
visiting in southern Minnesota for 
some time, left on Saturday for 
Roosevelfand Warroad where she will 
visit with a daughter and with firends 
for an indefinite period. 

Swan Larson who resides in Thor- 
holt. was in town' on business and 
while here spent a short time with 
his daughter, Miss Edith Larson, who 
is employed by the Thief River Falls 
• Grocery company. 

-Miss Agnes Newton, who teaches 
school at Highianding, returned to 
that place last Modiiy morning, after 
a week-end visit with her sister. Miss 
■ Theresa Newton, who is attending 
high school here. 

Rev. 0. M. Stensgaard of Fisher, 
and his sister, Mrs. Willie Kuder, who 

A baby 
January 2B, , 
Ose in the town of SUyeid^n. r 

Mrs. J. E. BIoomquiBt left Monday 
afternoon for Grand Forks where she 
will visit for aj brief time -at the A. J. 
ndstad home. ^ . ' ' 

C. J. Hoiuml relieved Harry Myres, 
a fireman on the Soo Line, for a per- 
iod of about i week on the Fordvilltf- 
Drake run. i | 

Harry Myrom, who resides in the 

confined to his 
an i attack of 

town of Norden, is 
home on account of 
measles. | 

Eli Peterson was ; 
in this city fiiom his _ 
He returned to his h()me on the same 

Mr. T. E. Collins, 
Plummer, spent Saturday in this city 
on business. He rehined to his home 
on the flier. 

Best Grade) Tamarack -Wood, i ft. 
in length, $8| per cord, deliver^ to 
any part of the city. 

Misses Minnie Vog 
ledinger, who (are both instructors m 
the Plummer schools!, spent Saturday 
in this city, j 

Mr. and Mr6. Thomas Johnson,- who 
visited relatives here for a short ttaie, 
returned Monday evening to their 
home at Dawson. ' ' 

Mrs. H. P,- Lund left Friday morn- 
ing for Wanke, wherp she will remain 
at the home of iher son and family for 
an indefinite time. ! 

Miss Agnes Odegaard, who was a 
week end guest at the P. P. Eierson 
home, return^ Mopiday afternoon to 
her home at St. . Hilair e.: 

who resides in 

Phone 116. 
and LucilleEng- 

Carl Stensgaaia- ttnived . in; thi^ 
dty on r Saturday rinbrmns tb'vldt at; 
the ho^ <if:Itis|LegvoId, Sr. In*fhe 
aftenu)i>n.sU|depart& for lidme, ac-; 
compuiying' uie:]tiody: of ~ her ; sister,! 
Mrs. Vf: D. Stokes,..whefe bnrialMll 
take place. ' ■■[:. - ■ ■;• ' I 

Mr. and Mrs. Jp, E. Dahle and two 
children, Katberinei and Ruth, re^ 
turned Monday krtemoon to their 
home at Crookstijn after visiting over 
tiie week end s^ the parental home 
of Mrsi Dahle, who. resides ^east of 
thlsdt^. ■_ '•: I 

Clarence Erickson returned las^ 
Tuesday morning from Minneapolis^ 
where he was. called by the; illness of 
Mrs! Erickaon, yho is visiting relar 
I Monday caller jtivea in that city. Mi^. Ericteon is 
home in Ha«l. ee«™S: ^<«>g nicely now and wiU rer 
turn Sunday morning. r ! 

'Word was received by relatives here 
last week that albaby girl. Lulu Lour 
ise, was bom to Mr. and Mrs. Haiold 
Myers of Mihotj N. D. Mrs. Myers 
was formerly Mi^s Mable Cook and is 
a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.\R. G. 
Cook, 609 Marklby avenue south. 

Mrs. Bert Brodridge and son Rob- 
ert, accompanied by lier sister,' Miss 
ElsD Thompson, jail of Dulntb, return- 
ed Monday morning to that place, 
after .visiting over the week end at 
the! home of Mrj and Mrs. John Dahl. 
Mrs. Brodridge | uid Miss Thompson 
are nieces of Mr.' DahL 

Mrs. Willie Kuder arrived in ttils 
-dty on Friday fo spend a short time 
at the Legvold, Sr. home. Mrs. Euder 
had been summoned_from her home 
in Ada becanse' of the sudden death 
of her sister; Mfs. W. D. Stokes. She 
accompanied; the. body to Ada where 
burial ; services were' held on Sat- 
urday. -, - 

Mrs. Steve Starke, accompanied by 
her little daughter, Ruth, returned on 

■■-'■-ct^T't'-— ''"^-^■-^7?i!i^i^t>■'-^^^^ 

Zitn Lutheran Church. . 

: ;■ Georget jLarson, Pastor,--;; 

Services Zion church 11 a. m4 after^ 
noon servixs Bindal at 2:3<1>. Soviccs 
Zion church 7:jiS'p. m..The pastor of 
the church will pruich. Bindal Ladies' 
Aidiat Mrs. T. iThoreson's Wednesday, 
February 6. The confirmants meet 
at tile sameplatie at 1 p. s& Zion 
Ladies' Aid Thursday afternoon, Feb. 
Mrs. £|rick'AspeIund and Mis. Se^ 

las Simon^on j-will entertain. Zion 
Young Peoples meeting Thursday 
evening, .Feb. j7. Misses Clara and 
Mabel Hehdridcson entertaining. Zion 
sewing diicle ' meets Tue'sdAy- evening, 
Feb. 12, Iitrs. Dina Evenson entertain- 
ing. Schobl of j Religion Friday at 2 :45 
p. m. No. 1 2 Confiirmation class meets 
at the parsonage Saturday at 2 p. m. 
Prayer meeting Friday evening at Mr. 
Gisle Gun'derson'a residence. 
- .1 j »., .■ 

SU John's Luth. Church. 
E. H. 'Kreidt, Pastor. 
Sundayl school 9:S0 a. m.^-German 
service 10:80 a. m. Enjrlish service at 
7:45 p. ra. Topic: "The Assurance of 
Our Fellowship With God." Ladies' 
Aid meets Wednesday afternoon in 
the church .b'aseinent. Bible dass 
meets lyednesday evening in the 
church basement at- 8 o'dock. 

■ I '. ;! ■ ••• 

Scandinavian Ev. Church. 
J. Jajcobsen, Pastor. 
Services at ll a. m. in the Norweg- 
ian language, j Sunday schooUat 10 a. 
m. WOlihold joint sessions with the 
Swedish Mi4^on church, Rev. 0. J. 
Liindell, Pasp{]|r,^Sunday'aftemoon and 
evening. J 

Sunday morning Eermon snbject,! at 
ll:dO. "Wfienwefaii'f istheeveniiis. 
subject, at; 8:0aj;;''HiBtoiy of fthej 
I^ntherans'? is the subject this week 
teriWednesday eienlng ;; service ! at 
7:30. Adult Bibb class and Sunday 
schoblat 0:46; Intermediate and Sen- 
ior C. B. at 7:00.' Ladies' Aid meets 
at the home of Mrs. Bishop Friday at 
8:00 sharp. Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. I 
Qep. M. Wilsom, 

The ministers'- conference every day 1 
tills week. Sessions at 9:30 a.m., 2:30 
and 7:30 p.m. 

Thursday 7:30 p.m. Rev. C. 


<trEPl|nB3pAY, JANPARY. 3ff,; I92i. 

Bowman froni Chicago will speak. 

■ Friday evening. . Lecture by C; 



Misses Clarice and Hilda Foss, whp|jaonjay afternoon to their home kt 
spent a short' time here shopping, re- Grand Forks, after a brief -visit with 
turned Saturday evening to their friends here.. While here she stayed 
home near Pjummer. (at the home of Mr. and Mrs; T. 

Miss Leoni Fox returned Monday, Tharaldson.. Mrs. .Starke will -be le- 
af tl^oontoler honie at:Fisher. after ! membered by ^any. local people as 
fhTO weeks' visit i at the home of j Miss Genevieve Roscoe. .| 

her sister, Mts. M. T. MoFarland. | Uis. c. phdjps of Stevens Point, 

Mrs. J. Olson retlimed last Friday Wk., who has been a guest of frien^ 
from St. Paul, where she spent a few and relatives tore for fte past two 
days, bang caUed there by the serious, weeks, has left^ for Eemer Ibrta 

illlSsofleribroth^n ; iSS^^iflT ^'*a'^k'°"M^ 

Is the femaleof the race stronger pjjgipg ^^s ai:companied by her 
metally than 'the male? i Come to the "daughter, Mrs. Ida Kinsela of Crooks- 
Lincoln highj school] on Fnday even- (j,^^ ^^^ formei-ly ol this dtyj „ . : 
ing, Feb. 1, and see lor yourselves. ' ' ' 

Misses Mary and Edith Johnson 
Crookston returned 
noon to that! place, 


Trinity! Aid 

Pilhstrom from Warren. 
"De Sjuttio Ar^eckoma." 

; Sunday. Address to Sunday school I 
10 a.m. Services at 11 a.m., 2:30|and 
7:30^ p.m. A Bible conference jwill 
continue every day next week except 
Monday, Vith two sessions daily at 
^:30 and 7:30. ; 

I Cohe and be welcomel 

[ »«• 

Angnstana Church. 
- Albin A. Larson, Pastor. 
Services' nextSunday at 10:30 inthe I 
English language. ~ Sunday school at 
ll:4^ Swedish services at 3 p. m. BT- 
ble class 7 p. m. English services at 
8 p. m. Ladies' Aid meets Friday 
afternoon at 3 o'dock. Luther lea^e 
Friday evening at 8 o'dock, entertain- 
ed in. Che church' parlors by Mrs; John j 
Longi;en and Mrs. Albin A. Lairson. 
The Junior Mission Band meets at the | 
parsonage Saturday afternoon at 

Lutheran Church. 
Sweger, Pastor.;; 
meets this Thursday «tf- 

Your Old Shoes 

Remade like Ne'w 

- The Froseth Shoe Repairing 
Shop' -is the Shoe's HosiMtal. 
Your old shoes will be made to 
look like newv You'll be sur- 
prised at the way theyTl wear, 
too, like brand new. We use 
only the finest leather to work 
with — and our workmanship is 
unexcelled. Bring in a pair. 

I Take a little jtime for fun; for life 
Saturday after- grows flabby and futile it We do' i]ot 

. . after a few days, ij^^jjatg ^ partjof it to laughter and 

visit here with friends and relatives, j^ jollity. 

Miss A. Faelene, ^ho resides in St. | T : - ■ " ' ; ' 
Hilaire, spent Saturday, in this city a. ,____; oTTTTD/TTTca '^t 
shopping and visiting. She depari^ed ■ \ AT THE C HURCiUK iS . I 
for her hpfiie on the afternoon -train, -ti --H 

Mrs. N.B. Muzzy' and sons. Ken- To Speak at Zion Church. 

neth and Lester, who have been visit- \ 0. A. Fosse M Grand Forks wiU 
ing over Sunday with friends in this speak at the Zapp Lutheran church 
ci&, left fol- their home in Steiner this Friday; evening, February 1, at 

temoon in church parlors entertained 
by Mesdames Nels A. Nelson, Harold 
Olson, J.j 0. Sether and Sever Benson. 
Y. P. League this Thursday evening 
entertain'ed by the Misses Dora Holm- 
es, Lena jLonsbn and Lillian Eide. Pro- 
gram; s^riptiire reading and prayer; 
hymn; talk. Dr. 0. F. Mellbyx piano 
solo, .Mildred Ehgen; reading, Mrs. Os- 
car Melhy; duet, Liv Vistaunet and 
IsaberRichter. School of Religion on 
Friday 2U6. . I Willing.Workers 4 p. m. 
entertaiijed by Elain Evenson and Mil- 
dred TesBum. | Confirmation class Sat- 
urday IQ a. m. Divine services Sun- 
day coi^ducted by Rev. S. L. Tallakson 
of Grand Forks. Norwegian 11 a. m. 
English' iat 7:45. 

T -i "** 

I Christian Sdence. 
Services are held each Sunday fore- 
noon atl 11 bclock at the church on 
First street and LaBree avenue. Sub- 
ject Sunday, ; Feb. • 3rd, "Love." Sun- 
day school at 10 o'clodc 'Wednesday 
evening! st '7:45. The public is cor-^ 
dially invited to these services. 

■i ; "• 

The. Presbyterian Church. 

Clias.i Gerlinger, Pastor. . 

Why do men join the church? "Th6 

motives! of diurch members," is the 

on Monday morning. 

^lich is 'more ; dangerous? The 
male of the' spedes dr. the female? 
Come to the Lincoln high school on 
Fridw evening, January 1, and find 
out. i . ■ 

Mrs. Ed. Kron returned Monday 
morning to her home at; Viking, after 
a week-end visil at the; home of her 
sister. Mis. R. Knutson and also with 
her daughter. Myrtle. 

7:45. Everyone is wdcome. 

■ ... r .|..«* .: ...■ ::^J»,^- 

Ev. Luth. Church, Goodridge. 

H. Lutz, Pastor. 

Sunday, Feb;j3 English services and 

Goinmunion at i Neptune at 10 a. m., 

' at Erie at 3 p. in. and at Highianding 

at 8 p. m. ' 

Mavie Lutheran Church. 
E.; 0. jSabo, Pastor. 
The Telemarken confirmation class 

Mrs. Ed. Krohn, who resides in Vik- wiU meet ftis Saturday »* 1 fO P- "; 
ing, arrived! m this dty on Saturday Services Sunday^m^theTelen^ken 
to%isit for a few days at the Duluth !*"* ^* i^^^?"-!^ ™ ^ 

avenue home of her sister-in-law, Mre. landmfl diurdi| at 3 p. m. 

R. A. Knutaon. 

Mrs. N. P. Peterson 'returned Mon- 
day aftemo'pn to her home at Hope, 

Goodridge! Lutheran Chnrch. 
'V. O. Aaker, Pastor. 
Simday, Feb,' 8: English services at 

S. D. after a brief visit at the Presta- 1 Bethania church at 11 a. m. The con- 
bak home, j Mrs. Peterson had been fmjgtion dass I meets immediatdy af- 
here since Saturday morning. | t^r tj,e services. Non^egian services 

Mrs. Willie Kuder spent a few days at Goodridge at 8 p. m. Ladies', Aid 
at the homi of Mre. Legvold, Sr., be- i of Erie mcetS|With 15xs. C. A. Com- 
fore accompanying the body of- her, pen, Feb. 6. he LuUier league of 
sister. Mrs| W. D. Stokes, to Ada, Goodndge; meets Thursday, Feb. 7. A; 

where burial Iwill ;take; place. 


Ole and Fred Nordquist, who for , ^^ ,^ f^gg^j tu^ time. Chnrch wiU 

two weeks were guests at the home of 
Mr. and Itrs. Ole Ostrom, departed 
Monday af ^mooD' for 'their home at 
New Effington, S.j'D, ■ 

Mrs. F. |Lj Green, who has been 
visiting for a couple of days with 
friends and! relatives in Glenwood, re- 
turned on iSaturday evening to her 
home in this city. i 

Rudy Rice and: John Budzinsky of 
Plummer, arrived i in this city on Sat- 
urday to ^end a short time. They 
I returned to^ their homes in the j^rmer 
I tawn on the same evening. 

Ba, the [little daughter of Halvor 

the unexpected relapse of Mrs. W. D. 
Stokes, left on Saturday for Ada 
Minn., v.'here they will attend the fu 
neral whice will take place next Wed' 

arrived eariier in the week because of i.Moe, 603 Duluth avenue north, who 
— — - has been ill with pneumonia compli- 
cated by the measles, 'has so far re- 
covered as' to be; about the house at 
present. : . ' 
Miss Edith Patten, who arrived in 
, , , „ .. this dty oh Friday evening to spend 
Miss Esther Motz left town Friday ^^g „gg)j g„d with her parents, Mr. 
for i.Varroad to be gone for an indefl- ^„^ jj^j James Patten at their home 
nite period. Miss Motz was formerly ' ^^ Porter j streeti returned to her 
a teacher, but during the past yearig^jj^oi duties in-the Rosewood sdiool 
has spent much of her time in this ^^j Sunday. 

city at the home of her mother, Mrs.' „ _ ;,,. _., . ^„„. „„ 

Fmma Motz I Rev. O.M. Stensgaard arrived On 

tmma Motz. [priday froto his home at Fisher, Minn.- 

iliss Edna Norquist left on Friday t;, take charge of; the funeral arrange- 
for Moorhpad where she will be the „,ents of his sister, Mrs; W.D. Stokes, 
guest of Jliss Granum, for a short ; ,-,f piu^m^r,, who died in this; dty. on 
period. She expects to return tp her ■jhujsaay.i 
home in this city about Monday. Miss' | _ ^.. o^„^„a_i.|i hy 

P^'l^^M'^orheld'""'^ =■ '"'""'' -^'Mhef d^ti'ri Mis^a'jflSSf re^a 
lege .m Moorhead. | ^^^^^^ ^itemodn to thdr homM. at 

George Adsero of Faigo arrived . Avon. They haij: spent the 
here! last Friday morning and M.'iited I attending! to business matters and 
friends and. attended to business mat- shopping, i ■; , ., '■ 
ters for a few days. Thp Adsero fam- I ^ ^^^^ ,j p^^th, ar- 

?L,f.!£°™rj""'v™*f 1 'r ?^ rived herl last ISaturday .evening to 

having moved from here about two 
yeais : ago. tTVhile here, they made 
their home 'on St. Paul; avenue. 

mIss Josie Otteson left Monday eve- 
ning! for her home at Fosston, .after a 
visifl at -the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. 

, Hesby.-who reside IB miles east of this 
cityj On her return honje she was ac- 

■ companied by Clarence Hesby, a son 
of J; Hesby, who will remain at Foss- 
ton for an indefinite period. 

visit for a week at, the home of Mr. 
and Mrs. jT. H. |Chittick. Miss Chit- 
tick is ajsisterjof Mr. Chittick and 
was formery of {this pity. 

Miss G^rda Milander, who has been 
residing for soiAe-time in the -village 
of Goodridge, left on Tuesday afterr 
noon for Grand! Forks. Miss Miland- 
er expects to be employed in this dty 
for the remainder of ^the winter. 



nice crowd turned out last time and 

it is hpped tjiat a still greater crpwd 

be warm and a gpod program will be 

Here is tbat^cfiffefent 
wallboard, Madefrran - 
ix)ck--4ibtwbpil,pulp ; 
or paper. It will not 
wjufpistrinkorbuclde. ■ 
It i8;s(^d, rigi^.^re- ; 
prqb/ aiid permanent i 
IJse itj for 'walls and ' 
ceilings in new con- 
struction and;Tepairs. 

.11 a 

the fireproof 

V- ! Ask youTlumbeir ' 
[iedlerfor a sample 



to asct:ruin whether the elab irtui to con- 
tinae harlns lu meetioei onvFrtday ' or 
Satnrdujr ereninffs, ana Fiidiv ereninff 
wai rictorioaa with a rote at Tito 10. It 
was aUo announced that metntier, Ted. 
Thompson had, aince tl>e— iasti meetinci 
been sworn in as Depoty : Sherifl^ by Uar- 
ahall conntj Sheriff Hans jHanson at War- 
ren, an dwin hare jarladietioo| corerlnff 
the proceedlnss of all meetings of \ the 
elnb. It was motioned thst one member be 
appointed as chairman of the] prosxam 
committee np till Mar l*t, and that he 

CommonitT Clab Merts. 

The St. Hilalre comnmniir clnb held its 
annual meeline in the school honse audl- 
lorium last Friday evenlnc Mr. Charles 
Anderson presided as chairman. The fol- 
lowing officers were elected: Mylea Jack- 
eon, treasurer; Esther Horet, secretary; 
These officers hold office for one year. A. 

F Hall was elected as chairman for the, _. _.__ ___ - — 

next meeting. iUss Mildred Pellman and petsonally appoinU fire lassUtahts, 

James JL Dahl, who are members of the ^Chester Dols was elected ai> ^hairnnn. 

prveram committee wiU bold over for Chaa. Sehnabel ^was apinicted |aa Inn^h 

a"otber meeting and a new m«nber will, committee for the next peetintf of Fei>- 

be appointed to fill Miss Moen's place- Af- 8th. The meeting -ns bow taVned orer 

ler the business session a program was to the program conimittee who I fnniltbed 

rendered, which consisted of mnalcal se- the following program: I j 

lections by the boys' and girls' glee dob' Commonity singing: r*Ro9ewvod ' wBl 

of the high school and an address by H. Shine to-night i j_ 

F. Anderson on education: The Junior Piano doet. Mra. O.- 8. HJdletmd ;and 

cla*5 of ttse hi eh school served Itmeh to Delma. Dels. | 

thJse present, and the proceeds of the; Jokes: Helmer Blom. j : 

lunch will be osed to help defray the ei- Bedtation. "If," by Chester Dols. 

l-iusis of the Junior-Senior banquet. Ai Monologue: Percy Eaason. j 

T^iT enjoyable time is reported by those Mnaie selection: Mrs. Hellerud, Delma 

In'iatiendanee. ."nd Chester Dola. j 

Community sinping. "Dixie." | 

Sebekab Xodce^ Laoch was serr-^d at 'midnight to all 

■iht regular meeting of the Iris Bebekah, P^^^j'^,"!,;!'*' r-maindsr of tbje evening 
L^.^se No. 40 was held in the I. 0. O. F., ■^" delightfully s pent at social diversions. 
hall last Tuesday evening. Mrs. A. J. Hed ; -..«.. *m. _^ ,, '. ,L. J 

wai installed as vice grand for the ensuing \ ^^^^^^ ,«"'*^ "« ^*°°"* j??*;.. 
leriu and Mrs. Maakrud and Mrs. A. S. ' ,The annual =.e«lnc of the Sw.jdhib Mis- 

WiUon were appointed as supporters of ' °/ ~J^I*^°°,^" *"^*f »' ^'^^ ^''^ ^""^ 

,. I ^ , „,„„, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Blom on .Sunday after- 

thc nee grand. > , ' 

I ■ noon. I 

Her. Werner Drotts oZ Vikinsr.lthe pres- 

Hilaire ^°^ pastor, wis re-en*,*«gsd for jinoiher 

, _ , . „,„-.„i year to serve the con^reCTtioa cisee cTery 

ret. lu i,.x,^h Tu«J>r ^"^Jf^^' month durtag =1k wlaterj.nd e^ij olber 

cial occasicns, as may lie found ncwssary. 

ington, I 
Coolidge. j 

Minnie Tad kpent Friday 
Maggie Johnson. ! 

Ludvlg lArsoa of Tbief jRIver Falls, 
called, at John : Hemmes* Wednesday. 

Albert Nearson of Gerjr. Minn., la Tlsit- 
ing-at the Ote^ Howard, home for. an In-- 
definite period. ; ; | 

Theo. Quale of Thief River Palls trans- 
acted builneM at Hlghlaodlng Tnesday. ^ 

Alfred Lowman of Karistad, Minn, is 
Tititinff at Otto Stncy's. I | ' 

Mrs. Teddx Homm and «oii Ttidor. was 
calling one day last week at the . P. P. 
Karstad home. ' ■ | 

The coyotes* e-e e-es were l^eard howUnff 
in thla vicinity ^aat Wednesday. 

pQC Consin Tlsitdd at mstklandins Fri- 

Gander Anderson banlel- cream to tbe 
Eoland creamery Friday; J 

Ben Kvest£ traesarted bai&iess at Qklee 

Maggie Johnson spent . tbe week end at 
the J. 'j'. Ndsoa home. 

T, Saltvedt WAS a hnsfciesa ^Upt at Thief 
Itiver fans Fridiy. Johi«"i WIS •* »»*drldg«> Friday. 

Krii(»l HMi--^n ral-rd ■! H]ablard*re on 

Uaiklnsiai •aeds t>4 'S*! nitring • 

Ilea, J. T. Kelsba snd Mjztie and Tl^la 

1 Basket Ball lonr. 

The city basltct ball team of Sr. 

fliK.r bv a >c-jre of 2 to 10. ' The 
n.j^t m.rui::? th.y went on J^ Roseau ^ ^^ ^ ^^^^^ ^^: corigregaU. 

^■her^.- ;tej me: the ciiy team of that place ^^ ^t^,„^ ,„, ^„,.t>...,. ^«.. ^„/i„*i„^ 
Ih-:^ fiiEc cV'.-ning. Allbough they were 
HOC victTious at Roseau a very good game 
w::i 5[:ice-i which ended with a score of 
14 lio 11 in favor of Hfseau. Our boys 
5;-e.ik very favurably of the hospitality 
ai:d sportsmanship shown at both plares 
and especially at Koseau where the boys 
Enj other atliletes were pleasantly enter- 
tained at a card party and feed. They 
retiimed home Thursday afternoon. Those 
in the team were Martin Loberg, Sigrud 

was retained for anoth;.'r year and includes 
Ch airman, Rev. Wemer Dfotts; vice chair- 
man, John Bloom; treasurer, T. MeOem 
and secretary, Mra. Carl Blom. The next 
church services win be held at the chbrdi 
on Sunday, March 17. at lOJXt ajn. land 
at 7:30 pjn. 

Carl Banum arrived oti Saturday eren- 

ing from Warren and will Tisit with John 

Bantmi and other relative^ [ 

T- I T. ^r . T T- n tr n^.- 1 D.- ^Ir. and ilrs. John M^heck and baby 

re. C»theta#^n .BdJ^ifford Bdden. , ,^^^ „^ ^ S^titnK, ^Lfc tIS 

n 1. T> n ^ > ^omt and operate the old homcl place of 

I ^"^'* °*° *^*'^ '■ the Melachecks. Aged Mr. Melaebeek, has 

The city team and the high school team b^^n. HI part of the last ■nmmcr and^ has 

clashed on the home fioor last Thursday foand it necessary to hire considerable 

night. This was the first game staged in ontside help, but wUb th« addition' of his 

tbej new gymnasium. The game was close gon brieves that the two can make it bet- 

and very interesting from start to finish ter jointly than to opec^ two iCarma la 

and provided the fans with an hour of ex- different localities. Rosooe Paft^ has 

citing amusement The city team came leased tbe Melacheck ^rm' here for the en- 

ouii ahead with a score of 8 to 7. A. P. atUng year. i j : 

HftU refered. The city team eon- j^j Roberta, an organlseT for the Min- 
sisied at,Sie- Engi, Butch Wilson. Mylea neg(,t. Wheat Grpwew line, of Thief 
Jactson/Mart Loberg, Hank Follatad and ^^er Falla, spent Thursday between tnins 
Ari Hanson, and those playing on the high ^^ this place trying to inteiert local faim- 
scl^ool team were Xorman Olson, Herrey ^„ jj, ^^^^^ movement, ai^ also attempted 
£atheiinean. Art Johnson, ClifTord Beldea (g ^oia ^ community meeting here, but 
K--uie Odegaard and Pan! Erickson, q^q^ ^^ bad weather hi'Tetnrned with- 

out much success the same evening: 
Afternoon Gathering. Oscar Ttmheim, accompanied by a few 

iLiss Nellie Follsiad entertained a num- friends from Xewfolden, OMtored:down on 
ber of her friends a: ber bume here last Friday evening to attend the Farm clum 
Thursday afternoon. Tbe afternoon was meet, 
spent at needlework, after whieli- a aell- Mrs. Julia Axelson has , been on the sick 
do IB luncheon was served. Those present: list the last week suffering from an atta^ 
were: Mrs. Berg, Mrs. A. Tik, Miss' Bran- 1 of eryseprfas of her T^g . 

Tina Walsnes and Mrs. M. Highland. Ber. Geo. Larson returned on' Ttiesday 
— . evening to Thief River iFalla after con- 
Birthday, Party. ducting the funeral rites over" deceased 
number of friends of Miss Mildred Oscar Banum at Rlndal the same day. 
FeUman -were entertained last Thursday Miss Viola Axelson, from Tiiief River 
; »mooii at the school building by Miss Falls, spent Tuesday at' her home h'eie 
Braun, in honor of Miss Fellman's having been called to the illness of her 
birthday anniversary. A very delicious niother, 

luncheon was served and a good time is Emil Anderson and Emil Hellqiiist drove 
■rported. The gnesis present were the to Thief River PaUfl on [ Saturday to at- 
MiEses £dilb DaM, Er^her Hovet. Olympia tend tbe annual creamery meeting. 
Moen. Lulubel Jerpe. Selma Hoff and Mil- Garageman J. S. Sorenson left. last Sat- 
dred FeUman. iii^d Mi-suames E, Jenstn, T. xirday for Thief River Falls'where he will 

Tindahl and Oseqr Toartldr 

1, itpnit Rat- 

nrday ereniog at tiie Bio' Ssj A^h* borne. 

new wat*r cooler^wat installed in 
Dist. 57 Jtst we^. 

T. Saltredt cabled at; HItiblaadlnff on 

Minnie Tad. Maggie Johnson and Messrs 
Harold Johnson. Edwin ^ and Raymond 
Xrfson were caBers at the Don. BeandiT 
home Monday evening:- 

Don. Beandry has been fishing maskrats 
with a pan this week. j 

*•« : 
Qnlnton 6dio*l BEst. <7. 
Gemera Ovemm, Teajdwr. 

Miss Asbjor Kveste ahd'hex sister Tiait- 
ed at Andersons' Sunday evei^g. 

John Xelson ^called at' EJJos' Monday 
evening. [ 

Clarence Iverpon, Arthnr and M a lcplm 
Stncy visited at Rustad's, Sunday exening. 

Miss Asbjor Anderson was a caller at the 
Kveste home. | 

Mrs. Kveste and her two danghters were 
caBera at Edwin Syversrads'.! 

Miss Asbjor Kveste was a ^est at Stol- 
aas* Wednesday. 

Alvin and Llla Bakken Tisited Mr. and 
Mrs. John SnndsdahL ^ 

Ben Kveste was at HlgMaraUng Wednes- 

Mr.- and Mtl Mandt were sttrprised by 
some of their friends. 

John Homme and his son 'WHIaid esBed 
at Howards* -Tuesday eveninc' 

Tarald Anderson visited Howards' Son; 

Ben Kveste ' waa a business caller al 

Dr. D. Eolestiand was at Goodridge on 

Anton Johnson visited Anderaons* Sun- 
day afternoon. 

GOman Homme, who Is att CD Jln g Ugk 
school In Goodridge, Tinted witti his par- 
ents over the weA «id. 

Cansii on you beH ipend hia'gold. 

Leo. EIlingBon, always, witk 
A pleasant smile, ; 

,Bnshi him gfris, as tbr 
One better yonll never Ana. 

Myron Heffgestoen.. don't fbrgeC, 
FreeB to Urn this jrery honr. 
He «^ make a model bnsband 
Thou^ he looks « little abtiz: 

Alvinj demmetson in stm i 
Hopinc thMt tor him 

- Diet. «•. dam .Oleo,; Ttaelkr. 

Misses Oars Olen, Gertrude Bakke, 
Marie, ^ennle^ Albert and Herman Cooper 
Tisited at WednTs last Thtarsday evening. 

E. A. Bakke, Gertmde Bakke and Marie 
Cooper caned at the John. Asp home last 
Tnesday erenins. 

H. Cooper called at John Asp's home on 
Friday afternoon. 

John Cooper is bdplng Mr. Elove haul 

rovTn set your aaU, 

Cooraie sister, da-«ot fidtec; 
He has tried bnt 1 

GObett Oirervold, hej cant be beat, 
Snchja atont and study '^low. 
One lottk voold tell i 

dbnt yon all 

Another who'a 

Einac Olson, here's ; 

Been waiting for this, "wort,r? ' 

Seems to be his mom>, so.i 

A home yoBli be sure to' hare. 

! ^ ! 

Hanr Conain, alway's cbeerfaB 
Says jsome day heU win a. mate. 
Nab him giris,. this TeiT'hoar, ' 
Before' yoQ find it Is too late. 

If yon find yon're up against It, 
And can't find one high or low. 
Just kdrertise your bfGer and 
Brine along the "dongh.**. 

Amt and Mr. Wednl are boay hauling ^^^^^^ 

John Omdahl called at WedoTa Thnzs- 
day afiemooB. 

This week we haie been busy studying 
•pdllns fbr our contest. 

OrrlDe Stennes - caned at tbe Asp and 
S^berg hoaea San'dar. 

airj Wednl eaXkd at Selberg's last Mon- 
day. - - - 

Qatar and lldrln Wednl visited at the 
Asp home last Taesday ercnlBC. 

Mx. Solberc called at the school honse 

lira. Cooper and son Albeit eUled on 
Mrs. Asp Friday morning. 

Mrs. Asp had the misfartnne of getting 
n sewing needle in. her finger while wash- 
Inc dotbea. She had tbe needle remored 
and her finger Is now healing. 

Old Glorr School Dlst. Xe. tt. 

Morgan Yan^mn and family were pleas- 
ant callers at the Ole Geving home Satur- 
day evening. ' | 

Ole Geving, Jr., is busy hauHng hay.' 

Mrs. George : Teige, Bennle and Sdma 
Geving. Mrs. Ingvald Geringj and. daughter 
Lorraine, visited with Mr. iand Mrs. Ole 
Geving. Jr. last. Sunday. I 

Paul Sand caBed at Oscar TharaldBon> 
Stmday evening: i 

Mrs. Ingerald Geving, MrsJ George Teige, 
Bennie and Selma Geving visited at Thar-, 
aldsons' last Thursday evening. 

Mrs. Ingvald Geving and daughter Lor- 
raine, who have been visititig at the Amt 
Geving home, are now at the home of her 
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Olatm Sand. 

Celaine Prestegaard of Erie, and Bjorgo 
Hemmostvedt of Kratka. were the winners 
In tbe speniuff contest beld Saturday. Jan. 

2a.- I 

Otej ^^egland ntade a boslness trip to 
Thief River FaBa ThnrsdaT; 

Aatpn Johnson. Bhoda; Ole and Knnte 
HelgtOand, Anton J'ohnaonJ Highlandtnff; 
and pie Asbjomson, were' caBers at C 
W. Johnsons' Wednesday evening 

Palmer Askland and Albert Hegland 
spent} Sunday afternoon with Olai and 
Gilbert Langie. I 

Gilbert Overwold| entertained Myron 
Hegg^stuen Tuesda}* aft»noon with his 
sisterfa don. a little ^og. and some cookies 
received from "Mamma." Cm yon beat it? 

H.Jw. Wnde made a bttslness trip to 
Thlefj RiveE TaSJa Tlitirsday. 

Harry Consin. Leo EIlingBon, Halvor 
SIgnrjdson -and Myron H^gtttnen, spent 
Friday evaiing at Asbjornsons*. 

Oscar demmetson i made "a brief call at 
WUdea* Saturday aftemooni 

iHA Loretta Cousin entertained a group 
of friends Tnesdayj erening. A dainty 
Itmeh' was ' served at midnight. Those 
present were: Misses Hattie WBde. Sophie 
and' piine Langie. Messrs. ,Leo' KTHngson. 
Hatvor Signrdson. | Myron Heggestoen, 
GQbeit Overwold and Clifford Danlelson. 
A Terr pleasant evening was spenL 

Enitte Heghmd aid Alaf Langie called 
at Htiaons* gi mda y jaftemoon. 

Miss Hattie Wllde: ttemrt: Umn Hec- 
g e stii en and GQbRt Overwold took sapper 
with JLangies' Strnday. 

Albot Hegland ti|Qit Simdar afternoon 
wlth|DaTied and Fred WBde. 

T. 10. Langie made a htuteess trip to 
Oklee Monday. | ; 

Messrs. Ole Holdohl. D. Bolsland. T. O. 
I^ngle and John Fetnaon called on C 
W. Johnson Simdayi ; 

Vra. T. p. tAngie jrisifced at O. HegSand's 
Stmday afternoon. I ' | .^ ' 

Messrs. Harry Catnin. Leo EBingson and 
Halvpr Stgurdson were eaDers at Woldes' 
Sstutday evening. [ ' j 

i { "SPARK PLUG." 

(Hattie wnde. Sophie Langi and Ollno 
Tjangl, yeportos.) 

District X«. St. 
Mr. and Mra. Ole Lokken made a trip 
to Goodridgci Toesda J. 
Gost and Oris .Olson called on Albert 

Bnrstad 'last 
There is a 

land' hom 
Mi: 3ii 



DIstrtei Vm, tK. 
Clar».KnKtsan, Kepwlcr. 

Mrs. Hangan who has been qnfte. sick 
Is now very mneh Improved. 

The man carriera from Thief Biver Falls 
and Erie axe harlnff a hard time to come 
with cars these days. The snow Is very 
deep, which makes tbe goiny. hard. 

Floyd Austin has been expecting to go 
to the woi>ds since before Christmas bnt 


Uttle new baby at the Loy 

visited at Gimder Hanson's 

Henry | Dahlen was a . bnalness caller at 
the BhwaB 1 ome Tnesday of last week. 

Mr. and 1 Irs. Olof Omlid and famUr 
Tisited at Wf Ue Tettleaon's Sonday. 

Mr. and Hi Li Bennet Johnsmd -called at 
the Ole Johaknd home Sunday evening: 

Mr. and Mis. Bm BIndahl and Mr. and 
Ura. Ole RUdahl called at the Comelins 
Jtdinsnid hotte Snndar. 

On Hendax ecc nr red the marriage of T. 
Johnsmd ana TnUe Bfrdahl. Tbe school ' 
wishes them W happy married life. 

Happiness never deserts^ us,— we 
have to :dia^ it away if we don't want 
it aroaild tbe place. 

.Wfienieveil we jadge others we are 
pretty sore to. omvict them. 

Tbe SOD : 
we do not < 

L on ns even thon^ 

Be hcaiest with yotnself broiler and 
admit that me has been, singing with 
the voice ox spzxng and h(q>e. 

The i>est {lifie holds for as is the 
chance jto a^e oorsdv^ gladly ami 
trinrnpfumty to some common, pnr- 
pose of hmnanity, our service for 
iriiich afad in wideh shall make as 
partaJceis of human joy and victory. 

Sfcanmd and G. I. Feilman. 

remain over Sunday to visit among friends 
and attend to bnsiness matters. 

" ) 


tlnsic Coterie Me^s. 

The demix-rs of the Music Coterie were 
pll-asanily entertained last Wednesday 
cTfening at the borne of Miss Peari Slmon- 

st'Ti. After the re^mlar siudy period, which it — : '• ft 

isj asuany devoi,:^ lu the Uves of great H- J- Finsmd and Oscar Hanson began 
mbsicians. the yonnf: pe^.ple indulged in o" their Ice job Thursday by hauling two 
varioDs cpnte^ts and frames.- A dainty loads ef ice to Goodridge. - ; 

idcch tras ?-,rved hv the hustess. ' CarLKjos and brother Alfred of Koiyon, 

I il ' were callers at Higfalanding Tnesday. 

air. 2nd Mrs. E. 0. Burkee abd danghter Christ Xissen has beeii on the sick list 
Bjryl -xere dinner ^np^isat the' home of "»e past few days, but hi np and around 
Mj. and Mrs. J. Han?<,n Sunday.} again. 

Il>r. 0. S. ■^emer -xas a Thi-f River Falls Charley Johnson of Deer Park, . was 
visitor Sunday. pleasantly surprised last jWednesday even- 

jMUs Haitie' Jchcson was at Thief River ^S "wben a few of the men aronnd here 
Falls between trains Wednesday. caUed on him to spend the evening 

JMrs. J. Kinney, has been IB the past PlarlDB whist. [ 

wtek and confined to her bed. but is im- Alfred KJos, of Kenyon, and Clencva 
proving. Ovemm, were callera at J. L. Kelsons* on 

Aug. Swenson transacted business at Tuesday evening. 
Thief River Falls between trains Tnesday. . ^ir. Danielson is kOUng time by sawing 

Mrs. Ed. Aubol has been quite m for i<» ^or Mr. Finstad andJMr. Hanson. 
the past two weeks but Is reeoverin- Minnie Vad transacted ; bnalness at TUef 

The students in the local high school Biver Falls Friday. ( 

are to be greatly commended on their Edwin Nelson was a eallet at Goodridge 
though tfulness and sympathy in sending Friday, 
a beautlfia bouquet of cut Bowers to A. S. Alfred KJos of Kenyon, who has been 
fS'ilson. wbo is a patient at the Warren visiting friends and relatives for the past 
hoBpitaL These Sowers and the spirit In "week, returned to his home Thursday. 
which they were sent were greatly ap- Herman KJoa Irft for an unknown destl- 
predated by Mr. 'R'ii&on and also by his nation Thursday but It b thotigfat by peo- 
family. pie of this vicinity that Ihe. left. for_ Wash- 

A. C. Hegstrom transacted btulness in 
Thief River Falls Tuesday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Vemle Peterson of BUth- 
dale. Missouri, arrived Saturday morning 
to spend- a month at the home of Vemie'a 
parents, Mr. and Mra. Ed. Peterson. ' 

Some very fine musical numbers were 
rendered at the services In the Norwegiao 
Lutheran church Sunday evening, by a 
quartet of male voices consisting of James ' 
i. Dahl, Mr. Berg, Arthur Hendriekson ' 
znd Theo. Skattrud. j 

Tbe next meeting of the* W. C. T, 'D. 



■ft • "i. . — 

".4 Leav Tear Poesa." 

Come all jon girls and llEten, 
Just barken .nnto me. And I wBl 
T^ you something thatwQl 
make your sorriws flee. | 

Pve been thinking of it lately 
And I'm sure it is a fact, | 

That Our Boys In Mayfield 
Want to try the Leap Tear act. 

Aab]om Asbjomson has. been 
Patient, looking forward ti I 
This year, now If yon wonid pop 
The question, it would fill ihim 
With good cheer. 

Halvor Signrdson Is also waiting. 
Let me give yon giils a Inuch, 
Whoever gets this qtilet fellow, 
Wotild surely '■ get a honey-bunch. 

Ole Olson, he's another; who'd 
File up amonght the best,! 
'With his smOe and pleasant ways, , 
I would surely try my lock. 

BJame Olson. thinks he's fated 
So this day give him your hand. 
And on yon Fm sure, hell lavish 
An his coin and fertile land. 

We Sell the 
Best In the Northwest 


The Prichard Co. 

PHONE 221 

Tfill be held February 3 at the home of 
Mra, G. I. Feilman. AB Interested in the 
Union and its work are welcome to attend. 
] Mrs. Fred Hanson waa^t Thief River 
^alls last Tburstiay visiting frienda. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Soderber^ entertain- 
ed a ntmiber of their neighbors and friends 
last Wednesday evening in bonor of their 
son Walter, who leaves for the West soon 
nd expects to spend some time out there. 

Agnes Odegaard waa a Thief Biver FaHa 
^isitor last Thursday. 

The basket ball team of Red Lake Falls 
win meet the home team at the local' gym- 
nasium Wednesday evening. 

number of people In SL Hllaire and 
^cinity are planning on attending the farm 
crops show at Crqokston next week. 

Mrs. Elmer Johnson who las been vblt* 
ing friends and relatives at Manvel, K. D., 
returned to her hdme here last week. 



Farmers' CTnb Meeting 
The regular meeting of the Rosewood 
I'armers' club was held at the haR in 
own last Friday evening and was attend- 
1^ by about one himdred persons. The 
: ^gnlar routine of business was /gone 
1 brougb, and included a vote by baflot 

^Amowimi Reappointment cf 
Oenl M^cflpdle Co. 


Every Day is DeLavall 
Cream Separator ; | 

Yon can now take your De loMsi Cream 
Separator! to fhem fbroos^otit the year, and i 

.']..: 1*1' 

pompeteitt and specially trained loan in tbdi; or- 

gmimtinri win ^orerluud md inspect it^ rqilaee 

Bach parte as may be necessary, and retam it to 

yon in first«lasa mnning order, so that it wjU give 

..the loDK years of perfect service of wUch ereiy 

- K>e Laval jCream Separator is ctqnble. 

^- - \ ! ■; - ..■: ■-.:-!..- V-iM ^ 


For men only is wliat persons thouglit about politics only-i score of yeai-s 

ago, but 
going to 

today both men and women Vv ant to know whaf s hjappening and is 

I I Republicans=Deniocrats 
Farmer Laborites=Independent5 

are imder the spotlight in Washington. Wliat will they do with the proposed 
legislation? fWiH they reduce taxes? Will'a soldiers' bonus lie passed? What 
about thb railroads? The World Court? Will deadlocks in Iboth House and 
Senate block all progress? What effect will Congress' action | or inaction have 
on the next presidentiai election? Will Minn^ta and the Northwest states 
continu^ to support the Progressive group? Up-to-the-minute news on all 
events pplitidal and other^se appear daily in 


*)r St. Paul Pioneer Press 

TMgar Marfjiani, Dispatch-Pioneer 
Pr^ cdrresppndent, gives you firsts 
hand laiowiedgfr on every event in 
Wastungton.! He lieeps Ii^ eagle eye 
especially pn the men and measures 
of interm id Northwest people. 

Bt^bert 7- SnuO, of fame for Us re- 
cord as a political correspondent, pre- 
pares news for readers. 

i I ,_ - - 

H. R CrozieT's knowledge of St Paul 
and Northwest politics fits him to 
give accurate information of l^Gnne- 
sota's Capitol and tl^ Northwest 

CDnton W. Gilbeit, former Managing 
Editor of the New York Tribune and 
author of "Mirrors iof Washington," 
adds ills knowledge and ability to the 

David Lawrence, one of the most em- 
inent political writers in tiie countiy, 
reviews National Peyfitics as a whole 
serves Dispatch-Pioneer Press read- 
ers. , I 

"liie Associated "Pieaa covers every- 
: political and othervidse everywhere 
with its 50,000 employes. 

Wliat the Dispatch and Pioneer Press does to serve jron iwitii Political 
news {is similar to the service in aH other d^artments. Rere's a worth- 



Begnlar Bates 

Sptoal^pnea Ita 1 

TbieC Biver FaOs Tribune— 1 yT42.00 ) 
llie St Paiol VispaUit-iir. 

Si ^.oo 

J Pmxiliasedsangjy these Papers would cost |7.0(l 
Riihg or send your orders to the Tbief ^ver Falls 'Mbme. 













A^socinte Editor 

Publiahed Every Weiluesday 
Thlel River Falls, Minn. 

Entered aa sDcond class matter at the 
poatoffice at Thief River Falls, Mlun., uader 
the Act of March 3. 1879. 


theme! of] FINE 


-J,JU; l w,. 





before the coun- 

"Richard, the Lioi^-Hearted" 

Based on Adventoes of 

Famous Mpnlarch. 

The Teapot Dome scandal" has the 
country by the ears just now but this 
newspaper, foUoiving the lead of the 
Legion Weekly, pointed out exactly 
what happened more than a year ago. 
We viewed with suspicion the trans- 
fer of the oil deposits of the govern- 
ment from one department to another, 
the subsequent leasing to the Sinclj^; 
interests, when there really w»s jjo 
necessity for the action. The ;^ Ifite" 
President Harding, who was one of the 
best natured men that ever lived, pro- 
bably surrounded himself with more 
lame ducks than has ever before been 
the case with a President of the Unit- 
ed States, and those who have follow- 
ed recent developments are not in the 
least surprised at the disclosures 
made. Mark our word, Alaska escaped 
a wholesale plundering when Albert 
B. Fall retired from the cabinet. 

Prosperity assuredly runs in cycles. 
Always has and always" will and we 
firmly believe4he cycle of good times 
is just around the comer. Get ready 
to grab a' chunk of it. Be a booster 
and help get the country in a good 
frame of niind and yoju will be sur- 
prised ;at the results. 

Great Picture Comes to the 

Princess Theatre Next 

Sunday and Monday. 

Democrats who are making a lot of 
capital out of the Teapot Dome dis- 
closures have siezed upon something 
which is really of minor importance 
when compared with the plunder 'of 
this coim'try by "th^ war ",' profiteers* 
during the lamented Democratic, ad- 
ministration. - .', ';,', , 

If we could have President .Co<il- 
id'ge's ear for a moment we -should 
advise him to get rid of Denby, Wedcs 
and Daugherty. This 'trio "more than 
any other factor contributed to the 
disrepute of the Harding administra- 

The place for the next district dele- 
gates convention is Thief River Falls. 
The delegates will be well entertained 
here and the omen of good luck which 
hovers over this city will assuredly 
bring good luck to the Republican par- 

ty. ■ 

Magnus Johnson wants the Presi- 
dent to select a Farmer-Labor attor- 
ney to investigate the oil scandal. 
Wonder- if he had Tommy Siillivan in 
mind ? 

If Ole P. B. is wise he will drop one 
initial. Think of J. A. A. Bumquist 
and J. A. 0. Preus and the trouble 
they have had. 

When a popular novel wins a tre- 
mendous following and ihe public sets 
up a clamor for "more," the author 
woos th^'muse and writes a sequel. 
, This device of the book world has 
been adopted by the motion picture 
industry, for a -picture which really 
is a "sequel" to! "Douglas Fairbanks 
in Robin Hood,, has been produced by 
the Associated Ajuthorslunder the title 
of "Richard, theiLion-Hearted," a ro- 
mance of the Third Crusade based on 
Sir Walter Scott's famous novel, v"The 
Talisman." ■ 

Such a tremendous success was 
scored by "Robin Hood" that the new- 
ly organized firm of notables who are 
incorporated under the title of "As- 
sociated Authors" screened a story 
which takes up the thread^ of the ad- 
ventures of thef great King Richard 
from the time that he left England 
until his return. I Taken with the story 
lold in the Douglas Fairbanks' pro- 
duction, it gives 'a fairly complete his- 
torical representation of the famous 
historical periodjof the Third Crusade. 
Months of research work and. care- 
ful preparation ^haye gone into this 
production whidi will be the initial 
release of the ; Frank E. Woods- 
Thompson Buchanan-Elmer Harris- 
Clark Thomas organization for Allied 
Producers and Distributors corpora- 
tion and which comes to the Princess 
next Sunday and" Monday. Several 
Hundred volumes of history and litera- 
ture were studied by a staff of re- 
seareh experts. I 

With the mass of detailed 
tions out of the way, the anchors' 
trio, which jointly supervised the pro- 
duction turned their attention to the 
selection of the cast 

Wallace Beery immediately was 
chosen and signed up for the feature 
role of King Richard,; since his port- 
rayal of the Crusader 'king in "Robin 
Hood" had wonja big popular follow- 
ing. Kathleen Clifford was cast for 
the role of Queen Berengaria; Mar-- 
guerite de la Motte for Lady Edith 
Plantagenet; John, Bowers for Sir 
Kenneth, :&iight of the' Leopai^; 
Charles Gerrard for.Sultan-Saladi&; 
Tully .Mai^fllUfor the ,Herimt^,df 
Engaddi; "Clarence Gelbert as Sir 
Gohrade de Montserrat and Wilbur 
Higby as Sir Thomas Devaux. 

Sets rivalling those of "Robin 
Hood" in lavisbness were worked out 
by Mrs. Una Nixon Hopkins, the art 
director. Priceless Turlash rugs, pot- 
teries-from P^estine; made-to-order 
furniture . of ebony and mother-of- 
pearl; jeweled (mirrors, combs and, 
chests, which are reproductions of or- 
iginals in the- British' museum; espe-" 
cially designed; costumes of silks, 
satins, brocades and furs — ^these are 
few of the items of "special pro- 
duction expense," while for some of 
the big fight scenes a reproduction of 
the town of Joppa, Palestine, was 
erected. l 

sentatives appeared 
cil asking that the city install a city 
scal^ to insure, privajte parties getting 
full \*eights when buying fuel or sell- 
^g produce. While| they had rip spe- 
cific instances of pndue advantage 
Wving been taken by any dealer in 
fusl or 'any produce buyer yet there 
wete plenty of ugly stories floating 
about and the men thought the city 
should be willing to give this protec- 
tion. 1 ' 

Alderman H. A. Brumund explained 
that for four years) the old council 
had'endeavored to find-a way to over- 
come ihe talk and |to provide, such 
protection but it w^ found it would 
cost the city approxjimately $2,600 for 
a scale and at least $100 per month 
for a care taker. JThis was deemed 
too expensive at this time. 

In this connection a bid was read 
from ttie Plichard |company, offering, 
to lease their scale to the city for $40 
per month for a tri^, so that the city 
could ascertain if there was a real de- 
mand for.a'ttjty scale. The matter 
waS'referred to the street committee 
for investigation and disposal as they 
deem expedient, j ^ — 

An informal discussion of the light- 
ing situatibn was before the aldermen 
for nearly an hour [without any decis- 
ion being arrived at. Chairman Mar- 
tin E\'enson thought the city should 
purehase another I^iesel engrine as an 
auxiliary in case of trouble to those 
now in use, ancj. was ' partially sup- 
ported in this idea by Chris Porter,' 
■while H. A. Brumund and Oscar Paul- 
son declared in favor of the city pur- 
chasing the prasehj: dam. ,T. A. Fos- 
sum did not express any opinion and 
Oscar Ramheck was absent. The inat- 
ter was laid over until some future 
time, although all | realize that somti 
important step rau^t be taken soon tb 
protect the city against a possible per- 
iod of darkness in | case of engine 
trouble or water shortage like that 
for the past ten dajys. 

L. C, Nielsen,, applicant for assist- 
ant city clerk, asked what disposition 
had been made o^ his application 
which had been referred to the city 
attorney. H. O. CHommie repliediJiat 
he was not prepared as yet to ihak^ 
any disposition ofjthe matter, 'which' 
would have tb copie up at a regular . 


Contestants l^m All Parts 

of Couniy t(f Try for Trip 

to Crdokston. 

Albert B. Fall is no sicker than the 
country which-he disgraced. 


Home Talent Shows Up Es:^ 
ceptioiiially Well in ]@la1h; j 
orate production. 


B|r. Bowers Called to Holt. 
On Saturday, January 26, Dr. Bow- 
ers was suddenly called to Holt to 
attend 'ihe sickness of Edgar John- 
son, the grandson of the Otto John- 
sons of Holt. The little lad had been 
visiting with his grandparents in that 
town fQr several months. He sud- 
denly Mcame very ill with double- 
pneumonia several days ago, but when 
Dr. Bowers was called, it was already 
too late and the boy died just before 
the doiitor arrived at the home. 


Thief River City Council 

Holds Bjosy Session on 

Tuesdiay Evening. 

HW. C. T. U. Meeting. 
The W. C. T. U. will hold the next 
loyalty ■ meeting on February 5th at 
3 p.m. dt the home of Mrs. A. Craik, 
622 Horece avenue. A peace program 
will be carried out with Mrs. Prichard, 
Sr. as leader. The treasurer desires 
that all! members come prepared to 
pay dues and also bring the new rneiA' 
bers. The hostess will serve lunch 
and everyone is welcome. 


The annual meeting and election of 
officers'" will take place February 14. 
At that time a report of the activities 
of the Commercial club mU be given. 

Tliere were, over a hundred present 
at the luncheon last Saturday, which 
was followed by a very, successful 
creamery meeting. 

Most of the farmers were very much 
interested in the matter of raising 
cucumber pickles and as soon as more 
details have been received from the 
company the matter will be taken up. 
again. -'' 

On February 7th and 8th will occur 
the annual meeting of the. Commercial 
club secretaries in St. Paul. A very 
interesting program has been prepar- 
ed and someone should represen't our 
dub at this meeting. 

It is planned to put on a member- 
ship drive in the near future. TWs 
matter lyill come up. at the meeting 
tomorrow. The club should have at 
least 200 active members. 

FO.UND— Fur 
Tribune ' office. 

mitten. Owner 

The new city council is iinding plen- 
ty of work on j hand, lastinigbt being 
the fourth Tuesday ' night in 'this 
month that the body has met to tran- 
sact; business, i 'JBach meeting has 
brought forth Iplenty of matter re- 
quiring close attention and more is in 
sight. I 

The meetingilast night was a special 
one called to' consider the bids of the 
various banks'^as depositories of city 
funds and for consideration of bids .on 
city printing. ! 

The Fa'rmeiB and Merchants State 
bank, the First and Peoples State 
bank and the First National bank all 
had bids in for city funds, offering to 
pay two per jcent monthly on daily 
balances, based on the average of the 
month ptevioos. A personal bond ac- 
companied the bid of the First and 
Peoples State! bank, while the other 
tw(> banks offered to f uriiish bonds' ac- 
ceptable to ttte city. The bids had 
called for surety bonds, but a repre- 
sentative of one, of the banks '-was 
present and stated that it would be 
impossible foi* the local banks to get 
surety bonds this year, as they Bad 
taken on all such bonds as are'permlt^ 
ted. I 

Last year the banks paid the city 
three per cent and the aldermen 
thought that two per cent vt&s a little 
too much of a cut and postponed ac- 
tion, for one tveek. '■ - 

The" Times! presented a bid of 60 
cents per folio for first publication 
of all city noticed, and of 30 cents for 
all subsequent publications which is 
two thirds o* the legal rote as fixed 
by the state, [and all that the city 
charter permits the dty to pay. The 
Times was tl^eref ore made the official 
call paper of the city for the ensuing year. 
46' Jas. Bamett and other labor repre- 

"Kathleen",was presented under the. 
auspices of the Community Girls* club 
on Tuesday-evening at the auditoriuin 
and -proved to coihe tip to 'all "expect ^^ 
tions in-theway^'Dt"tirettinfess; cafcfiy 
music and a splendid comedy plus 
plenty of heart throbs. The .cast, pick- 
ed from .the local talent of which Thief 
River Falls seems to have an abundant 
supply, proved themselves worthy, of 
much praise on thej part of all who saw 
them ^oing through their parts. ' 

The comedy., parts, taken by Dave 
Robinson, Teckleyj Bramble; Lester 
Guss, Lem Underduck; Miss Lyda 
Batten, .Arabella" 1'WiIkins; and Nor- 
bert Holzknecht, Hans Swindler, were 
well taken and played with sudi evi- 
dent appneciation for comedy values 
that the audience continually kept in 
uproadious laughter. Especially so 
-with the old Dutch storekeeper, Hans 
Swindle!:, who simply could not have 
been any better. The songs sung by 
these four people tickled the audience 
pink and could the play have been so 
arranged, the soiig, "Deduction'* and 
."Arabella" might [have continued until 
the singers were jvoiceless. 

The part of Kathleen- was very ably 
taken by. Mrs. J. ^.'McCann, who sang 
her s^gs prettily and portrayed a; 
lovely 'ivillage .maiden with much- 
girace. 'Jimm^' Slianton became a vir- 
ile youth, strong j in honor and very! 
true to life in the -hands of Lawrence; 
Mickelson. He !sang his songs well,| 
and made a lover to be loved and sym- 
pathized -everyone in the mis- 
fortunes that seemed to follow him in 
his dealings^ witli Ned Rollingston. 
- Miss Dora Eelly, the villa^ vamp, 
played her. part |ahd sang with such 
evident enjoyment and abandon that 
she "took" immensely. The villian 
was -played by TSlra Porter, and Ned 
RoUingston.was portrayed to the beat 
of Ws"abili^. .The part of Sachael 
Flyiin, Flynhville's wesdthlest citizen 
and;miele of the] heroine, Kathleen, 
was very ably, done by E. 0. Mogen- 
sen, and Clarence Pope did the part of 
Higgins, the butjer; to perfection. 
' The music of the play was very 
catchy, played -j^ell by the orchestral 
and combincid with the many excdlent 
choruses, -made si. hit with everybody. 
Special mention is made of the Dance- 
0-Majua tfohg as done by Earl Effing- 
er and the Danc^-Manla girls. This 
was a.yeiy snappy song and was put 
over in^ll^eat style. 

Due credit must be rendered Miss 
Mary Cecelia Freeland, who has been 
in charge of the! musical comedy. Miss 
Iceland Mouldered an immense load 
in attempting to put on such a large 
production with! |saeh speed and more 
than one prophesied failure because 
of the I short tfine between beginning 
the play' and jiatting it on. It was 
very much because of her imrelaxing 
efforts, both before and on the night 
of tte play that the public went away 
so well satisfied 

All sections participating in the 
spelling contest beeun'over two weeks 
ago have been heard from except sec- 
jions 2, 3, '4 and {8, and they will no 
doubt send in reports immediately. 
I On February 2," Saturday, a contest 
will take place with the two leaders 
of each section taking part. The sec- 
tions already heard from will be re- 
presented as [follows: Section one, dis- 
trict 127,' by Geneva Allen; district 
147, Bmil Martinson; section B, dis- 
trict 26, Arthur Asp and Ehner John-, 
son; section '6, Emma Letnes and Es- 
tella -fianson, of [District 28; section 
7, Chester 'Wilson and Manford Stein- 
nes of district 3$; section 9,. Cealine 
Prestegaard, district B9,.Bjorgs Hem- 
inestvedt, districfi 66; section 10, Hal- 
yor Sannes, district 9, Aslaug Leirfal- 
lom, district! 10; [section 12, Lillian 
Loyland, district [6,. Maxine Lien, dis- 
trict B; section 13, Stanley Kadniecke, 
bf district 62, Myrtle Mandt, district 
34; section 14, Edna Koop, district 73, 
Edith Yonke, district 194. The con- 
test will begin promptly atone o'clock 
and the \vinners will b.e presented with 
a first and second prize, which Mr. 
Sande will ^ve personally. This will 
be two doUaVs to the winner and one 
dollar and a' half to the next in line. 

The two jwinners in the Saturday 
contest will fomi the -team taking 
part in the I Crobkston contest which 
will be held on [Friday, February 8. 
Nine counties will be represented by 
teams at this contest and in awarding 
prizes, personal standing will be. used. 
The first prize will be $7, the second, 
?5, the third ?3,i and the next five in 
line will receivej $1 each. A 'banner' 
will also be' presented! to the county 
having the team! that aores the high- 
■eat in the spelHng. 

All expenses to the Crookston- con- 
.test will be paid by the Crookston 
Live Stock Show so that contestants 
*iU have no on^ay to trouble them 
of k^p them from taking part in.the 
program. J 

More; About the Holdnp> 
'.';(lonceming the. holdup case' of Au- 
gjast Carlson at [jRosewood; The young 
man who reported in The Tribune is 
well known [in Thief Kiver Falls. It's 
a lie-:rthey never took any .88 caliber 
cartridges awayjfrom me. The trouble 
was he^had a little too much "moon." 
They held me up right in the main 

street of Rosewood and searched all! 
my pockets. Two men^held my wrists 
so I couldn't defend myself and I ask- 
ed for a search warrant. They took 
hvo five dollar bills out of my pock- 
ets and asked me where my car was; 
I told them across the street, so they 
searched every comer of my car: 
Then one of my friends said: "What 
business did you have to search Au- 
gust Carlson's car. I want^ to know 
becausie I came along with him." This 
young man said: "Just stay away 
from here and leave 'niie alone." 

1 like to see people have good times 
at the dances but when they do this 
kind of wbrk we should look into the 
matter. What have we laws for when 
we are not protected by the citizens. 
I would like to see everybody enforce 
the law and do their duty and have 
more respect for their neighbors and 
friends. — ^August Carlson. . 


"Little Johnny Jones," Ro- 
mance of the Turf, on 
Friday and Saturday. 

Fire Squad Puts on Very 
Good Dance; Many Pretty 
Costumes; a Peppy Crowd 

In spite of the threatening aspect 
bf the weather during the afternoon' 
and' early evening, and which . no 
doubt, kept many people away who 
might otherwise have come in cos- 
tumes, quite a variety of strange look- 
ing couples occupied the floor of the 
auditorium during the earlier hours of 
the evening. At 11:30 p.m. precisely, 
a circle two-step was begun and while 
the various evolutions of the dance 
were being gone through the judges 
tried to do their duty. The number 
of eccentric, funny, and . pretty 
masqueraters worn made the task of 
selection very difficult to hadnle. How- 
ever, it wah finally decided that Toin 
Gargrave, dressed as a tramp, and 
Mrs. Morris LaSall, who expressed 
the "Irish Washerwoman," jig idea in 
clothes form, had won the "most com- 
ical" prizes; while Miss Myrtle Helge- 
land, dressed in a pretty harem out- 
fit and Charles Warner, who was the 
evening's "Valantino," were given the 
prizes for being the best dressed lady 
and gentleman of the evening. 

After the unmasking, a large num- 
ber of those who had either not cared 
to mask or had given up the idea be- 
cause of the threatening weathbr, en- 
tered the dancing fioor. The evening 
program was, ppntinu^ until a very 
early hour, with most of those jjresent 
Unwilling to leave. The music for 
the eyening was snappily furnished 
by the Blue Bljize orchestra. A word 
must be said about the -decorations 
which weire very .gay. At the backot 
the hall, jiist in front of the balcony 
was seated a "fire chief," all rigged 
out in hoots, rubber coat, and helmet, 
-who presided 'o.ver all -the dances. Be- 
sides this oddity there were .many, 
streamers of serpentine and Japanese 
lanterns strung up into very prStty ef- 
fects; . . • 

Beauty and the Beast clash together 
with dramatic effect in "little Johnny 
Jones," the George M. Cohan' stage 
success starring Johnny HinCs,'~to be 
seen in f the photoplay version at the - 
Princess theatre Friday and Saturday. 
' The "Beauty" takes the form of 
a charming little English girl .who 
decides to forget her blue^lood and 
tradition because of her love for John- 
.ny Jones, the American jockey; and 
the "BeaE^" is a professional gambler 
ofshady past, who tries to put stum- 
bling blocks and dangers in the path 
of the young" Yankee lad so that he 
might win the girl himself. 

It is a romartce of the turf, the story 
of Johnny Jones, the Yankee jockey, 
who is scheduled to win the English 
Derby. A bar in his way comes up 
in the form of Robert ' Anstead, a 
gambler, who knows his own horse 
doesn't 'stand the ghost of a chance un- 
less Johnny is put out of the way and 
disqualified. A plot bristling with ad- 
venture' is concocted to prove that the 
Yankee; has agreed to throw away the 
race, and Johnny has to show that ac- 
tions are stronger than words, before 
he is reinstated in the heart of his 

Johnny Hines, called the George 
M- C(Si^ of the screen, has the stellar 
role of[ Johny Jones, who rides his 
'favorite horse, Yankee Doodle, to vic- 
tory atjthe English Derby and eludes 
the trap set for him; his supporting 
cast is made up of Windham Stand- 
ing, Margaret Seddon, Robert Prior, 
Molly Malone, George Webb, Mervln 
LeRoy, .''Fat" Carr, .Pauline French, 
and Brownie, the Wonder Dog. 

Mis. jThelma Erickson, who for the 
past serveral weeks has been a guest 
of relative^ and friends at Minneapolis 
and. St-j Paul, is expected to return 
heiB Sunday morning. She was ex- 
pected last Sunday hut was delayed 
on account of illness. Mrs. Erickson. 
will resume music teaching 

on her 

Harold Ameson, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Jj S. Ameson, returned this 
morning for an indefinite stay. Mr. 
Amesop for the past seven months 
has been -employed at McLaughlin-r 
S. D., ^nd before coming here spent 
a few days with friends and relatives 
in St. Paul. ' 

OperetU, i "Gypsy Rover." 

Miss Maude ^. Johnson is hard at 
Vork on the operetta to be given in 
the latter part of February. or the 
early pari; of Mirch by the boys and 

girls glee clubs 
N6t~an of the 

£■ :,'.[j:--:^:;-/;l-:iS/-4i:''y^fe^'-fe 

of the. high school. 

__ . :as£ has' beeii chosen 

as yet. However, It will be completed 
soon and innch hard work will be put 
in leapiing~tKe [various loles.' 



give a bastet social and iaqee at the 
Goodiidge hall on f^day evening, 
i Ft-bruary 1. A charge of 50 ; cents 



Golf Party Friiay. 

■ The cert of the series of dnn rin is 
parties hdd at the Sons of Norway 
hall by the Golf dob -will take, place 
Friday evening. February 8. It had 

jit^-w- -■ . originally been planned to maheJ^ils 

biid Kenneth Johnson, Lyle "Whit- |a masquerade ball but it was later di- 

Harold Anderson and the two idded to make of it jastjan ordinaiy 

hroilhers of Wayne, YTendeH and dandng party. 

EotieUe SJelty; Misses Ruth Schuster 

«„ =;erv-ed. A large birthday cake 

deccirated for the occasion formed the 

=r of the interest. Among those 

^nt besides the guest of honor 

Masters Charles Shiriey, Mel- 





of lb. 


, will be made for dance titiets to; those 
{\eho do not buy baskets. Everybody 
t come and help boost the ^ub. Ladies 
I are asked to bring baskets and cn^is 
Kielty Birthday Party. I for two. The Goodridgfij Comrdumty 

Or M'i'ndav afternoon between the j dub is one of the livestorganiziataoiis 
'= of thri4 and five^ Mrs. J. Kielty |in the county and is doing a valuable 
" ho=^ess at a party given in honor work for the eastern section. A del- 
of her voung son, Wa>-ne, that date legation of Thief Eiver Falls people 
bei^T the hiithdav of Master Wayne, is planning to attend th^ Friday eve- 
who 1= seven vears old. Games were ning meeting. - i ■ I 

plaved bv the "little guests until about 
■ thiitv. when a delicious lunch 

\ i\-ian Whiting. 

Birthday Surprise, 

Miss ABce Boniqne to Leare. 

Miss Alice Bourque, who has been 
■visating for some days at the honie 

M,W. Acton Stene was very pleas- ^ of her sister, Mrs. W. B. ^^aI]er e3q>ect£ 
ant?v surprised on Monday, January jto leave on a southern tour soon, hay- 
23. "phen thirty of her friends dropped 'mg accepted a contract to appear on 
in tp ^Tsit her in honor of her 72nd |the Redpati-Vanter chaijtanqua cir- 
birt:'.day. The afternoon was very jcuit. mIss Bourque has just returned 
i2t:£ntly passed in a social way, the from a tour in the south and this time 
irily a'eeting hours being spent in expects to travel again ^nough Ala- 
chaw. " Late in the afternoon a very ,baroa, Kentucky and Georgia. j 
deiii^ous lunch was served and as a ; 

lembrance of the day a purse of 

money was presented to the guest of 

Smith in St. PauL 

Oil Inspector Oscar Sniith went to 
St. Paul the latter part ow. last week 
*" ito spend a few days in the capitbl 

Fir=;i Wedding Anniversary. 'city. While there he will;attend ,8 

i^r. and Mrs. Charies Warner "were g^ort school of instructipn i conducted 
htful host and hostess last Sun- '^y the department which has charge 
at a SuHipraous one o'clock dinner qj qjx inspection in thestate. 
fe^v relatives " " "^ '' " ^'' 

■.nd friends in coner 
r.rsi wedding anniversary. I 
Thope present were: Mr. and Mrs. W. | 
E. Vi'arner and children, Miss Lulu ' 
Cook. Miss Godl}-n Cadieux of Red j 
Lakk Falls, Leo Lasha of Red Lake ; 
Fal'-E and Charles Dostak | 

Mr. and Mrs. Warner were the re- 


Rivemde Encampmait; E^t^ain. 

Rivaling the last entertainment the 

cipisnts of many beautiful gifts from lodge gave for its friends and ladies, 

thoije present. 'the Riverside Encampment No. 22 ptit 

*** ' on an entertainment after tiie legidar 

Dinner Party. business meeting on E*riday, January 

On Saturday evening, January 26, 25, that was very much enoyed by all 
at ner home on St. Paul avenue. Mrs. ^rho were aWe to attend. *01d tiine 
Jack Kielty was a delightful hostess Ranees interspersed with foi trots 
to a jiumber of her friends at a 7 yp^re played by Mrs. Harry Pchnster 
o'clock dinner. During the evening at tie piano and Mr. Gulrud playing 
hours the time was pleasantly spent the violin. In between' times, Mtbb 
at cards. .A.mong those present -were Thora Hanson sang two very lovely 
Mrs. J. Robinson, Mrs. C. Barden, Mrs. solos and which ^veiyane spdl^ of 
J. Collins, Mrs. H. L. Schuster, Mis. Jater with "mncOi pleasmt. Elia 
F-re-a Protz, Mrs. Ed. Holmstrom. porter, very ably accompanied by 
Mrsl O. Erickson, Mis. D. White, Mrs. Mass Dorothy Holm, also sang later 
C. "ViTiiting, Mrs. R Mc Clelland, Mis. ^ the evening. At 11 o'dock, a sub- 
Frank Hoppa and Mrs. J. Wassgren. staatial Itmcheon was saved the fea- 
I *** ,,^ . ture of wMdi were cakes, eadi one of 

j Mrs. ^els Oteon Entertams. which was lichly iced and decorated 

Mrs. Neb Olson entertained a few . i^^jth the eniblems and- letteis of tie 
lady friends at her home. 506 ISndolph eocampmsit. i i 

avenne south, yesterday afternoon, the Qn February 8, the iiert merfing" 
occasion being her birthday anniver- ^f the lodge will be held and an initia- 
sary. A very pleasant afternoon was tion in which the Golden Bole degree 
spent at needlework and at four-thirty -p^ ^ conferred, will be the- order of 
Mrs. Olson served a delicious lunch to +>,- *rr-nTiTner ^ 

1925 Convention fadprsed 
by Councilors atJUe&on 
Banquet; Show Dlscussea 

Coming in at the dose of lie 
Legion's menibership drive i pfai e h end- 
ed the fifteenth, with 23 members to 
thar credit when Prandsl Bums and 
his gang introduced 46 fr^b li^ian- 
aites to th^ buddies, ^niam Hall 
and his aids performed ilie loseis* 
rites by givr ng a banquet with title old 
and new Lc^iion members j and. the 
local counoLas guests. | 

A £ax piece orchestra headed by H. 
S. Snyder, rendered manyj beacdafol 
selections of a semi c1«s'=t*^1 f onn to 
tbe great deli^ of all those present. 

A business meeting was called after 
the dinner, with O. B. Sandci adjacent, 
as temporary commander, taking t^ 
place of commander Oscar SmtQi, who 
had been suddenly called to Minneapo- 
lis. Tbe 1925 convention inatter was 
again tr^ VpTi up and coimril membezs 
agreed unanimously that itj would be 
a very fine thing to have | it in this 
dty at that time as the puttmg over 
of sudi an immense a^ij of this 
kind will mean much ^vorable com^ 
ment and puldidty that wil^ spotlight 
this city, putting it on the hiap as one 
of tbe Hve wires of the country and 
proving that Thief ., Errer | Falls is 
worth a lot of attention . It was also 
decided to hold a dance in ihe Legion 
h^ after lie play, **Kathleen," cm 
next Tuesday inght, and hiveing the 
Community Girl? dnb as j the honor 
guests of the evening. - The^ subject of 
a minstrel show, to be given^at some 
lime later in the year was also broach- 
ed, and SBes M. C. Freelaiid, who is 
in charge of the Community Girls* 
play, "Kathleen," spoke on itte sub- 
ject of ^ving a minstrel such as is 
put on by the company she represents. 
It was finally decided to let the subject 
rest in the hands of a committee who 
win take up the matter of contracts 
with differoit companies before mak- 
ing aby dedsion. I 

Hie Woman's dui to Get 
J. S. Garhe^ tlie Reader 

I 1— 1 

The regular meeting j of the Wo- 
man's dub will commence promptly 
at 2:30 p^hi., Feb. 4J witii Mis. Boozen 
as hostess. Thse jwillibe a roU c^ 
of statej and United Stiates offidals. 
The mnsae memozy Icontest witb Mrs. 
Gay HalTorson as leatier, ^11 also 
be held.1 .1 

At four o'dodi; John Seaman 
Games, of tie UcFhafl Sdiool of 
Mudc win read for the chDdzen in 
tie PrinccBS through the eburtesy ol 
its maaagement At tigfat o'dodc, tie 
same evening, he w|]l ^ye a dramatic 
reading "Irdand in Scmg and Story/* 
one of his very best programs, in the 
Lincoln fai^ sdiool anditoritmi. lie 
price of admisaon { will j be 35 cents, 
20 cei^ and 10 cents. Everyone 
shouldiear Mc Games. He is at 
the head of tie McFhaHj school's .dra- 
matic department and is known the 
countiy , over as sj drunatic reader 
of , veiy rare aHlityl | , 

SwedcBbnrg. Hnsintal Notes. 

Miss E^relyn Wil^n of yTytVa^ who 
miderwent an operation [for appeudi- 
dtis recently left thie hospital on Wed- 
nesday.- I ! 

£Gs5 Marie Sdimitz, trhose home is 
in Minto, N. D., underwent an opera- 
tion^for _appendidiis last Saturday 
moniing and is doing idcdy. 

O. N. Olson, who' has been confined 
in the hospital for about a month with 
knee trouble left for his liome in Good- 
lidge last Wednesday, j 

John Trollie of H^lt entered the hos- 
ptal to tmdergo a majorj operation on 

John Hagltmd of 

a maJQT operation on Tiiesday and is 

doing very nicdy. 
Mis.; Paula Giay 


erf this dty under- 
went a major operation on Sunday 
morning. This operation was per- 
formed by Dr. Theodore Bratmd of 
Warren. ! 

the evening. 

Mrs. Olson served a delidous lunch 

those present. - [ ««» 

i ^ BirthdarSirty; ''' ' ' i : n.'^^^'^^^^^**^IoT 

a/, and Mrs. D. B. Mathewson , y° Monday evenmg, January 28, the 
wer4 delightful host and hosteis at a ^^°^ o* % Maccabees hdd thdr 
n^tv last Sundav evening at thdr regular busmess meetmg. Various 
ho&e, 113 Kendall avenue, the occas- ^matters were brought up and discuss- 
ion being Mr. Mathew5on's birthdav ed and the regular routme of the lodge 
anniversary. Mr; Mathewson admitted SOi« through. ,,, ; 
onlv 29 birthdavs while some of the ; " 

goe'sis accused him' of beine 49. A 1'^°" Eebekah Lodge, Number 6S. 
dose c^rait of the candles on the cake, 0° Thursday, January 24, the 
however. ind3cai.ed S9 as beinc about Eebekah lodge hdd thdr regular bna- 
correct. Progressive whist was in ses- ^^^ meeting. Different details were 
sion for several hours and at about hrought up and settled j at i this time, 
midniirht a sumptuous lunch was and the regular routine attended to.' 
served bv Mrs." Mathewson. The «** | , . ; 

gue=t= induded Messrs! and Mesdames Ladies' Ani. to Locomotive f^reiaen. 
A. ;D. RaLnon. Joe Zavoral, Stanley . The new Century lodge. Number 51 
Malone. M. A. Martison. Mrs. J. H. "^^ ^o^d its regular bnsness meeting 
•McCTelland and Mrs. D. White. - o° Friday, Feb. 1. After the routme 

! *•• has been gone through and the vaii- ' 

Presbrterian Fdlowship Dinner. ons business matters attended to' a 
At the Pre?br-enan Fellowship ^™ch will be served by the ladies. '■ 
dinner, hdd in the church on Friday, _ *** . : _ 

January 25, ii was dedded to appoint Girl Scemts C^ganize. ; .., 

i a scout committee to take care of the A new patrol of Gid Scouts was 
' Presbvterian Boy Scouts. The boys organized in this dty recently, adopt- 
meet in the Y. M. C. A- rooms bdo'w ing the name of "White PatroL" Meet- 
the library and the committee will mgs will be hdd Monday evening; of 
see' that they have proper equipment each week. Preparations are already 
and the necessary artides that make bdng made for the tenderfoot test 
a boys'dnb a success. The toast- which will be made the latter part; of 
master for the evening was F. F. 
Hayes, and among those who spoke 
were Messrs. George Wilson, Supt,; 0. 
Pw :Sande, L. E. Johnston, W. W, 
Pilchard, Sr. and Mr. Hand. 

Golf Lessons Sdiedqled 
£very l%uisday Evening 

Conmjendng''S"ThTiisday of this 
week, the Commercial dub rooms will 
be open e&di Tbuisday evening from 
7:30 to 10 o^dodE for ^e accommoda- 
tion of .those who desire ti> take golf- 
lessons. A C(Hnpetent instrnctoF^ralL 
be tfaererto give lesstms. li is tie in- 
tention 'to continoe this onstraetiQn 
imtil the opening of the leg^olar golf 
season. The lo^ dob is Isaid to be- 
lie only orgamzatiffii of its ttrid in 
the country whidi ^ as taken tie pains 
to hdp its members xntixs mans^. 

It is planned to coi^dete tie Tm«> 
holes of the local course' ^bb year be- 
fore July 1. A sereened-p pa^iHon 
snfBdentJy large for dances wiD also 
he erected, acuo^ii^ to Prudent W. 
A. Barnard, lie road to tie golf 
jCDtuseis now in sudi condition that zt 
can be tised in any kind of weathe^ 
without difficdty. 

Kratka nnderwent 


* -^ 

Bra Harder, B«portn-, DIst. St. 

The Berentli and eighth grade boys and 
S^tia hare had their montUy test is arith- 
metic, historr. seofzapfay and grammar. 
The one who had the highest mark in 
hlBtorr is Sra Harder, whose av^age was 
BOL Fxank Blaska had the highest average 
in -Exithmetie. 

We have been Btadyin^ about oitr -sinter 
ftienda. the birds, and we have taken a 
^ifVn ^lfi f> af one. 

Tlie lower grade pupils have made 
sandtable which represoits a snow-corered' 
Mil with bojB and gitis sliding d<m It. 

The pnpHa who hare zecelred perfect 
attendance certifieateB for the month are: 
Sira Harder, tAwrence Harder, Ftances 
Harder, Uadonna Bloska, Bsther Zinter, 
Annie Zlater and Lenning AoboL The pu- 
pils on the honor roll tor the past month 
ScBther Zinter, *""!» VAtj^fy fm^ Fxsn- 
ces Harder: 

H. Blaska was in Thiel Bjrer Falls last 
Wednesday aA a bcslneBS trip. 

iSx. and Mrs. Mark Harder were the 
gofiBtB at the Bert Pleraon home Bandar 

Mr. and Mrs. S. Jenson were gnes^-'at 
the M. Mc-\ndreBi home BimdaT afternoon. 

MIbb Lonlse Bosette is going to Assist 
at the Anbol home a few daya dnilns' the 
Ulness of Mrs. Bd. Anbol. 

Mr. and 3£n. Mark Harder were caUers 
.at the Bothman hbme Sunday erening: 

gramj ^onsls^Dg 


>f ejections In tribate to 

Ifincqln, '^Tnshiii ;ton, and St. Valentine 
selections. '; JA pi at office wHl be erected 
and ralentines u ay t>e made and wtinp^ j ^ 
any pme ftjom I'ebmary 1st nntfl Valen- 
tine «Tenine, Tti is is for ontsiden as wtSl 
aa ptipils who wish to send ralentlnes to 
ftlendB in tiiis n dghboAood. 

At ^the last nieeting'. of the Shining 
Iieagtie atories -v ere written on the topic 
'^'m jglad ;i Am in American." The story 
written by J>elb^ Kron was sheeted aa 
being tSe |besL 
~ Several people 
tended the Farmers' 
J wood; last I Sattw ay. 
T£rl and j Mrs. 

from this conuonnity at- 
elnb held at Boee- 


babr went to T^def Hirer Palls Tnaidar 
Jan. {2S. The older children remained ^ 
the home of Ole lAppegaard. 

The sectSonal spdUng contest win meet 
at the WXnowdate school Batnrdfiy after- 
noon' at two o^doek. PnpilB are iexpectsd 

•oi^ Qty Tlew I and North Star Bchooli 

I take part in tbe contest. 

Albert lAppegiaTd hanled hay to IMf 
Kirer Palls Thnksday. 

1 I ' 


I B^nms &om Tripu 
M. T. McFarlnnd retn^ed the &tst 
of tie week from |a badness trip to 
the v^st crast coontryj He visited 
Oregon, Wadiington anid California, 
iWBaiTiing for several days in . eadi 
state. \ A^ier carefblly obserdng con- 
£lion5 in fie West, Ur. 3&:Farland 
casie ttf fie eondndon' tiat th i s sec- 
itosi. of tie conntr3[ is farorably dto- 
ated^aad wiH ecme bac^c to .normal 
long hei<ke-Gie t/yeslerii states will 
enjoy ^^^Tnanent prospenty. 

I A OasTectiBn. 

la re^rGDg the alleged holdiq) case 
■IBo&^WDod two wisete ago, lie Trib- 
tme- stated that Caiison had been rob- 
bed ^$5. Hz. dadson says this is 
wron^ and that be jlost two fire ddlar 
Mk in tie transaction, j A signed 
sttteiaent by Ifz. Carlson on lie sab- 

Crookston Debate Starts^ 
Semi-finals; T^^niong ft 
Will Mean a Step Forward 

this monl^ 

The foBowin^ oSceis were elected: 
Frands Wengeler. captain; Ann 
Amon, patrol leaden Ann Groron, 
corporal; Winifred Woigeler, secie- 
j tary; Ansof D^ilen, treasoier. 

I Toboggan Party. 

Last Wednesday evening the White 
Swan Patrol enjoyed a toboggan party : 
on 'the banls of the Thief river. Later " 
in the evening the scouts adjourned to [ 
the home of H. S. Dahlen. Dancing _ 

and music formed the chief diversionB j B'^'^****^#<iS>* 
of Ithe evening. At ten-thirty a de- , Mra. Nora Stakes. 

liapus lunch was served by Mrs. Dah- } Last Friday st a local hosmtaL oc- 
len; assisted by her dan^rter, Eosina. ■ cnrred lie death of Ha. Noia Svdyn 
Those presait were: Ann Amon, Ann. Stoics, wife of Vraiiaii Stotes ' of 
Grjyen, Anel Kinghom, Ansof Hnmnier, death being ^oe to a dot 
Dahlen WinrEredWingeler, Dorothy in the heart.. Mis. Stdss was bom 
Fuller, Mfldred 'Eemmem and Irene December 2. 1889 and was, at lie 
P^emhildt. • time of her deati, S4 years, 1 mohti 

I in,_^. _>. and 23 days. Mrs. Stoltes \ras a itsa- 

i Elks Entertain. ident of PInmmer. She' is a astei' of 

A dimer dance very much enjoyed Eev. 0. M. Stensgaard of Ksher, 
by; all those pr^t was given by the Burial took place at Ada, Saturday. 
Elks m their clnbrooms on last Fri- **• ? ' 

day evening. The dinner was served Oaries Jobsno, 

at Isevm o'dock and afterwards danc- chajJes Johnson of ' Dent, lEmL, 
ing Md cards were indulged m to a died yesteriay afternoon in ShiTd^ 
late hour. ,,, " death being due to cancer of the cheek 

, . _ ! bone, caused from £ decayed tootli. 

k» m^o f ™ "^"-T, ^ * i*^- •''*"son was bom;May 10, 1874, 
The Ehner J. Hdund Post enter- ■ and was at the time of his death,' 49 
tamed the Community Giris at a dance years, 8 months and 19 days old. Fu- 
on| Tuesday raght immediately after neral services wiD be held at Ferns 
the play, "Kathleen," was over. A ' Fills. I i 

number of the cast also went down to j *** ] I i 

th^ club rooms and spent a short tine. Babr Edaetk. ' 

. J 1 ^. i /, . . . I IJtUe Gordon Stanley, son of Mr. 

Lntefisk Dinner at Goodndge. and Mis. Edward Edseth passed away 
jlen's lattfisk dinner will be served .yesterday. Little GoAm was Bora 
tte St£phensen Cafe Saturday, Fd). I Angnst 18, 1922, and Was at Jie fime 
from 5 to 9 p. m. Eveiybody m- irf his deatt 1 year, S ponfts and 24 


On Friday night at the lineoln 
hi^ sdiool a debate win be hdd with 
Croolcstqn on, *TResolved, that Enrop- 
ean inunigratian into the tmited 
Stat^ shoald be prohibited by law 
for a period of five years." The local 
trio, composed of Hazd Kranse, Mar- 
garet Mdgaard, and Wap iBallangmd 
win have the negatire die of the 
Qaestion again as they; did in the first 
battle. This timp they ^"ill harce a 
very strong antagonist as Crookston, 
with whom they will confcaid on Fri- 
day, has a team tiat -has ^ already 
made its mark. The Tidting team 
will be compo sed o f three boys. Ken- 
neth Eohin& 'Wilbur Santiberg, and. 
Norman Hsgen; so the debate will 
not only be inte res t in g from the ques- 
tion standpoint, but here ■mil be in- 
volved the dd. old question of. 
Which is the stronger men tally, tie 
male or female of tie spedes?" 

The local trio has so fer wot the 
unanimous deddon of {he- judges 
-nien ddiatiig on both sides of the 
question so that, knowing both ddes 
as wdl as they do. they have been 
able to form rebuttals that mi|^t not 
otherwise have been thought of^ 

Tixs contest starts; the semi-finals 
and bdng won, win nieanj a step for-. . 
ward in winning tie state diamiuoB- 
ship of Hinnesota. j ' 

jeietwiQ be found 
of ,jixs issiK. 


in another ccdnmii 

vited to partake of a sumptuous cBn-'days old. Death was „-«« .„™ 
ner. Lut^k. meat balls, poS*lDes;'eomplicaaonB which set in after, an 
saiad, pie with whipped cream, butter, attack of the measlesJ Pnneial aei^ 
lefse, coffee^ cre^, bread, etc wfll be vices will be hdd F«*Srary 2, and in- 
placed on_thetable. Come, and bring terment made at Greenwood eemet^. 
yopr fenmy with you. .;p . ^ t ; 'sr^. 

' About flie only Jiir4ieu ee j lielw e en 

Bss^ Social and Dance. a banffit and a profitier is ithat 

The Goofcdge Community flub will bandit wears a mask. 


Fonner Resident Greets 
(Hd Friends in Holiday 
Message to Jdui Moi^an 

Join Morgan last-week received s- : 
letter from a wdl-reinemhered foiiu er 
TMef Hiver Palls man, "Dad" KeDy. 
He Kdly left Thief iSivjer FbUs 13 
years ago and now reddes at Aleza 
Lake, British Cduznlna. [While beze, 
he was en^Ioyed in .li^rhmiber- xn- 
dustiy; and also bdd; tie podtisn of 
dnef of police dminglfbeiadnnmEtra- 
tion of Kayor Kratkal Fdlowing are 
portions of tie letter rtdmih m^;it be 
of interffit to the older jieddents of 
this dty: 

"TTour Ch ristma s card readied w*g 
yesterday and I was viery smui moved 
to thiiik yon remembered me. It has 
been 13 years dnee I 3e£t|Thief Siver 
Falls but I remember an my old 
friends. I am scalihg logs for tie 
g u v enm gnt and get'aigooid salary and 
steady woric I have 160 iaerra c^ fine 
land with a good frame {bouse on it 
and have 20,000 feet of lumber to 
bmld a bam, diielcen boizse. diop, fee' 
bouse, etc, 

^ see Qiariie Olson often, also 
Wallace IWchols. Wrife 'to me 
BK an the news — aS about Write 
and tdl me aB tie newslabont Ifidc, 
Shiriey, Sdmst^ and Jaiznan. Ain 
very sorry that I ean?t Indnde.poof 
<3i&riie Brink. 1 was snry to'Suar 
of .Ha deati^.afay tfejwnl. nest^ 
pesee. -rBemoadMr -ibe ittfUa^Sbim^ 
Ole'Torrisdn, H^r?;! Ivias; 'Cha^^ 
Bvenson and vnfe, aol Sao Ed. £v»v 

SOD *nii fMXcSfyJ* ■ i ^ - " 


■JOj^fciB^^^i^^^ii j: j: 



Another iniIe«tobe~ tm'onr journey of 
leBTnlnc Iibb been reached BQcceasfoIlj. As 
■«re look back oTer the rng^ied patha 
hare ^tniT^Ied dn^s tbese past four 
months and realise that -we bare now made 
one-half of this term's Joomey, a smile of 
satififaction maj be seen on each face.' 
There Is indeed £Teat satisfaction in know- 
ing that we' hare come thtis far -without 
aigns of troable or sezious delaja. It is 
cnr hope tha^ the aune sweet tiangnilitT 
wH] exist imtQ onr whole jonmey is com- 
pleted. Many trials as w^ as many 
pleasures hare been onrs bnt we try onr 
best to share them equally and feed certain 
that no , one has shirked Us or her dnty 
so tax. The only ^ond that AmrytTtft the 
clear bine sky and r^'^—Tit atmotphne 
at WUlowdBle now. Is the fact tT n*t four 
of jDor members hare bqen nnable to at- 
tend the last three weeks on accoont of 
mppfiB. We min them in our dLasses and 
in onr play, especially Tem, who is trean-' 
"oxer of the RhTnTng Ijeacn^-«nd an active 
partidpant in aH.onr industrial and social 
gBdertafcingK. It la ma idneere wiah that 
the circle ■ may te tinlnoten assin before 
long. Ihninx tht last two weeka of aaiool 
tbe climatic condiOons hare been sli^ifly 
nnbTorable, bit tn s^te <^ It very few 
absences hare been recorded. Certificates 
of perfect atteadascs were Issued to Eiyron 
and Borden Sagmoen. Others hare missed 
only a day which, bowerec, was enough 
to prerent them- from reetiring a certifi- 
cate. We have a Tcry lurDgreasire Utile 
Citiaens' Leagne' whidi, mefttB erexy Fri- 
day. This Ijeagne -ia caller the Shining 
I^eagoe and tciei to spread annahine wiiere 
darkness preraHa. jm entertainmenta and 
commnnity affilnr and plaimed and takxm 
care of by the Ijeagne. A Talentine party 
Is planned for Febrnary 14 to which the 
pnblie is cordially invi ted ,, A short pro- 

cream ixse 

— because cseam if fat or cal^ vodL 
therefore lighter than the rest ci tbe . 
TpiTV, which ] is largely composed of " 
water. litewise 

_ Baby Comfotta 

Glycerin Boiiiw^toties, Infant 
Zinc Steaisie Castor ffil_ 

Sugar of kEIk Boiie Aod'^ 

hare laiddly risen to the top because 
liiey Breathe cr^m of thdr land. Txire 
and sa^ and gtwd for childrd, they 
are danandai by imBions of muUiers." 
Kve of 200 Pnretcst pre p a ra tio n s. 
Ev^ -item {{be best Qiat sSdll and 
consdeDoe can pxoduce. 

Il P. Curtis 


There are two things to con- 
sider when choosing your 
bank. The First National jof 
Thief Eiver Falls has resources 
of nearly One Million Dollars 
and a Reserve which is several 
times larger than required |by 
law. Your business is solidit- 
ed on the basis of our fmanqial 
standing and the excellent 
^sinking service we are a(3le 
to offer. 


First National Bank 


CheerTiUe School. DlsU !£«. 

Mrs. Anton Johnflon rlBited at the home 
of her mother, Mrs. A- GunBtad last Taea- 
day. , 

Artie GunBtad called at the Anton Joba- 
fiOD-'home laat \yedDGaday eTenlng. 

The monthly meeting: o£ our Little Cltl- 
sens' league was held last Friday after- 


Arnle Braaten, Anton Johnson and I>onla 
Lokken sawed wood at O. mnje's last 
■Wednesday. \ 

Theodore Johnson Is back on the mall 
^route after having been under quarantine 
for ecarletlna for several weeka. 

Art Gunstad helped BUI Bothman saw 
wood last Friday. 

nulda and Anna Foratvelt vlalted at 
the Martin Mathson home Wednesday eye- 

Melvln and Joseph Torstvelt visited at 
the J. Qllbertaon homo Thursday evenln?. 

Hulda and Anna TorstTClt vlalted at the 
Arthur Torstvelt home. Sunday evenlog. 

Frederick Sherva returned homo last 
Sunday after a week'r visit at the H. Tor- 
stvelt home. 

Mlfls Clara Iverson was absent from 
school last Monday.. 

Hilda Fortsvelt left Thursday for the 
T. J. Sumpter home where she will be em- 
ployed. , 

Anna Hnsby viaitcd at 'the Carl Erlck- 
son home Wednesday' afternoon. 

Elmer Husby and Casper Iverson motor- 
ed to Thief River Falls Wednesday eve 
uing. ' L, , 

Henry Seeland Is bock at. the Bennle 
Johnson home after visiting at 0. Braa- 

Hulda Tottavelt visited at O. Vlnje'a 
last Sunday. 

Bosehlll School, Dlst. les. 

We received a freah supply of wood this 
week which came Just in the nick of time, 
as our supply waa nearly gone. 

Goldle and Manvllle Gundereon, who at- 
tend school in Thief River Falls, have 
been . obliged to pat away the Ford for 
the winter, and make the trip to and 
from town with the aid of a team. 

Martin Lee butchered a cow and three 
hogs this week, so we expect the mwt 
market will be flooded and prices will com*! 

Earl Engelstad of Black River; came 
back to school a few days, while hla moth- 
er was here visiting, only to leave .ns 

Ruth Oien has again taken up her school 
duties, after a prolonged illnesa. 

We enjoyed a few impromptu Bpeechea 
by the fifth and eighth grade boys this 
week. They were given daring the opening 
exercise periods, and most of them dealt 
with animals, their habits and character- 
istics. Gordon Hunt gave a very interest- 
ing talk on the raising of tame rablts, of 
which he has abont a doten. _^_ 

S. O, Lee attended the annual creamery 
meeting on Saturday. 

Leonard DuChamp of Thief Blver Falls 
stopped at the Bchoolhonse to show us a 
wolf he had captured about two miles 
south of the S, O. Lee farm. Wolves are 
said to be plentiful hereabouta. 

Gordon Hnnt reported hearing a_crow In 

the woods near the Hnnt home last week. 

That makes as more cheerful, even though 

■ the thermometer Insists on going down 

. and staying there. 

,C. Belswlnger has-been busy putting up 
Ice the past week. I ' 

Lillian and Evelyn Jjrac^ were callers 
on Selma Beiswlnger) Sunday" flfternoon. 

Mrs. B. B. Hammet was a caller on Mrs. 
C. Pederson Sunday^ > 

■Robert Pederson v^fc a caller on Mr. and 
Mrs. Hardlsty, hia ulster and ibrother-In- 
law, laat Sunday. J 

Mr; Bolstad waa a' caller on B. B. Ham- 
met Sunday. ' "" ■ i . 

Christ Larson wap a buslnesa caller at 
Thief River Falls Tuesday. ' 

Jonas Bakke caUefl on Walter Lendobe- 
Jia last Wednesday.! 

The Little Cltlsena* League held Us third 
meeting Friday afternoon. Before aUrUng 
the buslaess meetlnf we had a short pro- 
gram. Among _thef things of Interest In 
our program we had a debate on country 
life and city life. The ones who debated 
for the country Ufejwon. A new program, 
compilttee was named, consisting of Evelyn 
LarBon, Edith Sten^eth and Arthur Sten- 
seth. We detSded to! make candy and bring 
It to our next meeting. We also decided 
on having a spelling contest between the 
sixth, seventh and 'eighth grades. 

Agnes Angell and Evelyn Larson were 
the two beat apellerp In our school. They 
will go to the Banner school Saturday. 

Mrs. B. B. Hammer and children Mar- 
sha and Marvin wfete visitors at our 
school Friday. j ! i -^ 

Slvert Brekke and brother i Qscar are 
bnsy hauling wood. 1 . 

Tdisa Rut^i Brekka was a; caller on Olive 
Nelson last Sunday. 

Teacher (In second and j third language 
ciftBs) — "How mans' can remember some 
animals they have Ibeen kind ito?" 

PupU— "I was kind taaicrow." 
Teacher— "What was the matter with 

Mr. and Mrs, C^rl iG. Olson' and aon 
Einep of Rboda vlisUud'at the C. O. Aap 
homo on Tuesday.] '- 
..Turnwalls and Miss Shcfreland visited 
at Malake'B last ^yednesday evening.. - 

Dorothy, Marie and Bill: Greenfaaus vis- 
ited at John Jobnaonjs -Wednesday eve- 
ning. [■ !' 

Clara Jobnson'^ and Dorothy Qreenbaus 
called at the C. O. Asp home on Thursr 
day. I . 

Qebrge Klrby visited at Qreenbaus's on 
Monday evening, i . 


Washlnitton School. Dost. 221. 

Clara Sorcnson, Teacher. 
Hans Lokken was a visitor at the Martin 
Lokken home Sunday night. 

Bob Nelson and Mr. Anderson were visl? 
tors at Lawrence Pederaon's home last. 
Sunday evening. 

Lawrence Petleraon was 'a visitor at Carl 
Albcrg'B borne last Tuesday, 

Mrs. Henn- Snettlng aud children were 
visitors at the Ole Torkelson home laat 

Lily Albcrg visited at the home of Oscar 
Seeland for a few days laat week. 

Martin Wibcn was a visitor at the OJe 
Torkelson home Sunday evening. 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nelson were visitors 
at the Oscar Seeland home on Tuesday, 

Anton and Bert Torkelson were visltora 
at Tobias Stene's on Sunday. 

Oscar Seeland was a visitor. at Albergs' 
laat Saturday, 

Miss Inga Lokken arrived at her home 
Sunday from 0. C. Pcderson's, wliere she 
has been employed for two weeka. 

Olaf Snettlng b^s been hauling wood for 
our school this week. 

Mrs. M. Lokken arrived at her home laat 
Wednesday from A. Torkelson'a, where she 
has been employed for a week. 
' Carl and Mary Olsen, accompanied by 
Helen Wlken, visited at the Anfln Torkel- 
son home Sunday evening. 

A few friends visited at Olaen'a last 
Monday evening. 

Mary Olaen left for Minneapolis last 
Toeaday evening where she expects to be 

John Magnnson visited at Wlken'a laat 

Mr. and Mrs. Wlken and children, accom- 
panied by„^MelvIn and Anton Torkelson, 
and Carl Olsen, visited at the Gustafson 
home last Thursday evening. 

Mr. Wlken has been hauling hay for 
Magnuson's for a few days. 
Sonny Nook School, Dlst. 61. 
Johanna Wednl, Tcaeher. 
Oilma Helgerson, Beporter. 
Anton Peterson was a business caller at 
Hazel Monday. 

William Anderson called at Anton Peter- 
son's Tuesday. 

Lloyd Phelp's visited at Fred C. Brown'a 
Sundsy afternoon. 

Carl Gllbertson was a visitor at Fred 
Dahlburg's Wednesday evening. 

Agnea Peterson came home again Wed- 
nesday evening after having t)een employ- 
ed at Jim Bvenson's for some time. 

Mrs. P. W. and Mrs. T. H. Cnlklna vis- 
ited at the T. S. Iverson home Wednesday 

Gillerd and Orlander Larson visited at 
Fred E. Brown's home Sunday afternoon. 
P. W. Culklns called at the J. R. Larson 
home Wednesday afternoon. 

Roy Kiel visited with Jnllna Peterson 
Sunday, Jan. 20. 

Miss Wedul visited at the Clnklns home 
■Wednesday evening. 

Miss Myrtle Peterson visited school on 
Friday aftemoon.- 


Hummer School, Dint, 31. 

Habel 0. Johnson, Teacher. 

■L. O. Stenseth was a caller In town last 


S. B. Hammer waa a business caller In 

— Thief River Falls last Tueday. 

Carl Bclswinger was a celler on L. O. 
Stenseth Sunday. 

Edith Stenseth was a caller at the John 
Kelson home last Sunday. 

B. B. Hammer was a visitor at our 
acbool last Wednesday. 

It?" ! 1 ^ 

Pupil— "It had a broken; wirig." 

Teacher— What did youi do' to be kind 
to It?" ■ , I 

Pupil— "I let it I e there." ; 

Misses Ruth, LeopeUa and Ruby AngeU 
were callera on Alfred SkJerping Wednes- 
day evening. - ^ 1 

Carl Belswlnger was a caller on ^W. Lend- 
obejla Friday. i 

E. Angell and daughter Agnea were busi- 
ness callers at Thief River Falls Tuesday. 

The first grade wias absent alst week on 
account of the inclement 'weather. 

The sixth grade [finished their picture 
maps of the South (Atlantic States Friday. 
*«« ■ . . .1 , . . 

Dlst. SO.'Mahle Bhefveland,! Teacher, - 

Section No. 6 held'fl spring contest on 
Saturday, January j 26th at tlie Banner 
school. District Npi C3.' i Bli:ht schools 
were represented. * The ^ winners were: 
First, I-etnes; second, EateUa 
Hanson, both coming from District No. 28. 

Miss Mllda Shefveland ;VlsIted on Fri- 
day evening with her sister, at the New- 
ton home. ■ - j ''■''.' 

N. E. Johnson has been ion the sick Hat 
for the past week.; i 

Misses ColetUa and ■Valeria Heller, Adfr^ 
line Solmonson, C&ra Grlude' and Mabel 
Shefveland made a; brief ckll at the H. O. 
Grlnde home on Saturday afternoon. 

Fred Johnson cdlled at Neisrton'B place 
on Sunday^ afternoon. 

The sixth grade' finished reading the 
book "Heidi" this ?week. : I. , 

Miss Agnes Newton, who teaches at Ylk- 
ing, visited at herihome on Sanday. 

i»" ; 1 

Scohol BUtrlct No.!4. 
- Selma Stromme, Correnwndent:, 

Our school started hot lunches this week. 
These consisted of; cocoa and > soup. 

The Primary children are biisy employed 
making picture frames of: raffia. 

Selma Stromme and SIgna 'Austad took 
Mrs. T. J. Austad to Thief! River Falls 
on Sunday, January 20th where she took 
the train to Gonvick. i 

C. Wiener and son John drove to town 
with the car on Friday the 25th. 

0. ■yals^ik was In town with a load of 
wood on Saturday.!; ^ ! 

Mrs. L. Johnsonjand son Dale, were vis- 
itors at the O. Weckwert home on Satnr- 

. Qoqher Moond Sbhool District. 

Attendance was not jup to BUndard last 
week, there beibg ! four absencea ■ on Mon- 
day, one -on Taeiday, 'one oa'~ Wednesday, 
two on Thuradayj and '"<* ~^^ . Friday, 
while oar attendance t^e week b^ore was 
lOOpereerit perfect j- 

A Bpelllnff contest waa. held Friday, to 
determine the contestaotBto represent pur 
school at the sectional Bpelllng contest at 
the Boosevelt flcfaopL \\ 

The «Uth and eigth^ grader participat- 
ed and the vfeton; were Geneva Allen, §th 
grade, and Louise Mcjssestad, flth grade, 
both of -Whom were pre^nt at the sectional 
apelllng contest at the Boosevelt school 
Saturday: — , [ 

Geneva Allen* waa elated to represent 
our school at theiconp^y spelling contest, 
having attained ^ totel score of 82 per 
cent In the sectional contest 

Emll Martinson., of the Roosevelt school, 
took second place with' a score of 78: per 
cent and was therefore elected to constitute 
one of the two repreientatlvea from Sec- 
tion I, 

Rose, OsM attended 
meeting 'of Section I 
school Satorday. | 

Misses Marie Ordal, 
Messrs. - Sigurd Ordal 
Peder Mossesta'd spent 
the Freeman Allan home. 

The next Reading Circle will be hdd on 
March 1st In the Roose(velt school, at which 
meeting plans are; to the effect -completing 
the second book, which will also complete 
the yCIfr'a work In Sec :Ion L 

The meeting will be called to order "at 
11 "O'clock a.m. and i^resbments will be 
served at noon. 

ing: Roy: Solmonson, Einar 
and Lars Bars ad,; Joseph Hegrcncs, Theo- 
dore Berggren, Melvln Orlpde and Ole 
Homme. ■ •' , i . - - 

Joseph HCgrenes Vqb- employed at. the 
H. O. Grlnde iiomo Saturday the 10th. 
] John and Andrew Btcznay returned home 
the 24th of; January. : . 

Ralph and Eleanor Anderson have- been 
absent from school on acconnt of their 
father's lUnessl - • ' 

■- B. McMahonl was al'-bnalhess caller Is 
Thief River F^Is. Saturday. 

Ine McMftho^ was 'absent from school 
on the 23rd on accbunt^of .Illness. 

Bmll -HoreJ^h b&s i-been absent from 
school on aceouDt of sickness. 

Gladys and Theodore Berggren were 
week end visitors at! the O. B. tirlnde. 
home, ■ I . 

Gerda Hegrenes and Henry KJorvestad 
were callers at the H. O. Grlnde home 
Tuesday. '■.:■■ | 

Farm pne and- one-half miles south 
of Viking, Very best toil for pota- 
Boes or gugar beets. Tour own terms. 
Inqoire of R. B. Ra^mosbn at Shaw's 
office.- 6-tf 

the Beading Circle 
. in the Boosevelt 

3ena; MoBsestad and 

Henry Ordal and 

Saturday evening at 

An Ontburst 

ROOMS FOR RENT — Furnished 
and modem. 811 LaBree Ave. N. S5tf 


house for rent. Apply to W. A. 

Bishop. " - 82tf 

low for hatching eggs. Our S. .C 
W. Leghorns are excellent winter lay- 
ers and! do get some blue ribbons. 
Sunnyside Poultry Yards, 622 St. 
Paul Ave., Thief River Falls. 45tf 

y^hich should not be heard can be- 
easily taken care of. Just call 516-W- 
r can also put your piano in peifect' 
tuie. Satisfactory work or no pay.. 
H-lS. Snyder. . 

W. A. Bishop. -^ V IStf 

a flat, or a duita, eaU 68. K. V. 

3f '^rlllaney. 

(Why pupils fall In school.) 
There's a reason jfor everything. 

As I have- heard tell; 
So there must be for failures. 

Ajid successes as welL. 

There are as mony tjjpes of failures, 
As there are shades of blue; 

But the failures that I X write ' about. 
Are from, a schblarTa point of -view. . 

There are problems in aUfetlniei 'i 
Problems great and prblems small; 

But to the average student, 
Success in BChopl I^ King of all. 

But BtlU there are somie pupUs, 

Who see not things .this way. 
They keep on doing Iblngs - 
For which later ithey must pay. 

These 'selfsame pupils come to school. 

And study In pretense.' ' 
But when It comcB'ddwn to a test, - 

We find they are qtiite dense. 

■■---] ■■ \ .- ■■ ■ 

The reason's very simple, 

Ab you will soon agree. - 
'Twas the reading ofja novel 

Instead of history] 

Now if you are a boikworm, 

Make your hob^y of some use; ■ ■ 
And when the state exams- come 'round. 

day, Jan. 10. 

Morton Nelson, Oscar and Jiilmer Valsvlk 
were visitors at the T. J. Austad home 
on Sanday, January 20. 

S. W. Laubach was a bnslness caller In 
town on Thursday. Jan. 24. 


~et the other feller 

Iio the goose. 

So put aside an fiction, ' 

And get your ^ssons first 
Then after the exams are past, 

■With novels quench your thirst 



Banner; School Dlst )S3. 

Clara Grlnde, Reporter. 
Lars Barstad spent] Friday and Saturday 
tbe 18th and 10th, with his sister, Mrs. 
H. .0. Grinde.~ i , 

City Tiew I School, Dlst. 35. 
Mrs. Iver Howlck and jdaughters Helen 
and Gudren were callers at the-^. E. Ness 
home Sunday. | ■■ \ 

Halvor Strandvold, Albert IJohnson and 
Harry Ness were Tisltora at the Hmil Ness 
home on Sunday afternoon. , 

Mrs. F. Allen and Miss Gena Allen were 
visitors at the D. W. Ayers home Sun- 
day afternoon. | ; 
: Miss Sva Ayersispent the week-end with 

her parents west [of the cityl . 

Mrs, Elser Newman was a' caller at the 
Carl Jensen home Wednesday evening. 

Miss Mildred Bidler was a celler at the 
Schantzen home Sunday.' . | 

Andrew and Dallas Feragen were, visitors 
at the B. B. Ness home Sunday evening. 

Melvin Schantxen of Radium, Minn., re- 
turned to his home Tuesday^ 

Kerwin Klnsela-and LiirrEjlne Hsllandcr 
have ' been absent from school this week 
on acconnt of illness. i 

Evangeline Ne^ and Ardls Ayers leave 
Monday for Thlel Biver Falls, where they 
will attend blgh^scbool for- 'the remainder 
of the school year. ArdJB akd Bvangeline 
have been very faithful, istudehts, and the 
students of City View ischool wtU miss 

QallUng Bee. 

Saturday, the ; lOth^ Mrs. H. O. Grlnde 
Invited several of her friends over for a 
quilting bee and a general festival in the 
evening. Two jiulltp were played. -The 
following were present: -Ina _McMahbn, 
Adeline Solmonson, Valaria, Harrette and 
Colettia Keller, Se]m|i, Christine and Olga 
Hegrenes, Hina,,, Clara and BUen Grlnde. 
Gladys Berggren and Gertrude Barstad. 
The following boys arrived for supper and 

Henry EJorvestad vlalted with his uncle, 
Oi O. Hommej this last week. . 

There Homme was; a. week end vlsItoE:|.] 
with her parents. ■ : ■ 

H. 0. Grlnde.- with his brother B, M. 
Grlnde, are etecOng a 165-foot tower in 
Stargta, Mich. I i 

Clara Grihde and Ina McMahon repre* 
seated Dlstrlc): 68 In ; the spelling contest 
held In oar section Saturday the 2flth, . 

Clara Grlnde vlalted at the H. O. Grindc 
home from Friday until Saturday. . 
. O. B. Grlnde was a business caller In 
the city Friday. ^' i 

Gerda Hegrenes was a week end visitor 
atthe H, 0.{Griiidejhome. '. 

Selma Hegrenes and Mrs. H. O. Grlnde 
rode horse bilcfc- to H. O. Bueds* Sunday. 
They' said, It was fine sport but rather 
bi«esy. Who] wants [to join the "Riding 
Club?" 1 • i 

■ . ■ I , *^* -. 

Elwell School; Dlst. No. 28. 

Estelle Hanson, Reporter. 

Bstelle Hanson and Bmma Letne repre 

sented this school in the spelling contest 

held at the Banner 'school Saturday, the 

2ath of this tnonth. | . 

The Blwelll school: had perfect attend- 
ance Wednesday of last week. 

The pupils in the seventh and' eighth 
grades of thej Elwell Ischool are'nmv read- 
ing Whlttler's -VSn'owbound," during their 
reading period. ! ' . 

Mr. and; Mrs. A^ J. Blom were visitors 
at the Oscar Stagerberg home Tuesday, 
January 22. j * ! 

Harriet and Valeria Beller were'^callers 
at Wollsons' {Wednesday evening. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jens Letnes and family 
and Mr. and ^rs. P. A. Peterson and fami- 
ly were entertained at the' home of Henry 
Hanson last] Sunday. ' ^ 

Miss Gylla [Fosbblin visited at the Henry 
HauBon home last 'Wednesday. 

Helvor Fodstad and Gyila. Fosholm;. who 
left for Holt] January 19th, returned last 
Tuesday,' 'Jan. 22. | 

Joseph Hegreiies was at Mrs. H. O. 
Grondes* home last Saturday sawing wood. 

Gladys and . Theodore Berggren and 
Joseph, Christine and .Olga Hegrenes at-. 
tended the quDtlhg party .held at the home 
of Mrs. E. Oj. Qrinde, Jan. 20. . 

-Bnoch ' Ottem ajid Mr. Peterson from 
Grafton,- N' i>>> visited at the Ottum home 
last Thursday. ' 

George M.{ Gunde^on was a visitor at 
the Hegrenes home last Monday.- 

Gerda Hegrenes came home from Grand 
Forks. N. b. Thursday. 

■\ h ■*** 

SfoiiT- LBange :BchooI Dlit. S5. 
UUdred . fivobodnjr, Be)>orter. : 
.Alfred: Gordon was a business caller at 
Svobodnya' Saturday. . ' 

Miss' Clara Burdick entertained at her 
home Sanda|y the following guests: Mr. 
and llrs.: N[ Stenberg and sons, Yeraon 
a'nd- Kennetli; 'Ole LIstal, Abel Svobbdny, 
Misses Josephine Lendebefa and'Angellne 
SvobodnyJ Cards were the chief enterr 
talnment ; ■ ■ ; 

Mrs. A.^PJ Gordon and Miss Clara Bur- 
dick were shopperB, at Thief River Falls 
Thuraday; the latter remaining to visit 
with her sister,. Mrs. N. Stenberg;, return- 
ing Saturday. i 

Miss Beatrice Gordon, who for the past 
two weeks iias been employed at^N. Bnr- 
Ingsruds*^ returned io her home Sunday. 

Otis and [june bse were abseot from 
school Friday. 

Miss Nettle KoBoJed visited at her parent- 
al home between trains Friday. 
"^ . Miss Josephine Londaheja and Abel Svo- 
bodny attended the Junior program at 
Goodrldge Friday,;, returning. Saturday 
morning ace >mpahled by Augellne Svobod- 
ny, who;;took,' partjln the program. 

Miss Mildred Svobodny took- part In the 
rural schbolB spelling contest Saturday and 
third, i ' ■ 
Danda visited school all, day 

for small farms, five to forty acres, 
located within a half mile to five, 
miles from town. Those having audi 
property to sell, write us or call at 
our office. Empire Farms Co. -3"" 

Larson, Optometrists, will be. at the 
Brnmund hotel until 11:30 a. m. Thurs- 
day, Jan. 31. Have yotir glasses fitted„ 
by- a specialist. . 46 

WANTED— Sewing of any kind to do 
at home. First hotise north of Phy- 
sicians hospital. Phone 182. Mrs. 
mi. N. Elofson. 46pd 



ard make' piano. Must be in good 

condition. Apply Tribune office.' 46 

FARM WANTED-r-I want farms for 

cash buyers. Describe aifd state 

price. R. McNown, 788 Wilkinson 

BlJdg., Omaha, Neb. 48p 


have its first lesson February 6. 

Anyone wishing to join should telej 

phone Miss Leavitt by that aate. 46p 

WANTED— Place to work for board 

while taking music lessons. Inqture 

at the Tribune office. 46 

wants to buy a small house and 
about two acres of land in or near the 
city. Call at Empire Farms Company 
office. 45tf 

FARM WANTED— I want farms for 
cash buyers. Describe and state price. 
RJ McNown, 788 Wilkinson Bldg.^ 
Omaha, Nebraska. 48-p 

Korstad's Factory ready to buy 
green poplar logs. They must be 52 % 
inches long, not less than 7 inches 
atJ tops, sawed at both ends, straight 
and sound, 45-3t 

Suits made from old-garments.- Com- 
municate with Mrs. Adolph Bolstad, 
1^ mile south. of Alves school house, 
or leave order at Strand's grocery 
store. ti 

Building vacated by The 
Tribune on LaBree avenue. 
Good basement, fine heating 
plant. Reasonable rent Ap- 
ply at office of T^e Tribune 
ojn Main avenue or Empire 
Farms iCo. tf 


Baldly; Powder 

come ont as 
Jdrs. A. P 

^tl^Otmecs fin* OR|^ 

Ute tess thanof Mfioier prtced brands 





FOR SALE— Six] rooms, all modem 

"house. Fori information s^ply at 

819 Riverside avenue, . ^'^p 

FOR SALE— PujP overcoat, practically: 
newy used |very little. Very fairprice 
on deal; Inquire: of Joe. Vomcky,. 
Thief River Falls, 107 KendaU Ave. 

So. .,-..! ■ ! 46 

FOR SALE-rDryl tamarac cordwodd 

at $5 per cord, f. o.b. Salol. Freight 

$1.92 per cord. Write A,: E. Holdahl, 

Salol, Minn. | J ' 46-50p 

FOR -SALE-i-Registered- . Shorthorn 

bull 18 months ! old. Jens Letnes, 

Germantown Rt, City, i . 46p 

them very muchJ We wish .them- the best 
of luck In' their Inew dullesi 

Mrs. Carrie Joiinson was pleasantly sur- 
prised by a Duiffber of ! he^ , friends 
Tuesday afternoon. A delicious luneh was 
served at^oar o'clock and'|all .report 
good time. '■ j ! j ' „ 

Mr. and Mrs. Sorenson and family" were 
cnUers at the li. B. Feragsn home Bun- 

Mrs. S. Ii. ^rensonl aind daughters 
Gladys and Haiylet were callers in Thief 
River Falls last jSaturday. \ 

Howard. Oulseth spent Saturday in Thief 
River Pans. 

N. B. Swanson and sonsj Bmest and 
Clarence were callers at; the Jensen home 
Wednesday evening. 

B. Ness was aLcalleIr at the Carl Jensen 
home Thursday, evenihg.l ■ ! ■ 

Paul Sorenson and."iHqward Oulseth 
were callers at (the P. Itf. Peterson' home 
Tnesday evening. 

Bluer and Bill Newman ^ere callers dt 

the Carl Jensenl home Tuesday . eevning. 

♦•• ■ 

HlvwiUha S^mL 

The eighth grjiders hafe been -very- tntlcli 

Interested in spelllog thlsr week. Bbner 

Johnson and Arthur Asp \ were ^he two 

winners In tbe|loeat contest %nd also In 

the -sectional cofitest. 

The Anderson children fire stUl absent 

from 'school, ot&erwiBe the jattendance has 

been good, eonstderlng tbe cold weather. '^ 

Miss Shefvelabd called at the Bnrtness 

home after school on Wedijesday, 

Miss Neva Btirtness ylslted at the Nor-: 

FOR SALE— 3-tbbe Radio set, com- 
plete iwith 6-vbIt storage and B 
batteries, ierial wire, two sets, head, 
ph(mes anjl lightiung arr^iter;* If' 
inte»Bsted,lcaUv288^W.. ; />: 46 

RMin with' two teds. Inqndra at Tiib- 

■na.^Bce.-. ■.".";-■.■ ■ -.. -SBtf 

Coal and Wood 

We have a large stock of both on hand and can 
fill your wants promptly and at prices that are 
absolutely right Let us have your next order. . 
You will be pleased with; the results. 

RambeckM& Stone Co. 

"A Good Place to Buy Your Coal and Wood" 

FOB SALB— A SNAP. On Acconnt 
■ 'of my wifeUrd^athj' I will sail my 
sbc-robm honae with tethroom and 
a 76-banel dstem and garage, coal- 
shed and 60-foot fiont 'tor f 2,200. 616 
Horace avenue N. M. E. Becken 46p 

HAYFO^ SALEl-^t $E and ^Sfper^ 

ton in ataek. ; -Gordon ' It .Olson; 

CSty, E:l, ,Box.66. , ■ , ; «-Btp 

FOB SA|LtE-|-t grade Hol^dn 
cow, will- ,be fresli-in Hatch.] 
Abo : one 'gra^e Goemsey cow, \ 
milUng now. Inqnire of C C i 
Schnater, 622 St. Paul Aye. 

FPE^ SaIE OR BENT— 270 acres 
f oar mileb . from ; Thief River Falls. 
Good biiildingg. All nnder cnltivatioii. 
36 jaeres idfalfa; Inquire at Tribune 
office.^ I : . . 42tf 



JiATifi. School Bist. IS. 

KathrjQ Spieler and Both Sandam 
represented oar scbool In tbe speUlns .con- 
test which vraM held at the Banner BchooL 

The third and fourth gradea made Jan- 
uary posters last vee^ 

The following popila were absent last 
week : Alex Oate, 5 days ; Leonard Sanders, 
2 daya; Edward Srensgaanl, :; days; Ines 
HoUon, :: days; and Lina Holton, 3 days. 

The seconfl grade: Liua Holton, Elwyn 
Smith, Harold Sandum and Leslie Spieler 
atarted lo read in tbe third grade '*£x- 
I>ressiTe lU-aders." 

Franciis Uimrik stayed in Goodridge on 
Monday and Thursday evening preparing 
Xor the Junior class program, which was 
'held Friday tvening. 

Mrs. Oski and her son Alex, went to 
lihoda to visit with Mrs. Oski's Bister, Mrs. 
J3eQ Szimanske. 

Mrs and Mrs, Uoreph were bosiness call- 
ers in Mavie Wednesday. 

Mrs. Ludvick Hruby was shopping in 
Mxvie Saturday. 

Mrs. Jerry Hruby was shopping In 
Marie Wednesday, 


Xf. -^ 

Goodridge Community dab will give a 
basket social and daince at Goodridge hall 
February 1st- Everybody welcome. 

Mrs. Charles Kobeits arrived Fri3ay 
morning from Austin. She Is visiting with 
her daofibrer, Mrs. A. B. JosephsonT 

Stuart Ferdlnandson arrived Friday 
morning from Austin where he has been 
visiting his sister 

Harry McDonald was In Thief Hiver 
Falls Saturday evening to hase dental 
work done. 

The Goodridge Community club will give 
ja basket social and dance at Goodridge 
hall February 1st. Let's sU ec and have 
a good old fashioned visit. Let's "Bobgt" 
our club. Everybody welcome. ■ 

Mr. and Mrs. H. H. McDonald enter- 
tained the Junior class after the Junior 
program Friday evening. A dainty Itinch 
was served lo the following guests: Kmma 
GJIb<^nso3, Gertrude Anderson, Vlflan 
Tb orison. Frances Hincik. Angeline fivo- 
bodny. Bertine Telefson, Clarice Aanjess, 
Alice Coan, Norton Gunderaon. Mrs. I^ore. 
Mr, Overebo, Norton Ganderson, Harry 
:McDonald. Miss Saortland, Lnella Frdahl 
and Miss Maloney. | 

The Goodridge Community club will give 
a basket social and dance at Goodridge 
hall on February 1st. E^verybody welcome. 

Gretta Gulrud entertained a number of 
her friends Saturday evening. The even- 
ing was spent at playiijg cards and games. 
At twelve o'clock a nice lunch was served 
TO the following guests : Misses Tlolette 
Josephson. Lillian Stephenson, ilildred 
Seavey. Guida Gilbertson, Vivian Thore- 
soa, Haiel Aamess. Ida Anderson, Clenora 
TTrdahl. Cora McNeUy and Susie Luidvicfc; 
L^.' Roberts. Andrew Knsmlak. Lurolpb 
Urdahl. Joseph Christianson. Xoble Ur- 
dah!. Everet Seavey, Berton Aamess, Dan- 
iel Payne and Elmer Resan. 


D&isjdale School. Dlst. No. IM. 

- Fred and Henry Meyers and Mr. S. Hes 
by were callers at. the R. Jabllnskl home 
Sunday evening. 

S. H. Ness was a business caller at 
Thief River Falls last Saturday. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Yonke and son Ever- 
ett visited Wednesday at the L. Foster 

Doris and Floyd Hesby resumed their 
attendance on Tuesday. They have been 
absent on account of scarletina. 

Henry Meyers was a business caller at 
Thief River Falls Wednesday. i 

Rudolph Jablinski called at the "W, J'. 
Meyers home last Wednesday. 

Legal Publications 


Estate of Henry Goergea. 
StatA of Minnesota, County of Penning- 
ton ^ 

In the Matter of the Estate of Henry 
Goergen, Decedent. 

zie Goorgen anil' alt persuns interested in 
the granting of administration of the es- 
tate of said decedent: The petition of Lix- 
zie Goergen having been filed in this Court, 
representing that Henry Goergen, tEeii 
resident of the County of Riverside, State 
of California, died intestate on the 13th 
day of December, 1923, and praying that 
letters of administration of his estate be 
granted to John -P. Goergen and the Court, 
having fixed tbe timeand place for hear- 
ing said petition: THEREFORE, Ton and 
Each of Yon, are hereby cited and fe- 
qnired to show cause, It any you have, be- 
I lore this Court at the Probate Court Booms 
1 In the Court House. In the City of Thief 
1 River Falls In the County of Pennington. 
' Sute of Minnesota, on tbe 23rd' day of 
j February. 1924. at 10 :OQ o'clock A, M., why 
said petition should not be granted. 

WITNESS, the Judge of said Court, and 
the seal of said Court, this ISth day of 

January, 1924. : 

(Court Seal) LABS BACKE; 

Probate Judge. 
G. Howard Smith, 
Attorney lor Petitioner. 

■ Jan. 23-30-F 6. 


--ft {FebToary, 1924, m~ wHl |be Risked fo 
i vote for or agMnsqconsolidatioai ivith 
-^ above nanwd Goldoi Valley Ifdephone 
Company. [ ! . 

If a majority oil the Stockholders 
approve of it and 1}ie board 0f Direc- 
tors of the Golda^ Valley Tjelephone 
Company also ^ptove, jyoor board 
will then take the pecessaiy steps to 
bring ^mnt the cbapgras|soon as pos- 
sible. i 

Dated at Goodridge^ Mihnef ota, this 
24th day of January, 1924. 

Board of Directors of the Red Lake- 
Eastern- Marshali Farmers* Tfefcphone 
CompanV> ! 

By Alfred Hanuharstein, Pres, 
Burton Aameas, Secretary. 
Jan30,!Feb.7. !. 


. iL, In 

with the 
26tb day 


Default baring beesi made In the pay- 
ment of tbe Bom of Tjivo Thoosana Kinety- 
seven ($2,09T.00> Dollars, which Is claimed 
to be doe and is dot at the date of this 
notice upon' a certain Mortgage,] duly ex- 
ecated and delivered t by Ben Winding, 
single. Mortgagor, to Merchants State 
Bank of Bed I^ake Falls. MInnewita. Mort- 
gagee, bearing date the 24tta day of April, 
1915, and with a powir of sale therein. con- 
tained, duly recorded In the offljce of the 
Register of Deeds In and fbr tl^e Connty 
of Pennington and State of Minnesota. 6u 
the 3rd day of May,' 1915, il S:30 o'clock 
A. M., in Book 3 of Mortgages, «n page 
381- i i - 

Which said Mortgage, together with the 
debt secured thereby,' was ;daly assigned 
by said Merchants State Bank of Bed Lake 
Falls, Minnesota. Mortgagee.' to Mra. Bosa 
Brnnner, by written assignment dated the 
30th ilay of April, ISlt, and recorded in the 
office of said Register of Deeds, on the 3rd 
day of May, 1915, at 8:00 o'clockj ■' ■ 
Book S of Mortgages.) on pagp 567 

Which said Mortgage, together 
debt secured thereby, "was duly 
by said Mrs. Rosa Bninner, the 
and Holder thereof, to SIdonIa 'B, 
by written assignment dated the 
of January, 1917, anil recorded onj the 24th 
day of January, 1924, -'at IM o'dofrk P. M.. 
In Book 65 on page ^7. and no action or 
proceeding having been instituted, at law 
or' otherwise, to recover the debt secured 
by said Mortgage orlany-part thereof, 

NOW, THEKEFORB, Notice Is Hereby 
Given, That by virtue of the power of sale 
contained In said Mortgage and pursoant 
to the statute In such case made land pro- 
vided, the said Mortgage win be foreclosed 
by a sale of the prenilies described In and 
conveyed by said Mortgage, via: 

West Half of the 1 Northwest Quarter 
(WiiNW^i) and Northwest Qoarber of the 
Southwest Quarter (XWHSW%)| of Sec- 
tion Twenty-three (23), Township One 
Hundred Fifty-two ,(152). Eangp Forty- 
five (45) In Pennington County and State 
of Minnesofa, with the hereditainents and 
appurtenances : which sale will bel made by 
tbe Sheriff of said Pennington Connty at 
tbe front door of the' Court Hou^. In the 
City of Thief River Falls In said Connty 
and State,' on the ISth day of March. 1^4. 
at 10 KM) o'clock A. MJ of that day. at pub- 
lic vendue, to the hlghfest bidder |for cash, 
to pay the debt of Two Thotisand Ninety- 
seven Dollars, and interest, and the taxes, 
if any. on said premises, and Sejient7-five 
Dollars, Attorney's fees, as . stipulated In 
and by said Mortgage In case ofiforeclos- 
ure. and tbe disbarsements allowed by law: 
subject to redemption at any time vHthin 
one year from the day of sale, aaj provided 
by law. 1 

Dated January 24. tA. D„ 1924. ! 


Assignee of Mortgagee. 
Frana Jevne, Attorney. 

J 30-F 6-13-20-27- M 5. 

KOW.:'THSRKrOBB,riketiee 'Is-haefiy 
KlTcn that ottderand faTiTlittie of the pow? 
er of ule contained |b' said mortgase. and 
ponnuat to^he etatnte na nieh oh made 
and pnTidcd, tbe ttId|mortgasft:%ltl be 
fozedoeed- by . a nikat' tbe moitgasad 
premieee at pnbl^ anetSon by. tbe; BbnUt 
of Penninston Oonnty tio.tbe Usbeat bid- 
der tlwxefor.for cash on Satorday, tbft let 
day of Uaitb. 1S24,! at j tea o'clock In tbe 
forenoon. >t the -front iaooc of the Conrt 
Honae in the City of Thief Blrer FiUa. la 
Pennington Connty, lOimeaota, to tatls^ 
tlie amonnt which wiUjthen and there be 
doe on eald mortgage-far prinelpsl and In- 
terest,' coata and cbaxgotof nte, taxes if 
any on said premises, )uid «aid 8ev&aij- 
fire Dollars ($75,00) [for attorney's fees, 
said mortgaged premlaeii to be sold lying 
and being in the <^>aiity . of Pennington 
and State of Minnesota; and. more parti- 
calarly described as! foUows,- to-wlt: 

The East Half of ' the Northwest Qoar- 
ter.4&H of HWH)j add Lots numbered 
One (1) and,Two~(2>. olIiBectlon Seven (7). 
in Township One jHimdred Plfty-three 
(1531 North, of Range !, Thirty-nine {39) 
West of the 5tb P. I U4 containing 156,35 
acres, more or less, according to- the 
government survey tbereoC 
Dated, January 2nd, 192 jl. 

As Asaignee of Mortgagee: 

W. E. KDNZB, i j - 

Attorney for Assignee. 
St. Paal,_Mlnneeota.| 

J Q'lG-Oa^ jP 5-12 ■ 


saLe. j 

WHEREAS default exists In that cer- 
tain mortgage made 'and executed by Al- 
bert G. Sauter, Hattie E. Sauter. ,his wite, 
mortgagors, to The Prichard - Company, a 
Minnesota corporation, mortgagee, and 
which mortgage was dated the 15th day 
of December, 1920. and with power 'of sale 
therein contained, and duly filed for record 
in tbe office of tbe Register of IDeeds of 
Pennington Connty, Minnesota, on the 19th 
day of May, 1921. and recorded td Book 66 
of mortgages, page 102,' and which default 
consists in the failure of said, mortgagors 
to pay the smn of Sli Hundred Forty dol- 
lars and Ninety-five cents ($640i)5}. which 
became due and payable on > the 35th day 
of September, 1921. except several Install- 
meut payments aggregatiug fourj hundred 
twenty-one dollars and fifty : cents. 

And Whereas there|.i8 claimed io be due 
and there is due and iunpald on said mort- 
gage at the date of this notice the sum of 
Three Hundred Thirty-nine and 1(1^100 Dol- 
lars (5339.101 .1 ' 

NOW. THEREFORE. Notice la Hereby 
Given. That said mortgage ;wHl (be- fore- 
closed by the sale of the premises In said 
mortgage described, lo-wit: \ j 

Lots numbered nineteen, | twenty and 
twenty-one in Blnck tleven of Edox's Ad- 
"""'cn to Red Late Baplds. now ^ part ot 
tbe r=ty of Thief River Falls, In tbe Conn- 
ty of Pennington and State [of Minnesota, 
by the Sheriff of said jPennington County at 
The front door of the Court iHonse in the 
City of Thief River Palls. In said County 
and State, at 10 o'clock A. M.^ on Saturday.' 
the 8th. day of Marcb, 1924, to satia^ the 
amonnt due and.secnred by said mort- 
gages, and taxes. If any, tegether wlth- 
fifty dollars attorney's fees as sUptilated 
in said mortgage and the costs [and dls' 
bnrsements aBowed by law In foredosnre 
sales, subject to redemption at any time 
within one year aa profided by law. 
Dated this 23rd day bf January. 1924. 

A'C6rpoxatIon, Mortgagee. 
G. HalTorson, | ' 

Attorney for Uortgsgee, 
Thief Btver Falls, BOnnesota.! 
J 23-30-Fl 6-13-20-27. \ 

Hated Deeesbet ft^ U^ ^ 

. , dbfosit; bamk and 

-' . TBXRTCDHEAin;. 

-;"' " ' i' ■":-■■ Assignee.' 
LambextoB, Z«ijtbnt«B & Unipfay, 
. Lttotneys fbrkAssIgnee, ■ 
GoE^ trd Ai Gofer Bts^ 
Winona* Mlnneaota. ■■- - . 
J »-X»-2»-30 F.S-IS-^ - 

fault has been made] In ithe conditions of a 
mortgage executed by Henry Blaaka and 
Bffa Blaaka, his wiCe, Uortgagors, to the 
Farmers and iterchanta -State Bank of 
Thief River Falls, Incorporated, Mortgagee,' 
dated September 29, 1621, and filed for 
record In the office |of! the Register of 
Deeds of Pennlngten -Connty. Minnesota, 
on the 30tb day |ofl September. 1921, 
at 8 o'clock A. 2L, and duly recorded in 
Book 70 of Jlortgages on Page 130 thereof; 
that such default eonslsts In the non-pay- 
ment, when due. of principal and interest of 
the debt for which saldlmortgage was giv- 
en as security: that thejamount claimed to 
be due on said mortgage at this date Is 
Eighteen Hundred Bight and 15-100 Dol- 
lars <$1Q08J5); that thelpremises described 
in. and covered by said mortgage are situ- 
ated In Pennington Connty, Mlnnesote, and 
are described as follo^irB, ~ to-wit: "fhe 
Northeast Quarter (NIHi) of Section Thir- 
ty-one (31). Township One Hundred Fifty- 
three (153) North, of *aange Forty-three 
(43) West of the Fifth Principal Meridian, 
containing 160 acres.' moce or less, accord- 
ing te the Government ^rvey thereof: that 
by virtue of the power of sale contained 
In said mortgage and {pnrsnant to the 
statute In such case made and provided. 
said mortgage vrill :be| foreclosed by the 
sale of said premises, at public vendue, to 
the highest bidder for caah. by' the Steriff 
of Pennington Connty, | Minnesota, at tbe 
East front door of-tbe Pennington COimty 
Conri Hotise in the clfy of Thief River 
Falls in said Pennlngtoi^ County, and State 
of Minnesota, on Monday, the 2Sth day of 
February, 1924, at lOi o'clock A. M.. to sat- 
isfy the amount thenjdue on said mortgage, 
together with the costs' of such sale and 
Seventy-five Dollars Attbrney's fees, stlpn- 
lated ' In said mortgage. | 
Dated January 7, 192^ 


-: ! 1 Attorney. 


Attorney for Mortgagee, 
Thief River Falls.! Minn. 

. J-9-16-23-30-JF-8-13 


'. SAI*E} 

Notice is Hereby j Giren; That default 
has occurred In the conditions of that cer- 
tain mortgage, dated the thirteenth day 
of February, 1915, executed by P.. D. Beard 
as mortgagor, to Apolon^ Gergen. as mort- 
gagee, filed for record in the office of the 
Register of Deeds In and for Pennington 
Ctonnty, State of Minnesfetaju the twenty- 
third day of. April.; 1915, at eight o'clock 
A. M.. and recorded In Book 14 of Mort- 
gage Records, page 502. fn-hlch de&nlt con- 
sists In this, to-wit: lulnre to pay prln- 
ciiul and interest,' when due; that under 
the terms thereof there{ Is claimed to be 
dne under ' said mditgage. Indndlng In- 
terest, at the date j hereof Two thousand 
three hundred thirty-eight and 5-100 Dol- 
lars, and that no action or proceeding at 
law or otherwise has been Instituted to re- 
cover the debt secured ^y said mortgage, 
or any part thereof; and that purauant 
to Ihe power of sale; In aald mortgage, said 
mortgage win be foreclosed and the land 
therein descrit>ed lying land bblng in the 
Connty of Pennington, State of Minnesota, 
to-wIt: -I 

The South-east quarter (SE^) of Section 
twenty (20). Township one htindred and 
fifty-three (153), Range forty-five (451 win 
be sold by the BherUf !of said connty at 
public auction on the ESghth day of B^rch. 
1924. at ten o'clock A. lU. at the front door 
of the Conrt Honsfr' in'jtbe Oty of TUef 
River Fans in said; c6tti^/and state, to 
pay. tbe said stmt uid -interest thereon. to 
said date of sale and the costs and ' dis- 
barsements of Bucb' foicclosnre and sale. 
Including an attorney's fee of Seventy-fire 
(75) DoBars. subject to [redemption within 
twelve months from: tliel date of sale. 
Dated December 24tli. 1923. 


I Mortgagee. 

. a & H. W. Gmitt;! 
^.ttomeys for Mortgagee. 
Hastings. mnnesotaT 

J-16-23-3(^F^lS-20-S7 - 

Notice to Stockholders. 
To the Stocldiolders of the Bed Lake- 
Eastern Marshall Farmers Tele- 
phone CJbinpany; Greetiiigs: 
Tour Board of Directors have for 
home time realized that, becaose of 
the company not being- large enougi 
and with, income enough to enable us 
to have paid officials to attend to col- 
lections and other business and line- 
men with sufficient experience to keep 
lines and equipment in reasonable 
ser\ice order, we are in a position 
where in a short time it will be im- 
possible to continue the business of 
the company. 

As we have a neither concqiany on 
the south of us that is organized on 
the same ground pimciples as we are, 
namely, to give the best posable ser- 
vice to the most possiUe at the lowest 
rate possible, and as this /neighbor 
company, the Garden Valley Tde- 
phone Company, is lar^ and strimg 
enough to keep a regular business 
manager and the necessary e:^perienc- 
ed linemen so as to keep the lines and 
equipment in reasonable worfdng. or 
service repair, we have taken the lib- 
erty to open negotiations with.' tiie 
board and management of the above 
mentioned Golden Valley Telephone 
Company for consolidating or sellxhg 
out to tiiem. They have shown' -wil- 
lingness to consider this and have;had 
men here to look over the eitatioii and 
the manager has reported to'ua that 
from the estimate inventory taken, 
oar property appears to be very Dffliiy 
alike in value to that of the Golden 
Valley Telephone Company, as to ;dol- 
lar for dollar that consolidation ap- 


WHEREAS, default has lieen imade In 
the-terms and conditions of a certain mort- 
gage bearing date the .lat day of December, 
1S17, made, executed' and delivered isy Se- 
Tert O. Prestegoard;and Ellen B. Prester 
goard. his wife, of Pennington' Cotmty. 
Minnesota, as Mortgagor*, to Citlsens State 
Bank of Thief Bive^ Palls, > corporation, 
of Thief Biver FaII% Minnesota, las ICort- 
gagee, to secure payment of tliel sum of 
Three Thousand DoQars (93,000^ and In- 
terest thereon at the rate of six per centtim 
(S per cent) per ananm, accor^ag Co the 
terms and condition^ of one .certain prom- 
issory note, dt^ December 1st, IBS and In 
said mortgage fnHy described, which said 
mortgage was duly tied for' record in tb* 
office of the Register of Deeds In and fbr 
Pennington Onmty, Ulsnesots, oil Deeon- 
ber Slst, ISIT at 4:00 P. IL. and jwaa dnly 
recorded In said oIQce In Book U| ot Mort- 
gages in iksge 4S0. .wbicb .old mortgage^ 
tog^htt with the tebt aeancdl thereby, 
was thneafter by written aadgnmest dsted 
Novonber 15th. UlS Snly assigned by said 
mortgagee to Wm. iLercbe,! of St. Paii], 
Hinneaota, which aald assignment ^vas doly 
filed in the olOee of said. BeglsteT of Deeds 
on Novemt>er 151. 1^8^ and was recorded 
In said oIQce in Book 43 of Ibrigages on 
page 8. and which sdd Wm. Leroie Is now 
the owner and holder of said liiortsaae: 
a nd i I 

.WHER3QAB, s^d mortgagors have failed 
and refosed to payj the promiasory note 
in the sum of Three Thousand DoQars 
(S3.000X0), which M4'deacribed In and se- 
cured by said mortiage and whi<di became 
dne and payable on December lst,|19S3, and 
have alM Called and. refused to! pay the 
tnstallBests of tnfulnf In thesntai of One 
Hundzai Bl^ity D(0atB (fUOLOD). each. 
which became dne aaA-paysble.o|k thc-note 

In said mortgage Akeribed on Deeembn 
i-jj2^ ^^ 

Ist. ISZl. and on IlHtmbez: 1st. 
■peetivdy, and tberv Is c&ibned to be due 
and Is dot on said xste and. mostgage at 
the date of this nonce the smn lot Three 
Thousand DoOaza (S3jOOO.(K)) an<[ Interest 
" " at t.vst 

thereon from December lst.<lS22 
cent per annum, and One Htmdred Kj^ty 
DoHars (SISOXIO) and Interest thereon ftom 
Decanber 1st; 1921 at 6 per cent per an- 
num, aiid' One HnnBred mghtyj' DoUaia 
(tl80.00) and Interest tbereon fro|n Decem- 

^, 1. 1. i.t 1 I. ...t Ti. her L 1922 at 6 perf cent per stmnm, and 

parently can be brought about ; with ajgo the smn of* Sevent^-ftvd Dollars 
little or no trouble. iS75.O0) for attorn^s fees, as prbrlded 

This is therefore your notice that -fot^.^ia niotege,- andino kcUpn. or 
.. . _ ,■'_ _!* _ *■ •!«,■ proceeding has been Insutoted at law or 

at the coming annual meeting to toe ^^ equity to reeovet tte debt sekned by 
held at Goodridge on the 11th day of said mortgage or any part jtben of. 


Oefaalt bavinjt beoi made in the pay- 
ment of tbe sum of Three Thousand Three 
Handled Seventy and .80-100 Dollars 
(|S,S70.80}, whldi is claimed to be due and 
isidoe'at the date of this notice upon a 
certain Mortgage, dhly executed and dellv- 
enid by James